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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6186

Chapter 6186 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Offner, G.D.; Brown-Mason, A.S.; Ehrhardt, M.M.; Troxler, R.F., 1981:
Primary structure of phycocyanin from the uni cellular rhodophyte cyanidium caldarium 1. complete amino acid sequence of the alpha subunit

Troxler, R.F.; Ehrhardt, M.M.; Brown-Mason, A.S.; Offner, G.D., 1981:
Primary structure of phycocyanin from the uni cellular rhodophyte cyanidium caldarium 2. complete amino acid sequence of the beta subunit

McKern, N.M.; O'Donnell, I.J.; Stewart, D.J.; Clark, B.L., 1985:
Primary structure of pilin protein from Bacteroides nodosus strain 216: comparison with the corresponding protein from strain 198

Tragardh L.; Rask L.; Wiman K.; Peterson P.A., 1979:
Primary structure of pooled papain solubilized hla a hla b and hla c antigens

Sepulveda, P.; Marciniszyn, J.J. ; Liu, D.; Tang, J., 1975:
Primary structure of porcine pepsin ec part 3 amino acid sequence of a cyanogen bromide fragment cb 2a and the complete structure of porcine pepsin

Chen, K.C.S.; Tao, N.; Tang, J., 1975:
Primary structure of porcine pepsin part 1 purification and placement of cyanogen bromide fragments and the amino acid sequence of fragment cb 5

Marciniszyn, J.J. ; Sepulveda, P.; Huang, W.Y.; Lanier, J.P.; Tang, J., 1975:
Primary structure of porcine pepsin part 2 amino acid sequence of 2 cyanogen bromide fragments cb 3 and cb 4

Brunisholz R.A.; Rickli E.E., 1981:
Primary structure of porcine plasminogen isolation and characterization of cyanogen bromide fragments and their alignment within the poly peptide chain

Beachey, E.H.; Seyer, J.M.; Kang, A.H., 1980:
Primary structure of protective antigens of type 24 streptococcal M protein

Alakhov-Yu, B.; Dovgas, N.V.; Vinokurov, L.M.; Vel'moga, I.S.; Ovchinnikov-Yu, A., 1978:
Primary structure of protein l 10 from escherichia coli strain mre 600 ribosomes

Pearlstone, J.R.; Carpenter, M.R.; Smillie, L.B., 1977:
Primary structure of rabbit skeletal muscle troponin t purification of cyanogen bromide fragments and the amino acid sequence of fragment cyanogen bromide 2

Pearlstone, J.R.; Carpenter, M.R.; Smillie, L.B., 1977:
Primary structure of rabbit skeletal muscle troponin t sequence determination of 4 cyanogen bromide fragments cyanogen bromide 4 cyanogen bromide 5 cyanogen bromide 6 and cyanogen bromide 7

Pearlstone, J.R.; Johnson, P.; Carpenter, M.R.; Smillie, L.B., 1977:
Primary structure of rabbit skeletal muscle troponin t sequence determination of the amino terminal fragment cyanogen bromide 3 and the complete sequence of troponin t

Misumi Y.; Tashiro K.; Hattori M.; Sakaki Y.; Ikehara Y., 1988:
Primary structure of rat liver alkaline phosphatase deduced from its complementary dna

Oka S.; Itoh N.; Kawasaki T.; Yamashina I., 1987:
Primary structure of rat liver mannan binding protein deduced from its complementary dna sequence

White, T.J.; Mross, G.A.; Osserman, E.F.; Wilson, A.C., 1977:
Primary structure of rat lysozyme

Gallagher, M.J.; Chan, Y.L.; Lin, A.; Wool, I.G., 1988:
Primary structure of rat ribosomal protein L36a

Haritos, A.A.; Blacher, R.; Stein, S.; Caldarella, J.; Horecker, B.L., 1985:
Primary structure of rat thymus prothymosin alpha

Artamonov, I.D.; Zolotarev, A.S.; Kostina, M.B.; Khoroshilova, N.I.; Feigina, M.Y. ; Abdulaev, N.G., 1983:
Primary structure of rhod opsin 1. cyanogen bromide peptides

Zolotarev, A.S.; Mitaleva, S.I.; Shemyakin, V.V.; Kostina, M.B.; Feigina, M.Y. ; Abdulaev, N.G., 1983:
Primary structure of rhod opsin 2. chymotryptic peptides

Rupasov, V.V.; Afanas'ev, B.N.; Adyshev, D.M.; Kozlov-Yu, V., 1986:
Primary structure of rna 1 and rna 3 3' end sites in the barley stripe mosaic virus

Ovchinnikov Y.A.; Sverdlov E.D.; Lipkin V.M.; Monastyrskaya G.S.; Chertov O.Yu; Gubanov V.V.; Gur'ev S.O.; Modyanov N.N.; Grinkevich V.A.; E.A., 1980:
Primary structure of rna polymerase from escherichia coli nucleotide sequence of eco r i fragment c of gene rpo b and amino acid sequence of the corresponding fragment of beta subunit

Monastyrskaya G.S.; Gubanov V.V.; Gur'ev S.O.; Lipkin V.M.; Sverdlov E.D., 1980:
Primary structure of rna polymerase from escherichia coli nucleotide sequence of the rpob gene fragment and corresponding amino terminal amino acid sequence of the beta subunit

Ovchinnikov Y.A.; Monastyrskaya G.S.; Gubanov V.V.; Salomantina I.S.; Shuvaeva T.M.; Lipkin V.M.; Sverdlov E.D., 1981:
Primary structure of rna polymerase from the escherichia coli nucleotide sequence of a dna fragment containing a part of the rpoc gene and the corresponding carboxyl terminal amino acid sequence of the beta subunit

Samokhvalov E.I.; Karginov V.A.; Chizhikov V.E.; Blinov V.M.; Yuferov V.P.; Vasilenko S.K.; Uryvaev L.V.; Zhdanov V.M., 1985:
Primary structure of rna segment 7 of the influenza virus a ussr 90 77 h 1n 1

Bezborodova S.I.; Khodova O.M.; Stepanov V.M., 1983:
Primary structure of rnase c 2 from aspergillus clavatus

Afanasenko G.A.; Dudkin S.M.; Kaminir L.B.; Severin E.S.; Golubenko I.A., 1979:
Primary structure of rnase from bacillus intermedius strain 7p

Kleinschmidt T.; Braunitzer G., 1983:
Primary structure of rock hyrax procavia habessinica hyracoidea hemo globin insertion of glutamine in the alpha chains

Okada M.; Natori S., 1985:
Primary structure of sarcotoxin i an antibacterial protein induced by the hemolymph of sarcophaga peregrina flesh fly larvae

Sautiere P.; Gusse M.; Briand G.; Martinage A.; Chevaillier P., 1984:
Primary structure of scylliorhinine s 4 a protamine isolated from sperm nuclei of the dogfish scylliorhinus caniculus

Karaseva L.I.; Pankov Y.A., 1985:
Primary structure of sea whale prolactin

Tso, J.Y.; Hermodson, M.A.; Zalkin, H., 1980:
Primary structure of Serratia marcescens anthranilate synthase component II

Petrukhin, K.E.; Broude, N.E.; Arsenyan, S.G.; Grishin, A.V.; Dzhandzhugazyan, K.N.; Modyanov, N.N., 1985:
Primary structure of sodium potassium atpase ii. isolation reverse transcription and cloning of messenger rna

Pankov Y.A.; Arasyov V.S.K., 1986:
Primary structure of sperm whale physeter catodon luteinizing hormone

Kortt, A.A.; Wysocki, J.R.; Liu, T.Y., 1976 :
Primary structure of streptococcal proteinase part 1 isolation composition and amino acid sequences of the tryptic and chymotryptic peptides of cyanogen bromide fragments 1 to 4

Tai, J.Y.; Liu, T.Y., 1976:
Primary structure of streptococcal proteinase part 2 isolation composition and amino acid sequences of the tryptic and chymotryptic peptides of cyanogen bromide fragment 5

Tai, J.Y.; Kortt, A.A.; Liu, T.Y.; Elliott, S.D., 1976:
Primary structure of streptococcal proteinase part 3 isolation of cyanogen bromide peptides complete covalent structure of the poly peptide chain

Kwohn Y T.; Okubo A.; Hirano H.; Kagawa H.; Yamazaki S.; Toda S., 1988:
Primary structure of striped dolphin renal metallothionein ii

Spicer E.K.; Rush J.; Fung C.; Reha Krantz L.J.; Karam J.D.; Konigsberg W.H., 1988:
Primary structure of t4 dna polymerase evolutionary relatedness to eukaryotic and other procaryotic dna polymerases

Fuhlendorff J.; Clemmensen I.; Magnusson S., 1987:
Primary structure of tetranectin a plasminogen kringle 4 binding plasma protein homology with asialoglycoprotein receptors and cartilage proteoglycan core protein

Fincher G.B.; Lock P.A.; Morgan M.M.; Lingelbach K.; Wettenhall R.E.H.; Mercer J.F.B.; Brandt A.; Thomsen K.K., 1986:
Primary structure of the 1 3 1 4 beta d glucan 4 glucohydrolase from barley hordeum vulgare cultivar himalaya aleurone

Morinaga T.; Funatsu G.; Funatsu M.; Wittmann H.G., 1980:
Primary structure of the 16s rna binding protein s 15 from escherichia coli ribosomes

Rubtsov, P.M.; Kraev, A.S.; Musakhanov, M.M.; Skryabin, K.G.; Baev, A.A., 1978:
Primary structure of the 18s rna gene fragment of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Guerlesquin F.; Bruschi M.; Bovier Lapierre G.; Bonicel J.; Couchoud P., 1983:
Primary structure of the 2 4 iron 4 sulfur clusters ferredoxin from desulfovibrio desulfuricans strain norway 4

Gagnon J.; Arlaud G.J., 1985:
Primary structure of the a chain of human complement classical pathway enzyme activated complement c 1r amino terminal sequences and alignment of autolytic fragments and cyanogen bromide cleavage peptides

Schlesinger D.H.; Hay D.I., 1981:
Primary structure of the active tryptic fragments of human and monkey macaca arctoides salivary anionic proline rich proteins

Russell P.R.; Hall B.D., 1983:
Primary structure of the alcohol dehydrogenase gene from the fission yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe

Sletten K.; Kolberg J., 1983:
Primary structure of the alpha chain of a mitogenic lectin from the seeds of lathyrus sativus

Chertov, O.Y. ; Khokhryakov, V.S.; Tyurin, V.V.; Modyanov, N.N.; Lipkin, V.M., 1978:
Primary structure of the alpha subunit of dna dependent rna polymerase from escherichia coli part 3 thermolytic hydrolysis peptides

Modyanov, N.N.; Borodina, T.M.; Lipkin, V.M., 1978:
Primary structure of the alpha subunit of dna dependent rna polymerase from escherichia coli part 4 specific cleavage at the tryptophan residue and at the asparaginyl glycyl bond/

Modyanov, N.N.; Lipkin, V.M.; Smirnov-Yu, V.; Shuvaeva, T.M.; Kocherginskaya, S.A., 1978:
Primary structure of the alpha subunit of dna dependent rna polymerase from escherichia coli part 5 peptides of cyanogen bromide hydrolysis/

Kawakami K.; Ohta T.; Nojima H.; Nagano K., 1986:
Primary structure of the alpha subunit of human sodium potassium atpase deduced from complementary dna sequence

Sherwood L.M.; Burstein Y.; Schechter I., 1979:
Primary structure of the amino terminal extra piece of the precursor to human placental lactogen

