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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6178

Chapter 6178 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Budrenene R.V., 1986: Preservation of vitamin c in vitaminized apple products

Chumakova V.V., 1982: Preservation of vitamins in poultry and rabbit meat during culinary treatment

Lockwood K.I., 1985: Preservation of voluntary saccades after intracarotid injection of barbiturate

Lee J W., 1986: Preservation of washed fresh ginseng by gamma irradiation

Amaral I.W.D., 1986: Preservation of water and soil resources in the carajas project area para brazil an environmental study

Sprenger F.J., 1981: Preservation of water samples

Egounlety M., 1985: Preservation of west african soft cheese by chemical treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177007

Shimizu Y., 1985: Preservation of whole vitreous by freeze dry methods scanning electron microscopic appearance

Shiokawa K., 1986: Preservation of xenopus laevis ribosomal dna containing plasmid pxlr 101a injected into the fertilized egg of xenopus laevis

Mikata, K.; Banno, I., 1987: Preservation of yeast cultures by freezing at minus 80 c i. viability after 2 years storage and the effects of repeated thawing freezing

Banno I., 1983: Preservation of yeast cultures by l drying viabilities of 1710 yeasts after drying and storage

Yamauchi S., 1981: Preservation of yeast cultures on anhydrous silica gel

Mosidze M.A., 1981: Preservation platelet membrane structure and adhesive function in a sodium chloride solution as a dependent on ph and ionic strength

Jewett M.A.S., 1981: Preservation techniques for human semen

Christov P., 1987: Preservation technology of heracleum and silphium green herbage

Sergienko N.G., 1981: Preservation time of mediators locally introduced into brain tissue

Khalmatov Kh Kh, 1979: Preservation times for spring adonis preparations in conditions of soviet central asia ussr

Archer A.W., 1984: Preservational control of trace fossil assemblages middle mississippian carbonates of south central indiana usa

Sohl N.F., 1983: Preservational effects in paleo ecological studies cretaceous mollusk examples

Sezaki H., 1986: Preservative activity and in vivo percutaneous penetration of butylparaben entrapped in liposomes

Crouch R., 1986: Preservative cytotoxicity to cultured corneal epithelial cells

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177022

Wada S., 1985: Preservative effect of sodium chloride in salted and dried fish products

Schalck J., 1980: Preservative treatment of rubber wood hevea brasiliensis by pressure impregnation chemical and biological evaluations

Schalck J., 1981: Preservative treatment of rubber wood hevea brasiliensis by pressure impregnation chemical and biological evaluations

Croshaw, B., 1977: Preservatives for cosmetics and toiletries

Theune, H. H., 1977: Preservatives for haymaking literature review supplemented by own experiments

Kimpton R.G., 1987: Preservatives in eye ear preparations

Valdehita, M. T.; Carballido, A.; Cordoba-Rodriguez, M. A., 1980: Preservatives in foods 2. densitometric method for determination of preservatives by thin layer chromatography

Landman N.H., 1985: Preserved ammonitellas of scaphites ammonoidea ancyloceratina

Barton Q., 1986: Preserved and foreign cartilage interpositional materials for silastic finger joint implant arthroplasty

Cestero H.J., 1981: Preserved arterial grafts in micro vascular surgery

Levy, W. C.; Hay, K. L.; Bull, B. S., 1986: Preserved blood vs. patient data for quality control bull's algorithm revisited

Bierring F., 1979: Preserved brains in medieval skulls

Liang C S., 1987: Preserved cardiac beta adrenergic sensitivity in early renovascular hypertension

Toki, H., 1976: Preserved cellular immunity in smoldering acute leukemia

Kobluk, D. R.; Hall, R. L., 1976: Preserved color patterns in ormoceras westonense from the middle ordovician of quebec canada

Patra F.C., 1986: Preserved exocrine function in patients with acute cholera and acute non cholera diarrhea

Schwartz R., 1986: Preserved fetal plasma amino acid concentrations in the presence of maternal hypoamino acidemia

Henderson B.E., 1988: Preserved foods and nasopharyngeal carcinoma a case control study in guangxi china

Huang D.P., 1979: Preserved foods as possible cancer hazards wa rats fed salted fish have mutagenic urine

Baker L.C., 1987: Preserved high energy phosphate metabolic reserve in globally stunned hearts despite reduction of basal atp content and contractility

