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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6183

Chapter 6183 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Banks W.A.; Kastin A.J.; Biglieri E.G.; Ruiz A.E., 1984: Primary adrenal hyperplasia a new subset of primary hyper aldo steronism

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Dong K.; Et Al, 1982: Primary aldo steronism

Huddle K.R.L., 1981: Primary aldo steronism 2 cases

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Folgering H.; Kuyper F.; Kille J.F., 1979: Primary alveolar hypo ventilation ondines curse syndrome in an infant without external arcuate nucleus

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Ferlito, A., 1976: Primary anaplastic giant cell adeno carcinoma of the larynx

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Lovell C.R.; Konopka A., 1985: Primary and bacterial production in 2 dimictic indiana usa lakes

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Kazbekova, D. A.; Tishchenko, G. S.; Katsapov, I. S., 1978: Primary effects of continuously administered tritium oxide

Makarova G.F.; Epifanova O.I.; Loghinov B.V., 1980: Primary effects of imuran in the viability and proliferative activity in culture of chinese hamster cells in stationary phase of growth

De La Pena P.; Barros F.; Gascon S.; Ramos S.; Lazo P.S., 1980: Primary effects of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae killer toxin

Trissl H W.; Kunze U., 1985: Primary electrogenic reactions in chloroplasts probed by picosecond flash induced dielectric polarization 2

Trissl H W.; Breton J.; Deprez J.; Leibl W., 1987: Primary electrogenic reactions of photosystem ii as probe by the light gradient method

Pavlova, I. M.; Buhlova, T. T., 1976: Primary electron donors for nitrogenase of azotobacter chroococcum

Shuvalov V.A.; Duysens L.N.M., 1986: Primary electron transfer reactions in modified reaction centers from rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Sandhaus L.; Strom R.L.; Mukai K., 1981: Primary embryonal chorio carcinoma of the mediastinum in a woman a case with immuno histochemical study

Bergeron C.; Kovacs K.; Bilbao J.M., 1979: Primary empty sella a histologic and immuno cytologic study

Arlot S.; Lalau J.D.; Galibert P.; Quichaud J., 1985: Primary empty sella report of 14 cases and review of literature

Mehta, D.; Mehta, S.; Mathew, P., 1978: Primary empty sella syndrome and bi polar affective illness case report

Luboshitzky R.; Barzilai D., 1981: Primary empty sella syndrome and hypo pituitarism associated with primary hypo thyroidism

Bryner, J. R.; Greenblatt, R. B., 1977: Primary empty sella syndrome with elevated serum prolactin

Cupps, T. R.; Woolf, P. D., 1978: Primary empty sella syndrome with pan hypo pituitarism diabetes insipidus and visual field defects

Buckman, M. T.; Husain, M.; Carlow, T. J.; Peake, G. T., 1976: Primary empty sella syndrome with visual field defects

Luo T.; Et Al, 1983: Primary empty sella turcica 2 patients

Haddad Herdy G.V., 1980: Primary endo cardial fibro elastosis report of 10 cases

Amar R.; Saffadi T.; Caspi Y.; Roguin N.; Milo S.; Merin G., 1986: Primary endocardial calcification of the right ventricle with interatrial shunt and cyanosis

Eusebi V.; Pileri S.; Usellini L.; Grassigli A.; Capella C., 1982: Primary endocrine carcinoma of the parotid salivary gland associated with a lung carcinoid a possible new association

Nakagawa Y.; Okada M.; Tanimoto K.; Sogabe K.; Matsumoto K.; Furuya K., 1980: Primary endodermal sinus tumor of the 4th ventricle

Dalla Palma P.; Dante S.; Guazzieri S.; Sperandio P., 1988: Primary endodermal sinus tumor of the prostate report of a case

Goerzen J.L.; Grant R.M.; Arthur K.; Stuart G.C.E., 1986: Primary endodermal sinus tumor of the vagina in childhood case report and review of the results of treatment in the literature

