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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6192

Chapter 6192 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Helm, R.M.; Squillace, D.L.; Aukrust, L.; Borch, S.M.; Baer, H.; Bush, R.K.; Løwenstein, H.; Znamirowski, R.; Nitchuk, W.; Yunginger, J.W., 1987:
Production of an international reference standard alternaria extract. I. Testing of candidate extracts

Groves, D.J.; Morris, B.A.; Tan, K.; D.S.lva, M.; Clayton, J., 1987:
Production of an ovine monoclonal antibody to testosterone by an interspecies fusion

Podgornaya L.G.; Dzyuban N.F., 1985:
Production of anatoxin when growing pseudomonas aeruginosa on a casein nutrient medium

Otto, C., 1976:
Production of ancylus fluviatilis gastropoda in a south swedish stream

Bozzini, C.E.; Alvarez Ugarte, C.A.; Martínez, M.A.; Soriano, G.; Alippi, R.M.; Giglio, M.J., 1976:
Production of and response to erythropoietin in the splenectomized mouse

Lang, F.; Pogu, S.; Maurel, C.; Charbonnel, B.; Sai, P., 1987:
Production of and response to interleukin 2 by blood mononuclear cells from some type 1 diabetic patients

Fortune J.E.; Tsang P.C., 1981:
Production of androgen and estradiol 17 beta by xenopus laevis ovaries treated with gonadotropins in vitro

Gillespie L.L.; Armstrong J.B., 1980:
Production of androgenetic di ploid axolotls by suppression of 1st cleavage

Chaturvedi H.C.; Sharma A.K., 1985:
Production of androgenic plants of citrus aurantifolia

Arora, R.; Bhojwani, S.S., 1988:
Production of androgenic plants through pollen embryogenesis in anther cultures of brassica carinata a. braun

Probst B.; Fenske M., 1981:
Production of androgens by gerbil meriones unguiculatus dispersed testicular interstitial cells validation of a highly sensitive luteinizing hormone bioassay

Ilyas-Hafiz, H.M., 1977:
Production of aneu ploid gametes by monosomics of avena sativa

Yamakawa T.; Kato S.; Ishida K.; Kodama T.; Minoda Y., 1983:
Production of antho cyanins by vitis cells in suspension culture

Manuf-Vet-Pharm-Gansu-Prov-China, 1976:
Production of anthrax spore vaccine by submerged culture

Takatori, T.; Yamaoka, A., 1978:
Production of anti antipyrine antibody by immunization with 4 azo antipyrine conjugated bovine serum albumin

Cooper S.; Battat A.; Marsot P.; Sylvestre M., 1983:
Production of anti bacterial activities by 2 bacillariophyceae grown in dialysis culture

Ahmed A.R.; Stevens R.H.; Saxon A., 1982:
Production of anti basement membrane zone antibody by peripheral blood leukocytes of bullous pemphigoid patients

Shirata A.; Takahashi K., 1982:
Production of anti fungal substances in the root of mulberry

Csizer, Z.; Zsombok, M.; Koranyi, L.; Peterfy, F.; Gergely, A.; Halmos, T.; Salamon, F.; Tako, J., 1973:
Production of anti glucagon rabbit serum for radio immunoassay

Imagawa K.; Nishino T.; Shin S.; Uehata S.; Hashimura E.; Yanaihara C.; Yanaihara N., 1979:
Production of anti glucagon sera with a carbon terminal fragment of pancreatic glucagon

Matsuyama T., 1981:
Production of anti idiotypic anti sera against anti thyro globulin antibodies

Sakata S.; Komaki T.; Kojima N.; Miura K., 1985:
Production of anti insulin anti idiotypic antibodies

Shimizu F.; Ohmoto Y.; Imagawa K., 1981:
Production of anti interferon beta sera with chemically synthetic interferon beta peptide fragment 1 13

Dardenne M.; Debray Sachs M.; Savino W.; Bach J F., 1984:
Production of anti islet monoclonal autoantibodies from diabetic db db mice

Misawa, M.; Hayashi, M.; Takayama, S., 1983:
Production of anti neoplastic agents by plant tissue cultures 1. induction of callus tissues and detection of the agents in cultured cells

Kirst R.; Prokop O., 1985:
Production of anti p 1 in rabbits with red cells of pigeon as antigen

Verwaerde C.; Grzych J M.; Bazin H.; Capron M.; Capron A., 1979:
Production of anti schistosoma mansoni mono clonal antibodies preliminary study of their biological activities

Risser R.; Grunwald D.J., 1981:
Production of anti self h 2 antibodies by hybrid mice immune to a viral tumor

Pincus, S.H.; Sachs, D.H.; Dickler, H.B., 1978:
Production of anti sera specific for idiotype of murine anti poly l tyrosine glutamine poly dl alanine poly l lysine antibodies

Nishino T.; Kodaira T.; Shin S.; Imagawa K.; Yanaihara N.; Shima K.; Kumahara Y., 1981:
Production of anti sera to des 28 asparagine 29 threonine 27 homoserine glucagon the development of radio immunoassay for total glucagon like immuno reactivity in human plasma

Slepchuk, E.M., 1978:
Production of anti serum for preparation of fluorescein iso thio cyanate conjugated immuno globulins to be used for poxvirus detection

Moldow R.L.; Fischman A.J., 1982:
Production of anti serum to corticotropin releasing factor associated with adrenal atrophy in a rabbit

Clough E.R.; Jolivet M.; Audibert F.; Barnwell J.W.; Schlesinger D.H.; Chedid L., 1985:
Production of anti sporozoite antibodies in absence of response to carrier by coupling a muramyl dipeptide derivative to a malaria peptide tetanus toxoid conjugate

Vidal D.; Rocheleau N.; Mandeville R., 1986:
Production of anti t 2 toxin antibodies and application of radioimmunological detection

Berrih S.; Savino W.; Azoulay M.; Dardenne M.; Bach J F., 1984:
Production of anti thymulin mono clonal antibodies by immunization against human thymic epithelial cells

Libby J.M.; Wilkins T.D., 1982:
Production of anti toxins to 2 toxins of clostridium difficile and immunological comparison of the toxins by cross neutralization studies

Ivanitskaya L.P.; Taig M.M.; Frolova V.I.; Kuzovkov A.D., 1982:
Production of anti tumor antibiotic cc 1065 by streptomyces canulus 106 78

Ramlau J.; Bock E.; Fohlman J., 1979:
Production of anti venom against de toxified taipoxin and immunochemical analysis of the alpha beta and gamma subunits

Burcev, P.; Horakova, D., 1987:
Production of antibacterial substance by seeds of pisum sativum l. subjected to centrifugation

Gauze G.F.; Sveshnikova M.A.; Maksimova T.S.; Ol'khovatova O.L., 1979:
Production of antibiotic complex 4041 by actinoplanes ianthinogenes ssp octamicini new subspecies

Ivanitskaya L.P.; Singal E.M.; Taig M.M.; Zhdanovich Y.V.; Vostrov S.N.; Bibikova M.V., 1982:
Production of antibiotic j 20 b by streptomyces flavovirens

Cosio E.G.; Norton R.A.; Towers E.; Finlayson A.J.; Rodriguez E.; Towers G.H.N., 1986:
Production of antibiotic thiarubrines by a crow gall tumor line of chaenactis douglasii

Gauze G.F.; Preobrazhenskaya T.P.; Terekhova L.P.; Maksimova T.S.; Avericheva L.N., 1982:
Production of antibiotics belonging to groups of pyrimidine bases and amino glycosides by streptomyces coeruleoaurantiacus new species

Kovalev I.E.; Plevaya O.Yu; Basharova L.A.; Karavaiko N.N.; Kulaeva O.N., 1982:
Production of antibodies against abscisic acid

Bredehorst, R.; Ferro, A.M.; Hilz, H., 1978:
Production of antibodies against adp ribose and amp with the aid of n 6 carboxymethylated adp ribose conjugates

Grant A.G.; Duke D., 1981:
Production of antibodies against antigens released from human pancreatic tumor xeno grafts

Log, T.; Chang, K.S.S.; Sarma, P.S., 1978:
Production of antibodies against feline leukemia virus and sarcoma virus and the feline oncovirus associated cell membrane antigen in strain 2 guinea pigs

Radzikowski, C.; Zak-Nejmark, T.; Wysocka, M.; Steuden, J., 1977:
Production of antibodies against mammary leukemia antigen in the xenogeneic host

Togashi T.; Kuwajima S.; Takebayashi T.; Itoh H.; Kato T., 1981:
Production of antibodies against measles virus and hepatitis b surface antigen by use of the mouse hybridoma technique

Ziecik A.; Krzymowska H.; Sobczak B., 1979:
Production of antibodies against porcine luteinizing hormone by 2 immunization methods

Halpern J.L.; Chang P.P.; Tsai S C.; Adamik R.; Kanaho Y.; Sohn R.; Moss J.; Vaughan M., 1987:
Production of antibodies against rhodopsin after immunization with beta gamma subunits of transducin evidence for interaction of beta gamma subunits of gtp binding proteins with receptor

Matson, S.W.; Wood, E.R., 1985:
Production of antibodies directed against Escherichia coli helicase III and the molecular cloning of the helicase III gene

Gearhart, P.J.; Sigal, N.H.; Klinman, N.R., 1975:
Production of antibodies of identical idiotype but diverse immuno globulin classes by cells derived from a single stimulated bone marrow derived cell

Thomas, M.S.; Banks, L.M.; Purifoy, D.J.; Powell, K.L., 1988:
Production of antibodies of predetermined specificity against herpes simplex virus DNA polymerase and their use in characterization of the enzyme

Przewlocki G.; Audibert F.; Jolivet M.; Chedid L.; Kent S.B.H.; Neurath A.R., 1986 :
Production of antibodies recognizing a hepatitis b virus surface antigen by administration of murabutide associated to a synthetic pre s hepatitis b virus peptide conjugated to a toxoid carrier

Birdsall, H.H.; Rossen, R.D., 1982:
Production of antibodies specific for fc fab' and strepto kinase streptodornase in vitro by peripheral blood cells from patients with rheumatoid arthritis and normal donors identification of immune complexes in culture supernatants containing hidden antibodies reactive with fab' fragments of immuno globulin g

Polevaya O.Yu; Kovalev I.E.; Shumova S.L.; Tomilina N.Yu; Danilova N.P.; Zolin V.F.; Belan V.R., 1983:
Production of antibodies to benz a pyrene

Lundblad M L.; Paulie S.; Perlmann P.; Hansson Y., 1984:
Production of antibodies to cellular antigens by epstein barr virus transformed lymphocytes from patients with urinary bladder carcinoma

Grace S.A.; Elson C.J.; Coeshott C.M., 1980:
Production of antibodies to host immuno globulin g after transfer of histo compatible cells primed to host allotype

Dalton, B.J.; Ogburn, C.A.; Paucker, K., 1978:
Production of antibodies to human interferons in mice

Hansen O.; Jensenius J.C.; Folkersen J.; Brandslund I., 1983:
Production of antibody against complement c 3c epitopes which are inaccessible on native complement c 3

Muto S.; Miyachi S., 1984:
Production of antibody against spinach spinacia oleracea calmodulin and its application to radio immunoassay for plant calmodulin

Wolff, K.L.; Hudson, B.W.; Ormsbee, R.A.; Peacock, M.G., 1976:
Production of antibody in induced granulomas

Shikimi, T.; Kobayashi, T., 1980:
Production of antibody to aprotinin and location of this compound in bovine tissue

Dlouhy S.R.; Nichols W.C.; Karn R.C., 1986:
Production of antibody to mouse salivary androgen binding protein and its use in identifying a prostate protein produced by a gene distinct from abp

Lukens, H.R., 1978:
Production of antibody towards asbestos

Kuznetsova S.V.; Isaevich L.V.; Kuznetsov P.P.; Ivanov V.S., 1987:
Production of antirabies vaccine from hemagglutinin the immunogenic component of rabies virus

Ronda R.; Leveziel H., 1987:
Production of antisera against lymphocytic antigens in primiparous cows first report in cuba

Morgan M.R.A.; Kang A.S.; Chan H.W S., 1986:
Production of antisera against sterigmatocystin hemiacetal and its potential for use in an elisa for sterigmatocystin in barley

Bulava G.V.; Ermolin G.A., 1985:
Production of antisera to pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteus antigens for clinical use in elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

Goto K.; Tanaka K.; Terao T., 1986:
Production of antiserum for radioimmunoassay of arginine vasotocin

Dashti N.; Mcconathy W.J.; Ontko J.A., 1980:
Production of apo lipo protein e and apo lipo protein a i by rat hepatocytes in primary culture

Andreev A.; Raichev G., 1986:
Production of apple trees on m9 rootstock from shoots not rooted in the nursery

Yaegashi H.; Matsuda I.; Sato Z., 1987:
Production of appressoria at the tips of hyphae of pyricularia oryzae

Yamada H.; Shimizu S.; Shinmen Y., 1987:
Production of arachidonic acid by mortierella elongata 1s 5

Kazanskaya L.V.; Maskaleva T.N.; Sukhareva N.N.; Udalova L.S.; Egorov N.S., 1987:
Production of arachidonic acid from lipids of the protozoan astasia longa

Jackson, R.M.; Chandler, D.B.; Fulmer, J.D., 1986:
Production of arachidonic acid metabolites by endothelial cells in hyperoxia

