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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6188

Chapter 6188 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Smirnova, N. P.; Klimovskaya, L. D., 1978: Probable role of the hypothalamus in the pathogenesis of autonomic disturbances during brief exposure to a constant magnetic field

Courtinat, B.; Algouti, A., 1985: Probable sinemurian age of a section near telouat's area high atlas morocco palynological study

Yamasaki, F.; Hayashi, H., 1979: Probable sites of action of cyclic amp in the induction of phospho di esterase ec in dictyostelium discoideum

Orias E., 1981: Probable somatic dna rearrangements in mating type determination in tetrahymena thermophila a review and a model

Slana, L. J.; Stavely, J. R.; Grosso, J. J.; Golden, A. M., 1977: Probable source of meloidogyne incognita resistance in tobacco as indicated by reactions to 5 meloidogyne isolates

Smith R.P., 1983: Probable strain differences of rats in susceptibilities and cardio pulmonary responses to chronic hypoxia

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187007

Giles, T. R., 1984: Probable superiority of behavioral intervention 3. some obstacles to acceptance of findings

Jeune B., 1985: Probable sympatric speciation in utricularia alpina lentibulariaceae in the lesser antilles west indies

Golde, A.; Villaudy, J., 1975: Probable synchronous replication of mitochondrial dna in cultures of chick embryo fibroblasts

Anderson, M., 1977: Probable thomsens disease with cardiac involvement case report

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187012

Courvalin P., 1987: Probable transmission between animals of a plasmid encoding aminoglycoside 3 n acetyltransferase iv and dihydrofolate reductase i

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187014

Suzuki T., 1988: Probable treponematosis in human skeletons from the himrin basin of iraq

Read R.A., 1986: Probable trophic pad ulceration following traumatic denervation report of two cases in dogs

Synder J.P., 1984: Probable unimportance of intra molecular hydrogen bonds for determining the secondary structure of cyclic hexa peptides roseo toxin b

Loope D.B., 1984: Probable vertebrate origin for certain sole marks in triassic red beds of wyoming usa

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187019

Rubinstein E., 1980: Probable virus induced epithelial lesions in pre invasive cervical cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187021

Phillips, C. I.; Newton, M.; Duvall, J.; Holloway, S.; Levy, A. M., 1986: Probably norrie's disease due to mutation two sporadic sibships of two males each a necropsy of one case and given norrie's disease a calculation of the gene mutation frequency

Mathiak L., 1988: Probe a balloon wire initial experience

Kelley E.A., 1983: Probe colorimeter for quantitating enzyme linked immuno sorbent assays and other colorimetric assays performed with micro plates

Bucci E., 1986: Probe dependence of correlation times in heme free extrinsically labeled human hemoglobin

Gilman S., 1985: Probe determined hearing aid gain compared to functional and coupler gains

Jornvall, H.; Fowler, A. V.; Zabin, I., 1978: Probe of beta galactosidase ec structure with iodo acetate differential reactivity of thiol groups in wild type and mutant forms of beta galactosidase

Cheung H.C., 1986: Probe of the calcium magnesium atpase in erythrocyte membranes of cystic fibrosis patients

Bode R.F., 1979: Probe radio cardiography validation of a technique to routinely determine left ventricular ejection fraction

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187030

Pelli D.G., 1987: Probe tone thresholds in the auditory nerve measured by two interval forced choice procedures

Takino Y., 1985: Probenazole and burst of respiration in rice leaf tissue infected with blast fungus

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187033

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187034

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187035

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187036

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187037

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187038

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187039

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187040

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187041

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187042

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187043

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187044

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187045

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187046

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187047

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187048

Section 7, Chapter 6188 , Accession 006187049

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187050

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187051

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187052

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187053

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187054

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187055

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187056

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187057

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187058

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187059

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187060

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187061

Olson A.J., 1987: Probes for double helical dna sequence information molecular mechanics study of a proposed model

Azzi, A.; Montecucco, C., 1976: Probes for energy transduction in membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187064

Lessor, R. A.; Bajwa, B. S.; Rice, K. C.; Jacobson, A. E.; Streaty, R. A.; Klee, W. A.; Smith, C. B.; Aceto, M. D.; May, E. L.; Harris, L. S., 1986: Probes for narcotic receptor mediated phenomena 13. potential irreversible narcotic antagonist based ligands derived from 6 14 endo ethenotetrahydrooripavine with 7 methoxyfumaroylamino bromoacetylamino or isothiocyanate electrophiles chemistry biochemistry and pharmacology

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187066

Burke, T. R. Jr ; Bajwa, B. S.; Jacobson, A. E.; Rice, K. C.; Streaty, R. A.; Klee, W. A., 1984: Probes for narcotic receptor mediated phenomena 7. synthesis and pharmacological properties of irreversible ligands specific for mu or delta opiate receptors

Burke, T. R. Jr ; Rice, K. C.; Jacobson, A. E.; Simonds, W. F.; Klee, W. A., 1984: Probes for narcotic receptor mediated phenomena 8. tritiation of irreversible mu or delta specific opioid receptor affinity ligands to high specific activity

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187069

Celada, F.; Fowler, A. V.; Zabin, I., 1978: Probes of beta galactosidase ec structure with antibodies reaction of anti peptide antibodies against native enzyme

Boyer P.D., 1983: Probes of catalytic site cooperativity during catalysis by the chloroplast atp and atp synthase

Cho, J. M.; Kimball, A. P., 1982: Probes of eukaryotic dna dependent rna polymerase ii ec 1. binding of 9 beta d arabinofuranosyl 6 mercapto purine to the elongation subsite

Cho, J. M.; Carline, R. K.; Evans, J. E.; Kimball, A. P., 1982: Probes of eukaryotic dna dependent rna polymerase ii ec 2. covalent binding of 2 purine nucleoside di aldehydes to the initiation subsite

Smith, D. J.; Stokes, B. O.; Boyer, P. D., 1976: Probes of initial phosphorylation events in atp synthesis by chloroplasts

Sachs G., 1980: Probes of parietal cell function

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187076

Miller C., 1981: Probes of the conduction process of a voltage gated chloride channel from torpedo californica electroplax

Lonsdale-Eccles, J. D.; Neurath, H.; Walsh, K. A., 1978: Probes of the mechanism of zymogen catalysis

Narindrasorasak, S.; Bridger, W. A., 1978: Probes of the structure of phosphoenol pyruvate synthetase effects of a transition state analog on enzyme conformation

Horne, W. C.; Simons, E. R., 1978: Probes of trans membrane potentials in platelets changes in cyanine dye fluorescence in response to aggregation stimuli

Jump, D. B.; Sudhakar, S.; Tew, K. D.; Smulson, M., 1980: Probes to study the effect of methyl nitroso urea on adp ribosylation and chromatin structure at the subunit level

Casida J.E., 1985: Probicyclophosphates monocyclophosphates as potential prodrugs for bicyclophosphate gamma aminobutyric acid antagonists

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187083

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187084

Herchman M., 1986: Probing acceptor specificity in the glycogen synthase reaction with polymer bound oligosaccharides

Aebi U., 1988: Probing actin polymerization by intermolecular cross linking

Gerisch G., 1985: Probing an adhesion mutant of dictyostelium discoideum with complementary dna clones and monoclonal antibodies indicates a specific defect in the contract site a glycoprotein

Robb R.M., 1986: Probing and irrigation for congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction

Vuk-Pavlovic, S.; Siderer, Y., 1977: Probing axial ligands in ferric hemo proteins an esr study of myo globin and horseradish peroxidase in oxygen 17 labeled water

Kennedy, G. G.; Mclean, D. L.; Kinsey, M. G., 1978: Probing behavior of aphis gossypii on resistant and susceptible muskmelon

Walker G.P., 1987: Probing behavior of aphis helianthi homoptera aphididae and its preference for pittosporum tobira leaves of different ages

Gutierrez Perez F., 1985: Probing behavior of myzus persicae homoptera aphididae on tobacco etch virus infected plants

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187095

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187096

Saxena R.C., 1988: Probing behavior of three biotypes of nilaparvata lugens homoptera delphacidae on different resistant and susceptible rice varieties

Campbell A., 1982: Probing c ii and him a action at the integrase promoter p i of bacterio phage lambda

