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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6191

Chapter 6191 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chandan R.C.; Marin H.; Nakrani K.R.; Zehner M.D., 1979:
Production and consumer acceptance of latin american white cheese

Conrad R.; Aragno M.; Seiler W., 1983:
Production and consumption of carbon mon oxide in a eutrophic lake

Babovic D., 1981:
Production and consumption of fertilizers as factor of higher food production in period 1981 1985

Moro D.; Hubert B., 1983:
Production and consumption of grain in the sahel sudanian environment in senegal the rodents

Conrad, R.; Aragno, M.; Seiler, W., 1983:
Production and consumption of hydrogen in a eutrophic lake

Bravo Abad F.; Redondo Cuenca A., 1985:
Production and consumption of malic acid by yeasts during the fermentation of grape juice

Mal'tsev S.V.; Krasnovskii A.A., 1982:
Production and consumption of molecular hydrogen by isolated chloroplasts of higher plants

Obara Y.; Goto N., 1980:
Production and consumption of volatile fatty acids in digestive organs of japanese field vole microtus montebelli

Ando H.; Sasaki H.; Koike K., 1986:
Production and control mechanism of colony stimulating factor by human endothelial cells isolated from umbilical veins

Zavanella M.; Nigrelli A.; Ciuchini F.; Sala V., 1984:
Production and control of freeze dried brucella abortus strain 19 vaccine by using cells produced by fermentation units

Voloshchenko, I.V.; Suprun, K.F.; Kozhukhar, I.H.; Lisunkina, I.K.; Havrish, I.M., 1979:
Production and control of Kalanchoe juice

Brown T.C., 1987:
Production and cost of scenic beauty examples for a ponderosa pine forest

Bagadi, H.O., 1977:
Production and counting of spores of Clostridium chauvoei

Macris B.J.; Paspaliari M.; Kekos D., 1985:
Production and cross synergistic action of cellulolytic enzymes from certain fungal mutants grown on cotton and straw

Yokoyama, S.; Miyabe, T.; Oobayashi, A.; Tanabe, O.; Ichishima, E., 1977:
Production and crystallization of acid carboxy peptidase of penicillium janthinellum and mode of action on peptides and proteins and anti inflammatory activities of the enzyme

Dietert M.F.; Barron S.A.; Yoder O.C., 1982:
Production and culture of micro spore derived plants of tradescantia paludosa

Mujeeb Kazi A.; Roldan S.; Suh D.Y.; Sitch L.A.; Farooq S., 1987:
Production and cytogenetic analysis of hybrids between triticum aestivum and some caespitose agropyron spp

Melz G.; Schlegel R., 1987:
Production and cytogenetical analysis of a rye cytoplasmic tetraploid triticale

Meulemans J.T.; Roos P.J., 1987:
Production and decomposition in the emergent littoral zone of lake maarsseveen i the netherlands an overview

Andersen J.M.; Jacobsen O.S., 1979:
Production and decomposition of organic matter in eutrophic frederiksborg slotsso denmark

Pudjiharta A.; Sallata M.K., 1986:
Production and decomposition of pinus merkusii yungh et de vries litterfall at cikole lembang north bandung indonesia

Bhardwaj K.K.R.; Dev S.P., 1985:
Production and decomposition of sesbania cannabina in relation to its effect on the yield of wetland rice

Waterkeyn L.; Bienfait A., 1979:
Production and degradation of callose in the stomata of ferns

Hoshino, E.; Sato, M., 1986:
Production and degradation of formate by Veillonella dispar ATCC 17745

Anderson M.S.; Dutton M.F.; Harding K., 1979:
Production and degradation of patulin by paecilomyces sp a common contaminant of silage

Romanenko V.I., 1981:
Production and destruction of organic matter by microorganisms in the mountainous lakes of the pamirs tadzhik ssr ussr

Anglo, P.G.; Tanaka, H.; Haga, K., 1978:
Production and desulfurization of bio gas from swine waste

Hartman, D.P.; Murphy, R.A., 1977:
Production and detection of staphylococcal elastase

Klug Puempel B., 1981:
Production and disappearance of litter in a caricetum curvulae association

Field, T.M.; Walden, T.A., 1982:
Production and discrimination of facial expressions by preschool children

Sutton T.B., 1981:
Production and dispersal of asco spores and conidia by physalospora obtusa and botryosphaeria dothidea in apple malus sylvestris orchards

Singh B.K.; Pandey R.K., 1980:
Production and distribution of assimilate in chick pea cicer arietinum

Wasmund N.; Kowalczewski A., 1983:
Production and distribution of benthic micro algae in the littoral sediments of mikolajskie lake poland

Castellanos Sanchez A.; Castillo Aguilar J.J.; Mendoza Onofre L.E., 1986:
Production and distribution of dry matter during grain filling of sorghum bicolor tolerant to cold

Lodhi G.P.; Singh R.K.; Sharma S.C., 1979:
Production and distribution of dry matter in plant components and its effect on seed yield in brown seeded indian colza brassica napus var ulti

Wasmund N., 1984:
Production and distribution of the micro phyto benthos in the sediment of lake mikolajskie poland

Peters N.C.B., 1982:
Production and dormancy of wild oat avena fatua seed from plants grown under soil water stress

Nienhuis, P.H.; De-Bree, B.H.H., 1977:
Production and ecology of eelgrass zostera marina in the grevelingen estuary the netherlands before and after the closure

Koryabin N.A., 1983:
Production and economic and biological characteristics of tetra ploid forms of barley

Barton N.J.; Mccausland I.P., 1987:
Production and economic returns from merino weaner sheep subjected to four frequencies of anthelmintic administration in east gippsland victoria australia

Brown J.E.; Splittstoesser W.E.; Gerber J.M., 1985:
Production and economic returns of 3 vegetable double cropping systems

Olympios, C.M.; Papachristodoulou, S., 1978:
Production and economics of french beans grown in plastic greenhouses

Hale W.G., 1980:
Production and energy flow in 2 species of onychiurus collembola insecta apterygota

Griffiths R.J., 1981:
Production and energy flow in relation to age and shore level in the bivalve choromytilus meridionalis

Benson D.J.; Fitzpatrick L.C.; Pearson W.D., 1980:
Production and energy flow in the benthic community of a texas usa pond

Ansell, A.D.; Mclusky, D.S.; Stirling, A.; Trevallion, A., 1978:
Production and energy flow in the macro benthos of 2 sandy beaches in southwest india

Alimov A.F.; Kuz'mich V.N.; Neronov Y.V., 1982:
Production and energy flux in communities of benthic animals as exemplified by lake kholinkha russian sfsr ussr

Soad Soad E.D.n; Ernhaft J.; Toth S.; Prieger K., 1986:
Production and energy metabolism of second cycle geese

Lee J S.; Suh D S., 1985:
Production and enzymatic properties of laccase from flammulina velutipes

Sallam, Y.I.; El-Seesy, T.A.; El-Wakiel, F.A.; El-Saidawy, M.H., 1982:
Production and evaluation of egyptian apple nectar 1. effect of processing methods and preservatives on apple nectar characteristics

El-Seesy, T.A.; Sallam, Y.I.; El-Wakeil, F.A.; El-Saidawy, M.H., 1982:
Production and evaluation of egyptian apple nectar 2. effect of storage on its chemical characteristics

Challen M.P.; Elliott T.J., 1987:
Production and evaluation of fungicide resistant mutants in the cultivated mushroom agaricus bisporus

Thorns, C.J.; Boarer, C.D.; Morris, J.A., 1987:
Production and evaluation of monoclonal antibodies directed against the K88 fimbrial adhesin produced by Escherichia coli enterotoxigenic for piglets

Sumner A.K.; Nielsen M.A.; Youngs C.G., 1981:
Production and evaluation of pea pisum sativum cultivar trapper protein isolate

E.S.erbiny G.A.; Rizk S.S.; E.S.iaty M.A., 1986:
Production and evaluation of protein isolates of some legumes

Burhol P.G.; Jenssen T.G.; Schulz T.B.; Lygren I.; Jorge R., 1985:
Production and evaluation of rabbit cholecystokinin

Burhol, P.G.; Waldum, H.L., 1978:
Production and evaluation of secretin antibodies

Gumpf D.J.; Zheng G Y.; Moreno P.; Diaz J.M., 1987:
Production and evaluation of specific monoclonal antibodies to citrus tristeza virus strains

Lygren I.; Burhol P.G.; Waldum H.L., 1984:
Production and evaluation of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide antibodies in rabbits

Mattern M.R.; Welch G.P., 1979:
Production and excision of thymine damage in the dna of mammalian cells exposed to high linear energy transfer radiations

Adam, W.R.; Adams, B.A., 1985:
Production and excretion of dopamine by the isolated perfused rat kidney

Kluytmans, J.H.; Van-Graft, M.; Janus, J.; Pieters, H., 1978:
Production and excretion of volatile fatty acids in the sea mussel mytilus edulis

Casella, E.; Markewych, O.; Dosmar, M.; Witmer, H., 1978:
Production and expression of deoxy tmp enriched dna of bacterio phage sp 15

Chegini N.; Aleporou V.; Bell G.; Hilder V.A.; Maclean N., 1979:
Production and fate of erythroid cells in anemic xenopus laevis

Grubaugh J.W.; Anderson R.V.; Day D.M.; Lubinski K.S.; Sparks R.E., 1986:
Production and fate of organic material from sagittaria latifolia and nelumbo lutea on pool 19 mississippi river usa

Roche M.; Freites Y., 1982:
Production and flow of scientific information of a peripheral american country venezuela

Stricker R.; Romailler G.; Turian G.; Tzanos D., 1981:
Production and food applications of a hydro soluble yellow pigment from mold epicoccum nigrum

Nyberg P., 1979:
Production and food consumption of perch perca fluviatilis in 2 swedish forest lakes

Fallon, R.D.; Pfaender, F.K., 1976:
Production and fractionation of carbon 14 di oxide labeled smooth cord grass spartina alterniflora

Strath, M.; Sanderson, C.J., 1985:
Production and functional properties of eosinophils from bone marrow cultures

Vose J.R., 1980:
Production and functionality of starches and protein isolates from legume seeds field peas pisum sativum cultivar trapper and horse beans vicia faba equina cultivar diana

Tsunewaki K.; Koba T., 1979:
Production and genetic characterization of the coisogenic lines of a common wheat triticum aestivum cultivar s 615 for 10 major genes

Nienhuis P.H.; B.H.H., 1980:
Production and growth dynamics of eelgrass zostera marina in brackish lake grevelingen netherlands

Bok A.H., 1980:
Production and growth of carp cyprinus carpio at amalinda fish station eastern cape south africa

Grover, J.H.; Recometa, R.D.; Dureza, V.A., 1976:
Production and growth of milkfish common carp and catfish in fertilized fresh water ponds

Scarnecchia D.L.; Bergersen E.P., 1986:
Production and habitat of threatened greenback salmo clarki stomias and colorado river cutthroat salmo clarki pleuriticus trouts in rocky mountain headwater streams colorado usa

Robertson A.; Bendall D.S., 1983:
Production and high performance liquid chromatography analysis of black tea thea flavins and thearubigins during in vitro oxidation

Ushijima Y.; Nakano M.; Goto T., 1984:
Production and identification of bityrosine in horseradish peroxidase hydrogen peroxide tyrosine system

Gramatikova M., 1979:
Production and identification of translocations induced by cobalt 60 gamma rays in winter barley

D'souza T.M.; Pereira L., 1982:
Production and immobilization of a bacterial milk clotting enzyme

Fraser R.H.; Allan E.K.; Inglis G.; Munro A.C.; Mackie A.; Mitchell R., 1984:
Production and immunochemical characterization of mouse monoclonal antibodies to human lewis a blood group structures

Antonenko, V.T.; Gorodetskaya, S.F.; Pen'kovskaya, N.P.; Kornienko, G.I., 1978:
Production and immunological study of anti cytochrome oxidase sera for cardiac and skeletal muscles in dogs

Antonenko V.T.; Gorodetskaya S.F.; Pen'kovskaya N.P., 1979:
Production and immunological study of the effectiveness of anti cytochrome oxidase serum to the lymphoid tissue of experimental animals