Murano, G.; Walz, D.; Williams, L.; Pindyck, J.; Mosesson, M.W., 1977:
Primary structure of the amino terminal regions of chicken fibrin chains

Strobel, O.; Köpke, A.K.; Kamp, R.M.; Böck, A.; Wittmann-Liebold, B., 1988:
Primary structure of the archaebacterial Methanococcus vannielii ribosomal protein L12. Amino acid sequence determination, oligonucleotide hybridization, and sequencing of the gene

Van Halbeek H.; Dorland L.; Vliegenthart J.F.G.; Jouanneau J.; Bourillon R., 1981:
Primary structure of the asparagine 563 linked carbohydrate chain of an immuno globulin m from a patient with waldenstroms macro globulinemia a reinvestigation by 500 megahertz proton nmr spectroscopy

Dreyer T.; Halkier B.; Svendsen I.; Ottesen M., 1986:
Primary structure of the aspartic proteinase a from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Marchenko, T.V.; Modyanov, N.N.; Lipkin, V.M.; Ovchinnikov-Yu, A., 1980:
Primary structure of the beta subunit of escherichia coli dna dependent rna polymerase 1. limited tryptic hydrolysis of the beta subunit

Lipkin, V.M.; Marchenko, T.V.; Khokhryakov, V.S.; Polovnikova, I.N.; Potapenko, N.A.; Modyanov, N.N.; Ovchinnikov-Yu, A., 1980:
Primary structure of the beta subunit of escherichia coli dna dependent rna polymerase 2. low molecular weight peptides of limited tryptic hydrolysis

Lipkin V.M.; Makarova I.A.; Grinkevich V.A.; Akhapkina I.G.; Potapenko N.A.; Telezhinskaya I.N., 1982:
Primary structure of the beta subunit of escherichia coli dna dependent rna polymerase hydrolysis with staphylococcus aureus protease

Allen G.; Bottomley R.C.; Trinnaman B.J., 1980:
Primary structure of the calcium ion transporting atpase from rabbit skeletal sarcoplasmic reticulum some peptic thermolytic tryptic and staphylococcal proteinase peptides

Allen G., 1980:
Primary structure of the calcium ion transporting atpase of rabbit skeletal sarcoplasmic reticulum soluble peptides from the alpha chymotryptic digest of the carboxymethylated protein

Dorland L.; Van Halbeek H.; Vliegenthart J.F.G.; Lis H.; Sharon N., 1981:
Primary structure of the carbohydrate chain of soybean agglutinin a reinvestigation by high resolution proton nmr spectroscopy

Stoffel W.; Hillen H.; Schroeder W.; Deutzmann R., 1982:
Primary structure of the carboxyl terminal cyanogen bromide fragment ii fragment iii and fragment iv from bovine brain proteo lipid apo protein

Waxman D.J.; Strominger J.L., 1981:
Primary structure of the carboxyl terminal membranous segment of a penicillin sensitive enzyme purified from 2 bacilli

Okamura S.; Azumano I., 1988:
Primary structure of the carboxyl terminal region of a higher plant beta tubulin

Mercier, J.C.; Addeo, F.; Pelissier, J.P., 1976:
Primary structure of the caseino macro peptide from goat potassium casein

Sacco G.; Drickamer K.; Wool I.G., 1983:
Primary structure of the cyto toxin alpha sarcin

Schnell, D.J.; Etzler, M.E., 1987:
Primary structure of the Dolichos biflorus seed lectin

Alakhov-Yu, B.; Motuz, L.P.; Stengrevich, O.A.; Vinokurov, L.M.; Ovchinnikov-Yu, A., 1977:
Primary structure of the elongation factor elongation factor g from escherichia coli part 1 characterization of fragments obtained on limited trypsinolysis of native elongation factor g

Alakhov-Yu, B.; Dovgas, N.V.; Motuz, L.P.; Vinokurov, L.M., 1983:
Primary structure of the elongation factor g from escherichia coli 5. amino acid sequence of the carboxyl terminal domain

Alakhov-Yu, B.; Bundule, M.A.; Bundulis-Yu, P.; Vinokurov, L.M.; Kozlov, V.P.; Motuz, L.P., 1983:
Primary structure of the elongation factor g from escherichia coli 6. structure of peptides of cyanogen bromide cleavage of the g factor molecule

Alakhov-Yu, B.; Bundule, M.A.; Bundulis-Yu, P.; Vinokurov, L.M.; Kozlov, V.P., 1983:
Primary structure of the elongation factor g from escherichia coli 7. study of peptides obtained at hydrolysis of fragment t 4 by glutamic protease from staphylococcus aureus

Alakhov-Yu, B.; Bundule, M.A.; Bundulis-Yu, P.; Vinokurov, L.M.; Kozlov, V.P., 1983:
Primary structure of the elongation factor g from escherichia coli 8. study of the structure of tryptic peptides comprising the fragment t 4 of limited trypsinolysis of the g factor

Ovchinnikov-Yu, A.; Alakhov-Yu, B.; Bundulis-Yu, P.; Bundule, M.A.; Vinokurov, L.M.; Motuz, L.P.; Kozlov, V.P., 1983:
Primary structure of the elongation factor g from escherichia coli 9. structure of peptides obtained at cyanogen bromide cleavage of the g factor and isolated on thiol activated sepharose as well as of the products of the g factor cleavage at aspartic acid proline bonds the complete primary structure

Alakhov Y.B.; Stengrevits O.A.; Bundulis Y.P.; Motuz L.P.; Vinokurov L.M., 1979:
Primary structure of the elongation factor g from escherichia coli part 3 limited proteolysis effect of thermo lysin on native elongation factor g and of trypsin on elongation factor g modified with 1 2 cyclo hexanedione

Bogachuk, A.P.; Kravchenko, T.B.; Selyuchenko, O.S.; Shuvaeva, T.M.; Lipkin, V.M., 1984:
Primary structure of the escherichia coli dna dependent rna polymerase beta' subunit tryptic hydrolysis

Belfort, M.; Maley, G.; Pedersen-Lane, J.; Maley, F., 1983:
Primary structure of the escherichia coli thy a gene and its thymidylate synthase ec product

Wheat, T.E.; Goldberg, E.; Margoliash, E., 1977:
Primary structure of the essential thiol peptide from the lactate dehydrogenase ec c subunit

Wetsel R.A.; Ogata R.T.; Tack B.F., 1987:
Primary structure of the fifth component of murine complement

Koch N.; Lauer W.; Habicht J.; Dobberstein B., 1987:
Primary structure of the gene for the murine ia antigen associated invariant chains ii an alternatively spliced exon encodes a cysteine rich domain highly homologous to a repetitive sequence of thyroglobulin

Fournet B.; Leroy Y.; Montreuil J.; Decaro J.; Rovery M.; Van Kuik J.A.; Vliegenthart J.F.G., 1987:
Primary structure of the glycans of porcine pancreatic lipase

Maloy, W.L.; Coligan, J.E., 1982:
Primary structure of the h 2d b allo antigen 2. additional amino acid sequence information localization of a 3rd site of glycosylation and evidence for k and d region specific sequences

Abbasi A.; Wells R.M.G.; Brittain T.; Braunitzer G., 1988:
Primary structure of the hemoglobins from sphenodon sphenodon punctatus tuatara rhynchocephalia evidence for the expression of alpha d gene

Rodewald, K.; Wiesner, H.; Braunitzer, G., 1985:
Primary structure of the hemoglobins from the greater Kudu antelope (Tragelaphus strepsiceros)

Michaelsen, T.E.; Frangione, B.; Franklin, E.C., 1977:
Primary structure of the hinge region of human immuno globulin g 3 probable quadruplication of a 15 amino acid residue basic unit

Flamm E.L.; Weisberg R.A., 1985:
Primary structure of the hip gene of escherichia coli and its product the beta subunit of integration host factor

Teixeira S.; D.G.andi S.; Kuhn L.C., 1987:
Primary structure of the human 4f2 antigen heavy chain predicts a transmembrane protein with a cytoplasmic amino terminus

Shimasaki S.; Koga M.; Esch F.; Cooksey K.; Mercado M.; Koba A.; Ueno N.; Ying S Y.; Ling N.; Guillemin R., 1988:
Primary structure of the human follistatin precursor and its genomic organization

Rose T.M.; Plowman G.D.; Teplow D.B.; Dreyer W.J.; Hellstrom K.E.; Brown J.P., 1986:
Primary structure of the human melanoma associated antigen p 97 melanotransferrin deduced from the messenger rna sequence

Hardman, J.A.; Hort, Y.J.; Catanzaro, D.F.; Tellam, J.T.; Baxter, J.D.; Morris, B.J.; Shine, J., 1984:
Primary structure of the human renin gene

Teeter M.M.; Mazer J.A.; L'italien J.J., 1981:
Primary structure of the hydrophobic plant protein crambin

Chen, K.C.S.; Kindt, T.J.; Krause, R.M., 1975:
Primary structure of the light chain from a rabbit homogeneous antibody to streptococcal carbohydrate part 1 purification of antibody and sequence determination of peptides from alpha chymotryptic and thermolytic digests

Chen, K.C.S.; Kindt, T.J.; Krause, R.M., 1975:
Primary structure of the light chain from a rabbit homogeneous antibody to streptococcal carbohydrate part 2 sequence determination of peptides from tryptic and peptic digests W.W.; Leunissen J.A.M.; Cuijpers H.T., 1981:
Primary structure of the major beta chain of armadillo dasypus novemcinctus hemo globin

Seidah N.G.; Rochemont J.; Hamelin J.; Lis M.; Chretien M., 1981:
Primary structure of the major human pituitary pro opiomelanocortin amino terminal glyco peptide evidence for an aldo sterone stimulating activity

Lin, K.D.; Kim, Y.K.; Chernoff, A.I., 1976:
Primary structure of the marmoset saguinus fuscicollis hemo globin part 1 use of tryptic maleylated peptides in the solubilization and sequence elucidation of the alpha and beta chains

Chan, A.M.; King, H.W.; Tempest, P.R.; Deakin, E.A.; Cooper, C.S.; Brookes, P., 1987:
Primary structure of the met protein tyrosine kinase domain

Durkin, M.E.; Bartos, B.B.; Liu, S.H.; Phillips, S.L.; Chung, A.E., 1988:
Primary structure of the mouse laminin B2 chain and comparison with laminin B1

Mohamed, A.H.; Chirala, S.S.; Mody, N.H.; Huang, W.Y.; Wakil, S.J., 1988:
Primary structure of the multifunctional alpha subunit protein of yeast fatty acid synthase derived from FAS2 gene sequence

Addison R., 1986:
Primary structure of the neurospora crassa plasma membrane proton atpase deduced from the gene sequence homology to sodium potassium atpase calcium atpase and potassium atpases

Briggs F.N.; Cable M.B.; Geisow M.G.; Green N.M., 1986:
Primary structure of the nucleotide binding domain of the calcium magnesium atpase from cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum

Grinkevich, V.A.; Trubetskaya, O.E.; Chertova, E.N.; Murav'eva, T.I.; Aldanova, N.A.; Modyanov, N.N., 1985:
Primary structure of the oligomycin sensitivity conferring protein of the proton atpase complex from beef heart mitochondria 1. tryptic and cyanogen bromide peptides

Debeire P.; Montreuil J.; Goyffon M.; Van Kuik A.J.; Van Halbeek H.; Vliegenthart J.F.G., 1986:
Primary structure of the oligosaccharide moiety of hemocyanin from the scorpion androctonus australis

