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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6176

Chapter 6176 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bonanno G.; Raiteri M., 1987: Presence of a gamma aminobutyric acid gaba uptake system on cholinergic terminals of rat hippocampus evidence for neuronal coexistence of acetylcholine and gaba

Dutuit J M.; Ginsburg L., 1982: Presence of a giant stegocephalian in the triassic of lesotho south africa

Spiro, M. J., 1977: Presence of a glucuronic acid containing carbohydrate unit in human thyro globulin

Anon, 1986: Presence of a griffon vulture gyps fulvus new record in piemonte northwestern italy

Santo Neto H.; Penteado C.V.; De Carvalho V.C., 1984: Presence of a groove in the lateral wall of the human orbit

Miloshev G.; Zlatanova J.; Srebreva L.; Tsanev R., 1985: Presence of a h 10 type histone in an invertebrate the bivalve mollusk anodonta cygnea

Jin O.C.; Lan Y.S., 1979: Presence of a hepatoma liver antigen in the sera of patients with primary hepato cellular carcinoma

Amende L.M.; Donlon M.A., 1985: Presence of a high affinity calcium and magnesium dependent atpase in rat peritoneal mast cell membranes

Kenigsberg R.L.; Trifaro J.M., 1980: Presence of a high affinity uptake system for catecholamines in cultured bovine adrenal chromaffin cells

Baird, M. B.; Massie, H. R.; Birnbaum, L. S., 1977: Presence of a high molecular weight form of catalase ec in enzyme purified from mouse liver

Bedigian, H. G.; Fox, R. R.; Meier, H., 1976: Presence of a high molecular weight rna and rna directed dna polymerase in rabbit hereditary lympho sarcoma

Tashima M.; Calabretta B.; Torelli G.; Scofield M.; Maizel A.; Saunders G.F., 1981: Presence of a highly repetitive and widely dispersed dna sequence in the human genome

Birktoft J.J.; Banaszak L.J., 1983: Presence of a histidine aspartic acid pair in the active site of 2 hydroxy acid dehydrogenases x ray refinement of cytoplasmic malate dehydrogenase

Beaumont, A.; Roques, B. P., 1986: Presence of a histidine at the active site of the neutral endopeptidase 24.11

Asch R.H.; Fernandez E.O.; Siler Khodr T.M.; Pauerstein C.J., 1979: Presence of a human chorionic gonadotropin like substance in human sperm

Rao N.V.; Ray A.; Ramamurty P.S., 1987: Presence of a hyperglycemic factor in the corpora cardiaca of red cotton bug dysdercus koenigii

Uchiyama, M.; Yoshihara, M.; Murakami, T.; Oguro, C., 1978: Presence of a hypo calcemic factor in the ultimobranchial gland of the snake

Dorworth, C. E., 1978: Presence of a late pleistocene drainage system manifested through depredation of red pine by gremmeniella abietina

Normand, P.; Simonet, P.; Giasson, L.; Ravel-Chapius, P.; Fortin, J. A.; Lalonde, M., 1987: Presence of a linear plasmid like dna molecule in the fungal pathogen ceratocystis fimbriata ell. and halst

Helmich De Jong M.L.; Van Emst De Vries S.E.; Swarts H.G.P.; Schuurmans Stekhoven F.M.A.H.; De Pont J.J.H.H.M., 1986: Presence of a low affinity nucleotide binding site on the potassium proton atpase phosphoenzyme

Toaff M.E.; Schleyer H.; Strauss J.F.IIi, 1980: Presence of a low molecular weight inhibitor of succinate supported cholesterol side chain cleavage in rat ovaries

Wentland, S. H.; Carlson, T. H.; Leonard, B. D.; Fradl, D. C.; Reeve, E. B., 1977: Presence of a low molecular weight plasma fibrinogen stimulator and inhibitor in human urine

Murray H.W.; Carriero S.M.; Donelly D.M., 1986: Presence of a macrophage mediated suppressor cell mechanism during cell mediated immune response in experimental visceral leishmaniasis

