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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6194

Chapter 6194 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Duine J.A., 1985: Production of quinoprotein d glucose dehydrogenase in the culture medium of acinetobacter calcoaceticus

Vajna De Pava O., 1987: Production of r 1 1 3 dithian 2 ylpropan 2 ol by microbial reduction

Wolff D.A., 1981: Production of r type virus like particles in hamster cells

Bergdoll M.S., 1984: Production of rabbit anti sera to the staphylococcal entero toxins

Vestergaard, B. F.; Hesse, J.; Norrild, B.; Klein, G., 1978: Production of rabbit antibodies against the viral capsid antigen of the epstein barr virus

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193005

Kwon, Y. B.; Kim, Y. H.; Lim, Y. M.; Kang, B. J.; Lee, C. K.; Jeon, Y. S., 1981: Production of rabies live vaccine 1. biological properties of the experimentally produced tissue culture attenuated live vaccine

Gordon, G. L.; Doelle, H. W., 1975: Production of racemic lactic acid in pediococcus cerevisiae cultures by 2 lactate dehydrogenases

Kim S.C., 1979: Production of radio resistant mutants in murine l 5178y lymphoma cells

Ratner, P. L.; Cleary, M. L.; James, E., 1978: Production of rapid harvest moloney murine leukemia virus by continuous cell culture on synthetic capillaries

Kazantsev E.F., 1982: Production of rare recombinants from a cleaving plant population

Riera C.M., 1986: Production of rat male accessory gland lesions by transfer of spleen mononuclear cells

Tani Y., 1988: Production of raw cassava starch digestive glucoamylase by rhizopus sp in liquid culture

Thombre D.P., 1980: Production of re infarction in rat heart

Klockars M., 1987: Production of reactive oxygen metabolites induced by asbestos fibers in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Seim S., 1982: Production of reactive oxygen species and chemi luminescence by human monocytes during differentiation and lymphokine activation in vitro

Yoshida N., 1987: Production of recombinant human pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor by escherichia coli

Ikawa Y., 1987: Production of recombinant rat viruses as a method of oncogene isolation in coculture medium

Woods D.R., 1985: Production of recombinants after protoplast fusion in clostridium acetobutylicum p 262

Pysina T.V., 1979: Production of recombinants antigenically identical with naturally circulating influenza virus strains

Ogasawara N., 1981: Production of red koji in solid culture

Koehler P.E., 1983: Production of red water soluble monascus pigments

Kalter, S. S.; Rodriguez, A. R.; Armour, V., 1968: Production of reference enteroviruses african green monkey kidney cells baboon kidney cells rhesus monkey kidney cells human amnion cells

Angus, R. D., 1978: Production of reference purified protein derivative tuberculins for veterinary use in the usa

Vesonder, R. F.; Ciegler, A.; Jensen, A. H., 1977: Production of refusal factors by fusarium strains on grains

Yanaihara N., 1987: Production of region specific antisera to human prorenin and renin using synthetic peptides

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193026

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193027

Shelton W.L., 1982: Production of reproductively limited grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella for biological control of aquatic weeds phase ii

Ishidate M.Jr, 1986: Production of restriction endonucleases from various salmonella strains of human origin

Ishidate M.Jr, 1986: Production of restriction endonucleases using multicopy hsd plasmids occurring naturally in pathogenic escherichia coli and shigella boydii

Taban, C. H.; Cathieni, M.; Constantinidis, J., 1976: Production of retarded albino regenerates in newts by alpha methyl p tyrosine

Shirai, T.; Cohen, S. M.; Fukushima, S.; Ito, N., 1977: Production of reversible papillary proliferation of the urinary bladder in rats

Maksimova T.S., 1980: Production of rhodomycins in streptomyces griseoruber 4620

Fields M.L., 1986: Production of riboflavin and vitamin b 12 by bacillus megaterium atcc 13639 and enterobacter aerogenes in corn zea mays meal