Burgus, R.; Butcher, M.; Amoss, M.; Ling, N.; Monahan, M.; Rivier, J.; Fellows, R.; Blackwell, R.; Vale, W.; Guillemin, R., 1972:
Primary structure of the ovine hypothalamic luteinizing hormone releasing factor

Sogin M.L.; Elwood H.J., 1986:
Primary structure of the paramecium tetraurelia small subunit ribosomal rna coding region phylogenetic relationships within the ciliophora

Sauer, R.T.; Anderegg, R., 1978:
Primary structure of the phage lambda repressor

Nakamura, S.; Nakayama, N.; Takahashi, K.; Kaziro, Y., 1982:
Primary structure of the poly peptide chain elongation factor tu from escherichia coli 1. amino acid sequence of fragment b

Akoto Amanfu E.; Sivasubramanian N.; Nayak D.P., 1987:
Primary structure of the polymerase acidic pa gene of an influenza b virus b singapore 222 79

Dovgas, N.V.; Vinokurov, L.M.; Vel'moga, I.S.; Alakhov-Yu, B.; Ovchinnikov-Yu, A., 1976:
Primary structure of the protein l 10 from escherichia coli mre 600 ribosomes

Williams, J.C.; Steiner, L.A.; Feher, G., 1986:
Primary structure of the reaction center from Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Salvesen G.S.; Catanese J.J.; Kress L.F.; Travis J., 1985:
Primary structure of the reactive site of human activated complement c 1 inhibitor

Takio K.; Smith S.B.; Krebs E.G.; Walsh K.A.; Titani K., 1982:
Primary structure of the regulatory subunit of type ii cyclic amp dependent protein kinase from bovine cardiac muscle

Alakhov-Yu, B.; Vinokurov, L.M.; Dovgas, N.V.; Markova, L.F.; Mednikova, T.A.; Motuz, L.P.; Kashparov, I.A.; Ovchinnikov-Yu, A., 1976:
Primary structure of the ribosomal protein l 25 from escherichia coli mre 600 ribosomes contained in the 5s rna protein complex

El-Dorry, H.A.; Chu, D.K.; Dzugaj, A.; Botelho, L.H.; Pontremoli, S.; Horecker, B.L., 1977:
Primary structure of the s peptide formed by digestion of rabbit liver fructose 1 6 bis phosphatase ec with subtilisin

Walter P.; Gangloff J.; Bonnet J.; Boulanger Y.; Ebel J P.; Fasiolo F., 1983:
Primary structure of the saccharomyces cerevisiae gene for methionyl transfer rna synthetase

Dietrich J.B.; Peter R.; Das B.C.; Peter C.; Collot D., 1981:
Primary structure of the southern bean mosaic virus coat protein 1st results

Nguyen, T.; Zelechowska, M.; Foster, V.; Bergmann, H.; Verma, D.P.S., 1985:
Primary structure of the soybean nodulin 35 gene encoding uricase ii ec localized in the peroxisomes of uninfected cells of nodules

Robbins P.W.; Wirth D.F.; Hering C.; Maley F.; Maley G.F.; Das R.; Gibson B.W.; Royal N.; Biemann K.; Trimble R.B., 1984:
Primary structure of the streptomyces plicatus enzyme endo beta n acetylglucosaminidase h

Buck D.; Spencer M.E.; Guest J.R., 1985:
Primary structure of the succinyl coenzyme a synthetase of escherichia coli

Krissansen G.W.; Owen M.J.; Verbi W.; Crumpton M.J., 1986:
Primary structure of the t 3 gamma subunit of the t 3 t cell antigen receptor complex deduced from complementary dna sequences evolution of the t 3 gamma and delta subunits

Deák, F.; Argraves, W.S.; Kiss, I.; Sparks, K.J.; Goetinck, P.F., 1985:
Primary structure of the telopeptide and a portion of the helical domain of chicken type II procollagen as determined by DNA sequence analysis

Eulitz, M.; Linke, R.P., 1982:
Primary structure of the variable part of an amyloidogenic bence jones protein mev. an unusual insertion in the 3rd hyper variable region of a human kappa immuno globulin light chain

Frangione B.; Moloshok T.; Solomon A., 1983:
Primary structure of the variable region of human lambda vi light chain bence jones protein sut

Wasserman, R.L.; Capra, J.D., 1977:
Primary structure of the variable regions of 2 canine immuno globulin heavy chains

Schubert, M.; Harmison, G.G.; Meier, E., 1984:
Primary structure of the vesicular stomatitis virus polymerase (L) gene: evidence for a high frequency of mutations

Isaenko, S.N.; Aksel'rod, V.D., 1976:
Primary structure of transfer valine transfer rna 2a from bakers yeast oligo nucleotides of the complete pyrimidyl rnase hydrolysate of valine transfer rna 2a

Azimova-Sh, S.; Yuldashev, P.K., 1978:
Primary structure of tri acetinase a cottonseed esterase part 3 trypsin hydrolysis peptides

Azimova-Sh, S.; Yuldashev, P.K., 1978:
Primary structure of tri acetinase a cottonseed esterase part 4 peptides of chymotrypsin and thermo lysin hydrolysis of cyanogen bromide fragments of tri acetinase

Artavanis-Tsakonas, S.; Harris, J.I., 1980:
Primary structure of triose phosphate isomerase ec from bacillus stearothermophilus

Montecucchi P.C.; Gozzini L.; Erspamer V.; Melchiorri P., 1984:
Primary structure of tryptophan containing peptides from skin extracts of phyllomedusa rhodei tryptophyllins

Debeire, P.; Montreuil, J.; Moczar, E.; Van-Halbeek, H.; Vliegenthart, J.F.G., 1985:
Primary structure of two major glycans of bovine fibrinogen

Lerch, K.; Longoni, C.; Jordi, E., 1982:
Primary structure of tyrosinase ec from neurospora crassa 1. purification and amino acid sequence of the cyanogen bromide fragments

Lerch, K., 1982:
Primary structure of tyrosinase from neurospora crassa 2. complete amino acid sequence and chemical structure of a tri peptide containing an unusual thio ether

Kryukov, V.M.; Gorbulev, V.G.; Akselrod, V.D., 1976:
Primary structure of valine transfer rna 2a from bakers yeast oligo nucleotides of guanyl rnase hydrolysate

Takio, K.; Titani, K.; Ericsson, L.H.; Yonetani, T., 1980:
Primary structure of yeast cytochrome c peroxidase 2. the complete amino acid sequence

Takio, K.; Yonetani, T., 1980:
Primary structure of yeast cytochrome c peroxidase ec 1. chemical characterization of the poly peptide chain and of tryptic and chymotryptic peptides

Maier, K.; Müller, H.; Tesch, R.; Trolp, R.; Witt, I.; Holzer, H., 1979:
Primary structure of yeast proteinase B inhibitor 2

Matlashewski, G.J.; Tuck, S.; Pim, D.; Lamb, P.; Schneider, J.; Crawford, L.V., 1987:
Primary structure polymorphism at amino acid residue 72 of human p53

Pilgrim, D.; Young, E.T., 1987:
Primary structure requirements for correct sorting of the yeast mitochondrial protein ADH III to the yeast mitochondrial matrix space

Scott J.D.; Glaccum M.B.; Fischer E.H.; Krebs E.G., 1986:
Primary structure requirements for inhibition by the heat stable inhibitor of the cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Tait, J.F.; Fujikawa, K., 1987:
Primary structure requirements for the binding of human high molecular weight kininogen to plasma prekallikrein and factor XI

Takio, K.; Towatari, T.; Katunuma, N.; Titani, K., 1980:
Primary structure study of rat liver cathepsin b ec a striking resemblance to papain

Hass G.M.; Hermodson M.A.; Ryan C.A.; Gentry L., 1982:
Primary structures of 2 low molecular weight proteinase inhibitors from potatoes

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Primary structures of 3 human pancreas peptides with growth hormone releasing activity

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Primary structures of 4 novel small ribosomal rna species from crithidia fasciculata

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Primary structures of 6 antimicrobial peptides of rabbit peritoneal neutrophils

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Primary structures of adult hemo globins of silvery marmoset callithrix argentatus and cotton topped tamarin saguinus oedipus

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Primary structures of amino terminal extra peptide segments linked to the variable and constant regions of immuno globulin light chain precursors implications on the organization and controlled expression of immuno globulin genes

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Primary structures of and genes for new ribosomal proteins A and B in Escherichia coli

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Primary structures of both subunits of escherichia coli glycyl transfer rna synthetase

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Primary structures of bovine elastin a b and c deduced from the sequences of complementary dna clones

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Primary structures of bovine liver low molecular weight kininogen precursors and their 2 messenger rna

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Primary structures of cardio toxin analogs ii and iv from the venom of naja naja atra

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Primary structures of cysteine containing peptides from the calcium ion transporting atpase of rabbit sarcoplasmic reticulum

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Primary structures of high potential 4 iron sulfur ferredoxins from the purple sulfur photosynthetic bacteria thiocapsa roseopersicina and chromatium gracile

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Primary structures of human alpha feto protein and its messenger rna

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Primary structures of locust adipokinetic hormones II

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Primary structures of multiple forms of cytochrome p 450 isozyme 2 derived from rabbit pulmonary and hepatic complementary dnas

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Primary structures of pancreatic rnase from bovidae impala aepyceros melampus thomsons gazelle gazella thomsoni nilgai boselaphus tragocamelus and water buffalo bubalus bubalis

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Primary structures of the 5s ribosomal rna species of 11 arthropods and applicability of 5s rna to the study of metazoan evolution

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Primary structures of the alanine rich antifreeze polypeptides from grubby sculpin myoxocephalus aenaeus W.W.; Zweers A.; Versteeg M.; Nuy Terwindt E.C., 1984:
Primary structures of the alpha crystallin a chains of 28 mammalian species chicken and frog

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Primary structures of the catalytic subunits from two molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase a comparison of amino terminal and active center sequences

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Primary structures of the messenger rna species encoding the rat precursors for bradykinin and t kinin structural relationship of kininogens with major acute phase protein and alpha 1 cysteine proteinase inhibitor

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Primary structures of the pro insulin connecting peptides of the rat and the horse

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Primary structures of three human neutrophil defensins

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Primary structures of two types of alpha subunit of rat brain sodium potassium atpase deduced from complementary sequences

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Primary study of osteodynamics in normal subjects

Andrew T.A.; Porter K., 1985:
Primary subacute epiphyseal osteomyelitis a report of 3 cases

A.Samarraie S.M., 1985:
Primary subglottic melanoma of the larynx

Cristallini E.G., 1987:
Primary subungual squamous cell carcinoma

Gorchakovskii, P.L.; Matyashenko, G.V., 1978:
Primary succession of vegetation on chalk outcroppings in the western kazakh ssr ussr

Uno G.E.; Collins S.L., 1987:
Primary succession on granite outcrops in southwestern oklahoma usa

Shilova, I.I., 1977:
Primary successions of vegetation on man made sand outcroppings in oil and gas producing areas of the central ob river region

Sirinavin, S.; McCracken, G.H., 1979:
Primary suppurative myositis in children

Dargent D.; Magnin G.; Frobert J.L.; Adeleine P., 1984:
Primary surgery in the treatment of invasive carcinoma of the cervix uteri

Bahadur S.; Amatya R.C.; Kacher S.K., 1986:
Primary surgery versus radiation failed salvage surgery in advanced carcinoma of the larynx and hypopharynx