Pauloin A.; Jolles P., 1986: Presence of a magnesium atp adp dependent pp 50 phosphatase in bovine brain coated vesicles

Van Etten J.L.; Mccune B.K.; Freer S.N., 1979: Presence of a major storage protein in dormant spores of the fungus botryodiplodia theobromae

Bonhomme F.; Guenet J L.; Catalan J., 1982: Presence of a male sterility factor segregating in interspecific mus musculus x mus spretus crosses and linked to mod 1 and mpi 1 on chromosome 9

Li, Z. Y.; Bon, C., 1983: Presence of a membrane bound acetyl cholin esterase ec form in a preparation of nerve endings from torpedo marmorata electric organ

Mattei, C.; Mattei, X., 1976: Presence of a membranous system associated with the nucleus of the gamete of pomacentrus leucostictus teleost fish

Prasad V., 1988: Presence of a mite in the female genital tract some comments

Avogaro P.; Bon G.B.; Cazzolato G., 1988: Presence of a modified low density lipoprotein in humans

Buc-Caron, M. H.; Gachelin, G.; Hofnung, M.; Jacob, F., 1974: Presence of a mouse embryonic antigen on human spermatozoa

Yang, N. S.; Mcgrath, C. M.; Furmanski, P., 1978: Presence of a mouse mammary tumor virus related antigen in human breast carcinoma cells and its absence from normal mammary epithelial cells

Gangopadhyay S.; Chakrabarti N.K., 1982: Presence of a myco toxin in curvularia lunata infected rice

Yamanouchi K.; Arai Y., 1985: Presence of a neural mechanism for the expression of female sexual behaviors in the male rat brain

Licht P.; Pickering B.T.; Papkoff H.; Pearson A.; Bona Gallo A., 1984: Presence of a neurophysin like precursor in the green turtle chelonia mydas

Sigogneau Russell D., 1981: Presence of a new champsosaurid in the late cretaceous of china

Jacobs N.J.; O'hara J.; Gray C.T., 1983: Presence of a new cytochrome b like pigment with a peak at 567 nanometers in various aerobic bacteria

Villagra De Gamundi A., 1984: Presence of a new macrotrichidae for the argentine fauna echinisca palearis new record crustacea cladocera macrothrichidae

Fauquet C.; Thouvenel J C., 1983: Presence of a new rod shaped virus in rice plants with stripe necrotic symptoms in ivory coast

Quentin J C.; Durette Desset M C., 1982: Presence of a new trichostrongyloidea nematoda nochtia atelerixi new species in an erinacoidea insectivora of togo italy

Mcneilly A.S.; Friesen H.G., 1985: Presence of a nonlactogenic factor in human serum which synergistically enhances prolactin stimulated growth of nb 2 rat lymphoma cells in vitro

Freeze, H. H.; Etchison, J. R., 1984: Presence of a nonlysosomal endo beta n acetyl glucosaminidase ec in the cellular slime mold dictyostelium discoideum

Krulwich T.A.; Federbush J.G.; Guffanti A.A., 1985: Presence of a nonmetabolizable solute that is translocated with sodium enhances sodium dependent ph homeostasis in an alkalophilic bacillus firmus

Shorr, J.; Foley, K.; Spector, S., 1978: Presence of a nonpeptide morphine like compound in human cerebro spinal fluid

Freedman, M.; Altszuler, N.; Karpatkin, S., 1977: Presence of a nonsplenic platelet pool

Vilen L.; Freden K.; Kutti J., 1980: Presence of a nonsplenic platelet pool in man

Cena V.; Garcia A.G.; Pi F.; Sanchez Garcia P., 1986: Presence of a noradrenaline uptake system on a ligated cat sympathetic nerve

Giotta G.J.; Heitzmann J.G.; Dubois M.; Bowman P.D., 1985: Presence of a novel epithelial antigen on rat cerebellar cell lines as detected by a monoclonal antibody

