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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6182

Chapter 6182 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Poapst, P. A.; Price, I.; Forsyth, F. R., 1978: Prevention of post storage greening in table stock potato tubers by application of surfactants and adjuvants

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181001

Kojima, A.; Tanaka-Kojima, Y.; Sakakura, T.; Nishizuka, Y., 1976: Prevention of post thymectomy auto immune thyroiditis in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181003

Bondarenko, M. P.; Stepanov, G. P., 1981: Prevention of post transfusion hepatitis 1. evaluation of the effectiveness of donor selection by the hepatitis b surface antigen testing

Munoz J., 1988: Prevention of post transfusion non a non b hepatitis by non specific immunoglobulin in heart surgery patients

Saleun J.P., 1986: Prevention of post transfusional malaria

Cummins L., 1987: Prevention of postinfectious asthma in children by reducing self inoculatory behavior

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181008

Reale A., 1988: Prevention of postischemic ventricular fibrillation late after right or left stellate ganglionectomy in dogs

Pilleron J.P., 1985: Prevention of postmastectomy seromas

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181011

Holland T., 1986: Prevention of postneonatal mortality

Ruello N., 1985: Prevention of postoperation infections in urological surgery

Adonkin F.S., 1986: Prevention of postoperative and postnarcotic suppression of humoral immunity

Alekseeva A.N., 1987: Prevention of postoperative complications after the combined treatment of maxillofacial malignancies

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181016

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181017

Et Al, 1984: Prevention of postoperative infection following cardiac catheterization in the pediatric field study of falling bacteria in an x ray room and evaluation of antibiotic used for the purpose of prevention of postoperative infection

Moberg P.J., 1986: Prevention of postoperative infection in cesarean section after rupture of the membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181020

Imrey P.B., 1985: Prevention of postoperative pulmonary complications with continuous positive airway pressure incentive spirometry and conservative therapy

Bergqvist D., 1985: Prevention of postoperative thromboembolism in sweden the development of practice during 5 years

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181023

Puranen J., 1987: Prevention of postoperative urinary retention after total hip arthroplasty in male patients

Patriti A., 1984: Prevention of postoperative urological complications consequent on transvesical prostatic adenomectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181026

Dolgikh V.T., 1986: Prevention of postresuscitation heart damage by isoptin

Dolgikh V.T., 1988: Prevention of postresuscitation impairments of myocardial energy metabolism with the use of sodium gamma hydroxybutyrate ionol and gutimine

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181029

Miyamoto T., 1985: Prevention of posttransfusion hepatitis intraoperative and postoperative autotransfusion by using cell saver and preoperative storage of autologous blood

Tsuji Y., 1988: Prevention of posttransfusional non a non b hepatitis using the screening test for guanase activity of donor blood

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181032

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181033

Tuchweber, B.; Trost, W.; Salas, M.; Sieck, R., 1976: Prevention of praseodymium induced hepato toxicity by silybin

Bickerstaffe R., 1987: Prevention of pre eclampsia by early antiplatelet therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181036

Colau J.C., 1985: Prevention of preeclampsia by early antiplatelet therapy

Salomy, M.; Goldstein, P. J., 1978: Prevention of pregnancy in rabbits using vaginal application of prostaglandin f 2 alpha

Kleiner H., 1981: Prevention of premature labor and of its complications

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181040

Bach E., 1982: Prevention of pressure sores by identifying patients at risk

Hughes A.W., 1986: Prevention of pressure sores in patients with fractures of the femoral neck

Wiser W.L., 1987: Prevention of preterm birth by ambulatory assessment of uterine activity a randomized study

Suvonnakote T., 1986: Prevention of preterm labor with progesterone

Beyer C., 1985: Prevention of progesterone induced lordosis behavior by alpha or beta adrenergic antagonists in ovariectomized estrogen primed rats

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181046

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181047

Zor U., 1981: Prevention of prostaglandin e 2 induced de sensitization of rat ovarian cyclic amp response by concanavalin a

