Section 7
Chapter 6,176

Presence of mycoplasma like particles in conidia of the hyaline and asclerotic variant of verticillium dahliae

Najim, L.

Microbios Letters 14(55-56): 147-154


ISSN/ISBN: 0307-5494
Accession: 006175831

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The morphology and structure of the hyaline variant of V. dahliae were studied by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The hyaline variant developed a great number of strands which interlaced and changed into a compact shape like a stroma. This important development of strands is probably correlated with the non-development of sclerotia. This strain produced fewer conidia than a wild strain. These reactions seem to be related to aging and are probably cumulative, with an eventual pathogen reaction to mycoplasma-like structures found in sectioned conidia. When the culture was older a lysis zone probably due to mycoplasma-like particles and typically identical with a bacterial lysis zone, was visible in the peripheral zone or sometimes in the center of the culture. The mycoplasma-like structures were localized in small vacuoles and the ultrastructure of the conidia was damaged. The mycoplasma-like particles were always present in the inocula of conidia, conidiophores and mycelia.