Chopde, A. J.; Dhala, S. A., 1976: Production of riboflavine by cytophagas

Ko S W., 1986: Production of rice oryza sativa cultivar tainung 67 plantlets on sodium chloride stressed medium and evaluation of their progenies

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193038

Quacquarelli, A.; Piazzolla, P.; Avgelis, A.; Gallitelli, D., 1977: Production of rna and artificial top component from parsley carrot leaf virus heated in vitro

Niven D.F., 1985: Production of rna dependent hemolysin by haemophilus pleuropneumoniae

Troughton A., 1980: Production of root axes and leaf elongation in perennial rye grass in relation to dryness of the upper soil layer

Van Veen J.A., 1987: Production of root derived material and associated microbial growth in soil at different nutrient levels

Jester, D. B., 1976: Production of rough or commercial fishes in elephant butte lake new mexico usa

Serzedello A., 1980: Production of rozites gongylophora biomass for use as complementary feed

Schneider, R. J.; Goldberg, C. J., 1976: Production of rubidium 81 by the reaction of rubidium 85 to strontium 81 and decay of strontium 81

Natori, S.; Sakaki, S.; Kurata, H.; Udagawa, S.; Ichinoe, M.; Saito, M.; Umeda, M.; Ohtsubo, K., 1970: Production of rubra toxin b by penicillium purpurogenum

Emeh, C. O.; Marth, E. H., 1976: Production of rubra toxin by penicillium rubrum in a soy whey malt extract medium

Kiorboe T., 1980: Production of ruppia cirrhosa in mixed beds in ringkobing fjord denmark

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193049

Yamada H., 1986: Production of s adenosyl l homocysteine by bacterial cells with a high content of s adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase utilization of a racemic mixture of homocysteine as the substrate

Yamada H., 1986: Production of s adenosyl l methionine by saccharomyces sake

Kimura A., 1988: Production of s lactoylglutathione by glycerol adapted saccharomyces cerevisiae and genetically engineered escherichia coli cells

Amaha M., 1981: Production of s methyl thio acetate from methyl mercaptan by brewers yeast

Ingle B.H., 1984: Production of s phoneme as a function of word frequency phonetic environment and phoneme position

Srinivas R.V., 1980: Production of s pyocin and r pyocin by pseudomonas aeruginosa a preliminary study

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193056

Ordorica Falomir C., 1986: Production of safflower carthamus tinctorius protein isolates composition yield and protein quality

Fayer, R., 1977: Production of sarcocystis cruzi sporocysts by dogs fed experimentally infected and naturally infected beef

Kananykhina V.A., 1980: Production of scab resistant interspecific apple tree hybrids based on malus sieboldii

Nakamura, N.; Horikoshi, K., 1977: Production of schardinger beta dextrin by soluble and immobilized cyclo dextrin glycosyl transferase ec of an alkalophilic bacillus sp

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193061

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193062

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193063

Renard P., 1986: Production of second generation triploid and tetraploid rainbow trout by mating tetraploid males and diploid females potential of tetraploid fish

Bykovskaya S.N., 1982: Production of secondary t killers

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193066

Forstner G., 1986: Production of secretory immunoglobulin a in rat self filling blind loops local secretory immunoglobulin a immune response to luminal bacterial flora

Puech S., 1986: Production of seed dispersals and germination potentials of some species of fleshy ornithochorous fruits in southeastern france

Vakis N.J., 1980: Production of seed potatoes in cyprus

Hughes I.K., 1981: Production of seed potatoes in queensland australia

Ueda, H.; Miyamoto, T.; Naito, R., 1977: Production of seedless berries with gibberellic acid in muscat bailey a grape part 3 effects of benzyl adenine applied at different concentrations with gibberellic acid before full bloom on compactness and other bunch qualities

Nosova L.I., 1983: Production of seeds in ceno populations of cushion shaped plants of the pamirs ussr

Sawicki J., 1981: Production of seeds of the hairy vetch and fodder rye from re growth obtained after harvesting the mixture as green crop