Fuchs G.H.; Braun M., 1982: Primary endophytic nodular basal cell carcinoma

Rosseland A.R.; Solhaug J.H., 1988: Primary endoscopic papillotomy ept in patients with stones in the common bile duct and the gallbladder in situ a 5 8 year follow up study

Antonov A.S.; Krushinskii A.V.; Nikolaeva M.A.; Flegel' Kh G.; Repin V.S., 1981: Primary endothelial cell culture from human umbilical vein identification and characterization of growing and confluent cells

Saunders, G. C.; Svitra, Z.; Martinez, A., 1982: Primary enzyme quantitation using substrates labeled with a 2nd indicator enzyme 1. elastase determination using peroxidase labeled elastin

Moscinski L.C.; Kleinschmidt Demasters B.K., 1985: Primary eosinophilic granuloma of frontal lobe diagnostic use of s 100 protein

Cerda Nicolas M.; Broseta J.; Peydro Olaya A.; Barbera J.; Barcia Salorio J.L.; Llombart Bosch A., 1980: Primary eosinophilic granuloma of the frontal lobe

Lifshitz S.; Savage J.E.; Yates S.J.; Buchsbaum H.J., 1982: Primary epidermoid carcinoma of the vulva

Fink L.H.; Meriwether M.W., 1979: Primary epidural ewings sarcoma presenting as a lumbar disc protrusion case report

Gonzalez Scarano F.; Rorke L.B., 1981: Primary epiduritis

Khurana A.K.; Ahluwalia B.K.; Mehtani V.G., 1986: Primary epitarsus a case report

Berman J.; Perantoni A.; Jackson H.M.; Kingsbury E., 1979: Primary epithelial cell culture of adult rat kidney enhancement of cell growth by ammonium acetate

Terracio L.; Douglas W.H.J.; Pennachio D.; Vena R.L.; Ofner P., 1982: Primary epithelial cell cultures derived from canine prostate isolation culture and characterization

Aranha G.V.; Reyes C.V., 1979: Primary epithelial tumors of the appendix and a reappraisal of the appendiceal mucocele

Paduano L.; Chiella E., 1988: Primary epithelial tumors of the bladder in children

Andiman, W. A., 1976: Primary epstein barr virus infection and thrombocytopenia during late infancy

Krabbe S.; Hesse J.; Uldall P., 1981: Primary epstein barr virus infection in early childhood

Biggar, R. J.; Henle, W.; Fleisher, G.; Bocker, J.; Lennette, E. T.; Henle, G., 1978: Primary epstein barr virus infections in african infants part 1 decline of maternal antibodies and time of injection

Biggar, R. J.; Henle, G.; Bocker, J.; Lennette, E. T.; Fleisher, G.; Henle, W., 1978: Primary epstein barr virus infections in african infants part 2 clinical and serological observations during sero conversion

Sumaya, C. V., 1977: Primary epstein barr virus infections in children

Uehara, M.; Ofuji, S., 1976: Primary eruption of prurigo simplex subacuta

Barajas Martinez J.M.; Loeches Prado N.; Alcala Santaella R., 1986: Primary esophageal carcinoma clinical presentation and evaluation of diagnostic methods

Kato H.; Watanabe H.; IIzuka T.; Ebihara S.; Ono I.; Terui S.; Harii K., 1987: Primary esophageal reconstruction after resection of the cancer in the hypopharynx or cervical esophagus comparison of free forearm skin tube flap free jejunal transplantation and pull through esophagectomy

Pilinskaya M.A.; Kurinnyi A.I.; L'vova T.S.; German I.V., 1980: Primary evaluation of cyto genetic activity and potential mutagenic hazard of 22 pesticides

Terra P.F., 1982: Primary evaluation of forage gramineae by the method of leaf transection

Gerritsma-Van-Der-Vijver, L. M.; Botha, S.; Kruger, A. M. C., 1986: Primary evaluation of plants with regards to chemical composition and activity in other biological systems

Zhou Q.; Et Al, 1982: Primary evaluation of supraorbital artery sphygmography in the diagnosis of apoplexy

