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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6184

Chapter 6184 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Levy J P.; Gomard E.; Wybier Franqui J., 1981: Primary generation in vitro of t killer lymphocytes directed against virus induced tumors in the presence of interleukin 2

Macdonald H.R.; Lees R.K., 1979: Primary generation of cytolytic thymus derived lymphocytes in the absence of dna synthesis

Kunoh H.; Aist J.R.; Israel H.W., 1979: Primary germ tubes and host cells penetrations from appressoria of erysiphe graminis hordei

Stark E.; Knehans A.; Wurster U.; Patzold U., 1986: Primary germinoma of the brain immunocytochemical demonstration of tumor cells in the cerebrospinal fluid

Ginesin Y.; Bolkier M.; Nachmias J.; Levin D.R., 1988: Primary giant calculus in urethral diverticulum

Ferlito A.; Friedmann J.; Recher G., 1985: Primary giant cell carcinoma of the larynx a clinicopathological study of 4 cases

Cottrell B.D.; Barnett K.C., 1988: Primary glaucoma in the welsh springer spaniel

Estin C.; Vernadakis A., 1986: Primary glial cells and brain fibroblasts interactions in culture

Norbut A.M.; Mendelow H., 1981: Primary glio blastoma multiforme of the pineal region with lepto meningeal metastases a case report

Price A.C.; Runge V.M.; Allen J.H.; Partain C.L.; James A.E.Jr, 1986: Primary glioma diagnosis with magnetic resonance imaging

Yum M.; Maxwell D.R.; Hamburger R.; Kleit S.A., 1984: Primary glomerulonephritis complicating diabetic nephropathy 7 cases and review of the literature

Chan M.K.; Yin P.D.; Chan K.W., 1988: Primary glomerulonephritis in hong kong

Deprettere A.J.R.; Van Acker K.J.; Eggermont E.; Carchon H.; Evens M., 1980: Primary glucose galactose mal absorption

Ahmed S.R.; Shalet S.M.; Campbell R.H.A.; Deakin D.P., 1983: Primary gonadal damage following treatment of brain tumors in childhood

Murphy D.M.; Zincke H.; Furlow W.L., 1980: Primary grade 1 transitional cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis and ureter

Simon E.W.; Parker J.; Bohannon J.N.IIi, 1979: Primary grade childrens memory for parts of speech

Lee L.; Naraqi S., 1980: Primary gram negative pneumonia in adults in papua new guinea

Muldoon D.K.; Pearson C.J., 1979: Primary growth and re growth of the tropical tall grass hybrid pennisetum at different temperatures

Gjosaeter H.; Tilseth S., 1982: Primary growth increments in otoliths of cod larvae gadus morhua of the arcto norwegian cod stock

Gjosaeter H., 1987: Primary growth increments in otoliths of six tropical myctophid species

Gjosaeter J.; Monstad T., 1985: Primary growth rings in otoliths of barents sea capelin mallotus villosus

Kefeli, V. I.; Amrhein, N. G., 1977: Primary growth stages of the hypocotyl of buckwheat

Sheldon W.G.; Curtis M.; Kodell R.L.; Weed L., 1983: Primary harderian gland neoplasms in mice

Morris D.M.; Reed W.; Cunningham M., 1984: Primary head and neck reconstruction with a simultaneous ipsilateral pectoralis major myo cutaneous flap and a delto pectoral flap

Schweiger, M.; Schellerer, W., 1978: Primary healing of the sacral cavity after proctectomy a solvable surgical problem

Who, 1978: Primary health care a joint report by the director general of who and the executive director of the united nations childrens fund international conference alma ata ussr september 6 12 1978

Gunaratne, V. T. H., 1978: Primary health care an international perspective

Jaramillo J.; Pineda C.; Contreras G., 1984: Primary health care in marginal urban areas the costa rican model

Jelley D.; Madeley R.J., 1984: Primary health care in practice a study in mozambique

Sanchez J.L.A.; Sanchis Bayarri Vaillant V., 1986: Primary health care in rural areas a comparison with urban areas

Solarsh, G.; Irwig, L. M.; Reinach, S. G.; Muller, E. J., 1982: Primary health care nurse training in kwazulu south africa an evaluation of diagnostic flow charts vs. a conventional training method

