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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6181

Chapter 6181 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Greengard, P.; Kalinsky, H.; Manning, T. J.; Zak, S. B., 1968: Prevention and remission by adreno cortical steroids of nicotinamide deficiency disease ii a study of the mechanism rat nad nadh

Lasnitzki I.; Bollag W., 1987: Prevention and reversal by a non polar arotinoid ro 15 0778 of 3 4 benzpyrene and cigarette smoke condensate induced hyperplasia and metaplasia of rodent respiratory epithelia grown in vitro

Lasnitzki I.; Bollag W., 1982: Prevention and reversal by a retinoid of 3 4 benz pyrene induced and cigarette smoke condensate induced hyperplasia and metaplasia of rodent respiratory epithelia in organ culture

Tahiliani A.G.; Vadlamudi R.V.S.V.; Mcneill J.H., 1983: Prevention and reversal of altered myo cardial function in diabetic rats by insulin treatment

Turjman, N.; Gotterer, G. S.; Hendrix, T. R., 1978: Prevention and reversal of cholera entero toxin effects in rabbit jejunum by nicotinic acid

Charney, A. N.; Donowitz, M., 1976: Prevention and reversal of cholera entero toxin induced intestinal secretion by methyl prednisolone induction of sodium potassium atpase

Ahmed T.; Weichman B.; Wasserman M.A.; Muccitelli R.; Tucker S.; Marchette B., 1988: Prevention and reversal of endotoxin induced pulmonary hypertension by a leukotriene antagonist

Stanbrook H.S.; Morris K.G.; Mcmurtry I.F., 1984: Prevention and reversal of hypoxic pulmonary hypertension by calcium antagonists

Packer M.; Lee W.H.; Kessler P.D.; Gottlieb S.S.; Medina N.; Yushak M., 1987: Prevention and reversal of nitrate tolerance in patients with congestive heart failure

Akagi Y.; Kador P.F.; Kinoshita J.H.; Tasaka H.; Nakaji Y.; Itoi M., 1985: Prevention and reversal of rat galactosemic cataract with aldose reductase inhibitor immunohistochemical study

Brezenoff, H. E.; Mycek, M. J., 1976: Prevention and reversal of tolerance to barbiturates by intra ventricular injection of hemicholinium 3

Torresi J.; Horowitz J.D.; Dusting G.J., 1985: Prevention and reversal of tolerance to nitroglycerin with n acetylcysteine

Chroustova E.; Hulka J.; Jaros J., 1980: Prevention and therapy of bovine fascioliasis with bithionol sulfoxide

Sevcova M., 1979: Prevention and therapy of dermato mycoses in uranium miners

Kim K.S.; Cross A.S.; Zollinger W.; Sadoff J., 1985: Prevention and therapy of experimental escherichia coli infection with monoclonal antibody

Relyveld E H.; Bizzini B.; Ben Efraim S., 1982: Prevention and therapy of l 1210 leukemia in mice using inactivated and grafted tumor cells in association with the immuno modulator p 40 and anti neoplastic agents

Knysh V.I.; Ozhiganov E.L.; Bagirov Yu F., 1982: Prevention and therapy of operative trauma of urinary tracts during radical surgery for rectal cancer

Olson, A. L.; Klein, S. W.; Charney, E.; Macwhinney, J. B. Jr ; Mcinerny, T. K.; Miller, R. L.; Nazarian, L. F.; Cunningham, D., 1978: Prevention and therapy of serous otitis media by oral decongestant a double blind study in pediatric practice

Levi G.; Tarrab Hazdai R.; Teichberg V.I., 1983: Prevention and therapy with electro lectin of experimental auto immune myasthenia gravis in rabbits

Affonso Filho A.C., 1985: Prevention and treatment of accidents and complications due to local anesthesia

Gavrilenko G.A.; Gerasimov A.M.; Ovchinnikov K.G.; Strel'tsov Yu P., 1985: Prevention and treatment of acute hepatic insufficiency during obstructive jaundice using a complex of natural antioxidants

Sheta E.; El Bakry M.S.; El Shafei S.B., 1980: Prevention and treatment of adrenaline induced arrhythmia with flunitrazepam

Pagliano F., 1985: Prevention and treatment of bronchospasm using an extempore combination of salbutamol and oxatomide