Cunningham, D.L.; Polte, S.J., 1984:
Production and income performance of white leghorn layers feed restricted at various stages of production

Schellekens, H.; D.W.lde, G.A.; Weimar, W., 1980:
Production and initial characterization of rat interferon

Fuks B.B.; Avrova N.F.; Van'ko L.V.; Starosvetskaya N.A.; Boltovskaya M.N.; Durmanov N.D.; Soldatova L.N.; Zaraiskii E.I.; Karpova O.B.; E.A., 1986:
Production and investigation of monoclonal antibodies to some gangliosides

Shoji, J.; Kato, T.; Matsumoto, K.; Takahashi, Y.; Mayama, M., 1976:
Production and isolation of cerexin c and cerexin d studies on antibiotics from the genus bacillus part 18

White, S.A.; Farina, P.R.; Fulton, I., 1979:
Production and isolation of chitosan from Mucor rouxii

Morioka H.; Etoh Y.; Horino I.; Takezawa M.; Ando T.; Hirayama K.; Kano H.; Shibai H., 1985:
Production and isolation of cosmomycins a b c and d new differentiation inducers of friend cell f 5 5

Mccarthy S.A.; Sakata T.; Kakimoto D.; Johnson R.M., 1985:
Production and isolation of purple pigment by alteromonas luteoviolacea

Saito, Y.; Yamada, H.; Niwa, M.; Ueda, I., 1987:
Production and isolation of recombinant somatomedin C

Shakhova, T.V.; Maiorova, G.I.; Nesterenko, E.A.; Orlova, T.V., 1988:
Production and isolation of the 5' exonuclease and alkaline phosphatase complex from actinomyces coelicolor

Murphy B.R.; Markoff L.J.; Hosier N.T.; Massicot J.G.; Chanock R.M., 1982:
Production and level of genetic stability of an influenza a virus temperature sensitive mutant containing 2 genes with ts mutations

Kemp P.F., 1988:
Production and life history of a deposit feeding polychaete in an atypical environment

Kiernan, J.A., 1979:
Production and life span of cutaneous mast cells in young rats

Huryn A.D.; Wallace J.B., 1987:
Production and litter processing by crayfish in an appalachian usa mountain stream

Sidhu, M.; Sandhu, D.K., 1984:
Production and localization of beta glucosidase ec in trichoderma harzianum and some aspects of catabolite repression

Breuil C.; Wojtczak G.; Saddler J.N., 1986:
Production and localization of cellulases and beta glucosidase from the thermophilic fungus thielavia terrestris

Kasai K.; Aochi H.; Yoshida Y., 1980:
Production and localization of human prolactin in human chorionic tissue and decidua

Kasai, K.; Shik, S.S.; Yoshida, Y., 1982:
Production and localization of human prolactin in placenta and decidua in early and at term normal pregnancy

Kasai K.; Shik S.S.; Aochi H.; Yoshida Y., 1981:
Production and localization of human prolactin in the placental and decidual tissue at term

Kasai K.; Aochi H.; Shik S.S.; Yoshida Y., 1980:
Production and localization of human prolactin in the tissues associated with pregnancy 1

Bintukhov A.A.; Iovlev V.I.; Stepanov A.N.; Smorodintsev A.A., 1988:
Production and main biological properties of human gamma interferon

Hudler G.W.; Beale M.A.R.; Knudsen G.R., 1984:
Production and maintenance of conidia of gremmeniella abietina

Lee, H.W., 1981:
Production and management of japanese millet echinochloa crus galli for summer forage 1. agronomic characteristics and yield performance of 3 japanese millet cultivars

Piton, P., 1987:
Production and marketing of bee products xi. sale to the public second part

Evers A.D.; Baker G.J.; Stevens D.J., 1984:
Production and measurement of starch damage in flour

Evers, A.D.; Baker, G.J.; Stevens, D.J., 1984:
Production and measurement of starch damage in flour 2. damage produced by unconventional methods

Evers, A.D.; Stevens, D.J., 1984:
Production and measurement of starch damage in flour 3. effect of type of damage on baking performance

Evers, A.D.; Stevens, D.J., 1988:
Production and measurement of starch damage in flour part 4. effect of starch damage on hot pasting properties

Kurosaki F.; Matsui K.; Nishi A., 1984:
Production and metabolism of 6 methoxymellein in cultured carrot daucus carota cultivar kintoki cells

Dupont, W.; Bourgeois, P.; Vaillant, R., 1978:
Production and metabolism of cortico steroids in the marsh frog rana ridibunda

Armentano L.E.; Young J.W., 1983:
Production and metabolism of volatile fatty acids glucose and carbon di oxide in steers and the effects of monensin on volatile fatty acid kinetics

Toussaint A.; Schoonejans E., 1983:
Production and modification of mu g minus phage particles in escherichia coli k 12 and erwinia carotovora

Lebas, F.; Coudert, P., 1986:
Production and morbidity of rabbit breeding does ii. effect of age at first fertilization in does of two strains

Smith, V.R., 1987:
Production and nutrient dynamics of plant communities on a sub antarctic island 1. standing crop and primary production of mire grasslands

Smith, V.R., 1987:
Production and nutrient dynamics of plant communities on a sub antarctic island 2. standing crop and primary production of fjaeldmark and fernbrakes

Smith, V.R., 1987:
Production and nutrient dynamics of plant communities on a sub antarctic island 3. standing stocks uptake and loss of nutrients in mire grasslands

Smith, V.R., 1988:
Production and nutrient dynamics of plant communities on a sub antarctic island 4. standing stocks uptake and loss of nutrients in fjaelmark and fernbrakes

Smith, V.R., 1988:
Production and nutrient dynamics of plant communities on a sub antarctic island 5. nutrient budgets and turnover times for mire grasslands fjaeldmark and fernbrakes

Pakarinen, P., 1978:
Production and nutrient ecology of 3 sphagnum species in southern finnish raised bogs

Britton C.M.; Steuter A.A., 1983:
Production and nutritional attributes of tobosa grass hilaria mutica following burning

Chang K.C.; Lee C.C.; Brown G., 1986:
Production and nutritional evaluation of high protein rice flour

Chung, P.; Pond, W.G.; Kingsbury, J.M.; Walker, E.F.Jr ; Krook, L., 1978 :
Production and nutritive value of arthrospira platensis a spiral blue green alga grown on swine wastes

Severson K.E., 1982:
Production and nutritive value of aspen populus tremuloides understory black hills usa

Umezu M.; Shibata A.; Umegaki M., 1979:
Production and oxidation of amines by hiochi bacteria

Chen, H.T.; Pittman, C.S., 1988:
Production and partial characterization of a monoclonal antibody to rat anterior pituitary somatotrophs

Wall, V.W.; Kreger, A.S.; Richardson, S.H., 1984:
Production and partial characterization of a Vibrio fluvialis cytotoxin

Kothary, M.H.; Kreger, A.S., 1985:
Production and partial characterization of an elastolytic protease of Vibrio vulnificus

Federici F., 1983:
Production and partial characterization of an extracellular pectinase from aureobasidium pullulans

Mckeen C.D.; Reilly C.C.; Pusey P.L., 1986:
Production and partial characterization of antifungal substances antagonistic to monilinia fructicola from bacillus subtilis

Schnizlein, C.T.; Bice, D.E., 1980:
Production and partial characterization of dog macrophage migration inhibitory factor

Pennell R.I.; Geltz N.R.; Koren E.; Russell S.D., 1987:
Production and partial characterization of hybridoma antibodies elicited to the sperm of plumbago zeylanica

Andersen, A.A.; Van Deusen, R.A., 1988:
Production and partial characterization of monoclonal antibodies to four Chlamydia psittaci isolates

Y.D.H.; Kwon T J.; Chang H K., 1987:
Production and partial purification of thermostable alpha amylase from streptomyces sp ha 40

Kittle D.R.; Gray L.E., 1979:
Production and pathogenicity of oo spores of phytophthora megasperma var sojae

Higgins S.; Fitt B.D.L., 1984:
Production and pathogenicity to wheat of pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides conidia

Cammaerts-Tricot, M.C., 1974:
Production and perception of attractive pheromones by differently aged workers of myrmica rubra hymenoptera formicidae

O'ceallachain, D.P.; Ryan, M.F., 1977:
Production and perception of pheromones by the beetle tribolium confusum

Nooteboom, S.G.; Doodeman, G.J., 1980:
Production and perception of vowel length in spoken sentences

Nelson R.L.; Bernard R.L., 1984:
Production and performance of hybrid soybeans glycine max

Lewis, W.J.; Nordlund, D.A.; Gross, H.R.Jr ; Perkins, W.D.; Knipling, E.F.; Voegele, J., 1976:
Production and performance of trichogramma reared on eggs on heliothis zea and other hosts

Siegel, P.B.; Gross, W.B., 1980:
Production and persistence of antibodies in chickens to sheep erythrocytes 1. directional selection

Gross, W.G.; Siegel, P.B.; Hall, R.W.; Domermuth, C.H.; DuBoise, R.T., 1980:
Production and persistence of antibodies in chickens to sheep erythrocytes. 2. Resistance to infectious diseases

Thompson C.G.; Scott D.W., 1979:
Production and persistence of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the douglas fir tussock moth orgyia pseudotsugata lepidoptera lymantriidae in the forest ecosystem

Minina, S.A.; Astakhova, T.V.; Gromova, E.G.; Vaigacheva-Yu, V., 1977:
Production and pharmacological study of cuscohygrine di methyl benzene sulfonate

Gargas E., 1980:
Production and photosynthetic efficiency of micro algae phyto plankton and micro benthos in a shallow danish fjord

Babilev F.V.; Valika V.V.; Andronik I.Ya, 1986:
Production and physicochemical characterization of the polymorphous forms of neodicoumarin

Dziedzic, S.Z., 1981:
Production and physicochemical properties of isomerized glucose syrups 1. sweetness

Lynch, J.M., 1978:
Production and phyto toxicity of acetic acid in anaerobic soils containing plant residues

Oyenekan J.A., 1983:
Production and population dynamics of capitella capitata

Momot, W.T.; Gowing, H., 1977:
Production and population dynamics of the crayfish orconectes virilis in 3 michigan lakes usa

Dancer, B.N.; Mandelstam, J., 1975 :
Production and possible function of serine protease during sporulation of Bacillus subtilis

Haefner J.D.; Wallace J.B., 1981:
Production and potential seston utilization by parapsyche cardis and diplectrona modesta trichoptera hydropsychidae in 2 streams draining contrasting southern appalachian usa watersheds

Greenberg H.B.; Valdesuso J.; Van Wyke K.; Midthun K.; Walsh M.; Mcauliffe V.; Wyatt R.G.; Kalica A.R.; Flores J.; Hoshino Y., 1983:
Production and preliminary characterization of mono clonal antibodies directed at 2 surface proteins of rhesus rotavirus

Lambert K.J.; Major G.N.; Welsh C.J.R.; Ryall J.E.; Mcfarland I.G.; Williams R., 1984:
Production and preliminary characterization of mono clonal antibodies to human liver specific lipo protein

Hu, C.; Carbonera, D.; van Huystee, R., 1987:
Production and Preliminary Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies against Cationic Peanut Peroxidase

Healey, M.C.; Kleinschuster, S.J.; Gharpure, H.M.; Johnston, A.V., 1985:
Production and preliminary characterization of monoclonal antibodies to Actinobacillus sp isolated from epididymitis lesions in a ram

Dickerson, H.W.; Evans, D.L.; Gratzek, J.B., 1986:
Production and preliminary characterization of murine monoclonal antibodies to Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, a protozoan parasite of fish

Sung, H.C.; Tachiki, T.; Kumagai, H.; Tochikura, T., 1984:
Production and preparation of glutamate synthase ec from brevibacterium flavum

Kowalski Z.M.; Roborzynski M., 1987:
Production and processing of goat milk

Verma, J.P.; Rathore, S.V.S.; Singh, S.P., 1977 :
Production and profit from 2 cultivars of cabbage as affected by application of nitrogen and planting distance