Johansson B.B., 1979: Prevention of protein extravasation in the brain by an anion transport inhibitor in acute experimental hypertension in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181050

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181051

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181052

Lancranjan I., 1986: Prevention of puerperal lactation with parlodel long acting parlodel la

Campbell L.A., 1988: Prevention of pulmonary alveolar macrophage proliferation in newborn rabbits by hyperoxia

Glabai L.N., 1985: Prevention of pulmonary complications during the installation of mitral valve prostheses

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181056

Ochsner, A.; Ochsner, J. J.; Sanders, H. S., 1970: Prevention of pulmonary embolism by caval ligation

Bussi P., 1980: Prevention of pulmonary embolism in surgery analysis of 2 clinical cases

Lansman S., 1982: Prevention of pulmonary embolism with use of mobin uddin filter

Boxer L.A., 1987: Prevention of pulmonary injury in isolated perfused rat lungs by activated human neutrophils preincubated with anti mo1 monoclonal antibody

Askanazi, J.; Wax, S. D.; Neville, J. F. Jr ; Hanson, E. L.; Kane, P. B.; Markarian, B.; Bredenberg, C. E.; Webb, W. R., 1978: Prevention of pulmonary insufficiency through prophylactic use of positive end expiratory pressure and rapid respiratory rates

Sell, S.; Stillman, D.; Michaelsen, M.; Alaimo, J.; Von-Essen, C., 1977: Prevention of pulmonary metastases by irradiation of the lung a model system employing a transplantable hepatoma and alpha 1 feto protein as an index of tumor growth

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181063

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181064

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181065

Watanabe T., 1986: Prevention of putrefaction of swine blood by the combined use of glycine and sodium chloride

Fussell E.N., 1983: Prevention of pyelo nephritis

Baskin G., 1984: Prevention of pyelo nephritis by immunization with p fimbriae

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181069

Ivanovskaya G.M., 1981: Prevention of pyrogenic reactions occurring during hemo dialysis

Hardy K.A., 1984: Prevention of radiation emesis in dogs by combinations of drugs

Fischer J.E., 1979: Prevention of radiation enteritis after abdomino perineal resection and radio therapy

Zevrieva I.F., 1983: Prevention of radiation injuries during multi fractionation in radiation therapy

Kwolek W.F., 1982: Prevention of rancidity in experimental rat diets for long term feeding

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181075

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181076

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181077

Blackburn K.J., 1984: Prevention of re perfusion damage in working rat hearts by calcium antagonists and calmodulin antagonists

Feinberg H., 1983: Prevention of re perfusion injury following cardioplegic arrest by pulsatile flow

Ho M., 1979: Prevention of reactivated herpes simplex infection by human leukocyte interferon after operation on the trigeminal root

Jourdan G., 1981: Prevention of reaginic antibody production and anaphylactic gastric ulcer by pesticides and by a poly chlorinated bi phenyl

Bleifeld W., 1985: Prevention of reciprocating tachycardia by programmed electrical stimulation

Roberts, D. W.; Rank, R. G.; Weidanz, W. P.; Finerty, J. F., 1977: Prevention of recrudescent malaria in nude mice by thymic grafting or by treatment with hyper immune serum

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181084

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181085

Wesolowski, S.; Milewski, J. B.; Cieslak, A.; Nartel-Ulkowska, N., 1978: Prevention of recurrences in uric acid nephro lithiasis

Faulk W.P., 1981: Prevention of recurrent abortion with leukocyte transfusions

Stenberg P., 1987: Prevention of recurrent acute cystitis by methenamine hippurate double blind controlled crossover long term study

Naji A., 1988: Prevention of recurrent autoimmune diabetes in bb rats by anti asialo gm1 antibody

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181090

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181091

Semet M.P., 1986: Prevention of recurrent calcium nephrolithiasis

Taibah A., 1987: Prevention of recurrent cholesteatoma in closed tympanoplasty

Section 7 , Chapter 6182, Accession 006181094

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181095

Pekarskaya M., 1985: Prevention of recurrent life threatening ventricular arrhythmias by temporary cardiac pacing