Lopatkin N.A.; Yarmolinskii I.S.; Yarmagomedov A.A., 1982: Prevention and treatment of calcium metabolism in patients with terminal stage of chronic renal insufficiency

Hakme F.; Gomes B.D.S.; Toledo O.M.R.; Sjostedt C.O.; Muller P.M.; Tavares F., 1984: Prevention and treatment of capsular contracture

Moggi G.; Teti G.; Brunori I.D.; Murru S.; Kemeny A.; Giovannetti G.; Luzi R.; Picchetti S.; Fioretti P., 1985: Prevention and treatment of carbohydrate metabolism abnormalities during pregnancy

Bozzetti F.; Terno G.; Bonfanti G.; Scarpa D.; Scotti A.; Ammatuna M.; Bonalumi M.G., 1983: Prevention and treatment of central venous catheter sepsis by exchange via a guide wire a prospective controlled trial

Pittet J F., 1987: Prevention and treatment of complications of local anesthetics

Peking-Fangshan-Cty-Hosp-Chengkuan-Commune-Clin-Coop-Med-Serv-Stn-Tienkechuang-Prod-Brigade ; Coop-Med-Serv-Stn-Nankuan-Prod-Brigade-Chengkuan-Commune-Fangshan-Cty, 1977: Prevention and treatment of cor pulmonale

Gluckman E.; Mazeron M.C.; Keable H.; Meletis J.; Bombail D.; Jolivet I.; Huart J.J.; Nebout T.; Cavazzana M.; De Castro H.; Devergie A.; Vilmer E.; Perol Y., 1987: Prevention and treatment of cytomegalovirus infection after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Briel R.C., 1987: Prevention and treatment of deep venous thromboses in pregnancy

Zhang S.; Zhang Y.; Jiang X., 1986: Prevention and treatment of duodenal stump fistula after subtotal gastrectomy

Ofoegbu R.O.; Osime U., 1981: Prevention and treatment of early post operative deep vein thrombosis in africans a nigerian experience with di hydro ergotamine mesylate

Squatrito S.; Vigneri R.; Runello F.; Ermans A.M.; Polley R.D.; Ingbar S.H., 1986: Prevention and treatment of endemic iodine deficiency goiter by iodination of a municipal water supply

Thom M.H.; White P.J.; Williams R.M.; Sturdee D.W.; Paterson M.E.L.; Wade Evans T.; Studd J.W.W., 1979: Prevention and treatment of endometrial disease in climacteric women receiving estrogen therapy

Liu, Y., 1978: Prevention and treatment of esophageal cancer in china

Chao-Yang-Hosp-Dep-Med-(Peking), 1977: Prevention and treatment of essential hypertension and coronary heart disease in factories

Erlich K.S.; Dix R.D.; Mills J., 1987: Prevention and treatment of experimental herpes simplex virus encephalitis with human immune serum globulin

Al Nakib W.; Higgins P.G.; Willman J.; Tyrrell D.A.J.; Swallow D.L.; Hurst B.C.; Rushton A., 1986: Prevention and treatment of experimental influenza a virus infection in volunteers with a new antiviral ici 130685

Launois, B.; Campion, J. P.; Gosselin, M.; Cartier, F., 1977: Prevention and treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers in renal transplant patients

Hong, S., 1975: Prevention and treatment of habitual abortion

German D.G.; Ketrar' E.G., 1985: Prevention and treatment of hormonal spondylopathy

Shantung-Med-Res-Inst-Health-Stn ; Tsinan-Chem-Fact ; Tientsin-Occup-Dis-Prev-Treatment-Cent ; Tientsin-First-Hosp-Burn-Div ; Peking-Chishuitan-Hosp-Burn-Sect, 1978: Prevention and treatment of hydro fluoric acid burns

Kocemba J., 1979: Prevention and treatment of hypertensive disease in the light of actual needs and possibilities

Relyveld E.H.; Bizzini B.; Ben Efraim S., 1984: Prevention and treatment of l 1210 mouse leukemia by immunization with xenogenized tumor cells combined with immunostimulation by the p 40 fraction of corynebacterium granulosum and chemotherapy

Chen X., 1987: Prevention and treatment of late postpartum hemorrhage clinical analysis of 14 cases