Kouzan, S.; Brody, A.R.; Nettesheim, P.; Eling, T., 1985:
Production of arachidonic acid metabolites by macrophages exposed in vitro to asbestos, carbonyl iron particles, or calcium ionophore

Lloyd L.C.; Etheridge J.R., 1981:
Production of arthritis by intra venous inoculation of mycoplasma hyopneumoniae test on 5 strains

Aranda J.; Niell F.X.; Fernandez J.A., 1984:
Production of asparagopsis armata in a thermally stressed intertidal system of low tidal amplitude

Mori M.; Shiio I., 1984:
Production of aspartic acid and enzymatic alteration in pyruvate kinase mutants of brevibacterium flavum

Shiio I.; Ozaki H.; Ujigawa Takeda K., 1982:
Production of aspartic acid and lysine by citrate synthase mutants of brevibacterium flavum

Elwan S.H.; Ammar M.S.; Mohawed S.M., 1986:
Production of aspergillus sydowi lipases under bench and large scale fermentation

Zakharova O.D.; Terekhova L.N.; Agre N.S., 1980:
Production of asporogenic secondary colonies by actinomycetes and the properties of variants isolated from them

Fujio T.; Furuya A., 1983:
Production of atp from adenine by brevibacterium ammoniagenes

Klofat, W.; Picciolo, G.; Chappelle, E.W.; Freese, E., 1969:
Production of atp in normal cells and sporulation mutants of bacillus subtilis

Bhogal, B.S.; Edelman, A.; Gibbons, J.; Jacobson, E.B.; Siskind, G.W.; Thorbecke, G.J., 1985:
Production of auto anti idiotype antibody during the normal immune response 10. response to trinitrophenyl ficoll in the chicken

Bhogal, B.S.; Goidl, E.A.; Jacobson, E.B.; Gibbons, J.J.Jr ; Thorbecke, G.J.; Siskind, G.W., 1985:
Production of auto anti idiotype antibody during the normal immune response 11. ficoll induced variations in auto anti idiotype production during the response to 2 4 6 trinitrophenyl ficoll

Gibbons, J.J.; Goidl, E.A.; Shephard, G.M.; Thorbeck, G.J.; Siskind, G.W., 1985:
Production of auto anti idiotypic antibody during the normal immune response 12. an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for auto anti idiotype antibody

Goidl, E.A.; Schrater, A.F.; Thorbecke, G.J.; Siskind, G.W., 1980:
Production of auto anti idiotypic antibody during the normal immune response 4. studies of the primary and secondary responses to thymus dependent and thymus independent antigens

Goidl, E.A.; Hayama, T.; Shepherd, G.M.; Siskind, G.W.; Thorbecke, G.J., 1983:
Production of auto anti idiotypic antibody during the normal immune response 6. hapten augmentation of plaque formation and hapten reversible inhibition of plaque formation as assays for anti idiotype antibody

Goidl, E.A.; Choy, J.W.; Gibbons, J.J.; Weksler, M.E.; Thorbecke, G.J.; Siskind, G.W., 1983:
Production of auto anti idiotypic antibody during the normal immune response 7. analysis of the cellular basis for the increased auto anti idiotype antibody production by aged mice

Shepherd, G.M.; Gibbons, J.J.; Siskind, G.W.; Thorbecke, G.J.; Goidl, E.A., 1985:
Production of auto anti idiotypic antibody during the normal immune response 8. effect of auto anti idiotypic antibody on contact sensitivity

Goidl, E.A.; Samarut, C.; Schneider-Gadicke, A.; Hochwald, N.L.; Thorbecke, G.J.; Siskind, G.W., 1984:
Production of auto anti idiotypic antibody during the normal immune response 9. characteristics of the auto anti idiotype antibody and its production

Goidl E.A.; Thorbecke G.J.; Weksler M.E.; Siskind G.W., 1980:
Production of auto anti idiotypic antibody during the normal immune response changes in the auto anti idiotypic antibody response and the idiotypic repertoire associated with aging

Schrater A.F.; Goidl E.A.; Thorbecke G.J.; Siskind G.W., 1979:
Production of auto anti idiotypic antibody during the normal immune response to tri nitro phenylated ficoll part 1 occurrence in akr j and balb c mice of hapten augmentable anti tri nitro phenylated plaque forming cells and their accelerated appearance in recipients of immune spleen cells

Goidl E.A.; Schrater A.F.; Siskind G.W.; Thorbecke G.J., 1979:
Production of auto anti idiotypic antibody during the normal immune response to tri nitro phenylated ficoll part 2 hapten reversible inhibition of anti tri nitro phenol plaque forming cells by immune serum as an assay for auto anti idiotypic antibody

Schrater, A.F.; Goidl, E.A.; Thorbecke, G.J.; Siskind, G.W., 1979:
Production of auto anti idiotypic antibody during the normal immune response to tri nitrophenyl ficoll 3. absence in nu nu mice evidence for thymus derived cell dependence of the anti idiotypic antibody response

Bhogal, B.S.; Karkhanis, Y.D.; Bell, M.K.; Sanchez, P.; Zemcik, B.; Siskind, G.W.; Thorbecke, G.J., 1986:
Production of auto anti idiotypic antibody during the normal immune response xii. enhanced auto anti idiotypic antibody production as a mechanism for apparent b cell tolerance in rabbits after feeding antigen

Barsoum A.L.; Davidson E.A., 1981:
Production of auto antibodies by immunization with rabbit transferrin modified at its glycosidic moiety

Kawamura T.; Nishioka M.; Okumoto H., 1983:
Production of auto tetra ploids and amphi di ploids from auto tri ploids and allo tri ploids in rana nigromaculata and rana brevipoda

Prehn, L.M., 1986:
Production of autoimmune gastric hyperplasia in mice by the transfer of spleen cells from thymectomized donors

Kerimova, I.O., 1977:
Production of autosomal recessive mutations in the chinese silkworm with nitrosomethyl urea

Strzelczyk E.; Pokojska Burdziej A., 1982:
Production of auxins and gibberellin like substances by cylindrocarpon destructans isolates pathogenic and nonpathogenic to fir abies alba

Sattar M.A.; Gaur A.C., 1987:
Production of auxins and gibberellins by phosphate dissolving microorganisms

Khoury, A.T.; Hanafusa, H.; Namy, C.A., 1979:
Production of avian oncoviral subgroups after multiple infection

Divan, C.L.; Schnoes, H.K., 1982:
Production of axenic gonyaulax cultures by treatment with antibiotics

Pistoia V.; Cozzolino F.; Torcia M.; Castigli E.; Ferrarini M., 1985:
Production of b cell growth factor by a leu 7 positive okm 1 positive non t cell with the features of large granular lymphocytes

Jurgensen, C.H.; Ambrus, J.L.; Fauci, A.S., 1986:
Production of B cell growth factor by normal human B cells

Ford, R.J.; Kwok, D.; Quesada, J.; Sahasrabuddhe, C.G., 1986:
Production of B cell growth factor(s) by neoplastic B cells from hairy cell leukemia patients

Finkelman F.D.; Ohara J.; Goroff D.K.; Smith J.; Villacreses N.; Mond J.J.; Paul W.E., 1986:
Production of b cell stimulatory factor 1 during an in vivo t dependent immune response

Strzelczyk E., 1987:
Production of b group vitamins by non mycorrhizal fungi associated with the roots of forest trees

Huebner, K.; Croce, C.M., 1976:
Production of b tropic murine leukemia virus by somatic cell hybrids between mouse peritoneal macrophages and sv 40 transformed human cells

Glatz, B.A.; Goepfert, J.M., 1977:
Production of bacillus cereus entero toxin in defined media in fermentor grown cultures

Alikhanyan, S.I.; Ermakova, L.M.; Erokhina, L.I., 1975:
Production of bacillus subtilis a 50 mutants under the effects of nitroso guanidine and jcr 191

Mummigatti S.G.; Raghunathan A.N., 1988:
Production of bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki by three different methods and its relative toxicity to bombyx mori

Ferrieri, P.; Burke, B.; Nelson, J., 1980:
Production of bacteremia and meningitis in infant rats with group B streptococcal serotypes

Juhr N C., 1979:
Production of bacteria free golden hamsters by de contamination

Molina O.E.; Callieri D.A.S.; D.G.lvez N.P., 1980:
Production of bacterial protein from sugarcane bagasse pith

Sargeant, K.; Yeo, R.G.; Lethbridge, J.H.; Shooter, K.V., 1968:
Production of bacterio phage t 7 escherichia coli

Dempster R.P.; Tagg J.R., 1982:
Production of bacteriocin like substances by the oral bacterium streptococcus salivarius

Calvo C.; Brault J.; Ramos Cormenzana A.; Mollaret H.H., 1986:
Production of bacteriocin like substances by yersinia frederiksenii yersinia kristensenii and yersinia intermedia strains

Grant W.D.; Fermor T.R.; Wood D.A., 1984:
Production of bacteriolytic enzymes and degradation of bacterial cell walls during growth of agaricus bisporus on bacillus subtilis

Toyoshima H.; Tanaka Y.; Takano H.; Ishima T., 1986:
Production of baguette bread from japanese domestic wheat and evaluation of quality

Neirincky, R.D., 1977:
Production of barium 133m for medical purposes/

Shumny V.K.; Pershina L.A.; Belova L.I., 1981:
Production of barley x rye and barley x wheat hybrids

Neville, W.E.J. ; Mccormick, W.C., 1976:
Production of beef calves on coastal bermuda grass at 2 levels of intensity

Yumita T.; Shimazaki I.; Miyamoto T.; Yamamoto I., 1984 :
Production of benzamide and isoindoline type compounds on photodegradation of benzanilides

Simonsson B.; Danersund A.; Totterman T.H.; Nilsson K.; Wibell L., 1986:
Production of beta 2 microglobulin by chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells in vitro

Narayanan, T.K.; Rao, G.R., 1976:
Production of beta 4 hydroxyphenyl ethanol and beta 4 hydroxyphenyl lactic acid by candida spp

Grinberg, G.M.; Birin'sh, A.R.; Straudovska, M.Y., 1977:
Production of beta 5 nitrofuryl 2 acrolein/

Costa I.; Martelli H.L.; D.S.lva I.M.; Pomeroy D., 1987:
Production of beta carotene by a rhodotorula strain

Rabinkov, A.G.; Tolosa, E.A.; Goryachenkova, E.V., 1978:
Production of beta cyano alanine synthase ec apo enzyme and its reactivation with pyridoxal 5 phosphate and its analogs

Haraguchi K.; Akita K.; Hayashi K.; Kubo N., 1987:
Production of beta d fructofuranosidase by arthrobacter globiformis s64 1

Barbosa M.D.F.S.; Silva D.O.; Pinheiro A.J.R.; Guimaraes W.V.; Borges A.C., 1985:
Production of beta d galactosidase from kluyveromyces fragilis grown in cheese whey

Wase, D.A.J.; Raymahasay, S.; Wang, C.W., 1985:
Production of beta d glucosidase ec endo 1 4 beta d glucanase ec and d xylanase ec from straw by aspergillus fumigatus imi 255091

Sonawat, H.M.; Agrawal, A.; Dutta, S.M., 1981:
Production of beta galactosidase ec from kluyveromyces fragilis grown on whey

Ramana-Rao, M.V.; Dutta, S.M., 1977:
Production of beta galactosidase ec from streptococcus thermophilus grown in whey

Treat W.J.; Taber W.A., 1988:
Production of beta glucosidase cellobiase by pisolithus tinctorius

Zemek J.; Augustin J.; Kockova Kratochvilova A.; Kuniak L., 1981:
Production of beta glucosidase exo beta 1 4 glucanase and endo beta 1 4 glucanase at yeasts and yeast like organisms

Cowley G.; Smith J.A.; Ellison M.; Gusterson B., 1985:
Production of beta human chorionic gonadotropin by human squamous carcinoma cell lines

Hasegawa J.; Hamaguchi S.; Ogura M.; Watanabe K., 1981:
Production of beta hydroxy carboxylic acids from aliphatic carboxylic acids by microorganisms

Tafuri, F.; Martini, A.; Scarponi, L.; Businelli, M., 1975:
Production of beta iaa in yeasts

Velazco C.; Teixeira L.M.; Benchetrit L.C., 1988:
Production of beta lactamase by coagulase negative staphylococci and susceptibility to beta lactam antimicrobial agents

Yadava J.N.S.; Ahmad S.; Rajani H.B., 1984:
Production of beta lactamases by clinical isolates of escherichia coli and their possible role in resistance to penicillin and ampicillin

Windmueller, H.G.; Levy, R.I., 1968:
Production of beta lipo protein by intestine in the rat

Akino T.; Nakamura N.; Horikoshi K., 1987:
Production of beta mannosidase and beta mannanase by an alkalophilic bacillus sp

Shirai K.; Hisatsuka K., 1979:
Production of beta phenethyl alcohol from styrene by pseudomonas 305 str 1 4

Rosenberg, E.; Rubinovitz, C.; Gottlieb, A.; Rosenhak, S.; Ron, E.Z., 1988:
Production of Biodispersan by Acinetobacter calcoaceticus A2

Choi M.Y.; Kang S.J.; Lee J.S., 1988:
Production of biofertilizer from the rice straw mixed with hen feces with thermoactinomyces vulgaris