Yeager S.B.; Freed M.D.; Keane J.F.; Norwood W.I.; Castaneda A.R., 1984:
Primary surgical closure of ventricular septal defect in the 1st year of life results in 128 infants

Allen H.H.; Nisker J.A.; Anderson R.J., 1982:
Primary surgical treatment in 195 cases of stage ib carcinoma of the cervix

Falk, V.; Lundgren, N.; Quarfordt, L.; Arström, K., 1982:
Primary surgical treatment of carcinoma stage I of the uterine cervix

Bongers, K.J.; Muhr, G., 1984:
Primary surgical treatment of humeral shaft fractures

Boe S.; Falstie Jensen S., 1980:
Primary suture in lesions of the cruciate ligaments

Bak B.; Keller J.; Jensen J., 1987:
Primary suture of subcutaneous abscesses in orthopedic surgical patients a prospective randomized investigation

Falstie Jensen S.; Boe S., 1980:
Primary suture of the anterior cruciate ligament by means of trans articular fixation with kirschner wire

Elliot, M.S.; Todd, I.P., 1985:
Primary suture of the perineal wound using constant suction and irrigation, following rectal excision for inflammatory bowel disease

Skinner H.A., 1981:
Primary syndromes of alcohol abuse their measurement and correlates

Fiumara, N.J.; Exner, J.H., 1981 :
Primary syphilis following a human bite

Starzycki, Z., 1983:
Primary syphilis of the fingers

Mizuta Y., 1986:
Primary syphilis of the throat a case report

Miyasaki, K.; Murao, S.; Tsunetoshi, S.; Koizumi, N.; Isobe, T.; Nakamura, N.; Nakano, H.; Ogino, T.; Hosokawa, S., 1979:
Primary systemic amyloidosis. A case permitting pathological and biochemical investigations

Kueh Y.K.; Fong P.H.; E.B.K.H.; Teoh P.C., 1981:
Primary systemic amyloidosis a variant of plasma cell dyscrasia

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Primary systemic amyloidosis comparison of melphalan and prednisone vs placebo

Kyle, R.A.; Greipp, P.R.; Garton, J.P.; Gertz, M.A., 1985:
Primary systemic amyloidosis comparison of melphalan prednisone vs. colchicine

Arita T.; Furusawa T.; Kudoh T.; Sakamoto K.; Emoto O.; Shibata O., 1980:
Primary systemic amyloidosis diagnosed by stomach biopsy a case

Kyle, R.A.; Greipp, P.R.; O'Fallon, W.M., 1986:
Primary systemic amyloidosis: multivariate analysis for prognostic factors in 168 cases

Rebouche, C.J.; Engel, A.G., 1981:
Primary systemic carnitine deficiency 1. carnitine biosynthesis

Engel, A.G.; Rebouche, C.J.; Wilson, D.M.; Glasgow, A.M.; Romshe, C.A.; Cruse, R.P., 1981 :
Primary systemic carnitine deficiency 2. renal handling of carnitine

Czitrom, A.A.; Gascoigne, N.R.J., 1983:
Primary t cell responses to minor allo antigens 1. characterization of cyto toxic effector cells generated from regional lymph nodes after immunization in the foot pad

Czitrom, A.A.; Liddell, M., 1983:
Primary t cell responses to minor allo antigens 2. analysis of accessory cell requirements for the development of cyto toxic t lymphocytes

Autenrieth, G.; Surawicz, B.; Kuo, C.S.; Arita, M., 1975:
Primary T wave abnormalities caused by uniform and regional shortening of ventricular monophasic action potential in dog

Rupley, W.H.; Blair, T.R., 1986:
Primary teachers' assignment and supervision of students' reading seatwork

Garcia Godoy F.; Garcia Godoy F.; Garcia Godoy F.M., 1987:
Primary teeth traumatic injuries at a private pediatric dental center

de Klerk, A.J.; Jonck, L.M., 1982:
Primary tendon healing. An experimental study

Stair J.M.; Stevenson D.R.; Schaefer R.F.; Fullenwider J.P.; Campbell G.S., 1986:
Primary teratocarcinoma of the lung

Wilson, B.E.; Netzloff, M.L., 1983:
Primary testicular abnormalities causing precocious puberty Leydig cell tumor, Leydig cell hyperplasia, and adrenal rest tumor

Kaneshige T.; Asahi T.; Matsumura Y.; Ohmori H.; Okamoto T.; Tanaka T., 1980:
Primary testicular plasma cytoma a case

Jungo M.; Laug W.; Zimmermann A.; Wagner H.P., 1979:
Primary testicular tumors in childhood observations in 21 cases and discussion of the necessity of a prophylactic therapy to prevent dissemination

Dickstein, G.; Lahav, M.; Shen-Orr, Z.; Edoute, Y.; Barzilai, D., 1986:
Primary therapy for Cushing's disease with metyrapone

Denko E.I.; Kislyuk I.M.; Shukhtina H.G., 1981:
Primary thermostability of cells and a problem of adaptation of plants to conditions of cold climate

Gaetani G.F.; Ferraris A.M.; Galiano S.; Giuntini P.; Canepa L.; D'urso M., 1982:
Primary thrombocythemia clonal origin of platelets erythrocytes and granulocytes in a subject hetero zygous for glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

O'donnell J.R.; Bailey P.A.M.; Davidson J.F.; Erskine J.G., 1981:
Primary thrombocythemia following splenectomy

Gibson B.E.S.; Buchanan M.R.; Barr R.D.; White J.G., 1987:
Primary thrombocythemia in childhood symptomatic episodes and their relationship to thromboxane a 2 6 keto pge 1 and 12 hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid production a case report

Mercer B.; Drouin J.; Jolly E.; D'anjou G., 1988:
Primary thrombocythemia in pregnancy a report of two cases

Van D.P.tte J.E.W.; Prochazka A.V.; Pearson T.C.; Singh A.K.; Dickson E.R.; Wetherley Mein G., 1986:
Primary thrombocythemia treated with busulphan

Svane, S., 1977:
Primary thrombosis of pulmonary artery in a child with tetralogy of Fallot

Ben Chetrit, E.; Gross, D.; Eliakim, M., 1981:
Primary thrombosis of the brachiocephalic veins

Herczeg, E.; Kahn, L.B., 1986:
Primary thymic carcinoma. An unusual case originating in a lymphocytic rich thymoma

Wick, M.R.; Scheithauer, B.W.; Weiland, L.H.; Bernatz, P.E., 1982:
Primary thymic carcinomas

Takashima, S.; Ikezoe, J.; Morimoto, S.; Arisawa, J.; Hamada, S.; Ikeda, H.; Masaki, N.; Kozuka, T., 1988:
Primary thyroid lymphoma: evaluation with CT

Manaka K I.; Furuta E.; Shimozawa A., 1980:
Primary tissue culture of cells in the land slug incilaria bilineata

Wheatley, D.J.; Fisher, J.; Reece, I.J.; Spyt, T.; Breeze, P., 1987:
Primary tissue failure in pericardial heart valves

Nistal, F.; Artinano, E.; Gallo, I., 1986:
Primary tissue valve degeneration in glutaraldehyde preserved porcine bioprostheses hancock i vs. carpentier edwards at 4 to 7 years follow up

Luke M., 1981:
Primary torsion of the greater omentum as a cause of abdominal emergency

Freed, J.S.; Edelman, S., 1976:
Primary torsion of the greater omentum mimicking duodenal ulcer

Mirovsky, Y.; Fischer, S.; Hendel, D.; Halperin, N., 1985:
Primary total hip replacement for displaced subcapital femoral fractures

Greenough, C.G.; Jones, J.R., 1988:
Primary total hip replacement for displaced subcapital fracture of the femur

Robboy, S.J.; Scully, R.E.; Norris, H.J., 1977:
Primary trabecular carcinoid of the ovary

Ishii N.; Tsubota N.; Yoshikawa K.; Yamashita C.; Matsuda S.; Ataka K.; Yanagawa M.; Okada S., 1984:
Primary tracheal anastomosis after resection of mediastinal thyroid carcinoma successful management of paralysis of bilateral recurrent laryngeal nerves

Huang E.; E.A., 1983:
Primary tracheal carcinoma clinico pathological findings in 61 cases

Kim Y.L.; Cha H.; Koh Y.Y.; Kim J.H.; Chi J.G.; Yeon K.M., 1986:
Primary tracheal neurilemoma a case report

M.C.K.; Raju U.; Fine G.; Lewis J.W.Jr, 1981:
Primary tracheal neurilemoma a case with ultrastructural examination

Nonoyama, A.; Osako, T.; Tanaka, K.; Ohmoto, K.; Tatsumi, A.; Saito, Y.; Sato, T.; Kasahara, K.; Masuda, A.; Kotani, S.; Kagawa, T.; Izumi, H., 1983:
Primary tracheal tumors: report of 4 cases with primary cancers of the trachea and of 1 case with benign tumor

Jones, A.W.; Chatterji, A.N., 1977:
Primary tracheo bronchial amyloidosis with tracheo bronchopathia osteoplastica

Verweij J.; Breed W.P.M.; Jansveld C.A.F., 1982:
Primary tracheo bronchial melanoma

Serrano F.; Valls E.; Sanjurjo E.; Munoz V.; Padin M., 1985:
Primary tracheobronchial amyloidosis with calcified adenopathies with reference to 1 case

Gupta, V.; Rajaraman, S.; Gadson, P.; Costanzi, J.J., 1987:
Primary transfection as a mechanism for transformation of host cells by human tumor cells implanted in nude mice

Hovadhanakul, P.; Nuerenberger, S.P.; Ritter, P.J.; Taylor, H.B.; Cavanagh, D., 1976:
Primary transitional cell carcinoma of the fallopian tube associated with primary carcinomas of the ovary and endometrium

Hayashi, Y.; Komada, S.; Maruyama, Y.; Hirao, Y.; Okajima, E., 1987:
Primary transitional cell carcinoma of the male urethra: report of a case

Greene, L.F.; O'Dea, M.J.; Dockerty, M.B., 1976:
Primary transitional cell carcinoma of the prostate

Smith B.D.; Flegel G., 1983:
Primary transitional cell carcinoma of the prostate 2 cases

Sasaki K.; Sanma S.; Hashimoto M.; Shiomi T.; Hirao Y.; Hiramatsu T.; Okajima E., 1981:
Primary transitional cell carcinoma of the prostate a case

Floros, J.; Phelps, D.S.; Kourembanas, S.; Taeusch, H.W., 1986:
Primary translation products, biosynthesis, and tissue specificity of the major surfactant protein in rat

Arturson, G.; Hedlund, A., 1984:
Primary treatment of 50 patients with high tension electrical injuries 1. fluid resuscitation

V.D.n Bogaert W.; Ostyn F.; Van Der Schueren E., 1983:
Primary treatment of advanced vocal cord cancer laryngectomy or radio therapy?