Wedemeyer, G. A.; Yasutake, W. T., 1978: Prevention and treatment of nitrite toxicity in juvenile steelhead trout salmo gairdneri

Shanghai-Second-Med-Coll-Shanghai-Ninth-Peoples-Hosp-Occup-Dis-Control-Group, 1977: Prevention and treatment of occupational diseases

Syrjanen S.M.; Syrjanen K.J., 1981: Prevention and treatment of post extraction complications a comparison of the effects of alvogyl and a new drug combination on wound healing

Khudina T.V.; Ivanov E.P., 1987: Prevention and treatment of postoperative fistulas of the newly formed urethra in hypospadias

Florenzano Urzua R., 1986: Prevention and treatment of psychiatric and neurologic disorders

Li Z.; Xu L.; Sung C.; Wu L.; Zhang Z., 1986: Prevention and treatment of pulmonary edema due to pericardial decompression

Brighton C.T.; Katz M.J.; Goll S.R.; Nichols C.E.IIi; Pollack S.R., 1985: Prevention and treatment of sciatic denervation disuse osteoporosis in the rat tibia with capacitively coupled electrical stimulation

Mathe, G.; Halle-Pannenko, O.; Kiger, N.; Florentin, I.; Bourut, C., 1976: Prevention and treatment of secondary disease part 1 effects of 3 nonspecific agents anti thymocyte serum antigen binding fragment extracted from anti thymocyte serum and thymic chalone

Halle-Pannenko, O.; Zalc-Gouget, C.; Kuroiwa, A.; Bourut, C.; Mathe, G., 1976: Prevention and treatment of secondary disease part 2 effects of 4 specific agents anti recognition structure serum host and donor directed sera and host soluble h 2 antigens

Klein S.W.; Olson A.L.; Perrin J.; Cunningham D.; Hengerer A.; Hoekelman R.A.; Roghmann K.J., 1980: Prevention and treatment of serous otitis media with an oral anti histamine a double blind study in pediatric practice

Graybiel A., 1979: Prevention and treatment of space sickness in shuttle orbiter missions

Brkic M.; Cancarevic M., 1981: Prevention and treatment of streptococcal infections of the upper respiratory tract

Janssen J.; Loomans L.; Harink J.; Taams M.; Brunninkhuis L.; Van Der Starre P.; Kootstra G., 1986: Prevention and treatment of supraventricular tachycardia shortly after coronary artery bypass grafting a randomized open trial

Kaufman H.E.; Thomas E.L., 1979: Prevention and treatment of symblepharon

Carpentier P.; Barth M.; Neuilly Y.; Lemercier G., 1985: Prevention and treatment of the encephalopathy observed in rats surviving 1 ld 50 of soman

Larsen K.; Christiansen J.S.; Ebskov B., 1982: Prevention and treatment of ulcerations of the foot in unilaterally amputated diabetic patients

Goldman G.; Kahn P.J.; Kashtan H.; Stadler J.; Wiznitzer T., 1988: Prevention and treatment of urinary retention and infection after surgical treatment of the colon and rectum with alpha adrenergic blockers

Negus D., 1985: Prevention and treatment of venous ulceration

Zhong R X.; Shi R R.; Huang L X.; Cai J L.; Liu H.; Shen J Y.; Quan H P.; Yan L Q.; Wu K L.; Tao J Y., 1983: Prevention and treatment of youth myopia by bin ocular near fogging

Grimm W D., 1984: Prevention as a complex acting strategy of stomatologic care in the adult

Smith R.C.; Nunn V., 1984: Prevention by 3 n ribosyl uric acid of the oxidation of bovine hemo globin by sodium nitrite

Zengli H.; Onuk E.; Gokok N.; Ercan Z.; Tuerker R.K., 1986: Prevention by a new synthetic stable along of prostacyclin of the gastric lesions due to restraint cold stress

Yin J Z.; Zucker M.B.; Clarke D.; Bell M.K.; Thorbecke G.J., 1988: Prevention by a platelet derived factor platelet factor 4 of induction of low dose tolerance to pneumococcal polysaccharides

Materne P.; Larbuisson R.; Collignon P.; Limet R.; Kulbertus H., 1985: Prevention by acebutolol of rhythm disorders following coronary bypass surgery