Fischinger P.J.; Thiel H.J.; Lieberman M.; Kaplan H.S.; Dunlop N.M.; Robey W.G., 1982: Presence of a novel recombinant murine leukemia virus like glyco protein on the surface of virus negative c 57bl lymphoma cells

Matsugi T.; Amanuma H.; Ikawa Y., 1983: Presence of a novel spleen focus forming virus specific glyco protein gp 51 in a friend leukemia cell line and its decrease during erythro differentiation

Lever A.M.L.; Milburn H.J.; Du Bois R.M.; Griffiths P.D.; Grundy J.E., 1988: Presence of a partially acid labile alpha interferon in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of patients with cytomegalovirus pneumonitis is associated with a poor prognosis

Pesacreta T.C.; Lucas W.J., 1985: Presence of a partially coated reticulum in angiosperms

Megens A.A.P.H.; Cools A.R., 1981: Presence of a particular sub population of dopamine receptors within the septal nuclei a behavioral study on cats

Peavey D.G.; Gfeller R.P.; Gibbs M., 1983: Presence of a pasteur effect in algae

Njogu R.M.; Nyindo M., 1981: Presence of a peculiar pathway of glucose metabolism in infective forms of trypanosoma brucei cultured from salivary glands of tsetse flies glossina morsitans morsitans

Goucha, M.; Ktari, M. H., 1978: Presence of a pedunculate cirriped on a pleuronectiform fish heterosomata from tunisia

Moller, M.; Mollgard, K.; Kimble, J. E., 1975: Presence of a pineal nerve in sheep and rabbit fetuses

Moller, M., 1978: Presence of a pineal nerve nervus pinealis in the human fetus a light and electron microscopic study of the innervation of the pineal gland

Firoozabady E.; Galbraith D.W., 1984: Presence of a plant cell wall is not required for transformation of nicotiana by agrobacterium tumefaciens

Saraiva M.J.M.; Sherman W.; Goodman D.S., 1986: Presence of a plasma transthyretin prealbumin variant in familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy in a kindred of greek origin

Lian E.C.Y.; Byrnes J.J.; Wallach H.; Nunez R.; Harkness D.R., 1979: Presence of a platelet aggregating factor in the plasma of patients with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and its inhibition by normal plasma

Wietzerbin, J.; Stefanos, S.; Lucero, M.; Falcoff, E.; Thang, D. C.; Thang, M. N., 1978: Presence of a poly nucleotide binding site on murine immune interferon t type

Hanozet G.M.; Parenti P.; Salvati P., 1985: Presence of a potential sensitive sodium ion transport across renal brush border membrane vesicles from rats of the milan hypertensive strain

Gagnon C., 1979: Presence of a protein methyl esterase in mammalian tissues

Sen G.C.; Haspel H.C.; Sarkar N.H., 1980: Presence of a proteolytic activity in murine mammary tumor virus

Curtis, P. J.; Mantei, N.; Van-Den-Berg, J.; Weissmann, C., 1977: Presence of a putative 15s precursor to beta globin messenger rna but not to alpha globin messenger rna in friend cells

Ionescu Matiu I.; Sanchez Y.; Hollinger F.B.; Melnick J.L.; Dreesman G.R., 1980: Presence of a receptor for albumin on individual hepatitis b surface antigen poly peptides and on hepatitis b surface antigen produced by a hepatoma cell line

Parmentier M.; Inagami T.; Pochet R.; Desclin J.C.; Pasteels J.L., 1985: Presence of a renin like enzyme in rat and mouse leydig cells

Dicker S.E.; Morris C.A., 1980: Presence of a renotrophic factor in plasma of unilaterally nephrectomized rats

Guerriero V.Jr; Dunham V.L., 1979: Presence of a rnase of high molecular weight in sugar beet beta vulgaris storage tissue

Nakai Y.; Ushiyama R.; Komatsu M., 1982: Presence of a rod shaped bacterium in lentinus edodes fruitbodies with a browning symptom

Deharveng, L., 1976: Presence of a secondary sexual characteristic in anurophorus serratus new species collembola isotomidae