Schmaltz A.A.; Apitz J., 1981: Primary heart tumors in infancy and childhood 4 cases and a review literature

Ishikawa K.; Tsuya T.; Shirato C.; Kanemitsu H.; Yokoyama N.; Maeda S.; Fukuzumi N.; Tohno T., 1981: Primary hem angio peri cytoma of the heart

Yang Z.; Hu Y.; Wang Z.; Jiang Z.; Zhao H., 1982: Primary hem angio peri cytoma of the lung the clinico pathological findings of 2 cases

Waizbard E.; Iellin A.; Stavorovsky M.; Jossipov I., 1982: Primary hem angio sarcoma of the spleen

Sordillo E.M.; Sordillo P.P.; Hajdu S.I., 1981: Primary hem angio sarcoma of the spleen 4 cases

Hermann G.G.; Fogh J.; Graem N.; Hansen O.P.; Hippe E., 1984: Primary hem angio sarcoma of the spleen with angio scintigraphic demonstration of metastases

Rao K.K.; Kumar H.N.; Rao R.V., 1986: Primary hemangiosarcoma of the tongue

Esteban A.; Molina Negro P., 1986: Primary hemifacial spasm a neurophysiological study

Horswell B.B.; Holmes A.D.; Barnett J.S.; Hookey S.R., 1987: Primary hemihypertrophy of the face review and report of two cases

Dabestani A.; Child J.S.; Henze E.; Perloff J.K.; Schon H.; Figueroa W.G.; Schelbert H.R.; Thessomboon S., 1984: Primary hemo chromatosis anatomic and physiologic characteristics of the cardiac ventricles and their response to phlebotomy

Escobar G.J.; Heyman M.B.; Smith W.B.; Thaler M.M., 1987: Primary hemochromatosis in childhood

Tokarev Yu N.; Soboleva S.S.; Tsvetaeva N.V.; Pevtsova A.I.; Glasko E.N.; Kulagin M.N.; Kolodei S.V.; Il'inskaya I.I., 1984: Primary hemopoietic dysplasia as a prestage of acute leukemia

Carosi G.; Maccabruni A.; Michelone G.; Viale P.; Cavanna C., 1985: Primary hepatic aspergillosis report of a case

Borda F.; Fortun M.T.; Munoz M.; Tiberio G.; Uribarrena R.; Martinez B.; Zozoya J.M.; Vidan J.R., 1987: Primary hepatic cancer navarre spain epidemiological study of 102 cases

Sandlow L.J.; Spellberg M.A., 1980: Primary hepatic carcinoma its incidence and relationship to hepatitis b surface antigen

Wu M.; Chen H.; Zhang X.; Yao X.; Yang J., 1980: Primary hepatic carcinoma resection over 18 years

Maki H.S.; Hubert B.C.; Sajjad S.M.; Kirchner J.P.; Kuehner M.E., 1987: Primary hepatic leiomyosarcoma

Aghai E.; Quitt M.; Lurie M.; Antal S.; Cohen L.; Bitterman H.; Froom P., 1987: Primary hepatic lymphoma presenting as symptomatic immune thrombocytopenic purpura

Talamo T.S.; Dekker A.; Gurecki J.; Singh G., 1980: Primary hepatic malignant lymphoma its occurrence in a patient with chronic active hepatitis cirrhosis and hepato cellular carcinoma associated with hepatitis viral infection

Bile K.; Aceti A.; Hagi M.A.; Paparo B.S.; Pennica A.; Celestino D.; Sebastiani A., 1987: Primary hepatitis a virus infection in developing countries decline of maternal antibodies and time of infection

Chung W.K.; Sun H.S.; Park D.H.; Minuk G.Y.; Hoofnagle J.H., 1983: Primary hepato cellular carcinoma and hepatitis b virus infection in korea

Nakao Y.; Matsumoto H.; Okubo A.; Miyazaki T.; Iwasaki Y.; Okimoto K.; Yoshiba A.; Kumada H.; Fujita T., 1983: Primary hepato cellular carcinoma and immuno globulin g heavy chain allotypes

Heyward W.L.; Lanier A.P.; Bender T.R.; Hardison H.H.; Dohan P.H.; Mcmahon B.J.; Francis D.P., 1981: Primary hepato cellular carcinoma in alaskan natives 1969 1979