Uehara T., 1987:
Production of biogas from various biomass materials

Mil'ko, E.S.; Egorov, N.S.; Ugarova, N.N.; Revenko, A.A., 1976:
Production of biologically active compounds by s r and m forms of mycobacterium lacticola on a medium with n hexa decane

Babitskaya V.G.; Shcherba V.V., 1987:
Production of biologically active compounds by the fungus coriolus hirsutus on heterogenous media

Pillai, S.; Zull, J.E., 1986:
Production of biologically active fragments of parathyroid hormone by isolated Kupffer cells

Wetzel R.; Heyneker K.L.; Goeddel D.V.; Jhurani P.; Shpiro J.; Crea R.; Low T.L.K.; Mcclure J.E.; Thruman G.B.; Goldstein A.L., 1980:
Production of biologically active n alpha deacetyl thymosin alpha 1 in escherichia coli through expression of a chemically synthesized gene

Araujo A.; D'souza J., 1980:
Production of biomass from enzymatic hydrolysate of agricultural waste

Moresi M.; Clementi F.; Rossi J.; Medici R.; Luca Vinti G., 1987:
Production of biomass from untreated orange peel by fusarium avenaceum

Sugimoto Y.; Sugimura Y.; Yamada Y., 1988:
Production of bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloids in cultured roots of stephania cepharantha

Takakuwa, K.; Kanazawa, K.; Takeuchi, S., 1986:
Production of blocking antibodies by vaccination with husband's lymphocytes in unexplained recurrent aborters: the role in successful pregnancy

Murakami, E., 1980:
Production of blood capillary contracting substance after administration of estrogen to rabbit

Buchanan R.L.; Houston W.M., 1982:
Production of blue fluorescent pyrazines by aspergillus parasiticus

Sugiyama H.; Woodburn M.; Yang K.H.; Movroydis C., 1981:
Production of botulinum toxin in inoculated pack studies of foil wrapped baked potatoes

Gonzalez L.F.; Acuna M.T.; Lara J.; Villalobos D.; Pena I., 1985:
Production of bovine albumin evaluation of two methods

Scholz D.; Bossmann H.; Roessler H.; Rosenthal S.; Rosenthal H.A., 1984:
Production of bovine leukemia virus in permanently infected fetal lamb kidney cells optimization experiments

Ross D.H.; Wallace J.B., 1981:
Production of brachycentrus spinae trichoptera brachycentridae and its role in seston dynamics of a southern appalachian stream usa

Kai Y.; Pryde E.H., 1982:
Production of branched chain fatty acids from sterculia oil

Piette J.; Calberg Bacq C.M.; Van D.V.rst A.V., 1979:
Production of breaks in single stranded and double stranded forms of bacterio phage phi x 174 dna by proflavine and light treatment

Vostrov S.N.; Bibikova M.V.; Ivanitskaya L.P., 1979:
Production of broad spectrum antibiotics by cultures of the genus micromonospora

Blessing G.; Weinreich R.; Qaim S.M.; Stoecklin G., 1982:
Production of bromine 75 and bromine 77 via the arsenic 75 to bromine 75 and arsenic 75 to bromine 77 reactions using copper arsenic 3 1 alloy as a high current target material

Qaim S.M.; Weinreich R., 1981:
Production of bromine 75 via the krypton 75 precursor excitation function for the deuteron induced nuclear reaction on bromine

Leclerc J.; Power G., 1980:
Production of brook char salvelinus fontinalis and ouananiche salmo salar in a large rapid tributary of the caniapiscau river northern quebec canada

Lawman M.J.P.; Ball D.R.; Hoffmann E.M.; Desjardin L.E.; Boyle M.D.P., 1986:
Production of brucella abortus specific protein a reactive antibodies immunoglobulin g 2 in infected and vaccinated cattle

Coppola S.; Parente E.; Dumontet S.; Coppola R., 1985:
Production of buffalo mozzarella fermentative activity during curd maturation

Tatum W.M.; Hawke J.P.; Minton R.V.; Trimble W.C., 1982:
Production of bull minnows fundulus grandis for the live bait market in coastal alabama usa

Claudio D.; Martins C.; Vaz Portugal A., 1980:
Production of bulls and steers 22 24 months and 550 kilograms live weight under a grass grass plus cereal system

Holt R.A.; Cairns A.J.; Morris J.G., 1988:
Production of butanol by clostridium puniceum in batch and continuous culture

Alam S.; Stevens D.; Bajpai R., 1988:
Production of butyric acid by batch fermentation of cheese whey with clostridium beijerinckii

Nagai Y., 1987:
Production of c 1421 an attenuated mutant of pepper strain of tobacco mosaic virus

Woodworth J.; Evans A.S.A.; Pascoe D., 1983:
Production of cadmium binding protein in 3 species of fresh water fish

Nagano T.; Watanabe Y.; Hida K.; Suketa Y.; Okada S., 1982:
Production of cadmium binding protein in chlorella ellipsoidea

Rodgers E.B., 1982:
Production of caenis ephemeroptera caenidae in elevated water temperatures

Abe, K.; Adachi, I.; Miyakawa, S.; Tanaka, M.; Yamaguchi, K.; Tanaka, N.; Kameya, T.; Shimosato, Y., 1977:
Production of calcitonin acth and beta melanocyte stimulating hormone in tumors derived from amine precursor uptake and decarboxylation cells

Qadeer, M.A.; Baig, M.A.; Yunus, O., 1975:
Production of calcium gluconate by aspergillus niger in 50 liter fermentor

Kunakh V.A.; Checheneva T.N.; Morgun V.V., 1980:
Production of callus tissues from maize plants of various genotypes

Khramov V.A.; Kondrat'eva E.N., 1981:
Production of carbamoyl phosphate and citrulline by phototrophic bacteria

Myklestad, S., 1977:
Production of carbohydrates by marine planktonic diatoms part 2 influence of the nitrogen phosphorus ratio in the growth medium on the assimilation ratio growth rate and production of cellular and extracellular carbohydrates by chaetoceros affinis var willei and skeletonema costatum

Nordell B., 1984:
Production of carbon 11 by photo nuclear reactions

Iwata R.; Ido T.; Tominaga T., 1981:
Production of carbon 11 labeled guanidine by the proton irradiation of the liquid ammonia nitrous oxide system and its use in the synthesis of carbon 11 labeled pyrimidines

Washburn L.C.; Sun T.T.; Byrd B.L.; Callahan A.P., 1982:
Production of carbon 11 labeled valine by high performance liquid chromatography resolution

Van Haver D.; Vandewalle T.; Slegers G.; Vandecasteele C., 1985:
Production of carbon 11 quinidine and tamoxifen

Sims N.R.; Marek K.L.; Bowen D.M.; Davison A.N., 1982:
Production of carbon 14 labeled acetyl choline and carbon 14 di oxide from uniformly labeled carbon 14 labeled glucose in tissue prisms from aging rat brain

Boyce J.M.; Mitchell E.B.Jr; Knapp J.S.; Buttke T.M., 1985:
Production of carbon 14 labeled gas in bactec neisseria differentiation kits by neisseria cinerea

Nip, W.K.; Chu, F.S., 1977:
Production of carbon 14 patulin by penicillium patulum

Davis R.M.; Richard J.L., 1979:
Production of carbon 14 rubra toxin b

Napoli J.L.; Martin C.A., 1984:
Production of carbon 24 oxidized and carbon 23 oxidized metabolites of 1 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol by cultured kidney cells llc pk 1 and their presence in kidney in vivo

Hayashi A.; Tauchi H.; Hino S., 1985:
Production of carbon monoxide by bacteria of the genera proteus and morganella

Hallock P., 1981:
Production of carbonate sediments by selected large benthic foraminifera on 2 pacific coral reefs

Al-Ogaidi, H.K.; Al-Janabi, S.M.; Al-Shakhli, I.M., 1987:
Production of carbonated beverage using date juice 2. effect of gelatin tannin and ph on clarification of date juice

Al-Ogaidi, H.K.H.; Al-Obaidi, Z.S.; Al-Jarrah, A.; Al-Hakkak, T.S., 1987:
Production of carbonated beverages from date juice 1. clarification of date juice by calcium hydroxide

Charles, D.D., 1978:
Production of carcass beef of specified composition in steers of 4 breeds at 3 ages

Horie Y.; Yamazaki M., 1985:
Production of carcinogenic mycotoxins sterigmatocystin and its allied compounds by emericella species

Good A.L.; Czarnecki C.M., 1980:
Production of cardio myopathy in turkey poults by the oral administration of furazolidone

Hasany, S.M.; Hanif, I.; Qureshi, I.H., 1978:
Production of carrier free gold 199 from irradiated platinum using 1 phenyl 3 methyl 4 trifluoroacetyl pyrazolone 5 as an extractant

Lundqvist H.; Malmborg P., 1979 :
Production of carrier free magnesium 28 and sodium 24 by 50 180 mev protons on silicon phosphorus sulfur chlorine argon and potassium excitation functions and chemical separation

Yagi M.; Amano R., 1981:
Production of carrier free potassium 38 by means of photo nuclear reactions

Brown, M.F.; Hazleman, B.L.; Dingle, J.T.; Dandy, D.J.; Murley, A.H., 1987:
Production of cartilage degrading activity by human synovial tissues

Madsen K.; Lohmander S., 1979:
Production of cartilage typic proteo glycans in cultures of chondrocytes from elastic cartilage

Pich, A.; Bussolati, G.; D.C.rlo, F., 1977:
Production of casein and the presence of estrogen receptors in human breast cancer

Ba'i S.; Ghazali H.M., 1986:
Production of cassava syrup with glucoamylase immobilized to acid washed charcoal

Giuseppin M.L.F.; Van Eijk H.M.J.; Verduyn C.; Bante I.; Van Dijken J.P., 1988:
Production of catalase free alcohol oxidase by hansenula polymorpha

Schrall, R.; Becker, H., 1977:
Production of catechins and oligomeric pro antho cyanidins in tissue and suspension cultures of crataegus monogyna crataegus oxyacantha and ginkgo biloba

Howe, W.E.; Mount, D.W., 1975:
Production of cells without dna during thymidine starvation of lexa minus cultures of escherichia coli strain k 12

Soundar S.; Chandra T.S., 1988:
Production of cellulase and detection of avicel adsorbing carboxymethylcellulase from a mesophilic fungus humicola grisea fb

Mal P.; Sharma K.D., 1987:
Production of cellulase by acremonium persicinum

Ali, S.S.; Saksena, S.B., 1978:
Production of cellulase by botryodiplodia theobromae

Tuerker M.; Mavituna F., 1987:
Production of cellulase by freely suspended and immobilized cells of trichoderma reesei

Hrmova M.; Biely P.; Vrsanska M., 1985:
Production of cellulase by trichoderma reesei on waste cellophane

Yadav J.S.; Sondhi H.S.; Neelakantan S., 1988:
Production of cellulase microbial protein and reducing sugars on wheat straw by cellulolytic fungus aspergillus terreus

Desai J.D.; Desai A.J.; Patel N.P., 1982:
Production of cellulases and beta glucosidase by shake culture of scytalidium lignicola

Shamala T.R.; Sreekantiah K.R., 1986:
Production of cellulases and d xylanase by some selected fungal isolates

Paroda S.; Mishra M.M., 1984:
Production of cellulases and xylanases by aspergillus terreus and paecilomyces fusisporus

Kawamori M.; Takayama K I.; Takasawa S., 1987:
Production of cellulases by a thermophilic fungus thermoascus aurantiacus a 131

Komaraiah M.; Reddy S.M., 1986:
Production of cellulases by corynespora cassiicola a seed borne fungus of methi trigonella foenum graecum

Gracheva, I.M.; Vaganova, M.S.; Salovarova, V.P., 1978:
Production of cellulases by soil yeasts of the genus trichosporon and microscopic fungi

Steiner J.; Barros I.; Zaldivar M.; Contreras I., 1987:
Production of cellulases by trichoderma aureoviride

Kawamori M.; Morikawa Y.; Ado Y.; Takasawa S., 1986:
Production of cellulases from alkali treated bagasse in trichoderma reesei

Alabi, R.O.; Naqvi, S.H.Z., 1977:
Production of cellulolytic and pectolytic enzymes by cercospora arachidicola

Hasija, S.K.; Agarwal, H.C., 1977:
Production of cellulolytic enzyme by 2 isolates of trichothecium roseum

Trivedi L.S.; Rao K.K., 1979:
Production of cellulolytic enzymes by aspergillus fumigatus

Strizhevskaya A.Ya; Musich E.G.; Dreimane M.A.; Zeltynya R.P.; Tarakanova V.S.; Luka V.T., 1983:
Production of cellulolytic enzymes by fungi of the genus trichoderma

Trivedi L.S.; Rao K.K., 1981:
Production of cellulolytic enzymes by fusarium sp

Gokhale D.V.; Puntambekar U.S.; Deobagkar D.N.; Peberdy J.F., 1988:
Production of cellulolytic enzymes by mutants of aspergillus niger ncim 1207

Perez Martinez G.; Peberdy J.F., 1985:
Production of cephalosporin c and its intermediates by raised titer strains of acremonium chrysogenum

Park Y.H.; Seo W T., 1988:
Production of cephalosporin c in a fluidized bed bioreactor

Assante G.; D'ambra V.; Locci R.; Mutto S., 1981:
Production of cercosporin and cercospora beticola toxin in isolates of cercospora beticola