Cox, N. J.; Kendal, A. P., 1976: Presence of a segmented single stranded rna genome in influenza c virus

Lieberman J.; Kaneshiro W.; Costea N.V., 1981: Presence of a serum hem agglutinin lectin like factor in cystic fibrosis homo zygotes and hetero zygotes

Smith, E. S. C., 1977: Presence of a sex attractant pheromone in helopeltis clavifer heteroptera miridae

Lee, L. J.; Kimura, A.; Tochikura, T., 1978: Presence of a single enzyme catalyzing the pyro phosphorolysis of udp glucose and udp galactose in bifidobacterium bifidum

Colaert, J.; Lokombe, B.; Fain, A.; Vandepitte, J.; Wery, M., 1977: Presence of a small focus of schistosoma mansoni bilharziasis in kinshasa zaire

Bairati A.; Debiasi S., 1981: Presence of a smooth muscle system in aortic valve leaflets

Tirri R.; Tuomola P.; Bowler K., 1980: Presence of a sodium dependent atpase activity associated with mammalian brain microsomal fractions

Floge J.; Stolte H.; Kinne R., 1984: Presence of a sodium dependent d glucose transport system in the kidney of the atlantic hagfish myxine glutinosa

Hannafin J.; Kinne Saffran E.; Friedman D.; Kinne R., 1983: Presence of a sodium potassium chloride co transport system in the rectal gland of squalus acanthias

Noguchi T.; Kurata L.M.; Sugisaki T., 1987: Presence of a somatomedin c immunoreactive substance in the central nervous system immunohistochemical mapping studies

Ghosh S.K.; Roholt O.A., 1984: Presence of a specific immune complex in the cell free ascites of a spontaneously metastasizing rat mammary adeno carcinoma tmt 081

Masuda K.; Iuchi I.; Iwamori M.; Nagai Y.; Yamagami K., 1986: Presence of a substance crossreacting with cortical alveolar material in yolk vesicles of growing oocytes of oryzias latipes

Yamano M.; Hillyard C.J.; Girgis S.; Macintyre I.; Emson P.C.; Tohyama M., 1988: Presence of a substance p like immunoreactive neuron system from the parabrachial area to the central amygdaloid nucleus of the rat with reference to coexistence with calcitonin gene related peptide

Kitazawa T.; Kondo H.; Temma K., 1988: Presence of a substance p like peptide in an acid extract of the intestinal bulb of carp cyprinus carpio

Schuller E.; Bringuier A.F.; Hartmann L., 1984: Presence of a tamm horsfall like glyco protein in the cerebro spinal fluid of neurology patients 1st results

Siddiqui, K. A. I.; Banerjee, A. K., 1978: Presence of a thermo stable fructose 1 6 di phosphate aldolase in rhizobium leguminosarum

Tsurugi K.; Ogata K. , 1980: Presence of a thiol protease in regenerating rat liver nuclei partial purification and some properties

Egan, R. M.; Phillips, A. T., 1977: Presence of a tightly bound nad in urocanase ec of pseudomonas putida

Juprelle-Soret, M.; Wattiaux, R.; Wattiaux-De-Coninck, S., 1984: Presence of a transglutaminase ec activity in rat liver lysosomes

Naumann E.; Fahlbusch K.; Gottschalk G., 1984: Presence of a tri methylamine 2 mercapto ethanesulfonate methyl transferase in methanosarcina barkeri

Nakamura T.; Matsusaka T., 1985: Presence of a tubulin pool in the resting cyst of the hypotrich ciliate histriculus muscorum

Kim B.S.; Chin D.K., 1980: Presence of a tumor inhibiting factor in sera from normal but not tumor bearing mice

Upadhyay R.R.; Islampanah S.; Davoodi A., 1980: Presence of a tumor promoting factor in honey

Arnaud Vanneau A.; Arnaud H., 1985: Presence of a turonian paleokarst dated by bryozoans in the northern vercors france