Mishra S.; Mishra S.S.; Ray P.K., 1983:
Production and profit potential of amorphophallus campanulatus as affected by seed size

Okazaki W.; Akiba T.; Horikoshi K.; Akahoshi R., 1984:
Production and properties of 2 types of xylanases from alkalophilic thermophilic bacillus spp

Irlin, I.S.; Tikhonova, Z.N.; Rozinova, E.N.; Makarova, G.F.; Kolobkov, S.L.; Ievleva, E.S., 1977:
Production and properties of a continuous suspension cell culture of mouse erythro blastosis

Ikuta, S.; Yamada, Y.; Yoshitake, Y.; Nishikawa, K., 1985:
Production and properties of a monoclonal antibody against human epidermal growth factor

Kojima, S.; Niimura, M.; Kanazawa, T., 1987:
Production and properties of a mouse monoclonal IgE antibody to Schistosoma japonicum

Park Y.W.; Kusakabe I.; Kobayashi H.; Murakami K., 1985:
Production and properties of a soy milk clotting enzyme system from a microorganism

Rogolsky, M.; Wiley, B.B., 1977:
Production and properties of a staphylococcin genetically controlled by the staphylococcal plasmid for exfoliative toxin synthesis

Kokusho, Y.; Machida, H.; Iwasaki, S., 1982:
Production and properties of alkaline lipase from alcaligenes sp strain no. 679

Nakane, M.; Deguchi, T., 1980:
Production and properties of antibody to soluble guanylate cyclase ec purified from bovine brain

Orbán, E.C.; Pallos, J.P.; Kocsár, L.T., 1985:
Production and properties of antiserum for radioimmunoassay of serum conjugated chenodeoxycholic acid and its preliminary application

Tiunova, N.A.; Pirieva, D.A.; Feniksova, R.V., 1976:
Production and properties of chitinase from actinomyces kurssanovii

Hayashi M.; Shirahata T.; Goto H.; Shimizu K., 1985:
Production and properties of circulating interferon in mice immune to toxoplasma gondii

Tikhomirova, A.S.; Zagustina, N.A., 1976:
Production and properties of enzyme preparations of beta galactosidase from curvularia inaequalis

Mishra, C.; Keskar, S.; Rao, M., 1984:
Production and properties of extracellular endo xylanase ec from neurospora crassa

Engel K.; Ruback W., 1986:
Production and properties of fatty acid polyglycol ester sulfates

Kaji, A.; Ichimi, T., 1969:
Production and properties of galactosidases from Corticium rolfsii

Kearsley, M.W.; Dziedzic, S.Z.; Birch, G.G.; Smith, P.D., 1980:
Production and properties of glucose syrups 3. sweetness of glucose syrups and related carbohydrates

Hong J S.; Kim M K.; Kim Y H.; Lee J B., 1987:
Production and properties of laccase from coriolus versicolor

Aisina R.B.; Kazanskaya N.F.; Lukasheva E.V.; Berezin I.V., 1976:
Production and properties of micro encapsulated alpha chymotrypsin

Gnutova N.M.; Yanina M.M.; Dontsova G.I.; Chlenov V.A.; Yakovlev V.A., 1979:
Production and properties of micro encapsulated urease

Filatov A.V.; Bachurin P.S.; Korolev A.G.; Ul'yanova L.I.; Alekseev L.P., 1987:
Production and properties of monoclonal antibodies against cd2 and cd7 human lymphocyte antigens

Epstein C.J.; Smith S.; Cox D.R., 1984:
Production and properties of mouse trisomy 15 mr di ploid chimeras

Reznikova M.M.; Yamskova V.P., 1985:
Production and properties of nonspecific adhesion factor from the blood sera of homeothermic animals and humans

Kelly, C.T.; Fogarty, W.M., 1978:
Production and properties of poly galacturonate lyase ec by an alkalophilic microorganism bacillus sp rk 9

Anderson, E.C.; Perrings, J.D., 1978:
Production and properties of radioactive microspheres for localized irradiation of lung tissue

Zhmareva E.N., 1982:
Production and properties of rat brain glioma cell line

Eilen, E.; Pampeno, C.; Krakow, J.S., 1978:
Production and properties of the alpha core derived from the cyclic amp receptor protein of escherichia coli

Fraile E.R.; Muse J.O.; Bernardinelli S.E., 1985:
Production and properties of the milk clotting enzyme from mucor bacilliformis

Sakurai H.; Takei Y.; Omata Y.; Suzuki N., 1981:
Production and properties of toxoplasma growth inhibitory factor and interferon in the lymphokines and the circulation of toxoplasma immune mice

Shelykh G.I.; Kol'tsova S.V.; Vlasov G.P.; Samsonov G.V., 1979:
Production and properties of trypsin modified by poly saccharides

Spencer, R.; Charman, M.; Emtage, J.S.; Lawson, D.E.M., 1976:
Production and properties of vitamin d induced messenger rna for chick calcium binding protein

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Production and properties of yoghurt and concentrated yoghurt labnah from ultra filtrated recombined milk

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Production and property of beta lactamases in streptomyces comparison of the strains isolated newly and 30 years ago

Fukushima S., 1984:
Production and purification of a bacteriocin from streptococcus mutans rm 10

Garcia Ramos E.; Vazquez Davila F.; Arellano Baltasar C., 1983:
Production and purification of a mycobactin

Yoshioka H.; Anraku S I.; Hayashida S., 1982:
Production and purification of a novel type of carboxymethyl cellulase from humicola grisea var thermoidea yh 78

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Production and purification of a peptide of fusarium tricinctum that causes conidia of penicillium digitatum to swell

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Production and purification of a Staphylococcus epidermidis bacteriocin

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Production and purification of choline oxidase from cylindrocarpon didymum m 1

Cordonnier M M.; Smith C.; Greppin H.; Pratt L.H., 1983:
Production and purification of mono clonal antibodies to pisum sativum and avena sativa phytochrome

Beaman K.D.; Cone R.E., 1984:
Production and purification of monoclonal t lymphocyte antigen binding molecules

Hayashi T.; Akiba T.; Horikoshi K., 1988:
Production and purification of new maltohexaose forming amylases from alkalophilic bacillus sp h 167

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Production and purification of penicillium citreoviride toxin and its effect on thiamin di phosphate dependent liver transketolase ec

Kanclerski, K.; Möllby, R., 1987:
Production and purification of Streptococcus pneumoniae hemolysin (pneumolysin)

Gross, D.C.; Devay, J.E., 1977:
Production and purification of syringomycin a phyto toxin produced by pseudomonas syringae

Fackrell, H.B.; Wiseman, G.M., 1976:
Production and purification of the gamma hemo lysin of staphylococcus aureus strain

Upton, M.E.; Fogarty, W.M., 1977:
Production and Purification of Thermostable Amylase and Protease of Thermomonospora viridis

Yoshioka H.; Hayashida S., 1980:
Production and purification of thermostable beta glucosidase from mucor miehei yh 10

Hayashida S.; Yoshioka H., 1980:
Production and purification of thermostable cellulases from humicola insolens yh 8

Khorevin L.D., 1987:
Production and qualitative characteristics of sperm in the autumn chum oncorhynchus keta in the kalininka river sakhalin russian sfsr ussr

Strijckmans K.; Vandecasteele C.; Sambre J., 1985:
Production and quality control of oxygen 15 and oxygen 15 labeled carbon dioxide for medical use

Griffin J.L.; Watson V.H., 1982:
Production and quality of 4 bermuda grasses cynodon dactylon as influenced by rainfall patterns

Allen, P.; Riordan, P.B.; Hanrahan, T.J.; Joseph, R.L., 1981:
Production and quality of boar and castrate bacon 1. pig production in factory processing and carcass value

Cowan, C.A.; Joseph, R.L., 1981:
Production and quality of boar and castrate bacon 2. consumer and panel response to bacon and fat samples

Adeniji A.O.; Potter N.N., 1980:
Production and quality of canned moin moin

Crete M.; Jordan P.A., 1982:
Production and quality of forage available to moose alces alces in southwestern quebec canada

Pizarro E.A.; Rodriguez N.M.; Figueiredo A.G., 1981:
Production and quality of hyparrhenia rufa hay

Kretschmer A.E.Jr; Snyder G.H., 1979:
Production and quality of limpo grass for use in the subtropics

Wei R D.; Liu G X., 1982:
Production and radioactive labeling of pr toxin by penicillium roqueforti

Sattler H G., 1982:
Production and raising of specific pathogen free primary piglets at regional veterinary institute of bad langensalza east germany

Thiollay, J.M., 1978:
Production and rate of mortality in the colonies of quelea quelea aves ploceidae in central africa

Sheath G.W., 1980:
Production and re growth characteristics of lotus pedunculatus cultivar grasslands maku

Miyoshi, N.; Tomita, G., 1978:
Production and reaction of singlet oxygen in aqueous micellar solutions using pyrene as photo sensitizer

Croft, G.F.; Hoggan, M.D.; Johnson, F.B., 1974:
Production and reactivity of immune sera specific for hemadsorbing enteric virus of calf virus poly peptide antigens

Morin A.; Duchiron F.; Monsan P.F., 1987:
Production and recovery of rhamnose containing polysaccharides from acinetobacter calcoaceticus

Lee-Wickner, L.J.; Chassy, B.M., 1984:
Production and Regeneration of Lactobacillus casei Protoplasts

Hocart M.J.; Lucas J.A.; Peberdy J.F., 1987:
Production and regeneration of protoplasts from pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides fron deighton

Larpent Gourgaud M.; Aumaitre M.P., 1987 :
Production and regeneration of protoplasts in draparnaldia mutabilis chaetophorales chlorophyta

Kozhina T.N.; Mironenko N.V.; Chepurnaya O.V., 1983:
Production and regeneration of protoplasts in yeast like fungi

Sten'ko A.S.; Bezkorovainaya N.K., 1983:
Production and regeneration of protoplasts of streptomyces griseus

Sudenko V.I.; Kvasnikov E.I., 1988:
Production and regeneration of protoplasts of yeast rhodosporidium diobovatum and in their certain mutants

Mountfort D.O.; Asher R.A., 1985:
Production and regulation of cellulase by 2 strains of the rumen anaerobic fungus neocallimastix frontalis

Manning K.; Wood D.A., 1983:
Production and regulation of extracellular endo cellulase by agaricus bisporus

Mizobe, F.; Livett, B.G., 1980:
Production and release of acetyl cholin esterase ec primary cell culture of bovine adrenal medullary chromaffin cells

Francko D.A.; Wetzel R.G., 1982:
Production and release of cyclic amp by daphnia pulex implications of grazing activity

Ohashi, H.; Matsunaga, M.; Kuwahara, T.; Pak, C.H.; Kawai, C., 1985:
Production and release of inactive renin by human vascular smooth muscle cells

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Production and release of nitrous oxide from the potomac estuary

Betz S.J.; Henson P.M., 1980:
Production and release of platelet activating factor dissociation from de granulation and super oxide production in the human neutrophil

Duvnjak Z.; Kosaric N., 1985:
Production and release of surfactant by corynebacterium lepus in hydrocarbon and glucose media

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Production and release of toxins A and B by Clostridium difficile

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Production and removal of 5 hydroxy iaa in the spinal region of the rabbit

Miller, S.C., 1982:
Production and renewal of murine natural killer cells in the spleen and bone marrow

Town, C.D.; Smith, K.C.; Kaplan, H.S., 1970:
Production and repair of radiochemical damage escherichia coli dna its modification by culture conditions and relation to survival

Y.M.H., 1987:
Production and reproductive behavior of monoploid sugar beet

Kuparinen J., 1987:
Production and respiration of overall plankton and ultraplankton communities at the entrance ot the gulf of finland in the baltic sea

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Production and response to interleukin 2 by peripheral mononuclear cells of patients infected by mycobacterium tuberculosis

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Production and response to interleukin 2 in vitro and in vivo after bone marrow transplantation in mice

Shimizu S.; Kurisu K., 1987:
Production and reversion of protoplasts from metarhizium anisopliae

Mohammed S.; Sorhaindo C.A., 1984:
Production and rooting of etiolated cuttings of west indian and hybrid avocado persea americana

