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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6189

Chapter 6189 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Seeliger H., 1981: Problems of differential diagnosis of blastomyces and russell bodies

Ivanova Smolenskaya I.A., 1981: Problems of differential diagnosis of essential tremor

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188002

Karlov V.A., 1980: Problems of differentiated treatment of epileptic patients

Abdullaev, G. M.; Efendiev, Z. I.; Allakhverdibekova, A. G.; Muganlinskaya, M. S., 1976: Problems of dispensarization of hemophilia patients in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Steinbrich W., 1982: Problems of dissolution after long term placement of a celestin esophageal tube

Pilz, I.; Schweikhart, G.; Kaufmann, P., 1980: Problems of distinction of normal artificial and pathological structures in mature human placental villi 3. morphometric studies in rhesus incompatibility

Schweikhart, G.; Kaufmann, P., 1977: Problems of distinction of normal artificial and pathological structures in mature human placental villi part 1 ultrastructure of the syncytio tropho blast

Voigt, S.; Kaufmann, P.; Schweikhart, G., 1978: Problems of distinction of normal artificial and pathological structures in mature human placental villi part 2 morphometrical studies on the influence of the mode of fixation

Kraus, H., 1969: Problems of disturbances of the blood coagulation in neuro surgery

Steiger R., 1986: Problems of documentation of gynecological ultrasonic findings with a computer aided system

Jaehrig K., 1980: Problems of dosimetry in photo therapy of icterus neonatorum

Muromtseva A.A., 1980: Problems of droffania from the lower carboniferous of the lvov volhynian basin ukrainian ssr ussr

Ko, K., 1978: Problems of drug resistant bacteria in controlling plant diseases

Lavrincikova M., 1987: Problems of drugs with paracetamol from the view of stability of further drugs

Maehrlein W., 1980: Problems of early detection of latent pulmonary hypertension the value of ergometric tests and correlations between pulmonary circulation and parameters of lung function

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188016

Leventhal J.M., 1985: Problems of early infancy formula changes and mothers beliefs about their infants

Peterson B.E., 1980: Problems of early oncological pathology

Schirren C., 1981: Problems of early recognition in seminoma identification of tumor cells in testis biopsies of 5 patients with oligo zoo spermia

Prudic Z., 1980: Problems of early tests in forest tree breeding of rapidly growing broad leaved trees

Piussi, P., 1977: Problems of ecology in the picea woods of the alps the point of view of the forester

Hiepe T., 1979: Problems of ecto parasite control in mongolia

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188023

Zamfirescu, N. R.; Ciplea, A.; Filcescu, V.; Hartia, L.; Petec, M.; Balta, N.; Bubuianu, G.; Dragulescu, N.; Vrancianu, R.; Lazar, M., 1978: Problems of electro cardiographic and vector cardiographic diagnosis posed by infarct of the postero basal myo cardium and right branch block

Mrna B., 1985: Problems of electroencephalographic activation methods in psychiatry with consideration of emotional states

Kats V.A., 1981: Problems of electron microscopic diagnosis of human synovial tumors

Hiekel, H. G.; Boehm, H., 1977: Problems of electronic volume measurement of micro algae

Liu Y., 1982: Problems of emergency operation for massive hemoptysis

Wheble V.H., 1980: Problems of encapsulation of total joint replacements

Rosso R., 1988: Problems of environmental control simultaneous analysis of four herbicides by hplc

Kamenikova L., 1982: Problems of enzymatic induction

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188033

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188034

Mai R.I., 1980: Problems of epidemiology of viral hepatitis in the estonian ssr ussr

Stenzel, W., 1978: Problems of escherichieae systematics and the classification of atypical dysentery bacilli

Done I., 1980: Problems of esophageal achalasia

Henschler, D., 1976: Problems of establishing the toxicological risks represented by foreign substances in food

Langlois B., 1986: Problems of estimating breading values of riding horses in france

Bruns E., 1986: Problems of estimating breeding values of riding horses in west germany

Chesser R.K., 1986: Problems of estimating gene diversity among populations

Dunning R.A., 1980: Problems of estimating the need for the timing of control measures against pests and diseases of crops

Akoev I.G., 1984: Problems of estimation of equivalent intensities for chronic electromagnetic irradiation of human and laboratory animals

Gilunova N.I., 1981: Problems of etiology and clinical picture of acute glomerulo nephritis