Ortner D.J., 1985: Preserved human remains from the southern region of the north american continent report of autopsy findings

Squire L.R., 1980: Preserved learning and retention of pattern analyzing skill in amnesia dissociation of knowing how and knowing that

Schacter, D. L.; Graf, P., 1986: Preserved learning in amnesic patients perspectives from research on direct priming

Lee C.K., 1987: Preserved left ventricular systolic function in clinical congestive heart failure

Skelton P.W., 1979: Preserved ligament in a radiolitid rudist bivalve and its implication of mantle marginal feeding in the group

Archer, L. T.; White, G. L.; Coalson, J. J.; Beller, B. K.; Elmore, O.; Hinshaw, L. B., 1978: Preserved liver function and leukocyte response in super lethal endo toxic shock

Zouzounis J.A., 1984: Preserved memory in retrograde amnesia sparing of a recently acquired skill

Eslinger, P. J.; Damasio, A. R., 1986: Preserved motor learning in alzheimer's disease implications for anatomy and behavior

Heilman K.M., 1983: Preserved oral reading in wernickes aphasia

Heckenliely J.R., 1982: Preserved paraarteriole retinal pigment epithelium in retinitis pigmentosa

Russell P.J., 1987: Preserved polyadenylated rna in dormant conidia of neurospora crassa and new rna synthesis during spore germination

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177056

Naeije R., 1988: Preserved renal perfusion during beta blockade by tertatolol with and without cyclooxygenase inhibition in normal humans

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177058

Nydegger U.E., 1987: Preserved respiratory and phagocytic functions of phagocytes exposed to flat sheet plasmapheresis equipment

Piccone, V. A. Jr ; Sika, J.; Ahmed, N.; Leveen, H. H.; Discala, V., 1978: Preserved saphenous vein allo grafts for vascular access

Beatty W.W., 1986: Preserved spatial memory in old rats survives 10 months without training

Kerr, F. W. L., 1969: Preserved vagal viscero motor function following destruction of the dorsal motor nucleus cat

Dolukhanov A.G., 1980: Preserves and the problem of protection of the plant world in mountainous countries

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177064

Petkov P.D., 1987: Preserving agents for preparation of alfalfa hay of higher moisture content

Kyriakopoulou P.E., 1982: Preserving color in dry herbarium specimens using calcium chloride

Us-Dep-Inter-Natl-Park-Serv-Off-Chief-Sci, 1976: Preserving our natural heritage vol 1 federal activities

Sleesman, J. P.; Leben, C., 1978: Preserving phyto pathogenic bacteria at minus 70 celsius or with silica gel

Tjahjono L.S., 1985: Preserving poultry feeds in the humid tropics a trial of calcium propionate under feed mill conditions

Kompiang I.P., 1985: Preserving poultry feeds in the humid tropics the use of calcium propionate clove leaf meal and a vapor barrier

Fayzalla E.A., 1985: Preserving power of some additives against fungal invasion and mycotoxin production in stored crushed corn zea mays containing different levels of moisture

Cohen D.I., 1987: Preserving primary complementary dna libraries

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177073

Latini O.A., 1985: Preserving sputum for culturing mycobacteria

Hughes E., 1982: Preserving the ascending colon as an alternative surgical option in ulcerative colitis

Pasternak S., 1986: Preserving the emetic effect of syrup of ipecac with concurrent activated charcoal administration a preliminary study

Rosenblad K., 1984: Preserving the integrity of the medium a method of measuring visual and auditory comprehension of electronic media

Kalakutskii L.V., 1986: Preserving the viability of the components of the actinomycete and alga association under low humidity

Plummer E.F., 1986: Preserving toxicologic activity during chromatographic fractionation of bioactive complex mixtures

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177081

Chudovska O., 1979: Preserving tropical orchids for herbaria

Sabah, N. H.; Kurban, C., 1977: Presettable digital control of stepper motor

Strong, W. L., 1977: Presettlement and post settlement palynology of southern alberta canada

King, F. B.; Johnson, J. B., 1977: Presettlement forest composition of the central sangamon river basin illinois usa

Jacobs D.F., 1986: Presettlement forest structure as a factor in urban forest development

Delcourt, H. R.; Delcourt, P. A., 1977: Presettlement magnolia beech climax of the gulf coastal plain quantitative evidence from the apalachicola river bluffs north central florida usa

White A.S., 1985: Presettlement regeneration patterns in a southwestern usa ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa stand