Wang, X.Z.; Hu, A.Q.; Zhu, S.H.; Hu, X.S., 1985:
Production and screening of monoclonal antibodies against Plasmodium vivax

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Production and secretion of saccharomyces cerevisiae beta glucanases differences between protoplast and periplasmic enzymes

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Production and secretion of sex steroid hormones by the testes, the ovary, and the adrenal glands of embryonic and young chickens (Gallus domesticus)

Lyrene P.M.; Perry J.L., 1982:
Production and selection of blueberry poly ploids in vitro

Ladygin, V.G., 1976:
Production and selection of mutants of uni cellular algae with damaged chains of photosynthetic electron transport

Hanna, R.W.; Leigh, J.R.; Burch, W.M., 1977:
Production and separation of thallium 201 suitable for clinical myo cardial imaging

Chhabra M.L.; Krishnamoorthy H.N., 1983:
Production and shedding pattern of buds and bolls in cotton gossypium hirsutum sown at different times

Payne, G.A.; Yoder, O.C., 1978:
Production and some characteristics of host specific toxins produced by several isolates of helminthosporium maydis race t

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Production and some enzymatic properties of alkaline proteinase of candida lipolytica

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Production and some properties of an immobilized enzyme preparation with peptidase activity

Maruyama Y.; Onodera K., 1979:
Production and some properties of invertase isozymes of fusarium oxysporum

Kutinová, L.; Vonka, V.; Rezácová, D., 1977:
Production and some properties of neutralizing antigens of herpes simplex virus

Ueda S.; Fujio Y.; Lim J.Y., 1982:
Production and some properties of pectic enzymes from aspergillus oryzae a 3

Nakayams S.; Shirakawa T.; Ohnishi T., 1979:
Production and some properties of slimy poly saccharide produced by acetic acid bacteria

Mikawa, K., 1988:
Production and some properties of the protease from psychrotrophic bacterium pseudomonas azotoformans no. 400 studies on the effects of psychrotrophic bacteria on milk quality part viii

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Production and specificity of a monoclonal anti 11 deoxycortisol antibody

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Production and stability of afla toxins penicillic acid and patulin in several substrates

Ivers, J.T.; Potter, N.N., 1977:
Production and stability of hemo lysin phospho lipase c and lethal toxin of bacillus cereus in foods

Ferreira M.D.F.; Galvao Castro B.; Wanke B., 1985:
Production and standardization of antigens of paracoccidioides brasiliensis histoplasma capsulatum and aspergillus fumigatus for use in immunodiagnosis comparison between immunodiffusion and immunoelectroosmopheresis

Bansal R.P.; Joshi R.C., 1981:
Production and standardization of tissue culture rinderpest vaccine in lamb kidney cell cultures

Birch J.B.; Cooley J.L., 1982:
Production and standing crop patterns of giant cut grass zizaniopsis miliacea in a fresh water tidal marsh

Dagg M.J.; Clarke M.E.; Nishiyama T.; Smith S.L., 1984:
Production and standing stock of copepod nauplii food items for larvae of the walleye pollock theragra chalcogramma in the southeastern bering sea

Andreeva E.A.; Blinova O.P.; Rabotnova I.L., 1985:
Production and storage of acid resistant yeast strains

Singh P.; Ashby M.D., 1986:
Production and storage of diapausing codling moth cydia pomonella larvae

Boyette C.D.; Walker H.L., 1985:
Production and storage of inoculum of cercospora kikuchii for field studies

Sufi, N.A.; Mwale, J.M.; Kaputo, M.T., 1976:
Production and storage stability of a carbonated guava beverage

Skarzhyns'ka M.V.; Cherep M.N.; Hleba Y.Y., 1983:
Production and studies of hydrid cell clones of nicotiana tabacum plus solanum tuberosum and nicotiana tabacum plus solanum sucrense

Azhgikhin I.S.; Genokhova N.S.; Gandel' V.G.; Rodina L.G.; Morozova T.I., 1987:
Production and study of antiarrhythmic factor from the tissue of liosaccus cutaneus fish

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Production and study of callus tissue in sweet cherry and strawberry anther cultures

Bhaveja, U.K.; Aurora, A.L.; Agarwal, D.S., 1982:
Production and study of experimental diabetes in mice with alloxan

Golik, V.S.; Alad'in, V.S., 1977:
Production and study of starting material in productivity selection according to leaf blade area

Sommer J.; Jonah C.; Fukuda R.; Bersohn R., 1982:
Production and subsequent second order decomposition of protein di sulfide anions lengthy collisions between proteins

Malajczuk N.; Sanfelieu C.L.; Hossen S., 1983:
Production and survival of phytophthora cinnamomi zoo spores in suppressive and conducive soils

Austin, G.T., 1977:
Production and survival of the verdin

Hughes, R.G., 1978:
Production and survivorship of epizoites of the hydroid nemertesia antennina

Rasky Peterfy K., 1981:
Production and testing of immuno globulin preparations labeled with fluorochrome

Naikhin, A.N.; Taros, L.Y. ; Lisin, V.V.; Chebotkevich, V.N.; Rumel, N.B., 1978:
Production and tests of lyophilized standard preparation for diagnosis of mycoplasma pneumoniae in the indirect hem agglutination test

Carrascosa, A.L.; Santarén, J.F.; Viñuela, E., 1982:
Production and titration of African swine fever virus in porcine alveolar macrophages

Beaven M.J.; Charpentier C.; Rose A.H., 1982:
Production and tolerance of ethanol in relation to phospho lipid fatty acyl composition in saccharomyces cerevisiae ncyc 431

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Production and traffic of bone lymphocytes in the extracortical central area of the guinea pig thymus

Billes, G., 1978:
Production and transformation of carbon 14 labeled root exudates in a grassland soil

De-La-Cruz, A.A.; Post, H.A., 1977:
Production and transport of organic matter in a woodland stream

Otte A.P.; Plomp M.J.E.; Arents J.C.; Janssens P.M.W.; Van Driel R., 1986:
Production and turnover of cyclic amp signals by prestalk and prespore cells in dictyostelium discoideum cell aggregates

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Production and turnover of immuno globulin g 1 and immuno globulin g 2 in the bovine around parturition

Edwards R.T.; Meyer J.L., 1986:
Production and turnover of planktonic bacteria in two southeastern usa blackwater rivers

Hamill S.E.; Qadri S.U.; Mackie G.L., 1979:
Production and turnover ratio of pisidium casertanum pelecypoda sphaeriidae in the ottawa river near ottawa hull canada

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Production and use of a hemagglutinin for detecting antibody to Jamestown Canyon virus

H.J.S.; Rochow W.F.; Dietert R.R., 1985:
Production and use of antibodies from hen eggs for the sgv isolate of barley yellow dwarf virus

Kowalewska J.; Bednarski W.; Mieczkowski M., 1986:
Production and use of beta galactosidase from aspergillus niger

Velez D.; Macmillan J.D.; Miller L., 1988:
Production and use of monoclonal antibodies for identification of bradyrhizobium japonicum strains

Wright, S.F.; Foster, J.G.; Bennett, O.L., 1986:
Production and Use of Monoclonal Antibodies for Identification of Strains of Rhizobium trifolii

Williamson R.E.; Perkin J.L.; Mccurdy D.W.; Craig S.; Hurley U.A., 1986:
Production and use of monoclonal antibodies to study the cytoskeleton and other components of the cortical cytoplasm of chara

Fletcher A.; Harbour C.; R.; Ford D., 1986:
Production and use of monoclonal antibodies with anti h specificity

Bracco U.; Loeliger J.; Viret J L., 1981:
Production and use of natural anti oxidants

Rutowski R.L., 1984:
Production and use of secretions passed by males at copulation in pieris protodice lepidoptera pieridae

Jonsson H.; Petterson H E.; Andersson K.; Johansson S., 1980:
Production and use of starter distillate for flavoring butter

Garnsey S.M.; Muller G.W.; Moll J.N., 1987:
Production and uses of infectious in vitro sources of citrus tristeza virus

Sullivan D.A.; Colby E.B.; Hann L.E.; Allansmith M.R.; Wira C.R., 1986:
Production and utilization of a mouse monoclonal antibody to rat immunoglobulin a identification of gender related differences in the secretory immune system

Collins, G.B., 1977:
Production and utilization of anther derived ha ploids in crop plants

Abdinejad A.; Fisher A.M.; Kumar S., 1981:
Production and utilization of butyryl coenzyme a by fatty acid synthetase from mammalian tissues

Barcelo P.M., 1988:
Production and utilization of earthworms as feeds for broilers in the philippines

Kulkarni, J.H.; Patil, R.B., 1982:
Production and utilization of extracellular slime by Pseudomonas solanacearum and its role on survival at different relative humidities

Tazawa, E.; Hino, A.; Yasumasu, I., 1977:
Production and utilization of glucose 1 phosphate in the eggs of the sea urchin anthocidaris crassispina

Olatunji, O., 1977:
Production and utilization of local dry corn milled products in nigeria

Blunt, C.G.; Fisher, M.J., 1976:
Production and utilization of oats as forage for cattle in the ord river valley western australia

Sokol, P.A., 1986:
Production and utilization of pyochelin by clinical isolates of Pseudomonas cepacia

Ducklow H.W.; Kirchman D.L.; Rowe G.T., 1982:
Production and vertical flux of attached bacteria in the hudson river plume of the new york bight usa as studied with floating sediment traps

Greenhalgh R.; Hanson A.W.; Miller J.D.; Taylor A., 1984:
Production and x ray crystal structure of 3 alpha acetoxy 7 alpha 15 dihydroxy 12 13 epoxy trichothec 9 en 8 one

Hughes, W.G.; Bodden, J.J., 1978:
Production and yield assessment of f 1 hybrid wheats using ethephon induced male sterility

Hard J.J., 1986:
Production and yield of juvenile chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha in two alaskan usa lakes

Qvenild T.; Aasheim M., 1982:
Production and yield of stocked rainbow trout salmo gairdneri in the sundtjerna lakes heidal norway summer 1980

Carline, R.F., 1977:
Production by 3 populations of wild brook trout with emphasis on influence of recruitment rates

Smirnov V.V.; Kiprianova E.A.; Boiko O.I.; Garagulya A.D.; Levanova G.F., 1982:
Production by a serratia sp strain of a water soluble pigment diffusing into a medium

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Production by Aeromonas of common enterobacterial antigen and its possible taxonomic significance

Barnett T.A.; Valenzuela D.; Riner S.; Hageman J.H., 1983:
Production by bacillus subtilis of brown sporulation associated pigments

O'connor, J.F.; Power, G., 1976:
Production by brook trout salvelinus fontinalis in 4 streams in the matamek watershed quebec canada

Bianchi M.L.; Perellino N.C.; Gioia B.; Minghetti A., 1982:
Production by claviceps purpurea of 2 new peptide ergot alkaloids belonging to a new series containing alpha amino butyric acid

Raspopov, I.M.; Ekzercev, V.A.; Koreljakova, I.L., 1977:
Production by fresh water vascular plant macrophyte communities of lakes and reservoirs in the european part of the ussr

Edinger W.D.; Splittstoesser D.F., 1986:
Production by lactic acid bacteria of sorbic alcohol the precursor of the geranium odor compound

Virelizier, J.L.; Allison, A.C.; De-Maeyer, E., 1977:
Production by mixed lymphocyte cultures of a type ii interferon able to protect macrophages against virus infections

Reymond P.; Veau P.; Fevre M., 1986:
Production by protoplast fusion of new strains of penicillium caseicolum for use in the dairy industry

Donnelly, P.K.; Crawford, D.L., 1988:
Production by Streptomyces viridosporus T7A of an Enzyme Which Cleaves Aromatic Acids from Lignocellulose

Ramia, S.; Kuhn, H.M.; Mayer, H.; Neter, E., 1983:
Production by various Pseudomonas species of a factor modifying the enterobacterial common antigen

Kenney P.A., 1981:
Production by wethers fed oats wheat and lupines with dry annual pasture in northeastern victoria australia

Vahala Z., 1979:
Production capacity of native and foreign phleum pratense varieties