Serin D.; Martin P.; Bigi N.; Martin D.; Reboul F., 1987:
Primary treatment of breast cancer in elderly women by tamoxifen preliminary results

Syed, A.M.; Puthawala, A.; Neblett, D.; George, F.W.; Myint, U.S.; Lipsett, J.A.; Jackson, B.R.; Flemming, P.A., 1978:
Primary treatment of carcinoma of the lower rectum and anal canal by a combination of external irradiation and interstitial implant

Harrison D.T.; Neiman P.E., 1977:
Primary treatment of disseminated hodgkins disease with 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitroso urea alone and in combination with vincristine procarbazine and prednisone

Pralle H.; Zwingers T.; Boedewadt S.; Bross K.; Doerken B.; Gamm H.; H.A.D.; Parwaresch R.M.; Schmitz N.; E.A., 1987:
Primary treatment of hairy cell leukemia with low dose human recombinant interferon alpha 2c hr ifn alpha 2c in comparison with therapy following splenectomy interferon ifn alpha 2c in hydrochloric acid before or after splenectomy

Fodor J.; Varjas G.; Gyenes G., 1988:
Primary treatment of inoperable breast cancer with orthovoltage x ray or telecobalt irradiation

van 't Verlaat, J.W.; Lancranjan, I.; Hendriks, M.J.; Croughs, R.J., 1988:
Primary treatment of macroprolactinomas with Parlodel LAR

Romagosa, I.; Hecker, R.J.; Tsuchiya, T.; Lasa, J.M., 1986:
Primary trisomics in sugar beet beta vulgaris i. isolation and morphological characterization

Romagosa, I.; Cistue, L.; Tsuchiya, T.; Lasa, J.M.; Hecker, R.J., 1987:
Primary trisomics in sugar beet ii. cytological identification

Singh, D.; Singh, A., 1976:
Primary trisomics in trigonella foenum graecum

Khush, G.S.; Singh, R.J.; Sur, S.C.; Librojo, A.L., 1984:
Primary trisomics of rice: origin, morphology, cytology and use in linkage mapping

Ahloowalia B.S., 1981:
Primary trisomics of rye grass lolium perenne their isolation and identification

Singh, D.; Singh, A., 1980:
Primary trisomics of trigonella corniculata 2. meiotic behavior

Singh, D.; Singh, A.; Roy, R.P., 1978:
Primary trisomics of trigonella corniculata part 1 morphology and identification

Daling, J.R.; Weiss, N.S.; Metch, B.J.; Chow, W.H.; Soderstrom, R.M.; Moore, D.E.; Spadoni, L.R.; Stadel, B.V., 1985:
Primary tubal infertility in relation to the use of an intrauterine device

Charles, V.; Charles, S.X., 1980:
Primary tuberculosis of conjunctiva

Takasaki N.; Otake R.; Kaneda K.; Matsuse K., 1981:
Primary tuberculosis of spermatic cord a case

Mahindra, S.; Bazas Malik, G.; Sohail, M.A., 1981:
Primary tuberculosis of the adenoids

Lanzieri, C.F.; Keller, R.J., 1980:
Primary tuberculosis of the ileum: roentgen features

Saini, J.S.; Mukherjee, A.K.; Nadkarni, N., 1986:
Primary tuberculosis of the retina

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Primary tuberculous entero colitis 3 cases and a review of the literature

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Primary tuberculous infection in preschool children

Haidar Z.; A.G.ilani M.; E.A.din H., 1987:
Primary tuberculous osteomyelitis of the mandible report of two cases

Giraldi, T.; Sava, G.; Perissin, L.; Zorzet, S., 1984:
Primary tumor growth and formation of spontaneous lung metastases in mice bearing Lewis carcinoma treated with proteinase inhibitors

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Primary tumor immunity in nude mice

Avtandilova, V.L., 1976:
Primary tumor of the heart in a 48 day old infant

Liu Y.; E.A., 1983:
Primary tumor of the ureter review of literature and 8 cases

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Primary tumor receptorial status and axillary metastases: their prognostic significance

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Primary tumor site, size, patients age and axillary lymph nodes in breast cancers

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Primary tumors and tumor like conditions of the mandible

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Primary tumors in the spine and pelvis in adolescents clinical and radiological features

Stanulla H.; Runkewitz V., 1983:
Primary tumors of heart and peri cardium

Wang P.; E.A., 1982:
Primary tumors of small intestine clinical analysis of 128 cases

Ferreira H.B.; Fava O.A., 1984:
Primary tumors of the abdominal wall

Konovalov A.N., 1980:
Primary tumors of the brain in elderly persons

Arevalo Jimenez E.; Gordon Del Rio A.; Redel Del Pueyo J.; Solorzano Peck G.; Vazquez Marquez L.; Escudero Nafs F.J.; Pera Madrazo C., 1987:
Primary tumors of the duodenum a report of 14 observations

Dehner, L.P.; Chen, K.T., 1980:
Primary tumors of the external and middle ear. Benign and malignant glandular neoplasms

Chen, K.T.K.; Dehner, L.P., 1978:
Primary tumors of the external and middle ear part 1 introduction and clinico pathologic study of squamous cell carcinoma

Chen, K.T.K.; Dehner, L.P., 1978:
Primary tumors of the external and middle ear part 2 a clinico pathologic study of 14 paragangliomas and 3 meningiomas

Dehner, L.P.; Chen, K.T.K., 1978:
Primary tumors of the external and middle ear part 3 a clinico pathologic study of embryonal rhabdo myo sarcoma

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Primary tumors of the liver a review of 249 cases

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Primary tumors of the lung clinical and histopathological characteristics and course for 307 patients

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Primary tumors of the renal pelvis

Nielsen, K.; Ostri, P., 1988:
Primary tumors of the renal pelvis: evaluation of clinical and pathological features in a consecutive series of 10 years

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Primary tumors of the retroperitoneum

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Primary tumors of the small intestine presentation of case studies

Nordkild P.; Kjaergard H., 1986:
Primary tumors of the small intestine the diagnostic problem

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Primary tumors of the spine

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Primary tumors of the testis in children report on a series of 23 cases

Naylor D.C.; Krinke G.J.; Ruefenacht H.J., 1988:
Primary tumors of the thymus in the rat

Nonoyama A.; Osako T.; Fukunaka M.; Saito Y.; Tanaka K.; Tatsumi A.; Ohmoto K.; Umemoto M.; Masuda A.; E.A., 1984:
Primary tumors of the trachea results of various forms of treatment and review of tracheal reconstruction for primary tracheal tumors in japan

Yeshurun, D.; Chung, H.; Gotto, A.M.Jr ; Taunton, O.D., 1977:
Primary type s hyper lipo proteinemia in childhood

Balsbaugh, E.U-Jr, 1977:
Primary type specimens in the south dakota state university usa insect collection

Giles E.; Gosliner T., 1983:
Primary type specimens of marine mollusca excluding cephalopoda in the south african museum

Sarazin M.J., 1987:
Primary types of ichneumonidae hymenoptera in the canadian national collection

Strodel W.E.; Eckhauser F.E.; Simmons J.L., 1981:
Primary ulceration of the ileum

Vinner M.G.; Kartashov V.M.; Kopytov I.I., 1982:
Primary ulcerous carcinoma of the stomach

Kremer, H.; Lohmoeller, G.; Zöllner, N., 1977:
Primary ultrasonic detection of a double carcinoma of the colon

Pearlman, N.W.; Stiegmann, G.V.; Teter, A., 1988:
Primary upper aerodigestive tract manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux

Nasr, K.; Haghighi, P.; Bakhshandeh, K.; Abadi, P.; Lahimgarzadeh, A., 1976:
Primary upper small intestinal lymphoma a report of 40 cases from iran

Leon Barua R.; Machicado Zavala E.; Patrucco Puig R.; Recavarren Arce S., 1979:
Primary upper small intestinal lymphoma studied in peru treatment with oral oxytetracycline

Alessi, G.; Giuliani, A.; Fiori, E.; Mauro, L.; Cavallaro, A., 1985:
Primary ureteral carcinoma. Experience in a general surgical service

Tur L H.; Chang R C.; Qiao Z M.; Yang J., 1980:
Primary use of iodine labeled neuro toxin acetyl choline receptor complex in myasthenia gravis research

Halaska, M.; Dvorák, O.; Vebersík, V., 1981:
Primary vaginal carcinoma - analysis of 100 cases

Kristoffersen, S.E.; Hald, F.; Ahrons, S., 1987:
Primary vaginal dysplasia

Riedel, M.; Ivasková, E.; Prerovský, I., 1983:
Primary varicose veins and HLA

Schweiger H.; Rudofsky G., 1981:
Primary varicose veins in young male adults

Bosnjakovic, S.; Heuck, F.; Fürnrohr, H., 1980:
Primary varicosis of the lower extremity

Sharma K.C.; Sharma M., 1985:
Primary vascular differentiation in mimosa

Charlton W.A., 1980:
Primary vascular patterns in root meristems of pontederia cordata and their relevance to studies of root development

Ilbawi M.; Deleon S.; Riggs T.; Hernandez R., 1982:
Primary vascular tumors of the heart in infancy a case with successful surgical management

Rothwell, G.W., 1976:
Primary vasculature and gymnosperm systematics

Pokalev G.M.; Krivov V.G.; Shabanov V.A.; Kitaeva N.D., 1980:
Primary venous hypertension as a form of neuro circulatory dystonia clinical picture pathogenesis and treatment

Nordrehaug J.E.; Johannessen K A.; Von Der Lippe G., 1987:
Primary ventricular fibrillation associated with hypokalemia in acute myocardial infarction

Potasman, I.; Abinader, E.G.; Oliven, A.; Cohen, A., 1984:
Primary ventricular fibrillation complicating acute myocardial infarction: an assessment of predictability and prognosis

Sheps, D.S.; Conde, C.A.; Mayorga-Cortes, A.; Mallon, S.M.; Sung, R.J.; Castellanos, A.; Myerburg, R.J., 1977:
Primary ventricular fibrillation. Some unusual features

Richardson Klavehn A.; Bjork R.A., 1988:
Primary versus secondary rehearsal in an imagined voice differential effects on recognition memory and perceptual identification

Regin J.P.; Billerey C.; Burner R.; Bittard M., 1982:
Primary vesical adeno carcinoma with signet ring cells or linitis plastica of the bladder 3 cases

Beseghi U.; Cerasoli G.; Mori M.; Ghinelli C., 1987:
Primary vesico ureteral reflux current aspects of its treatment

Amemiya, F.; Kishida, R.; Goris, R.C.; Onishi, H.; Kusunoki, T., 1985 :
Primary vestibular projections in the hagfish, Eptatretus burgeri

Boyle D.B.; Dickerman R.W.; Marshall I.D., 1983:
Primary viremia responses of herons to experimental infection with murray valley encephalitis kunjin and japanese encephalitis viruses

Peterson, L.R.; Moore, B.M.; Edelman, C.K.; Balfour, H.H., 1980:
Primary virus isolation by a satellite laboratory

Azulay R.D., 1987:
Primary visceral vichowian lepromatous hanseniasis

Crewther D.P.; Crewther S.G.; Sanderson K.J., 1984:
Primary visual cortex in the brushtailed possum trichosurus vulpecula receptive field properties and corticocortical connections

Faulborn, J.; Atkinson, A.; Olivier, D., 1977:
Primary vitrectomy as a preventive surgical procedure in the treatment of severely injured eyes

Ohba, N.; Yamashita, T., 1986:
Primary vitreoretinal dysplasia resembling Norrie's disease in a female: association with X autosome chromosomal translocation

Lohr, J.M.; Souheaver, G.T., 1981:
Primary waking suggestibility and classical conditioning of word meaning

Rothwell, J.C.; Traub, M.M.; Marsden, C.D., 1979:
Primary writing tremor

Klawans, H.L.; Glantz, R.; Tanner, C.M.; Goetz, C.G., 1982:
Primary writing tremor: a selective action tremor

Tilton, B.R.; Palser, B.F., 1976:
Primary xylem maturation in conifer seedlings

Takeuchi H.; Tani E.; Jimura T.; Mabuchi O.; Yamamoto M.; Itoh H., 1986:
Primary yolk sac tumor of the orbit

