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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6177

Chapter 6177 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sjorstrom P., 1986: Presence of sculpins cottus gobio reduces drift and activity of gammarus pulex amphipoda

Bailly-Choumara, H.; Leger, N., 1976: Presence of sergentomyia schwetzi new record diptera phlebotomidae in southern morocco

Fujii T., 1985: Presence of serine enzymes in endoplasmic reticulum of spinach spinacia oleracea callus

Lowkvist B., 1988: Presence of serotonin in early chick embryos

Rzasa J., 1987: Presence of serotonin in the hen reproductive tract

Roberts N., 1981: Presence of serotonin in the palate just prior to shelf rotation

Luckins A.G., 1982: Presence of serum agglutinins to campylobacter sputorum ssp mucosalis in pigs

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176007

Ferrarini M., 1979: Presence of serum immuno globulin d and immuno globulin d containing plasma cells in the mouse

El Mofty S., 1985: Presence of serum proteins in submaxillary duct perfusate

Abraham K.C., 1984: Presence of several elements in normal and pathological human semen samples and its origin

Gregoire A., 1987: Presence of several plasmids in the fungus ascobolus immersus and homologies with the linear plasmid pa 1

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176012

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176013

Moldenhauer F., 1987: Presence of shared idiotypes in serum and immune complexes in patients with iga nephropathy

Buchloh G., 1982: Presence of sinapin and pattern of fatty acids in arabis turritis arabidopsis and cardaminopsis brassicaceae cruciferae

Gadzhev S., 1980: Presence of sinus conchonasalis in cattle

Beltra R., 1985: Presence of small plasmids in fixed pathogenic l forms of agrobacterium tumefaciens

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176018

Bernstein G.S., 1981: Presence of soluble b type cytochrome in human seminal fluid

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176020

Kinnaert, P.; Mahieu, A.; D'orchimont, R. C.; Van-Geertruyden, N., 1976: Presence of soluble red cell antigens in anti lymphocyte serum of normal rabbits absorbed with sheep red cells

Chardon, P.; Vaiman, M.; Renard, C.; Arnoux, B., 1977: Presence of soluble sl a histo compatibility antigen in pig plasma

Richard M., 1987: Presence of somatomedin receptors on primary human breast and colon carcinomas

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176024

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176025

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176026

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176027

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176028

Yamanoi T., 1984: Presence of sonneratiaceous pollen in middle miocene sediments central japan

Kuroki T., 1983: Presence of specific binding sites for phorbol ester tumor promoters in human epidermal and dermal cells in culture but lack of down regulation in epidermal cells

Braquet P., 1988: Presence of specific binding sites for platelet activating factor paf in brain

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176033

Muccioli G., 1981: Presence of specific prolactin binding sites in the rabbit hypothalamus

Ghosh D., 1983: Presence of specific receptor binding sites for inhibin in rat spermatids

Ono K., 1987: Presence of specificity of heat stable somatic antigens among bacillus thuringiensis 17 subspecies

Rossi, G. B.; Aducci, P.; Gambari, R.; Minetti, M.; Vernole, P., 1978: Presence of spectrin in untreated friend erythro leukemic cells its accumulation upon treatment of the cells with di methyl sulfoxide

Middaugh C.R., 1980: Presence of spectrin tetramer on the erythrocyte membrane

Van Slochteren Draaisma T., 1979: Presence of sperm agglutinating antibodies in infertile men and inhibition of in vitro sperm penetration into cervical mucus

Marchand, B.; Mattei, X., 1976: Presence of spermatic flagellae in the ovarian spheres of eoacanthocephala

Silverman A.G., 1979: Presence of spermatozoa in cervico vaginal smears from young and old women

Menni, R. C., 1976: Presence of sphyrna lewini new record in uruguay chondrichthyes sphyrnidae

Chen T.A., 1980: Presence of spiroplasma inhibitory substances in plant tissue extracts

Weiland, E.; Mussgay, M., 1977: Presence of splenic suppressor cells in mice bearing regressively growing moloney sarcomas and their absence in progressor mice

Hindorf H., 1980: Presence of sporophores of typhula incarnata in winter barley of the rhineland west germany

Hanya T., 1980: Presence of squalane in urban aquatic environments

Amdur, B. H.; Szabo, E. I.; Socransky, S. S., 1978: Presence of squalene in gram positive bacteria/

Bahr K H., 1988: Presence of starch protein aggregates in the endosperm of corn

Gupta T.K.D., 1980: Presence of steroid receptors in human soft tissues sarcomas of diverse histological origin

Boland R.L., 1988: Presence of sterol binding sites in the cytosol of french bean phaseolus vulgaris roots

Duperon P., 1981: Presence of steryl glycosides and acylated steryl glycosides in the thallus of ulva gigantea chlorophyceae

Chakravorty M., 1981: Presence of structurally abnormal molecules in mono clonal g immuno globulins in human myelomas

Matsushita S., 1986: Presence of sucrase in the yolk sac of the chick

Giannattasio, G.; Zanini, A., 1976: Presence of sulfated proteo glycans in prolactin secretory granules isolated from the rat pituitary gland

Rasulov, A. S.; Evstigneeva, Z. G.; Kretovich, V. L., 1978: Presence of sulfhydryl groups and histidine in the active site of chlorella glutamine synthetase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176056

Dunhill A.L., 1983: Presence of sulfur di oxide in commonly used broncho dilator solutions

Deodhar S.D., 1979: Presence of suppressor cells in spleens of mice bearing a weakly immunogenic syngeneic tumor

Lazzaro, G., 1977: Presence of symphurus civitatum in the waters of the continental platform of uruguay

Dememes D., 1986: Presence of synapsin i in afferent and efferent nerve endings of vestibular sensory epithelia

Moravec-Mochet, M.; Moravec, J.; Hatt, P. Y., 1977: Presence of synaptic and muscular spindle like structures in the atrio ventricular junction of the rat heart an electron microscopic study