Chatelain P.; Gremel M.; Brotelle R., 1987: Prevention by amiodarone of phospholipid depletion in isoproterenol induced ischemia in rats

Meerson F.Z.; Malyshev V.V.; Petrova V.A.; Lifan't'ev V.I., 1982: Prevention by anti oxidant ionol of the hypophyseo adrenal system activation and the stressor heart lesion

Meerson F.Z.; Pavlova V.I.; Korobeinikova E.N., 1980: Prevention by anti oxidants and a beta adreno blocking agent inderal of impairment caused by stress

Smith R.C.; Nunn V., 1986: Prevention by antioxidants of the hemolysis of erythrocytes of cattle pigs and humans treated with tert butyl hydroperoxide

Latour, J. G.; Bernard, F., 1978: Prevention by aspirin of the classic generalized shwartzman reaction

Blackwood, W. S.; Maudgal, D. P.; Northfield, T. C., 1978: Prevention by bedtime cimetidine of duodenal ulcer relapse

Goldenberg, M. M.; Honkomp, L. J.; Castellion, A. W., 1978: Prevention by bismuth sub salicylate of gastric mucosal lesions in response to noxious stimuli in rats

Tache Y.; Simard P.; Collu R., 1979: Prevention by bombesin of cold restraint stress induced hemorrhagic lesions in rats

Jacob M.P.; Moura A.M.; Tixier J.M.; Lafuma C.; Robert A.M.; Robert L.; Worcel M., 1987: Prevention by calcitonin of the pathological modifications of the rabbit arterial wall induced by immunization with elastin peptides effect on vascular smooth muscle permeability to ions

Manara, L.; Cerletti, C.; Mennini, T., 1976: Prevention by calcium administration of reserpine action on rat brain noradrenaline stores a reappraisal

Krueger G.H.J.; Eloff J.N., 1983: Prevention by carbon di oxide of photo inhibition in microcystis aeruginosa

Chien, K. R.; Abrams, J.; Pfau, R. G.; Farber, J. L., 1977: Prevention by chlorpromazine of ischemic liver cell death

Bader J P.; Morin T.; Druguet M.; Lambert R.; Dupuy P.; Betourne C., 1980: Prevention by cimetidine of duodenal ulcer relapses a multicenter controlled trial

Choe J.Y.; Combs A.B.; Folkers K., 1979: Prevention by coenzyme q 10 of the electro cardiographic changes induced by adriamycin in rats

Irons, R. D.; Smith, J. C., 1976: Prevention by copper of cadmium sequestration by metallo thionein in liver

Barlow S.M.; Knight A.F.; Sullivan F.M., 1979: Prevention by diazepam of adverse effects of maternal restraint stress on post natal development and learning in the rat

Fisher, A.; Weinstock, M.; Eliash, S.; Gitter, S.; Cohen, S., 1977: Prevention by drugs of tachyphylaxis at nicotinic receptors in the cat superior cervical ganglion in situ

Lazzarino G.; Viola A.R.; Mulieri L.; Rotilio G.; Mavelli I., 1987: Prevention by fructose 1 6 bisphosphate of cardiac oxidative damage induced in mice by subchronic doxorubicin treatment

Nakane A.; Minagawa T.; Yasuda I.; Yu C.; Kato K., 1988: Prevention by gamma interferon of fatal infection with listeria monocytogenes in mice treated with cyclosporin a

Modig J.; Samuelsson T., 1987: Prevention by granulocyte depletion of endotoxin induced adult respiratory distress syndrome an experimental study in pigs

Heflin A.C.Jr; Brigham K.L., 1981: Prevention by granulocyte depletion of increased vascular permeability of sheep lung following endo toxemia

Yoshimi T.; Yasumasu I., 1979: Prevention by hydroxy urea of vegetalization of sea urchin anthocidaris crassispina larvae induced by cyclic amp phospho di esterase inhibitors

Ramos K.; Acosta D., 1983: Prevention by l ascorbic acid of isoproterenol induced cardio toxicity in primary cultures of rat myocytes

Newsome, D. A.; Gross, J., 1977: Prevention by medroxy progesterone of perforation in the alkali burned rabbit cornea inhibition of collagenolytic activity