Gralla J.D., 1988: Probing cooperative dna binding in vivo the lac o 1 o 3 interaction

Paradise R., 1985: Probing copper ii hydrogen peroxide damage in dna with a damage specific dna binding protein

Brookes A., 1987: Probing depth in monocular images

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187103

Sipski, M. L.; Wagner, T. E., 1977: Probing dna quaternary ordering with circular dichroism spectroscopy studies of equine sperm chromosomal fibers

Madden, D. J.; Bastian, J., 1977: Probing echoic memory with different voices

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187106

Breton J., 1983: Probing fluorescence induction in chloroplasts on a nanosecond time scale utilizing picosecond laser pulse pairs

Jiwa S.F.H., 1981: Probing for entero toxigenicity among the salmonellae an evaluation of biological assays

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187109

Ohad I., 1986: Probing for the interaction of the 32 kilodalton q b protein with its environment by use of bifunctional cross linking reagents

Van Der Velden U., 1979: Probing force and the relationship of the probe tip to the periodontal tissues

Jansen J., 1980: Probing force in relation to probe penetration into the periodontal tissues in dogs a microscopic evaluation

Volanakis J.E., 1987: Probing functional sites on complement protein b with monoclonal antibodies evidence for c3b binding sites on ba

Winter G., 1985: Probing histidine substrate interactions in tyrosyl transfer rna synthetase using asparagine and glutamine replacements

Bernard A., 1982: Probing human malignant t cells with lectins a comparison with their surface antigen patterns defined by mono clonal antibodies

Sterk C.C., 1981: Probing in congenital dacryo stenosis or atresia

Hoyer-Hansen, G.; Honberg, L. S.; Hoj, P. B., 1985: Probing in vitro translation products with monoclonal antibodies to a 15.2 kilodalton polypeptide subunit of photosystem i

Yu Y W., 1987: Probing into the mechanism of action metabolism and toxicity of gossypol by studying its dextro and levo stereoisomers

Pielou E.C., 1984: Probing multi variate data with random skewers a preliminary to direct gradient analysis

Fabb S.A., 1985: Probing murine male meiosis using unique dna flanking the immunoglobulin heavy chain genes

Lowey S., 1986: Probing myosin head structure with monoclonal antibodies

Atlas, D.; Levitzki, A., 1977: Probing of beta adrenergic receptors by novel fluorescent beta adrenergic blockers

Boublikova P., 1988: Probing of dna polymorphic structure in the cell with osmium tetroxide

Borisova E.A., 1982: Probing of linear distribution of nucleosomes in chromatin

Bielka H., 1986: Probing of messenger rna binding sites involved in interactions with rat liver ribosomes using polyuridylic acid spin labeled at the ribose moiety

Klingenberg M., 1987: Probing of sulfhydryl groups in the adp atp carrier by maleimide spin labels

Zhenodarova, S. M.; Gulyaeva, V. I.; Bezborodova, S. I., 1976: Probing of the active site of some guanyl specific rnases with modified substrates

Schramm M., 1982: Probing of the coupling site of the beta adrenergic receptor competition between different forms of the guanyl nucleotide binding protein for interaction with the receptor

Holasek A., 1983: Probing of the porcine serum lipo protein surfaces by manganese ii binding an esr study

Traub P., 1987: Probing of the structural stability of vimentin and desmin type intermediate filaments with calcium activated proteinase thrombin and lysine specific endoproteinase lys c

Tkachenko A.A., 1980: Probing of the structure of bacterial deoxy ribo nucleo proteins by exogenous and endogenous nucleases

Jensen R.T., 1988: Probing peptide backbone function in bombesin a reduced peptide bond analogue with potent and specific receptor antagonist activity

Lucas J.L., 1983: Probing photodynamic damage in nucleic acids with a damage specific dna binding protein a comparison of the b and z dna conformations

Gantt, E.; Lipschultz, C. A., 1977: Probing phycobilisome structure by immuno electron microscopy

Palva E.T., 1986: Probing regulatory regions in the plant genome by marker genes

Traut R.R., 1987: Probing ribosome function and the location of escherichia coli ribosomal protein l5 with a monoclonal antibody

Tassanakajohn A., 1987: Probing ribosome structure using short oligodeoxyribonucleotides the question of resolution

Endo, S.; Nagayama, K.; Wada, A., 1985: Probing stability and dynamics of proteins by protease digestion i. comparison of protease susceptibility and thermal stability of cytochromes c

Miki, Y.; Endo, S.; Giga-Hama, Y.; Tanji, M.; Wada, A., 1988: Probing stability and dynamics of proteins by protease digestion ii. identification of the initial chymotryptic cleavage sites of homologous cytochromes c

Wells J.A., 1986: Probing steric and hydrophobic effects on enzyme substrate interactions by protein engineering

Zipser B., 1986: Probing structural homologies in cell specific glycoproteins in the leech central nervous system

Mannervik B., 1981: Probing the active site of glyoxalase i from human erythrocytes by use of the strong reversible inhibitor s p bromobenzyl glutathione and metal substitutions

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187143

Powers, T.; Stern, S.; Changchien, L. M.; Noller, H. F., 1988: Probing the assembly of the 3' major domain of 16s ribosomal rna interactions involving ribosomal proteins s2 s3 s10 s13 and s14

Powers, T.; Changchien, L. M.; Craven, G. R.; Noller, H. F., 1988: Probing the assembly of the 3' major domain of 16s ribosomal rna quaternary interactions involving ribosomal proteins s7 s9 and s19

Hermann I., 1980: Probing the biologically and immunologically active conformation of beta endorphin studies on carboxyl terminal deletion analogs

Sze H., 1987: Probing the catalytic subunit of the tonoplast proton atpase from oat roots binding of 7 chloro 4 nitrobenz 2 oxa 1 3 diazole to the 72 kilodalton polypeptide

Kovac P., 1985: Probing the combining site of monoclonal immunoglobulin a j 539 using deoxyfluorogalactosides and other galactosides as ligands

Noller H.F., 1984: Probing the conformation of 18s ribosomal rna in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae 40s ribosomal subunits with kethoxal

Noller H.F., 1984: Probing the conformation of 26s ribosomal rna in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae 60s ribosomal subunits with kethoxal

Schmidtchen F.P., 1986: Probing the design of a novel ditopic anion receptor

Taylor D.L., 1981: Probing the dynamic equilibrium of actin polymerization by fluorescence energy transfer

Ackers G.K., 1982: Probing the energetics of proteins through structural perturbation sites of regulatory energy in human hemo globin

Melis A., 1987: Probing the events of photoinhibition by altering electron transport activity and light harvesting capacity in chloroplast thylakoids

Paschenko, V. Z.; Kononenko, A. A.; Protasov, S. P.; Rubin, A. B.; Rubin, L. B.; Uspenskaya, N. Ya, 1977: Probing the fluorescence emission kinetics of the photosynthetic apparatus of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides strain 1760 1 on a picosecond pulse fluorometer

Skinner J.D., 1979: Probing the free space within rat and chicken chromatin with active and passive probes

Sonenberg, N.; Guertin, D.; Cleveland, D.; Trachsel, H., 1981: Probing the function of the eukaryotic 5' cap structure by using a mono clonal antibody directed against cap binding proteins

Benkovic S.J., 1987: Probing the functional role of phenylalanine 31 of escherichia coli dihydrofolate reductase by site directed mutagenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187159

Mcleod M., 1984: Probing the limits of human deep diving

Tsui W C., 1980: Probing the limits of protein amino acid side chain recognition with the aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases discrimination against phenyl alanine by tyrosyl transfer rna synthetases

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187162

Taylor D.L., 1986: Probing the mechanism of incorporation of fluorescently labeled actin into stress fibers

Sligar S.G., 1988: Probing the mechanisms of macromolecular recognition the cytochrome b 5 cytochrome c complex

Geacintov N.E., 1982: Probing the micro environment of benzo a pyrene diol epoxide dna adducts by triplet excited state quenching methods

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187166

Elliott D., 1986: Probing the motor program effects of output competition during movement preparation

Kaiser E.T., 1988: Probing the peptide binding site of the cyclic amp dependent protein kinase by using a peptide based photoaffinity label

Alvarez O., 1982: Probing the pore size of the hemo cyanin channel

Hollis J.M., 1982: Probing the presently tenuous link between comets and the origin of life