Bowling, R.A.; Riggs, J.K.; Smith, G.C.; Carpenter, Z.L.; Reddish, R.L.; Butler, O.D., 1978:
Production carcass and palatability characteristics of steers produced by different management systems

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Production characteristics and applications of the alpha l fucosidases of 2 species of mollusks venus gallina and tapes rhomboideus

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Production characteristics of dutch landrace and dutch yorkshire pigs as related to their susceptibility for the halothane induced malignant hyper thermia syndrome

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Production characteristics of high yielding dairy cows

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Production characteristics of jersey sindhi grades in sri lanka

Moiseev E.V.; Kopylov A.I., 1984:
Production characteristics of zooflagellates in the southeastern pacific ocean

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Production, characterization, and antibody specificity of a mouse monoclonal antibody reactive with Cryptococcus neoformans capsular polysaccharide

Mendez, A.; Muschiolik, G.; Schmandke, H., 1982:
Production characterization and application of protein isolates from shark 4. application of protein isolates in different food systems

Mendez, A.; Schiltz, M.; Muschiolik, G.; Schmandke, H., 1982:
Production characterization and application of protein isolates from shark carcharhinus falciformis 2. influence of extraction conditions on the nitrogen yield and functional properties of protein isolates

Mendez, A.; Schultz, M.; Muschiolik, G.; Proll, J.; Schmandke, H., 1982:
Production characterization and application of protein isolates from shark carcharhinus falciformis 3. characterization of protein isolates

Triplett, E.W.; Lending, C.R.; Gumpf, D.J.; Ware, C.F., 1986:
Production, characterization, and applications of monoclonal antibodies reactive with soybean nodule xanthine dehydrogenase

Kaneko, T.; Urade, Y.; Watanabe, Y.; Mizuno, N., 1987:
Production, characterization, and immunohistochemical application of monoclonal antibodies to glutaminase purified from rat brain

Paice, M.G.; Jurasek, L.; Carpenter, M.R.; Smillie, L.B., 1978:
Production characterization and partial amino acid sequence of xylanase a ec from schizophyllum commune

Tanaka, M.; Hirayama, N.; Tamura, Y., 1987:
Production, characterization, and protective effect of monoclonal antibodies to Clostridium chauvoei flagella

Kadival, G.V.; Chaparas, S.D., 1987:
Production, characterization, and species specificity of five monoclonal antibodies to Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Kovacev L.; Mezei S.; Cacic N., 1987:
Production characters and combining ability of autotetraploid multigerm populations of sugar beet

Gligorevic B., 1984:
Production characters of some cabbage varieties and hybrids

Trail, J.C.; Gregory, K.E., 1982:
Production characters of the Sahiwal and Ayrshire breeds and their crosses in Kenya

Escudero Berian A.; Puerto Martin A.; Garcia Criado B.; Garcia Criado L., 1980:
Production chemical composition and nutritional value of typical grassland communities of the province of salamanca spain

Valentine S.C.; Wickes R.B., 1979:
Production composition and manufacturing properties of milk from dairy cows fed hay and silages made from either wilted herbage or formaldehyde treated herbage

Bartsch, B.D.; Ellis, N.J.S.; Mclean, D.M.; Radcliffe, J.C., 1976:
Production composition and manufacturing properties of milk from grazing dairy cows fed on a formaldehyde treated sunflower seed supplement

Staby G.L.; Kofranek A.M., 1979:
Production conditions as they affect harvest and post harvest characteristics of poinsettias

Zelinka, M., 1977:
Production conditions of the polluted trout brook

Penczak T.; Suszycka E.; Molinski M., 1982:
Production consumption and energy transformation by fish populations in a small lowland river

Young C.W.; Hillers J.K.; Freeman A.E., 1986:
Production consumption and pricing of milk and its components

Sulkunen, P., 1976 :
Production consumption and recent changes of consumption of alcoholic beverages part 2 changes in the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the 1960s

Franco Cid A.; Avendano Montero J.C.; Solano Vergara J.; Herrera Gallegos R., 1986:
Production curves of 3 tropical leguminous forage plants

Herrera-De-Fournier, M.E.; Fournier, O.L.A., 1977:
Production decomposition and invertebrates of litter in the various stages of succession in ciudad colon costa rica

Kapur S.K.; Sarin Y.K.; Shahi A.K., 1985:
Production decomposition and nutrient dynamics of tree species of trikuta forests india

Bulla L.; Miranda R.; Pacheco J., 1980:
Production decomposition flux of organic matter and diversity in banco savanna of the modulo experimental of mantecal apure state venezuela

Seeman E.; Kumar R.; Hunder G.G.; Scott M.; Heath H.IIi; Riggs B.L., 1980:
Production degradation and circulating levels of 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d in health and chronic gluco corticoid excess

Chudoba J.; Tucek F., 1985:
Production degradation and composition of activated sludge in aeration systems without primary sedimentation

Knapp A.K.; Hulbert L.C., 1986:
Production density and height of flower stalks of three grasses in annually burned and unburned eastern kansas usa tallgrass prairie a four year record

Hori, Y.; Yokoi, T.; Yokoi, Y., 1987:
Production dependence of vegetative propagation in disporum smilacinum a. gray

Titlyanova A.A.; Nurmedov S.S., 1982:
Production destruction processes and the balance of plant substance in the desert ecosystem of the western turkmen ssr ussr

Puchkov, A.N.; Malitskii, S.V.; Yakobi, S.P., 1985:
Production destruction processes in the white sea nil'ma guba bay area

Moss, R.; Miller, G.R., 1976:
Production dieback and grazing of heather calluna vulgaris in relation to numbers of red grouse lagopus lagopus scoticus and mountain hares lepus timidus in northeast scotland

Fribourg, H.A.; Loveland, R.W., 1978:
Production digestibility and perloline content of fescue stockpiled and harvested at different seasons

Klinkhamer P.G.L.; T.J.; Van Der Meijden E., 1988:
Production dispersal and predation of seeds in the biennial cirsium vulgare

Rouwenhorst, R.J.; Visser, L.E.; Van Der Baan, A.A.; Scheffers, W.A.; Van Dijken, J.P., 1988:
Production, Distribution, and Kinetic Properties of Inulinase in Continuous Cultures of Kluyveromyces marxianus CBS 6556

Ziliotto U.; Bullitta P.; Cavallero A.; Cereti C.F.; Grignani C.; Miglietta F.; Santilocchi R.; Talamucci P., 1987:
Production distribution of different earliness sown pastures and meadow pastures in 6 italian environments

Clavier J., 1984:
Production due to regeneration by euclymene oerstedi polychaeta maldanidae in the maritime basin of the rance northern brittany france

Davis G.H.; Johnstone P.D.; Stevenson J.R., 1983:
Production during 5 years from merino ewes reared on different levels of nutrition between 7 and 19 months of age

Macdonald B.A.; Thompson R.J., 1986:
Production dynamics and energy partitioning in two populations of the giant scallop placopecten magellanicus

Smith K.K.; Good R.E.; Good N.F., 1979:
Production dynamics for above and below ground components of a new jersey usa spartina alterniflora tidal marsh

Meredith W.H.; Lotrich V.A., 1979:
Production dynamics of a tidal creek population of fundulus heteroclitus

Puscaru, D.; Ciuca, M.; Spirescu, I.; Petrovany, V.; Fisteag, G.; Alexan, M., 1975:
Production dynamics of natural fodder of festuceto rubrae agrostetum tenuis nardetosum in the rosu mountains ciucas romania fertilized with combined mineral fertilizers

Eilers H.P., 1979:
Production ecology in an oregon usa coastal salt marsh

Dykyjova D., 1986:
Production ecology of bolboschoenus maritimus scirpus maritimus

Menzie C.A., 1981:
Production ecology of cricotopus sylvestris diptera chironomidae in a shallow estuarine cove

Tominaga, O.; Koike, M.; Tamura, M.; Miyake, H.; Mihara, Y., 1988:
Production ecology of demersal fishes in ishikari bay hokkaido japan i. community structure and grouping of distributional pattern of demersal fishes in spring

Dykyjova, D.; Hradecka, D., 1976:
Production ecology of phragmites communis part 1 relation of 2 ecotypes to the micro climate and nutrient conditions of habitat

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Production effectiveness of rough feed and principal production and economic results in cattle fattening

Hope-Cawdery, M.J.; Strickland, K.L.; Conway, A.; Crowe, P.J., 1977:
Production effects of liver fluke in cattle part 1 the effects of infection on live weight gain feed intake and food conversion efficiency in beef cattle

Ray P.K.; Mishra S.; Mishra S.S., 1984:
Production efficiency and maturity of some promising sweet potato hybrids

Bailey D.L.; Fowler J.E.F.; Lowe R.E., 1979:
Production efficiency and rate of increase of a mass reared laboratory colony of anopheles albimanus

Giri G.; Saran G., 1986:
Production efficiency of mustard based cropping sequences as influenced by the preceding season cultural practices in drylands

Tremblay M.J.; Roff J.C., 1983:
Production estimates for scotian shelf canada copepods based on mass specific production to biomass ratios

Kosobokova K.N., 1986:
Production estimation of abundant herbivorous copepods from the central arctic basin

Tamai K., 1984:
Production estimation of spionid polychaete paraprionospio sp type b in suo nada japan

Shumkov M.A.; Motenkov Y.M.; Starchikov A.V.; Shilenko Y.V., 1981:
Production evaluation of the use of grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella fry for control of mosquitoes in rice growing areas

Nikol's'ka, O.O.; Vakulenko, V.O.; Dehtyar, R.H.; Byelous, H.K., 1976:
Production experiment for obtaining catalase of penicillium vitale

Sanchez Font L.; Castillo F.J., 1980 :
Production extraction and partial characterization of beta d galactosidase from kluyveromyces fragilis grown in milk whey

Das, B., 1986:
Production feedback and standards as determinants of worker productivity, satisfaction and job attitudes

Young, E.F.Jr ; Kirk, I.W.; Feaster, C.V., 1978:
Production fiber quality and ginning performance of low and high pubescent pima cotton

Coulson, R.N.; Mayyasi, A.M.; Foltz, J.L.; Pulley, P.E., 1976:
Production flow system evaluation of within tree populations of dendroctonus frontalis coleoptera scolytidae

Rago P.J., 1984:
Production foregone an alternative method for assessing the consequences of fish entrainment and impingement losses at power plants and other water intakes

Betteridge K.; Baker C.J., 1983:
Production from a drought prone northland new zealand pasture direct drilled with 3 grass cultivars

Blunt, C.G., 1978:
Production from steers grazing nitrogen fertilized irrigated pangola grass in the ord valley

Lim, T.M., 1977:
Production germination and dispersal of basidio spores of ganoderma pseudoferreum on hevea

L.P.nnec M.; Coatanea D., 1985:
Production in a hatchery of the rock oyster saccostrea cucullata echinata studies on the morphogenesis of the hinge

Souza J.R.D.; Andrade D.R.D., 1984:
Production in captivity of oligosarcus argenteus pisces characidae

Zhuravleva, N.P.; Zhukova, R.A.; Rautenshtein-Ya, I.; Moskalenko, L.N.; Bol'shakova, E.N., 1975:
Production in culture of actinomyces levoris variants obtained under effect of specific actino phage and retaining their resistance to it

Ponzoni R.W.; Azzarini M.; Walker S.K., 1979:
Production in mature corriedale ewes first mated at 7 to 11 or 18 months of age

Smyth K.E.; Boag D.A., 1984:
Production in spruce grouse dendragapus canadensis franklinii and its relationship to environmental factors and population parameters

Belaya T.I.; Kol'tsova T.I.; Maksimov V.N.; Margolina S.M.; Sokolova S.A.; Sokolovskii A.V.; Fedorov V.D., 1981:
Production in the coastal and open parts of kandalaksha gulf ussr substantiation of the choice of horizons for study the dynamics of biogenic elements

Mazars C.; Auriol P., 1983:
Production in vitro and in vivo of rhynchosporosides by rhynchosporium secalis

Bjork I.; Fish W.W., 1982:
Production in vitro and properties of a modified form of bovine anti thrombin cleaved at the active site by thrombin

