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Primary production and physiological characteristics of the phyto plankton of lake shartash russian sfsr ussr/

Ekologiya (Moscow) (4): 39-46

Primary production and physiological characteristics of the phyto plankton of lake shartash russian sfsr ussr/

Data were presented on the determination of water temperature and transparency, the concentration of chlorophyll a and suspended organic matter, as well as on the primary production and destruction of plankton in the mesotrophic lake. The possibility was discussed of using these data for evaluation of productivity and water quality. An explanation is given for the nonlinear nature of the correlation between the daily assimilation number and chlorophyll a content. Intense accumulation of organic matter was found in the lake, which is used for recreational purposes.

Accession: 006184140

Related references

Berdysheva G.V.; Vasil'chikova A.P., 1984: Primary production of plankton in lake shartash russian sfsr ussr. Information on the primary phytoplankton production given for Lake Shartash, characterizes it as a water body of high productivity.

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