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Primary profile bioturbation and macro fauna as indices of sand transport in the coastal region off norderney north sea part 2 zonation and distribution of macro fauna

Doerjes, J.

Senckenbergiana Maritima 8(4-6): 171-188


ISSN/ISBN: 0080-889X
Accession: 006184324

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Between the high water line and the 40 m-depth contour biological samples for quantitative studies of macrofauna were taken along a profile running in a right angle to the shore-line. Due to different water depths and hydraulic energies which influence the geomorphology and the distribution of sediments, 4 macrobenthic communities were established. The nearshore Haustorius arenarius community inhabits the sedimentological zone I. Zone III is inhabited by the Macoma baltica community and zone IV by the Venus gallina community. A 4th community, the Amphiura filiformis community, occurs in water depths which were not analyzed geologically.

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