Nabholz M., 1980: Presence of t 145 on cytolytic t cell lines and their lectin resistant mutants

Lane N.J., 1982: Presence of t bars intra membranous particle arrays and exocytotic profiles in neuro endocrine terminals of an insect

Itagaki, S.; Mcgeer, P. L.; Akiyama, H., 1988: Presence of t cytotoxic suppressor and leukocyte common antigen positive cells in alzheimer's disease brain tissue

Perlman, S. M.; Ford, P. J.; Rosbash, M. M., 1977: Presence of tadpole and adult globin rna sequences in oocytes of xenopus laevis

Takeuchi H., 1986: Presence of tan tonically autoactive neuron and its two analogous neurons located in the right parietal ganglion of the subesophageal ganglia of an african giant snail achatina fulica morphological and electrophysiological studies

Albertini, G., 1976: Presence of tarentola mauritanica in the city of verona italy

Mcgarry, M. P.; Mirand, E. A., 1977: Presence of target cells for friend virus in the liver and spleen of early post natal mice

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176069

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176070

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176071

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176072

Nakatsuji N., 1988: Presence of the adenovirus e1a like activity in preimplantation stage mouse embryos

Polozhii A.V., 1987: Presence of the alkaloid alliin in some allium spp in the buryat assr russian sfsr ussr

Ando K., 1987: Presence of the atrial natriuretic peptide in human cerebrospinal fluid

Tosi, G., 1978: Presence of the bearded vulture gypaetus barbatus aureus in the maritime alps

Hall W.D., 1983: Presence of the beaumont protein in serum of oral contraceptive users

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176078

Wallez M J., 1987: Presence of the burdigalian sea in central aquitaine france

Ehrenfeld E., 1981: Presence of the cap binding protein in initiation factor preparations from poliovirus infected hela cells

Van-Marck, E., 1975: Presence of the circulating poly saccharide antigen in the liver of mice infected with schistosoma mansoni

Capizzi, A., 1986: Presence of the cotton spotted bollworm earias vittella f. lepidoptera noctuidae in east africa

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176083

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176084

Laccone, G.; Nuzzaci, G., 1977: Presence of the eriophyes oleae on olive trees in southern italy

Parent, G. H., 1978: Presence of the european mantid mantis religiosa religiosa in haute maurienne savoie department france

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176087

Maury, E. A., 1980: Presence of the family daesiidae new record in south america with description of syndaesia mastix new genus new species solifugae

Fain, A.; Galal, A., 1977: Presence of the fluke echinoparyphium recurvatum in man and in a rodent from egypt

Galileo, M. H. M.; Gastal, H. A. D. O.; Heinrichs, E. A., 1977: Presence of the fungus nomuraea rileyi and tachinid and hymenopteran parasites in anticarsia gemmatalis and plusia sp lepidoptera noctuidae grown in the laboratory

Sielfeld, K. W. H., 1976: Presence of the genus achiropsetta new record pisces pleuronectiformes in chilean patagonian waters

Marticorena, C.; Quezada, M., 1977: Presence of the genus achyrocline compositae inuleae in chile

De-Lema, T.; De-Oliveira, M. F. T., 1974: Presence of the genus alutera in the extreme south of brazil and contribution to the study of the species tetraodontiformes balistoidei balistidae

Anon Suarez De Cullen D., 1984: Presence of the genus anacampseros portulacaceae in argentina

Marticorena, C.; Rodriguez, R., 1977: Presence of the genus androsace primulaceae in chile

Rodrigo G., 1984: Presence of the genus chapalmatherium hydrochoeridae rodentia represented by a new species in the pliocene of the bolivian altiplano

Borza, K., 1978: Presence of the genus colomiella upper aptian lower albian in the west carpathians

Dajoz, R., 1978: Presence of the genus cupes coleoptera cupesidae in indochina

Kotsakis T., 1982: Presence of the genus discoglossus discoglossidae anura amphibia in the villafranchian of the island of crete greece

Rodrigues M.T., 1979: Presence of the genus geophis colubridae serpentes in the guyana region description of a new species of french guyana

Letouzey, R., 1977: Presence of the genus grevea in western central africa

Mendoza M.L., 1979: Presence of the genus hydrolithon corallinaceae in argentina

Hadjouis D., 1986: Presence of the genus kobus bovidae artiodactyla in the upper pleistocene of algeria

Mylonas, M.; Matsakis, J., 1977: Presence of the genus ligidium in the cyclades greece isopoda oniscoidea some bio geographical and ecological aspects

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176105

Dubault G., 1984: Presence of the genus mayetia in the atlantic pyrenees france coleoptera pselaphidae

Gruas Cavagnetto C., 1986: Presence of the genus neptunia leguminosae mimosoideae in the middle eocene of the tertiary basin north of the bay of the seine france

Camacho H.H., 1985: Presence of the genus parinomya mollusca bivalvia in the san julian formation eocene santa cruz province argentina

Ganesan, E. K.; Lemus, A. J., 1975: Presence of the genus predaea rhodophyta gigartinales in venezuela

Bessedik M., 1984: Presence of the genus prosopis leguminosae mimosoideae in the lower aquitanian in aude languedoc france

Suraru N., 1982: Presence of the genus ptychodus pisces in deposits of the upper cretaceous of ormenis persani mountains romania

Zuloaga F.O., 1981: Presence of the genus rottboellia gramineae andropogoneae in argentina

Sigogneau-Russell, D.; Baird, D., 1978: Presence of the genus simoedosaurus reptilia choristodera in north america

Greco A., 1981: Presence of the genus xylophaga in the lower pleistocene of sicily italy

Fleuriet, A., 1976: Presence of the hereditary rhabdovirus sigma and polymorphism for a gene for resistance to this virus in natural populations of drosophila melanogaster

Termier G., 1983: Presence of the heterastriid parkeria hydrozoa milleporina in the cenomanian of haute savoie france

Ng P.K.L., 1987: Presence of the japanese freshwater prawn macrobrachium nipponense de haan 1849 decapoda caridea palaemonidae in singapore