Vagner, R. I., 1978: Problems of etiology diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer

Nappo A., 1985: Problems of etiology in femoral neuropathies

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188047

Garz J., 1985: Problems of evaluating unplanned collection data for the analysis of fertilizing effects under special consideration of nitrogen fertilization to winter wheat

Model, A. A.; Vainshtein, N. I., 1977: Problems of evaluating working capacity and rehabilitation of patients with vibration disease

Samoilova S.I., 1980: Problems of evaluating working capacity of patients with rheumatic diseases

Krokowski E., 1979: Problems of evaluation concerning the success achieved by treating masto carcinoma

Leipner, N.; Frommhold, H., 1980: Problems of evaluation of therapy results achieved in tumor patients

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188053

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188054

Tesarik J., 1983: Problems of extramedullary plasma cytomas in the ear nose and throat area

Murphy C., 1981: Problems of families caring for alzheimer patients use of a support group

May E., 1984: Problems of family oriented obstetrics in the territory

Bhilegaonkar, M. G., 1978: Problems of farmers in the use of fertilizers under constraints

Meyer H., 1986: Problems of feeding in rearing of foals

Runge I., 1987: Problems of field tests for side effects of pesticides on epigeal predatory arthropods in agriculture

Kantor J., 1982: Problems of fir abies alba seed orchards

Reich, K., 1976: Problems of fisheries research in lake kinneret israel

Ritiu C., 1980: Problems of flowering biology in the sour cherry in relation to species fruiting

Nowara P., 1979: Problems of follow up treatment of uterine cervical and endometrial cancers

Bosiak A., 1980: Problems of forest appraisal

Zimmermann G., 1984: Problems of forest protection in northern china with special regard to biological control

Falniowski A., 1980: Problems of formation and structure of gastropod shells

Dakhab O.A., 1984: Problems of formation of compact and vertisol soils of the tropical and temperate zones

Waterston C.D., 1979: Problems of functional morphology and classification in stylonuroid eurypterids chelicerata merostomata with observations on the scottish uk silurian stylonuroidae

Kosswig, C., 1975: Problems of gene amplification

Krymskii, L. D., 1978: Problems of general and specific pathology in cardiac surgery

Suzuki J.B., 1988: Problems of genetic model testing in early onset periodontitis

Michajlow W., 1982: Problems of geographical distribution of the parasite systems euglenida copepoda

Danilov I.D., 1984: Problems of glaciations of the earth in the quaternary period

Neisser E., 1987: Problems of growth and development of the english thoroughbred

Kopf L., 1979: Problems of handling service equipment for people with rheumatic diseases

Curcaneanu S., 1987: Problems of hazard evaluation under inaccurate conditions in the design of a chemical technology

Manuilova, I. A.; Makaricheva, A. D.; Zimina, A. G., 1978: Problems of health protection of women during the initial stages of zonal development of the baikal amur railway

Vigneron C., 1987: Problems of hemoglobin freeze drying evidence that water removal is the key to iron oxidation

Akberali H.B., 1980: Problems of hemolymph sampling in bivalve mollusks

Hammerton, J. L., 1976: Problems of herbicide assessment in peanuts in jamaica

Et Al, 1981: Problems of hill tribe people and integrated development

Moese, J. R., 1978: Problems of housing quality

Urban G., 1986: Problems of humus reproduction under conditions of intensive agriculture and recommendations for optimal proportions of plant and animal production in practice

Odani R., 1987: Problems of hydration during and after angiography preliminary report

Brzek, G.; Kowalczyk, C.; Radwan, S.; Wojciechowski, I., 1976: Problems of hydrobiological research in the lake region between leczna and wlodawa poland

Zurcher, K.; Hadorn, H., 1977: Problems of hydrolysis of sugars and glucose syrup with hydro chloric acid saccharose inversion

Knoll K.H., 1983: Problems of hygiene associated with the dumping composting and incineration of urban refuse

Goethe H., 1983: Problems of hygiene in inland and sea navigation

Akulov, K. I.; Shitskova, A. P.; Savelova, V. A.; Pal'tsev-Yu, P.; Vlodovets, V. V.; Mironenko, M. A.; Yarmolik, I. F.; Polovtsev, O. P.; Chiburaev, V. I.; Et-Al, 1977: Problems of hygiene in villages in connection with concentration and industrialization of stock breeding

