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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6180

Chapter 6180 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jooste P.L.; Benade A.J.S.; Rossouw J.E., 1986: Prevalence of familial hypercholesterolemia in three rural south african communities

Nimgaonkar V.L.; Wessley S.; Murray R.M., 1988: Prevalence of familiality obstetric complications and structural brain damage in schizophrenic patients

Schillhorn Van Veen T.W., 1987: Prevalence of fascioloides magna in cattle and deer in michigan usa

Underwood Ground K.E., 1984: Prevalence of fatty liver in healthy male adults accidentally killed

Larsson C.E.; Rosa C.A.S.; Hagiwara M.K.; Paim G.V.; Guerra J.L., 1984: Prevalence of feline leptospirosis serologic survey and attempts of isolation and demonstration of the agent

Mcmichael J.C.; Stiers S.; Coffin S., 1986: Prevalence of feline leukemia virus infection among adult cats at an animal control center association of viremia with phenotype and season

Goto H.; Horimoto M.; Shimizu K.; Tikane; Hiraga T.; Matsuoka T.; Nakano T.; Morohoshi Y.; Maejima K.; Urano T., 1981: Prevalence of feline viral antibodies in random source laboratory cats

Honnappa T.G.; Narayana K., 1986: Prevalence of fertility and infertility conditions in cattle and buffaloes in eight districts of karnataka india

Nicodemo R.A.; Medici Filho E.; Bazzarella C.B.; Graziosi M.A.D.C., 1985: Prevalence of first permanent molar loss among students of sao jose dos campos dental school brazil

Meyers, T. R., 1978: Prevalence of fish parasitism in raritan bay new jersey usa

Beresford Jones W.P., 1981: Prevalence of fleas on dogs and cats in an area of central london england uk

Chukwu C.C., 1985: Prevalence of fleas on dogs in anambra state of nigeria

Ray S.K.; Ghosh S.; Nagchaudhuri J.; Tiwari I.C.; Kaur P., 1981: Prevalence of fluorosis in a rural community near varanasi india

Tamboli B.L.; Mathur G.M.; Mathur A.P.; Lalla S.K.; Goyal O.P., 1980: Prevalence of fluorosis in pratabpura and surajpura villages district ajmer rajasthan india

Chakrabarty A.K.; Boro B.R., 1981: Prevalence of food poisoning entero toxigenic clostridium perfringens type a in blood and fish meal

Johnson, J. E.; Deremee, R. A.; Kueppers, F.; Roberts, G. D., 1977: Prevalence of fungal complement fixing antibodies in sarcoidosis

Capocaccia L.; Giunchi G.; Pocchiari F.; Ricci G.; Angelico F.; Angelico M.; Attili A.F.; Angelico F.; Angelico M.; Et Al, 1984: Prevalence of gall stone disease in an italian adult female population

Williams, C. N.; Johnston, J. L.; Weldon, K. L. M., 1977: Prevalence of gall stones and gallbladder disease in canadian micmac indian women

Nomura H.; Kashiwagi S.; Hayashi J.; Kajiyama W.; Ikematsu H.; Noguchi A.; Tani S.; Goto M., 1988: Prevalence of gallstone disease in a general population of okinawa japan

Jorgensen T., 1987: Prevalence of gallstones in a danish population

Glambek I.; Kvaale G.; Arnesjo B.; Soreide O., 1987: Prevalence of gallstones in a norwegian population

Domellof L.; Lowenfels A.B.; Sipponen P., 1984: Prevalence of gallstones in finland an autopsy study in the helsinki area

Acalovschi M.; Badea R.; Dumitrascu D.; Varga C., 1988: Prevalence of gallstones in liver cirrhosis a sonographic survey

West R.R.; O'dowd T.C.; Smail J.E., 1988: Prevalence of gardnerella vaginalis an estimate

Lam M.H.; Birch D.F.; Fairley K.F., 1988: Prevalence of gardnerella vaginalis in the urinary tract

Baba S.S.; Ogunkoya A.B.; Ezeokoli C.D., 1983: Prevalence of gastro intestinal helminth parasites in dogs in a rural community in nigeria