Dzau V.J., 1985: Probing the renin active site by collisional quenching of endogenous fluorescence

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187172

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187173

Clore G.M., 1987: Probing the sequence specific interaction of the cyclic amp receptor protein with dna by site directed mutagenesis

Bevan P., 1983: Probing the spatial frequency spectrum for orientation sensitivity in stochastic textures

Wang J.C., 1986: Probing the structural domains and function in vivo of escherichia coli dna topoisomerase i by mutagenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187177

Noller H.F., 1984: Probing the structure of 16s ribosomal rna from bacillus brevis

Lanni F., 1986: Probing the structure of cytoplasm

Adhya S., 1987: Probing the structure of gal operator repressor complexes conformation change in dna

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187181

Robinson, E. N-Jr ; Mcgee, Z. A.; Buchanan, T. M.; Blake, M. S.; Hitchcock, P. J., 1987: Probing the surface of neisseria gonorrhoeae simultaneous localization of protein i and h.8 antigens

Erlanger B.F., 1988: Probing the surface of z dna with anti nucleoside antibodies

Balsiger S., 1986: Probing the surfaces of soybean protoplasts and of germ tubes of the soybean pathogen phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea with lectins

Cheng Y C., 1988: Probing the thymidylate synthase active site with bisubstrate analog inhibitors

Erlanger, B. F., 1967: Probing the topography of the active site of enz alpha chymotrypsin

Hofnung M., 1986: Probing the topology of a bacterial membrane protein by genetic insertion of a foreign epitope expression at the cell surface

Bachofen R., 1982: Probing the topology of proteins in the chromatophore membrane of rhodospirillum rubrum g 9 with proteinase k

Fromageot P., 1982: Probing yeast rna polymerase a subunits with mono specific antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187190

Dhoms P., 1987: Probiotics in animal alimentation experimental study of their efficacity in the rat and in fattening calf

Freidel J.F., 1982: Probiotics nonantigenic tissue fractions in cancer control

Ciappi G., 1988: Probit analysis applied to the allergen dose response curve a method for epidemiologic surveys

Papermaster, B. W.; Pincus, J. H.; Lincoln, P.; Reisfeld, R. A., 1974: Probit analysis of cyto toxicity data

Socha J., 1988: Probit analysis of hospitalization time of children with celiac disease and protracted diarrhea

Legrand M., 1982: Probit analysis of multi preparation bioassays on a programmable calculator

Marino T.A., 1979: Probit analysis of the atrio ventricular junctional tissues of the ferret heart

Ballantyne, E. R.; Hill, R. K.; Spencer, J. W., 1977: Probit analysis of thermal sensation assessments

Lindberg D.R., 1979: Problacmaea moskalevi new record a new addition to the eastern pacific limpet fauna archaeogastropoda acmaeidae

Clark P.I., 1980: Problem acute myo cardial infarction and a systolic murmur

Ingle P.O., 1983: Problem analysis of dairy farmers in the area of operational research project wardha india

Bossennec, J. M.; Maury, Y., 1977: Problem and preliminary data concerning routine detection of soybean mosaic virus in soybean seeds proposal of a rapid detection method

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187203

Kuehn R., 1985: Problem areas in the management of non hodgkins lymphomas with a primarily leukemia course

Ukpeh H.A., 1980: Problem based medical education in the community a student nutritional survey in nigeria

Jacobson, J. W., 1982: Problem behavior and psychiatric impairment within a developmentally disabled population 1. behavior frequency

Jacobson, J. W., 1982: Problem behavior and psychiatric impairment within a developmentally disabled population 2. behavior severity

Jacobson, J. W., 1988: Problem behavior and psychiatric impairment within a developmentally disabled population iii. psychotropic medication

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187209

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187210

Jessor R., 1987: Problem behavior theory psychosocial development and adolescent problem drinking

O'farrell, T. J.; Upper, D., 1978: Problem behaviors rated for in patients using cautela and uppers behavioral coding system

Guenthert E.A., 1986: Problem case symptoms of so called irritable bladder in women

Vetter W., 1983: Problem cases in reno vascular hypertension

Frank G., 1987: Problem centered psychotherapy

Schechtman J.M., 1982: Problem childrens treatment attrition and parents perception of the diagnostic evaluation

Okuda S.M., 1988: Problem discovery divergent thinking and the creative process

Platt J.J., 1987: Problem drinker drivers client and service involvement correlates of treatment outcome

Ansari J., 1984: Problem drinkers goal choice and treatment outcome a preliminary study

Anderson S., 1986: Problem drinkers in medical wards consumption patterns and disabilities in newly identified male cases

Cahalan, D.; Room, R., 1972: Problem drinking among american men aged 21 59

Zweben A., 1986: Problem drinking and marital adjustment

Jessor R., 1983: Problem drinking and the dimension of involvement with drugs a guttman scalogram analysis of adolescent drug use

Mann S.C., 1981: Problem drinking in hospitalized schizophrenic patients

Haberman P.W., 1983: Problem drinking patterns among american merchant seamen

Littlepage G.E., 1979: Problem experience and problem solving efficiency of absent without leave and non absent without leave soldiers

Poll P.H.A., 1986: Problem hips in dogs

Brinkman, R.; Jongmans, A. G.; Miedema, R., 1977: Problem hydromorphic soils in northeast thailand part 1 environment and soil morphology

Brinkman, R.; Dieleman, P. J., 1977: Problem hydromorphic soils in northeast thailand part 3 saline acid conditions reclamation improvement and management

Brown D.B., 1982: Problem identification implementation and evaluation of a pedestrian safety program

Lipkin A.I., 1982: Problem in conservative treatment of patients with chronic otitis media suppurativa

Tsareva N.B., 1985: Problem in dermatomyositis in patients with the primary multiple localization of malignant tumor

Zharov V.L., 1983: Problem in determining the age and growth rate of the skipjack tuna katsuwonus pelamis scombridae of the southeastern gulf of guinea

Guseinova L.I., 1982: Problem in histiocytosis x

Dragojevic, B.; Buess, G.; Thoma, R.; Klaschik, E.; Pichlmaier, H., 1980: Problem in indication and artificial ventilation during segmental resection of the trachea

Isakov T.I., 1985: Problem in pathogenetic mechanisms of spontaneous attacks of angina pectoris

Shakhsuvarov R.M., 1985: Problem in the algorithmization of multiparametric regulation of the functions of a biological object

Klevenskaya I.L., 1985: Problem in the biological diagnosis of deeply podzolized soils

Martirosyan V.A., 1981: Problem in the character of skin damage in periodical disease

Bogdanova E.A., 1984: Problem in the determination of recovery time of sinus node function

Lozhnikova V.N., 1984: Problem in the determination of the gallic acid content in plant tissues

Tenenbaum A.M., 1986: Problem in the determination of the isovolumic relaxation phase

Reshetnikova O.P., 1982: Problem in the etiology and pathogenesis of acute pneumonia

Pertsov O.L., 1985: Problem in the heat transfer mechanism in the human limb

Tokarev Yu N., 1984: Problem in the heterogeneity of acquired idiopathic sideroblastic anemia

Grebennikova N.V., 1984: Problem in the lateral features of visual perception

Vyskubenko I.F., 1984: Problem in the mutagenic activity of the fungicide captan

Salaev Kh L., 1985: Problem in the nature of electrogenic pump in root cells

Moskalenko E.P., 1984: Problem in the qualification of results of a pathopsychological study

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187251

Geraizade A.P., 1985: Problem in the water balance of cotton and alfalfa crop rotation in the mugan steppe ussr

Mccreath H., 1984: Problem mapping before problem solving young childrens cognitive maps and search strategies in large scale environments

Hofman, J., 1978: Problem of a method for determining 1 4 benzoxazine in plants

Shchuklin V.P., 1987: Problem of aerospace monitoring of the state of farm crops on irrigated lands

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187256

Maruashvili, G. M., 1978: Problem of ancylostomiasis in the ussr

Izmailow, R., 1976: Problem of apomixis in the ranunculus auricomus group

Krull, I. S.; Fan, T. Y.; Fine, D. H., 1978: Problem of artifacts in the analysis of n nitroso compound