Ivanova I.A., 1986: Prevention of recurrent myocardial infarction by the prolonged use of aspirin

Elliott F.A., 1981: Prevention of recurrent stroke

Anderson R.W., 1983: Prevention of recurrent sudden cardiac arrest role of provocative electro pharmacologic testing

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181100

Stamey T.A., 1981: Prevention of recurrent urinary infections

Hamilton Miller J.M.T., 1981: Prevention of recurrent urinary infections in women a comparative trial between nitro furantoin and methenamine hippurate

Keswani, R. K.; Chugh, T. D.; Hooda, R. S.; Beniwal, J. S., 1976: Prevention of recurrent urinary tract infection with methanamine mandelate

Lohr, J. A.; Nunley, D. H.; Howards, S. S.; Ford, R. F., 1977: Prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections in girls

Mars D., 1988: Prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections in postmenopausal women

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181106

Henry-Suchet, J.; Loffredo, V., 1979: Prevention of recurring adhesions after tubo plasties 1. interest of early laparoscopy 8 days after surgery

Henry-Suchet, J.; Loffredo, V., 1979: Prevention of recurring adhesions after tubo plasty 2. interest of grafts with free peritoneum

Terashima H., 1986: Prevention of reduced sympathetic nervous system activity and motor nerve conduction velocity in streptozotocin diabetic rats by treatment with aldose reductase inhibitor ono 2235

Humphreys M.H., 1987: Prevention of reflex natriuresis after acute unilateral nephrectomy by neonatal administration of msg

Tseng, H. C., 1978: Prevention of reflux after roux y jejunal anastomosis

Rueedi, P.; Geroulanos, S.; Leisinger, H. J., 1976: Prevention of reflux by a ureteric intussusception valve a preliminary study on dogs

Schumpelick, V.; Schwoy, M.; Begemann, F., 1980: Prevention of reflux by jejunal transposition a clinical study

Et Al, 1981: Prevention of reflux esophagitis after esophago gastrectomy experiences with valve constructive esophago gastrostomy and meredinos operation

Lancet M., 1984: Prevention of reformation of pelvic adhesions by barrier methods

Hill L.R., 1988: Prevention of refractoriness and hla alloimmunization using filtered blood products

Lotzova, E.; Savary, C. A.; Pollack, S. B., 1983: Prevention of rejection of allogeneic bone marrow transplants by nk 1.1 anti serum

Jaques Y., 1987: Prevention of rejection of kidney transplants by monoclonal antibody directed against interleukin 2

Lacy P.E., 1984: Prevention of rejection of murine islet allo grafts by pre treatment with anti dendritic cell antibody

Vahlensieck W., 1980: Prevention of relapse of uro lithiasis by application of a benzbromarone citrate mixture

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181121

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181122

Brody M.J., 1981: Prevention of renal hypertension and of the central pressor effect of angiotensin by ventromedial hypothalamic ablation

Johansson G., 1988: Prevention of renal stones by a high fluid intake

Minoda M., 1986: Prevention of renal toxicity of cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii temporary interruption of renal blood flow

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181126

Cunningham J.N.Jr, 1986: Prevention of reperfusion injury of the ischemic spinal cord use of recombinant superoxide dismutase

Magovern G.J., 1986: Prevention of reperfusional damage from ischemic myocardium

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181129

Zuliani C., 1985: Prevention of respiratory pathology in road and railroad yard workers

Esente S., 1987: Prevention of retinal detachment in the fellow eye with laser photocoagulation

Mirilov M., 1980: Prevention of retinopathy in patients with diabetes

Walker M.W., 1986: Prevention of retrosternal adhesions after pericardiotomy

Freda, V. J.; Gorman, J. G.; Pollack, W., 1977: Prevention of rh hemolytic disease with rh immune globulin

Eklund, J., 1978: Prevention of rh immunization in finland a national study 1969 1977

Mckinlay M.A., 1986: Prevention of rhinovirus and poliovirus uncoating by win 51711 a new antiviral drug