Barnaulov O.D.; Limarenko A.Yu; Manicheva O.A., 1980: Primary evaluation of the p vitamin activity of galenic preparations from some polygonum spp and their effect on the development of experimental gastric dystrophy

Barnaulov, O. D.; Bukreeva, T. V.; Kokarev, A. A.; Shevchenko, A. I., 1978: Primary evaluation of the spasmolytic properties of some natural compounds and galenicals

Sharkov A.V.; Pakulev A.V.; Chekalin S.V.; Matveetz Y.A., 1985: Primary events in bacteriorhodopsin probed by subpicosecond spectroscopy

Van Drongelen W.; Pagnotte Y.; Hendriks M.H., 1982: Primary events in odor detection

Lungu A.N.; Zerova G.A.; Chkhikvadze V.M., 1983: Primary evidence on the miocene varanus tyrasiensis new species of the north black sea ussr littoral

Aydin H.; Gorgun B.; Dizdaroglu F., 1979: Primary ewing sarcoma of the mandible

Siegal, G. P.; Oliver, W. R.; Reinus, W. R.; Gilula, L. A.; Foulkes, M. A.; Kissane, J. M.; Askin, F. B., 1987: Primary ewing's sarcoma involving the bones of the head and neck

Shigemitsu, T.; Nomura, T.; Majima, Y., 1985: Primary ewing's sarcoma of the orbital bone with the immunohistochemical observation

Ferlito, A., 1978: Primary ewings sarcoma of the maxilla a clinico pathological study of 4 cases

Thomas P.R.M.; Foulkes M.A.; Gilula L.A.; Burgert E.O.; Evans R.G.; Kissane J.; Nesbit M.E.; Pritchard D.J.; Tefft M.; Vietti T.J., 1983: Primary ewings sarcoma of the ribs a report from the inter group ewings sarcoma study

Hara N.; Kaneko H.; Inoue K.; Watanabe M., 1980: Primary ewings sarcoma of the temporal bone a case

Pariente E.A.; Cerf M.; Corcos D.; Debray C., 1980: Primary exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in the adult a case

Merchant D.J.; Clarke S.M.; Ives K.; Harris S., 1983: Primary explant culture an in vivo model of the human prostate

Baldino F.Jr; Higgins G.A.; Moke M.T.; Wolfson B., 1985: Primary explants as a model of the hypothalamus in situ

Shulkin B.L.; Shapiro B.; Francis I.R.; Dorr R.; Shen S W.; Sisson J.C., 1986: Primary extra adrenal pheochromocytoma positive iodine 123 mibg imaging with negative iodine 131 mibg imaging

Ojeda V.J.; Arandia E.G., 1983: Primary extradural neoplasms causing spinal cord compression

Fitzpatrick J.E.; Gramstad N.D.; Tyler H.Jr, 1981: Primary extragenital cutaneous gonorrhea

Ahmed, N.; Ramos, S.; Sika, J.; Leveen, H. H.; Piccone, V. A., 1976: Primary extramedullary esophageal plasma cytoma 1st case report

Tanimura A.; Koziro M.; Miyoshi T., 1980: Primary extramedullary plasma cytoma of submaxillary lymph node

Langenhuijsen, M. M. A. C.; Eibergen, R.; Halie, M. R., 1976: Primary extranodal hodgkins disease report of 5 cases and survey of the literature

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Juneja S.K.; Dawar R.; Tandon H.D., 1983: Primary extranodal lymphomas an analysis of 138 cases

Sulocka J.; Krajewska B.; Kobierska A., 1981: Primary extranodal malignant lympho reticular tumors

Bettini R.; Chelazzi G.; Incarbone C.; Giardina G., 1982: Primary extranodal malignant non hodgkins lymphomas clinico pathologic correlations in 41 cases

Manoharan, A.; Smart, R. C.; Pitney, W. R., 1986: Primary extranodal non hodgkin's lymphoma

Takahashi, H.; Tezuka, F.; Fujita, S.; Okabe, H., 1987: Primary extranodal non hodgkin's malignant lymphoma of the oral region analysis of 11 autopsy cases