Termier G., 1980: Presence of the lower westphalian in the fourhal series central morocco

Mueller A.J., 1981: Presence of the molybdenum cofactor in nitrate reductase deficient mutant cell lines of nicotiana tabacum

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176121

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176122

Quentin, J. C.; Biocca, E., 1976: Presence of the nematode physaloptera sibirica parasite of carnivores in the garden dormouse eliomys quercinus in the alps

Chretien M., 1987: Presence of the novel pituitary protein 7b2 in bovine chromaffin granules possible co release of 7b2 and catecholamine as induced by nicotine

Cherbonnier, G.; Guille, A., 1976: Presence of the ophiurid astrophiura permira off heard island

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176126

Zotter, S.; Kryukowa, I. N.; Bukrinskaya, A. G.; Lezhnewa, O. M.; Ilyin, K. V.; Miller, G. G.; Mueller, M., 1976: Presence of the p 27 antigenicity and absence of the gp 52 antigenicity and leukemia virus antigens in intra cytoplasmic a particles of mouse mammary tumor origin

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176128

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176129

Akamatsu Y., 1981: Presence of the phospho lipid methylation pathway in mammalian cultured cells

Blanchard J.M., 1982: Presence of the pre messenger rna for the 72 kilodalton dna binding protein in heterogeneous ribo nucleo protein from early adenovirus 2 infected hela cells

Ragonese, A. E.; Piccinini, B. G., 1976: Presence of the quebracho schinopsis haenkeana in the sierra de la huerta san juan argentina and principal characteristics of the vegetation

Fishman W.H., 1980: Presence of the rare d variant heat stable placental type alkaline phosphatase in normal human testis

Godeanu, S., 1976: Presence of the rotifer trochosphaera solstitialis new record in romania

Hama K., 1980: Presence of the ruffed cell in the olfactory bulb of the catfish parasilurus asotus and the sea eel conger myriaster

Srivastava, A. K.; Stellwagen, R. H., 1978: Presence of the sites for interacting with cyclic amp and with catalytic subunit on small fragments of protein kinase regulatory subunit

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176137

Mcdaniel B., 1981: Presence of the supracoxal gland in geomylichus thomomys acariformes acaridida listrophoridae

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176139

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176140

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176142

Silva J.A.D., 1982: Presence of the virus infection associated antigen in vaccinated and nonvaccinated cattle and livestock in recuperation from foot and mouth disease

Fink, J. N.; Resnick, A. J.; Salvaggio, J., 1971: Presence of thermophilic actinomycetes in residential heating systems

Kaziro Y., 1988: Presence of three distinct molecular species of g i protein alpha subunit structure of rat complementary dna and human genomic dna

Emmons S.L., 1979: Presence of thymus derived cell associated surface antigens on murine natural killer cells

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176147

Hirano T., 1987: Presence of thyroxine in eggs and changes in its content during early development of chum salmon oncorhynchus keta

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176149

Deschaux P.A., 1986: Presence of tonofilaments and thymic serum factor fts in thymic epithelial cells of a fresh water fish carp cyprinus carpio and a sea water fish bass dicentrarchus labrax

Wells D.E., 1984: Presence of toxic shock toxin in toxic shock and other clinical strains of staphylococcus aureus

De-La-Serna-De-Esteban, C. J., 1976: Presence of tracheae in the prosoma of some species of salticidae

Allen, S. H. G.; Linehan, B. A., 1977: Presence of trans carboxylase in arachnia propionica

Skup D., 1988: Presence of transcription regulatory elements within an intron of the virus inducible murine timp gene

Milner R.D.G., 1986: Presence of transforming growth factor beta like activity in multiple fetal rat tissues

Kidwell W.R., 1984: Presence of transforming growth factors in human breast cancer cells

Prockop D.J., 1984: Presence of translatable messenger rna for pro alpha 2 i chains in fibroblasts from a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta whose type i collagen does not contain alpha 2 i chains

Sakaguchi B., 1984: Presence of translatable messenger rna in diapause eggs of bombyx mori

Boilly, B.; Wissocq, J. C., 1978: Presence of transversely striated fibers and of intra sarcoplasmic tubular aggregates in the prostomium of magelona papillicornis annelida polychaeta

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176161

Rajaniemi H., 1981: Presence of trf immuno reactivity in marginal islet cells in rat pancreas

Suzuki Y., 1979: Presence of tri iodo thyronine no detectable thyroxine and reverse tri iodo thyronine in human milk

Hrabak E.M., 1981: Presence of trifoliin a a rhizobium trifolii binding lectin in clover trifolium repens cultivar louisiana nolin root exudate

Prediere G., 1984: Presence of trihalomethanes and chlorine solvents in superficial waters of modena italy

Mammerickx, M.; Dekegel, D., 1976: Presence of trypanosoma theileri in herds with a high incidence of enzootic bovine leukosis

Das M., 1987: Presence of tumor associated antigens in epidermal growth factor receptors from different human carcinomas

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176170

Horiuchi, T.; Fujiki, H.; Hirota, M.; Suttajit, M.; Suganuma, M.; Yoshioka, A.; Wongchai, V.; Hecker, E.; Sugimura, T., 1987: Presence of tumor promoters in the seed oil of jatropha curcas l. from thailand

Pour P.M., 1986: Presence of two distinct acinar cell populations in human pancreas based on their antigenicity

Pearson J.A., 1985: Presence of tyloses at the blade sheath junction in senescing leaves of lolium temulentum

Allaudeen, H. S.; Bertino, J. R., 1977: Presence of type c particles containing reverse transcriptase in l 1210 leukemia

Mueller, P. K.; Raisch, K.; Matzen, K.; Gay, S., 1977: Presence of type iii collagen in bone from a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta

Barnes, M. J.; Morton, L. F.; Bennett, R. C.; Bailey, A. J.; Sims, T. J., 1976: Presence of type iii collagen in guinea pig dermal scar