Israels E.D.; Papas A.; Campbell L.D.; Israels L.G., 1979: Prevention by menadione of the hepato toxic effects in chickens fed rapeseed meal observations on coagulation factors and cytochrome p 450

Yoshikawa T.; Murakami M.; Furukawa Y.; Takemura S.; Kondo M., 1983: Prevention by methyl prednisolone of disseminated intra vascular coagulation induced by sustained infusion of endo toxin in rats

Nastainczyk W.; Rendic S.; Ullrich V.; Krueger R., 1982: Prevention by metyrapone of halothane induced liver necrosis in rats

Chaudhury T.K.; Robert A., 1980: Prevention by mild irritants of gastric necrosis produced in rats by sodium tauro cholate

Smith J.B., 1979: Prevention by naltrexone of tolerance to the rate decreasing effects of morphine on schedule controlled responding in the pigeon

Filetti S.; Takai N.A.; Rapoport B., 1981: Prevention by nicotinamide of de sensitization to thyrotropin stimulation in cultured human thyroid cells

Gunther S.; Green L.; Muller J.E.; Mudge G.H.Jr; Grossman W., 1981: Prevention by nifedipine of abnormal coronary vaso constriction in patients with coronary artery disease

Goldhaber S.Z.; White H.D.; Holman B.L.; Nesto R.W.; Mudge G.H.Jr; Muller J.E.; Kozlowski J.; Wynne J., 1983: Prevention by nifedipine of cold pressor induced decrease in left ventricular ejection fraction

Bartfai T.; Vizi E.S., 1986: Prevention by nimodipine a calcium entry blocker of the effect of alpha 2 adrenoceptor blocking agents on noradrenaline release differential effects of nimodipine on tritiated noradrenaline and carbon 14 acetylcholine release measured concomitantly from the guinea pig ileum

Oelze Karow H.; Roesch H.; Mohr H., 1983: Prevention by phytochrome of photo delay in chlorophyll accumulation

Diioria D.P.; Nadakavukaren M.J., 1984: Prevention by pinealectomy of short photoperiod induced ultrastructural changes in the hamster harderian gland

Jones L.A.; Verjan R.P.; Mills K.T.; Bern H.A., 1984: Prevention by progesterone of cervico vaginal lesions in neo natally estrogenized balb c mice

Estler, C. J.; Lachmann, V., 1976: Prevention by pyrazole of ethanol induced decrease of brain glycogen and coenzyme a

Punjani N.F.; Badawy A.A B.; Evans M., 1979: Prevention by pyrazole of the effects of chronic ethanol administration on the redox states of the hepatic nadp couples and on liver and brain tryptophan metabolism in the rat

Cannon, M.; Smith, K. E.; Carter, C. J., 1976: Prevention by ribosome bound nascent poly phenyl alanine chains of the functional interaction of t 2 toxin with its receptor site

Tuchweber B.R.; Sieck R.; Trost W., 1979: Prevention by silybin of phalloidin induced acute hepato toxicity

Cohen, S.; Melamed-Madjar, V., 1978: Prevention by soil mulching of the spread of tomato yellow leaf curl virus transmitted by bemisia tabaci hemiptera aleyrodidae in israel

Rosenthal, J.; Escobar-Jimenez, F.; Raptis, S., 1977: Prevention by somatostatin of rise in blood pressure and plasma renin mediated by beta receptor stimulation

Meyer, J. D.; Meyer, J. A., 1977: Prevention by splenectomy of thymus weight depletion in the presence of progressively growing tumor in rats brief communication

Salas, M.; Tuchweber, B., 1976: Prevention by steroids of cerium hepato toxicity

Van Den Goorbergh J.A.M.; De Wit H.; Tijdens R.B.; Mulder G.J.; Meerman J.H.N., 1987: Prevention by thioethers of the hepatotoxicity and covalent binding to macromolecules of n hydroxy 2 acetylaminofluorene and its sulfate ester in rat liver in vivo and in vitro

Fung K.P.; Ng S.W.; Lam W.P.; Choy Y.M., 1986: Prevention by thymidine against toxicity and glucose uptake inhibition of methotrexate on cultured ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Fujimoto T.; Fuyuta M.; Kiyofuji E.; Hirata S., 1979: Prevention by tiopronin 2 mercaptopropionyl glycine of methyl mercuric chloride induced teratogenic and feto toxic effects in mice