Carneiro J.R.; Campos D.M.B.; Lustosa E.S.; Pereira E., 1979: Prevalence of gastro intestinal helminths of gallus gallus domesticus in goiania county brazil

Ahmad M.; Ansari J.A., 1987: Prevalence of gastro intestinal nematodes of sheep and goats in aligarh india

Gemade E.I.; Dipeolu O.O., 1983: Prevalence of gastro intestinal parasites and urinary schistosomiasis and biting insects in an area of endemic onchocerciasis in benue state on nigeria

Grisi, L.; Todd, A. C., 1978: Prevalence of gastro intestinal parasitisms among milking cows in wisconsin pennsylvania and north carolina usa

Lugo M.G.; Soffer Chicurel I.; Adame De Paasch P., 1987: Prevalence of gastrointestinal helminths in the fish agonostomus monticola from the bobos river in tlapacoyan veracruz mexico

Berger U., 1985: Prevalence of gemella haemolysans on the pharyngeal mucosa of man

Basar T.; Bhargava V.L.; Pande Y.; Seth P., 1984: Prevalence of genital herpes virus infection in pregnancy

Tantivanich S.; Tharavanij S., 1980: Prevalence of genital herpesvirus infection in thai women

Melchers W.J.G.; Herbrink P.; Quint W.G.V.; Walboomers J.M.M.; Meijer C.J.L.M.; Lindeman J., 1988: Prevalence of genital hpv infections in a regularly screened population in the netherlands in relation to cervical cytology

Nayyar K.C.; Cummings M.; Weber J.; Benes S.; Stolz E.; Felman Y.; Mccormack W.M., 1986: Prevalence of genital pathogens among female prostitutes in new york city usa and in rotterdam the netherlands

Iosif C.S.; Bekassy Z., 1984: Prevalence of genito urinary symptoms in the late menopause

Perryman F.A.; Flournoy D.J., 1980: Prevalence of gentamicin resistant and amikacin resistant bacteria in sink drains

Ghose L.J.; Baghdady V.S., 1982: Prevalence of geographic and plicated tongue in 6090 iraqi school children

Jaffe M.; Attias D.; Dar H.; Eli I.; Judes H., 1985: Prevalence of gestational and perinatal insults in brain damaged children

Hahn N.E.; Glaser C.A.; Hird D.W.; Hirsh D.C., 1988: Prevalence of giardia in the feces of pups

Chavalittamrong, B.; Charoenvidhya, S.; Tuchinda, P.; Suntornpoch, V.; Chearskul, S., 1978: Prevalence of giardia lamblia in children attending an out patient department of siriraj hospital

Kerlin, P.; Ratnaike, R. N.; Butler, R.; Gehling, N.; Grant, A. K., 1978: Prevalence of giardiasis a study at upper gastro intestinal endoscopy

Roberts D.M.; Craft J.C.; Mather F.J.; Davis S.H.; Wright J.A.Jr, 1988: Prevalence of giardiasis in patients with cystic fibrosis

Burd, L.; Kerbeshian, J.; Wikenheiser, M.; Fisher, W., 1986: Prevalence of gilles de la tourette's syndrome in north dakota usa adults

Buzzelli, G.; Cotrozzi, G.; Relli, P.; Matassi, L.; Simondi, P.; Orioli, S.; Bandini, P.; Giovacchini, L.; Lipi, R.; Gentilini, P., 1985: Prevalence of glucose intolerance and diabetes in chronic hepatic diseases i. influence of familial diabetes and aging

Buzzelli, G.; Cotrozzi, G.; Relli, P.; Matassi, L.; Simondi, P.; Cappellini, A. P.; Smolesi, C.; Gentilini, P., 1985: Prevalence of glucose intolerance and diabetes in chronic hepatic diseases ii. influence of diagnostic criteria

Dunaif A.; Tattersall I., 1987: Prevalence of glucose intolerance in free ranging macaca fascicularis of mauritius

Waechter W.; Mvungi M.; Koenig A.; Pickardt C.R.; Scriba P.C., 1986: Prevalence of goiter and hypothyroidism in southern tanzania effect of iodized oil on thyroid hormone deficiency

