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Primary secondary and tertiary alpha alpha n di substituted alkylamines synthesis and pharmacology

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 12(4): 351-359

Primary secondary and tertiary alpha alpha n di substituted alkylamines synthesis and pharmacology

A series of primary secondary and tertiary alkylamines, .alpha.,.alpha.-disubstituted, saturated or unsaturated, were prepared. The 2 most common syntheses were Ritter's reaction on tertiary alkanols and Hofman's degradation reaction on .alpha.,.alpha.:disubstituted alkylamides. The pharmacological study with rats gave clear indication of an antiparkinsonian activity. They showed a common profile characterized by an inhibitory action of the neuroleptic and reserpinic catatonia and a lack of cholinolytic properties. A comparison made between dipropyl-1,1 butylamine and other parkinsonians (L-dopa, apomorphine, amphetamine and particularly amantadine), showed the former to be the most active product.

Accession: 006184566

Related references

Shaw, A.W.; Desolms,, 2001: Asymmetric synthesis of alpha,alpha-diaryl and alpha-aryl-alpha-heteroaryl alkylamines by organometallic additions to N-tert-butanesulfinyl ketimines. Organometallic addition to tert-butanesufinyl ketimines derived from diaryl and aryl-heteroaryl ketones provided the corresponding alpha,alpha-diaryl and alpha-aryl-alpha-heteroaryl alkylamines in good yield with high diastereoselectivity. In many...

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