Ebinger J.E., 1987: Presettlement vegetation of coles county illinois usa

Kennedy S.C., 1985: Presettlement vegetation of part of northwestern moffat county colorado usa described from remnants

Delcourt, H. R., 1976: Presettlement vegetation of the north of red river land district louisiana usa

Merrill, H. K.; Winn, W.; Anderson, D. C., 1970: Preshock trauma and electro convulsive shock as agents affecting subsequent response to punishment

Hodges, R. W., 1976: Presidential address 1976 what insects can we identify

Booth, C., 1978: Presidential address do you believe in genera

Kepes J.J., 1986: Presidential address the histopathology of meningiomas a reflection of origins and expected behavior

Mayer, M. M., 1977: Presidential address to the american association of immunologists delivered in chicago illinois usa april 6 1977 mechanism of cytolysis by lymphocytes a comparison with complement

Frumkin, R. M.; Ibrahim, A. S., 1977: Presidential preferences of psychotics and normals in 2 recent elections

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177098

Sarov I., 1987: Presistence of a positive test for igm antibodies to hepatitis a virus in late convalescent sera

O'rourke P.K., 1985: Preslaughter handling of cattle the availability of water during the lairage period

Dias, B. F. D. S., 1976: Presocial behavior in sawflies of central brazil part 2 dielocerus diasi hymenoptera argidae

Romanov P.P., 1984: Presowing activation of standard quality seeds of cereals

Johnson W.J., 1987: Prespawning characteristics of lampreys native to lake michigan usa

Carney A.E., 1985: Prespeech vocalizations of a deaf infant a comparison with normal metaphonological development

Okamoto K., 1987: Prespore and prestalk differentiation of dictyostelium discoideum as examined by changes of wheat germ agglutinin binding proteins

Okamoto K., 1986: Prespore inducing factors in dictyostelium discoideum developmental regulation and partial purification

Nilsson, I., 1987: Presprouting of potatoes under various long term temperature and light conditions as well as various procedures northern sweden

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177108

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177109

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177110

Wicklund R.A., 1988: Press and task difficulty as determinants of preoccupation with person descriptors

Sluiter A.A., 1987: Press blotting on gelatin coated nitrocellulose membranes a method for sensitive quantitative immunodetection of peptides after gel isoelectric focusing

Neer, K. L.; Campbell, J. F.; Mandigo, R. W.; Caporaso, F.; Smith, G. M., 1978: Press cleve portioning and mechanical tenderization of beef top loins as affected by nutritional regime and biological type

Bormett D.W., 1985: Press drying recycled fiber for use in paperboard

Sinkule E., 1988: Press operator amputations is risk associated with age and gender?

Cutshall K.A., 1985: Press part steam showers the extra nip

Roberts, J. E.; Field, R. A.; Booren, A.; Meyers, T. G., 1976: Pressed tenderloin steak quality as influenced by anatomical location storage time and internal temperature prior to cooking

Cifuentes, J.; Bagnall, L. O., 1976: Pressing characteristics of water hyacinth

Johnson L.A., 1980: Pressing peanuts with a ring cage screw press

Golikov V.Ya, 1980: Pressing problems in the field of radiation safety measures for patients and medical personnel

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177121

Harding J.W., 1985: Pressor action and dipsogenicity induced by angiotensin ii and iii in rats

Hutchinson, J. S.; Schelling, P.; Mohring, J.; Ganten, D., 1976: Pressor action of centrally perfused angiotensin ii in rats with hereditary hypothalamic diabetes insipidus

Evered M.D., 1987: Pressor action of intravenous angiotensin ii reduces drinking response in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177125

Khosla M.C., 1985: Pressor activity of angiotensin ii 2 7 hexapeptide in man

Davies, B.; Bannister, R.; Sever, P., 1978: Pressor amines and mono amine oxidase inhibitors for treatment of postural hypotension in autonomic failure limitations and hazards

Gruber K.A., 1985: Pressor and cardioaccelerator effects of gamma msh and related peptides

Keiser H.R., 1984: Pressor and depressor responses after cholinergic blockade in humans

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177130

Markov-Kh, M.; Pinelis, V. G.; Mikhalkina, V. G.; Ivanova, I. A., 1975: Pressor and depressor systems of the kidneys in vaso renal hypertension in unilaterally nephrectomized rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177132