Auroi C., 1985: Presence of a typical larval apparatus grabers organ in adult tabanids diptera tabanidae

Fazel A.R.; Schulte B.A.; Thompson R.P.; Spicer S.S., 1987: Presence of a unique glycoconjugate on the surface of rat primordial germ cells during migration

Inoue A.; Higashi Y.; Hasuma T.; Yukioka M.; Morisawa S., 1986: Presence of a unique set of nuclear proteins at the sites sensitive to rnase a as well as dnase i

Hozumi, T.; Hotta, K., 1977: Presence of a unit for actin myosin interaction during the super precipitation of acto myosin

Ito T.; Takimoto T.; Yanagawa R., 1988: Presence of a variety of antigenic variants belonging to at least 4 different serovars in a population of leptospira interrogans serovar hebdomadis

Kato, Y.; Matsuda, K., 1976: Presence of a xylo glucan in the cell wall of phaseolus aureus hypocotyls

Tjeder B., 1979: Presence of abdominal sacculi laterales in females of tipula subgenus emodotipula diptera tipulidae

Ng Ying Kin N.M.K.; Wolfe L.S., 1982: Presence of abnormal amounts of dolichols in the urinary sediment of batten disease patients

Tsuji, H.; Kojima, T., 1985: Presence of abnormally high incidences of sister chromatid exchanges in three successive cell cycles in bloom's syndrome lymphocytes

Le Page Degivry M T.; Bidard J N.; Rouvier E.; Bulard C.; Lazdunski M., 1986: Presence of abscisic acid a phytohormone in the mammalian brain

Duran J.M.; Cristi L.A., 1984: Presence of abscisic acid and phenolic compounds in beech fagus sylvatica aged foliage

Sasaki J.; Takehara Y.; Fujii Y.; Nomura T.; Watanabe S., 1987 : Presence of abundant filaments in apical caps of the nonciliated bronchiolar epithelial clara cells

Dutrillaux, B.; Couturier, J.; Viegas-Pequignot, E.; Chauvier, G.; Trebbau, P., 1978: Presence of abundant hetero chromatin in the karyotypes of cebus capucinus and cebus nigrivittatus

Mello A.C.D.; Afiatpur P., 1985: Presence of acetylcholine in the fruit of physalis angulata solanaceae

Katsura, S.; Inazumi, S., 1978: Presence of acid phosphatase activity in heavy bodies of sea urchin eggs

Watkins W.B., 1980: Presence of acth and beta endorphin immuno reactivities in the magno cellular neuro secretory system of the rat hypothalamus

IIda S.; Itoh Y.; Moriwaki K., 1982: Presence of acth potentiating activity in a calcitonin preparation derived from porcine thyroid glands

Matsuyama K.; Moriwaki K.; IIda S.; Itoh Y.; Gomi M.; Kawamura S.; Tarui S., 1984: Presence of acth potentiating factors in porcine thyroid glands

IIda S.; Itoh Y.; Moriwaki K.; Tarui S.; Kawakami F., 1981: Presence of acth potentiating factors in rat anterior pituitary glands

Sanger, J. W., 1975: Presence of actin during chromosomal movement

Stanislawsky L.; Mongiat F.; Moura Neto V., 1984: Presence of actin in oncornaviruses

Cozzolino F.; Torcia M.; Castigli E.; Selli C.; Giordani R.; Carossino A.M.; Squadrelli M.; Cagnoni M.; Pistoia V.; Ferrarini M., 1986: Presence of activated t cells with a t 8 positive m 1 positive leu 7 positive surface phenotype in invaded lymph nodes from patients with solid tumors

Vaccaro A.M.; Ciaffoni F.; Mandara I.; Suzuki K., 1988: Presence of activator proteins for the enzymatic degradation of glucosylceramide in several human tissues

Li Y T.; Muhiudeen I.A.; Degasperi R.; Hirabayashi Y.; Li S C., 1983: Presence of activator proteins for the enzymatic hydrolysis of g m 1 and g m 2 gangliosides in normal human urine