Stoecklin G., 1988: Production of selenium 73 via p 3n and d 4n reactions on arsenic

Brumerstedt E., 1984: Production of semen in a bull with lethal trait a 46 during peroral supplementation with zinc oxide

Pourrat A., 1988: Production of semi alkaline protease by aspergillus niger

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193077

Davidson G., 1987: Production of semisterile mutants in the anopheles gambiae sensu lato species complex

Hart L.P., 1988: Production of sensitive monoclonal antibodies to aflatoxin b 1 and aflatoxin m 1 and their application to elisa of naturally contaminated foods

Nakashima J., 1987: Production of sensitized latex for detection of potato virus x

Hosoda S., 1984: Production of serotonin by a transplantable strain of histamine producing primary gastric carcinoid of mastomys natalensis

Salganik R.I., 1983: Production of serratia marcescens mutants synthesizing endo nuclease in high quantities by nitrosomethyl urea treatment of the synchronized culture

Rossolini G.M., 1985: Production of serum opacity factor by streptococcus pyogenes strains isolated from pharyngitis in children prevalence of rheumatogenic m types among opacity factor negative strains

Szpirer C., 1979: Production of serum proteins in normal di ploid fibroblast hepatoma cell hybrids and in a 9 normal liver cell hybrids

Sziraki I., 1980: Production of sesqui terpene phyto alexins in tissue culture callus of potato tubers

Iwanaga, T.; Koyama, H.; Uchiyama, S.; Takahashi, Y.; Nakano, S.; Itoh, T.; Horai, T.; Wada, A.; Tateishi, R., 1978: Production of several substances by medullary carcinoma of the thyroid

Hetzel B.S., 1980: Production of severe iodine deficiency in sheep using a prepared low iodine diet

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193090

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193092

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193093

Rowe J.D., 1987: Production of sheep goat chimeras by inner cell mass transplantation

Pickering L.K., 1986: Production of shiga toxin and other cytotoxins by serogroups of shigella

Formal S.B., 1982: Production of shigella dysenteriae type 1 like cyto toxin by escherichia coli

Hara, Y.; Morimoto, T.; Fujita, Y., 1987: Production of shikonin derivatives by cell suspension cultures of lithospermum erythrorhizon v. differences in the production between callus and suspension cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193098

Ueckermann, E., 1976: Production of silage concentrate rich in raw fiber in silos

Neelakantan S., 1982: Production of single cell protein and cellulase by aspergillus terreus from bagasse substrate

Kummerlin R.R., 1984: Production of single cell protein and ethanol in deproteinized extract of plants

Nagai I., 1986: Production of single cell protein by methanol using bacteria

Srinivasan V.R., 1983: Production of single cell protein from cellulose by aspergillus terreus

Vaccarino, C.; Lo-Curto, R.; Tripodo, M. M.; De-Gregorio, A.; Bellocco, E.; Lagana, G.; Patane, R., 1982: Production of single cell protein from grape marc pretreated with sulfur dioxide 2. use of exhausted or depleted grape marc from distillery

Obana S., 1979: Production of single cell protein from methanol by a bacterium

Shin D H., 1988: Production of single cell protein from starchy material by the fusant

Pou, J.; Figarella, X.; Fernandez, M. J.; Garrido, J., 1985: Production of single cell protein from sugarcane bagasse i. study of bagasse hydrolysis and selection of yeast species

Pou, J.; Fernandez, M. J.; Garrido, J., 1985: Production of single cell protein from sugarcane bagasse ii. study of the multiplication of trichosporum penicillatum in semi solid substrate cultures in trays

Mostafa M.M., 1985: Production of single cell protein on media containing potato processing waste starch

Lebeault J.M., 1987: Production of single cell protein with cellulomonas sp on hempstalk wastes

Banerjee A.K., 1984: Production of single protein from hydro carbons by arthrobacter simplex 162

Hamelin C., 1985: Production of single strand and double strand breaks in plasmid dna by ozone