Birch E.E.; Stager D.R., 1988: Prevalence of good visual acuity following surgery for congenital unilateral cataract

Weil D.C.; Chou T.; Arnow P.M., 1984: Prevalence of gram negative bacilli in nares and on hands of pharmacy personnel lack of effect of occupational exposure to antibiotics

Manuel F.R.; Macdonald S.W.; Embil J.A., 1980: Prevalence of group b beta hemolytic streptococci in the male urethra

Chaudhary U.; Sabherwal U.; Chugh T.D., 1981: Prevalence of group b streptococci in obstetric cases

Naor N.; Blumenfeld Z.; Merzbach D.; Timor Trisch I.; Zeltzer M., 1982: Prevalence of group b streptococci in parturient mothers and their infants

Rudman, D.; Davis, T.; Priest, J. H.; Patterson, J. H.; Kutner, M. H.; Heymsfield, S. B.; Bethel, R. A., 1978: Prevalence of growth hormone deficiency in children with cleft lip or palate

Franjola R.; Matzner N., 1982: Prevalence of gut protozoa in domestic cats in valdivia chile

Sengbusch H.G.; Hauswirth J.W., 1986: Prevalence of hair follicle mites demodex folliculorum and demodex brevis acari demodicidae in a selected human population in western new york usa

Meding B.; Swanbeck G., 1987: Prevalence of hand eczema in an industrial city

Rahko T.; Kallio V.; Kataja M.; Fagerstrom K.; Karma P., 1985: Prevalence of handicapping hearing loss in an aging population

Di Sapio M.; Caporaso N.; Del Vecchio Blanco C.; Coltorti M., 1988: Prevalence of hbcag and delta ag in liver tissue of patients with hbsag positive chronic hepatitis

Thanuntaseth C.; Theppisai U.; Chiewsilp P.; Mongkolsuk T., 1988: Prevalence of hbe ag hepatitis b e antigen and anti hbe anti hepatitis b e in asymptomatic hbs ag carrier mothers and hbv infection in their families

Ogunyemi A.O., 1984: Prevalence of head ache among nigerian university students

Sillanpaa M., 1983: Prevalence of head ache in pre puberty

Egermark Eriksson I., 1982: Prevalence of head ache in swedish school children a questionnaire survey

Andrasik F.; Holroyd K.A.; Abell T., 1979: Prevalence of head ache within a college student population a preliminary analysis

Pongpanich, B.; Dhanavaravibul, S.; Limsuwan, A., 1976: Prevalence of heart disease in school children in thailand a preliminary survey at bang pa in

Hesselink J.W., 1988: Prevalence of heart worm dirofilaria immitis in dogs on curacao netherland antilles

Acevedo R.A.; Theis J.H., 1982: Prevalence of heartworm dirofilaria immitis in coyotes canis latrans from 5 northern california counties usa

Echeverria P.; Seriwatana J.; Patamaroj U.; Moseley S.L.; Mcfarland A.; Chityothin O.; Chaicumpa W., 1984: Prevalence of heat stable ii entero toxigenic escherichia coli in pigs water and people at farms in thailand as determined by dna hybridization

Gualazzi D.A.; Embil J.A.; Pereira L.H., 1986: Prevalence of helminth ova in recreational areas of peninsular halifax nova scotia canada

Batra V., 1984: Prevalence of helminth parasites in 3 species of cichlids from a man made lake in zambia

Zhuravlev, S. E.; Puzyrev, V. P., 1987: Prevalence of helminthiases among the population of the northern ob river areas russian sfsr ussr

Asato R.; Hasegawa H.; Kuniyoshi S.; Higa T., 1985: Prevalence of helminthic infections in dogs in okinawa prefecture japan

Keith L.B.; Cary J.R.; Yuill T.M.; Keith I.M., 1985: Prevalence of helminths in a cyclic snowshoe hare lepus americanus population

Rekart M.; Rupnik K.; Cesario T.C.; Tilles J.G., 1982: Prevalence of hem agglutination inhibition antibody to current strains of the h 3n 2 and h 1n 1 subtypes of influenza a virus in sera collected from the elderly in 1976