Nguyen G K., 1982: Primary extranodal non hodgkins lymphoma of the extrahepatic bile ducts a case

Travis W.D.; Banks P.M.; Reiman H.M., 1987: Primary extranodal soft tissue lymphoma of the extremities

Skensved H.; Sondergaard G., 1986: Primary extraosseous osteogenic sarcoma in the retroperitoneal space a case report and review of the literature

Giblin M.E.; Shields J.A.; Shields C.L.; Eagle R.C.Jr, 1988: Primary eyelid malignant melanoma associated with primary conjunctival malignant melanoma

Yoonessi M.; Leberer J.P.; Crickard K., 1988: Primary fallopian tube carcinoma treatment and spread pattern

Mondino B.J.; Rabb M.F.; Sugar J.; Raj C.V.S.; Brown S.I., 1981: Primary familial amyloidosis of the cornea

Ogata, J.; Okayama, M.; Goto, I.; Inomata, H.; Yoshida, I.; Omae, T., 1978: Primary familial amyloidosis with vitreous opacities report of an autopsy case

Gray R.G.; Poppo M.J.; Gottlieb N.L., 1979: Primary familial bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome

De Pietro W.P., 1981: Primary familial cutaneous amyloidosis a study of hla antigens in a puerto rican family

Raveh D.; Israeli A.; Gavish D.; Eisenberg S., 1986: Primary familial hyper alpha lipoproteinemia in israel

Van Wingerdern J.J., 1981: Primary familial hyper cholesterolemia in a south african black a case

De Campo C.; Piscopello L.; Noacco C.; Da Col P.; Englaro G.C.; Benedetti A., 1988: Primary familial hypoparathyroidism with an autosomal dominant mode of inheritance

Haas G.H.; Amend S.R., 1979: Primary feather molt of adult mourning doves in north carolina and south carolina usa

Ali M.M.; Klein F.A.; Hazra T.A., 1988: Primary female urethral carcinoma a retrospective comparison of different treatment techniques

Gafter, U.; Mandel, E. M.; Weiss, S.; Djaldetti, M., 1976: Primary fibrinolysis and spontaneous rupture of the spleen in acute lympho blastic leukemia

Sbokos, C. G.; Salama, F. D.; Powerll, V.; Mcmillan, I. K. R., 1977: Primary fibro sarcoma of the diaphragm

Kissler, W., 1977: Primary fibro sarcoma of the right atrium

Arita N.; Ushio Y.; Hayakawa T.; Mogami H., 1980: Primary fibro sarcoma of the skull

Mansfield, J. B., 1977: Primary fibro sarcoma of the skull case report

Crum, C. P.; Feldman, P. S.; Nolan, S. P., 1978: Primary fibro xantho sarcoma of the thoracic aorta

Lombard C.W.; Goldschmidt M.H., 1980: Primary fibroma in the right atrium of a dog

Bengtsson A.; Henriksson K G.; Jorfeldt L.; Kagedal B.; Lennmarken C.; Lindstrom F., 1986: Primary fibromyalgia a clinical and laboratory study of 55 patients

Arigbabu S.O.; Durosinmi Etti F.A.; Oyeneyin J.O.; Ojikutu N.A., 1985: Primary fibrosarcoma of the scalp a review of a 10 year record from lagos nigeria

Goldfischer S.; Kress Y.; Coltoff Schiller B.; Berman J., 1981: Primary fixation in osmium potassium ferro cyanide the staining of glycogen glyco proteins elastin an intra nuclear reticular structure and inter cisternal trabeculae

Mori, K.; Cho, H.; Som, M., 1977: Primary flat melanoma of the trachea

Giordano P.A.; Prosperi E.; Bottiroli G., 1984: Primary fluorescence of rat muscle after carbon dioxide laser thermal injury

Fukuta K.; Nishida T.; Mochizuki K., 1980: Primary formation of germinal centers in the chick spleen after injection with sheep red blood cells

Zhukov, V. M., 1977: Primary free epidermato plasty in surgical treatment of patients with skin melanoma