Votruba, T.; Rakosnik, P.; Vancurik, J., 1985: Problem of assessment of immunocomplexes i. complement c 1q subunit and use of its quantification in estimations of circulating immunocomplexes

Dobrzanska, J., 1978: Problem of behavioral plasticity in slave making amazon ant polyergus rufescens and in its slave ants formica fusca and formica cinerea

Studenikin, M. Ya ; Leparskii, E. A.; Kuz'mina, L. A.; Ambrosova, A. E., 1978: Problem of childrens health protection during the initial stages of zonal development of the baikal amur railway

Ukhov-Yu, I., 1978: Problem of chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities

Klimesch W., 1981: Problem of classifying the commotio cerebri into severe and slight injuries

Panov, E. N., 1976: Problem of communication in animals its state and prospects of development

Mamikonyan, R. S.; Arutyunyan, V. M., 1978: Problem of complications in diabetes from chronic pyelo nephritis

Novokhatskii, A. S.; Mikhailova, G. R.; Tsareva, A. A., 1977: Problem of contamination by cells and new approaches to the control of continuous lines

Mirolyubov A.V., 1984: Problem of controlling the human functional state

Kas'yanenko, A. G.; Zummer, N. A.; Sherepova, S. A.; Ryabova, I. M., 1980: Problem of cotton wilt 8. marking of physiologic races 2 and 3 with signal genes in the agent of cotton verticillium wilt verticillium dahliae

Denisenko B.A., 1981: Problem of criteria of therapy intensity in acute myo cardial infarction complicated by cardiac insufficiency

Il'chevych, M. V.; Nishchymenko, O. V.; Honorovs'kyi, A. H.; Stupak, I. I.; Shvetsov, V. S., 1977: Problem of cyto toxin therapy in animal husbandry

Et Al, 1981: Problem of diagnosing epidemic gastro enteritis

Alizade G.A., 1981: Problem of diagnosis of chronic appendicitis in children

Vishnyakov Y., 1980: Problem of differential diagnosis of paramphistomum daubneyi and paramphistomum microbothrium

Schulz F., 1981: Problem of documentation in traumatology

Yasinskii A.A., 1980: Problem of echinococcosis and alveococcosis in the russian sfsr ussr

Holubets' M.A., 1983: Problem of ecosystem evolution

Pasechnik, V. I., 1977: Problem of energy transformation in mechano receptors

Prokopenko Yu I., 1981: Problem of enhancing the body resistance to chemical pollutants of the environment

Akopyan, V. R., 1978: Problem of epidemiologic study of borderline states in persons aged 20 49

Forget G., 1981: Problem of gaseous diffusion in the middle ear during anesthesia for tympano plasty

Krueger, F., 1979: Problem of growth acceleration 2. evaluation of tallness and weight measurements in school children

Dorofeyev, V. F.; Merezhko, A. F., 1969: Problem of hybrid necrosis in wheat m

Strel'chuk S.I., 1982: Problem of identification and use of minor mutations in breeding of self pollinating plants

Il'inskikh N.N., 1987: Problem of immune antimutagenic control in cytogenetic disturbances induced by infectious factors

Yazkulyeva V.E., 1986: Problem of improving water quality in kurtli water reservoir turkmen ssr ussr in connection with its tendency to become polluted

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187287

Klerman A.K., 1987: Problem of ionic regulation in the atlantic salmon salmo salar in various ontogenetic stages

Iosua L.A., 1983: Problem of iron determination in soil extracts

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187290

Peive-Ya, V., 1976: Problem of metal containing enzymes in modern plant physiology

Prazak P., 1987: Problem of morbid obesity and possibilities of surgical treatment

Tkacheva, T. V.; Shardakov, V. I., 1978: Problem of nomenclature and quantitative characteristics of erythron cells in healthy humans/

Lebedeva L.A., 1986: Problem of obtaining high yields of cereal crops in the nonchernozem area of the ussr

Antonova, L. T.; Lyalin, M. I.; Zutler, A. S.; Osipova, M. S., 1975: Problem of occupational fitness of adolescents with compensated rheumatic heart diseases

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Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187320

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Schemper M., 1981: Problems arising in connection with surgical management of reno vascular hypertension

Ebing W., 1984: Problems arising with the determination of ethylene thio urea residues in vegetable foodstuffs

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Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187507

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Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187511

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Et Al, 1987: Problems associated with radiographic diagnosis of depth invasion according to gastric cancer sites

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Winlove C.P., 1982: Problems associated with the micro polarographic measurement of the arterial wall oxygen tension

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187527

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Schultze-Petzold, H., 1976: Problems associated with the prevention of cruelty to animals in modern livestock breeding

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Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187531

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187532

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Sayce M.D., 1985: Problems associated with the typing of semen on anal swabs

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Wolf F.J., 1982: Problems associated with the use of cyclo heximide to distinguish between animal drug residues bound to protein and those incorporated into protein

Loon T.T., 1980: Problems associated with the use of mangrove swamps for aquaculture a 1st observation recorded at gelang patah malaysia

Truelove S.C., 1979: Problems associated with the use of merthiolate as a preservative in anti lymphocytic globulin

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187539

Sutherland A.B., 1987: Problems associated with transfer of patients to a regional burns unit

Tomas O., 1980: Problems associated with treatment of fractures of the ankle joint in traumatological practice

Challoner, A. V. J.; Diffey, B. L., 1977: Problems associated with uv dosimetry in the photo chemo therapy of psoriasis

Raskind, R. H., 1976: Problems at the reading distance

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187544

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Pana, I., 1977: Problems caused by the appearance of the new otoliths species and their stratigraphical implications examples of dacian otoliths from south dobrudja bulgaria

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Reech R., 1980: Problems concerning old age patients with pulmonary tuberculosis from the clinical point of view

Danila R., 1987: Problems concerning structural changes of the sinusal mucosa in allergic subjects

Geraert, E., 1976: Problems concerning the genera helicotylenchus and rotylenchus

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Baroon Z.H., 1980: Problems concerning the operation of high productivity biomass fermentations using volatile liquid hydro carbon feedstocks

Metz A M., 1985: Problems concerning the recording of self reported health related complaints from the aspect of occupational psychology experiences regarding the application of questionnaire of complaints in female workers

Et Al, 1987: Problems concerning the taxonomy of the movar type bovine herpesviruses

Ghezzi I., 1985: Problems concerning the usefulness of adjustment of urinary cadmium for creatinine and specific gravity

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Fabre, M.; Rebel, A., 1975: Problems created by the production of successful homo grafts

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Flot F., 1981: Problems due to the basal cell epithelioma at the level of the face

Laghios K.D., 1986: Problems during the eruption of the first permanent molars

Antic M., 1987: Problems encountered at artificial insemination and reproduction of broad chested turkeys at the farm near svetozarevo yugoslavia

Roberts P., 1980: Problems encountered during immuno fluorescent diagnosis of fire blight

Rohr, M. E.; Ayers, J. B., 1976: Problems encountered in development of instrumentation to measure figure ground perception among young children

Husted, S.; Andreasen, F., 1976: Problems encountered in long term treatment with anti coagulants

Torrance, J. D.; Wulfsohn, M. S.; Mills, W., 1982: Problems encountered in measuring erythrocyte pyrimidine 5' nucleotidase ec activity

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Satter P., 1986: Problems encountered in the echocardiographic quantification of severe mitral stenoses

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Zuspan, F. P., 1978: Problems encountered in the treatment of pregnancy induced hypertension a point of view

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187578

Kellogg J.A., 1987: Problems encountered in using cefinase disks to predict in vitro penicillin susceptibility of coagulase negative staphylococci

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187580

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Hirabayashi S., 1987: Problems encountered with the ratchet lock of the mathieu needle holder

Grabnar M., 1984: Problems faced introducing gene technology

Webster, M. H. C.; Reid, W. H., 1976: Problems following cryo therapy for oral cancer

Gubisch, W.; Reichert, H., 1986: Problems for rhinoplasty in older patients

Rozov S.N., 1979: Problems from ordovician deposits of the siberian platform ussr

Kinahan C.L., 1984: Problems in a study of a bulking agent

Grishina T.I., 1982: Problems in adaptation and de adaptation of the immune system of the body during exposure to industrial chemical allergens