Payne C.G., 1985: Pressor and vascular responsiveness in renal prehypertensive rabbits with a nonfiltering kidney

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177134

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177135

Samwer, K. F.; Schreiber, M.; Molzahn, M.; Oelkers, W., 1974: Pressor effect of angiotensin ii in sodium replete and deplete rats relationship to plasma renin plasma sodium and hematocrit before and after ganglionic blockade

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177137

Trzebski A., 1983: Pressor effect of carbon di oxide in the rat different thresholds of the central cardio vascular and respiratory responses to carbon di oxide

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177139

Han J S., 1987: Pressor effect of intracerebroventricularly administered substance p are mediated by enkephalins and beta endorphin in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177141

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177142

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177143

Timo Iaria C., 1980: Pressor effect of the baro receptor reflex depressor effect of septal stimulation and their interactions

Genest J., 1981: Pressor effect of tonin in anephric animals

Pistone A., 1987: Pressor effects from daily events and laboratory complex stimuli relating personality factors

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177147

Murray G., 1984: Pressor effects of brief and prolonged infusions of epinephrine in the conscious rat

Lovenberg W., 1981: Pressor effects of dorsal raphe stimulation and intra hypothalamic application of serotonin in the spontaneously hypertensive rat

Lovenberg W., 1980: Pressor effects of electrical stimulation of the dorsal and median raphe nuclei in anesthetized rats

Kato, H.; Nishiyama, H.; Nakao, K.; Takagi, K., 1976: Pressor effects of orally administered beta adrenergic receptor blocking agents in conscious spontaneously hypertensive rats

Saunders W.S., 1986: Pressor effects of systemic administration of methionine and leucine enkephalin in the conscious rat

Ziegler W.H., 1981: Pressor factors and cardio vascular pressor responsiveness in borderline hypertension

Ziegler W., 1982: Pressor factors and cardio vascular pressor responsiveness in lean and over weight normal or hypertensive subjects

Payne C.G., 1984: Pressor hyperresponsiveness in saline infused rabbits

Layberry R., 1987: Pressor inhibition of angiotensin induced acth secretion

Wang Y M., 1986: Pressor mechanism of tussilagone

Bruckert J.W., 1988: Pressor mechanisms linked obligatorily to spontaneous hypertension in the rat

Mitchell J.H., 1985: Pressor reflex evoked by muscular contraction contributions by neuraxis levels

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177160

Lowery T.R., 1979: Pressor response buffering by beta adrenergic and cholinergic vaso dilation in tranquilized dogs

Perkash I., 1979: Pressor response during cysto manometry in spinal injury patients complicated with detrusor sphincter dys synergia

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177163

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177164

Perot P.L.Jr, 1979: Pressor response resulting from experimental contusion injury to the spinal cord

Anderson, G. H-Jr ; Streeten, D. H. P.; Dalakos, T. G., 1977: Pressor response to 1 sarcosine 8 alanine angiotensin ii saralasin in hypertensive subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177167

Matsuda T., 1988: Pressor response to angiotensin ii and inhibition by taurine gamma aminobutyric acid at the preoptic area

Woodson L.C., 1984: Pressor response to beta blocking drugs

Goadsby P.J., 1985: Pressor response to electrical and chemical stimulation of nucleus raphe dorsalis in the cat

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177171

Waks, U. A.; Maxwell, M. H.; Marks, L.; Zawada, E. T.; Kaufman, J. J., 1978: Pressor response to saralasin 1 sarcosine 8 alanine angiotensin ii bolus injection in hypertensive patients

Cowley A.W.Jr, 1987: Pressor response to small elevations of cerebroventricular pressure in conscious rats

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177174

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177175

Gauthier P., 1981: Pressor responses and adreno medullary catecholamine release during brain stimulation in the rat

Mccann L.A., 1988: Pressor responses evoked by microinjections of l glutamate into the caudal ventrolateral medulla of the rat

Moreland R.S., 1988: Pressor responses induced by bay k 8644 involved both release of adrenal catecholamines and calcium channel activation

Ferrario C.M., 1987: Pressor responses of angiotensin ii microinjected into the dorsomedial medulla of the dog

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177180

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177181

Kenney N.J., 1983: Pressor responses to central angiotensin ii prostaglandin e 1 and prostaglandin e 2 effects of ovarian steroids

Roudabush A.D., 1986: Pressor responses to central hypertonic sodium chloride stimulation in conscious turkeys