Haussmann P., 1982: Primary free tissue transfer from nonreplantable parts of amputated fingers

Summers, R. G.; Hylander, B. L., 1976: Primary gamete binding quantitative determination of its specificity in echinoid fertilization

Talerman A.; Gratama S., 1983: Primary ganglio neuro blastoma of the anterior mediastinum in a 61 year old woman

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Wurzel J.; Brooks J.J., 1981: Primary gastric chorio carcinoma immuno histochemistry post mortem documentation and hormonal effects in a post menopausal female

Fukuda Y.; Sakurai M.; Matsuura N., 1985: Primary gastric choriocarcinoma report of an autopsy case with immunohistochemical study

Bo, Y., 1985: Primary gastric hodgkin's disease

De-Gaetani, C. F.; Botticelli, C. S.; Rigo, G. P., 1977: Primary gastric lympho plasmacytoid malignant lymphoma gastric plasma cytoma an endoscopic cytologic diagnosis

Obara K.; Sato H.; Kurihara Y.; Igarashi T.; Kasukawa R., 1980: Primary gastric lympho sarcoma showing mixed findings of superficial spreading form and protruded form

Palestro, G.; Poggio, E.; Leonardo, E.; Coda, R., 1977: Primary gastric lymphoid proliferations immunological criteria to distinguish gastric lymphoma from reactive hyperplasia

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Casellas F.; Julia A.; Salas A.; Molero J.; Accarino A.; Vargas V.; Guarner L., 1986: Primary gastric lymphoma a study of 23 cases

Jarczok K.; Luciak M.; Kardaszewicz S.; Huzarski J., 1987: Primary gastric lymphoma a survey of 7 cases

Moore I.; Wright D.H., 1984: Primary gastric lymphoma a tumor of mucosa associated lymphoid tissue a histological and immunohistochemical study of 36 cases

Shimm D.S.; Dosoretz D.E.; Anderson T.; Linggood R.M.; Harris N.L.; Wang C.C., 1983: Primary gastric lymphoma an analysis with emphasis on prognostic factors and radiation therapy

Kini, S. U.; Pai, P. K.; Rao, P. K.; Kini, A. U., 1986: Primary gastric lymphoma associated with crohn's disease of the stomach

Nishiwaki K., 1987: Primary gastric lymphoma clinicopathological study of 27 cases using lymphoma study group lsg classification working formulation for clinical usage wfcu and lukes collins classification

Mctamaney J.P.; Neifeld J.P.; Mendezpicon G.; Lee H.M., 1981: Primary gastric lymphoma following renal transplantation

Jimenez Bernado A.A.T.; Garcia Gil A.; Ortiz De Solorzano Aurusa J.; Gonzalez Moran J.M.; Lamata Hernandez F.; Gonzalez Gonzalez M., 1987: Primary gastric lymphoma personal experience and review of the literature

Al Bahrani Z.; Bakir F.; Al Saleem T.; Al Eshaiker M.; Al Mondhiry H., 1982: Primary gastric lymphoma review of 32 cases from iraq

Bolondi L.; Casanova P.; Caletti G.C.; Grigioni W.; Zani L.; Barbara L., 1987: Primary gastric lymphoma versus gastric carcinoma endoscopic us evaluation

Fork, F. T.; Haglund, U.; Hogstrom, H.; Wehlin, L., 1985: Primary gastric lymphoma vs. gastric cancer an endoscopic and radiographic study of differential diagnostic possibilities

Saito K.; Kuribayashi K.; Nishihara T.; Takano Y.; Ieda K.; Tonoda S.; Kawashima H.; Ishimoto K.; Nakamine H., 1986: Primary gastric lymphoma with intranuclear inclusions an immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study

Cavallo G.; Medolla A.; Roccamonte G.; Baldi F., 1986: Primary gastric lymphomas

Brooks J.J.; Enterline H.T., 1983: Primary gastric lymphomas a clinico pathologic study of 58 cases with long term follow up and literature review