Egorov, N.S.; Mil'ko, E.S.; Ugarova, N.N.; Nette, I.T., 1976:
Production of cetyl alcohol and palmitic acid from n hexa decane by some microorganisms

Park M.K.; Tanaka S.; Hayashi H.; Hanaoka Y.; Wakabayashi K.; Kurosumi K., 1987:
Production of characterization of a monoclonal antibody against the beta subunit of bullfrog lutropin

Siegbahn A.; Rosen A.; Venge P.; Aman P.; Nilsson K., 1986:
Production of chemokinetic inhibitory factor by normal blood and spleen b lymphocytes

Perez, H.D.; Roll, F.J.; Bissell, D.M.; Shak, S.; Goldstein, I.M., 1984:
Production of chemotactic activity for polymorphonuclear leukocytes by cultured rat hepatocytes exposed to ethanol

Burke, D.C.; Ege, T.; Ringertz, N.R., 1980:
Production of chick interferon by reactivating chick erythrocytes

Ahn C.Y.; Rho S.C.; K.J.J.; Chung K.S.; Lee K.K., 1986:
Production of chimeric mouse

Yamamura K I.; Markert C.L., 1981:
Production of chimeric rats and their use in the analysis of the hooded pigmentation pattern

Tiunova, N.A.; Pirieva, D.A.; Feniksova, R.V.; Kuznetsov, V.D., 1976:
Production of chitinase by actinomycetes during submerged cultivation

Lewis J.A.; Papavizas G.C., 1983:
Production of chlamydo spores and conidia by trichoderma spp in liquid and solid growth media

Sivasithamparam, K.; Parker, C.A., 1976:
Production of chlamydo spores and micro sclerotia by gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici

Nesterov, V.M.; Kucherya, L.A.; Drevina, V.M., 1977:
Production of chloracetmesidide/

Rodulfo B.R.; Marmol N.H.; Emralino G.A., 1980:
Production of chlorella pyrenoidosa in clarified effluent from hog manure bio gas digester

Abrams D.N.; Knaus E.E.; Wiebe L.I.; Helus F.; Maier Borst W., 1984:
Production of chlorine 34m from a gaseous hydrogen sulfide target

Yagi M.; Kondo K.; Yamadera A., 1979:
Production of chlorine 39 and sulfur 38 by photo nuclear reactions using argon gas target

Chung Y.; Kwon S P.; Park H Y., 1980:
Production of chloro phenols by chlorination of drinking water

Durikhin, K.V.; Popova, A.E.; Korinskii, G.D., 1976:
Production of cholerogen and neuraminidase by cholera vibrios in vitro

Uwajima, T.; Terada, O., 1976:
Production of cholesterol esterase ec by pseudomonas fluorescens

Liu W H.; Hsu J H.; Wang W., 1983:
Production of cholesterol oxidase by an antibiotic resistant mutant and a constitutive mutant of arthrobacter simplex b 7

Rothblat, G.H.; Rosen, J.M.; Insull, W.J. ; Yau, A.O.; Small, D.M., 1977:
Production of cholesteryl ester rich anisotropic inclusions by mammalian cells in culture

Maruo T.; Cohen H.; Segal S.J.; Koide S.S., 1979:
Production of chorio gonadotropin like factor by a microorganism progenitor cryptocides

Bhosale S.B.; Rood J.I.; Sneddon M.K.; Morrison J.F., 1982:
Production of chorismate mutase prephenate dehydrogenase by a strain of escherichia coli carrying a multi copy tyr a plasmid isolation and properties of the enzymes

Weinreich R.; Probst H.J.; Qaim S.M., 1980:
Production of chromium 48 for applications in life sciences

Sadanandam A.; Venkatrajam M.; Subhash K.; Rajanarendar E., 1984:
Production of chromosomal breaks by isoxazolyl thiazolidinone in allium sativum

Berdyshev G.D.; Arkhipchuk V.V., 1985:
Production of chromosome preparations from phytophagous fish tissues

Nishi Y.; Hasegawa M.M.; Inui N., 1983:
Production of chromosome pulverization specially associated with the effect of post treatment with caffeine after treatment with different classes of clastogens in chinese hamster v 79 cells

Kawaguchi Y.; Kosugi S.; Sasaki K.; Uozumi T.; Beppu T., 1987:
Production of chymosin in escherichia coli cells and its enzymatic properties

David, L.; Duteurtre, M.; Kergomard, A.; Kergomard, G.; Scanzi, E.; Staron, T., 1980:
Production of cinerubins by a Streptomyces griseorubiginosus strain

Kumpuris, A.G.; Luchi, R.J.; Waddell, C.C.; Miller, R.R., 1980:
Production of circulating platelet aggregates by exercise in coronary patients

Schmidt E.; Knackmuss H J., 1984:
Production of cis cis muconate from benzoate and 2 fluoro cis cis muconate from 3 fluorobenzoate by 3 chlorobenzoate degrading bacteria

Srivastava K.S.; Kamal, 1979:
Production of citric acid by aspergillus niger

Kahlon S.S., 1982:
Production of citric acid by aspergillus sp isolated from different sources

Ali-Hamissa, F.; Radwan, A., 1977:
Production of citric acid from cane molasses on a semi pilot scale

Nour Selim S.M.; Emaish M.G.I., 1979:
Production of citric acid from molasses in presence of potassium ferro cyanide by aspergillus aculeatus and aspergillus carbonarius

Maddox I.S.; Spencer K.; Greenwood J.M.; Dawson M.W.; Brooks J.D., 1985:
Production of citric acid from sugars present in wood hemicellulose using aspergillus niger and saccharomycopsis lipolytica

Hossain M.; Brooks J.D.; Maddox I.S., 1983:
Production of citric acid from whey permeate by fermentation using aspergillus niger

Wyatt, R.D., 1977:
Production of citrinin by Penicillium citrinum in different liquid media

Moore N.A.; Axton M.S., 1988:
Production of climbing behavior in mice requires both d1 and d2 receptor activation

Meyer, H.P.; Fiechter, A., 1985:
Production of cloned human leukocyte interferon by Bacillus subtilis: optimal production is connected with restrained growth

Silva M.A.D.; IIzuka H.; Oliveira E.P.T.D.; Higashi H.G.; Rolim Rosa R., 1981:
Production of clostridium perfringens type a anti toxin on an industrial scale

Wierup, M., 1978:
Production of coagulase dnase and heat stable dnase by canine isolates of staphylococci

Kitzrow, D.; Schaeg, W.; Blobel, H., 1981:
Production of coagulase from Staphylococcus aureus of different origin

Zuazo Silva J.L.; Rodriguez Gonzalez D.P.; D.L.s Reyes Valdes Hernandez M., 1984:
Production of coagulase in vitro comparison of methods

Hopkinson C.S.; Gosselink J.G.; Parrondo R.T., 1980:
Production of coastal louisiana usa marsh plants calculated from phenometric techniques

Lincke H J., 1984:
Production of cobalt 58 in a nuclear reactor under particular consideration of interfering nuclear reactions

Stockdale, P.H.G., 1976:
Production of coccidiosis using oocysts sporocysts and sporozoites of eimeria zuernii eimeria contorta and eimeria nieschulzi

Dallos, P.; Cheatham, M.A., 1976:
Production of cochlear potentials by inner and outer hair cells

Shimizu, S.; Esumi, A.; Komaki, R.; Yamada, H., 1984 :
Production of Coenzyme A by a Mutant of Brevibacterium ammoniagenes Resistant to Oxypantetheine

Nishimura, N.; Shibatani, T.; Kakimoto, T.; Chibata, I., 1974:
Production of coenzyme A by Sarcina lutea

Sharma A.K.; Gupta B.K.; Suri J.L.; Gupta G.K.; Atal C.K., 1986:
Production of colchicine from iphigenia stellata seeds

Oiyama I.; Okudai N., 1986:
Production of colchicine induced autotetraploid plants through micrografting in monoembryonic citrus cultivars

Ozanne, G.; Mathieu, L.G.; Baril, J.P., 1977:
Production of colicin v and colicin v 2 in vitro and in vivo study of their inhibitory action of phagocytosis by peritoneal macrophages

Ozanne, G.; Mathieu, L.G.; Baril, J.P., 1977:
Production of colicin V in vitro and in vivo and observations on its effects in experimental animals

Sakakibara, K.; Umeda, M.; Saito, S.; Nagase, S., 1977:
Production of collagen and acidic glycosamino glycans by an epithelial liver cell clone in culture

Mcguire M.B.; Murphy G.; Reynolds J.J.; Russell R.G.G., 1981:
Production of collagenase and inhibitor tissue inhibitor of metallo proteinases by normal rheumatoid and osteo arthritic synovium in vitro effects of hydrocortisone and indomethacin

Nagayama M.; Sakamoto S., 1982:
Production of collagenase inhibitor by mouse calvaria in tissue culture

Hara, M., 1979:
Production of colony stimulating activity by human monocytes 2. enhancement effect of hemolysate on colony stimulating activity production and fractionation of its activity

Douer D.; Ben Bassat I.; Shaked N.; Ramot B., 1985:
Production of colony stimulating activity by t chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells

Pessina A.; Brambilla P.; Neri M.G.; Mocarelli P., 1985:
Production of colony stimulating factor by el 4 lymphoma cells stimulated with phytohemagglutinin

Ohkawa M.; Shikano T.; Ueno N., 1985:
Production of colony stimulating factor by human marrow fibroblastoid cell

Kashiwakura I.; Hayase Y.; Takagi Y., 1985:
Production of colony stimulating factors by adherent cells derived from long term murine bone marrow cultures

Greenberger J.S.; Krensky A.M.; Messner H.; Burakoff S.J.; Wandl U.; Sakakeeny M.A., 1984:
Production of colony stimulating factors for granulocyte macrophage and multipotential granulocyte erythroid megakaryocyte macrophage hematopoietic progenitor cells by clonal lines of human interleukin 2 dependent t lymphocytes

Mondino B.J.; Sundar Raj C.V.; Brady K.J., 1982:
Production of complement c 1 by corneal fibroblasts in tissue culture

Ackerman, S.K.; Friend, P.S.; Hoidal, J.R.; Douglas, S.D., 1978:
Production of complement c 2 by human alveolar macrophages

Littman, B.H.; Ruddy, S., 1977:
Production of complement c 2 by human monocytes stimulation by antigen activated lymphocytes or lymphokines

Koestler T.P.; Kirsh R.; Kline T.; Rieman D.; Greig R.; Poste G., 1984:
Production of complement c 3 as a marker of lymphokine mediated macrophage activation

Guiguet M.; Mack G.; Exilie M F.; Truchot R.; Padieu P., 1983:
Production of complement c 3 by culture of rat liver epithelial cells stimulating effect of supernatants of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Barbara D.J.; Kawata E.E.; Ueng P.P.; Lister R.M.; Larkins B.A., 1987:
Production of complementary dna clones from the mav isolate of barley yellow dwarf virus

Mates, A.; Kasak, L.O.; Hinton, N.A., 1978:
Production of complete and incomplete antibodies to human red blood cells in dogs and rabbits

Borland, K.; Muffly, K.E.; Hall, P.F., 1986:
Production of components of extracellular matrix by cultured rat Sertoli cells

Swain S.L.; Dutton R.W., 1980:
Production of concanavalin a induced helper thymus derived cell replacing factor requires a thymus derived cell and an ia positive non thymus derived cell

Vieira R.; Woolfe M.; Pires E.; Woolfe J.; Guerra N.B., 1982:
Production of concentrated juice of cashew fruit

Chiang Y M.; Wang J C., 1980:
Production of concho sporangia in the conchocelis phase of porphyra angusta

Harrison J.G.; Heilbronn J., 1988:
Production of conidia by botrytis fabae grown in vitro

Vathakos M.G.; Walters H.J., 1979:
Production of conidia by cercospora kikuchii in culture

Jonak, Z.L.; Braman, V.; Kennett, R.H., 1984:
Production of continuous mouse plasma cell lines by transfection with human leukemia DNA

Doi Y.; Tamaki A.; Kunioka M.; Soga K., 1988:
Production of copolyesters of 3 hydroxybutyrate and 3 hydroxyvalerate by alcaligenes eutrophus from butyric and pentanoic acids

Yamada-Ankei, T.; Iwasaki, H.; Mori, T., 1977:
Production of copper copro porphyrin iii by bacillus cereus part 1 purification and identification of copper copro porphyrin iii

Yamada-Ankei, T.; Iwasaki, H.; Mori, T., 1977:
Production of copper copro porphyrin iii by bacillus cereus part 2 regulation of the biosynthesis of copro porphyrin iii and its copper complex by oxygen and heavy metal ions

Nelson, L.R.; Gallaher, R.N.; Bruce, R.R.; Holmes, M.R., 1977:
Production of corn and sorghum grain in double cropping systems

House E.W.; Dornauer R.J.; Lenten B.J., 1979:
Production of coronary arterio sclerosis with sex hormones and human chorionic gonadotropin in juvenile steelhead and rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Mazumder T.K.; Nishio N.; Hayashi M.; Nagai S., 1986:
Production of corrinoids including vitamin b 12 by methanosarcina barkeri growing on methanol

Petersen K.E., 1980:
Production of cortisol and cortico sterone in children

Short R.A.; Stanley E.H.; Harrison J.W.; Epperson C.R., 1987:
Production of corydalus cornutus megaloptera in four streams differing in size flow and temperature