Rowen, L.; Kornberg, A., 1978:
Primase, the dnaG protein of Escherichia coli. An enzyme which starts DNA chains

Redinger, R.N.; Small, D.M., 1973:
Primate biliary physiology part 8 the effect of pheno barbital upon bile salt synthesis and pool size biliary lipid secretion and bile composition

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Primate c mos proto oncogene structure and expression transcription initiation both upstream and within the gene in a tissue specific manner

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Primer mediated inhibition of the hydrolysis of template dna by phage t 5 induced dna polymerase

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Primer pheromones in the levant vole microtus guentheri activation of reproduction in the female by male related stimuli

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Primer tryptophan transfer rna enhanced the inhibition of avian myelo blastosis virus reverse transcriptase by pyridoxal 5 phosphate

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Primes, contingent attention, and training: effects on a child's motor behavior

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Priming action of estrogen: minimum duration of exposure for feedback and behavioral effects

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Priming dominant and unusual senses of ambiguous words

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Priming effect of luteinizing hormone releasing factor in vitro studies with raised potassium ion concentrations

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Priming effects in lexical decisions on sex stereotypical adjectives

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Priming effects in word fragment completion for short term and long term retention intervals

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Priming in episodic memory

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Priming in the continued word association test

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Priming increases the amount of interferon messenger rna in poly ribo inosinic acid poly ribo cytidylic acid treated l cells

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Priming induced repair in french bean seeds

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Priming is not necessary for selective attention failures semantic effects of unattended unprimed letters

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Priming of aggressive motivation in betta splendens

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Priming of association test responses

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Priming of cervix with prostaglandin gel during immature birth situation at term

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Priming of dna synthesis on phage fd and phage phi x 174 templates by oligo ribo nucleotides contaminating nucleoside 5 prime tri phosphates

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Priming of human myeloid leukemic cell lines hl 60 and u 937 with retinoic acid for differentiation effects of cyclic amp inducing agents and a t lymphocyte derived differentiation factor

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Priming of interferon production in human embryo fibroblasts by alpha, beta and gamma interferons

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Priming of L cells by murine immune interferon

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Priming of Macaca cynomolgus philippinensis with purified antigen of Brucella melitensis before injection of Rev. I vaccine

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Priming of macrophages for enhanced oxidative metabolism by exposure to proteolytic enzymes

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Priming of neutrophils and macrophages for enhanced release of superoxide anion by the calcium ionophore ionomycin. Implications for regulation of the respiratory burst

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Priming of reovirus transcription by gppppg and formation of cpg 5' pppp 5' gpc

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Priming of t helper cells by antigen activated b cells b cell primed lyt 1 plus helper cells are restricted to cooperate with b cells expressing the igv h phenotype of the priming b cells

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Priming of the fluid pump by osmotic gradients across rabbit corneal endothelium

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Priming of the respiratory burst of neutrophils by diacylglycerol independence from activation or translocation of protein kinase

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Priming of watermelon seeds for low temperature germination

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Priming pheromones from estrous cows increase synchronization of estrus in dairy heifers after prostaglandin f 2 alpha injection

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Priming procedure and cell isolation for study on luteal cell response to peptide hormone in the rat

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Priming procedure and hormone preparations influence rat granulosa cell response

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Priming reduces the bone marrow toxicity of carboplatin

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Priming single digit numbers automatic spreading activation dissipates as a function of semantic distance

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Priming stimulation of locus coeruleus facilitates memory retrieval in the rat

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Priming with and without awareness

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Priming with atracurium

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Priming with atracurium: improving intubating conditions with additional doses of thiopental

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Priming with gonadotropin releasing hormone restores gonadotropin secretion during 1st but not 2nd trimester of pregnancy

L.R., 1987:
Primiparae with fetal head ballottement during labor analysis of 217 cases

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Primitive and advanced forms of vicia faba differences concerning the quantitative inheritance of characters related to yield

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Primitive and specialized structural features of the pharyngeal muscle system in hippopotamus amphibius

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Primitive bilateral germinal cell tumors of the testicle perugia italy 1942 1983

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Primitive bilateral mammary carcinoma perugia italy 1942 1981

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Primitive bony fishes with especial reference to cheirolepis and palaeonisciform actinopterygians

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Primitive cancer of the liver study of 37 cases

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Primitive carcinoma of the gastric stump etio pathogenetic and anatomo clinical considerations

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Primitive cerebral neuroectodermal tumor with rhabdomyoblastic differentiation

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Primitive chole steatomas of the temporal bone pathogenetic clinical and therapeutic problems clinical contribution

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Primitive colaniellid foraminiferal assemblage from the upper permian wargal formation of the salt range pakistan

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Primitive communication in man part 1 acoustical and optical communications

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Primitive courtships in symphypleon collembolans

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Primitive cryptostigmatid mites from the chihuahuan desert of new mexico usa

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Primitive cutaneous cryptococcosis and facial multiple epitheliomas in a patient with immunodepression

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Primitive cystic hepatic neoplasm of infancy with mesothelial differentiation: report of a case

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Primitive ducts of renal dysplasia induced by culturing ureteral buds denuded of condensed renal mesenchyme

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Primitive features and ontogeny in phylogenetic reconstructions

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Primitive finding of pararhamphomyia albidiventris new record diptera empididae in czechoslovakia

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Primitive fusulinacea from dangyokei of taishaku studies of the stratigraphy and the microfossil faunas of the carboniferous and permian taishaku limestone in west japan 5

Sada K., 1980:
Primitive fusulinacea from nakamura limestone in western japan

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Primitive gastric localization of heavy alpha chain disease a pathological and immunohistochemical study

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Primitive germ cell intra cranial tumors clinical and morphological findings in 8 cases

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Primitive group treatment

White, T.D., 1981:
Primitive hominid canine from Tanzania

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Primitive insectivores of the upper eocene and lower oligocene of western europe nyctitheriidae

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Primitive leiomyosarcoma of the duodenum report of two cases with different forms of presentation

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Primitive life habits and adaptive significance of the pelecypod form

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Primitive like meta phloem sieve elements in the aerial stem of equisetum hyemale

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Primitive malignant lymphomas of bone. Study of 14 cases

Montes Benito H.; Marti Bonmati L.; Touza Castillo R.; Rubio Viguera V., 1987:
Primitive mediastinal hydatid cyst perforating into the aorta demonstration by computed tomography

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Primitive micro structures in sargur schists precambrian near mysore karnataka india

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Primitive mimosoid flowers from the paleocene eocene and their systematic and evolutionary implications

Ruiz Mendez A., 1987:
Primitive neoplasia of the gallbladder fifteen new patients

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Primitive nervous systems: action of aminergic drugs and blocking agents on activity in the ventral nerve cord of the flatworm Notoplana acticola

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Primitive nervous systems. Control and recovery of feeding behavior in the polyclad flatworm, Notoplana acticola

Koopowitz, H.; Bernardo, K.; Keenan, L., 1979:
Primitive nervous systems: electrical activity in ventral nerve cords of the flatworm, Notoplana acticola

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Primitive neuro ectodermal patterns in skin adnexal tumors and basal cell epitheliomas

Aguirre P.; Scully R.E., 1983:
Primitive neuro ectodermal tumor of the testis a case

Shuangshoti S., 1986:
Primitive neuroectodermal neuroepithelial tumor of soft tissue of the neck in a child demonstration of neuronal and neuroglial differentiation

Moerman P.; Goddeeris P.; Fryns J P.; Lauweryns J.M., 1985:
Primitive neuroectodermal tumor a newly recognized cause of early fetal death

Potluri V.R.; Gilbert F.; Helsen C.; Helson L., 1987:
Primitive neuroectodermal tumor cell lines chromosomal analysis of five cases

Argenyi Z.B.; Bergfeld W.F.; Mcmahon J.T.; Goeken J.A.; Garewel G.S., 1986:
Primitive neuroectodermal tumor in the skin with features of neuroblastoma in an adult patient

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Primitive neuroectodermal tumor of the central nervous system associated with malignant rhabdoid tumor of the kidney report of a case

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Primitive neuroectodermal tumor of the endometrium: report of two cases, one with electron microscopic observations

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Primitive neuroectodermal tumors of the cerebrum pathology and treatment

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Primitive neuroectodermal tumors of the chest wall

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Primitive neurological cryptococcosis in a melanesian child evolution and epidemiological comments

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Primitive non hodgkinian malignant lymphomas of the digestive tract

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Primitive pancreatic hydatidosis

Dowding, C.R.; Gordon, M.Y.; Goldman, J.M., 1986:
Primitive progenitor cells in the blood of patients with chronic granulocytic leukemia

Gallardo Bodion R.; Rincon Rodera P.; Gonzalez Carpio R.; Jimenez Garcia A.; Villa Minguez D.; Zapata Blanco J., 1982:
Primitive pulmonary hem angio peri cytoma 1 case

Capute A.J.; Palmer F.B.; Shapiro B.K.; Wachtel R.C.; Ross A.; Accardo P.J., 1984:
Primitive reflex profile a quantitation of primitive reflexes in infancy

Basavaraju, N.G.; Silverstone, F.A.; Libow, L.S.; Paraskevas, K., 1981:
Primitive reflexes and perceptual sensory tests in the elderly- their usefulness in dementia

Chun H.W., 1981:
Primitive reflexes in infants and children

Henry E.C., 1987:
Primitive reproductive characters and a photoperiodic response in saccorhiza dermatodea laminariales phaeophyceae

Schmidt J.A.; Marshall J.; Hayman M.J.; Beug H., 1986:
Primitive series embryonic chick erythrocytes express the transferrin receptor

Malan'in A.N., 1979:
Primitive soils of sand areas in northern kazakh ssr ussr

Celada A., 1981:
Primitive splenic neutropenia

Artigas Martin J.M.; Garcia Martin E.; Leal Adan R.; Reus Pintado M., 1981:
Primitive tracheo bronchomegaly mounier kuhn syndrome with reference to a patient with recurring pneumonitis

Shigemori M.; Shirahama M.; Yamamoto F.; Hara K.; Tokutomi T.; Nakashima O., 1980:
Primitive trigeminal artery and intra cranial carotid occlusion

Camprini C.; D.B.lla G.; Grzeszyk T.; Macca E., 1980:
Primitive tumors of the pterygopalatine fossa

Bailey K.G.; Millbrook J.M., 1984:
Primitiveness and advancedness of pleasures and aversions in relation to wechsler adult intelligence indices

Taylor G.C., 1985:
Primitivity of products of leslie matrices

Keller, E.L., 1980:
Primitivity of the product of 2 leslie matrices

Sheader M., 1986:
Primno evansi new species amphipoda hyperiidae from the eastern north atlantic

Van Der Keilen M., 1984:
Primogeniture and the confluence model in a canadian university

Hunt L.A.; Chapleau A M., 1986:
Primordia and leaf production in winter wheat triticum aestivum triticale triticosecale and rye secale cereale under field conditions

Ogawa, M.; Hamada, M., 1975:
Primordia formation of tricholoma matsutake in pure culture

Maekawa F., 1982:
Primordial characters of leguminosae tribe phaseoleae sensu lato preliminary note

Marietti, G.; Colabucci, F.; Paone, F.M.; Siccardi, M., 1978:
Primordial dwarfism a case report of difficult classification

Noguchi, T.; Stevens, L.C., 1982:
Primordial germ cell proliferation in fetal testes in mouse strains with high and low incidences of congenital testicular teratomas