Tsuboi S., 1984: Problems in analyzing vitreous fluorophotometry

Sabnis S.S., 1981: Problems in anesthesia for huge thyroid goiters

Betina V., 1979: Problems in antibiotic terminology and classification

Carter J.B., 1985: Problems in antinuclear antibody test interpretation a comparison of 2 substrates

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187593

Brown, R. F.; Mayer, D. G., 1986: Problems in applying thornley's model of germination

Norderhaug M., 1979: Problems in arctic conservation

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187596

Lane, J. B., 1977: Problems in assessment of vividness and control of imagery

Lazarus J., 1985: Problems in attempts to humanize medicine

Szendroi, Z.; Sacca, S.; Rozsa, L.; Verebelyi, A., 1972: Problems in atypical purulent pyelo nephritis

Reimann-Philipp, R., 1975: Problems in breeding for quality and resistance demonstrated by the program of the federal research center for horticultural plant breeding

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187601

Hanakova, H.; Stloukal, M., 1976: Problems in calculating body height on the basis of the long bones

Heilmann H P., 1979: Problems in cancer of the breast under radiological aspects

Talice, R. V.; De-Mosera, S. L.; De-Sprechmann, A. M. S., 1973: Problems in capture and survival in captivity of ctenomys torquatus

Langley F.A., 1980: Problems in cervico vaginal cytology fine structure as an aid to diagnosis

Catsch, A., 1968: Problems in chelate therapy

Hockaday J.M., 1987: Problems in childhood migraine

Novozhilov-Yu, K., 1978: Problems in classifying myxomycetes

Cousins V.C., 1986: Problems in clinical assessment of palatal tumors

Lambert H.P., 1987: Problems in clinical diagnosis of meningitis

Beutling D., 1982: Problems in collection and transport of slaughterhouse offal

Kortmann F., 1987: Problems in communication in transcultural psychiatry the self reporting questionnaire in ethiopia

Field P.A., 1988: Problems in community health care delivery multidisciplinary family health services

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187615

Robbins A.H., 1986: Problems in computed tomographic diagnosis of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms

Burrill L., 1985: Problems in control of rottboellia exaltata in maize zea mays in bukidnon province mindanao philippines

Orlov D.S., 1981: Problems in controlling and improving soil humus condition

Uspenskii, I. V., 1978: Problems in controlling ixodid ticks vectors of human diseases

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Whitaker, L. A.; Munro, I. R.; Jackson, I. T.; Salyer, K. E., 1976: Problems in cranio facial surgery

Pavlyuk R.P., 1987: Problems in creating and using a contingent of typed bone marrow donors

Myhre B.A., 1983: Problems in cross matching blood from cancer patients

Rygaard, J., 1978: Problems in defining the nude mouse

Donner A., 1982: Problems in design of stroke treatment trials

Boughman J.A., 1986: Problems in detecting etiological heterogeneity in genetic disease illustrated with retinitis pigmentosa

Kunz C., 1987: Problems in detection of cytomegalovirus in urine samples by dot blot hybridization

Benciolini, P.; Cortivo, P., 1977: Problems in determining a 2 b group specific properties in blood stains

Mun, K., 1976: Problems in determining deaths due to poisoning

Hilditch S., 1983: Problems in determining the incidence of cervical cancer

Eissner D., 1987: Problems in diagnosing osteoidosteoma

Cunningham, C.; Holt, K. S., 1977: Problems in diagnosis and management of children with cerebral palsy and deafness

Chabannes, J.; Colnet, G.; Commun, C.; Rigal, M. C.; Bonnard, M., 1987: Problems in diagnosis and therapeutics of osteo dural defects and c.s.f. rhinorrhea in basilar skull fractures about 95 cases

Dalovisio, J. R.; Pankey, G. A., 1978: Problems in diagnosis and therapy of mycobacterium fortuitum infections

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187635

Et Al, 1984: Problems in diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer as seen in autopsy findings pathological study of the mode of cancer spread postoperative recurrence and intraoperative radiotherapy cases

Et Al, 1985: Problems in diagnosis of acoustic neurinoma with atypical symptoms

Slaney G., 1985: Problems in diagnosis of popliteal aneurysms

Denys L., 1982: Problems in diatom analysis of deposits allochthonous valves and fragmentation

Byk K.S., 1980: Problems in differential diagnosis of viral hepatitis and mechanical jaundice of neoplastic genesis

Olson R.A., 1981: Problems in direct steam distillation of soil for mineral nitrogen determination due to carbonates

Gaertner, H., 1978: Problems in ecology and hygiene of coastal waters

Park H.B., 1987: Problems in endoscopic sphincteropapillotomy

Kustner H.G.V., 1981: Problems in eradicating polio myelitis from south africa

Inokuchi K., 1982: Problems in esophageal bypass for unresectable carcinoma of the thoracic esophagus

Cook S.D., 1979: Problems in establishing a benthic baseline during a macro benthos survey near gladstone queensland australia

Valentin H., 1987: Problems in establishing norm values of nickel and chromium concentrations in human pulmonary tissue

White G.C., 1985: Problems in estimating age specific survival rates from recovery data of birds ringed as young

Enright, J. T.; Vlymen, W. J., 1977: Problems in estimating copepod velocity

Huckenbeck W., 1986: Problems in estimating death due to electrocution in the bath

Goldman J.C., 1981: Problems in estimating growth rates of marine phyto plankton from short term carbon 14 assays

Village A., 1984: Problems in estimating kestrel falco tinnunculus breeding density

Beatty, R. A., 1978: Problems in estimating nondisjunction rate from the f bodies of 2 headed human spermatozoa

Keith V.M., 1987: Problems in estimating the prevalence of physical activity from national surveys

Dyad'kova, A. M., 1978: Problems in etiology and pathogenesis of tumors

Aurnhammer, W.; Konietzko, N.; Matthys, H., 1977: Problems in evaluating the effect of secretolytic agents on the muco ciliary system by means of radioactive particles

Hardman J.A., 1985: Problems in field selection for resistance to carrot fly psila rosae in carrot daucus carota cultivar long chantenay

Guzzon A., 1982: Problems in fine needle aspiration biopsy cytology of clinically or mammographically uncertain breast tumors

Druzhinina L.V., 1979: Problems in further improvement of child nutrition in the ussr

Kiselev, L. L.; Engel'gardt, V. A., 1977: Problems in genetic enzymology

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187661

Dembo D.H., 1983: Problems in health data analysis the maryland permanent pacemaker experience in 1979 and 1980

Mannucci P.M., 1981: Problems in hemophilia therapy

Mueller K M., 1980: Problems in histologic classification of bronchial carcinoma

Bloom A., 1980: Problems in home monitoring of blood glucose

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187666

Cohen M.E., 1986: Problems in identifying bursts of periodontal attachment loss

Nishizawa S., 1982: Problems in in situ fluorometry of chlorophylls

Ching R.C., 1984: Problems in indian ferns

Rubinstein M., 1985: Problems in interpretation of brainstem evoked response audiometry results

Goto Y., 1984: Problems in localization of bleeding sites and the incidence of varicose rupture in emergency endoscopy

Buttenschoen, H., 1978: Problems in maintaining and seed production of modern vegetable varieties of different fitness

Kleriga E., 1985: Problems in management of cushings disease

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187674

Heitner H., 1987: Problems in manifestation of multiple exostoses localized in the wrist

Lynch E.C., 1981: Problems in measurement of erythrocyte calcium

Silverman M., 1982: Problems in measurement of thoracic gas volume in infancy

Vartanyan, G. A., 1977: Problems in memory regulation under experimental conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187679

Talstad I., 1981: Problems in microscopic and automatic cell differentiation of blood and cell suspensions

Tett P., 1981: Problems in modeling the photosynthesis light relationship for phyto plankton

Brugha T., 1988: Problems in monitoring needs for care of long term psychiatric patients evaluating a service for casual attenders

Williams, J. R., 1980: Problems in neutron dosimetry associated with the incorrect composition of tissue equivalent gas

Rautenburg H.W., 1980: Problems in pacemaker therapy in childhood

Morel P.A., 1980: Problems in paternity testing subtypes of blood group ab

Heffner, D. K., 1983: Problems in pediatric oto rhino laryngic pathology 1. sino nasal and naso pharyngeal tumors and masses with myxoid features

Heffner, D. K., 1983: Problems in pediatric oto rhino laryngic pathology 2. vascular tumors and lesions of the sino nasal tract and naso pharynx