Aoyama Y.; Ashida K., 1979: Prevention by urea cycle intermediates and adenine on the lipid accumulation in the liver induced by re feeding an arginine devoid diet in rats

Humphreys M.H.; Ayus J.C.; Stanton C.J.Jr, 1980: Prevention by vagotomy or atropine administration of the hemodynamic changes occurring after acute unilateral nephrectomy in the dog

Iguchi T.; Iwase Y.; Kato H.; Takasugi N., 1985: Prevention by vitamin a of the occurrence of permanent vaginal and uterine changes in ovariectomized adult mice treated neonatally with diethylstilbestrol and its nullification in the presence of ovaries

Yasui, T.; Takasugi, N., 1977: Prevention by vitamin a of the occurrence of permanent vaginal changes in neo natally estrogen treated mice an electron microscopic study

Trickler D.; Shklar G., 1987: Prevention by vitamin e of experimental oral carcinogenesis

Anttinen H.; Oikarinen A.; Puistola U.; Paakko P.; Ryhanen L., 1985: Prevention by zinc of rat lung collagen accumulation in carbon tetrachloride injury

Pickett G.; Bridgers W.F., 1987: Prevention declining mortality rates and the cost of medicare

Janaud, A.; Caspard, H.; Spira, N.; Spira, A., 1986: Prevention detection of sexually transmitted diseases

Sedlak, J.; Simkova, T.; Durasko, L.; Simko, S.; Antonic, B., 1978: Prevention diagnosis and treatment of carbon mon oxide poisoning in an east slovakian ironworks

Ranson, J. H. C.; Spencer, F. C., 1977: Prevention diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic abscess

Watanabe Y.; Ito T.; Shiomi M.; Tsujita Y.; Kuroda M.; Arai M.; Fukami M.; Tamura A., 1988: Prevention effect of pravastatin sodium a potent inhibitor of 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase on coronary atherosclerosis and xanthoma in whhl rabbits

Walter S.D., 1980: Prevention for multi factorial diseases

Saito H.; Takenaka H.; Yoshida S.; Tsubokawa T.; Ogata A.; Imanishi J., 1985: Prevention from naturally acquired viral respiratory infection by interferon nasal spray

Mulvihill J.J.; Safyer A.W.; Bening J.K., 1982: Prevention in familial breast cancer counseling and prophylactic mastectomy

Gemson D.H.; Elinson J., 1986: Prevention in primary care variability in physician practice patterns in new york city usa

Ludlum D.B.; Mehta J.R.; Tong W.P., 1986: Prevention of 1 3 deoxycytidyl 2 1 deoxyguanosinylethane cross link formation in dna by rat liver o 6 alkylguanine dna alkyltransferase

Kubota M.; Takimoto T.; Kitoh T.; Tanizawa A.; Kiriyama Y.; Akiyama Y.; Mikawa H., 1988: Prevention of 1 beta d arabinofuranosylcytosine toxicity by 4 nitrobenzyl 6 thioinosine or dipyridamole in human leukemia cell lines

Kindt M.V.; Heikkila R.E., 1986: Prevention of 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine induced dopaminergic toxicity in mice by mdl 72145 a selective inhibitor of monoamine oxidase b

Heikkila R.E.; Duvoisin R.C.; Finberg J.P.M.; Youdim M.B.H., 1985: Prevention of 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine induced neurotoxicity by agn 1133 and agn 1135 selective inhibitors of monoamine oxidase b

Manara L.; Coccia P.; Croci T., 1984: Prevention of 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin toxicity in laboratory rodents by addition of charcoal or cholic acids to chow

Danz, M.; Urban, W.; Schmidt, A., 1977: Prevention of 2 acetylamino fluorene induced extrahepatic short term effects by 3 methyl cholanthrene

Haywood J.R.; Fink G.D.; Buggy J.; Boutelle S.; Johnson A.K.; Brody M.J., 1983: Prevention of 2 kidney 1 clip renal hypertension in rat by ablation of anteroventral 3rd ventricle tissue

Kallistratos, G.; Fasske, E., 1976: Prevention of 3 4 benzo pyrene carcinogenesis in presence of putrescine