Troeger F., 1987: Problems of hypoxy radiotherapy

Keller H., 1979: Problems of identification in the clinical laboratory state of the art and other considerations

IIzuka M., 1979: Problems of impedance cardiography

Albach, W.; Uebelhoer, A.; Marcinowski, P., 1978: Problems of implant change in the lower arm

Rendall, M., 1975: Problems of implementation of the problem orientated medical record

Norton G.A., 1985: Problems of implementing improvements in pest control a case study of apples in the uk

Petrukhina N.S., 1982: Problems of improving the efficacy of laboratory investigations of sanitary and epidemiologic stations

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188099

Medvedev, N. N., 1969: Problems of inbreeding fertility and viability in mice

Koerfer R., 1981: Problems of indication for pulmonary embolectomy

Nakashima, K.; Yoshida, A., 1977: Problems of indirect immunologic assay of specific enzyme activity

Metelitsa, V. I., 1978: Problems of individual pharmaco therapy in current cardiology

Semenovykh, G. K., 1977: Problems of industrial hygiene and the state of health of teachers in medical institutes

Zhilova, N. A.; Mezentseva, N. V.; Kubrakov, M. A.; Konstantinov, A. V.; Kuuz, R. A.; Turusina, T. A., 1976: Problems of industrial hygiene in the manufacture of enamel wire with poly ester insulation

Kashuba, V. A., 1976: Problems of industrial hygiene in the use of neodymium lasers in watch production

Watson J.G., 1983: Problems of infection after bone marrow transplantation

Koehler U., 1986: Problems of infesting standing trees by blastophagus piniperda

Pontone P., 1981: Problems of instrumental diagnosis of the mammary gland

Desing C., 1985: Problems of intensive maize cultivation and research on the economics of measures to reduce the negative effects of maize cultivation

Cleary P.J., 1981: Problems of internal consistency and scaling in life event schedules

Bagshawe K.D., 1983: Problems of interpretation of serum concentrations of alpha feto protein in patients receiving cyto toxic chemo therapy for malignant germ cell tumors

Adis J., 1979: Problems of interpreting arthropod sampling with pitfall traps

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188116

Wilken H., 1981: Problems of intra uterine infections

Juberthie C., 1981: Problems of introducing energy into the superficial subterranean environment

Minasyan L.B., 1979: Problems of introduction of new laboratory methods for diagnosis of echinococcosis in the armenian ssr ussr

Oksanen J., 1987: Problems of joint display of species and site scores in correspondence analysis

Mentz I., 1986: Problems of judgment in the detection of hydrolyzed milk protein by the gel diffusion technique

Weisel M., 1980: Problems of judgment of sequelae following radical treatment of cervix carcinoma

Wimmer D., 1988: Problems of labial keratoacanthoma

Sharonova Z.V., 1981: Problems of labor hygiene and occupational diseases in medical workers exposed to the effects of drugs

Nikolov, S. K.; Kambulin, N. A.; Kolupaeva, M. V., 1976: Problems of labor hygiene in modern stock breeding

Atanasova L., 1979: Problems of labor re adjustment of the working woman

Garcia Espino C., 1986: Problems of laboratory techniques useful in the diagnosis of amebiasis

Kuniak B., 1981: Problems of larynx re innervation under the impaired function of the laryngeus recurrens nerve

Blasius, W., 1976: Problems of life research physiological analyses and phenomenological interpretations

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188130

Woodbine, M., 1975: Problems of listeriosis proceedings of the 6th international symposium nottingham england september 1974

Eggers H.J., 1983: Problems of live virus vaccine associated polio myelitis a paralytic case with isolation of all 3 poliovirus types

Gerhardt, H. J.; Wagner, H.; Ritter, J., 1977: Problems of localization of noise damage in the cochlea 70 years after wittmaacks 1st animal experiments

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188134

Zicsi A., 1981: Problems of lumbricid systematics and the revision of 2 genera oligochaeta

Ruschke, R., 1980: Problems of maintaining hygienic and microbiological quality standards in the production of foodstuffs particularly those of vegetable origin 2. demands regarding hygiene and microbiology theory is useless without practice

Ruschke, R., 1976: Problems of maintaining hygienic and microbiological quality standards of foodstuffs particularly of vegetable origin

Stewart, H., 1977: Problems of management in the analysis of a hallucinating hysteric