Coursaget P.; Maupas P.; Goudeau A.; Chiron J P.; Drucker J.; Denis F.; Diop Mar I., 1980: Primary hepato cellular carcinoma in inter tropical africa relationship between age and hepatitis b virus etiology

Atiyeh M.; Ali M.A., 1980: Primary hepato cellular carcinoma in saudi arabia a clinico pathological study of 54 cases

Lightdale C.J.; Ikram H.; Pinsky C., 1980: Primary hepato cellular carcinoma with hepatitis b antigenemia effects of chemo therapy

Gasser R.W.; Judmaier G.; Nedden D.Z.; Aufschnaiter M.; Hofstaedter F., 1983: Primary hepato cellular carcinoma with hepatitis b virus infection in a 16 year old noncirrhotic patient

Markovic S., 1985: Primary hepatocellular carcinoma

Wu T.C.; Tong M.J.; Hwang B.; Lee S D.; Hu M.M., 1987: Primary hepatocellular carcinoma and hepatitis b infection during childhood

Hong J.; Zhao T., 1987: Primary hepatocellular carcinoma and immunogenetic marker for human chromosome 14q32 igg heavy chain allotype gm

Seaward P.G.R.; Koch M.A.T.; Mitchell R.W.; Merrell D.A., 1986: Primary hepatocellular carcinoma in pregnancy a case report

Markham N.; Ritson A.; James O.; Curtin N.; Bassendine M.; Sikora K., 1986: Primary hepatocellular carcinoma localized by a radiolabeled monoclonal antibody

D"skarev L.; Tonev S., 1980: Primary hereditary lymph edema nonne milroy meige disease

Fiumara N.J.; Schmidt Ulrick B.; Comite H., 1980: Primary herpes simplex and primary syphilis a description of 7 cases

Watkinson A.C., 1982: Primary herpes simplex in a dentist

Greene G.R.; King D.; Romansky S.G.; Marble R.D., 1983: Primary herpes simplex pneumonia in a neo nate

Stern G.A.; Zam Z.S.; Gutgesell V.J., 1981: Primary herpes simplex subepithelial dendritic keratitis

Raskov H.H., 1988: Primary herpes simplex with neurological manifestations

Mahoney, J. P.; Alexander, R. W., 1980: Primary histiocytic lymphoma of bone a light and ultrastructural study of 4 cases

Cohen Y.; Bergman R.; Friedman Birnbaum R.; Naim N.; Haim S., 1985: Primary histiocytic lymphoma of skin and subcutaneous tissues

Cato A.R., 1981: Primary histiocytic lymphoma of the bladder

Thomas, C. V.; Kennedy, B. J., 1986: Primary hodgkin's disease of the skull following a 3 year history of pseudotumor cerebri

Stein H.A.; Murray D.; Warner H.A., 1981: Primary hodgkins disease of the esophagus

Nagashima K.; Mori S.; Yoshimasu N.; Takahashi K., 1980: Primary hodgkins disease of the falx cerebri

Homan R.; Lechner K.; Neumann E.; Moritz H.; Czembirek H.; Resch F., 1983: Primary hodgkins disease of the lung a case review of the literature

Xie B.; Et Al, 1985: Primary hodgkins disease of the lung report of two cases

Geboes K.; Bossaert H.; Dooms M T.; Helewaut J., 1980: Primary hodgkins disease of the stomach in a 72 year old man

De Baets M.; Vanholder R.; Eeckhaut W.; Hamers J.; Van Hove W.; De Roose J.; Vermeulen A.; Roels H.; Van Breda Vriesman P.J.C., 1981: Primary hodgkins disease of the thyroid a case demonstrated by immuno peroxidase positive reed sternberg cells

Ullrich, R. C.; Raper, J. R., 1975: Primary homothallism relation to heterothallism in the regulation of sexual morphogenesis in sistotrema brinkmannii

Sebesteny A.; Taylor Papadimitriou J.; Ceriani R.; Millis R.; Schmitt C.; Trevan D., 1979: Primary human breast carcinomas transplantable in the nude mouse

Dainiak N.; Kreczko S.; Cohen A.; Pannell R.; Lawler J., 1985: Primary human marrow cultures for erythroid bursts in a serum substituted system