Frye G.D., 1986: Pressor responses to central injection of h 2 antagonists not caused by gamma aminobutyric acid blockade

Bunag R.D., 1981: Pressor responses to centrally administered prostaglandin e 2 in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177186

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177187

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177188

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177189

Payne C.G., 1985: Pressor responsiveness in renal prehypertensive rabbits with a denervated kidney

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177191

Macdonald P.C., 1983: Pressor responsiveness to angiotensin ii in hospitalized primi gravid women with pregnancy induced hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177193

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177194

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177195

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177196

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177197

Saunders, W. S.; Thornhill, J. A., 1987: Pressor tachycardic and feeding responses in conscious rats following i.c.v. administration of dynorphin central blockade by opiate and alpha 1 receptor antagonists

Perez Casas A., 1986: Pressoreceptors of the respiratory nasal mucosa

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177200

Malagelada J R., 1984: Pressure activity patterns in the canine proximal stomach response to distension

Siebenaller, J.; Somero, G. N., 1978: Pressure adaptive differences in lactate dehydrogenases ec of congeneric fishes living at different depths

Siebenaller J.F., 1984: Pressure adaptive differences in nad dependent dehydrogenases of congeneric marine fishes living at different depths

Siebenaller J.F., 1987: Pressure adaptive differences in proteolytic inactivation of m 4 lactate dehydrogenase homologues from marine fishes

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177205

Campana R.J., 1983: Pressure and composition of intra stem gases produced in wetwood of american elm ulmus americana

Schneider T., 1985: Pressure and contact surface measurements within the femoropatellar joint and their variations following lateral release

Rao, P. S.; Linde, L. M., 1974: Pressure and energy in the cardio vascular chambers

Ohno F., 1988: Pressure and eustachian tube patency examined by sonotubometry

Wilkinson, P. L.; Stowe, D. F.; Tyberg, J. V.; Parmley, W. W., 1977: Pressure and flow changes during valsalva like maneuvers in dogs following volume infusion

Wille S.O., 1981: Pressure and flow in arterial aneurysms simulated in mathematical models

Klassen G.A., 1984: Pressure and flow in epi cardial coronary veins of the dog heart responses to positive inotropism

Segura E.T., 1979: Pressure and heart rate responses to raised carotid pressure in the toad

Ohlin P., 1983: Pressure and nerve lesion in the carpal tunnel

Cuomo F.W., 1983: Pressure and pressure gradient fiber optic lever hydrophones

Morrison J.F.B., 1987: Pressure and prolapse the cause of solitary rectal ulceration

Bannister P., 1979: Pressure and solute potentials in stomatal cells of tradescantia virginiana

Salerni, R.; Reddy, P. S.; Sherman, M. E.; O'toole, J. D.; Leon, D. F.; Shaver, J. A., 1978: Pressure and sound correlates of the mitral valve echo cardiogram in mitral stenosis

Klein R.A., 1982: Pressure and temperature effects on human red cell cation transport

Kendig J.J., 1986: Pressure and temperature modulation of conduction in a bifurcating axon

Kendig J.J., 1984: Pressure and temperature time dependent modulation of membrane properties in a bifurcating axon

Mates R.E., 1985: Pressure and tone dependence of coronary diastolic input impedance and capacitance

Milner, A. D.; Saunders, R. A., 1977: Pressure and volume changes during the 1st breath of human neo nates/

Lauder G.V., 1984: Pressure and water flow patterns in the respiratory tract of the bass micropterus salmoides

Eyring H., 1980: Pressure anesthetic antagonism on the phase separation of nonionic surfactant micelles

Kiesow L.A., 1979: Pressure anesthetics and membrane structure a spin probe study

Kendig, J. J.; Cohen, E. N., 1977: Pressure antagonism to nerve conduction block by anesthetic agents

Jones J.E., 1982: Pressure appliance therapy following premature loss of primary molars

Ober R., 1985: Pressure area curves of phospholipid monolayers in relation to pulmonary surfactant

Ober R., 1984: Pressure area curves of single and mixed monolayers of phospholipids and the possible relevance to properties of lung surfactant

Longhini E., 1983: Pressure available for expiration in chronic airway obstruction

Golbus M.S., 1988: Pressure biochemical and culture characteristics of csf associated with the in utero drainage of various fetal cns defects

Hechtman H.B., 1980: Pressure breathing and altered fibrinolytic activity

Radford H.E., 1986: Pressure broadening of millimeter wave ozone lines by atmospheric gases