Perry, J. W. B., 1976: Problems of measuring population changes in lesotho

Barilyak I.R., 1983: Problems of medical genetics in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Paul E., 1986: Problems of melanomas with common acquired nevi

Skrynnikova I.N., 1985: Problems of melioration reclamation and protection of lowland peaty soils in the non chernozemic zone of the european part of the russian sfsr ussr

Resnick, R. B., 1977: Problems of methadone diversion and implications for control

Bozo S., 1986: Problems of milk price and breeding value estimation

Et Al, 1983: Problems of mis diagnosis in retino blastoma

Bauer, P., 1977: Problems of model testing

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188147

Korovkin B.F., 1985: Problems of modern enzymodiagnosis

Stevens E., 1988: Problems of modern tumor immunology on the cleaning and assessment of melanomas antigens

Batygina, T. B.; Vasil'eva, V. E.; Mamet'eva, T. B., 1978: Problems of morphogenesis in vivo and in vitro embryogenesis in angiosperms

Magomedmirzaev, M. M., 1976: Problems of morphological measuring and computing in plant phenetics

Voss A.C., 1980: Problems of multiple field technique in radiation therapy of cancer of the breast

Andrs M., 1980: Problems of muscular pathology in collagen diseases

Burova L.G., 1982: Problems of mycocenological studies

Struck H.G., 1982: Problems of mycosis of the deviating lacrimal ducts

Blankson, J. M., 1977: Problems of neo natal tetanus as seen in ghana

Roy B.P., 1986: Problems of neonatal anesthesia

Tsygankin V.I., 1982: Problems of nephro blastomas in children

Rabinovich B.I., 1981: Problems of nitro glycerin application in patients in the acute period of myo cardial infarction clinical and side effects

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188160

Ghisotti, F., 1978: Problems of nomenclature omalogyra or homalogyra

Sirna, G., 1978: Problems of nomenclature the priority of glycymeris insubricus

Ames, E. W.; Hunter, M. A.; Black, A.; Lithgow, P. A.; Newman, F. M., 1978: Problems of observer agreement in the infant control procedure

Rakhmaeva, K. S.; Saknyn, A. V.; Moiseeva, V. P., 1976: Problems of occupational hygiene in nickel concentrate sintering at the norilsk mining and metallurgical combine ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188165

Masui Y., 1985: Problems of oocyte maturation and the control of chromosome cycles

Ankilov A.N., 1980: Problems of optimization of flying pest control by aerosol insecticides

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188168

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188169

Salt, G., 1977: Problems of orientation associated with cocoon spinning by nemeritis canescens

Volkov, M. V.; Zyryanova, T. D.; Vysotskaya, V. I., 1978: Problems of orthopedic traumatological aid to builders of the baikal amur railway

Collo, D., 1977: Problems of oto rhino laryngologists in peri natology

Roques H., 1987: Problems of parametric adjustment of growth models in biological water treatment

Shul'man E.S., 1979: Problems of parasitic cenoses in medical helminthology

Soprunov F.F., 1979: Problems of parasitic tropical diseases the who special program tasks of soviet parasitologists in the study of parasitic tropical diseases

Filippov V.V., 1985: Problems of parasitocenoses and associative diseases in modern commercial animal breeding

Kremer-Yu, N.; Vitolinya, S. P.; Pupele, O. Ya ; Shmidt, A. A., 1976: Problems of parenteral feeding of patients part 1 energy aspects

Leonardi A., 1984: Problems of parenteral nutrition in patients operated on for neoplasms of the colon

Chmelevskij J.M., 1982: Problems of parenteral nutrition in the complex treatment of radiation injuries to the intestine

Andreeva N.E., 1980: Problems of pathogenesis and clinical interpretation of mono clonal macro globulinemia

Idarand Kh A., 1982: Problems of pedigree animal breeding under conditions of the estonian ssr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188182

Jago J.D., 1983: Problems of persons with cerebral palsy in obtaining dental care

Splinter T.A.W., 1987: Problems of pharmacokinetic studies on alpha difluoromethylornithine in mice

Gieldanowski, J., 1978: Problems of pharmacologically induced selective immuno suppression

Haid H., 1984: Problems of phlebology nowadays critical comments as seen by a practitioner

Lyakhovich, V. V., 1976: Problems of phospho lipid synthesis in mitochondria

Boehm H., 1985: Problems of photosynthesis measuring at cultivation of microalgae