Pfannenstiel H D.; Gruenig C., 1982:
Primordial germ cells and early stages of oogenesis in ophryotrocha puerilis polychaeta dorvilleidae

Ogielska M., 1987:
Primordial germ cells and gonad differentiation in amphibians

Teshima K.; Tomonaga S., 1986:
Primordial germ cells and lymphomyeloid system in the embryos of the aleutian skate bathyraja aleutica

Rogulska T., 1982:
Primordial germ cells in the fragments of unincubated chick blastoderm cultured in ovo

Wylie C.C.; Heasman J.; Snape A.; O'driscoll M.; Holwill S., 1985:
Primordial germ cells of xenopus laevis are not irreversibly determined early in development

Heasman J.; Hynes R.O.; Swan A.P.; Thomas V.; Wylie C.C., 1981:
Primordial germ cells of xenopus laevis embryos the role of fibronectin in their adhesion during migration

Smith R.H.; Murashige T., 1982:
Primordial leaf and phyto hormone effects on excised shoot apical meristems of coleus blumei

Cedergren, R.L.rue, B., 1986:
Primordial reading of genetic information

Walker J.K.; Niles G.A., 1984:
Primordial square formation in cotton and the cotton fleahopper pseudatomoscelis seriatus

Berezkin A.G.; Naumenko N.A., 1980:
Primordium and early embryonal development of shoulder and elbow joints of the rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus

Berezkin A.G.; Naumenko N.A., 1980:
Primordium and early embryonal development of thoracic extremity autopodium in oryctolagus cuniculus

Wood, D.A., 1976:
Primordium formation in axenic cultures of agaricus bisporus

Stern W.R.; Kirby E.J.M., 1979:
Primordium initiation at the shoot apex in 4 contrasting varieties of spring wheat in response to sowing date

Cholewa A.F.; Henderson D.M., 1984:
Primula alcalina new species primulaceae from idaho usa

Kelso S., 1987:
Primula anvilensis new species primulaceae northwestern alaska usa

Yasuda, H.; Kumakiri, M.; Miura, Y.; Tsuchiya, K.; Shiratori, A., 1983:
Primula dermatitis

Hosono K.; Kantoh H.; Noda Y.; Itoh M.; Ishihara M.; Nishimura M.; Takase Y., 1983:
Primula obconica dermatitis and diagnostic patch tests using plant materials

Dal Col E., 1981:
Primula tirolensis new record and its stations

Kelso S., 1987:
Primula tschuktschorum and primula eximia primulaceae section crystallophlomis a distylous species and its homostylous derivative from the bering strait region alaska usa

Hancock D.L., 1983:
Princeps aegeus and its allies lepidoptera papilionidae systematics phylogeny and bio geography

Prins D.; Mandelkorn T.; Cerf F.A., 1980:
Principal and differential effects of haloperidol and placebo treatments upon speech disfluencies in stutterers

Meyer O.; Cremer Legmann F.; Haim T.; Ryckewaert A., 1987:
Principal antinuclear and anticytoplasmic antibodies in polymyositis and dermatomyositis a study of 42 cases

Quesada R.; Madriz L.F.; Fernandez W.A., 1986:
Principal arteries of the aortic arch of the guinea pig cavia porcellus rodentia

Viana P.A.; Waquil J.M.; D.L.cena A.I.T., 1979:
Principal aspects of the biology of sorghum midge contarinia sorghicola diptera cecidomyiidae

Kostyl'ov O.V.; Movchan Y.I.; Osychnyuk V.V.; Solomakha V.A., 1985:
Principal associations of steppe vegetation in the chomutovskaya step preserve ukrainian ssr ussr

Scott E.C., 1979:
Principal axis analysis of dental attrition data

Richards L.C., 1984:
Principal axis analysis of dental attrition data from 2 australian aboriginal populations

Majumder, P.P., 1988:
Principal axis analysis of gene frequency data

Tsaregorodtsev, G.I.; Gubanov, N.I., 1978:
Principal bases for the existence of adequate and sign reflection at the sensory stage of cognition

Isaac, J., 1974:
Principal causes of gastro intestinal hemorrhages in patients with central nervous system disorders

Klein, C.; Lange, R.H., 1977:
Principal cell types in the pancreatic islet of a teleost fish xiphophorus helleri a correlative light microscopic and electron microscopic investigation

Ogawa T.; Ito S.; Kato H., 1980:
Principal cells and intrinsic cells in in vitro slices of the lateral geniculate nucleus of the cat

Bigler, E.D.; Eidelberg, E., 1976:
Principal cells in lateral geniculate effects of metrazole on capacity to afterdischarge

Gutierrez Trujillo G., 1980:
Principal characteristics of invasive amoebiasis in the child some clinical and epidemiological concepts brought up to date

Degos, L.; Feingold, N.; Bastin, C.; Rain, J.D., 1978:
Principal clinical features and prognosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Kazzal, N.T., 1977:
Principal component analyses of awassi sheep in iraq

De-Sequeira, E.M., 1975:
Principal component analysis and simple and first order partial correlation coefficients in soil science

Theriot E., 1987:
Principal component analysis and taxonomic interpretation of environmentally related variation in silicification in stephanodiscus bacillariophyceae

Flos, J., 1978:
Principal component analysis applied to a set of spectral variables

Buldgen P.; Dubois D.; Remacle J., 1983:
Principal component analysis applied to nutrient balances in organic layers of beech fagus sylvatica and spruce picea abies forests

Favretto L.; Favretto G., 1984:
Principal component analysis as a tool for studying interdependences among trace metals in edible mussels mytilus galloprovincialis from the gulf of trieste italy

Bedo, Z.; Matuz, J.; Balla, L.; Barabas, Z., 1987:
Principal component analysis based on wricke's ecovalence values for grouping environments and varieties

Koike T.; Nose Y., 1987:
Principal component analysis for catch of coastal fisheries in iwawada district japan

Favretto L.; Favretto L.G.; Felician L., 1987:
Principal component analysis for the identification of pollution sources in mussel survey by trace metals

Mahajan R.K.; Rao A.V.; Aggarwal D.K., 1981:
Principal component analysis in some late maturing rice oryza sativa cultivars

Jenicek M.; Cleroux R.; Lamoureux M., 1979:
Principal component analysis of 4 health indicators and construction of a global health index in the aged

Sasanuma K.A.; Shinjo A., 1986:
Principal component analysis of body measurements of native horses in okinawa prefecture japan and miyako improved horses

Kawano S.; Shiina T.O.; Kaneko K.; Iwamoto M., 1987:
Principal component analysis of effects of dropping impact and vibration on volatiles of satsuma mandarin fruit

Brown W.S.; Marsh J.T.; Smith J.C., 1979:
Principal component analysis of event related potential differences related to the meaning of an ambiguous word

Meister A.; Brecht E., 1986:
Principal component analysis of fluorescence spectra from chloroplasts and light harvesting chlorophyll a b protein complex from vicia faba

Mahajan R.K.; Prasad A.S.R., 1986:
Principal component analysis of genotype environment interactions in rice oryza sativa

Matsuno K.; Hayashi K.; Doi W.; Ueda Y.; Komatsu M.; Kawai K., 1986:
Principal component analysis of health and social indicators for 44 communities in kyoto prefecture japan

Darland, G., 1975:
Principal component analysis of infraspecific variation in bacteria

Sekikawa M.; Kanazawa E.; Ozaki T.; Brown T., 1988:
Principal component analysis of intercusp distances on the lower first molars of three human populations

White N.D.G.; Sinha R.N., 1980:
Principal component analysis of interrelations in stored wheat ecosystems infested with multiple species of insects

Iwama, K., 1983:
Principal component analysis of Motokawa's data on wavelength dependence of retinal processes

Heetderks, W.J., 1978:
Principal component analysis of neural population response of knee joint proprioceptors in cat

Richardson J.L.; Bigler R.J., 1984:
Principal component analysis of prairie pothole soils in north dakota usa

Shimada, T.; Murakami, K., 1976:
Principal component analysis of root and crown characteristics of alfalfa varieties in relation to their persistence

Yawo H.; Shinagawa Y.; Shinagawa Y., 1981:
Principal component analysis of systemic lupus erythematosus a proposal for handling data with many missing values

Hill, M.O.; Smith, A.J.E., 1976:
Principal component analysis of taxonomic data with multi state discrete characters

Bodiou, J.Y.; Chardy, P., 1973:
Principal component analysis of the annual cycle of an harpacticoid copepod assemblage from the infralittoral fine sands of banyuls sur mer

Otsuka J.; Namikawa T.; Nozawa K., 1984:
Principal component analysis of the body measurements of native cattle in eastern asia and banteng in indonesia

Takai, S., 1977:
Principal component analysis of the elongation of metacarpal and phalangeal bones

Thukral, S.M.; Sharma, A., 1976:
Principal component analysis of transversal and longitudinal inter tri radial distances on quantitative palmar dermatoglyphics

Conner, R.N.; Adkisson, C.S., 1977:
Principal component analysis of woodpecker nesting habitat

Shibata M.; Kodama S., 1980:
Principal component analysis regarding growth and stem form traits in various natural pinus densi thunbergii open pollinated families at age 15 years

Mager, P.P., 1980:
Principal component regression analysis applied in structure activity relationships 1. selective di hydro folic acid reductase inhibitors

Mager P.P., 1982:
Principal component regression analysis applied to break collinearities and multi collinearities in quantitative structure activity relationship

Naes T.; Martens H., 1988:
Principal component regression in nir analysis viewpoints background details and selection of components

Jain R.C.; Sridharan H.; Agrawal R., 1984:
Principal component technique for forecasting sorghum sorghum bicolor yield

Liu B., 1986:
Principal components analyses of the population dynamics of the bean aphid aphis craccivora

Mucina L.; Polacik S., 1982:
Principal components analysis and trend surface analysis of a small scale pattern in a transition mire

Smeyers-Verbeke, J.; Van Peteghem, C.; Ooghe, W.; D.R.ose, J.; Massart, D.L.; Derom, F., 1983:
Principal components analysis as a tool for the optimization of experimental conditions

Peppard T.L., 1985:
Principal components analysis its application in monitoring the consistency of beer quality

Seifert R.P., 1981:
Principal components analysis of bio geographic patterns among heliconia insect communities

Hagerty C.M.; Lees F.C.; Tieman S.B.; Hirsch H.V.B., 1982:
Principal components analysis of cells in cat visual cortex

Afifi Z.E.M., 1985:
Principal components analysis of growth of nahya egypt infants size velocity and two physique factors

Festing M.F.W.; Hawkey C.M.; Hart M.G.; Turton J.A.; Gwynne J.; Hicks R.M., 1984:
Principal components analysis of hematological data from f 344 rats with bladder cancer fed n ethyl all trans retinamide

Glassman, D.M.; Coelho, A.M., 1987:
Principal components analysis of physical growth in savannah baboons

Leguebe, A., 1977:
Principal components analysis of skin reflectance data comparison between results of various samples from the belgian population

Chapman R.M.; Mccrary J.W.; Tuttle J.R., 1981:
Principal components analysis of sources of variability in retinal ganglion cell responses

Habgood P.J.; Walker M.J., 1986:
Principal components and cluster analyses on upper pleistocene crania

Spicer R.A.; Hill C.R., 1979:
Principal components and correspondence analyses of quantitative data from a jurassic plant bed

Ter Braak C.J.F., 1983:
Principal components bi plots and alpha and beta diversity