Wilson, R., 1977: Pressure calibration of ir gas analyzers

Khan H.A., 1986: Pressure capillary spot test for the detection of pollutants in crops vegetation and environment

Chang H.K., 1985: Pressure change and gas mixing induced by oscillations in a closed system

Ross R.C., 1979: Pressure change effects on rotameter air flow rates

Hansson T., 1988: Pressure changes following constriction of the cauda equina an experimental study in situ

Stubbs R.S., 1987: Pressure changes in canine gallbladder associated with emptying

Fleming H.P., 1983: Pressure changes in oxygen exchanged brined cucumbers cucumis sativus

Sugg, W. L.; Craver, W. D.; Webb, W. R.; Ecker, R. R., 1969: Pressure changes in the dog lung secondary to hemorrhagic shock protective effect of pulmonary reimplantation

Martin, A.; Odling-Smee, W., 1976: Pressure changes in varicose veins

Numata K., 1982: Pressure changes within nitrous oxide cylinders during emptying

Hansson T.H., 1984: Pressure changes within the cauda equina following constriction of the dural sac an in vitro experimental study

Jonsson L.O., 1987: Pressure characteristics of the ambu cpap system and the servo ventilator 900c in cpap mode

Williams N.S., 1985: Pressure characteristics of the human ileocecal region a key to its function

Wilmanns I., 1987: Pressure compliance of the optic nerve head in low tension glaucoma

Christ T., 1986: Pressure compliance of the optic nerve head in patients with ocular hypertension

Sackmann E., 1981: Pressure composition phase diagrams of cholesterol lecithin cholesterol phosphatidic acid and lecithin phosphatidic acid mixed mono layers a langmuir film balance study

Sheldon C.D., 1983: Pressure contour analysis in the assessment of arterial stenosis

Grandchamp, A.; Boulpaep, E. L., 1974: Pressure control of sodium re absorption and inter cellular backflux across proximal kidney tubule

Kolff W.J., 1981: Pressure control of ultra filtration rate with high flux dialysis membranes

Whitaker, R. H., 1977: Pressure controlled nephrostography

Gol'dberg G.A., 1983: Pressure curves in the right compartments of the heart and pulmonary artery of patients with right ventricular myo cardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177259

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177260

Wishnia A., 1986: Pressure dependence of equilibria and kinetics of escherichia coli ribosomal subunit association

Ploth D.W., 1985: Pressure dependence of exaggerated natriuresis in 2 kidney 1 clip goldblatt hypertensive rats

Schachter D., 1982: Pressure dependence of pyrene excimer fluorescence in human erythrocyte membranes

Stuehmer W., 1984: Pressure dependence of sodium gating currents in the squid loligo vulgaris giant axon

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177265

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177266

Cattell, F. C.; Cox, R. A., 1986: Pressure dependence of the reactions of hydroperoxy radical with chloride and hypochlorite radicals

Stuehmer W., 1982: Pressure dependence of the sodium currents of squid loligo vulgaris giant axon

Fukuda, M.; Kunugi, S., 1984: Pressure dependence of thermolysin ec catalysis

Ise N., 1982: Pressure dependence of trypsin catalyzed hydrolyses of specific substrates

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177271

Ogaard A.R., 1985: Pressure dependent and temperature dependent adhesion of pseudomonas aeruginosa to hep 2 cells

Rosenberg, G. A.; Wolfson, L. I.; Katzman, R., 1978: Pressure dependent bulk flow of cerebro spinal fluid into brain

Johnstone M.A., 1979: Pressure dependent changes in nuclei and the process origins of the endothelial cells lining schlemms canal

Kline, R. L.; Sak, D. P.; Haddy, F. J.; Grega, G. J., 1975: Pressure dependent factors in edema formation in canine fore limbs

Harder D.R., 1984: Pressure dependent membrane depolarization in cat middle cerebral artery

Andreasson, L.; Ingelstedt, S.; Ivarsson, A.; Jonson, B.; Tjernstrom, O., 1976: Pressure dependent variation in volume of mucosal lining of the middle ear

Fisher H., 1987: Pressure dependent vasoactive effects of histamine in the coronary circulation

Webb Peploe M.M., 1983: Pressure derived indices of left ventricular iso volumic relaxation in patients with hypertrophic cardio myopathy