Heimans, J., 1978: Problems of phyllotaxis

Crowson, R. A., 1978: Problems of phylogenetic relationships in dryopoidea coleoptera

Stoiko S.M., 1983: Problems of phytosociology and ways of their solution

Deb D.B., 1985: Problems of pineapple cultivation in the plains of southern west bengal india

Konarev V.G., 1985: Problems of plant genome

Kolesnikov, B. P., 1976: Problems of plant life protection

Hanuss, K., 1974: Problems of plant quarantine in relation to the development of economy and trade

Feiler M., 1979: Problems of population development in the mute swan cygnus olor in east germany

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188197

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188198

Kononuchenko N.V., 1982: Problems of potato breeding in the belorussian ssr ussr

Hartikainen Sorri A L., 1983: Problems of pre natal diagnosis of nonketotic hyper glycinemia

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188201

Obersztyn E., 1984: Problems of prenatal diagnosis in genetic counseling in the light of polish experiences

Abuzyarov I.G., 1979: Problems of prevention and treatment of post traumatic pulmonary insufficiency shock lung

Baranski B., 1986: Problems of prevention of occupational cancers due to chemicals

Gromadska, M., 1977: Problems of productivity of the mixed forest in the reserve las piwnicki near torun poland part 1 natural character of the reserve the problem and object of studies

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188206

Donovan C.M., 1982: Problems of psychiatric practice in community mental health centers

Kashiwase H., 1981: Problems of psycho pharmaco therapy in japan

Zimmer, S., 1978: Problems of pulmonary cytology of specimens sent in to a laboratory

Kleynmans Lehrenkrauss U., 1981: Problems of qualitative interviewing in the analysis of interactions in multi generation families

Zhou S., 1984: Problems of quaternary environmental evolution and geo morphological development in the lushan china

Svejda J., 1987: Problems of rabies from the aspect of the clinician and veterinary surgeon

Kirsch M., 1980: Problems of radiation protection with the establishment and operation of afterloading units

Cherkinskii A.E., 1985: Problems of radiocarbon soil dating

Schmid A., 1986: Problems of radiological diagnosis of carcinoma of the breast after breast preserving operations and irradiation

Fiehring H., 1980: Problems of rapid digitalization in severe congestive heart failure

Nesterin, M. F.; Geller, G. M.; Bondarev, G. I., 1978: Problems of rational nutrition for builders of the baikal amur railway

Petrov Ye G., 1980: Problems of rationally draining the poleyes marshes ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188219

Hermes K., 1980: Problems of reconstruction of iatrogenic lesions in the biliary tract

Mcgregor, I. A., 1977: Problems of reconstructive surgery of the oral cavity

Sippel M., 1983: Problems of recording of nervous activity with glass micro electrodes in the central nervous system of insects

Metoki H., 1985: Problems of rehabilitation concerning the apraxia and agnosia in cerebrovascular patients

Gruenewald D., 1982: Problems of relevance in the application of laboratory data to clinical situations

Shtil'mark F.R., 1983: Problems of reservation establishment in the steppe zone of the russian sfsr ussr/

Dhall, D. P.; Dawson, A. A.; Mavor, G. E., 1978: Problems of resistant thrombolysis and early recurrent thrombosis in strepto kinase therapy

Permyakov, N. K.; Davydovskaya, N. I., 1974: Problems of resuscitation pathology

Ashkinezer T.M., 1981: Problems of roentgenological diagnosis of central bronchial adenomas

Faeser U., 1985: Problems of safety with infusion devices employing microcomputers demonstrated in an injection pump

Volobuev V.R., 1982: Problems of saline heavy clay soil melioration in the arid zone

Horwitz, W., 1976: Problems of sampling and analytical methods

Deerberg F., 1986: Problems of sampling and composition of experimental groups in outbred populations

Cole P.E., 1982: Problems of sampling and inference in the study of fluctuating dental asymmetry

Reyes Castillo P., 1980: Problems of scientific collections in developing countries

Victor, N., 1976: Problems of selection of suitable allocation rules in cases of incomplete information particularly for data applicable to categories

Kopec, K., 1976: Problems of sensory evaluation of a fresh vegetable

Pushkarskii V.G., 1980: Problems of sensory system physiology in industrial husbandry

