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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6187

Chapter 6187 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chen J., 1982: Principle of resection of gastric cancer based on biologic behavior

Conrad, M., 1977: Principle of superposition free memory

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Levin G.S., 1980: Principle of the development of complex blood substitutes for the treatment of terminal phase of shock

Stage H., 1988: Principle of the new att process for converting vegetable oils to diesel fuels

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Zaitsev V.A.; Tsygankov A.P., 1979: Principle way of solving the problem of environmental protection the creation of waste free industries

Dickinson V.; Gabriel J., 1982: Principled moral thinking defining issues test percent scores of australian adolescents sample characteristics and family correlates

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Blanchard J.; Sawchuk R.J.; Brodie B.B., 1979: Principles and perspectives in drug bio availability

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Ormont L.R., 1981: Principles and practice of conjoint psychoanalytic treatment

Richards, B. N.; Bevege, D. I., 1972: Principles and practice of foliar analysis as a basis for crop logging in pine g plantations part 1 basic considerations

Bevege, D. I.; Richards, B. N., 1972: Principles and practice of foliar analysis as a basis for crop logging in pine plantations part 2 determination of critical phosphorus levels

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Hayat M.A., 1978: Principles and techniques of electron microscopy biological applications vol 9

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Sartorius C.; Frere G.; Moutet F., 1987: Principles for the functional description of the hand

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Ostapkovich E.V., 1985: Principles for the organization and performance of large scale prophylactic medical examination of workers exposed to dust

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Ushakov B.P., 1988: Principles in the breeding of individuals based on relatively labile physiological traits for example body thermolability

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