Begley C.G.; Metcalf D.; Nicola N.A., 1987: Primary human myeloid leukemia cells comparative responsiveness to proliferative stimulation by gm csf or g csf and membrane expression of csf receptors

Ho D.D.; Sarngadharan M.G.; Resnick L.; Dimarzo Veronese F.; Rota T.R.; Hirsch M.S., 1985: Primary human t lymphotropic virus type iii infection

Gonzalez Orus Marcos J.M.; Ortega Martin Corral L.E.; Marin Perez Tabernero A.; Sanchez Rodriguez A.; Montero Gomez J.; Gomez Alonso A., 1985: Primary hydatid cysts of infrequent localization

Missas S.; Gouliamos A.; Kourias E.; Kalovidouris A., 1987: Primary hydatid disease of the pancreas

Chretien M.; Lis M.; Lariviere N.; Lefebvre R.; Gutkowska J.; Hamet P.; Seidah N.G.; Genest J., 1982: Primary hyper aldo steronism a pituitary adrenal dys function related to a new pituitary glyco peptide?

Geisinger M.A.; Zelch M.G.; Bravo E.L.; Risius B.F.; O'donovan P.B.; Borkowski G.P., 1983: Primary hyper aldo steronism comparison of computed tomography adrenal venography and venous sampling

Oberfield S.E.; Levine L.S.; Firpo A.; Lawrence D.Sr; Stoner E.; Levy D.J.; Sen S.; New M.I., 1984: Primary hyper aldo steronism in childhood due to unilateral macro nodular hyperplasia a case

Briones E.R.; Steiger D.; Palumbo P.J.; Kottke B.A., 1984: Primary hyper cholesterolemia effect of treatment on serum lipids lipo protein fractions cholesterol absorption sterol balance and platelet aggregation

Warburton D.; Lew C.D.; Platzker A.C.G., 1981: Primary hyper insulinemia reduces surface active material flux in tracheal fluid of fetal lambs

Orrico, D.; Ferrari, G.; Fiaschi, A., 1977: Primary hyper lipemia and peripheral neuropathy neuro physiological study

Strunge, P.; Trostmann, A. F., 1976: Primary hyper lipo proteinemia in a danish family

Hessel, L. W.; Vermeer, B. J.; Polano, M. K.; De-Jonge, H.; De-Pagter, H. A. T.; Van-Gent, C. M., 1976: Primary hyper lipo proteinemia in xanthomatosis

Holmgren, G.; Hornstrom, T.; Johansson, S.; Samuelson, G., 1978: Primary hyper oxaluria glycolic acid variant a clinical and genetical investigation of 8 cases

Chang Chien Y.; Liaw K Y.; Tu Y K.; Chang C C.; Chen F W., 1980: Primary hyper parathyroidism

Rao, D. S.; Frame, B.; Block, M. A.; Parfitt, A. M., 1977: Primary hyper parathyroidism a cause of hyper calciuria and renal stones in patients with medullary sponge kidney

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Weinberger, C.; Brick, I., 1982: Primary hypo blast development in the chick 1. scanning electron microscopy of normal development

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Rush J.A.; Kennerdell J.S.; Martinez A.J., 1982: Primary idiopathic inflammation of the optic nerve

Wengert, P. A. Jr ; Azizkhan, R. G., 1970: Primary idiopathic segmental infarction of the greater omentum

Lopukhin-Yu, M.; Petrov, R. V.; Koval'chuk, L. V., 1977: Primary immune deficiency diseases of humans

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Rastan S., 1982: Primary nonrandom x inactivation caused by controlling elements in the mouse demonstrated at the cellular level

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Yarnell, P.; Earnest, M. P., 1976: Primary nontraumatic intra cranial hemorrhage a municipal emergency hospital viewpoint

Kramer, S. A.; Bredael, J.; Croker, B. P.; Paulson, D. F.; Glenn, J. F., 1978: Primary nonurachal adeno carcinoma of the bladder

Bagatin M., 1985: Primary nose reconstruction in cleft lips

Novikov A.N.; Kuleshova L.G.; Prisyazhnyuk V.A., 1980: Primary nucleation of ice crystals in biological systems