Iuchi I.; Yamamoto M.; Yamagami K., 1982: Presence of active hatching enzyme in the secretory granule of pre hatching medaka oryzias latipes embryos

Takeishi, K.; Kaji, A., 1975: Presence of active poly ribosomes in bacterial cells infected with t 4 bacterio phage ghosts

Klasing K.C.; Richards M.P.; Darcey S.E.; Laurin D.E., 1987: Presence of acute phase changes in zinc iron and copper metabolism in turkey embryos

Sekulovic D., 1986: Presence of additives in intragal and biocuprum intrauterine devices

Ashihara H.; Ukaji T., 1985: Presence of adenine phosphoribosyltransferase and adenosine kinase in chloroplasts of spinach spinacia oleracea leaves

Sharma J.A., 1983: Presence of adherent cyto toxic cells and nonadherent natural killer cells in progressive and regressive mareks disease tumors

Kaminski, E. J.; Shenk, M. W.; Oglesby, R. J., 1977: Presence of adipose fat as a criterion of implant compatibility

Dickinson, D. B.; Preiss, J., 1969: Presence of adp glucose pyro phosphorylase in shrunken 2 and brittle 2 mutants of maize m endosperm

Moore N.A.; Boler R.K.; Bazer G.T., 1982: Presence of adrenal medullary chromaffin cells in primary adrenal dispersions and their persistence in long term culture

Zurich, L.; De-La-Vega-Lemus, Y. P.; Lemus, D., 1971: Presence of adrenergic receptors in the uterus of 2 species of lizards liolaemus gravenhorti and liolaemus tenuis tenuis

Maire A.; Picard L.; Aubin A., 1979: Presence of aedes pullatus new record diptera culicidae in the chic choc mountains gaspe park quebec canada bio geographic implications of this extension in area

Phillips, D. L.; Yourtee, D. M.; Searles, S., 1976: Presence of afla toxin b 1 in human liver in the usa

Burguera, J. A., 1986: Presence of aflatoxin b 1 in human liver referred to as reye's syndrome in venezuela

Doby J.M.; Stora C.; Boisseau Lebreuil M.T., 1986: Presence of aflatoxin byproducts in the pulmonary tissue of a patient with an aspergilloma by aspergillus flavus

Al Suhaily I.A.; Tahir N.M.; Abdulla N., 1986: Presence of aflatoxin in certain foodstuff

Blanco J.L.; Dominguez L.; Gomez Lucia E.; Garayzabal J.F.F.; Garcia J.A.; Suarez G., 1988: Presence of aflatoxin m 1 in commercial ultra high temperature treated milk

Guzman De Pena D.; Mathieu L.; Pena Cabriales J.J., 1985: Presence of aflatoxins in recently harvested corn

Kul'berg, A. Ya ; Kaulen, D. R.; Khorobrykh, V. V.; Yurin, B. L., 1977: Presence of aggregated immuno globulins on the surface of rapidly dividing antigen binding lymphocytes

Warth, M., 1977: Presence of alabaster in the lower keuper clay near bondorf district of boeblingen southern west germany

De-Klasz, I.; Jan-Du-Chene, R., 1978: Presence of albian cenomanian in southwestern nigeria and its paleo geographic implications

Esumi H.; Takahashi Y.; Sekiya T.; Nagase S.; Sugimura T.; Sato S., 1982: Presence of albumin messenger rna precursors in nuclei of analbuminemic rat liver lacking cytoplasmic albumin messenger rna

Makino R.; Sato S.; Esumi H.; Negishi C.; Takano M.; Sugimura T.; Nagase S.; Tanaka H., 1986: Presence of albumin positive cells in the liver of analbuminemic rats and their increase on treatment with hepatocarcinogens

Ahmad L.A.; Bainton D.F., 1986: Presence of alkaline phosphatase positive reticulum cells in fetal liver and bone marrow of mice and their absence in yolk sac