Goetz R., 1985: Pressure diameter curves of mesometrial arteries of guinea pigs demonstrate a nonmuscular estrogen inducible mechanism of lumen regulation

Stein P.D., 1981: Pressure diameter relations during early diastole in dogs incompatibility with the concept of passive left ventricular filling

Arndt, J. O.; Kober, G., 1970: Pressure diameter relationship of the intact femoral artery in conscious man

Hancke E.U.K., 1979: Pressure diameter relationship of the papilla duodeni an experimental study

Patel D.J., 1981: Pressure diameter relationships in the coronary artery of intact awake calves

Wesseling K.H., 1986: Pressure diameter relationships of segments of human finger arteries

Hunter A.J., 1983: Pressure difference across an aerated seed bulk for some common duct and store cross sections

Seymour, M. K., 1976: Pressure difference in adjacent segments and movement of septa in earthworm loco motion

Kempen P., 1979: Pressure dimension analysis of the post stimulation potentiation influence of heart rate and ventricular function

Fujiyama, M.; Furuta, Y.; Takagi, T.; Uemura, S.; Utsu, F.; Toshima, H., 1979: Pressure dimension relationships in the normal canine left ventricle 1. measurements of the internal minor dimension of the left ventricle with a pulse transit ultrasonic method

Weber G., 1986: Pressure dissociation and conformational drift of the beta dimer of tryptophan synthase

Cocito, C., 1978: Pressure dissociation of bacterial ribosomes and reassociation of ribosomal subunits

Caruso J.A., 1982: Pressure dissolution and real sample matrix calibration for multi element analysis of raw agricultural crops by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry

Janez J., 1981: Pressure distension relation in male obstructed urethra

Kosiak M., 1979: Pressure distribution and skin temperature effect of the roho wheelchair balloon cushion

Pal'tsev E.I., 1983: Pressure distribution in the cranial cavity

Kovach A.G.B., 1987: Pressure distribution in the pial arterial system of rats based on morphometric data and mathematical models

Williamson J.B., 1988: Pressure distribution in the wrist joint

Ozdamar, N.; Celebi, G., 1978: Pressure distribution on the wall of experimental aneurysms

Hawken M.B., 1986: Pressure distribution under the ischium of normal subjects

Lombard J.H., 1988: Pressure diuresis in volume expanded rats cortical and medullary hemodynamics

Roman R.J., 1988: Pressure diuresis in volume expanded rats tubular reabsorption in superficial and deep nephrons

Eisenberg, R. L.; Mani, R. L., 1977: Pressure dressings and post angiographic care of the femoral puncture site

Spaeth S.C., 1987: Pressure driven extrusion of intracellular substances from bean and pea cotyledons during imbibition

Moren F., 1979: Pressure drop across inhalation aerosol actuators influence of position and area for air passage

Baria D.N., 1987: Pressure drop and flow rate measurement in lignite water slurry flow

Hsu, K. H.; Erickson, L. E.; Fan, L. T., 1977: Pressure drop gas hold up and oxygen transfer in tower systems

Chang H.N., 1986: Pressure drop in a packed bed with a liquid of variable viscosity the case of dextrin hydrolysis by immobilized glucoamylase

Harrison E.C., 1979: Pressure drops across prosthetic aortic heart valves under steady and pulsatile flow in vitro measurements

Sood N.N., 1985: Pressure dynamics following cyclocryotherapy

Hsia, J. C.; Boggs, J. M., 1973: Pressure effect on the membrane action of a nerve blocking spin label

Oeff K., 1984: Pressure effects and uptake of platelet activating factor in isolated rat lung

Terrill R., 1980: Pressure effects of urinary reflux studied with renal auto transplantation and pyelo cystostomy

Somero G.N., 1985: Pressure effects on actin self assembly interspecific differences in the equilibrium and kinetics of the g to f transformation

Hall J.E., 1983: Pressure effects on alamethicin conductance in bi layer membranes

Katsukawa M., 1985: Pressure effects on catalysis by alkaline phosphatase reconstituted in lipid bilayers

Grierson, I.; Lee, W. R., 1978: Pressure effects on flow channels in the lining endothelium of schlemms canal a quantitative study by transmission electron microscopy

Carter, J. V.; Knox, D. G.; Rosenberg, A., 1978: Pressure effects on folded proteins in solution hydrogen exchange at elevated pressures

Section 7, Chapter 6178, Accession 006177318

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