Budde E., 1979: Problems of serological diagnosis of chronic pyelo nephritis

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188239

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188240

Korkhov V.V., 1980: Problems of socio labor rehabilitation of patients with basic forms of malignant tumors

Liverovskii-Yu, A., 1977: Problems of soil classification

Levin F.I., 1981: Problems of soil fertility increase in the nonchernozem zone

Ghoneim, M. F., 1978: Problems of soil fertility under arid and semi arid conditions

Perelygin, V. M., 1977: Problems of soil hygiene in the scientific heritage of a n sysin

Rosnovskii I.N., 1987: Problems of soil rating in western siberia russian sfsr ussr

Steinbrenner, K., 1976: Problems of soil sanitation under the conditions of intensive plant production

Leestmans, R., 1978: Problems of speciation in the genus vanessa vanessa vulcania new status and vanessa buana new status lepidoptera nymphalidae

Lewis D.S.C., 1982: Problems of species definition in lake malawi east africa cichlid fishes pisces cichlidae

Mcallister D.E., 1982: Problems of species identity in the lake ontario usa canada sculpins cottus bairdi and cottus cognatus

Ransohoff, D. F.; Feinstein, A. R., 1978: Problems of spectrum and bias in evaluating the efficacy of diagnostic tests

Zelenakova E., 1985: Problems of stabilizing the heaps of nickeliferous ore tailings by a vegetative cover experiments with dactylis glomerata

Wagner G., 1986: Problems of staging colorectal cancer

Vegiard S., 1988: Problems of statistical inference with respect to logarithmic transformation in regression calculations

Dvorak, M.; Andrs, M., 1976: Problems of stereotaxic operations in parkinsons disease

Babaev A.G., 1982: Problems of strengthening the forage base in sandy deserts of the ussr

Osadchuk, A. V.; Markel', A. L.; Khusainov, R. A.; Naumenko, E. V.; Belyaev, D. K., 1979: Problems of stress genetics 4. genetic analysis of the autonomic reactivity under emotional stress in rats

Markel', A. L.; Borodin, P. M., 1982: Problems of stress genetics 5. genetics of adreno cortical reactivity under emotional stress in rats

Borodin, P. M.; Schuler, L.; Belyaev, D. K., 1976: Problems of stress genetics part 1 genetic analysis of mouse behavior in a stressful situation

Schueler, L.; Borodin, P. M.; Belyaev, D. K., 1976: Problems of stress genetics part 2 genetic analysis of relative weight of endocrine glands of mice under normal and stress conditions

Belyaev, D. K.; Shyuler, L.; Borodin, P. M., 1977: Problems of stress genetics part 3 the differential effect of stress on the fertility of mice of different genotypes

Bremer G., 1981: Problems of structure and biology in a large collared flagellate diaphanoeca grandis from arctic seas

Kryvenya M.I., 1980: Problems of structure formation of sowing areas

Nilssen J.P., 1979: Problems of subspecies recognition in fresh water cyclopoid copepods

Hruby, J.; Wirths, W., 1971: Problems of sugar consumption in modern industrial society from the point of view of nutritional physiology illustrated by the situation of 2 central european lands czechoslovakia and west germany

Radmayr E., 1980: Problems of suicide in vorarlberg austria

Mcintosh J.L., 1987: Problems of suicide survivors a survey report

Kuzin M.I., 1980: Problems of surgery in old age

Schmelzeisen, H.; Weller, S., 1977: Problems of surgery of bone cysts

Nagakawa T., 1980: Problems of surgical management of pancreatic cancer

Vasile I., 1987: Problems of surgical technique and tactics in complicated post bulbar ulcers

Bragantini A., 1987: Problems of surgical treatment of hip and pelvic metastases

Rehulka M., 1982: Problems of surgical treatment of nonmalignant diseases of the esophagus in the elderly

Bervar M., 1981: Problems of surgical treatment of rectal carcinoma

Horvatovich, S., 1977: Problems of taxonomy and distribution of the nebria fauna in the high mountain chains of yugoslavia

Lepoire J., 1981: Problems of technique and operative tactics in cranio facial trauma 229 cases

De-Renzis, C.; Carlesimo, M.; Crupi, M.; Ceoldo, A., 1975: Problems of tele thermographic monitoring

Shedd C., 1980: Problems of terminal head and neck cancer patients

Matter, B. E., 1976: Problems of testing drugs for potential mutagenicity

Lee, K. K.; Watanabe, I., 1977: Problems of the acetylene reduction technique applied to water saturated paddy soils