Greaves J.P., 1979: Production of single strand breaks in the dna of streptococcus faecalis after mild heating

Pathak M.A., 1983: Production of singlet oxygen and super oxide radicals by psoralens and their biological significance

Benedict W.F., 1979: Production of sister chromatid exchanges by various cancer chemo therapeutic agents

Palitti F., 1981: Production of sister chromatid exchanges by x rays under aerobic and anaerobic conditions

Carlson J.R., 1981: Production of skatole and p cresol by a rumen lactobacillus sp

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193118

Kirkcaldy, M.; Beaton, G. H., 1977: Production of slow alpha 2 globulin in the pregnant rat

Murota S I., 1981: Production of slow reacting substance in rat granulomatous inflammation

Nakamura M., 1982: Production of small arterial lesions in nephrectomized rats by the administration of pure cathepsin d

Paragamian V.L., 1987: Production of smallmouth bass in the maquoketa river iowa

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193123

Nigra, H. M.; Caso, O. H.; Giulietti, A. M., 1987: Production of solasodine by calli from different parts of solanum eleagnifolium cav. plants

Howard R.W., 1981: Production of soldiers and maintenance of soldier proportions by laboratory experimental groups of reticulitermes flavipes and reticulitermes virginicus isoptera rhinotermitidae

Payne R.E.Jr, 1984: Production of soluble and cell associated fibronectin by cultured keratinocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193128

Baker P.J., 1985: Production of soluble suppressor factor by spleen cells from mice immunized with type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide

Rouse B.T., 1985: Production of soluble suppressor factors by herpes simplex virus stimulated splenocytes from herpes simplex virus immune mice

Morris J.G., 1984: Production of solvents by clostridium acetobutylicum cultures maintained at neutral ph

Monjour, L.; Mille, C.; Druilhe, P.; Gentilini, M., 1978: Production of somatic and metabolic antigens of leishmania donovani with a modified culture medium

Kameya T., 1986: Production of somatic hybrid plants between cabbage brassica oleracea and chinese cabbage brassica campestris through protoplast fusion

Kameya T., 1987: Production of somatic hybrid plants brassicomoricandia through protoplast fusion between moricandia arvensis and brassica oleracea

Jones M.G.K., 1988: Production of somatic hybrids by electrofusion in solanum

Hollenberg M.D., 1984: Production of somatomedin like activity by human adult tumor derived transformed and normal cell cultures and by cultured rat hepatocytes effect of culture conditions and of epidermal growth factor urogastrone

Hargraves P.E., 1982: Production of some benthic communities at carrie bow cay belize

Velichko, I. M., 1977: Production of some green filamentous algae in natural associations

Tul'kes, S. G.; Rumyantsev-Yu, M.; Shishkov, A. V., 1978: Production of some tritium labeled biologically active compounds using tritium atomic bundle and their use for physical studies of bio polymers

Khalaf S.M., 1981: Production of some vegetable crops in sinai egypt

Boesmans B., 1985: Production of source separated domestic waste fractions

Cheryan M., 1981: Production of soy isolates by ultra filtration factors affecting yield and composition

Cheryan M., 1981: Production of soy isolates by ultra filtration process engineering characteristics of the hollow fiber system

Terreos, O. G.; Gonzalez, V. W.; Rojsa, P. H., 1987: Production of soybeans glycine max l. in 3 farming systems

Chavance P., 1980: Production of spawning areas survival of larvae and adult biomass of sardine and anchovies east of the gulf of lions france western mediterranean

Thoen, C. O.; Karlson, A. G., 1970: Production of specific agglutinins for mycobacteria in peritoneal fluid of mice

Eckenstein, F.; Thoenen, H., 1982: Production of specific anti sera and mono clonal antibodies to choline acetyl transferase ec characterization and use for identification of cholinergic neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193148

Uhlen M., 1986: Production of specific antibodies against protein a fusion proteins