Heffner, D. K., 1983: Problems in pediatric oto rhino laryngic pathology 3. teratoid and neural tumors of the nose sino nasal tract and naso pharynx

Heffner, D. K., 1984: Problems in pediatric oto rhino laryngic pathology 5. diseases of the larynx and trachea

Kerstein M.D., 1988: Problems in placement of the greenfield inferior vena cava filter

Falinska K., 1984: Problems in plant demography

Kortmann F., 1988: Problems in practicing psychiatry in ethiopia

Ross D.S., 1983: Problems in predicting legume fertility needs in steepland pasture improvement with soil tests

Krogdahl A., 1982: Problems in predicting the inhibition of human pancreas proteinases by soybean proteinase inhibitors in vitro assays employing human bovine and porcine proteinases

Cao A., 1988: Problems in prenatal diagnosis of beta thalassemia by fetal blood analysis beta chain variant comigrating with gamma chains

Anton Lamprecht I., 1985: Problems in prenatal diagnosis of the ichthyosis congenita group

Caenazzo L., 1985: Problems in probability of paternity interpretation

Yaroshenko, G. L.; Chichkin, V. A., 1978: Problems in prognosis computer diagnosis and treatment of diseases during prolonged space flights

Plotnikova L.S., 1982: Problems in protection of the plant world in the usa materials of the 3rd soviet american botanical expedition on plant world conservation

Wasylenki D.A., 1982: Problems in psycho therapy with women who leave their families

Sack H., 1979: Problems in radiation therapy for carcinoma of the rectum

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187702

Kreisman H., 1988: Problems in radiographic estimation of response to chemotherapy and radiotherapy in small cell lung cancer

Henriksen, J. D., 1978: Problems in rehabilitation after age 65

Hosoi M., 1981: Problems in replantation of limbs amputated through the upper arm region

Baoshu X., 1979: Problems in roentgen diagnosis of sigmoid volvulus

Geidel, H.; Schaefer, P., 1977: Problems in sampling and analyzing soil samples part 2

Wood M.M., 1981: Problems in screening for congenital hypo thyroidism using thyroxine assays from small dried blood discs

Zvyagintsev, D. G., 1977: Problems in soil biochemistry

Wiersum L.K., 1981: Problems in soil fertility characterization by plant nutrient requirements

Dzhamalbekov E.U., 1982: Problems in soil re cultivation in the kazakh ssr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187712

Lopez Villarejo P., 1981: Problems in stapedectomy

Higuchi T., 1984: Problems in structural change in farm size comparative analysis of agricultural structure between japan and the european community

Petersen A.C., 1984: Problems in studying and defining pubertal events

Osmonov E.E., 1982: Problems in surgical treatment of fallots triad

Ergens, R., 1977: Problems in terminology of taxonomic characters of species belonging to gyrodactylus monogenoidea gyrodactylidae

Ralph, W., 1977: Problems in testing and control of seed borne bacterial pathogens a critical evaluation

Schwandt P., 1980: Problems in testing hypo lipidemic agents in phase ii

Horn R.W., 1979: Problems in the acquisition of imagery mnemonics 3 brain damaged cases

Van Noordwijk A.J., 1984: Problems in the analysis of dispersal and a critique on its heritability in the great tit

Reeve, J.; Veall, N.; Wootton, R., 1978: Problems in the analysis of dynamic tracer studies

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187724

Laing, F. C.; Filly, R. A., 1978: Problems in the application of ultrasonography for the evaluation of pleural opacities

Di-Simplicio, P.; Palmi, M.; Segre, G., 1978: Problems in the assay of glutathione in the rat liver supernatant

Lorenz, W.; Barth, H.; Karges, H. E.; Schmal, A.; Dormann, P.; Niemeyer, I., 1974: Problems in the assay of histamine release by gelatin o phthaldialdehyde induced fluorescence inhibition of histamine methyl transferase ec and h 1 receptor antagonism by haemaccel

Gaffney, P. J.; Lord, K.; Brasher, M.; Kirkwood, T. B. L., 1977: Problems in the assay of thrombin using synthetic peptides as substrates

Gordon, T.; Sorlie, P.; Kannel, W. B., 1976: Problems in the assessment of blood pressure the framingham study

Longoni A.M., 1985: Problems in the assessment of hand preference

Wellard R.M., 1988: Problems in the assessment of magnesium depletion in the rat by in vivo phosphorus nmr

Smouse P.E., 1982: Problems in the assessment of relative risk of chronic disease among biological relatives of affected individuals

Zhirmunskii A.V., 1986: Problems in the biology and cultivation of the blue mussel

Shaffer D., 1980: Problems in the categorization of child and adolescent electro encephalograms

Grigoryan S.V., 1984: Problems in the changes of daily rhythms of the cardiovascular system function in patients with ischemic heart disease under the influence of antianginal preparations

Hegarty P.V.J., 1980: Problems in the choice of a representative bone for mineral analysis evidence from 5 bones of rats at 2 stages of development

Heissig K., 1981: Problems in the cladistic analysis of a group with few unequivocal apomorphias rhinocerotidae

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187738

Rightmire G.P., 1986: Problems in the classification of middle pleistocene homo the tautavel remains compared to hominids from lake ndutu tanzania and broken hill zambia

Badalyan, L. O.; Zhurba, L. T.; Timonina, O. V., 1987: Problems in the classification of pediatric cerebral paralyses

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187741

Stach B., 1986: Problems in the clinical measurement of acoustic reflex latency

Beneventano T.C., 1987: Problems in the colonoscopic localization of tumors continued value of the barium enema

Schulte W., 1986: Problems in the color determination of dental prostheses with objective measuring techniques

Jarvela S., 1981: Problems in the comparison of clinical performance of intra uterine devices

Shapiro, M.; Bleho, J.; Curran, M.; Farrell, K.; Klein, D.; Weigensberg, A.; Weil, K., 1978: Problems in the control of hypertension in the community

Rosen G.F., 1985: Problems in the cultivation of cervical bacteria

Hamburger J.I., 1981 : Problems in the cytologic diagnosis of the cold thyroid nodule in patients with lymphocytic thyroiditis

Press I., 1980: Problems in the definition and classification of medical systems

Moore, T. B.; Holmes, D. R.; Corcoran, F. H.; Baker, W. P., 1978: Problems in the detection of acute severe mitral insufficiency using flow directed catheters

Goebel, U.; Von-Kries, R.; Juergens, H.; Von-Voss, H., 1978: Problems in the detection of carriers of hemophilia a the influence of stress and thrombin

Rodahl E., 1985: Problems in the detection of complement fixing immune complexes

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187754

Knutti, R.; Schlatter, C., 1978: Problems in the determination of afla toxin in peanuts suggestion for a sampling and analytical plan for import control

Weder, W., 1976: Problems in the determination of color coordinates after the visual comparison method on the fundus of the eye

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187757

Bardet L., 1987: Problems in the determination of traces of lithium in serum by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry et aas

Mullay C., 1981: Problems in the diagnosis and management of acute pancreatitis

Desmet A.A., 1981: Problems in the diagnosis and treatment of ankle injuries

Et Al, 1986: Problems in the diagnosis and treatment of hemangioma of the maxillary sinus a report of two cases

Costello, P.; Clouse, M. E.; Kane, R. A.; Paris, A., 1977: Problems in the diagnosis of adrenal tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187763

Karbowski K., 1984: Problems in the diagnosis of hysterical seizure

Santoro G., 1981: Problems in the diagnosis of left anterior hemi block

Gussmann K.I., 1981: Problems in the diagnosis of meta chromatic leuko dystrophy by aryl sulfatase a assay in white blood cells genetic study of normal enzyme values in 64 mother and child pairs

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187767

Kriedemann, E.; Rotte, K. H.; Mateev, B.; Guetz, H. J., 1975: Problems in the diagnosis of primary gastric stump cancer and recurrences of gastric cancer a comparison of x ray diagnosis and endoscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187769

Sinitskaya S.A., 1986: Problems in the differential diagnosis and classification of liposarcoma electron microscopic study

Gass, J. D. M., 1977: Problems in the differential diagnosis of choroidal nevi and malignant melanomas

Frumina E.I., 1981: Problems in the differential diagnosis of fever of unknown origin

