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Primary structure of 3 transfer rna from brewers yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae proline transfer rna 2 histidine transfer rna 1 and histidine transfer rna 2

Biochimie (Paris) 65(11-12): 661-672

Primary structure of 3 transfer rna from brewers yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae proline transfer rna 2 histidine transfer rna 1 and histidine transfer rna 2

The primary structures of 3 brewer's yeast tRNAs (tRNA2Pro, tRNA1His and tRNA2His) are presented. The U* in the anticodon U*-G-G of tRNA2Pro is probably a derivative of U; tRNA2Pro has 80% homology with mammalian tRNAsPro. tRNA1His and tRNA2His differ by only 5 nucleotides; they have identical anticodons and may therefore recognize both codons for histidine; they have an additional nucleotide at the 5' end. As in all other sequenced tRNAsHis this nucleotide is not paired with the 4th nucleotide from acceptor adenosine. All 3 sequenced tRNAs have a low degree of homology with their counterparts from yeast mitochondria.

Accession: 006184743

Related references

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