Fryden A., 1986: Production of specific antibodies by cerebrospinal fluid lymphocytes in patients with herpes zoster mumps meningitis and herpes simplex virus encephalitis

Eckenstein, F.; Barde, Y. A.; Thoenen, H., 1981: Production of specific antibodies to choline acetyl transferase ec purified from pig brain

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193152

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193153

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193154

Kolarova B., 1980: Production of specific antigen for comparison of some immunological methods for the diagnosis of mareks disease

Johnson, P. H.; Lee, A. S.; Sinsheimer, R. L., 1973: Production of specific fragments of phi x 174 replicative form dna by a restriction enzyme from haemophilus parainfluenzae endo nuclease hp

Coria-Jimenez, R.; Perez-De-La-Mora, C.; Gonzalez-Pacheco, M.; Villalva-Posada, H., 1984: Production of specific human immuno globulin 3. production of a test batch of a tetanus anti toxic specific immuno globulin/

Kripke, M. L.; Budmen, M. B.; Fidler, I. J., 1977: Production of specific macrophage activating factor by lymphocytes from tumor bearing mice

Collins J., 1988: Production of specific monoclonal antibodies against the active sites of human pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor variants by in vitro immunization with synthetic peptides

Azuma, Y.; Itoh, H.; Tsubaki, S., 1985: Production of specific pathogen free eggs i. specific pathogen free chicken houses

Azuma, Y.; Masu, S.; Itoh, H., 1985: Production of specific pathogen free eggs ii. specific pathogen free chicken and laying performance

Cariolet, R.; Tillon, J. P., 1978: Production of specific pathogen free piglets at the pig pathology laboratory of ploufragan

Antonio P., 1988: Production of specific retinal s antigen antibodies in patients with retinal detachment

Kissling, R. E.; Casey, H. L.; Palmer, E. L., 1968: Production of specific varicella anti serum

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193165

Matsumoto S., 1981: Production of spikeless particles of the rabies virus under conditions of low ph

Miller S.L., 1980: Production of spinal cord growth inhibitor by nonneuronal cells

Richmond A., 1983: Production of spirulina platensis bio mass maintenance of mono algal culture outdoors

Krantz S.B., 1980: Production of spleen focus forming virus and murine leukemia virus by early erythro blasts after friend virus infection

Gardner D.L., 1980: Production of split patterns on the articular cartilage surfaces of rats

Goto, Y.; Kakizaki, M.; Masaki, N., 1976: Production of spontaneous diabetic rats by repetition of selective breeding

Hagberg G., 1987: Production of spontaneously doubled haploids in barley using a breeding system with marker genes and the hap gene

Pfender, W. F.; Hine, R. B.; Stanghellini, M. E., 1977: Production of sporangia and release of zoo spores by phytophthora megasperma in soil

Klure L.J., 1980: Production of sporangia by phytophthora cinnamomi and phytophthora palmivora in soils at different matric potentials

Vithanage K., 1979: Production of sporangia by phytophthora cinnamomi in forest soils

Horikoshi K., 1980: Production of spores of clostridium butyricum by continuous culture

Valodzina L.A., 1980: Production of spring hexa ploid triticale with participation of soft wheat

Singh R.S., 1982: Production of stable bacillus stearothermophilus spores

Boon T., 1987: Production of stable cytolytic t cell clones directed against autologous human melanoma

Takahashi M., 1988: Production of stable rabbit mouse hybridomas that secrete rabbit mab of defined specificity

Woodburn, M.; Morita, T. N.; Zipperer-Venn, S., 1973: Production of staphylococcal entero toxin a entero toxin b and entero toxin c in colloidal dispersions

Terziiski G., 1981: Production of staphylococcal entero toxin a in some foodstuffs

Minor, T. E.; Marth, E. H., 1972: Production of staphylococcal entero toxin a on cellophane over agar

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193184

Reiser, R. R.; Weiss, K. F., 1969: Production of staphylococcal entero toxins a b and c in various media