Giral F.; Hidalgo C.C., 1983: Presence of alkaloids in mexican plants

Ferri, S.; Mariani, M.; Guidotti, G.; Barluzzi, C., 1978: Presence of alkaloids in some basidiomycetes

Royset O.; Thomassen Y., 1987: Presence of alkyllead in rural and urban air evaluation of some sources of alkyllead pollution of the atmosphere in norway

Lancaster, J. E.; Collin, H. A., 1981: Presence of alliinase ec in isolated vacuoles and of alkyl cysteine sulfoxides in the cytoplasm of bulbs of onion allium cepa cultivar rijnsburger

Waterfield, J. D.; Bick, P. H.; Moller, E.; Moller, G., 1978: Presence of allo antigen reactive cells in neo natally tolerized mice

Lewis A.M.Jr; Cook J.L., 1980: Presence of allo graft rejection resistance in sv 40 transformed hamster cells and its possible role in tumor development

Curman B.O.K.; Rask L.; Peterson P.A., 1979: Presence of allo reactive ia antigens on murine intestine epithelial cells

Gaudant J., 1980: Presence of alosa crassa teleostean fishes clupeidae in the messinian gypsum of western crete

Papadimitriou C.S.; Stein H.; Papacharalampous N.X., 1980: Presence of alpha 1 anti chymotrypsin and alpha 1 anti trypsin in hematopoietic and lymphoid tissue cells as revealed by the immuno peroxidase method

Callea F.; Goddeeris P.; Mukunda R.B.; Geboes K.; Bekaert J.; Desmet V.J., 1983: Presence of alpha 1 anti trypsin in pancreatic carcinoma 4 cases in association with hepatic storage of the protease inhibitor

Lipsky J.J.; Berninger R.W.; Hyman L.R.; Talamo R.C., 1979: Presence of alpha 1 anti trypsin on mitogen stimulated human lymphocytes

Saksela O.; Wahlstrom T.; Meyer B.; Vaheri A., 1984: Presence of alpha 2 macro globulin in normal but not in malignant cervical epithelium

Saksela O.; Wahistrom T.; Lehtovirta P.; Seppala M.; Vaheri A., 1981: Presence of alpha 2 macro globulin in normal but not in malignant human syncytio tropho blasts

Koen H.; Pugh T.D.; Nychka D.; Goldfarb S., 1983: Presence of alpha feto protein positive cells in hepato cellular foci and micro carcinomas induced by single injections of di ethyl nitrosamine in infant mice

Grandmont, A. M.; Chapdelaine, P.; Tremblay, R. R., 1983: Presence of alpha glucosidases ec in the male reproductive system of the rat and hormonal influences

Collette J.; Hendrick J C.; Jaspar J M.; Franchimont P., 1986: Presence of alpha lactalbumin epidermal growth factor epithelial membrane antigen and gross cystic disease fluid protein 15000 daltons in breast cyst fluid

Boyd W.H.; Krogsrud R.L., 1987: Presence of alpha msh in bovine pituitary intraglandular colloid of intermediate lobe origin

Sundstrom, C.; Nilsson, K.; Ranki, A.; Hayry, P., 1978: Presence of alpha naphthyl acetate esterase activity in human hematopoietic cell lines and in fresh biopsy specimens of lymphoma and myeloma

Ito S.; Iwanaga T.; Yui R.; Yamaguchi K.; Hama H.; Kamoi K.; Shibata A., 1981: Presence of alpha neo endorphin like immuno reactivity in the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland

Kottel, R. H.; Orlowski, M.; White, D.; Grutsch, J., 1974: Presence of amino acid dehydrogenases and trans aminases in myxococcus xanthus during vegetative growth and myxo spore formation

Hull S.I.; Wallace R.J.Jr; Bobey D.G.; Price K.E.; Goodhines R.A.; Swenson J.M.; Silcox V.A., 1984: Presence of amino glycoside acetyl transferase and plasmids in mycobacterium fortuitum lack of correlation with intrinsic amino glycoside resistance