Luchina, K. I.; Chernaenko, T. D.; Kustova, E. A.; Ter-Karapetyan, A. Z., 1975: Problems of the administration and functions of agencies and institutions of the sanitary epidemiological service

Khrapkovskii, A. I.; Ustinova, M. P., 1977: Problems of the biological value of feeds for commercial farms

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188284

Keyl, H. G.; Goeltenboth, F., 1972: Problems of the chromosome structure of mesostoma

Darbinyan V.Zh, 1985: Problems of the classification and clinical pictures of polyneuropathy neuraxitis

Andrianova T.V., 1987: Problems of the classification and phylogeny of septorial fungi

Turbina, N. S., 1977: Problems of the classification of hypoplastic anemia

Demidova I.Yu, 1985: Problems of the compensation of the insulin dependent type of diabetes mellitus

Shkutina F.M., 1983: Problems of the cyto genetic triticale instability

Kaplin, P. A.; Nevesskii, E. N., 1976: Problems of the development and sedimentogenesis of the shelf zone

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188292

Yakovlev V.N., 1986: Problems of the diagnosis and treatment of acute pneumonias

Pop C., 1983: Problems of the diagnosis and treatment of pheo chromo cytoma

Signaevskaya L.A., 1984: Problems of the diagnosis of autoimmune thyroiditis

Marin, I. M., 1977: Problems of the diagnosis ultrastructure and treatment of chondro blastoma of the bones

Rubin A.B., 1981: Problems of the discrete simulation of biological electron transport

Koval'chuk E.S., 1981: Problems of the ecology of species formation in trichinella

Schwenke, H.; Von-Baehr, R., 1978: Problems of the effectiveness of anti human lymphocyte globulin corresponding to its in vitro effect

Matsushita S., 1986: Problems of the elderly patient in anticoagulant and platelet suppressant drug treatment

Aufschnaiter M., 1985: Problems of the esophagojejunostomy after gastrectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188302

Gaisinovich, A. E., 1977: Problems of the history of genetics in soviet publications of recent years a critical review

Szokoly V., 1984: Problems of the indications of radio therapy in renal tumors after radical nephrectomy

Sobolevskaya K.A., 1983: Problems of the introduction of disappearing species in the natural siberian flora russian sfsr ussr

Kurbanov, O. R.; Esenov, P., 1975: Problems of the khauz khan tract desert land reclamation

Vanhoorne, R.; Verbruggen, C., 1975: Problems of the late glacial subdivision in the sandy region of northern flanders in belgium

Shelegiya Sh Ya, 1984: Problems of the mechanism of action of the transfusion of blood components

Tietz H J., 1985: Problems of the morbidity of the so called childhood diseases in preschool age

Calman K.C., 1981: Problems of the oncology out patient role of the liaison health visitor

Schallreuter, R., 1981: Problems of the ordovician 3. ancientia from europe

Kulikova, V. S.; Banchenko, G. V.; Terekhova, N. V.; Chemisov, V. G., 1977: Problems of the pathogenesis of chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188313

Bauer, I.; Grill, D., 1977: Problems of the pigment analysis for diagnosing smoke damages

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188315

Piersantelli, N.; Guida, B.; Robert, L., 1976: Problems of the pre natal prophylaxis of the viral infections

Hilbig W., 1987: Problems of the primary forest distribution in mongolia

Britov A.N., 1984: Problems of the prophylaxis and treatment of arterial hypertension at the population level

Kukalo N.P., 1984: Problems of the prophylaxis of cardio vascular pathology in occupational gerontological hygiene

Section 7, Chapter 6189, Accession 006188320

Prokosheva L.I., 1987: Problems of the protection and efficient use of wild medicinal plants in lipetsk oblast russian sfsr ussr

Golemanov, H., 1976: Problems of the public health care in the light of the 11th congress of the bulgarian communist party

Ripa A.K., 1979: Problems of the rational use production and protection of cranberry in the latvian ssr ussr

Ryss, E. S., 1976: Problems of the regulation of iron absorption review of literature

Goncharenko Z.Z., 1984: Problems of the rehabilitation of patients with cancer of the proximal part of the stomach

Shamsutdinov Z.Sh, 1986: Problems of the revegetation of desert pastures

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