Payne A.L.; Cockrum P.A., 1988:
Production of corynetoxins in vitro by corynebacterium sp isolated from annual ryegrass seedheads

Hillocks R.J., 1984:
Production of cotton varieties with resistance to fusarium wilt with special reference to tanzania

Chien Y H.; Avault J.W.Jr, 1980:
Production of crayfish procambarus clarkii in rice oryza sativa fields

Sobko, V.G., 1978:
Production of crepis capillaris cell cultures and regenerated plants

Miyasaka H.; Nasu M.; Yamamoto T.; Endo Y.; Yoneda K., 1986:
Production of cryptotanshinone and ferruginol by immobilized cultured cells of salvia miltiorrhiza

Nakanishi T.; Miyasaka H.; Nasu M.; Hashimoto H.; Yoneda K., 1983:
Production of cryptotanshinone and ferruginol in cultured cells of salvia miltiorrhiza

Stuewer O.; Hommel R.; Haferburg D.; Kleber H P., 1987:
Production of crystalline surface active glycolipids by a strain of torulopsis apicola

Holdenrieder, O., 1972:
Production of crystals by heterobasidion annosum fomes annosus and some other wood inhabiting fungi

Yamamoto T., 1988:
Production of csf colony stimulating factor helper factor by bone marrow cells under stimulation of peptidoglycan

Rahman, F., 1978:
Production of cultivars of cowpeas vigna unguiculata in the meadowlands bordering the river solimoes in caldeirao cacau pirera north central brazil in the period 1975 1976

S.L.ger R.J.; Cooper R.M.; Charnley A.K., 1987:
Production of cuticle degrading enzymes by the entomopathogen metarhizium anisopliae during infection of cuticles from calliphora vomitoria and manduca sexta

Salinas J.; Warnaar F.; Verhoeff K., 1986:
Production of cutin hydrolyzing enzymes by botrytis cinerea in vitro

E.E.sawy A.A.; E.S.yed M.A.; Mohamed Y.A.H., 1984:
Production of cyanocobalamin by azotobacter chroococcum

Naito E.; Noguchi R.; Endoh H.; Sato K.; Hashiba M.; Shimoji K., 1985:
Production of cyclic nucleotides from human brain affected by nitrous oxide halothane anesthesia

Naito, E.; Shimoji, K.; Endoh, H.; Ichikawa, T.; Hashiba, M., 1983:
Production of cyclic nucleotides from normal human brain

Luk, K.C.; Kobbe, B.; Townsend, J.M., 1977:
Production of cyclo piazonic acid by aspergillus flavus

Goto T.; Shinshi E.; Tanaka K.; Manabe M., 1987:
Production of cyclopiazonic acid by koji molds and possibility of cyclopiazonic acid contamination of japanese fermented foods

Foster B.C.; Coutts R.T.; Pasutto F.M.; Dossetor J.B., 1983:
Production of cyclosporin a by carrageenan immobilized tolypocladium inflatum in an airlift reaction with external loop

Strzelczyk E.; Kampert M., 1983:
Production of cyto kinin like substances by cylindrocarpon destructans isolates pathogenic and nonpathogenic to fir abies alba seedlings

Kampert, M.; Strzelczyk, E., 1978:
Production of cyto kinins by mycorrhizal fungi of pine pinus sylvestris

Bazanova E.A.; Lyampert I.M., 1983:
Production of cyto toxin by macrophages during delayed type hyper sensitivity to microbial antigens

Fujishima T.; Ichikawa M.; Ishige H.; Yoshino H.; Ohishi J.; Ikegami S., 1979:
Production of cytochalasin e by aspergillus terreus

Tani Y.; Yoon B.D.; Yamada H., 1985:
Production of cytochrome c by an obligate methylotroph methylomonas sp yk 1

Ferrarini M.; Pistoia V.; Roncella S.; Zupo S.; Barbano G.C.; Muzzulini C.; Verde A., 1987:
Production of cytokine by normal and neoplastic lymphocytes one possible mechanism of immune deficiency during lymphoproliferative diseases

Zhang L.; A.H.; Cao G.; Jiang Y.; Zhou G., 1988:
Production of cytomegalovirus monoclonal antibodies for the virus identification

Belloncik S.; Arella M., 1981:
Production of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus polyhedra in a gamma irradiated lymantria dispar cell line brief report

Robbins, D.S.; Shirazi, Y.; Drysdale, B.E.; Lieberman, A.; Shin, H.S.; Shin, M.L., 1987:
Production of cytotoxic factor for oligodendrocytes by stimulated astrocytes

Baltch, A.L.; Obrig, T.G.; Smith, R.P.; Hammer, M.C.; Conroy, J.V.; Lutz, F., 1987:
Production of cytotoxin by clinical strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Hasegawa J.; Ogura M.; Kanema H.; Kawaharada H.; Watanabe K., 1983:
Production of d beta hydroxy carboxylic acids from the corresponding carboxylic acids by a mutant of candida rugosa

Hasegawa J.; Ogura M.; Kanema H.; Noda N.; Kawaharada H.; Watanabe K., 1982:
Production of d beta hydroxy iso butyric acid from iso butyric acid by candida rugosa and its mutant

Emmanuel B.; Stangassinger M.; Giesecke D., 1982:
Production of d levo 3 hydroxy butyrate by an alternate mechanism in rumen epithelium of ovine ovis aries and bovine bos taurus

Izumori K.; Tsuzaki K., 1988:
Production of d tagatose from d galactitol by mycobacterium smegmatis

Grajek W., 1987:
Production of d xylanases by thermophilic fungi using different methods of culture

Pushchaeva, T.Ya, 1977:
Production of daphnia longispina in lakes of the southern krasnoyarsk krai

Vinogradov, B.D.; Chigaleichik, A.G.; Pirieva, D.A.; Ushakov, V.M.; Rylkin, S.S., 1976:
Production of deamidases of l asparagine and l glutamine by bacterial cultures

Becker R.; Irving D.W.; Saunders R.M., 1986:
Production of debranned amaranth flour by stone milling

Gustafsson P., 1988:
Production of deciduous trees and shrubs in container systems problems and possibilities

Aoshima I.; Tozawa Y.; Ohmomo S.; Ueda K., 1985:
Production of decolorizing activity for molasses pigment by coriolus versicolor ps 4a

Machova J.; Boska D., 1979:
Production of decremental oscillations following spike potential by muscarinic drugs histamine and brady kinin in cat sympathetic ganglion

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Production of Deepoxy-Diacetoxyscirpenol in a Culture of Fusarium graminearum

Yang C C.; Leong J., 1982:
Production of deferri ferrioxamine b and deferri ferrioxamine e from a ferroverdin producing streptomyces species

Leung K.N.; Ada G.L., 1980:
Production of delayed type hyper sensitivity in the mouse to influenza virus comparison with conditions for stimulation of cyto toxic t cells

Scherrer, P.; Luthy, P.; Trumpi, B., 1973:
Production of delta endo toxin by bacillus thuringiensis as a function of glucose concentrations

Miksza-Zyķiewicz, R.; Linda, H., 1981:
Production of dental plaque in vitro by streptococci and other organisms isolated from human dental plaques

Miller J.D.; Taylor A.; Greenhalgh R., 1983:
Production of deoxy nivalenol and related compounds in liquid culture by fusarium graminearum

Megalla S.E.; Bennett G.A.; Ellis J.J.; Shotwell O.L., 1987:
Production of deoxynivalenol and zearalenone by isolates of fusarium graminearum schw

Monsan, P.; Lopez, A., 1981:
Production of dextran by free and immobilized dextran sucrase ec

Koenig D.W.; Day D.F., 1988:
Production of dextranase by lipomyces starkeyi

Wipf B.; Kupfer E.; Bertazzi R.; Leuenberger H.G.W., 1983:
Production of dextro s ethyl 3 hydroxy butyrate and levo r ethyl 3 hydroxy butyrate by microbial reduction of ethyl acetoacetate

Oberman H.; Platkiewicz A.; Libudzisz Z., 1982:
Production of di acetyl and acetoin by lactic acid bacteria

Izuo N.; Nabe K.; Yamada S.; Chibata I., 1980:
Production of di hydroxy acetone by continuous cultivation of acetobacter suboxydans

Islam A.K.M.R.; Shepherd K.W., 1981:
Production of di somic wheat barley chromosome addition lines using hordeum bulbosum crosses

Shaw, C.E.; Kapica, L., 1972:
Production of diagnostic pigment by phenol oxidase ec activity of cryptococcus neoformans

Pogoril'ko, N.A.; Shelud'ko-Yu, M., 1978:
Production of diagnostic sera to potato viruses by gel filtration

Hopkins D.L., 1988:
Production of diagnostic symptoms of blight in citrus inoculated with xylella fastidiosa

Mitchell R.E.; Hale C.N.; Shanks J.C., 1983:
Production of different pathogenic symptoms and different toxins by strains of pseudomonas syringae pathovar tomato not distinguishable by gel immuno diffusion assay

Brodinova N.S.; Levdikova G.A.; Moroz A.F., 1987:
Production of different variants of pseudomonas aeruginosa toxoid and their characterization

Honma, Y.; Kasukabe, T.; Hozumi, M., 1978:
Production of differentiation stimulating factor in cultured mouse myeloid leukemia cells treated by gluco corticoids

Hagimori, M.; Matsumoto, T.; Kisaki, T., 1980:
Production of digitalis cardenolides by plant tissue culture 1. determination of digitoxin and digoxin contents in 1st and 2nd passage calli and organ re differentiating calli of several digitalis spp by radio immunoassay

Chowdhury, A.R., 1983:
Production of Diosgenin in somatic callus tissues of Dioscorea floribunda

Tsuchiya, S.; Yokoyama, S.; Yoshie, O.; Ono, Y., 1980:
Production of diphtheria anti toxin antibody in epstein barr virus induced lympho blastoid cell lines

Zhao Z.; G.M., 1984:
Production of diploid pure lines of maize zea mays through parthenogenesis induced by chemicals

Voronina E.N.; Kokoza E.B.; Dianov G.L.; Salganik R.I., 1980:
Production of directional mutations in phage t 7 by transfection of escherichia coli with locally alkylated t 7 dna

Andersson K.; Fuxe K.; Nilsen O.G.; Toftgard R.; Eneroth P.; Gustafsson J A., 1981:
Production of discrete changes in dopamine and noradrenaline levels and turnover in various parts of the rat brain following exposure to xylene o xylene m xylene and p xylene and ethyl benzene

Niizeki M.; Hayashi H.; Saito K I., 1984:
Production of disomic haploids by anther culture of a series of trisomic plants in nicotiana sylvestris

Marotti K.R.; Belin D.; Strickland S., 1982:
Production of distinct forms of plasminogen activator by mouse embryonic cells

Kozlov-Yu, V.; Tanyashin, V.I.; Zalmanzon, E.S.; Shilov, A.A., 1976:
Production of dna fragments of adenovirus type 5 using specific endo nuclease from escherichia coli

Gracheva, S.F.; Bakhvalov, O.V.; Levagina, G.M., 1978:
Production of dna from salmon milt by the phenol method

Marshall R.; Kaufman A.K., 1981:
Production of dnase rnase coagulase and hemo lysins by anaerobic gram positive cocci

Bayoumi E.S.; Prokopek D.; Reuter H., 1985:
Production of domiati cheese from ultrahigh temperature milk

Ruber E.; Gillis G.; Montagna P.A., 1981:
Production of dominant emergent vegetation and of pool algae on a northern massachusetts usa salt marsh

Akram, M.; Aslamkhan, M., 1975:
Production of dominant lethal mutations by gamma irradiation in the malaria mosquito anopheles stephensi

Noble, R.C.; Vosti, K.L., 1971:
Production of double zones of hemolysis by certain strains of hemolytic streptococci of groups A, B, C, and G on heart infusion agar

Guiderdoni, E.; Courtois, B.; Dechanet, R.; Feldmann, P., 1986:
Production of doubled haploid lines of rice oryza sativa l. by the culture of anthers in vitro

Bogomolova, L.G.; Znamenskaya, T.V.; Suslov, V.S.; Podol'skii, M.V.; Vorontsova, N.A., 1976:
Production of dry gelatinol and a study of its properties

Frumin, L.E.; Asatiani-Ts, S.; Vasyukov, S.E.; Pakhomov, V.P.; Sapleva, V.T., 1978:
Production of dry protein products from wastes of insulin and heparin industry

Zeitoun R.; Soliman M.R.I.; Abou Zeit Har M.S.; Azza; E.Z.yadi E.B.; Abdel Galil A.A.M., 1980 :
Production of duodenal lesions in rats by repeated intra muscular injections of aqueous histamine

Hartenstein R., 1981:
Production of earthworms eisenia foetida as a potentially economical source of protein

Danielson R.M.; Visser S.; Parkinson D., 1984:
Production of ecto mycorrhizae on container grown jack pine pinus banksiana seedlings

Yazawa, K.; Araki, K.; Okazaki, N.; Watanabe, K.; Ishikawa, C.; Inoue, A.; Numao, N.; Kondo, K., 1988:
Production of eicosapentaenoic acid by marine bacteria

Nicas, T.I.; Iglewski, B.H., 1986:
Production of elastase and other exoproducts by environmental isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Plato, P.; Miklos, J., 1985:
Production of element correction factors for thermoluminescent dosimeters