Redhead S.A., 1982: Presence of typhula mycophaga new species on a lycoperdon species in british columbia canada

Bartke A., 1987: Presence of tyrosine hydroxylase activity in anterior pituitary adenomas and ectopic anterior pituitaries in male rats

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176179

Gonzalez, M. P.; Ventura, M. E.; Caldes, T.; Pascual-Leone, A. M., 1976: Presence of urea in rat brain

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176181

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176182

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176183

Konig M., 1983: Presence of various hydroxy steroid dehydroxy hydrogenases in the circum anal glands of the dog

Meldolesi, M. F.; Laccetti, P.; Macchia, V., 1975: Presence of various protein kinases and of endogenous partly co purified substrates in the soluble fraction of an experimental cancer of rat thyroid gland

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176186

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176187

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176188

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176189

Lange C.E., 1987: Presence of vavraia sp new record microsporea microsporida in specimens of smicridea sp insecta trichoptera

Trappe J.M., 1981: Presence of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae in eucalyptus spp and acacia sp and their absence in banksia sp after inoculation with glomus fasciculatus

Carlquist S., 1987: Presence of vessels in wood of sarcandra chloranthaceae comments on vessel origins in angiosperms

Kida H., 1982: Presence of vi antigen in a virulent strain of leptospira interrogans serovar pomona and relation of vi antigens of leptospiras to resistance to leptospiricidal activity mediated by anti serum plus complement

Madrigal Sesma M.J., 1986: Presence of viable cysts of colpoda ciliophora colpodida in the digestive tube of reptiles and amphibians

Ahmed W.U., 1984: Presence of vibrios in surface water and their relation with cholera in a community

Diaconescu V., 1986: Presence of viral and inframicrobial germs detected by immunofluorescence reaction in 0 5 year old children with acute respiratory infections

Arana R.M., 1979: Presence of viral particles in the salivary gland of calomys musculinus infected with junin virus by a natural route

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176198

Velkov I., 1979: Presence of virus like particles in melano blastoma of human uvea

Tau, H.; Cho, C. Y., 1979: Presence of virus like particles suggestive of type b in specimens of pharyngo esophageal carcinoma of chicken 1. an electron microscopic study of 12 diseased chickens

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176201

Kohne D.E., 1979: Presence of virus specific dna sequences in murine type c viruses

Golaisova E., 1981: Presence of viruses in the danube river and its tributaries

Nuovo G., 1979: Presence of whitlockite in the mineral substance of annealed fish bones character and possible significance

Laks, M. M.; Morady, F.; Adomian, G. E.; Swan, H. J. C., 1970: Presence of widened and multiple intercalated discs in the hypertrophied canine heart

Meyer J., 1985: Presence of x prolyldipeptidyl peptidase in lactic acid bacteria

Agodi A., 1984: Presence of yersinia enterocolitica and yersinia enterocolitica like bacteria in vegetables

Falcao D.P., 1981: Presence of yersinia enterocolitica and yersinia pseudotuberculosis in latin america

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176209

Duckett, S.; Galle, P.; Escourolle, R.; Poirier, J.; Hauw, J. J., 1977: Presence of zinc aluminum magnesium in strio pallido dentate calcifications fahrs disease electron probe study

Sugihara H., 1982: Presence of zinc in proteolytic hemorrhagic toxin isolated from agkistrodon acutus venom

Inazumi S., 1979: Presence of zonula adherens in blastoderm and ectodermal cells of sea urchin embryos

Lasta J.A., 1986: Presence of zoonotic campylobacters in cattle and swine for consumption in argentina

Saito K., 1985: Presence of zoonotic pathogens yersinia spp campylobacter jejuni salmonella spp and leptospira spp simultaneously in dogs and cats

Owen, F. L.; Ju, S. T.; Nisonoff, A., 1977: Presence on idiotype specific suppressor thymus derived cells of receptors that interact with molecules bearing the idiotype

Browder L.E., 1984: Presence viability and movement of puccinia recondita and puccinia graminis inoculum in the great plains usa

Bruni A.C., 1985: Presenile alzheimers disease in a large kindred

Schoenberg B.S., 1986: Presenile dementia in israel

Mitsuyama Y., 1984: Presenile dementia with motor neuron disease in japan clinico pathological review of 26 cases

Justo Alpanes E., 1980: Present anatomo clinical and therapeutic aspects of brucellosis

Radwanska U., 1981: Present and future application of electron microscopy in acute leukemias

Peppas N.A., 1981: Present and future applications of bio materials in controlled drug delivery systems

Steiner R.E., 1986: Present and future clinical position of magnetic resonance imaging

Franchimont, P.; Zangerle, P. F., 1977: Present and future clinical relevance of tumor markers

Pornin M., 1982: Present and future interest of alpha blocking agents in arterial hypertension

Dennis, C., 1975: Present and future of the artificial heart

Hong R., 1981: Present and future status of thymus transplantation

Henderson J.M., 1981: Present and future use of retinoids in australia

Winchester, J. F.; Gelfand, M. C.; Knepshield, J. H.; Schreiner, G. E., 1978: Present and future uses of hemo perfusion with sorbents

Chittenden, M. E. Jr, 1976: Present and historical spawning grounds and nurseries of american shad alosa sapidissima in the delaware river pennsylvania usa

Kahl J.S., 1982: Present and inferred historical atmospheric deposition of heavy metals at 2 eastern maine usa sites

Nawrot, J. R.; Klimstra, W. D., 1976: Present and past distribution of the endangered southern illinois wood rat neotoma floridana illinoensis

Ishikawa F., 1980: Present and past state of cauterization method of the uterine cornua

Musial J., 1983: Present and perspective studies on roman snail helix pomatia in poland

Becker, M., 1987: Present and retrospective health status of white fir abies alba mill. in the vosges northeastern france ecological and dendrochronological study

Martinescu T., 1981: Present aspects of drug resistance of tuberculosis in a district area