Bergdoll M.S., 1987: Production of staphylococcal enterotoxin a and thermonuclease in cream pies

Otero, A.; Garcia, M. C.; Garcia, M. L.; Moreno, B., 1987: Production of staphylococcal enterotoxins c 1 and c 2 and thermonuclease in ewe's milk

Blomster D.A., 1983: Production of staphylococcal pyrogenic exo toxin type c influence of physical and chemical factors

Wright, E. G.; Lord, B. I., 1978: Production of stem cell proliferation stimulators and inhibitors by hemopoietic cell suspensions

Rabie, C. J.; Lubben, A.; Steyn, M., 1976: Production of sterigmatocystin by aspergillus versicolor and bipolaris sorokiniana on semi synthetic liquid and solid media

Kloss H., 1988: Production of sterigmatocystin by aspergillus versicolor isolated from roughage

Shotwell O.L., 1981: Production of sterigmatocystin by aspergillus versicolor qm 432 used in fungus resistance tests for usa military specifications

Abramson D., 1986: Production of sterigmatocystin by isolates of aspergillus versicolor from western canadian stored barley and rapeseed canola brassica napus brassica campestris

Abdel Hafez S.I.I., 1981: Production of sterigmatocystin by some species and varieties of aspergillus nidulans group

Wang H J., 1981: Production of sterile gonads in tadpoles by 17 beta ureide steroid

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193198

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193199

Fenske M., 1983: Production of steroids by in vitro superfusion from adrenals of the mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus effect of acute stress

Hachiya S., 1980: Production of steroids in 1 case of granulosa cell tumor in culture

Schuh R., 1985: Production of sterols from residues of fat splitting

Bogan J.A., 1988: Production of strains of the sheep parasite ostertagia circumcincta by implantation of adult parasites in the abomasum of lambs

Facklam, R. R.; Moody, M. D., 1968: Production of streptococcal m typing anti sera i antigenic response in different breeds of rabbits

Jalaja N.C., 1982: Production of sub clones from the callus culture of saccharum zea hybrid

Bhaskaran S., 1981: Production of sub protoplasts in brassica oleracea var capitata a function of osmolarity of the media

Yasuhara T., 1984: Production of subgroup specific monoclonal antibodies against human rotaviruses and their application to an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa for subgroup determination

Hylleberg, J.; Brock, V.; Jorgensen, F., 1978: Production of sublittoral cockles cardium edule with emphasis on predation by flounders and sea stars

Renganathan V., 1987: Production of substituted catechols from substituted benzenes by a pseudomonas sp

Fukuda, D. S.; Mabe, J. A.; Brannon, D. R., 1971: Production of substituted l tryptophans by fermentation

Tyrrell K.M., 1988: Production of subtidal tubular and surficial tempestites by hurricane kate caicos platform british west indies

Attia, R. M.; Gamal, R. F.; Mahmoud, S. A. Z., 1977: Production of subtilo peptidase by a strain of bacillus subtilis

Marzuki S., 1988: Production of subtype specific antipeptide antibodies to human interferon alpha 1 and alpha 4

Nakamori H., 1981: Production of successive generations of a new strain of the melon fly dacus cucurbitae diptera tephritidae and reproductive characteristics in mass rearing

Islam A.S., 1984: Production of sugarcane saccharum officinarum plants from some bangladeshi cultivars through tissue culture

Wilke C.R., 1983: Production of sugars from wood using high pressure hydrogen chloride

Durham J.L., 1979: Production of sulfate in rain and raindrops in polluted atmospheres

Eschenbruch, R.; Bonish, P., 1976: Production of sulfite and sulfide by low sulfite and high sulfite forming wine yeasts

Storey B.T., 1982: Production of super oxide and activity of super oxide dis mutase in rabbit epididymal spermatozoa

Karnovsky M.L., 1979: Production of super oxide and hydrogen per oxide by an nadh oxidase in guinea pig polymorphonuclear leukocytes modulation by nucleotides and divalent cations