Ohnuma N.; Norman A.W., 1982:
Production in vitro of 1 alpha 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 26 23 lactone from 1 alpha 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 by rat small intestinal mucosa homogenates

Liu H.M.; Balkovic E.S.; Sheff M.F.; Zacks S.I., 1979:
Production in vitro of a neurotropic substance from proliferative neurolemma like cells

Cavanagh, A.C., 1984:
Production in vitro of mouse early pregnancy factor and purification to homogeneity

Scheffer R.J.; Liem J.I.; Elgersma D.M., 1987:
Production in vitro of phytotoxic compounds by non aggressive and aggressive isolates of ophiostoma ulmi the dutch elm disease pathogen

Negueroles J.; Jones O.P., 1979:
Production in vitro of rootstock scion combinations of prunus cultivars

Tempelis, C.H.; Schauenstein, K.; Wick, G., 1987:
Production in vitro of thyroglobulin autoantibody by obese strain (OS) chickens

Stewart P.S.; Robertson C.R., 1988:
Production inhibition of immobilized escherichia coli arising from mass transfer limitation

Fukumi, H.; Maruyama, F.; Yoshida, K.; Arai, M., 1978:
Production, isolation and chemical characterization of mimosamycin

Shimojima Y.; Hayashi H.; Ooka T.; Shibukawa M., 1982:
Production isolation and pharmacological studies of ai 77s

Kunze, B.; Kohl, W.; Höfle, G.; Reichenbach, H., 1985:
Production, isolation, physico-chemical and biological properties of angiolam A, a new antibiotic from Angiococcus disciformis (Myxobacterales)

Bonnefoix T.; Piccinni M.P.; Sotto J.J., 1988:
Production kinetics of t lymphocyte activities regulating human granulopoiesis in vitro

Koval'chuk, T.V., 1976:
Production level of the amphipods pontogammarus maeoticus and pontogammarus crassus in the reservoirs of the dnieper ussr

Lurch C.H., 1985:
Production marketing and use of animal fats

Munakata, M.; Homma, Y.; Matsuzaki, M.; Ogasawara, H.; Tanimura, K.; Kusaka, H.; Kawakami, Y., 1986:
Production mechanism of crackles in excised normal canine lungs

Saeed M.; Hamid N.; Bhatty M.K.; Madan V., 1986:
Production mechanism of manganese sulfate from indigenous ore

Makkee M.; Kieboom A.P.G.; Van Bekkum H., 1985:
Production methods of d mannitol

Freon P., 1984:
Production models as applied to substocks depending on upwelling fluctuations senegalese sardine fisheries

Getz W.M., 1984:
Production models for nonlinear stochastic age structured fisheries

Yen, Y.; Liu, D., 1987:
Production morphology and cytogenetics of intergeneric hybrids of elymus spp with triticum aestivum l. and their backcross derivatives

Fedak G., 1980:
Production morphology and meiosis of reciprocal barley hordeum vulgare cultivar betzes wheat triticum aestivum cultivar chinese spring hybrids

Erdman, J.W.Jr ; O'connor, M.P.; Weingartner, K.E.; Solomon, L.W.; Nelson, A.I., 1977:
Production nutritional value and baking quality of soy egg flours

Fetchick D.A.; Bertolini D.R.; Sarin P.S.; Weintraub S.T.; Mundy G.R.; Dunn J.F., 1986:
Production of 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 by human t cell lymphotropic virus type i transformed lymphocytes

Stenroos S L.; Linko Y Y.; Linko P., 1982 :
Production of 1 lactic acid with immobilized lactobacillus delbrueckii

Higashihara T.; Sato A., 1985:
Production of 1 phenazinecarboxylic acid from ethanol by a hydrocarbon assimilating bacterium pseudomonas aeruginosa

Sawada H.; Kinoshita S.; Yoshida T.; Taguchi H., 1981:
Production of 12 keto cheno deoxy cholic acid by 2 stage continuous fermentation with ph control at different levels

Povarov, L.S.; Bazhanov, V.S.; Vasekina, V.F., 1977:
Production of 14 oxy carminomicin and study of its anti tumor activity

Oki, T.; Shibamoto, N.; Matsuzawa, Y.; Ogasawara, T.; Yoshimoto, A.; Kitamura, O.; Inui, T.; Naganawa, H.; Takeuchi, T.; Et-Al, 1977:
Production of 19 anthra cyclic compounds by streptomyces galilaeus ma 144 m 1

Clem, L.W.; Leslie, G.A., 1971:
Production of 19s immuno globulin m antibodies with restricted heterogeneity from sharks

Y.E.K.C.; Levitin N.; Saddler J.N., 1982:
Production of 2 3 butanediol by klebsiella pneumoniae grown on acid hydrolyzed wood hemi cellulose

Y.E.K.C.; Deschatelets L.; Levitin N.; Saddler J.N., 1984:
Production of 2 3 butanediol from hydrogen fluoride hydrolyzed aspen wood

Mazie, J.C.; Bussard, A.E., 1977:
Production of 2 antibodies by single cells in the rabbit immunized with mixture of 2 antigens part 1 double plaque forming cells after simultaneous injection of peroxidase and rnase

Pugin A., 1980:
Production of 2 glyco peptides by phialophora cinerescens cultured in vitro

Nicolaus B.; D.S.mone A.; Del Piano L.; Giardina P.; Lama L., 1986:
Production of 2 keto 3 deoxygluconate by immobilized cells of sulfolobus solfataricus

Sonoyama T.; Tani H.; Matsuda K.; Kageyama B.; Tanimoto M.; Kobayashi K.; Yagi S.; Kyotani H.; Mitsushima K., 1982:
Production of 2 keto l gulonic acid from d glucose by 2 stage fermentation

Harita S.; Shimokawa Y.; Hayashi H., 1983:
Production of 2 lymphocyte chemo tactic factors by antigen stimulated guinea pig lymphocytes

Von Tigerstrom R.G., 1984:
Production of 2 phosphatases by lysobacter enzymogenes and purification and characterization of the extracellular enzyme

Anon, 1975:
Production of 2 photo toxic substances during the process of the infectious disease of celeries infected by sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Bogoch S.; Bogoch E.S., 1979:
Production of 2 recognins related to malignin recognin m from mammary mcf 7 carcinoma cells and recognin l from lymphoma p 3 g cells

Read, J.W.; Lovett, J.V., 1980:
Production of 2 species and 2 interspecific hybrids of phalaris under irrigation in southwest new south wales australia

IIda M.; Tsuyuki K I.; Kitazawa S.; IIzuka H., 1987:
Production of 20 carboxypregna 1 4 dien 3 one from sterols by mutants of rhodococcus sp

Dujardin M.; Hanna W.W., 1988:
Production of 27 28 and 56 chromosome apomictic hybrid derivatives between pearl millet 2n equals 14 and pennisetum squamulatum 2n equals 54

Myers J.R.; Gritton E.T.; Struckmeyer B.E., 1984:
Production of 2n pollen and further characterization of the calyx carpellaris cc trait in the pea pisum sativum

Parrott W.A.; Smith R.R., 1984:
Production of 2n pollen in red clover trifolium pratense

Collinson S.K.; Doran J.L.; Page W.J., 1987:
Production of 3 4 dihydroxybenzoic acid by azomonas macrocytogenes and azotobacter paspali

Claridge C.A.; Schmitz H., 1979:
Production of 3 acetoxy scirpen 4 15 diol from anguidine 4 15 di acetoxy scirpen 3 ol by fusarium oxysporum f sp vasinfectum

Vasavada A.B.; Hsieh D.P.H., 1987:
Production of 3 acetyldeoxynivalenol by fusarium graminearum r 2118 in submerged cultures

Komori, T.; Kunugita, K.; Nakahara, K.; Aoki, H.; Imanaka, H., 1978:
Production of 3 amino nocardicinic acid from nocardicin c by microbial enzymes

Garcia Tabares F.; Herraiz Tomico T.; Amat Guerri F.; Garcia Bilbao J.L.G., 1987:
Production of 3 iaa and 3 indolelactic acid in azotobacter vinelandii cultures supplemented with tryptophan

Garcia Bilbao J.L.; Curiel M.G.; Celaa Castro M.V.; Amat Guerri F., 1987:
Production of 3 iaa in azotobacter vinelandii cultures supplemented with tryptophan tryptamine and other indoles

Schroeder, H.W.; Stipanovic, R.D., 1975:
Production of 3 methyl 6 methoxy 8 hydroxy 3 4 di hydro iso coumarin by aspergillus caespitosus

Birkedal Hansen H.; Taylor R.E., 1983 :
Production of 3 plasminogen activators and an inhibitor in keratinocyte cultures

Vukovic, J.; Goodbody, A.E.; Kutney, J.P.; Misawa, M., 1988:
Production of 3' 4' anhydrovinblastine a unique chemical synthesis

Syldatk C.; Lang S.; Matulovic U.; Wagner F.W., 1985:
Production of 4 interfacial active rhamnolipids from n alkanes or glycerol by resting cells of pseudomonas sp dsm 2874

Sasaki K.; Ikeda S.; Nishizawa Y.; Hayashi M., 1987:
Production of 5 aminolevulinic acid by photosynthetic bacteria

Boedeker B.G.D.; Lehmann J.; Van Damme J.; Kappmeyer H.; Gassel W D.; Havemann K.; Schwulera U.; Ruehl F.; Muehlradt P.F., 1984:
Production of 5 human lymphokines granulocyte macrophage colony stimulation factor interferon gamma interleukin 2 macrophage cyto toxicity factor and macrophage migration inhibitory factor from concanavalin a stimulated lymphocyte cultures in bio reactors

Small, R.; Macarak, E.; Fisher, A.B., 1977:
Production of 5 hydroxy iaa from serotonin by cultured endothelial cells

Rondeau E.; Sraer J.; Bens M.; Doleris L.M.; Lacave R.; Sraer J.D., 1987:
Production of 5 lipoxygenase pathway metabolites by peripheral leukocytes in capillary leak syndrome clarkson disease

Kluge M.; Klein J.; Wagner F., 1982:
Production of 6 amino penicillanic acid by immobilized pleurotus ostreatus

Henny B.K., 1979:
Production of 6 foliage crops in spent mushroom compost potting mixes

Hensby C.N.; Barnes P.J.; Dollery C.T.; Dargie H., 1979:
Production of 6 oxo prostaglandin f 1 alpha by human lung in vivo

Wang Z.; Yeu H.; Wang M.; Jiao Q.; Han W.; Sun W.; Zhang Q., 1981:
Production of 7 aminodeacetoxy cephalosporanic acid by immobilized escherichia coli cells

Swain S.L.; Dutton R.W., 1982:
Production of a b cell growth promoting activity from a cloned t cell line and its assay on the bcl 1 b cell tumor

Abrehem, K.; Zamiri, I., 1983:
Production of a bacteriocin, ulceracin 378, by Corynebacterium ulcerans

Vidal J P.; Richard H., 1987:
Production of a black pepper oleoresin by dense carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide ethanol extraction

Szaniszlo, P.J.; Wirsen, C.J. ; Mitchell, R., 1968:
Production of a capsular poly saccharide by a marine filamentous fungus leptosphaeria albopunctata inst centrifugation

Richardson, W.P.; Sadoff, J.C., 1977:
Production of a capsule by neisseria gonorrhoeae

Kintaka K.; Harada S.; Ono H.; Okazaki H., 1985:
Production of a carbapenem antibiotic by a spiral bacterium azospirillum sp

Buys, S.B., 1978:
Production of a chicken meat infusion broth suitable for the mass production of a Haemophilus gallinarum bacterin

Toki S.; Kameya T., 1987:
Production of a chlorophyll deficient streptomycin resistant mutant of nicotiana tabacum for somatic hybridization studies

Gospodarowicz, D.; Thakral, K.K., 1978:
Production of a corpus luteum angiogenic factor responsible for proliferation of capillaries and neo vascularization of the corpus luteum

Moore, E.G.; Cardemil, E.; Massey, V., 1978:
Production of a covalent flavine linkage in lipamide dehydrogenase reaction with 8 chloro fad