Canet B., 1981: Present aspects of pulmonary infections with atypical mycobacteria

Nacescu N., 1981: Present aspects of the diarrheic disease caused by or associated with halophilic or other vibrios 1

Nacescu N., 1981: Present aspects of the diarrheic disease caused by or associated with vibrio cholerae non 0 1

Hundleby J.D., 1988: Present body perception and prior weight reduction in young adult women

Baron H., 1983: Present climatic conditions and air pollution in the knurow region poland

Gaboriaud G., 1981: Present clinical status of hyper thermia associated with radio therapy

Amar R., 1982: Present conception of cesarean

Martin Lombard M.E., 1979: Present concepts of orchiectomy in the treatment of advanced prostatic adeno carcinoma

Genovese, S.; Bruni, V.; Faranda, F., 1977: Present conditions in pergusa lake italy

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176246

Alvarez Cienfuegos J., 1987: Present controversy over liver rejection clinical immunologic and anatomopathologic aspects

Martin Araguz A., 1988: Present criteria for the diagnosis in vivo of olivopontocerebellar atrophy

Vernet, G., 1976: Present data on the control of molting in crustaceans

Et Al, 1985: Present day aminoglycosides in the treatment of pyoseptic infections

Hsu P., 1984: Present day aspects and perspectives in the study of angiosperm phylogeny

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176252

Efimova S.V., 1986: Present day aspects of the short term prognosis of the incidence of meningococcal infection in the interest of epidemiological surveillance

Kudrawtsava V.M., 1984: Present day classification and methods for the selection of tulips

Palleschi M., 1982: Present day clinical and therapeutic aspects of heart failure in old age

Skelnar V., 1981: Present day clinical picture of miliary tuberculosis

Meyer J., 1988: Present day complication rate of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty in stable and unstable angina

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176258

Camicas, J. L., 1975: Present day concepts on the epidemiology of boutonneuse fever in the ethiopian region and in the subregion of mediterranean europe

Minkh N.V., 1982: Present day contrast agents for angiography

Malachieva L.L., 1981: Present day diagnosing of recurrent rheumatic fever based on data of tomsk clinics russian sfsr ussr

Semenov D.V., 1987: Present day distribution and taxonomy of phrynocephalus guttatus reptilia agamidae

Sima D., 1986: Present day evolution of schizophrenia in relation with the type of onset of the disease

Heinsohn G.E., 1981: Present day hunting and distribution of dugongs dugong dugon in the wellesley islands queensland australia implications for conservation

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176266

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176267

May, E., 1977: Present day methodological aspects on the treatment and significance of allometric data

Stewart, W. D. P., 1977: Present day nitrogen fixing plants

Damian, A.; Stoenescu, D.; Oproui, A.; Handoca, A.; Cernaianu, N., 1978: Present day orientation in the treatment of thyroid cancer

Rozhold, O.; Hamalova, J.; Volejnik, J., 1976: Present day possibilities of early diagnosis of poly myositis and dermato myositis in children part 1 clinical pattern

Rozhold, O.; Hamalova, J.; Volejnik, J., 1976: Present day possibilities of early diagnosis of poly myositis and dermato myositis in children part 2 laboratory studies

Balkov I.Ya, 1980: Present day problems in breeding and seed technology of sugar beet

Akhmedzhanov M.Yu, 1980: Present day problems of diagnosis in yalta ukrainian ssr ussr

Semin S.N., 1985: Present day problems of diagnosis prophylaxis and therapy of chronic cor pulmonale

Truhaut, R., 1978: Present day problems of eco toxicology

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176278

Fisher Yu Ya, 1986: Present day prophylaxis of tuberculosis in adults

Robinson, L., 1977: Present day situation of the migration of components of packaging materials into foods and the control of this problem by analytical measures

Sharmanov, T. Sh, 1976: Present day state and future prospects for the study of the nutrition of the population of the kazakh ssr ussr

Ivchenko I.S., 1983: Present day state of studies in rare and disappearing species of ukrainian dendro flora ussr

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176316

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176355

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Timofeev B.V., 1979: Present state and prospects of irrigational farming development on high plateaus of algeria in the basin of the cheliff river

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Ahlquist, R. P., 1976: Present state of alpha and beta adrenergic drugs part 2 the adrenergic blocking agents

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Opuszynski K., 1987: Present state of ichthyobiological studies in inland waters in poland and abroad

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Arnal Monreal F., 1988: Present state of knowledge of pancreas divisum and its surgical treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176388

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Largiader F., 1981: Present state of surgery in treatment of pulmonary metastases

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Peciar V., 1987: Present state of the bryoflora in slovakia czechoslovakia and actual problems of its protection

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Arnaiz-Bueno, F., 1975: Present state of the problem of positive tumor diagnosis

Gerasimov Z.P., 1986: Present state of the problem of the origin of infusorians the phylum ciliophora doflein 1901

Baquero F., 1987: Present state of the resistance to antibiotics in bacterial isolates from hospital and community cases of bacteriuria

Miklosovicova L., 1983: Present state of water quality in the tatra tarns czechoslovakia

Glodek P., 1988: Present state of weight development and litter performance in the goettingen miniature pig

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Gupta M.P., 1988: Present status and future prospects for the cultivation and collection of medicinal plants of himachal pradesh india

Rao K.M., 1986: Present status and future scope for fish production in cages and enclosures in india

Sehgal P.N., 1986: Present status and newer approaches towards maternal and child health services delivery system in india

Menasveta P., 1987: Present status and potential uses of biotechnology for increasing the coastal aquaculture production in thailand

Ebigbo P.O., 1981: Present status and practice of electro convulsive therapy at the psychiatric hospital enugu nigeria

Et Al, 1987: Present status and problems in the special class for the hard of hearing children

Namiki M., 1987: Present status and some problems in diagnosis of gallbladder carcinoma from the clinical standpoint of all round diagnostic imaging

Kunze H., 1987: Present status and targets of ergotherapy work therapy comments on the guidelines for work therapy in psychiatric hospitals and departments of psychiatry