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187773

Becker J.F., 1982: Problems in the disinfection of class 1 microbiology safety cabinets

Pavlova E.A., 1983: Problems in the early diagnosis of breast cancer

Nechaeva N.T., 1986: Problems in the ecological monitoring of the biota of desert ecosystems

Marinov K., 1985: Problems in the ecologization of the exploitation of nature and in the development of ecological expertise

Krenkel P.A., 1979: Problems in the establishment of water quality criteria

Komandenko A.N., 1985: Problems in the etiology pathogenesis clinical picture and treatment of spastic torticollis and other extrapyramidal hyperkineses

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187780

Whelan C.F.A., 1980: Problems in the examination of nasal smears in allergic rhinitis

Shrager R.I., 1987: Problems in the experimental determination of substrate specific proton oxygen ratios during respiration

Cohen J., 1985: Problems in the fossilization and interpretation of pollens from a contemporary travertine from sidi masmoudi aures algeria

Karapetyan S.B., 1982: Problems in the functional asymmetry of human brain

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187785

Farrar, D. R., 1978: Problems in the identity and origin of the appalachian vittaria gametophyte a sporophyteless fern of the eastern usa

Atterbury C.E., 1984: Problems in the imaging diagnosis of hepatoma

Resurreccion, A. V. A.; Caster, W. O., 1978: Problems in the interpretation of blood pressure changes seen in rats fed a breakfast cereal

Macgregor, A., 1975: Problems in the interpretation of microscopic wear patterns the evidence from bone skates

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187791

Bell, C. M. J.; Leach, M. O.; Dabek, J. T.; Chettle, D. R.; James, H.; Thomas, B. J.; Fremlin, J. H., 1978: Problems in the interpretation of the in vivo measurement of calcium by the argon 37 method an investigation of inert gas elimination in humans

Toro H., 1986: Problems in the introduction and development of apiculture in Chilean arid and semiarid zones

Sann, L.; David, M., 1985: Problems in the introduction of cow's milk in children's nutrition

Houang, E. T.; Marples, R. R.; Weir, I.; Mourant, A. J.; De-Saxe, M. J.; Singleton, B., 1986: Problems in the investigation of an apparent outbreak of coagulase negative staphylococcal septicemia following cardiac surgery

Franke, G.; Zschiesche, M.; Hueller, H., 1978: Problems in the kinetic evaluation of capacity limited processes by means of the analog computer meda 82 t

Frohlich, J.; Price, G. E.; Campbell, D. J., 1973: Problems in the laboratory diagnosis of alkaptonuria

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187798

Yeo P.P.B., 1985: Problems in the management of insulinoma

Grundmann, R.; Marqua, G.; Pichlmaier, H., 1980: Problems in the management of liver trauma

Williams D.N., 1984: Problems in the management of type iii severe open fractures a new classification of type iii open fractures

Brass W., 1987: Problems in the measurement of child mortality where statistical systems are limited

Alatalo R.V., 1981: Problems in the measurement of evenness in ecology

Booker, R. E., 1977: Problems in the measurement of longitudinal sap wood permeability and hydraulic conductivity

Breslow, A., 1977: Problems in the measurement of tumor thickness and level of invasion in cutaneous melanoma

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187806

Romanovskaya, V. A., 1978: Problems in the nomenclature of obligate methylotrophs

Badalyan L.O., 1981: Problems in the pathogenesis and diagnosis of progressing neuro muscular diseases

Grando S.A., 1981: Problems in the pathogenesis of pruritic dermatoses

Onishchenko N.A., 1981: Problems in the pharmacologic protection of kidneys during transplantation

Maxwell, R. H., 1978: Problems in the placement of dioclea paniculata leguminosae

Brown, R.; Ingram, R. H. Jr ; Mcfadden, E. R-Jr, 1978: Problems in the plethysmographic assessment of changes in total lung capacity in asthma

Postovalova G.G., 1984: Problems in the preservation of water bodies and rare higher aquatic plants in the northwestern russian sfsr ussr

Rojahn J., 1982: Problems in the production and testing of anti human globulin sera in view of their application

Grachev, V. P.; Mironova, L. L.; Drozdov, S. G.; Avdeeva, L. I.; Popova, V. D.; Mustafina, A. N.; Ral'f, N. M.; Alpatova, G. A.; Tyufanov, A. V., 1977: Problems in the production of some anti viral preparations

Haapala K., 1986: Problems in the protection and use of humic natural waters

Bennett M., 1980: Problems in the psycho therapy of children with histories of incest

Schuilenburg, R. M.; Durrer, D., 1975: Problems in the recognition of conduction disturbances in the his bundle

Walter, C., 1976: Problems in the reconstruction of the inner canthus and the lacrimal duct

Navratil J., 1987: Problems in the reconstruction of the sound conducting system following radical operations

Mehlman, I. J.; Aulisio, C. C. G.; Sanders, A. C., 1978: Problems in the recovery and identification of yersinia from food

Khamrakulova D.S., 1982: Problems in the rehabilitation and long term treatment of patients with heart failure

Danilova K.I., 1979: Problems in the rehabilitation of individuals who underwent mitral commissurotomy

Singhi P.D., 1987: Problems in the rehabilitation of paralytic poliomyelitis

Nara T., 1985: Problems in the repair of eyelid injury

Mulawa P.A., 1983: Problems in the sampling and analysis of carbon particulate

Gottschalk A., 1980: Problems in the scintigraphic detection of osteo myelitis in children

Lidak, M. Yu ; Paegle, R. A., 1977: Problems in the search for new anti blastomogenic substances

Despotov B., 1987: Problems in the serologic diagnosis of syphilis after sufficient and long term treatment serologic echo seroresistance

Pieper F., 1988: Problems in the surgical treatment of carcinoma of the hepatic ducts

Medway, L.; Hoi-Sen, Y., 1976: Problems in the systematics of the rats muridae of peninsular malaysia

Dobruskina I.A., 1985: Problems in the systematics of triassic lycopodiales

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187833

Gartner G., 1985: Problems in the taxonomy of the lichen algae trebouxia and pseudotrebouxia

Richie D.M., 1983: Problems in the theory of developmental sequences prerequisites and precursors

Rinke H., 1980: Problems in the therapy of infective endo carditis 3 cases

Hohage R., 1982: Problems in the transition from in patient to ambulatory psycho therapy

Sajika H., 1981: Problems in the treatment of burns of the dorsum of the hand

Kawamura S., 1984: Problems in the treatment of ruptured intracranial aneurysms in the acute stage

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187840

Mclaughlin, J. K.; Blot, W. J.; Mehl, E. S.; Mandel, J. S., 1985: Problems in the use of dead controls in case control studies 1. general results

Mclaughlin, J. K.; Blot, W. J.; Mehl, E. S.; Mandel, J. S., 1985: Problems in the use of dead controls in case control studies 2. effect of excluding certain causes of death

Schoen L.S., 1984: Problems in the use of long acting hypnotics in older patients

Theodorou, N. A.; Vrbova, H.; Tyhurst, M.; Howell, S. L., 1980: Problems in the use of poly carbonate diffusion chambers for syngeneic pancreatic islet transplantation in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187845

Scott J., 1987: Problems in the use of survey questions to measure public opinion

Ettl H., 1985: Problems in the variability investigations of the phytomonadina

Mamedov, G. Sh, 1983: Problems in the variegation and contrast of the soil mantle of mil'skaya plain azerbaijan ssr ussr

Zeller, W. J., 1975: Problems in trans placental carcinogenesis

De Koning H.W.M., 1983: Problems in treating experimentally induced acute hepatic failure by hemo perfusion or cross circulation

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187851

Colbran R.C., 1979: Problems in tree replacement part 3 the effects of cultural practices and soil fumigation on root lesion nematodes and on the growth of apple replants

Milne B., 1980: Problems in ultrasonic monitoring of multiple pregnancies

Bremner, J. M.; Blackmer, A. M.; Bundy, L. G., 1978: Problems in use of nitrapyrin n serve to inhibit nitrification in soils

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187855

Kline P., 1988: Problems in using an adjective checklist to measure fatigue

Potter, J. E., 1977: Problems in using birth history analysis to estimate trends in fertility

Pomortsev A.A., 1987: Problems in using blocks of prolamine components as genetic markers in wheat and barley