Corruccini, R.S., 1983 :
Principal components for allometric analysis

Galaktionov O.K.; Efimov V.M.; Lemza S.V.; Goltsova T.V., 1982:
Principal components method and nonmetric 2 dimensional scaling method for quantitative dermatoglyphic traits of the taimir ussr aborigines

Morton J.R., 1982:
Principal components of profitability in heavy pig carcasses

Canavan A.G.M.; Dunn G.; Mcmillan T.M., 1986:
Principal components of the wechsler adult intelligence scale revised

Mikhailov, V.P.; Katinas, G.S., 1977:
Principal concepts of histology

Talou T.; Delmas M.; Gaset A., 1987:
Principal constituents of black truffle tuber melanosporum aroma

Yoshizaki F.; Madarame M.; Takahashi C.; Hisamichi S., 1986:
Principal constituents of the seeds of japanese yew taxus cuspidata

Dzwonko Z.; Kozlowski W.M., 1980:
Principal coordinate analysis and its application in syn ecology

Ritchot, C.; Rioux, G.; Richard, M.A.; Guibord, M.O.; Letendre, M.; Sauvageau, J.L.; Beausoleil, J.M.; Morin, C., 1976:
Principal crop damaging insects in quebec canada in 1975

Houston, B.K.; Smith, T.W.; Zurawski, R.M., 1986:
Principal dimensions of the Framingham Type A scale: differential relationships to cardiovascular reactivity and anxiety

Mccreary C.; Turner J.; Dawson E., 1981 :
Principal dimensions of the pain experience and psychological disturbance in chronic low back pain patients

Pointier, J.P.; Salvat, B.; Delplanque, A.; Golvan, Y., 1977:
Principal factors controlling population density of biomphalaria glabrata the snail intermediate host of schistosomiasis in guadeloupe french antilles

Kryzhanovskii O.L., 1981:
Principal factors of rise and evolution of large groups of insects

Karlov V.A., 1980:
Principal features of pathogenesis and pathogenetic therapy of some neurological syndromes of the facial region

Sorger T.; Pittman R.; Soderwall A.L., 1983:
Principal features of the nerve supply to the ovary oviduct and tubal 3rd of the uterus in the golden hamster mesocricetus auratus

Chuvashov B.; Riding R., 1984:
Principal floras of paleozoic marine calcareous algae

Menendez L.; Vilamajo D.; Ricardo N., 1987:
Principal floristic and physiognomic characteristics of the forest vegetation of las peladas sierra del rosario cuba

Benoit, P.; Martineau, R., 1976:
Principal forest insects in quebec canada in 1975

Benoit, P., 1978:
Principal forest insects in quebec canada in 1977

Mauch, E., 1976:
Principal forms of saprobic organisms for the biological analysis of bodies of water part 1

Mauch, E., 1976:
Principal forms of saprobic organisms for the biological analysis of bodies of water part 2

Weninger G., 1985:
Principal freshwater types and comparative hydrochemistry of tropical running water systems

Ganya A.I., 1981:
Principal fungal diseases of soybean in the moldavian ssr ussr

Oberemchenko Y.V.; Zasedatelev V.K., 1980:
Principal indications of central hemodynamic disturbances in the period of hospitalization for myo cardial infarction

Kadio, G.A., 1978:
Principal indicator groups in the flora of adventitious plants from hevea culture at the experimental station of anguedejou ivory coast

Ritchot, C.; Rioux, G.; Richard, M.A.; Guibord, M.O.; Letendre, M.; Beausoleil, J.M.; Morin, C., 1977:
Principal insects affecting crops in quebec canada in 1976

Ritchot, C.; Rioux, G.; Richard, M.A.; Guibord, M.O.C.; Letendre, M.; Sauvageau, J.L.; Doyle, J.A.; Beausoleil, J.M.; Morin, C., 1975:
Principal insects of crops in quebec canada in 1974

Roux C., 1986:
Principal lichen substances in some taxa described by roux in collaboration with other authors

Shevelev I.A., 1985:
Principal mechanism of the inhibition of the optic cortex

Wolter R.; Henry N., 1985:
Principal methods of evaluation of protein quality of foods

Vannier, G., 1976:
Principal methods of studying water balance in the acarina

Velichkovskii B.T.; Korkina L.G.; Suslova T.B.; Cheremisina Z.P.; Deeva I.B.; Kruglikov G.G., 1988:
Principal molecular mechanisms of the cytotoxicity of fibrogenic dusts

Grandmottet J.P., 1983:
Principal needs of dulcicolous teleostei with respect to their aquatic habitat

Mihailoff, G.A., 1978:
Principal neurons of the basilar pons as the source of a recurrent collateral system

Berezin P.N.; Voronin A.D.; Shein E.V., 1985:
Principal parameters and methods of the quantitative evaluation of soil structure

Liozner L.D., 1981:
Principal patterns of cell transformation during regeneration

Blackburn G.R.; Schnabel S.J.; Danley J.M.; Hogue Aneletti R.A.; Sorof S., 1982:
Principal poly peptide target of carcinogen at the beginning of liver carcinogenesis by 3 carcinogens

Soprunov F.F., 1980:
Principal problems of parasitology and aims of soviet parasitologists for 1981 1985

Yarve K.; Tsymbalova E.; Serebryanyi A., 1984:
Principal products of barley dna methylation by n methyl n nitrosourea

Carlson R.; Prochazka M.P.; Lundstedt T., 1988:
Principal properties for synthetic screening amines

Carlson R.; Prochazka M.P.; Lundstedt T., 1988 :
Principal properties for synthetic screening ketones and aldehydes

Wold S.; Eriksson L.; Hellberg S.; Jonsson J.; Sjostrom M.; Skagerberg B.; Wikstrom C., 1987:
Principal property values for six non natural amino acids and their application to a structure activity relationship for oxytocin peptide analogues

Shakhamtov N.F., 1986:
Principal regularities and trends in the manifestations of mental disorders in old age

Panov N.P.; Tsyurupa I.G., 1980:
Principal regularities of the distribution of clayey minerals and their role in forming the profile of solonetz soils

Romanski B.; Pabijan A.; Swiatkowski M., 1980:
Principal risk factors in ischemic heart disease with special regard to the importance of the tobacco smoking habit

Garcia Avila I.; Gonzalez Broche R., 1986:
Principal species of larvivorous fishes in the family poecilidae and their effectiveness under natural conditions in cuba

Bezus'ko L.H.; Vodop'yan N.S.; Kayutkina T.M., 1985:
Principal stages of the development of vegetation and bodies of water of small polesye ukrainian ssr ussr in the holocene

Kitamura T., 1985:
Principal studies on utilization of solar energy in sugar beet plants under field conditions

Rosenwinkel K H., 1983:
Principal treatment of industrial wastes and standards of treatment

Vislobokova I.A., 1984:
Principal trends in the evolution of deer

Neugodova N.P.; Geitman I.Ya; Kivman G.Ya, 1979:
Principal trends in the study of blood sulfanilamide binding review

Dymina G.D., 1982:
Principal tussock forming species of the genus carex cyperaceae in the amur river area and their delimitation by reproductive organs

Urusevskaya I.S., 1984:
Principals of distinguishing soil provinces in soil geographical regionalization

Okuyama, S.; Mishina, H., 1983:
Principia of cancer therapy 3. perpetuation principle of repairable chemo therapeutic damage cisplatin bleomycin in vitro

Okuyama, S.; Mishina, H.; Ito, Y.; Matsuzawa, T., 1983:
Principia of cancer therapy 4. induction of hemo concentration for phlebotomy in polycythemia vera

Okuyama, S.; Mishina, H.; Maki, T., 1983:
Principia of cancer therapy 5. clinical and histo pathological criteria for cancer re differentiation

Okuyama, S.; Mishina, H., 1983:
Principia of cancer therapy 6. application of ubi quinone ointment for intractable radiation ulcers an expanded cytochrome c effect

Okuyama, S.; Mishina, H.; Takahashi, K., 1984:
Principia of cancer therapy 7. tetracyclines as cancer antagonists

Okuyama, S.; Mishina, H.; Matsuzawa, T., 1984:
Principia of cancer therapy 8. role of d penicillamine in the prevention of radiation pneumonitis and fibrosis an experimental demonstration

Okuyama, S.; Mishina, H., 1985:
Principia of cancer therapy. IX. Categorization, symbolization and consecutive integration of principles of cancer radiotherapy

Mishina, H.; Okuyama, S., 1987:
Principia of cancer therapy. XIX. Effects of per rectum carmofur on radiotherapeutic efficacy of rectal carcinomas

Eckert, H.G.; Strecker, H., 1978:
Principle and applicability of radio immunoassay

Arakawa K., 1985:
Principle and clinical application of modern proctology

Perli, P.D.; Pupurina, I.Y., 1976:
Principle and controversial questions on the pathogenesis of raynauds disease

Tamura H.; Koya G.; Sugai M.; Kudo M.; Ito M., 1985:
Principle and method of removal of the spinal cord at autopsy

Dhamelincourt, P.; Bisson, P., 1977:
Principle and realization of an optical microscope using the raman effect

Schulten, H.R.; Schiebel, H.M., 1978:
Principle and technique of field desorption mass spectrometry analysis of corrins and vitamin b 12/

Milstein, A.; Hepher, B., 1985:
Principle component analysis of interactions between fish species and the ecological conditions in fish ponds i. phytoplankton

Milstein, A.; Hepher, B.; Teltsch, B., 1985:
Principle component analysis of interactions between fish species and the ecological conditions in fish ponds ii. zooplankton

Harada Y.; Sugawara M.; Beppu T.; Higashidate M.; Nakata S.; Imai Y., 1987:
Principle of a noninvasive method of measuring maximum pressure change with respect to time of the left ventricle theory and experiments

Suga, H., 1976:
Principle of adaptation of heart size to volume load. A theoretical approach

Zalitis G.M.; Kublis G.G.; Antsans Y.E., 1985:
Principle of additivity in the reaction of angiotensin ii and its analog with antibodies and glomerular cell receptors from rat adrenal cortex

Belyaev I.I.; Minkh A.A., 1981:
Principle of allergic alertness in hygiene

Tonoyan G.A.; Semenov S.M., 1981:
Principle of competitive exclusion from the viewpoint of mathematical modeling in ecology

Ennemoser O.; Canaval H.; Ambach W., 1984:
Principle of computed tomography demonstrated by a lecture experiment

Peterson B.E.; Gracheva L.S., 1981:
Principle of early diagnosis of malignant tumors

Kokshaiskii N.V., 1988:
Principle of evolutionary stabilization of functions and behavior of animals

Teodorova S., 1985:
Principle of invariance and criterion of evolution in biological structures

Chernavskii, D.S.; Volkov, E.I.; Presnov, E.V., 1976:
Principle of minimum interference as a method for selecting the form of the dynamic model

Suga, H., 1981:
Principle of normal heart adaptation in size and weight to pressure and volume loads

Popov V.K.; Ivanova R.S., 1985:
Principle of pairing and kinematic asymmetry of the otolith system

Tverdislov V.A.; Yakovenko L.V., 1980:
Principle of parametric separation of ions in the molecular model of the sodium pump

Von Jagow G., 1979:
Principle of photo phosphorylation and oxidative phosphorylation

Konarev, V.G.; Gavrilyuk, I.P., 1977:
Principle of protein markers and its use for the analysis of initial and breeding material

L.D.; Zhou X.; Qui J., 1982:
Principle of remote sensing of atmospheric aerosol size distribution by combined solar extinction and forward scattering method and numerical experiment

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