Tyrrell D.A.J., 1982: Prevention of rhinovirus colds by human interferon alpha 2 from escherichia coli

Pshennikova M.G., 1987: Prevention of rhythm disturbances and cardiac fibrillation in acute ischemia and reperfusion of the heart with the factor causing gamma aminobutyric acid accumulation in the brain

Sutherland G.R., 1985: Prevention of rickets in asian children assessment of the glasgow campaign

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181140

Fisher S.K., 1987: Prevention of rod disk shedding by detachment from the retinal pigment epithelium

Thomas W.G., 1986: Prevention of rotation of the femoral head during internal fixation of subcapital fractures

Aurelian L., 1984: Prevention of rotavirus induced diarrhea in neo natal mice born to dams immunized with empty capsids of simian rotavirus sa 11

Et Al, 1985: Prevention of rotavirus infection by oral administration of cow colostrum containing antihuman rotavirus antibody

Bart K.J., 1982: Prevention of rubella transmission in medical facilities

Pele P., 1981: Prevention of rupture of the uterus before or during birth in women with previous cesarean sections 14 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181148

Penner D., 1979: Prevention of s ethyl di propylthio carbamate induced epi cuticular wax aggregation on corn zea mays with r 25788

D'aoust J Y., 1981: Prevention of salmonella typhimurium infection in chicks gallus domesticus by treatment with fecal cultures from mature chickens nurmi cultures

Brody M.J., 1979: Prevention of salt induced hypertension in the dahl strain by 6 hydroxy dopamine

Asscher A.W., 1982: Prevention of scarring in experimental pyelo nephritis in the rat by early antibiotic therapy

Ahrens, E. H.; Gladney, W. J.; Mcwhorter, G. M.; Deer, J. A., 1977: Prevention of screwworm infestation in cattle by controlling gulf coast ticks with slow release insecticide devices

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181154

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181155

Knysh I.T., 1986: Prevention of secondary bony sarcomas

Rigorova V.G., 1986: Prevention of secondary urinary infection associated with postadenomectomy catheterization

Joffe, S. N.; Gaskin, R. J.; Barros-D'sa, A. A. J.; Baron, J. H., 1976: Prevention of secretagogue induced ulcers in the rat

Von-Scheel, J.; Duswald, K. H.; Ring, J.; Seifert, J.; Scholz, S.; Brendel, W., 1977: Prevention of sensitization against horse anti lymphocyte globulin during long term treatment in dogs

Uther J.B., 1985: Prevention of sepsis associated with the insertion of intravenous cannulae the experience in a coronary care unit

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181161

Robbs J.V., 1984: Prevention of septic complications in massive pelvic perineal injuries cases

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181163

James A.G., 1984: Prevention of seromas following mastectomy and axillary dissection

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181165

Formal S.B., 1987: Prevention of shigellosis by a salmonella typhi and shigella sonnei bivalent vaccine

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181167

Ohman, K. H. G., 1978: Prevention of silica exposure and elimination of silicosis

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181169

Patel A.R., 1980: Prevention of skateboard injuries

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181171

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181172

Sarkisyan-Yu-Kh ; Kir'yanov, I. Yu ; Karibov-Yu, I., 1978: Prevention of skin radiation reaction with dimexide

Myers, M. B.; Brock, D.; Cohen, I. Jr, 1971: Prevention of skin slough after radical mastectomy by the use of a vital dye to delineate de vascularized skin

Buescher R.W., 1980: Prevention of soft center development in large whole cucumber pickles by calcium

Yao J.K., 1984: Prevention of some electrophysiologic and biochemical abnormalities with oxygen supplementation in experimental diabetic neuropathy

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181177

Bleck E.E., 1985: Prevention of spastic paralytic dislocation of the hip

Oka Y., 1985: Prevention of spinal cord injury after cross clamping of the descending thoracic aorta

Miyamoto T., 1984: Prevention of spinal cord injury after cross clamping of the thoracic aorta