Zapata M.T.; Ferreira Centeno A., 1985: Prevalence of hemagglutination inhibition antibodies to human polyomavirus bk in general population and patients under dialysis

Shenoy U.A.; Schumann G.B.; Debellis C.C., 1986: Prevalence of hematuria in urothelial neoplasia

Edwards C.Q.; Griffen L.M.; Goldgar D.; Drummond C.; Skolnick M.H.; Kushner J.P., 1988: Prevalence of hemochromatosis among 11065 presumably healthy blood donors

Elliott R.; Tait A.; Lin B.P.C.; Smith C.I.; Dent O.F., 1986: Prevalence of hemochromatosis in a random samples of asymptomatic men

Siebke J.C.; Degre M.; Ritland S.; Enger S.C., 1982: Prevalence of hepatitis a antibodies in a normal population and some selected groups of patients in norway

Joussemet M.; Rouvin B.; Deloince R.; Esnault D.; Fabre G., 1986: Prevalence of hepatitis a antibodies in french recruits in 1985

Pasquini P.; Kahn H.A.; Pileggi D.; Pana A.; Terzi J.; D'arca T., 1984: Prevalence of hepatitis a antibodies in italy

Williams R., 1986: Prevalence of hepatitis a virus antibody among navajo schoolchildren

Roumeliotou A.; Kolaitis N.; Deligiorgis D.; Stefanou T.; Papaevangelou G., 1980: Prevalence of hepatitis a virus infections in a school for deaf children

De Liefde B.; Miller J.A.; Salmond C.E., 1987: Prevalence of hepatitis b among school dental nurses

Joshi B.N.; Jundre S., 1980: Prevalence of hepatitis b antigen antibody in patients with syphilis

Pongpipat D.; Suvatte V.; Assateerawatts A., 1981: Prevalence of hepatitis b e antigen and anti hepatitis b e antibody among hepatitis b surface antigen carrier thai children

Kim C Y.; Bae S K.; Hann H W.L.; London W.T.; Blumberg B.S., 1985: Prevalence of hepatitis b e antigen and anti hepatitis b e in chronic active hepatitis cirrhosis and primary hepatocellular carcinoma in korea

Mushahwar, I. K.; Overby, L. R.; Frosner, G.; Deinhardt, F.; Ling, C. M., 1978: Prevalence of hepatitis b e antigen and its antibody as detected by radio immunoassays

Szmuness W.; Neurath A.R.; Stevens C.E.; Strick N.; Harley E.J., 1981: Prevalence of hepatitis b e antigen and its antibody in various hepatitis b surface antigen carrier populations

Zanetti A.; Ferroni P.; Bergamini F.; Legnani F., 1979: Prevalence of hepatitis b e antigen antibody to hepatitis b e antigen and dane particle associated dna polymerase activity in asymptomatic carriers of hepatitis b surface antigen

Tabor, E.; Gerety, R. J.; Mott, M.; Wilbur, J., 1978: Prevalence of hepatitis b in a high risk setting a serologic study of patients and staff in a pediatric oncology unit

Malm D.N.; Mathias R.G.; Turnbull K.W.; Kettyls G.D.; Jenkins L.C., 1986: Prevalence of hepatitis b in anesthesia personnel

Schreeder M.T.; Bender T.R.; Mcmahon B.J.; Moser M.R.; Murphy B.L.; Sheller M.J.; Heyward W.L.; Hall D.B.; Maynard J.E., 1983: Prevalence of hepatitis b in selected alaskan eskimo villages usa

Chaudhary, R. K.; Perry, E.; Cleary, T. E., 1977: Prevalence of hepatitis b infection among residents of an institution for the mentally retarded

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Fehrs L.J.; Eisele L.; Conrad R.; Foster L.R.; Fleming D., 1988: Prevalence of hepatitis b markers among pregnant hispanic women in migrant seasonal work in oregon usa

Yoshida S I.; Mizuguchi Y.; Mizue K.; Sakamoto H.; Urabe S., 1987: Prevalence of hepatitis b markers antibodies to adult t cell leukemia lymphoma virus and antibodies to human immune deficiency virus in prostitutes in fukuoka japan