Quijano Pitman F., 1979: Present status aortic valvular replacement

Brdicka R., 1980: Present status in searching for biochemical markers among laboratory inbred rat rattus norvegicus strains

Wallace R.B., 1985: Present status of abdominal aorta imaging by computed tomography

Jackson, G. G., 1977: Present status of amino glycoside antibiotics and their safe effective use

Third Natl Conf Cor Pulmonale, 1981: Present status of blood rheology in cor pulmonale

Yamamoto F., 1986: Present status of cardioplegia in japan an analysis from the questionnaire

Berger, F. M., 1976: Present status of clinical psycho pharmacology

Et Al, 1988: Present status of diagnosis of lung cancer in our department

Niewiadomska K., 1984: Present status of diplostomum spathaceum and differentiation of diplostomum pseudospathaceum new name trematoda diplostomatidae

Kawai K., 1981: Present status of endoscopic sphincterotomy of the papilla of vater

Okazaki Y., 1984: Present status of endoscopic therapy for gastric cancer by laser irradiation

Van Bogaert L J., 1985: Present status of estrogen receptor immunohistochemistry

Zeller W., 1987: Present status of fireblight in west germany

Shin Y.H., 1986: Present status of herbicide use and its method use in the protected semi irrigated rice nursery

Lin K T., 1987: Present status of human immunodeficiency virus infection in taiwan

Fasan M., 1980: Present status of immunity to polio myelitis of the population of milan italy preliminary results

Mccullough D., 1986: Present status of intrauterine treatment of hydrocephalus and its future

Lewis L.C., 1982: Present status of introduced parasitoids of the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis in iowa usa

Stellar S., 1984: Present status of laser neuro surgery

Ben Said M., 1983: Present status of leishmaniasis in tunisia

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176439

Webber, M. M.; Horan, P. K.; Bouldin, T. R., 1977: Present status of ma 160 cell line prostatic epithelium or hela cells

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Ippolito M., 1984: Present status of obstetrical and gynecological care in the marche region italy

Inatomi S., 1981: Present status of parasitic infections in manabe island okayama prefecture japan

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176444

Poe, N. D., 1976: Present status of positive scintigraphic imaging of myo cardial infarction

Rodgers T., 1981: Present status of programmable pacemakers

Wesolowski, S. A., 1976: Present status of prosthetic blood vessels

Wolf G., 1983: Present status of radiological mammary diagnosis

Jpn Res Soc Portal Hypertens, 1985: Present status of surgical treatment of esophageal varices in japan a nationwide survey of 3588 patients

Petrovic Z., 1979: Present status of taeniasis and cysticercosis echinococcosis and hydatidosis in yugoslavia

Slepokurova N.A., 1984: Present status of the benthos in the lower ob river russian sfsr ussr and prognosis of hydrobiological changes in connection with redistribution of the flow

Freundt, E. A., 1975: Present status of the classification of the order mycoplasmatales class mollicutes

Coulter M.C., 1987: Present status of the flightless cormorant galapagos penguin and greater flamingo populations in the galapagos islands ecuador after the 1982 83 el nino

Pizziconi V.B., 1979: Present status of the hemo filtration molecular separation artificial kidney

Halkett J.C., 1985: Present status of the kokako and implications for forest management

Zenteno-Zevada, M.; Ulloa, M.; Herrera, T.; Guzman, G., 1977: Present status of the mycology in mexico

Ratcliff B., 1981: Present status of the piping plover charadrius melodus in michigan usa

Oliphant, L. W.; Thompson, W. J. P.; Donald, T.; Rafuse, R., 1976: Present status of the prairie falcon in saskatchewan canada

Nadler, H. L., 1975: Present status of the prevention of neural tube defects

Tairbekov, M. G.; Parfenov, G. P., 1978: Present status of the problem of the mechanism of gravitational reception in plants

Et Al, 1986: Present status of the range and size of the litter suslik population in the southeastern european part of the ussr in connection with the anthropogenic transformation of landscapes

Selye, H., 1977: Present status of the stress concept

Santana S.O.D., 1985: Present status of the studies on the clay mineralogy of the soils of the cacao theobroma cacao region of bahia brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176467

Sawaki S., 1988: Present status of the therapy with chinese traditional herb drugs in otolaryngology

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176469

Sergent A.E., 1979: Present status of the zones producing avocados persea americana in venezuela

Frohmueller H., 1981: Present status of trans urethral laser technique in the treatment of urethral strictures

Honda Y., 1987: Present status of treatment for head and neck tumors

Luciani L., 1979: Present status of treatment for invasive cervical carcinoma

Emperaire J C., 1980: Present status of tubal surgery for treatment of infertility

Section 7, Chapter 6177 , Accession 006176475

Sergeant, D., 1986: Present status of white whales delphinapterus leucas in the st. lawrence estuary canada

Novikov B.V., 1982: Present status of wild rein deer populations and rein deer hunting in the ussr

Cano Ivorra J., 1986: Present tendencies in surgical treatment of hepatic hydatidosis our experience in 97 patients

Piccione E., 1987: Present therapeutic aspects of chlamydia trachomatis and mycoplasma infections in gynecology

Piccione E., 1987: Present therapeutic aspects of infections due to trichomonas vaginalis in gynecology

Mostert M., 1981: Present therapeutic tendencies for acute articular rheumatism in pediatrics

Sokolov, V. E.; Sapozhnikov, G. N.; Kochkarev, P. V., 1987: Present time state of beaver population castor fiber l. 1758 in the bulgan river in mongolia

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176483

Alcini E., 1984: Present trends about immediate management of urethral traumas

Ruttar A., 1988: Present trends in the surgical treatment of differentiated thyroid carcinomas of thyrocytic origin

Caca Z., 1982: Present trends in world phyto pathological research

Waters W.E., 1981: Present use of 5 day wards

Walker D., 1984: Present use of pest management practices in wheat corn and oats stored on the farm