Henney, A.M.; Decker, R.S., 1987:
Production of a factor by cultured human heart valves that is immunologically related to interleukin 1

Efremenkova O.V.; Anisova L.N.; Kamzolkina O.V.; Dmitrieva S.V.; Gorin S.E.; Bartoshevich Y.E., 1987:
Production of a factor regulators by micromonospora species

Van Tassel, R.L.; MacDonald, D.K.; Wilkins, T.D., 1982:
Production of a fecal mutagen by Bacteroides spp

Jones, F.V.; Pearson, W.D.; Fitzpatrick, L.C., 1977:
Production of a fish taxocene in a texas usa pond

Bhattacharjee H.R.; Menger E.L.; Hammond G.S., 1980:
Production of a fluorescent conjugate acid of 8 methoxy psoralen and an unusual mechanism for its nonradiative decay

Rossi, M.; Germondari, I., 1982:
Production of a food grade protein meal from defatted sunflower 1. effects of an industrial extraction process on quality of protein

Latrasse A.; Dameron P.; Hassani M.; Staron T., 1987:
Production of a fruity aroma by geotrichum candidum staron

Struhl, K.; Davis, R.W., 1977:
Production of a functional eukaryotic enzyme in escherichia coli cloning and expression of the yeast structural gene for imidazole glycerol phosphate dehydratase ec his 3

Trivedi, N.; Sinha, A.K., 1978:
Production of a fungi toxic substance in rice in response to drechslera infection

Jacobsohn M.K.; Jacobsohn G.M., 1985:
Production of a fungistat and the role of fungi during germination of digitalis purpurea cultivar gloxiniaflora seeds

Fukuda H.; Kawaoka Y.; Fujii T.; Ogawa T., 1987:
Production of a gaseous saturated hydrocarbon mixture by rhizopus japonicus under aerobic conditions

Charmillot, P.J.; Rosset, S., 1977:
Production of a gray mutant of codling moth laspeyresia pomonella

Stinnett, J.D., 1977:
Production of a hapten specific macrophage arming factor

Maxwell M.H., 1981:
Production of a heinz body anemia in the domestic fowl after ingestion of di methyl di sulfide a hematological and ultrastructural study

Cakala, A.; Samorek-Dziekanowska, E., 1976:
Production of a high concentration of turkey herpesvirus b employed as a vaccine against mareks disease

Ganovski D.; Mermetski K., 1980:
Production of a high titer agglutinative hyper immune serum against bordetella bronchiseptica

Roda A.; Bolelli G.G., 1980:
Production of a high titer antibody to bile acids

Alexieva P.; Dzherova A.; Nikolova D.; Sheremetska P., 1980:
Production of a highly active mutant producer of acid protease by treatment with gamma rays

Feinberg A.; Zedeck M.S., 1980:
Production of a highly reactive alkylating agent from the organospecific carcinogen methyl azoxy methanol by alcohol dehydrogenase

Sedgwick J.D.; Holt P.G.; Turner K.J., 1981:
Production of a histamine releasing lymphokine by antigen stimulated or mitogen stimulated human peripheral t cells

Hsu, S.T.; Goodman, R.N., 1978:
Production of a host specific wilt inducing toxin in apple cell suspension culture inoculated with erwinia amylovora

Iwai S.; Kishi C.; Nakata K.; Kubo S., 1985:
Production of a hybrid of nicotiana repanda x nicotiana tabacum by ovule culture

Sovetova, G.P.; Spynu, K.I.; Amchenkova, A.M., 1976:
Production of a j 96 cell culture chronically infected with herpes simplex virus and a study of some of its properties

James, D.W.; Ghosh, M.; Etzler, M.E., 1985:
Production of a Lectin in Tissue Cultures of Dolichos biflorus

Nicolas J.F.; Dardenne M.; Faure M.; Gaucherand M.; Gagneraut M.C.; Thivolet J.; Bach J.F., 1985:
Production of a lymphocyte differentiating factor by cultured human epidermal cells

Goto F.; Nakamura S.; Goto K.; Yoshinaga M., 1984:
Production of a lymphocyte proliferation potentiating factor by purified polymorphonuclear leukocytes from mice and rabbits

Voronina N.M.; Menshutkin V.V.; Tseitlin V.B., 1980:
Production of a major antarctic copepod calanoides acutus

Clark, A.J.; Maas, W.K.; Low, B., 1969:
Production of a mero diploid strain from a double male strain of escherichia coli k 12

Gervaise M.; Neveux Y., 1987:
Production of a model of culture grown skin for grafting on large burn

Gaur P.K.; Anthony R.L.; Cody T.S.; Calton G.J.; Burnett J.W., 1981:
Production of a mono clonal antibody against the sea nettle chrysaora quinquecirrha venom mouse lethal factor

Scott M.O.; Kemelman D.; Norris D.; Ricciardi R.P., 1984:
Production of a mono specific anti serum against the early region 1a proteins of adenovirus 12 and adenovirus 5 by an adenovirus 12 early region 1a beta galactosidase fusion protein antigen expressed in bacteria

Etherington D.J.; Mason R.W.; Taylor M.A.J.; Wardale R.J., 1984:
Production of a mono specific anti serum to cathepsin l histochemical location of the enzyme in rabbit fibroblasts/

Nobis, P.; Zibirre, R.; Meyer, G.; Kühne, J.; Warnecke, G.; Koch, G., 1985:
Production of a monoclonal antibody against an epitope on HeLa cells that is the functional poliovirus binding site

Prat, M.; Corbascio, G.C.; Rossino, P.; Tusco, F.; Comoglio, P.M.; Marchisio, P.C., 1986:
Production of a monoclonal antibody reacting with vimentin, a structural protein of intermediate filaments

Takahashi, N.; Koizumi, Y.; Kawaguchi, T.; Takahashi, K.; Suzuki, T.; Funyu, T., 1987:
Production of a monoclonal antibody selective to human transitional cell carcinoma

Kurata A.; Katamine S.; Fukuda T.; Mine M.; Ikari N.; Kanazawa H.; Matsunaga M.; Eguchi K.; Nagataki S., 1985:
Production of a monoclonal antibody to a membrane antigen of human t cell leukemia virus infected cell lines from a systemic lupus erythematosus patient serological analyses for human t cell leukemia virus 1 infections of systemic lupus erythematosus patients

Jilbert A.R.; Hertzog P.J.; Burrell C.J.; Gowans E.J.; Linnane A.W.; Marmion B.P., 1986:
Production of a monoclonal antibody to human interferon alpha and its use to identify interferon alpha producing cells in virus infection in vivo

Gendloff E.H.; Pestka J.J.; Dixon D.E.; Hart L.P., 1987:
Production of a monoclonal antibody to t 2 toxin with strong cross reactivity to t 2 metabolites

Matsumoto, Y.; Amagai, T.; Yamada, M.; Imanishi, J.; Yoshida, Y., 1987:
Production of a monoclonal antibody with specificity for the pellicle of Pneumocystis carinii by hybridoma

Bukurestiliev, A.; Angelova, Z.; Lissitschkov, T., 1976:
Production of a more potent factor viii preparation

Rawat, M.S.; Chopra, R.N., 1976:
Production of a morpho regulatory substance by the secondary protonema of bryum klinggraeffii

Hartman, C.P.; Andrews, A.W.; Chung, K.T., 1979:
Production of a mutagen from ponceau 3R by a human intestinal anaerobe

Tresner, H.D.; Hayes, J.A.; Borders, D.B., 1971:
Production of a naphtho quinone pigment by a species of streptoverticillium and its accumulation by a streptomycete

Lenz, H.; Eichler, J.; Schaefer, G.; Salk, J.; Bettges, G., 1977:
Production of a naso antral window with an argon ion laser

Snella, M.C., 1986:
Production of a neutrophil chemotactic factor by endotoxin stimulated alveolar macrophages in vitro

Soumoff C.; Horn D.H.S.; O'connor J.D., 1981 :
Production of a new anti serum to arthropod molting hormone and comparison with 2 other anti sera

Mamedov, K., 1976:
Production of a new form of fine fibered cotton with improved fiber quality under the action of a chemical mutagen

Tsushida T.; Murai T.; Omori M.; Okamoto J., 1987:
Production of a new type tea containing a high level of gamma aminobutyric acid

Tomasi, T.B.Jr, 1973:
Production of a noncovalently bonded pentamer of immuno globin m relationship to j chain

Rapoport, B.; Pillarisetty, R.J.; Herman, E.A.; Clark, O.H.; Congco, E.G., 1978:
Production of a non-immunoglobulin thyroid stimulator by human lymphocytes during mixed culture with human thyroid cells

Clark, A.M.; Hufford, C.D.; Puri, R.K.; McChesney, J.D., 1984:
Production of a novel dimeric metabolite of primaquine by Streptomyces rimosus

Shayk, M.; Kolattukudy, P.E., 1977:
Production of a Novel Extracellular Cutinase by the Pollen and the Chemical Composition and Ultrastructure of the Stigma Cuticle of Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus)

Palleroni, N.J.; Reichelt, K.E.; Mueller, D.; Epps, R.; Tabenkin, B.; Bull, D.N.; Schuep, W.; Berger, J., 1978:
Production of a novel red pigment rubrolone by streptomyces echinoruber new species part 1 taxonomy fermentation and partial purification

Schuep, W.; Blount, J.F.; Williams, T.H.; Stempel, A., 1978:
Production of a novel red pigment rubrolone by streptomyces echinoruber part 2 chemistry and structure elucidation

Schneider J.S.; Yuwiler A.; Markham C.H., 1986:
Production of a parkinson like syndrome in the cat with n methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine behavior histology and biochemistry

Gauthier, M.J.; Bernard, P.; Aubert, M., 1978:
Production of a photo sensitive lipid antibiotic by the marine diatom chaetoceros lauderi

Arinze A.E.; Smith I.M., 1979:
Production of a poly galacturonase complex by botryodiplodia theobromae and its involvement in the rot of sweet potato

Shigenobu, T.; Sakamoto, S., 1977:
Production of a poly ha ploid plant of aegilops crassa 6x pollinated by hordeum bulbosum

Gottlieb P.; Strassman J.; Bamford D.H.; Mindich L., 1988:
Production of a polyhedral particle in escherichia coli from a complementary dna copy of the large genomic segment of bacteriophage phi 6

Denoya C.D.; Trevisan A.R.; Pesce A.; Criscuolo M.; Zorzopulos J.; Diaz A., 1985:
Production of a polypeptide with antiviral activity by fusion of the interferon alpha 2 gene to the lacz gene in the m 13mp 8 bacteriophage

Jamin, D.; Shulman, I.; Lam, H.T.; Aguilar, S.; Shields, M.; Cohen, J.; Gill, P.; Levine, A., 1988:
Production of a positive direct antiglobulin test due to suramin

Rubin, H.E.; Love, S.H., 1976:
Production of a precursor to the pyrimidine moiety of thiamine

Helm, R.M.; Squillace, D.L.; Yunginger, J.W., 1988:
Production of a proposed international reference standard Alternaria extract. II. Results of a collaborative trial

Mignone C.F.; Balatti A.P.; Mazza L.A., 1982:
Production of a protein product by fermentation biologic evaluation and alimentary studies with fowls

Wasik, R.J., 1977:
Production of a protein rich fraction from de hulled buckwheat by conventional roller milling

Porter J.R., 1986:
Production of a putative phytosiderophore by soybeans glycine max cultivar amsoy 71 in response to iron deficiency stress

Zamaraeva, T.V.; Insarova, I.D.; Mazurov, V.I., 1978:
Production of a radioactive collagen substrate from chicken embryo tendons for the determination of a collagenase activity of animal origin

Koch, F.; Kashan, A.; Thiele, H.G., 1988:
Production of a rat T cell hybridoma that stably expresses the T cell differentiation marker RT6.2

Takao S.; Sasaki H.; Kurosawa K.; Tanida M.; Kamagata Y., 1986:
Production of a raw starch saccharifying enzyme by corticium rolfsii

Kiyohara H., 1979:
Production of a red benz a anthracene from kerosine by pseudomonas sp s 7k 5