Abrao A.; Kowalski L.P.; Possik R.A.; Wohnrath D.R.; Pires D.R.R.; Asai M.; Cappellano R.S.L.; Alves A.C., 1984: Primary gastric lymphomas analysis of 19 cases

Liu X.; Huang Y., 1987: Primary gastric malignant lymphoma analysis of 40 patients

Shani, A.; Schutt, A. J.; Weiland, L. H., 1978: Primary gastric malignant lymphoma followed by gastric adeno carcinoma report of 4 cases and review of the literature

Szili M.; Domjan L., 1982: Primary gastric mycosis caused by trichosporon cutaneum

Okudera, D., 1987: Primary gastric non hodgkin's lymphoma a patho histological and immunohistochemical study of 12 cases

Kanavaros P.; Lavergne A.; Galian A.; Houdart R.; Bernard J.F., 1988: Primary gastric peripheral t cell malignant lymphoma with helper inducer phenotype first case report with a complete histological ultrastructural and immunochemical study

Ferrer Roca O., 1982: Primary gastric plasma cytoma with massive intra cytoplasmic crystalline inclusions a case

Lewin K.J.; Yang K.; Ulich T.; Elashoff J.D.; Walsh J., 1984: Primary gastrin cell hyperplasia report of 5 cases and a review of the literature

Weingrad D.N.; Decosse J.J.; Sherlock P.; Straus D.; Lieberman P.H.; Filippa D.A., 1982: Primary gastro intestinal lymphoma a 30 year review

Kaufman Z.; Eliashiv A.; Shpitz B.; Witz M.; Griffel B.; Dinbar A., 1984: Primary gastro intestinal lymphoma a review of 21 cases

Isaacson P.; Wright D.H.; Judd M.A.; Mepham B.L., 1979: Primary gastro intestinal lymphomas a classification of 66 cases

Spagnoli I.; Gattoni F.; Mazzoni R.; Uslenghi C., 1983: Primary gastro intestinal plasma cytoma 3 cases

Crowley K.S.; Don G.; Gibson G.E.; Juttner C.A.; Miliauskas J.R., 1982: Primary gastro intestinal tract lymphoma a clinico pathological study of 28 cases

Ampil F.L., 1987: Primary gastrointestinal lymphoma

Aozasa K.; Tsujimoto M.; Inoue A.; Nakagawa K.; Hanai J.; Kurata A.; Nosaka J., 1985: Primary gastrointestinal lymphoma a clinicopathologic study of 102 patients

Dajani Y.F.; Al Jitawi S., 1983: Primary gastrointestinal lymphoma in jordan

Omar Y.T.; Al Nakib B.; Jacob G.S.; Ali S.M.; Temmim L.; Radhakrishnan S.; Fayaz M.S., 1985: Primary gastrointestinal lymphoma in kuwait an 11 year retrospective analysis of 108 cases

Hargrove N.S.; Issaragrisil R.; Noiklang P.; Piankijagum A., 1985: Primary gastrointestinal lymphoma in thailand

Back H.; Gustavsson B.; Ridell B.; Rodjer S.; Westin J., 1986: Primary gastrointestinal lymphoma incidence clinical presentation and surgical approach

Papadimitriou C.S.; Papacharalampous N.X.; Kittas C., 1985: Primary gastrointestinal malignant lymphomas a morphologic and immunohistochemical study

Kajanti M.; Karkinen Jaaskelainen M.; Rissanen P., 1988: Primary gastrointestinal non hodgkin lymphoma a review of 36 cases

Dragosics B.; Bauer P.; Radaszkiewicz T., 1985: Primary gastrointestinal non hodgkins lymphomas a retrospective clinicopathologic study of 150 cases

Berbers G.A.M.; Boerman O.C.; Bloemendal H.; De Jong W.W., 1982: Primary gene products of bovine beta crystallin and reassociation behavior of its aggregates

Wilkins D.E.; Hallett M.; Erba G., 1985: Primary generalized epileptic myoclonus a frequent manifestation of minipolymyoclonus of central origin

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