Fish D.C.; Demarais J.T.; Djurickovic D.B.; Heubner R.J., 1981: Prevention of 3 methyl cholanthrene induced fibro sarcomas in rats pre inoculated with endogenous rat retrovirus

Rajam M.V.; Weinstein L.H.; Galston A.W., 1985: Prevention of a plant disease by specific inhibition of fungal polyamine biosynthesis

Wallace D.; Hernandez W.; Schlaerth J.B.; Nalick R.N.; Morrow C.P., 1980: Prevention of abdominal wound disruption utilizing the smead jones closure technique

Reynolds A.M.; Mcevoy R.D., 1988: Prevention of abnormal pulmonary mechanics in the postmortem guinea pig lung

Hsiung T C.; Iwahori S., 1984: Prevention of abscission of ponkan citrus reticulata leaves by various calcium salts

Tinti S.; Grignani R.; Cremonini L., 1981: Prevention of accidents during lumbar myelography

Peterson F.J.; Knodell R.G.; Lindemann N.J.; Steele N.M., 1983: Prevention of acetaminophen and cocaine hepato toxicity in mice by cimetidine treatment

Raheja K.L.; Linscheer W.G.; Cho C., 1983: Prevention of acetaminophen hepato toxicity by propyl thio uracil in the glutathione depleted rat

Rudd G.D.; Donn K.H.; Grisham J.W., 1981: Prevention of acetaminophen induced hepatic necrosis by cimetidine in mice

Minnear F.L.; Connell R.S., 1982: Prevention of aconitine induced neurogenic pulmonary edema with hypo volemia or methyl prednisolone

Malpass T.W.; Hanson S.R.; Savage B.; Hessell E.A.II.; Harker L.A., 1981: Prevention of acquired transient defect in platelet plug formation by infused prostacyclin

Ghanayem B.I.; Ahmed A.E., 1986: Prevention of acrylonitrile induced gastrointestinal bleeding by sulfhydryl compounds atropine and cimetidine

Taylorson R.B., 1984: Prevention of action of far red absorbing phytochrome in rumex crispus seeds by ethanol

Bille J.; Glauser M.P., 1981: Prevention of acute and chronic ascending pyelo nephritis in rats by amino glycoside antibiotics accumulated and persistent in kidneys

Gilbert D.A.; Surawicz C.M.; Silverstein F.E.; Weinberg C.R.; Saunders D.R.; Feld A.D.; Sanford R.L.; Bergman D.; Washington P., 1984: Prevention of acute aspirin induced gastric mucosal injury by 15 r 15 methyl prostaglandin e 2 an endoscopic study

Evans B.D.; Smith I.E.; Clutterbuck R.D.; Millar J.L., 1984: Prevention of acute deaths in mice after very high dose cyclo phosphamide by divided dose schedule

Winslow R.S.; Stillner V.; Coons D.J.; Robinson M.W., 1986: Prevention of acute dystonic reactions in patients beginning high potency neuroleptics

Takasugi S.; Yonezawa H.; Ikei N.; Kanno T., 1982: Prevention of acute experimental pancreatitis in rats and dogs by intra duodenal infusion of a synthetic trypsin inhibitor

Johnson T.S.; Rock P.B.; Fulco C.S.; Trad L.A.; Spark R.F.; Maher J.T., 1984: Prevention of acute mountain sickness by dexamethasone

Wasserman, B.; Block, E. R., 1978: Prevention of acute paraquat toxicity in rats by super oxide dis mutase

Pittaway D.E.; Winfield A.C.; Maxson W.; Daniell J.; Herbert C.; Wentz A.C., 1983: Prevention of acute pelvic inflammatory disease after hystero salpingography efficacy of doxycycline prophylaxis

Lamon, J. M.; Frykholm, B. C.; Bennett, M.; Tschudy, D. P., 1978: Prevention of acute porphyric attacks by intra venous hematin

Dickout W.J.; Chan C.K.; Hyland R.H.; Hutcheon M.A.; Fraser I.M.; Morgan C.D.; Curtis J.E.; Messner H.A., 1987: Prevention of acute pulmonary edema after bone marrow transplantation

Aviado, D. M.; Bacalzo, L. V-Jr ; Belej, M. A., 1974: Prevention of acute pulmonary insufficiency by eriodictyol

Scherrer P.; Perret C., 1986: Prevention of acute renal failure in nontraumatic rhabdomyolysis