Dardeau G.; Marchand D., 1981: Presence of amoeboceras newbridgense boreal ammonite among a mesogean fauna in the upper oxfordian of the southeast of france alpes maritimes bio stratigraphical paleo geographical and paleo bio geographical interests

Guille A.; Monteiro Margues V.; O'connor B., 1983: Presence of amphiura incana new record ophiuroidea echinodermata along the north east atlantic coasts

Rosa F.; Fellous M.; Dron M.; Tovey M.; Revel M., 1983: Presence of an abnormal beta 2 micro globulin messenger rna in daudi cells induction by interferon

Lebon P.; Daffos F.; Checoury A.; Grangeot Keros L.; Forestier F.; Toublanc J.E., 1985: Presence of an acid labile alpha interferon in sera from fetuses and children with congenital rubella

Allen, E. D.; Sussman, A. S., 1978: Presence of an actin like protein in mycelium of neurospora crassa

Sinha M.K.; Caro J.F., 1985: Presence of an activator of pyruvate dehydrogenase in human circulation elevation following a glucose load and possible relation to an insulin mediator

Spada A.; Vallar L.; Giannattasio G., 1984: Presence of an adenylate cyclase dually regulated by somatostatin and human pancreatic growth hormone releasing factor in growth hormone secreting cells

Lidereau R.; Mathieu Mahul D.; Theillet C.; Renaud M.; Mauchauffe M.; Gest J.; Larsen C J., 1985: Presence of an allelic eco r i restriction fragment of the c mos locus in leukocyte and tumor cell dna species of breast cancer patients

Sugawara O.; Takagi N., 1985: Presence of an allocyclic early replicating x chromosome in female embryos of the rat chinese hamster and rabbit

Trajanowski J.Q.; Stone R.A.; Lee V.M Y., 1985: Presence of an alpha msh like epitope in the 150000 dalton neurofilament subunit from diverse regions of the central nervous system an immunohistochemical and immunoblot study in guinea pig

Pistorius, E. K.; Voss, H., 1982: Presence of an amino acid oxidase ec in photosystem ii of anacystis nidulans

Epand R.M.; Epand R.F.; Orlowski R.C., 1985: Presence of an amphipathic helical segment and its relationship to biological potency of calcitonin analogs

Jardieu P.; Uede T.; Ishizaka K., 1985: Presence of an antigen specific t cell subset that forms immunoglobulin e suppressive factor and immunoglobulin g suppressive factor on antigenic stimulation

Huff T.F.; Yodoi J.; Uede T.; Ishizaka K., 1984: Presence of an antigenic determinant common to rat immuno globulin e potentiating factor immuno globulin e suppressive factor and fc receptors on t and b lymphocytes

Tortonese, E.; Sertorio, T. Z., 1974: Presence of an astronesthid fish in the mediterranean gulf of genoa borostomias antarcticus new record

Debinski W.; Gutkowska J.; Kuchel O.; Racz K.; Buu N.T.; Cantin M.; Genest J., 1987: Presence of an atrial natriuretic factor like peptide in the rat superior cervical ganglia

Alhadeff, J. A.; Holzinger, R. T., 1982: Presence of an atypical thermolabile species of beta hexosaminidase b ec in metastatic tumor tissue of human liver

Gaspar M.L.; Marcos M A.R.; Gutierrez C.; Martin M.J.; Bonifacino J.S.; Sandoval I.V., 1988: Presence of an autoantibody against a golgi cisternal membrane protein in the serum and cerebrospinal fluid from a patient with idiopathic late onset cerebellar ataxia

Turberg A.; Spindler Barth M.; Lutz B.; Lezzi M.; Spindler K D., 1988: Presence of an ecdysteroid specific binding protein receptor in epithelial tissue culture cells of chironomus tentans

Quik, M., 1982: Presence of an endogenous factor which inhibits binding of alpha bungaro toxin 2.2 to its receptor

Velletri, P. A.; Lovenberg, W., 1984: Presence of an endogenous inhibitor of di peptidyl carboxy peptidase ec in rat brain

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