Murgita, R.A.; Mattioli, C.A.; Tomasi, T.B.J., 1973:
Production of a runting syndrome and selective immuno globulin a deficiency in mice by the administration of anti heavy chain anti sera

Rozinova, E.N.; Irlin, I.S., 1977:
Production of a self maintaining cell line of erythro blastosis of mice of the akr strain

Cole, S.T.; Guest, J.R., 1979:
Production of a soluble form of fumarate reductase ec by multiple gene duplication in escherichia coli k 12

Hamazaki T.S.; Iuchi I.; Yamagami K., 1987 :
Production of a spawning female specific substance in hepatic cells and its accumulation in the ascites of the estrogen treated adult fish oryzias latipes

Petkov M., 1980:
Production of a specific agglutinative serum k 99

Scribner, H.E.; Tang, T.; Bradley, S.G., 1973:
Production of a sporulation pigment by Streptomyces venezuelae

Sadikova-Sh, O.; Kamilov-Kh, M.; Mirkina, R.A.; Aripov-Kh, N.; Shakirov, T.T., 1978:
Production of a stable injection solution of barvinkan hydro chloride

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Production of a sterile culture of petunia hybrida pollen grains in vitro

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Production of a streptothricin antibiotic by streptomyces glaucus 1136

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Production of a suppressor factor by human adherent cells treated with Mycobacterium tuberculosis: absence in systemic lupus erythematosus

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Production of a tea plant suspension cell culture

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Production of a thermostable beta d galactosidase by ec alternaria alternata grown in whey

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Production of a thermostable lipase by humicola lanuginosa grown on sorbitol corn steep liquor medium

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Production of a unique cytotoxin by Campylobacter jejuni

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Production of a variant of beta lactamase ii ec with selectively decreased cephalosporinase activity by a mutant of bacillus cereus 569 h 9

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Production of a water pepper liquid extract by finished cycle repercolation

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Production of a white wine and a protein rich soy flour by yeast fermentation of soybean slurry soybean milk and the whey from tofu production

Goff S.A.; Goldberg A.L., 1985:
Production of abnormal proteins in escherichia coli stimulates transcription of lon and other heat shock genes

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Production of acetaldehyde and ethanol by isolated rat liver parenchymal cells in the presence of di ethyl ether

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Production of Acetaldehyde by Zymomonas mobilis

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Production of acetaldehyde for methanol by candida utilis

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Production of acetic acid and other volatile compounds by leuconostoc citrovorum and leuconostoc dextranicum cultured dairy products ethanol

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Production of acetic acid by Clostridium thermoaceticum in batch and continuous fermentations

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Production of acetoin and di acetyl by lactic acid bacteria in skimmed milk with added citrate and pyruvate

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Production of acetoin by escherichia coli 32 and its regulation

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Production of acetolactate by streptococcus diacetylactis and leuconostoc spp

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Production of acetone and conversion of acetone to acetate in the perfused rat liver

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Production of acetone butanol by extractive fermentation using dibutylphthalate as extractant

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Production of acetyl phthalyl cellulose micro capsules containing levomycetin

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Production of acid from cocoa sweatings and its use for coagulation of natural rubber latex

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Production of acid labile interferon induced in human leukocytes by influenza virus

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Production of acid proteinases by humicola lutea immobilized in polyacrylamide gel

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Production of acidic actinomycin congeners by a mutant strain of streptomyces antibioticus no. b 1625

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Production of acids in rat dental plaque with or without Streptococcus mutans

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Production of actinomycin d with immobilized streptomyces parvullus under nitrogen and carbon starvation conditions

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Production of active human carbonic anhydrase ii in escherichia coli

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Production of active human interferon beta in escherichia coli i. preferential production by lower culture temperature

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Production of active human interferon beta in escherichia coli ii. optimal condition for induced synthesis by 3 beta indoleacrylic acid

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Production of active oxygen species singlet oxygen and super oxide radical anion by psoralens and uv radiation 320 400 nanometers

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Production of active vaccine by large scale continuous fermentation of bordetella pertussis

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Production of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis in the dog using venom of the scorpion, Buthus quinquestriatus

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Production of aerial mycelium and telio spores of puccinia horiana in chrysanthemum callus cultures

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Production of aerobactin and of its receptor controlled by r plasmids belonging to incompatibility group f l

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Production of aerobactin by some species of the genus Yersinia

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Production of afla toxin b 1 and afla toxin g 1 by aspergillus flavus and aspergillus parasiticus isolated from market pecans

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Production of afla toxin b and afla toxin g on solid and broth culture media

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Production of afla toxin in corn by a large scale solid substrate fermentation process

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Production of afla toxin in rough rice under different storage conditions

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Production of afla toxins during storage of gamma irradiated wheat

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Production of aflatoxin in wounded and whole maize zea mays kernels by aspergillus flavus

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Production of aflatoxins and radiosensitivity of molds isolated from spices

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Production of aflatoxins by strains of the aspergillus flavus group maintained in american type culture collection

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Production of aflatoxins on amaranth seeds by aspergillus spp

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Production of aflatoxins on inoculated teleme cheese

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Production of agar decomposing enzyme by a marine bacterium and some properties of the enzyme

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Production of agropine by roots formed under the action of agrobacterium rhizogenes strain a 4

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Production of air pollutants leeward of nuclear facilities

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Production of alcohol from apple pomace

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Production of alcohol from jerusalem artichoke for gasoline additive

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Production of alcohol from jerusalem artichokes helianthus tuberosus by yeasts

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Production of alcohol from potato

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Production of alcohol from saccharified waste residue from cassava starch processing industries

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Production of alcohol from the soybean seed coat a preliminary study

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Production of aldehydes in the oxidation of primary aliphatic alcohols by alcohol oxidase from torulopsis candida

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Production of aldosterone and its precursor steroids by adrenal zona glomerulosa in dextran sulfate treated rats

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Production of alfalfa medicago sativa cultivars at uyole tanzania

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Production of alfalfa medicago sativa in pennsylvania usa soils of differing wetness

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Production of alkaline protease by conidiobolus sp

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Production of alkaline protease from bacillus subtilis nrrl 3411

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Production of alkaline protease in a low cost medium by alkalophilic bacillus sp and properties of the enzyme

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Production of alkaloids by cellular suspensions of catharanthus roseus cultivated in vitro

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Production of all female and sterile coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch and experimental evidence for male heterogamety

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Production of all female tri ploid rainbow trout

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Production of all fsh iso hormones from a purified preparation by neuraminidase digestion

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Production of alpha 1 3 glucanase ec by a new bacterial source pseudomonas

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Production of alpha amylase by saccharomycopsis fibuligera synonym endomycopsis fibuligera

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Production of alpha amylase by some thermophilic bacteria isolated from egyptian soils

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Production of alpha amylase by thermophilic bacteria

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Production of alpha amylase ec by microscopic fungi

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Production of alpha amylase ec in batch and chemostat culture by bacillus stearothermophilus

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Production of alpha amylase isozymes in barley hordeum vulgare caryopses in the absence of embryos and exogenous gibberellic acid

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Production of alpha amylases in germinating whole and incubating de embryonated barley kernels

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Production of alpha and gamma interferons by human central lymph cells in various pathological conditions

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Production of alpha farnesene an attractant and oviposition stimulant for codling moth by developing fruit of 10 varieties of apple

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Production of alpha feto protein and biochemical changes in rat liver during n nitroso di methylamine induced carcinogenesis

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Production of alpha feto protein and normal serum proteins by xeno transplanted human hepatomas in relation to their growth and morphology

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Production of alpha feto protein by the in vivo synchronized mouse regenerating liver

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Production of alpha galactosidase from aspergillus awamori properties and action on p nitrophenyl alpha d galacto pyranoside and galacto oligo saccharides of soy milk

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Production of alpha galactosidase from aspergillus oryzae grown in solid state culture

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Production of alpha glucosidase and its role in regulation of amylase production by bacillus circulans f 2

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Production of alpha keto acids 2. immobilized whole cells of providencia sp pcm 1298 containing l amino acid oxidase ec

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Production of alpha xylosidase by aspergillus niger

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Production of amino acid mixtures from autolysates of bakers yeast part 2 optimization of parameters of a standard procedure for ion exchange purification of autolysates

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Production of amino acid mixtures from bakers yeast autolysates part 1 improvement in the composition of refined autolysates by hydrolytic treatment

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Production of amino acids by soil microorganisms

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Production of amino acridine salts

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Production of ammonia and volatile fatty acid from various feeds by rumen microbes in vitro part 1

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Production of ammonium dependent on basic l amino acids by anacystis nidulans

Afonk'kin S.Yu, 1984:
Production of amoeba proteus clones with increased nuclear dna content

Tsutsumi M., 1982:
Production of amp by isolated perfused rat bone in response to bovine parathyroid hormone 1 34 and parathyroid hormone 1 84

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Production of amylase by a facultative thermophilic bacterium bacillus sp as influenced by different nutrients

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Production of amylase by a submerged culture of Aspergillus wentii

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Production of amylase by batch and continuous cultures of bacillus subtilis

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Production of amylase by polyporus ostreiformis

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Production of amylase in liquid culture by a strain of Aspergillus oryzae

Koshiishi, Y.; Yasunaga, Y., 1980:
Production of an additional stock of red sea bream pagrus major 1. production of vigorous fry

Petkov M.; Belchev D.; Ganovski D., 1981:
Production of an agglutinating anti escherichia coli k 88 plus serum

Emmrich, F., 1977:
Production of an anti human bone marrow derived lymphocyte serum for detection of bone marrow derived cell specific membrane antigens

Matthews N., 1981:
Production of an anti tumor cyto toxin by human monocytes

Rodriguez Lemoine V., 1985:
Production of an antibiotic like substance by salmonella typhimurium lt 2 strains cured of plasmid p slt

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Production of an antibiotic of the siomycin group by streptomyces corchorusii 1401

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Production of an antibiotic substance by Bacillus licheniformis within the digestive tract of gnotobiotic mice

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Production of an antibody against guinea pig macrophage migration inhibition factor 3. biological activity of macrophage migration inhibition factor recovered from immuno adsorbent column chromatography

Onozaki, K.; Haga, S.; Miura, K.; Ichikawa, M.; Hashimoto, T., 1979:
Production of an antibody against guinea pig migration inhibitory factor 1. specificity of the anti migration inhibitory factor antibody

Onozaki, K.; Haga, S.; Miura, K.; Homma, Y.; Hashimoto, T., 1980:
Production of an antibody against guinea pig migration inhibitory factor 2. analysis of the antibody reacting material using radio labeled lymphokines

Faure R.; Ruel J.; Dussault J.H., 1986:
Production of an antibody against rat liver nuclear l triiodothyronine receptor

Brillouet C.; Leclerc M., 1986:
Production of an antibody like factor in the sea star asterias rubens role of the gastric hemal tufts

Karadzhov I.; Ignatov G., 1980:
Production of an antigen from an infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus for the purposes of immuno diffusion

Mateva V., 1981:
Production of an effective antigen for the diagnosis of enzootic leukosis in cattle with the agar gel immuno diffusion test

Nikulina, V.G.; Mal'tseva, N.N., 1976:
Production of an erythrocyte preparation for detection of herpetic antibody in the hem agglutination test

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Production of an erythropoietic factor by a murine leukemia

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Production of an extracellular dextranase by penicillium janthinellum

Hegedus D.D.; Khachatourians G.G., 1988:
Production of an extracellular lipase by beauveria bassiana

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Production of an extracellular maltase by thermophilic bacillus sp strain kp 1035

Antón, J.; Meseguer, I.; Rodríguez-Valera, F., 1988:
Production of an Extracellular Polysaccharide by Haloferax mediterranei

Pazlarova J.; Tsaplina I., 1988:
Production of an extracellular proteinase and alpha amylase by bacillus subtilis in chemostat

Arella M.; Sylvestre M., 1979:
Production of an extracellular rnase by pseudomonas maltophilia

Straus, D.C., 1987:
Production of an extracellular toxic complex by various strains of Klebsiella pneumoniae

Bumstead, J.M.; Payne, L.N., 1987:
Production of an immune suppressor factor by Marek's disease lymphoblastoid cell lines