Ron D.; Taitelman U.; Michaelson M.; Bar Joseph G.; Bursztein S.; Better O.S., 1984: Prevention of acute renal failure in traumatic rhabdo myolysis

Tiggeler R.G.W.L.; Berden J.H.M.; Hoitsma A.J.; Koene R.A.P., 1985: Prevention of acute tubular necrosis in cadaveric kidney transplantation by the combined use of mannitol and moderate hydration

Utian W.H., 1980: Prevention of adhesions after tubal surgery by use of dextran 70

Vemer, H. M.; Boeckx, W.; Brosens, I. A., 1982: Prevention of adhesions and restoring patency during oviduct anastomosis in rabbits microscope vs. loupes

Dielman T.E.; Shope J.T.; Butchart A.T.; Campanelli P.C., 1986: Prevention of adolescent alcohol misuse an elementary school program

Meyer J.S., 1987: Prevention of adrenalectomy induced brain growth stimulation by corticosterone treatment

Shimkovich M.V.; Petkov O., 1984: Prevention of adrenaline induced heart lesions with the antioxidant ionol

Herbaczynska Cedro K.; Wozniewicz B.; Boniszewska Ardelt B.; Ceremuzynski L., 1981: Prevention of adrenaline induced metabolic systemic and myo cardial alterations by the beta blocking agent metipranolol in the dog

Schmitt Graeff A.; Scheulen M.E., 1986: Prevention of adriamycin cardiotoxicity by niacin isocitrate or n acetylcysteine in mice a morphological study

Dasmahapatra K.S.; Vezeridis M.; Rao U.; Perez Brett R.; Karakousis C.P., 1984: Prevention of adriamycin induced cardio toxicity in rats using methyl prednisolone

Milei J.; Marantz A.; Ale J.; Vazquez A.; Buceta J.E., 1987: Prevention of adriamycin induced cardiotoxicity by prenylamine a pilot double blind study

Tanizawa A.; Kubota M.; Takimoto T.; Akiyama Y.; Seto S.; Kiriyama Y.; Mikawa H., 1987: Prevention of adriamycin induced interphase death by 3 aminobenzamide and nicotinamide in a human promyelocytic leukemia cell line

Legre J.; Lavielle J.; Debaene A.; Tapias P.L.; Vaillant J., 1981: Prevention of adverse reactions to amipaque in cervical myelography a homogeneous series of 380 patients

Goldfinger D.; Lowe C., 1981: Prevention of adverse reactions to blood transfusion by the administration of saline washed red blood cells

Thomas, P.; Joshi, M. R., 1977: Prevention of after cooking darkening of irradiated potatoes

Reaven G.M.; Reaven E.P., 1981: Prevention of age related hyper tri glyceridemia by caloric restriction and exercise training in the rat

Roe, B. B., 1976: Prevention of air embolism with intra vascular carbon di oxide washout

Jonjic A.; Gudelj M.; Grubisic Greblo H.; Dabo Dezeljin J., 1986: Prevention of alcohol drinking in primary schools

Stanko, R. T.; Mendelow, H.; Shinozuka, H.; Adibi, S. A., 1978: Prevention of alcohol induced fatty liver by natural metabolites and riboflavine

Muller R., 1981: Prevention of alcohol related accidents

Holder H.D.; Blose J.O., 1983: Prevention of alcohol related traffic problems computer simulation of alternative strategies

Devenyi P.; Harrison M.L., 1985: Prevention of alcohol withdrawal seizures with oral diazepam loading

Chu N S., 1981: Prevention of alcohol withdrawal seizures with phenytoin in rats

Earle R.M., 1982: Prevention of alcoholism in the usa and the national council on alcoholism 1944 1950

Faustman D.; Lacy P.; Davie J.; Hauptfeld V., 1982: Prevention of allo graft rejection by immunization with donor blood depleted of ia bearing cells

Auchincloss H.Jr; Ghobrial R.R.M.; Russell P.S.; Winn H.J., 1988: Prevention of alloantibody formation after skin grafting without prolongation of graft survival by anti l3t4 in vivo

Heikkila R.E.; Cabbat F.S., 1981: Prevention of alloxan induced diabetes by the immuno suppressive agent azathioprine

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