Gugliantini P., 1981: Present value of conventional x ray examination in pituitary micro adenomas in childhood relation with computed tomography

Szikla G., 1985: Present value of stereotactic exploration for the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral space occupying lesions

Colette C., 1986: Present views on dystocia at the inlet of the pelvis

Bakhteev, F. Kh, 1977: Present views on n i vavilovs world gene centers of the origin of cultivated plants

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176493

Fenrych, W., 1975: Present views on the origin and importance of trans cobalamins

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176495

Long, R. G.; Scheuer, P. J.; Sherlock, S., 1977: Presentation and course of asymptomatic primary biliary cirrhosis

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176498

Taqi, A. M.; Yakubu, A. M., 1987: Presentation and experience with the management of burkitt's lymphoma patients in zaria nigeria

Streeck R.E., 1988: Presentation and immunogenicity of the hepatitis b surface antigen and a poliovirus neutralization of antigen on mixed empty envelope particles

King S.B.IIi, 1988: Presentation and late outcome of myocardial infarction in the absence of angiographically significant coronary artery disease

Barlow J.B., 1987: Presentation and management of aortocaval fistula a report of 6 cases

Barr H.W.K., 1982: Presentation and management of mesencephalic hematoma 2 cases

Smith F.P., 1985: Presentation and management of parasellar and suprasellar metastatic mass lesions

Addison N.V., 1983: Presentation and prognosis of malignant tumors of the thyroid gland in the west riding of yorkshire england uk

Haferland W., 1985: Presentation and statistical examination of 3 factor association in the hla system

Dumond, D. L.; Hardy, J. C.; Van-Demark, A. A., 1978: Presentation by order of difficulty of test tasks to persons with aphasia

Chain B.M., 1986: Presentation by peritoneal macrophages modulation by antibody antigen complexes

Noone P., 1980: Presentation diagnosis and management of liver abscess

Gajic R., 1986: Presentation factors and driver characteristics affecting road sign registration

Nerbonne, M. A.; Mcmullin, B. R.; Hipskind, N. M.; Olson, A., 1976: Presentation level in auditory discrimination tests for children

Fager, D. S.; Gounard, B. R., 1977: Presentation modality and pronounceability in free recall learning of consonant vowel consonant trigrams

Gregurek Novak T., 1981: Presentation of a case of alopecia areata in fraternal twins

Devietti T.L., 1982: Presentation of a flashing light following 1 trial fear conditioning enhances retention

Lhuillier, M.; Zeller, H.; Leminor, L., 1978: Presentation of a list of salmonellae isolated in madagascar up to 1977

Gerlier D., 1986: Presentation of a murine leukemia virus related tumor antigen in liposomes as a potent tertiary immunogen after adoptive transfer

Traiman P., 1985: Presentation of a new acrylic mold employed in vaginal reconstruction

Larue Charlus S., 1985: Presentation of a new contraceptive device the ombrelle 250

Accornero, N.; Argentino, C.; Berardelli, A.; Bernardi, S.; Lupinacci, L.; Manfredi, M.; Prencipe, M., 1978: Presentation of a new device for the examination of the critical fusion frequency

Reaven G.M., 1985: Presentation of a new method for specific measurement of in vivo insulin stimulated glucose disposal in humans comparison of this approach with the insulin clamp and minimal model techniques

Mors O., 1988: Presentation of a new mmpi scale to predict outcome after first lumbar diskectomy

Hebbinghaus D., 1987: Presentation of a new partial field blocker for conservative treatment in mammary carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176523

Enjalbert F., 1984: Presentation of a software for cattle feeding

Moore M., 1986: Presentation of a soluble bacterial antigen and cell surface alloantigens by large granular lymphocytes in comparison with monocytes

Lhuillier, M.; Coulanges, P., 1978: Presentation of a transport medium for entero pathogenic bacteria interest in a developing country

Rayfield L.S., 1986: Presentation of alloantigens by host cells

Larsen S., 1980: Presentation of an arrhythmia computer hewlett packard 78220a

Cardoso C.M.J., 1985: Presentation of an autochthonous case of human coccidiosis in cuba caused by isospora belli

Greiner E., 1987: Presentation of an instrument set for the implantation of bone splinters report about experiences using these instruments at the operation of eden hybinette lange

Cowing C., 1985: Presentation of antigen by b cells functional dependence on radiation dose interleukins cellular activation and differential glycosylation

Harbeck R.J., 1981: Presentation of antigen by human new born monocytes to maternal tetanus toxoid specific t cell blasts

Rahman S.A., 1979: Presentation of artificial diets for rearing the larvae of penaeus japonicus

Heiss W D., 1985: Presentation of bilateral thalamic infarction on computed tomography magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176535

Pickard A.R., 1985: Presentation of class i antigens on t cells can induce the generation of antigen specific cytotoxic t lymphocyte

Cooney D.R., 1986: Presentation of congenital diaphragmatic hernia past the neonatal period

Berggren G.G., 1987: Presentation of growth velocities of rural haitian children using smoothing spline techniques

Souhami R.L., 1984: Presentation of hodgkins disease as an endo bronchial lesion

Pawlowitzki, I. H.; Blaschke, R.; Christenhusz, R., 1968: Presentation of human chromosomes in the inst raster electron microscope following enzyme treatment mongolism

Sekaly R.P., 1988: Presentation of influenza hemagglutinin peptide in the presence of limited allostimulation by hla dr1 transfected human fibroblasts

Steinmeyer, E. M.; Hartwich, P., 1975: Presentation of information for the diagnostic therapeutic decision of the psychiatrist

Priestman T.J., 1987: Presentation of information to cancer patients a comparison of two centres in the uk and usa

Hassenpflug J., 1986: Presentation of intraosseous vascularization by sequential maceration

Lukes R.J., 1982: Presentation of malignant lymphoma in the rectum

Fournier, D.; Pralavorio, R.; Arambourg, Y., 1978: Presentation of methods for simultaneous estimation of the number of leaves flowers and fruits of the olive tree and of its pest prays oleae lepidoptera hyponomeutidae