Miyamoto T., 1987: Prevention of spinal cord injury after cross clamping of the thoracic aorta

Baird C., 1980: Prevention of spinal osteo porosis in oophorectomized women

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181183

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181184

Bailey D., 1988: Prevention of spontaneous but not of adoptively transferred diabetes by injection of neonatal bb hooded hybrid rats with splenocytes or concanavalin a blasts from diabetes free strains

Huebner R.J., 1979: Prevention of spontaneous leukemia in akr mice by passive immunization and type specificity of this protection

Huebner, R. J.; Gilden, R. V.; Toni, R.; Hill, R. W.; Trimmer, R. W.; Fish, D. C.; Sass, B., 1976 : Prevention of spontaneous leukemia in akr mice by type specific immuno suppression of endogenous ecotropic virogenes

Huebner R.J., 1979: Prevention of spontaneous leukemia in mice by oncornavirus immunization

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181189

Mathe G., 1981: Prevention of spontaneous tumors of aged mice by immuno pharmacologic manipulation immune anti tumor mechanisms

Ernst J.V., 1979: Prevention of sporulation of bovine coccidia by the ensiling of a manure blended diet

Cohen E., 1982: Prevention of spread and contact infection of brown rot disease in citrus fruit by metalaxyl post harvest treatment

Martin, R. R.; White, A., 1968: Prevention of staphylococcal bacterio phage activity by antigen a precipitins in human sera rabbit anti sera

Kofranek A.M., 1984: Prevention of stem base splitting in cut hippeastrum hybridum flowers

Shevyakova I.N., 1980: Prevention of sterility in replacement heifers under artificial insemination

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181196

Aron B.S., 1988: Prevention of stomal recurrence in patients requiring emergency tracheostomy for advanced laryngeal and pharyngeal tumors

Schwabe W.F.S., 1980: Prevention of storage scab venturia inaequalis of apples

Mcghee J.R., 1985: Prevention of streptococcus mutans colonization by salivary immunoglobulin a antibodies

Tenner T.E.Jr, 1987: Prevention of streptozotocin induced alterations in the rat heart by 3 o methylglucose and insulin treatments

Rozhitskaya I.I., 1979: Prevention of stress and hypoxic damages to the heart by the anti oxidant ionol

Ustinova E.E., 1982: Prevention of stress damage to the heart and its hypoxic contracture with the natural anti oxidant alpha tocopherol

D'konov A.N., 1984: Prevention of stress gastric ulcer by polarization of the cerebral cortex motor zone

Stewart J.M., 1983: Prevention of stress induced analgesia by substance p

Morozova T.V., 1985: Prevention of stress induced disturbances of myocardial contractile function by sparing adaptation to short term stress

Meerson F.Z., 1987: Prevention of stress induced drop in cardiac fibrillation threshold by transauricular electroacupuncture

Meerson F.Z., 1986: Prevention of stress induced dyslipidemia by adaptation of animals to periodic hypoxia

Nikonorov A.A., 1987: Prevention of stress induced dyslipidemia by adaptation to short term stress actions

Prange A.J.Jr, 1984: Prevention of stress induced gastric ulcers by dopamine agonists in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181210

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181211

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181212

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181213

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181214

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181215

Gage J., 1979: Prevention of stromal ulceration in the alkali burned rabbit cornea by glued on contact lens evidence for the role of polymorphonuclear leukocytes in collagen degradation

Appelbaum A., 1981: Prevention of strut snagging during mitral valve replacement with stented tissue valves

Julow J., 1979: Prevention of subarachnoid fibrosis after subarachnoid hemorrhage with uro kinase scanning electron microscopic study in the dog

Hume R., 1986: Prevention of subglottic stenosis in neonatal ventilation

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181220

Duncalf D., 1981: Prevention of succinyl choline induced hyper kalemia by neurolept anesthesia and hexa fluorenium in anephric patients

Negm F.B., 1985: Prevention of sucrose inversion during preparation of high performance liquid chromatography samples

Light R.W., 1983: Prevention of suctioning related arterial oxygen desaturation comparison of off ventilator and on ventilator suctioning