Varghese T.M.; Yadav G., 1986:
Production of embryoids and calli from isolated microspores of tomato lycopersicon esculentum in liquid media

Fattom A.; Shilo M., 1985:
Production of emulcyan by phormidium j 1 its activity and function

Banerjee S.; Duttagupta S.; Chakrabarty A.M., 1983:
Production of emulsifying agent during growth of pseudomonas cepacia with 2 4 5 t

Stroop, W.G.; Schaefer, D.C., 1986:
Production of encephalitis restricted to the temporal lobes by experimental reactivation of herpes simplex virus

Semichaevskii V.D.; Tsarevich N.V., 1986:
Production of endo 1 4 beta glucanase and monophenol monooxygenase by basidiomycetes cultivated in a hydrol containing medium

Fukuoka S.; Kobayashi Y., 1986:
Production of endo pectate lyase by two stage cultivation of erwinia carotovora

Rai, J.N.; Srivastava, S.K., 1975:
Production of endo poly galacturonase and cellulase by isolates of macrophomina phaseoli causing stem and root rot disease of brassica juncea

Szajer, I.; Bousquet, J.F., 1975:
Production of endo poly galacturonase and pectin methyl esterase by some strains of plant pathogenic fungi some effects of carbon source in the growth medium

Il'inskaya, S.P.; Sergeeva, N.V.; Kostik, F.D., 1975:
Production of endo poly methyl galacturonase by fungus rhizopus arrhizus depending on nitrogen and phosphorus sources in the medium

Borghi A.L.; Ramos L.L.; Corallini D.B.acalenti B.J., 1981:
Production of endo sporulated spherules by inoculating arthro conidio spore fungi isolated from the soil

Efremov, O.M.; Sorokin, A.V.; El'kina, O.A., 1978:
Production of endogenous pyrogen by bone marrow cells

Agasarov L.G.; Sorokin A.V.; Ukhanova I.K., 1984:
Production of endogenous pyrogen by mononuclear phagocytes

Bernard, C.; Ferrary, E.; Sterkers, O., 1986:
Production of endolymph in the semicircular canal of the frog Rana esculenta

Griffith, T.M.; Edwards, D.H.; Newby, A.C.; Lewis, M.J.; Henderson, A.H., 1986:
Production of endothelium derived relaxant factor is dependent on oxidative phosphorylation and extracellular calcium

Bishop, G.C.; Ilsley, A.H., 1978:
Production of enniatin as a criterion for confirming the identity of fusarium lateritium isolates

Slack A.W.; Amundson C.H.; Hill C.G.Jr, 1986:
Production of enriched beta lactoglobulin and alpha lactalbumin whey protein fractions

Amundson C.H.; Watanawanichakorn S.; Hill C.G.Jr, 1982:
Production of enriched protein fractions of beta lacto globulin and alpha lacto globulin from cheese whey

Oliveira M.S.; Castro A.F.P.D.; Serafim M.B.; Portugal M.A.S.C., 1982:
Production of entero toxin and drug resistance among strains of colibacilli isolated from swine diarrhea

Ramia S.; Neter E.; Brenner D.J., 1982:
Production of enterobacterial common antigen as an aid to classification of newly identified species of the families enterobacteriaceae and vibrionaceae

Rogers, H.J.; Synge, C.; Kimber, B.; Bayley, P.M., 1977:
Production of enterochelin by escherichia coli strain o 111

Stelma G.N.Jr; Spaulding P.L.; Reyes A.L.; Johnson C.H., 1988:
Production of enterotoxin by vibrio vulnificus isolates

Niemiałtowski, M.; Szynkiewicz, Z.; Binek, M.; Klimuszko, D.; Ciosek, D.; Jakubowski, T., 1986:
Production of enterotoxins by strains of Escherichia coli isolated from pigs

Bradley, P.M., 1978:
Production of enucleated plant protoplasts of allium cepa

Kerwin, R.M.; Ruelius, H.W., 1969:
Production of enz alcohol oxidase by several basidiomycetes polyporus sp

Cedar, H.; Schwartz, J.H., 1968:
Production of enz l asparaginase ii by escherichia coli

Pettipher G.L.; Latham M.J., 1979:
Production of enzymes degrading plant cell walls and fermentation of cellobiose by ruminococcus flavefaciens in batch and continuous culture

Riznyk, R.Z.; Edens, J.I.; Libby, R.C., 1978:
Production of epi benthic diatoms in a southern california usa impounded estuary

Van-Raalte, C.D.; Valiela, I.; Teal, J.M., 1976:
Production of epi benthic salt marsh algae light and nutrient limitation

Schiltz, J.R.; Michel, B., 1976:
Production of epidermal acantholysis in normal human skin in vitro by the immuno globulin g fraction from pemphigus serum

Burmeister M.; Avivi A.; Schlessinger J.; Soreq H., 1984:
Production of epidermal growth factor containing polypeptides in xenopus laevis oocytes microinjected with submaxillary gland messenger rna

Habets Cruetzen A.Q.H.; Brink L.E.S.; Van Ginkel C.G.; D.B.nt J.A.M.; Tramper J., 1984:
Production of epoxides from gaseous alkenes by resting cell suspensions and immobilized cells of alkene utilizing bacteria

Thompson J.L.; Epstein M.A.; Achong B.G.; Chen J.J., 1983:
Production of epstein barr virus by normal human naso pharyngeal epithelial cells exposed to the virus in vitro

Sullivan R.; Hesketh P.J.; Mccarroll L.A.; Zuckerman K.S., 1986:
Production of erythroid burst promoting activity and granulocyte monocyte colony stimulating activity by isolated human t lymphocyte subpopulations

Golde D.W.; Bersch N.; Quan S.G.; Lusis A.J., 1980:
Production of erythroid potentiating activity by a human thymus derived lympho blast cell line

Choppin, J.; Casadevall, N.; Lacombe, C.; Wendling, F.; Goldwasser, E.; Berger, R.; Tambourin, P.; Varet, B., 1985:
Production of erythropoietin by cloned malignant murine erythroid cells

Germani Y.; Dassy B., 1984:
Production of escherichia coli heat labile toxin in a defined medium and assay in vero cell culture

Bisson W.; Beiderbeck R.; Reichling J., 1983:
Production of essential oils by cell suspensions of matricaria chamomilla in a 2 phase system

Belay, N.; Daniels, L., 1987:
Production of ethane, ethylene, and acetylene from halogenated hydrocarbons by methanogenic bacteria

Millan C.; Ortega J.M., 1988:
Production of ethanol acetaldehyde and acetic acid in wine by various yeast races role of alcohol and aldehyde dehydrogenase

Duvnjak Z.; Houle C.; Mok K.L., 1987:
Production of ethanol and biomass from various carbohydrates by kluyveromyces fragilis

Maddox I.S., 1982:
Production of ethanol and n butanol from hexose pentose mixtures using consecutive fermentations with saccharomyces cerevisiae and clostridium acetobutylicum

Rosa M.F.; S.C.rreia I.; Novais J.M., 1987:
Production of ethanol at high temperatures in the fermentation of jerusalem artichoke juice and a simple medium by kluyveromyces marxianus

Abate C.M.; Callieri D.A.S.; Acosta S.; D.V.e M., 1987:
Production of ethanol by a flocculent saccharomyces sp in a continuous upflow reactor using sucrose sugar cane juice and molasses as the carbon source

Acosta S.; Callieri D.A.S.; Navarro A., 1988:
Production of ethanol by a zymomonas sp strain free and immobilized in pectin

Daugulis A.J.; Brown N.M.; Cluett W.R.; Dunlop D.B., 1981:
Production of ethanol by adsorbed yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells

Veliky I.A.; Williams R.E., 1981:
Production of ethanol by saccharomyces cerevisiae immobilized in poly cation stabilized calcium alginate gels

Iso H., 1987:
Production of ethanol dependence in rats by voluntary consumption over a one month period

Uehara T.; Suganuma H., 1988:
Production of ethanol fat and oil and methane gas from several crops

Suihko M L.; Enari T M., 1981:
Production of ethanol from d glucose and d xylose by different fusarium strains

Lee S H.; Lee W S.; Bang W G., 1987:
Production of ethanol from d xylose by fusarium sp

Park Y.K.; Sato H.H.; Martin M.E.S.; Ciacco C.F., 1987:
Production of ethanol from extruded corn starch by a nonconventional fermentation method

Pejin D.; Popov S.; Razmovski R., 1985:
Production of ethanol from jerusalem artichoke helianthus tuberosus by kluyveromyces marxianus

Muro M.A.D.; Park Y.K.; Carioca J.O.B., 1984:
Production of ethanol from raw babassu starch by a nonconventional fermentation method

Marihart J., 1982:
Production of ethanol from starch industry by products especially potato pulp

Van Vuuren H.J.J.; Meyer L., 1982:
Production of ethanol from sugarcane molasses by zymomonas mobilis

Matzik B.; Genuit A.; Kopp R., 1984:
Production of ethanol from wheat research on the pressure free starch decomposition process

Gong C S.; Ladisch M.R.; Tsao G.T., 1981:
Production of ethanol from wood hemi cellulose hydrolyzates by a xylose fermenting yeast mutant candida sp xf 217

Lill, R.E.; Mcwha, J.A., 1976:
Production of ethylene by incubated litter of pinus radiata

Klekner V.; Simova E.; Ricica J.; Panos J., 1984:
Production of exo poly saccharide from ethanol in agrobacterium radiobacter

Ryabushko, T.A., 1978:
Production of exocellular amylases by pseudomonads

Mevvedeva T.N.; Matyashova R.N.; Lenskikh G.V.; Romanova I.B., 1985:
Production of exocellular higher fatty acids by candida yeasts growing on hexadecane

Egorov N.S.; Grechushkuna N.N.; Botvinko I.V.; Sviridov A.F.; Semenova E.V., 1984:
Production of exocellular polysaccharides by saprotrophic mycobacteria

Vasileva-Tonkova, E.S.; Bezborodova, S.I., 1986:
Production of exocellular rna depolymerases by trichoderma fungi

Yang B Y.; Tseng Y H., 1988:
Production of exopolysaccharide and levels of protease and pectinase activity in pathogenic and non pathogenic strains of xanthomonas campestris pathovar campestris

Malashenko Y.R.; Grinberg T.A.; Pirog T.P.; Karpenko V.I., 1987:
Production of exopolysaccharides by immobilized cells of micrococcus sp growing on ethanol

Andreyuk E.I.; Izzheurova V.V.; Iutinskaya G.A.; Kigel' N.F.; Sadovnikov Y.S.; Ivanova N.I., 1984:
Production of exopolysaccharides by soil microflora under different conditions of periodic cultivation

Kalunyants, N.P.; Dikanskaya, E.M.; Deryabin, V.V.; Dolgaya, M.B.; Fedulova, O.V.; Starukhina, L.A., 1986:
Production of exopolysaccharides by the obligatory methylotrophic bacteria methylobacillus methylophilus vsb 792

Glukhova E.V.; Shenderov B.A.; Yarotskii S.V., 1985:
Production of exopolysaccharides in cultures of bacillus polymyxa on different carbohydrate substrates

Munoz, J.J.; Mackay, I.R., 1984:
Production of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis with the aid of pertussigen in mouse strains considered genetically resistant

Tiell M.L.; Sussman I.I.; Moss R.; Drouet L.C.; Spaet T.H., 1982:
Production of experimental arterio sclerosis in fawn hooded rats with platelet storage pool deficiency

Brodie, T.E.; Mills, N.L.; Thompson, S.L.; King, T.D., 1976 :
Production of experimental atrial septal defects

Winn, H.R.; Mendes, M.; Moore, P.; Wheeler, C.; Rodeheaver, G., 1979:
Production of experimental brain abscess in the rat

Abitbol, M.M.; Pirani, C.L.; Ober, W.B.; Driscoll, S.G.; Cohen, M.W., 1976:
Production of experimental toxemia in the pregnant dog

Muthukumaran, N.; Dhar, S.C., 1980:
Production of extracellular acid lipase ec by rhizopus nodosus under various physicochemical environments

Hellmich S.; Schauz K., 1988:
Production of extracellular alkaline and neutral proteases of ustilago maydis

Honda H.; Kudo T.; Horikoshi K., 1986:
Production of extracellular alkaline xylanase of alkalophilic bacillus sp c 125 by escherichia coli carrying pcx 311

Suzuki, Y.; Kishigami, T.; Abe, S., 1976:
Production of extracellular alpha glucosidase ec by a thermophilic bacillus sp new species

Maslova R.A., 1979:
Production of extracellular amino acids by some wood attacking fungi

Gasperik J.; Hostinova E.; Zelinka J., 1985:
Production of extracellular amylase by endomycopsis fibuliger on complex starch substrates

Janda, W.M.; Kuramitsu, H.K., 1978:
Production of extracellular and cell associated glucosyl transferase ec activity by streptococcus mutans during growth on various carbon sources/

Iritani, Y.; Iwaki, S.; Katagiri, K., 1978:
Production of extracellular antigen in culture supernate by Haemophilus gallinarum

Ghosh A.K.; Sengupta S., 1982:
Production of extracellular carbohydrases by mushrooms

Shnyukova-Ye, I., 1977:
Production of extracellular carbohydrates by some blue green algae

Arinze, A.E.; Nazvi, S.H.Z.; Ekundayo, J.A., 1976:
Production of extracellular cellulolytic and pectic enzymes by lasiodiplodia theobromae on sweet potato ipomoea batatas tubers