Mires, D., 1976: Primary nursing of carp fingerlings in tanks

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Dixon A.Y.; Reed J.S.; Dow N.; Lee S.H., 1984: Primary omental leio myo sarcoma masquerading as hemorrhagic ascites

De Vries K.; Mitrani A.; Sharf M., 1980: Primary omental pregnancy associated with an intra uterine device

Brod S.A.; Spencer S.S.; Kim J.H., 1988: Primary omphalomesenteric adenocarcinoma with metastases to the brain

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Nakase Y., 1987: Primary open angle glaucoma in high myopia report 2 effect of high myopia on glaucomatous cupping of the optic disc

Laduca J.N.; Bone L.L.; Seibel R.W.; Border J.R., 1980: Primary open reduction and internal fixation of open fractures

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Almeras Y.; Elmi S., 1983: Primary organic production and deep oceanic circulation main factors controlling the spread of brachiopods jurassic recent

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Jock D.E.; Schwartz P.E.; Portnoy L., 1981: Primary ovarian hydatidiform mole addition of a 6th case to the literature

Cronje H.S.; Woodruff J.D., 1981: Primary ovarian malignant melanoma arising in cystic teratoma

Casetti M.; Gardi G.; Pamio C.; Grismondi G.L., 1985: Primary ovarian pregnancy a case simultaneous with an intrauterine pregnancy and a case associated with the gravigard intrauterine contraceptive device

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Aleem F.A.; Kim E.S., 1981: Primary ovarian pregnancy and the intra uterine contraceptive device

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Spinapolice R.X.; Hayet R., 1984: Primary ovarian pregnancy report of a case

Acien P.; Sanmartin M.; Arcas I.; Ferrando J.; De Francisco Pavon J.L., 1987: Primary ovarian pregnancy with intrauterine device in situ

Gupta O.P.; Guirguis M.N.; Diejomaoh F.M.E., 1984: Primary ovarian sarcoma a case report

Kashima T.; Saito T.; Hara I.; Abe N.; Shinoda M.; Miyashita I.; Nomura Y.; Shirota K.; Saito Y., 1982: Primary ovarian tumors in swine

Sahin, A.; Benda, J. A., 1988: Primary ovarian wilms' tumor

Vukhrer V., 1979: Primary over growing of the drying up aral sea shore ussr

Choi Y.; Chi J.G.; Kwon K.H.; Ko K.W., 1986: Primary oxalosis an autopsy case

Will E.J.; Bijvoet O.L.M., 1979: Primary oxalosis clinical and biochemical response to high dose pyridoxine therapy

Reichelt H.G., 1987: Primary oxalosis of the adult scintigraphic and radiologic findings of oxalosis nephropathy oxalosis arthro enthesiopathy and oxalosis cardiomyopathy review of literature

Hamaya K.; Ohishi K., 1980: Primary oxalosis with cardiac manifestations

Massie B.M.; Bharati S.; Scheinman M.M.; Lev M.; Desai J.; Rubeson E.; Schmidt W., 1981: Primary oxalosis with pan conduction cardiac disease electro physiologic and anatomic correlation

Velev S., 1986: Primary oxidation products of kashkaval fats upon ripening in the conditions of movilit dmc 2 and in inert gas

Terwindt V.A.M.; Misere J.F.M.M.; Van Etten R.J.X.M., 1982: Primary pachydermo periostosis

Will L.A.; Meller S.M., 1981: Primary palatal development in the chick

Akagawa T., 1985: Primary palatoplasty

Overholt B.F.; Hargrove R.L.; Farris R.K.; Porter F.R., 1987: Primary panendoscopy

Takahashi Y.; Matsuda S.; Kuriyama M.; Ban Y.; Nishiura T., 1986: Primary papillary adenocarcinoma of renal pelvis a case report and review of the literature

Gohji K.; Denn J.; Hamami G.; Kamidono S.; Saitoh H.; Suemitu H., 1986: Primary papillary adenocarcinoma of the prostate a case report

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Persson S.; Hansson G.; Hedman I.; Tisell L E.; Wideehn S., 1986: Primary parathyroid hyperplasia of water clear cell type transformation of water clear cells into chief cells

Tanigaito Y.; Furuuchi I., 1987: Primary parotid gland actinomycosis a case report

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