Mcnamara D.G., 1985: Prevention of sudden death after repair of tetralogy of fallot treatment of ventricular arrhythmias

Lekieffre J., 1981: Prevention of sudden death in coronary disease using anti arrhythmic drugs

Fedorcsak, I.; Harms-Ringdahl, M.; Ehrenberg, L., 1977: Prevention of sulfhydryl aut oxidation by a poly peptide from red kidney beans described to be a stimulator of rna synthesis

Brantjes, N. B. M., 1976: Prevention of super parasitization of melandrium flowers caryophyllaceae by hadena lepidoptera

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181228

Peterson V., 1985: Prevention of suppressed cell mediated immunity in burned mice with histamine h 2 receptor antagonist drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181230

Goldman, K. N.; Centifanto, Y.; Kaufman, H. E.; Slappey, T. E., 1978: Prevention of surface bacterial contamination of donor corneas

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181232

Semeraro G.C., 1987: Prevention of surgical wound infections swi ten years of experience

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181234

Vimlati L., 1979: Prevention of suture insufficiency by sero muscular patches taken from the gastric wall

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181236

Girardi, A. J.; Reppucci, P.; Dierlam, P.; Rutala, W.; Coggin, J. H. Jr, 1973: Prevention of sv 40 tumors by hamster fetal tissue influence of parity status of donor females on immunogenicity of fetal tissue and on immune cell cyto toxicity

Rosenfield E., 1987: Prevention of symbiotic regression among high spinal cord injured adolescent boys and their mothers

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181239

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181240

Kato S., 1981: Prevention of syngeneic tumor growth in vaccinia virus primed mice by immunization with vaccinia virus modulated tumor cells

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181242

Gallwas K., 1987: Prevention of systemic osteoporoses and osteoporomalacia

Katcher M.L., 1987: Prevention of tap water scald burns evaluation of a multi media injury control program

Ribereau Gayon P., 1983: Prevention of tartrate precipitation in wines by continuous cold treatment

Kishimoto, S.; Kajiyama, G.; Miyoshi, A.; Kimura, K.; Sugimoto, H.; Murata, T.; Ohkawa, T.; Umetsu, T.; Amemiya, K., 1987: Prevention of taurocholate induced erosive gastritis by proglumide in rats

Hadjiminas M.G., 1981: Prevention of thalassemia in cyprus

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181248

Csapo, A. I.; Erdos, T., 1977: Prevention of the abortifacient action of anti progesterone serum by progesterone

Mallent D., 1979: Prevention of the accumulation of limonin precursor in washington navel oranges by treatment of the trees with tri ethylamine derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181251

Hauger-Klevene, J. H.; Vecsei, P., 1977: Prevention of the acth induced hypertension by deoxy cortico sterone antibody

Ogasawara N., 1985: Prevention of the agonist binding to gamma aminobutyric acid b receptors by guanine nucleotides and islet activating protein pertussis toxin in bovine cerebral cortex possible coupling of the toxin sensitive gtp binding proteins to receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181254

Dinman, B. D.; Bovard, W. J.; Bonney, T. B.; Cohen, J. M.; Colwell, M. O., 1976: Prevention of the bony fluorosis in aluminum smelter workers excretion of fluorides during a 7 day work week part 2

Saccani Jotti G., 1983: Prevention of the cardio toxic effects of adriamycin by strophanthin preclinical study chick embryo test

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181257

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181258

Zucker, R. S.; Steinhardt, R. A., 1978: Prevention of the cortical reaction in fertilized sea urchin eggs by injection of calcium chelating ligands

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181260

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181261

Persky L., 1988: Prevention of the development of a vesicovaginal fistula

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181263

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181264

Yabrov, A., 1976: Prevention of the disturbance of protein synthesis is a possible mechanism of interferon protective activity

Micusan V.V., 1983: Prevention of the enhancing effect of mucin and iron in mouse meningococcal infection

Juriloff D.M., 1985: Prevention of the eye closure defect in lg m l lg m l fetal mice by thyroxine