Schlitter D.A., 1987: Problems in using robertsonian rearrangements in determining monophyly examples from the genera tatera and gerbillurus

Stocker G., 1983: Problems in utilization of plant food resources by the beaver castor fiber

Et Al, 1985: Problems in x ray differential diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis and lung cancer

Luciani, A., 1978: Problems inherent to the study of fungi

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187863

Figge, K.; Cmelka, D.; Koch, J., 1978: Problems involved in and a comparison of methods for the determination of total migration from packaging materials into fatty foods

Reinhardt H., 1980: Problems involved in assessing annoyance caused by lift noise

Przybylska, J., 1976: Problems involved in breeding high lysine barleys considered in the light of genetic biochemical and nutritional studies

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187867

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187868

Kuyper T.W., 1984: Problems involved in the sanction of fungal names

Mager, H.; Barth, A., 1979: Problems involved in the specification and interpretation of quantitative structure activity relationships 1. a modified type of structure activity equations

Levy, D.; Holzer, Z.; Drori, D.; Folman, Y., 1983: Problems involved in the utilization of alkali treated fibrous roughages 1. the effects of levels of roughage and protein in the diet and neutralization of residual alkali

Gulyaev B.I., 1981: Problems involved with the quantitative description of plant growth functions

Udristoiu M., 1985: Problems linked to rh immunoprophylaxis

Le-Tohic, F.; Prost-Dvojakovic, R. J.; Le-Menn, R.; Samama, M., 1978: Problems linked to the estimation of platelet volume in essential thrombocytopenias

Marfin J P., 1982: Problems linked to the polymorphism of the species atherina boyeri

Ahuja, R. L.; Sharma, H. C.; Manchanda, M. L.; Sangwan, B. S., 1978: Problems management and crop planning in relation to soil characteristics of jui canal command area of bhiwani district haryana state india

Smirnov D.A., 1984: Problems of 3 strain hybridization in cattle breeding/

Pedersen P., 1980: Problems of a frequency specific threshold measurement with the brain stem potentials using the otometric sound pressure signal damped wavetrain

Pesek, J., 1975: Problems of a multi varietal selection for complex characters in self pollinated cereals

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187880

Gillissen G., 1985: Problems of a practical use of immunomodulators under immunological aspects

Thompson, B., 1977: Problems of abortion in britain aberdeen a case study

Brassow F., 1983: Problems of accidental vascular puncture during peri dural anesthesia

Ryb'ev V.I., 1980: Problems of accumulation and safe disposal of bulky trash in moscow ussr

Schulte W., 1981: Problems of adaptation in hypertension research

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187886

Stock D., 1986: Problems of aggressive fibromatoses in orthopedics

Martinez Garza A., 1986: Problems of agricultural research

Schubert, R.; Werner, H.; Mahn, E. G., 1975: Problems of agro geobotany

Garrett C.M.E., 1987: Problems of agrobacterium tumefaciens in planting material and its control

Kockritz A., 1979: Problems of alternative ways in photosynthetic electron transport of higher plants

Landolt E., 1983: Problems of altitudinal zonation in the alps

Mauersberger G., 1984: Problems of an ecological analysis of the mongolian avifauna

Kaiser B., 1980: Problems of an optimum digitalis therapy

Kanno S., 1988: Problems of analytical method of cyanide ion in tap water and its improvement

Saltanov A.I., 1979: Problems of anesthesia and intensive therapy in pediatric oncology

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187897

Kovacs A., 1982: Problems of anesthesia in cesarean section comments with reference to 1375 cases

Cuch E.C., 1979: Problems of anesthesia posed by surgery of the thoracic aorta

Vladimirov I.V., 1982: Problems of anesthesia surgery and resuscitation in manned space flights

Spiller P., 1981: Problems of angiographic determination of diastolic pressure volume relationship of the left ventricle

Pop G.P., 1981: Problems of animal husbandry in the area of the western mountains of romania

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187903

Fedorovich, B. A., 1978: Problems of aral sea ussr protection and land use

Glazovskaya, M. A., 1985: Problems of arid soil formation and lithogenesis as investigated by i.p. gerasimov

Giesen T., 1985: Problems of asbestos fiber analysis in lung dust

Johnston A.M., 1983: Problems of asbestos fiber counting in the presence of fiber fiber and particle fiber overlap

Maruyama Y., 1984: Problems of aspiration cytology in diagnosis of mammary diseases especially mammary cancer

Newcombe, H. B., 1978: Problems of assessing the genetic impact of mutagens on man

Nagel R., 1981: Problems of assessment in the surgery of renal adenomas

Votruba, T.; Rakosnik, P., 1986: Problems of assessment of immunocomplexes ii. c 1q binding test

Votruba, T.; Rakosnik, P., 1988: Problems of assessment of immunocomplexes iv. detection of immune complexes using c3 and c4 components of complement

Borsetti G., 1985: Problems of assistance and mental health in the aged with particular regard to occupational and residential aspects

Utin A.V., 1986: Problems of assortative mating in oligophrenia

Saringer, G., 1976: Problems of athalia rosae hymenoptera tenthredinidae in hungary

Kaestner, B.; Rudolph, K. H.; Stiede, M., 1987: Problems of attaining optimum sugar beet stands under different methods of spacing ii. attaining optimum plant densities by choosing appropriate seed distances and the right strategy of distance correction in dependence on plant emergence rate

Hirsch R.D., 1987: Problems of autogenic training in the elderly

Znayevs'ka A.V., 1985: Problems of automation of information for specialists on pharmacy technology and drug analysis

Niederle, B.; Tesar, O., 1976: Problems of biliary pancreatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187921

Maurin, A. M., 1978: Problems of bio ecological forecasting

Bommer J., 1986: Problems of biocompatibility in renal replacement therapy

Peive-Ya, V., 1976: Problems of biological fixation of atmospheric nitrogen

Hoshihara Y., 1984: Problems of biopsy with focus on false negative cases of gastric cancer

Tizian C., 1985: Problems of blood flow in myocutaneous flaps in the lower leg

Fritsch A., 1985: Problems of blood substitution in liver transplantation

Oboussier H., 1979: Problems of body structure and size of the hypophysis

Starobogatov-Ya, I.; Khlebovich, V. V., 1978: Problems of brackish water typology

Nishimura, G.; Sasaki, M.; Morita, T., 1976: Problems of breast cancer treatment in recent years

Ching Long C., 1982: Problems of cane breeding at the present stage of china from a cytological point of view

Tran-Do-Trinh, 1976: Problems of cardiac insufficiency in vietnam

Sedov K.R., 1979: Problems of cardio vascular pathology in the construction zone of the baikal to amur railway russian sfsr ussr

Sterkowicz S., 1981: Problems of cardiologic resuscitation in emergency medical care

Kaznacheev, V. P.; Turchinskii, V. I., 1978: Problems of cardiology in the north

Kassam M., 1982: Problems of carotid doppler scanning which can be overcome by using frequency analysis

Brossmann, D., 1977: Problems of carriers of salmonella typhi and salmonella paratyphi b from a hygienic epidemiologic and sociologic view

Spriggs, A. I.; Butler, E. B.; Evans, D. M. D.; Grubb, C.; Husain, O. A. N.; Wachtel, G. E., 1978: Problems of cell nomenclature in cervical cytology smears recommendations of a working party of the british society for clinical cytology

Nettevich E.D., 1979: Problems of cereal crop selection in the russian sfsr ussr zone of nonchernozem soils in connection with the intensification of agriculture

Yamada T., 1982: Problems of chemo therapy for malignant brain tumors treatment with granulocyte transfusion for refractory infection due to agranulocytosis

Kamenikova L., 1987: Problems of chemotherapy of infections of urinary tract

Brents M.Ya, 1986: Problems of child nutrition

Varnai F., 1988: Problems of chloroquine resistant plasmodium falciparum

Schneider A., 1980: Problems of choledocho duodenostomy

Bencze K., 1987: Problems of chromium determination in biological material with acquisition and evaluation of the measuring signal by eta aas

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Marian V., 1986: Problems of diagnosis and treatment in precancerous laryngeal states

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187991

Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187992

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Section 7, Chapter 6188, Accession 006187998

Iliuta L., 1981: Problems of differential diagnosis in anomalies of the cervico occipital articulation

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