Rouau X.; Odier E., 1986:
Production of extracellular enzyme by the white rot fungus dichomitus squalens in cellulose containing liquid culture

Moreau R.A.; Seibles T.S., 1985:
Production of extracellular enzymes by germinating cysts of phytophthora infestans

Khan A.J.; Husain A., 1985:
Production of extracellular enzymes by phytophthora nicotianae var nicotianae a 2

Nevalainen, K.M.; Palva, E.T., 1978:
Production of extracellular enzymes in mutants isolated from trichoderma viride unable to hydrolyze cellulose

Antarikanonda P., 1984:
Production of extracellular free amino acids by cyanobacterium anabaena siamensis

Yamada Y.; Tani Y.; Kamihara T., 1984:
Production of extracellular glutathione by candida tropicalis pk 233

Srivastava R.A.K.; Nigam J.N.; Pillai K.R.; Baruah J.N., 1981:
Production of extracellular high heat stable amylase by a thermophilic bacillus sp

Uejima Y.; Yamada Y.; Tani Y., 1986:
Production of extracellular mannan by candida tropicalis pk 233

Kuwahara M.; Ishida Y.; Miyagawa Y.; Kawakami C., 1984:
Production of extracellular nad and nadp by a lignin degrading fungus phanerochaete chrysosporum

Kuhla J.; Dingler C.; Oelze J., 1985:
Production of extracellular nitrogen containing components by azotobacter vinelandii fixing dinitrogen in oxygen controlled continuous culture

Gibson D.M., 1987:
Production of extracellular phytase from aspergillus ficuum on starch media

Lee J S.; Kim C J.; Lee J S., 1988:
Production of extracellular protein from bacillus sp

Philipp, W.D.; Menke, G.; Grossmann, F., 1979:
Production of extracellular rnase by cercosporella herpotrichoides in vitro 1. fungal growth and enzyme production

Philipp, W.D.; Menke, G.; Grossmann, F., 1979:
Production of extracellular rnase by cercosporella herpotrichoides in vitro 2. partial purification and characterization of the enzymes

Burt, W.R.; Cazin, J.J., 1976:
Production of extracellular rnase by yeasts and yeast like fungi and its repression by ortho phosphate in cryptococcus spp and tremella spp

Chandra A.K.; Medda S.; Bhadra A.K., 1980:
Production of extracellular thermostable alpha amylase by bacillus licheniformis

Mazumder T.K.; Nishio N.; Fukuzaki S.; Nagai S., 1987:
Production of extracellular vitamin b 12 compounds from methanol by methanosarcina barkeri

Silver, L.; Chandler, M.; Lane, H.E.D.; Caro, L., 1980:
Production of extrachromosomal r determinant circles from integrated r 100.1 involvement of the escherichia coli recombination system

Don J.; Avtalion R.R., 1988:
Production of f 1 and f 2 diploid gynogenetic tilapias and analysis of the hertwig curve obtained using uv irradiated sperm

Banga S.S.; Labana K.S., 1983:
Production of f 1 hybrids using ethrel induced male sterility in indian mustard brassica juncea

Mansfield, J.M.; Shannon, W.M.; Yen, S.E.; Wallace, J.H., 1977:
Production of factors with immuno suppressive activity by a murine lympho blastoid tumor cell line

Watanabe, T.; Uchida, T.; Kato, J.; Chibata, I., 1974:
Production of fad from riboflavine by a mutant of sarcina lutea

Beker, M.E., 1977:
Production of feed lysine with the microbiological method

Parrish D.J.; Gammon T.C.; Graves B., 1985:
Production of fermentables and biomass by six temperate fuel crops

Sugio T.; Mizunashi W.; Tano T.; Imai K., 1986:
Production of ferrous ions as intermediates during aerobic sulfur oxidation in thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Miyasaka H.; Nasu M.; Yamamto T.; Yoneda K., 1985:
Production of ferruginol by cell suspension cultures of salvia miltiorrhiza

Lesimple M.; Dournon C.; Labrousse M.; Houillon C., 1987:
Production of fertile salamanders by transfer of germ cell nuclei into eggs

Tanaka M.; Kawamura K.; Fang M.; Higashino K.; Kishimoto S.; Nakabayashi H.; Sato J., 1983:
Production of fibronectin by huh 6 cl 5 cell line established from a human hepato blastoma

Smith, H.S.; Riggs, J.L.; Mosesson, M.W., 1979:
Production of fibronectin by human epithelial cells in culture

Kauma, S.; Clark, M.R.; White, C.; Halme, J., 1988:
Production of fibronectin by peritoneal macrophages and concentration of fibronectin in peritoneal fluid from patients with or without endometriosis

Conover, C.A.; Poole, R.T., 1978:
Production of ficus elastica decora standards

Parker C.R.; Voshell R.Jr, 1983:
Production of filter feeding trichoptera in an impounded and a free flowing river

Yoshinaka R.; Sato M.; Tsuchiya N.; Ikeda S., 1983:
Production of fish sauce from sardine by utilization of its visceral enzymes

Nagieva F.G.; Bektemirova M.S.; Matevosyan K.Sh; Bektemirov T.A.; Pille E.R., 1980:
Production of fixed rabies virus in quail fibroblast culture growing in suspension

Girardin M.; Metche M., 1979:
Production of flavioline 2 5 7 tri hydroxy 1 4 naphtho quinone by a strain of aspergillus niger

Lancaster J.E.; Dommisse E.M.; Shaw M.L., 1988:
Production of flavor precursors s alkenyl l cysteine sulfoxides in photomixotrophic callus of garlic

Grinenko, G.S.; Bayunova, V.I.; Karpenko, R.G.; Kolyvanova, T.S., 1978:
Production of fluocinolone acetonide

Solin O.; Bergman J.; Haaparanta M.; Reissell A., 1988:
Production of fluorine 18 from water targets specific radioactivity and anionic contaminants

Gatley S.J.; Shaughnessy W.J., 1982:
Production of fluorine 18 labeled compounds with fluorine 18 ion produced with a 1 mw research reactor

Blessing G.; Coenen H.H.; Franken K.; Qaim S.M., 1986:
Production of fluorine 18 labeled fluorine gas hydrogen fluoride and aqueous fluoride ion using the neon 20 d alpha fluorine 18 process

Diksic M.; Toda Y., 1983:
Production of fluorine 18 labeled molecular fluorine with a medical mini cyclotron

Bennett L.W.; Miller G.W.; Y.M.H.; Lynn R.I., 1983:
Production of fluoro acetate by callus tissue from leaves of acacia georginae

Semenov, V.F.; Podgorskii, V.S.; Ivanov, V.N., 1978:
Production of fodder yeasts on plant byproduct and methanol hydrolysates

Rossi, M.; Germondari, I., 1982:
Production of food grade protein meal from defatted sunflower 2. functional properties evaluation

Ueyama, Y.; Matsui, N.; Nanjyo, I.; Ozaki, T.; Akita, K.; Ishida, K., 1987:
Production of forage crops in the temporary upland field 1. effect of hybrid maturity underdrainage system and planting density on the growth and yield of forage maize

Pares, Y., 1974:
Production of form 2 and acid resistant bacilli by suspensions of bacilli derived from lepromas or dermal secretions and incubated for a long time before sub culturing in media enriched with paraffin oil

Tani Y.; Sakai Y.; Yamada H., 1985:
Production of formaldehyde by a mutant of methanol yeast candida boidinii s 2

Klein S.M.; Cohen G.; Cederbaum A.I., 1981:
Production of formaldehyde during metabolism of di methyl sulfoxide by hydroxyl radical generating systems

Fukunaga M.; Cox B.A.; Von Sprecken R.S.; Yielding L.W., 1984:
Production of frameshift mutations in salmonella typhimurium by phenanthridinium derivatives enzymatic activation and photo affinity labeling

Harsh M.L.; Nag T.N., 1987:
Production of free and bound amino acids from some medicinal plants of indian arid zone

Sami A.J.; Akhtar M.W.; Malik N.N.; Naz B.A., 1988:
Production of free and substrate bound cellulases of cellulomonas flavigena

Stupakova, T.P., 1976:
Production of free keto acids by baro tolerant bacteria at an elevated pressure

Sugiura Y., 1979:
Production of free radicals from phenol and tocopherol by bleomycin iron ii complex

Barroso, J.; Neves, H.C.; Pais, M.S.S., 1987:
Production of free sterols by infected tubers of ophrys lutea cav. identification by gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Olien C.R.; Smith M.N.; Kindel P.K., 1986:
Production of freeze inhibitor polysaccharides of rye secale cereale cultivar rosen and barley hordeum vulgare cultivar hudson in tissue culture

Kierstan, M.P.J., 1978:
Production of fructose syrups from inulin containing plants

Jung K.H.; Lim J.Y.; Yoo S.J.; Lee J.H.; Yoo M.Y., 1987:
Production of fructosyltransferase from aureobasidium pullulans

Kauffeld N.M.; Nelson J., 1982:
Production of fruit from gynoecious pickling cucumbers cucumis sativus with 3 honey bee apis mellifera foraging periods

Bailey, J.E.; Pella, J.J.; Taylor, S.G., 1976:
Production of fry and adults of the 1972 brood of pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha from gravel incubators and natural spawning at auke creek alaska usa

Hyakumachi M.; Kobayashi K.; U.T., 1980:
Production of fumaric acid by rhizoctonia solani

Cruz, R.; Park, Y.K., 1982:
Production of fungal alpha galactosidase ec and its application to the hydrolysis of galacto oligo saccharides in soybean milk

Santos J.; Gomez G.; Alexander J.C., 1983:
Production of fungal aspergillus fumigatus protein from rasped fresh cassava manihot esculenta roots using 200 and 3000 liter fermentors

Taratunina L.V.; Tarasova N.V.; Manakov M.N.; Saikina E.V., 1987:
Production of fungal biomass on milk serum

Romanos M.A.; Rawlinson C.J.; Almond M.R.; Buck K.W., 1980:
Production of fungal growth inhibitors by isolates of gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici

Miles M.R.; Wilcoxson R.D., 1984:
Production of fungal inoculum using a substrate of perlite corn meal and potato dextrose agar

Sitaram, N.; Kunhi, A.A.M.; Geethadevi, B.R.; Rao, T.N.R., 1978:
Production of fungal protein from cellulosic plant materials

Holownia, I., 1978:
Production of fungi fruitbodies in the ecosystems of the piwnicki forest reserve poland

Rochefrette C.; Tivoli B.; Boissonnet Menes M., 1979:
Production of fungicide resistant and auxotrophic mutants from protoplasts of ophiobolus graminis study of their aggressivity and immunizing ability on wheat

Fuehrer E.; Elsufty R., 1979:
Production of fungistatic metabolites by teratocytes of apanteles glomeratus hymenoptera braconidae

Farber J.M.; Sanders G.W., 1986:
Production of fusarin c by fusarium spp

Aisaka, K.; Terada, O., 1981:
Production of galactose oxidase ec by gibberella fujikuroi

Pourrat H.; Regerat F.; Pourrat A.; Jean D., 1985:
Production of gallic acid from tara by a strain of aspergillus niger

Deschamps A.M.; Lebeault J M., 1984:
Production of gallic acid from tara caesalpinia spinosa tannin by bacterial strains

Ratliff T.L.; Macdermott R.P.; Poepping N.J.; Oakley D.M.; Shapiro A.; Catalona W.J., 1982:
Production of gamma infection by human t and null cells and its regulation by macrophages

Orlova T.G.; Zhdanova L.V.; Solov'eva M.N.; Mentkevich L.M., 1985:
Production of gamma interferon and alpha interferon by human blood leukocytes under conditions of successive induction

Palmer, B.A.; Hetrick, F.M.; Jerrells, T.J., 1984:
Production of gamma interferon in mice immune to Rickettsia tsutsugamushi

Nikolaev S.G., 1980:
Production of gammarus lacustris amphipoda gammaridae in lake sevan armenian ssr ussr

Mortensen E., 1982:
Production of gammarus pulex amphipoda in a small danish stream

Colt J.; Westers H., 1982:
Production of gas super saturation by aeration

Lee M.J.; Ryu D.D.Y., 1979:
Production of gentamicin by micromonospora purpurea fermentation variables

Abou-Zeid, A.Z.; Salem, H.M.; Eissa, A.E., 1978:
Production of gentamicins by Micromonospora purpurea

Gerber, N.N.; Lechevalier, H.A., 1977:
Production of geosmin in fermenters and extraction with an ion exchange resin

Richardson, M.D.; Smith, H., 1981:
Production of germ tubes by virulent and attenuated strains of Candida albicans

Long, W.S.; Slayman, C.L.; Low, K.B., 1978:
Production of giant cells of Escherichia coli

Herpers M.J.H.M.; Budka H.; Mccormick D., 1984:
Production of glial fibrillary acidic protein by neoplastic cells adaptation to the microenvironment

Lau, L.C., 1975:
Production of globules in mouse L cells penetrated with hamster sperms

Koranyi, L.; Peterfy, F.; Paksy, A.; Vargha, P., 1977:
Production of glucagon antibodies by thyro globulin zinc glucagon conjugate

Negrao, O.L.; Fontana, J.D.; Zancan, G.T., 1981:
Production of gluco amylase ec by dactylium dendroides