Grinevich-Yu, A.; Zaritskii, A. M.; Fil'chakov, I. V.; Fil'chakov, F. B.; Nikol'skii, I. S.; Spivak, N. Ya, 1987: Prevention of the formation of the infectious process with biologically active thymic factors in the challenge of mice with salmonella typhimurium coinciding with the activation of macrophages

Michael A.F., 1983: Prevention of the generalized shwartzman reaction in pregnant rats by prostacyclin infusion

Baker R.C., 1981: Prevention of the green gray dis coloration in cooked liquid whole eggs

Ma H.K., 1984: Prevention of the hepatitis b surface antigen carrier state in new born infants of mothers who are chronic carriers of hepatitis b surface antigen and by administration of hepatitis b vaccine and hepatitis b immuno globulin double blind randomized placebo controlled study

Mulder G.J., 1981: Prevention of the hepato toxic action of n hydroxy 2 acetylamino fluorene in the rat by inhibition of n o sulfation by penta chloro phenol

Miller J.E., 1983: Prevention of the hyper lipidemic serum or low density lipo protein induced cellular cholesterol ester accumulation by 22 hydroxy cholesterol and its analog

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181274

Shiigi S.M., 1980: Prevention of the immuno suppressive effects of gluco cortico steroids by cell free factors from adjuvant activated accessory cells

Lachman L.B., 1982: Prevention of the in vitro myelo suppressive effects of gluco cortico steroids by interleukin 1

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181278

Rozhitskaya I.I., 1981: Prevention of the lipid per oxidation activation and myo cardial anti oxidant system damage in stress and experimental infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181281

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181282

Suy M., 1985: Prevention of the no reflow phenomenon in the canine heart by mioflazine

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181284

Dawes J., 1982: Prevention of the platelet alpha granule release reaction by membrane active drugs

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181286

Holec V., 1987: Prevention of the reperfusion injury in the canine heart by phenothiazines

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181288

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181289

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181290

Iordanou N., 1987: Prevention of the spread of potato virus y in seed potatoes by mineral oil sprays

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181292

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181293

Grove, D. S.; Mastro, A. M., 1988: Prevention of the tpa mediated down regulation of protein kinase c

Ishikawa S., 1982: Prevention of thigh adductor contraction during trans urethral resection of bladder tumors importance of obturator nerve block in combination with local anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181296

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181297

Repine J.E., 1983: Prevention of thio urea induced pulmonary edema by hydroxy radical scavengers

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181299

Wyss, M.; Diez, C.; Balavoine, J. F.; Martin, D.; Bouvier, C. A., 1978: Prevention of thrombo embolic complications of valve prostheses by agents affecting platelet function

Lojacono L., 1984: Prevention of thrombo embolic disease in splenectomized patients

Pflug, J. J.; Melrose, D. G., 1976: Prevention of thrombo embolic disease in surgery

Oliver J., 1984: Prevention of thrombo embolism using aspirin after mitral valve replacement with porcine bio prosthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181304

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181305

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181306

Schouten H.J.A., 1988: Prevention of thrombosis after hip arthroplasty a prospective study of preoperative oral anticoagulants

Weerts C.A., 1979: Prevention of thrombosis in patients on hemo dialysis by low dose aspirin

Crowley J.G., 1986: Prevention of thrombosis of central venous catheters

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181310

Takeda T., 1979: Prevention of tissue factor generation in mononuclear cells by agents known to increase intra cellular cyclic amp

Back H.H., 1986: Prevention of tissue softening of cucumber pickle by preheating treatment

Elson, C. J., 1978: Prevention of tolerance in differentiating bone marrow derived lymphocytes and thymus derived cells

Borel Y., 1981: Prevention of tolerance induction by simultaneous administration of anti lyb 3 anti serum with tolerogen

Fessia, S. L.; Kong, Y. M.; Bick, P. H.; Johnson, A. G., 1977: Prevention of tolerance induction to a thymus dependent antigen by poly adenylic acid poly uridylic acid induced thymocyte fluid