Naggan L.; Bar Shany S.; Shmuelewitz O.; Finzi M.; Prywes R., 1980: Prevalence of hepatitis b markers hepatitis b surface antigen and antibody in women screened at time of delivery

Nardi G.; Donato F.; Bollani A.; Ribero M.L.; Salvato A., 1985: Prevalence of hepatitis b markers in a group of dental students

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Strickler A.C.; Bradshaw E.D., 1987: Prevalence of hepatitis b markers in occupational health nurses

Holt P.A.; Goodall B.; Lees E.M.; Hambling M.H., 1986: Prevalence of hepatitis b markers in patients and staff in a hospital for the mentally handicapped

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Leers, W. D., 1977: Prevalence of hepatitis b surface antibodies in ethnic groups of a canadian hospital staff population

Malecki J.M.; Guarin O.; Hulbert A.; Brumback C.L., 1986: Prevalence of hepatitis b surface antigen among women receiving prenatal care at the palm beach county florida usa health department

King, S. M.; Jarvis, A.; Shaw, J.; Shannon, H. S.; Middleton, P. J.; Gold, R.; Ford-Jones, E. L., 1987: Prevalence of hepatitis b surface antigen and antibody hepatitis b virus markers in personnel at a children's hospital

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Combarros O.; Calleja J.; Polo J.M.; Berciano J., 1987: Prevalence of hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy in cantabria spain

Peveler R.C.; Green R.; Mandelbrote B.M., 1988: Prevalence of heroin misuse in oxford city england uk

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Pascasio Acevedo J.M.; Barcena Marugan R.; Zamora C.; Suarez Garcia E.; Moreira Vicente V.F.; Ruiz Del Arbol Olmo L.; Gonzalez Martin J.A.; Gil Grande L.A.; Larraona Moreno J.L.; Simon Marco M.A., 1987: Prevalence of high alt levels and hepatitis b virus serologic markers in incriminated donors in non a non b postransfusional hepatitis

Motabar, M.; Reiss-Sadat, A.; Tabatabai, A., 1977: Prevalence of high blood pressure in qashqai tribe southern iran 1973

Pritchard J.G.; Mcmullin J.F.; Sikondari A.H., 1982: Prevalence of high levels of mercury in dentists hair

Nygaard T.W.; Gibson R.S.; Ryan J.M.; Gascho J.A.; Watson D.D.; Beller G.A., 1984: Prevalence of high risk thallium 201 scintigraphic findings in left main coronary artery stenosis comparison with patients with multiple vessel and single vessel coronary artery disease

Walker R.L.; Leamaster B.R., 1986: Prevalence of histophilus ovis and actinobacillus seminis in the genital tract of sheep

Siddiqi S.H.; Stauffer J.C., 1980: Prevalence of histoplasmin sensitivity in pakistan

Luethy R.; Ledergerber B.; Taeuber M.; Siegenthaler W., 1987: Prevalence of hiv antibodies among prostitutes in zurich switzerland

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Cherchi G.B.; Mura M.S.; Calia M.G.; Gakis C.; Ginanneschi R.; Zara G.M.; Flumene A.; Andreoni G., 1987: Prevalence of hiv infection in the northwestern area of sardinia italy

Gran J.T.; Mellby A.S.; Husby G., 1984: Prevalence of hla b 27 in northern norway

Perez V.L.D.A.B.; Formiga T.D.C.; Nobrega M.M.L.D.; Lima M.D.D.C., 1986: Prevalence of homicide among patients at the forensic psychiatric institute of paraiba brazil in the year 1984

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Aboudaya M.A., 1985: Prevalence of human hydatidosis in tripoli region of libya

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Arene F.O.I., 1985: Prevalence of hydatid cysts in domestic livestock in the niger delta

Al Yaman F.M.; Assaf L.; Hailat N.; Abdel Hafez S.K., 1985: Prevalence of hydatidosis in slaughtered animals from north jordan

Namai S.; Makino S., 1984: Prevalence of hymenoptera hypersensitivity in residents of 6 towns in tochigi prefecture japan

Christensson, T.; Hellstrom, K.; Wengle, B.; Alveryd, A.; Wikland, B., 1976: Prevalence of hyper calcemia in a health screening in stockholm sweden

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