O'brien J.S., 1981: Presentation of muco poly saccharidosis vii beta glucuronidase deficiency in infancy

Mcfarlin D.E., 1985: Presentation of myelin basic protein by murine cerebral vascular endothelial cells

Wilske K.R., 1980: Presentation of occult giant cell arteritis

Tomaselli R., 1979: Presentation of physionomic and structural map of the vegetation on the island of montecristo tuscan archipelago italy

Faulks L., 1981: Presentation of pulmonary tuberculosis

Sondel P.M., 1987: Presentation of soluble antigen to human t cells by products of multiple hla linked loci analysis of antigen presentation by a panel of cloned autologous hla mutant epstein barr virus transformed lymphoblastoid cell lines

Balachandran N., 1984: Presentation of supracondylar fractures of the humerus in singapore children

Karlsson, T., 1977: Presentation of the angermanland sweden issue

Pellerin C., 1981: Presentation of the average types of 10 populations of modern skulls in a vestibulary orientation

Perez Rodriguez A., 1985: Presentation of the first case brought in and reported in cuba of schistosomiasis mansoni

Morlote Triana C., 1986: Presentation of the first two cases of meningoencephalitis by salmonella d in infants feeding on milk infants at ciego de avila province cuba

Grundt, G., 1976: Presentation of the international crop rotation experiments and results from the locations moesslitz and walbeck east germany

Mehnert T., 1983: Presentation of the linguo dental patrix matrix test for fine motor skill evaluation

Gardner E.R., 1979: Presentation of the steroid psychoses

Section 7, Chapter 6177 , Accession 006176561

Kottmeier, H. L., 1976: Presentation of therapeutic results in carcinoma of the female pelvis experience of the annual report on the results of treatment in carcinoma of the uterus vagina and ovary

Et Al, 1985: Presentation of treatment results according to reporting results of cancer treatment recommended by who 1981 long term survival of 1035 cases of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Malone D.N.S., 1980: Presentation of tuberculosis in an acute medical unit

Hofnung M., 1987: Presentation of two epitopes of the pres2 region of hepatitis b virus on live recombinant bacteria

Garrido F., 1987: Presentation of two new anti a blood group monoclonal antibodies study and characterization

Woods R.L., 1981: Presentation of unknown primary cancer with metastatic liver disease management and natural history

Tinzmann M.B., 1985: Presentation rate effects and age differences in childrens free recall

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176570

Wilson K.P., 1987: Presentation rates and keywords in vocabulary learning

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176572

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176573

Yates J., 1985: Presenting conditions of 1539 population based lung cancer patients by cell type and stage in new hampshire and vermont usa

Young D.G., 1980: Presenting features of thoracic neuro blastoma

Udell, B.; Hornstra, R. K., 1976: Presenting problems and psychiatric diagnosis

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176577

Saito, T., 1987: Presenting symptoms and natural history of wilson's disease

Hansen L.M., 1984: Presenting symptoms and treatment delay in osteosarcoma and ewings sarcoma

Copeman M.C., 1988: Presenting symptoms of neoplastic spinal cord compression

Jangoux M., 1984: Presently existing types of echinoids echinoderms of the french national museum of natural history paris

Klein R.S., 1982: Preseptal cellulitis caused by mycobacterium intracellulare

Imai C., 1981: Preservability of soft cooked eggs

Manum, S. B.; Bjaerke, T.; Throndsen, T.; Eien, M., 1977: Preservation and abundance of palynomorphs and observations on thermal alteration in svalbard norway

Hughes, N. F.; Harland, W. B.; Smith, D. G., 1976: Preservation and abundance of palynomorphs in svalbard

Sukhanov Yu S., 1987: Preservation and cryopreservation of blood cells advances and prospects

Chapman J.L., 1985: Preservation and durability of stored palynological specimens

Buchanan Smith J.G., 1982: Preservation and feeding value for yearling steers of whole plant corn ensiled at 28 and 42 percent dry matter with and without cold flow ammonia treatment

Mcqueen R.E., 1982: Preservation and feeding value of potato hay mixtures ensiled in water

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176592

Karataglis S.S., 1980: Preservation and heredity of tolerance against heavy metals in agrostis tenuis plants

Brett, C. E.; Liddell, W. D., 1978: Preservation and paleo ecology of a middle ordovician hard ground community

Meunier F.J., 1985: Preservation and presentation of the double stained specimens with alcian blue and alizarin

Seibles T.S., 1986: Preservation and separation of endomembrane marker enzyme activity in potato leaf homogenates

Kugenheim Y., 1988: Preservation and storage of green panic panicum maximum as moist hay with urea

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176599

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176633

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176728

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176788

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176789

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176817

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176818

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176826

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176847

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176852

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176864

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Yamashita T., 1980: Preservation of polymorphonuclear neutrophils at cryogenic temperature minus 80 celsius

Yamashita T., 1980: Preservation of polymorphonuclear neutrophils at low temperature 4 celsius

Toyama K., 1987: Preservation of position and motion stereopsis in strabismic subjects

Boroomand, K.; Armstrong, P. W., 1978: Preservation of pre excitation despite acute myo cardial infarction complicated by complete heart block

Kellenberger E., 1984: Preservation of protein structures for electron microscopy by fixation with aldehydes and or osmium tetroxide

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Strauss, D.; De-Verdier, C. H., 1980: Preservation of red blood cells with purines and nucleosides 2. uptake and utilization of purines and nucleosides by stored red blood cells

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176883

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176884

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176889

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Ward J., 1981: Preservation of retinal ganglion cells and normal patterns of retino geniculate projections in prosimian primates with long term ablations of striate cortex

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176902

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176903

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176919

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176921

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176979

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Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176990

Section 7, Chapter 6177, Accession 006176991

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Hatley R.H.M., 1985: Preservation of viable cells in the undercooled state

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