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181316

Dujovne C.A., 1984: Prevention of toxicity to isolated hepatocytes by liposome entrapment of cheno deoxy cholic acid

Dubey J.P., 1988: Prevention of toxoplasma gondii abortion in goats by vaccination with oocysts of hammondia hammondi

Abouav, J.; Finley, T. N., 1977: Prevention of tracheal injuries in prolonged ventilation laboratory and clinical observations on the use of self inflating cuffs on ventilating tubes

Ohlsen L., 1982: Prevention of tracheal stricture in end to end anastomosis

Abdel Galil A.M., 1984: Prevention of trans placentally induced malignant diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181322

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181325

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181334

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181342

Roe J., 1983: Prevention of unexpected infant death evaluation of the 1st 7 years of the sheffield intervention program

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Habs, M. R.; Schmaehl, D., 1983: Prevention of urinary bladder tumors in cyclo phosphamide treated rats by additional medication with the uroprotectors sodium 2 mercapto ethanesulfonate and di sodium 2 2' di thio bis ethanesulfonate

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181347

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181348

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181351

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181361

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181363

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181364

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De Sy W., 1981: Prevention of vaso spasms during extensive renal surgery an experimental study in rats

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181368

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Haeger K., 1984: Prevention of venous leg ulcer recurrence by a simplified procedure of perforator ligation in ambulatory practice

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181378

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181382

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181383

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181384

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181385

Shargorodskii, B. M.; Titov, V. N.; Aleksandri, A. L., 1976: Prevention of ventricular fibrillation during the acute phase of experimentally induced myo cardial infarction by affecting the ion and acid base balance in the heart

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Gilbert G.L., 1984: Prevention of vertical transmission of hepatitis b the place of routine screening in antenatal care and the case for immunization of infants at risk

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181394

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Abelmann W.H., 1987: Prevention of viral myocarditis with recombinant human leukocyte interferon alpha a d in a murine model

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181398

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Shostak L.B., 1981: Prevention of water pollution by residual pesticides and mineral fertilizers entering water bodies in the surface runoff

Brunarskaya A.V., 1986: Prevention of weather dependent destabilization of ischemic heart disease

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181405

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181406

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181409

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181411

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181413

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181415

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181417

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181421

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181422

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181426

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181427

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181429

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181431

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Beck A., 1980: Preventive activity of viridans streptococcus ab 1 iii against artificial colonization of pathogenic beta hemolytic streptococci in rabbits

Kaye M.S., 1987: Preventive aggression devices pads ambulatory restraints as an alternative to seclusion

Nielsen, S. L., 1987: Preventive and curative chemical treatment for control of black currant leaf spot drepanopeziza ribis kleb. hoehnel and american mildew sphaerotheca mors uvae schw. berk. on black currant ribes nigrum l

Balaz F., 1987: Preventive and curative effects of some fungicides used in the control of wheat scab fusarium graminearum schw

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181440

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Timmer, L. W., 1977: Preventive and curative trunk treatments for control of phytophthora parasitica foot rot of citrus

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181449

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181471

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181475

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181476

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181478

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181482

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181484

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181485

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181487

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181488

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181490

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181495

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Miyoshi A., 1987: Preventive effect of proglumide on erosive gastritis in the rat

Amemiya K., 1987: Preventive effect of proglumide on taurocholate induced gastritis in rats

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181502

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181504

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181505

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181507

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181511

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181512

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181513

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181514

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181522

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181526

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181528

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181529

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181530

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Huashien-Shinhua-Peoples-Commune-Shinjieh-Brigade-Agric-Stn-(China) ; Huashien-Shinhua-Peoples-Commune-Inst-Agric-(China) ; Huashien-Bur-Agric-Inst-Plant-Prot-Kwantung-Prov-(China), 1975: Preventive measures for the main coordinate control of rice insect pests

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181565

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181567

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181568

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181569

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181593

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181613

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181614

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Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181630

Section 7, Chapter 6182, Accession 006181631

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