Hussein, A.A.; Morsi, M.K.S.; Mohsin, S.M., 1978:
Production of glucose by direct enzyme hydrolysis of cereals and tubers

Nakhapetyan L.A.; Motina L.I., 1988:
Production of glucose galactose syrups from whey

Costa Carvalho V.L.A.; Meirelles D.F.; Rocha Leao M.H.M., 1986:
Production of glucose grown glycogen rich cells of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Chen, W.P.; Anderson, A.W.; Han, Y.W., 1979:
Production of Glucose Isomerase by Streptomyces flavogriseus

Roy, D.K.; Chatterjee, S.P., 1982:
Production of glutamic acid by an arthrobacter sp 1. identification and nutritional requirement in relation to glutamic acid production

Kahlon S.S.; Sai B.V.S.T., 1986:
Production of glutamic acid by mutants of micrococcus glutamicus

Moss, C.W.; Kaltenbach, C.M., 1974:
Production of glutaric acid: a useful criterion for differentiating Pseudomonas diminuta from Pseudomonas vesiculare

Aisaka, K.; Uwajima, T.; Terada, O., 1983:
Production of glutathione peroxidase ec by mucor hiemalis

Ramachandran N.; Sulebele G., 1979:
Production of glycerol by osmophilic yeasts

Christen, P.; Gasser, A., 1980:
Production of glycolate by oxidation of the 1 2 di hydroxyethyl thiamine di phosphate intermediate of transketolase ec with hexa cyano ferrate iii or hydrogen per oxide

Maksimova, I.V.; Dal', E.S., 1975:
Production of glycolic acid by the cells of Chlorella pyrenoidosa

Breda M.; Ioneda T., 1988:
Production of glycolipids by rhodococcus rhodochrous grown on galactose

Schachtschabel, D.O.; Bigalke, B.; Rohen, J.W., 1977:
Production of glycosamino glycans by cell cultures of the trabecular meshwork of the primate eye

Garver R.I.Jr; Chytil A.; Karlsson S.; Fells G.A.; Brantly M.L.; Courtney M.; Kantoff P.W.; Nienhuis A.W.; Anderson W.F.; Crystal R.G., 1987:
Production of glycosylated physiologically normal human alpha 1 antitrypsin by mouse fibroblasts modified by insertion of a human alpha 1 antitrypsin complementary dna using a retroviral vector

Murav'ev I.A.; Savchenko L.N., 1979 :
Production of glycyrrhetinic acid from licorice root extracts

Fujio T.; Kotani Y.; Furuya A., 1984:
Production of gmp by enzymatic conversion of xmp

Itoh, K.; Mitsuoka, T., 1980:
Production of gnotobiotic mice with normal physiological functions 1. selection of useful bacteria from feces of conventional mice

Lang, G.M.; Lee, W.Y.; Carter, B.G.; Sehon, A.H., 1976:
Production of goat rat and guinea pig anti sera to murine immuno globulin e

Crockett J.R.; Koger M., 1982:
Production of grade hereford beefmaster x hereford and braford x hereford calves in south florida usa

Matteo, C.C.; Cooney, C.L.; Demain, A.L., 1976:
Production of gramicidin S synthetases by Bacillus brevis in continuous culture

Maruta A., 1982:
Production of granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating activity by human omentum

Tsuneoka K.; Shikita M., 1980:
Production of granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factors by various mammalian cell lines cultured in a protein free synthetic medium

Bonnefoix T.; Aubry J.P.; Sotto J.J., 1985:
Production of granulomacrophage colony stimulating factor by purified human t lymphocytes stimulated by concanavalin

Anderson W.K., 1985:
Production of green feed and grain from grazed barley in northern syria

Katruk E.A. , 1982:
Production of group b vitamins by thermophilic hydrogen oxidizing bacteria pseudomonas thermophila k 2

Kodama, M.; Tsuburaya, Y.; Koyama, H.; Kotanagi, H.; Ishikawa, K.; Narisawa, T.; Koyama, K.; Yamaguchi, T.; Takahashi, T., 1986:
Production of group I pepsinogen by gastric carcinoma

Patterson W.R.; Gauntt C.J., 1978:
Production of group specific and type specific antigens during nonpermissive infection of dog kidney cells with herpes simplex virus type 2

Kudlow, J.E.; Gerrie, B.M., 1983:
Production of growth factor activity by cultured bovine calf anterior pituitary cells

Klein, B.; Jourdan, M.; Vazquez, A.; Dugas, B.; Bataille, R., 1987:
Production of growth factors by human myeloma cells

Fisher, P.B.; Boersig, M.R.; Graham, G.M.; Weinstein, I.B., 1983:
Production of growth factors by type 5 adenovirus transformed rat embryo cells

Rao V.N.R.; Sivasubramanian V., 1981:
Production of growth inhibiting substance by nitzschia frustulum

Patil V.D.; Iswaran V., 1981:
Production of growth promoting substances by epiphytic micro flora of water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes

Pincus S.E.; Wimmer E., 1986:
Production of guanidine resistant and guanidine dependent poliovirus mutants from cloned complementary dna mutations in polypeptide 2c are directly responsible for altered guanidine sensitivity

Matsui H.; Sato K.; Enei H.; Hirose Y., 1979:
Production of guanosine by psicofuranine and decoyinine resistant mutants of bacillus subtilis

Matsui, H.; Sato, K.; Enei, H.; Hirose, Y., 1978:
Production of guanosine by sulfa guanidine resistant mutants of bacillus subtilis

Barber, T.A.; Burkholder, P.M.; Ilgen, C.L., 1976:
Production of guinea pig complement c 4 by peritoneal macrophages immuno labeling and ultrastructure

Ishii, A.; Takaoka, M.; Matsui, Y., 1977:
Production of guinea pig reaginic antibody against the house dust mite extract, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, without adjuvant

Nishioka, M.; Kondo, Y., 1978:
Production of gynogenetic ha ploids by treatment of spermatozoa with toluidine blue in rana japonica

Utsunomiya Y.; Utsunomiya T., 1983:
Production of ha ploid embryos of the newt cynops pyrrhogaster

Sibon M., 1981:
Production of ha ploid gerbera jamesonii plants by in vitro culture of unfertilized ovules

Loh C.S.; Ingram D.S., 1982:
Production of ha ploid plants from anther cultures and secondary embryoids of winter oilseed rape brassica napus ssp oleifera

Avetisov, V.A., 1976:
Production of ha ploids during in vitro culturing of arabidopsis thaliana anthers and isolated protoplasts

Keller W.A.; Armstrong K.C., 1983:
Production of ha ploids via anther culture in brassica oleracea var italica u cultivar green mountain

Ahmim M.; Vieth J., 1986:
Production of haploid plants gerbera jamesoni using in vitro culture of ovules

Pauk J., 1985:
Production of haploid plants of maize zea mays cultivar sarhad yellow through androgenesis

Gelebart, P.; San, L.H., 1987:
Production of haploid plants of sunflower helianthus annuus l. by in vitro culture of non fertilized ovaries and ovules

Cappadocia M.; Chretien L.; Laublin G., 1988:
Production of haploids in gerbera jamesonii via ovule culture influence of fall versus spring sampling on callus formation and shoot regeneration

Kobori N.; Murakami K.; Katsuki N.; Yamada S.; Eto M., 1985:
Production of hatching eggs in large breeding specific pathogen free chicken flocks

Bullock S.; Adams P.B.; Willetts H.J.; Ayers W.A., 1986:
Production of haustoria by sporidesmium sclerotivorum in sclerotia of sclerotinia minor

Barnes, C.A.; Singer, R.A.; Johnston, G.C., 1987:
Production of heat shock protein is independent of cell cycle blockage in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Moriyama, I.; Ushioda, E.; Ishibashi, S.; Hiraoka, K.; Shimozato, N.; Yamaguchi, R., 1974:
Production of heat stable alkaline phosphatase by human placenta in tissue culture

Ohba M.; Tantichodok A.; Aizawa K., 1981:
Production of heat stable exo toxin by bacillus thuringiensis and related bacteria

Fehr, P.M.; Sauvant, D., 1976:
Production of heavy kids part 1 influence of the age and mode of weaning on the performances of kids slaughtered at 26.5 to 29 kilograms

Cole, A.L.J.; Wood, R.K.S., 1970:
Production of hemi cellulases by penicillium digitatum

Wilson, J.B.; Miller, A.; Huisman, T.H.J., 1970:
Production of hemo globin c in the moufflon ovis musimon and the barbary sheep ammotragus lervia during experimental anemia amino acid composition of tryptic peptides from the beta b and beta c chains

Lobunets K.A., 1980:
Production of hemodynamic action plasma substitute on the basis of human erythrocyte modified globin

Sureau C.; Romet Lemonne J L.; Mullins J.I.; Essex M., 1986:
Production of hepatitis b virus by a differentiated human hepatoma cell line after transfection with cloned circular hepatitis b virus dna

Chang, C.M.; Jeng, K.S.; Hu, C.P.; Lo, S.J.; Su, T.S.; Ting, L.P.; Chou, C.K.; Han, S.H.; Pfaff, E.; Salfeld, J., 1987:
Production of hepatitis B virus in vitro by transient expression of cloned HBV DNA in a hepatoma cell line

Moszynska, B., 1978:
Production of herb layer in the mixed forest pino quercetum in the piwnicki forest reserve poland in 1972

Tsunoda Y.; Sugie T., 1979:
Production of hetero antibody to isolated pig zonae pellucidae

Heise B.A.; Flannagan J.F.; Galloway T.D., 1988:
Production of hexagenia limbata serville and ephemera simulans walker ephemeroptera in dauphin lake manitoba canada with a note on weight loss due to preservatives

Fantl V.E.; Wang D.Y.; Knyba R.E., 1982:
Production of high affinity mono clonal antibodies to progesterone

Van Zuilichem D.J.; Tempel W.J.; Stolp W.; Van't Riet K., 1985:
Production of high boiled sugar confectionery by extrusion cooking of sucrose liquid glucose mixtures

Rosa M.F.; Vieira A.M.; Bartolomeu M.L.; S.C.rreia I.; Cabral J.M.S.; Novais J.M., 1986:
Production of high concentration of ethanol from mash juice and pulp of jerusalem artichoke helianthus tuberosus tubers by kluyveromyces fragilis

Chen W P.; Chang Y C., 1984:
Production of high fructose rice syrup and high protein rice flour from broken rice

Bhatia M.; Prabhu K.A., 1980:
Production of high fructose syrup by a heat fixed lactobacillus sp

Bajpai P.; Margaritis A., 1985:
Production of high fructose syrup from jerusalem artichoke tubers using kluyveromyces marxianus cells immobilized in agar gel

Isackson P.J.; Beaudoin J.; Hermodson M.A.; Reeck G.R., 1983:
Production of high mobility group hmg 3 by limited trypsin digestion of purified high mobility group nonhistone chromatin proteins

Molina, M.R.; Gudiel, H.; Baten, M.A.; Bressani, R., 1982:
Production of high protein quality pasta products using a semolina corn zea mays soy flour mixture 3. effect of cooking on the protein nutritive value of pasta

Barker P.E.; Ganetsos G., 1985:
Production of high purity fructose from barley syrups using semi continuous chromatography

Suzuki K.; Blessing G.; Qaim S.M.; Stocklin G., 1982:
Production of high purity krypton 77 via the selenium 77 helium 3 3n krypton 77 process

Hussein, M.F.; El-Rahman, N.R.A.; Dabash, A.S.; Gamal, N.F., 1982:
Production of high quality single cell protein on molasses medium 1. selection of suitable cultures

Abd-El-Rahman, N.R.; Hussein, M.F.; Dabash, A.S.; El-Adawey, R.; Gamal, N.F., 1982:
Production of high quality single cell protein on molasses medium 2. the use of chemical mutagen to obtain suitable mutants

Dabash, A.S.; Hussein, M.F.; El-Rahman, N.R.A.; El-Adawy, R.A.; Gamal, N.F., 1982:
Production of high quality single cell protein on molasses medium 3. effect of cultural and environmental conditions

Abbey B.W.; Nkanga U.B., 1988:
Production of high quality weaning products from maize cowpea and crayfish mixtures

Sroczynski, A.; Pierzgalski, T.; Nowakowska, K., 1977:
Production of high saccharified syrups by 2 stage enzymatic hydrolysis of potato starch part 1 the effect of gluco amylase concentration on reducing sugar content increase at constant and variable ph values in hydrolysis of starch

Legoux Y.; Cieur M.; Goutheraud R.; Drouet J.; Crouzel C.; Syrota A., 1985:
Production of high specific activity iodine 123 for protein iodination for medical use

Papkovskii D.B.; Stafeeva O.A.; Savitskii A.P., 1988:
Production of high titer antisera to thyroxine for immunoassays

Endresz V.; Toth S.; Toth M., 1985:
Production of high titer human interferon gamma in primed leukocyte cultures

Gorecki R.J.; Grzesiuk S., 1985:
Production of high vigor pea horse bean and yellow lupine seeds

Cronk T.C.; Mattick L.R.; Steinkraus K.H.; Hackler L.R., 1979:
Production of higher alcohols during indonesian tape ketan fermentation

Rabinovich S.E.; Nedugova N.E.; Kagan Z.S.; Gracheva I.M., 1979:
Production of higher alcohols from branched chain amino acids and their keto analogs by saccharomyces carlsbergensis

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