Bell S., 1983: Production of super oxide and hydrogen per oxide in medium used to culture legionella pneumophila catalytic decomposition by charcoal

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193223

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193224

Durackova Z., 1981: Production of super oxide anion by phagocytosing human and pig leukocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193226

Boros D.L., 1983: Production of super oxide anion prostaglandin and hydroxy eicosatetraenoic acids by macrophages from hyper sensitivity type schistosoma mansoni egg and foreign body type granulomas

Bartoli, G. M.; Galeotti, T.; Azzi, A., 1977: Production of super oxide anions and hydrogen per oxide in ehrlich ascites tumor cell nuclei

Vignais P.M., 1980: Production of super oxide anions in paracoccus denitrificans

Cadenas, E.; Boveris, A.; Ragan, C. I.; Stoppani, A. O. M., 1977: Production of super oxide radicals and hydrogen per oxide by nadh ubi quinone reductase and ubi quinol cytochrome c reductase from beef heart mitochondria

Schneider, K.; Schlegel, H. G., 1981: Production of super oxide radicals by soluble hydrogenase ec from alcaligenes eutrophus h 16

Viesturs U.E., 1979: Production of super oxide radicals during bacterial respiration

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193233

Rothbaum, H. P.; Fellows, S. K., 1976: Production of supplementary mineral feed for ruminants and industrial brine from tri sodium phosphate and sea water

Rabson A.R., 1980: Production of suppressor factor by human adherent cells treated with mycobacteria

Agneray J., 1982: Production of suppressor factor by per iodate activated spleen cells

Gerson D.F., 1979: Production of surface active lipids by corynebacterium lepus

Kosaric N., 1982: Production of surfactant by arthrobacter paraffineus atcc 19558

Sugii M., 1988: Production of swertiamarin in cultured tissues of swertia pseudochinensis

Kavalyewskaya R.E., 1980: Production of synechococcus sp under experimental conditions during different planting density of zoo plankton

Nisonoff A., 1987: Production of syngeneic autoreactive monoclonal antibodies specific for isotypic determinants of ige

Hindal, D. F.; Macdonald, W. L., 1978: Production of synnemata on defined agar media and its relation to pathogenicity of ceratocystis ulmi

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193243

Ivbievbiokun P., 1985: Production of synthetic palm wine

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193245

Weshler Z., 1984: Production of systemic hyperthermia in the rat

Tahara M., 1985: Production of systolic anterior motion of the mitral valve in dogs

Lasztity R., 1984: Production of t 2 toxin and related trichothecenes on different media

Onoue K., 1982: Production of t cell activating monokine of guinea pig macrophages induced by muramyl di peptide and partial characterization of the monokine

Loh N N., 1986: Production of t cell differentiation factor in syngeneic lymphocyte macrophage culture for cytotoxic t lymphocyte generation

Hellstrom K.E., 1981: Production of t cell lines with inhibitory or stimulatory activity against syngeneic tumors in vivo a preliminary report

Lowenberg B., 1984: Production of t lymphocyte colony forming units from precursors in human long term bone marrow cultures

Salerno A., 1987: Production of t suppressor factor specific for the hapten picryl chloride requires both t suppressor cells and an antigen specific genetically restricted second signal

Maekawa S., 1982: Production of t type specific agglutinin and anti strepto lysin o in the sera of pharyngeal streptococcal carried in relation to t types of carrying streptococci and persistency of the carrier state

Puech A., 1986: Production of tablets containing sulfamides and cassava starch technology testing and in vitro availability of active principle

Guillemijn B., 1984: Production of tachidius discipes copepoda harpacticoida

Santiago C.M.Jr, 1985: Production of tainga ng daga auricularia polytricha on coconut log

Lebault J M., 1983: Production of tannase and degradation of chestnut tannin by bacteria

Pourrat, H.; Regerat, F.; Pourrat, A.; Jean, D., 1982: Production of tannase tannin acyl hydrolase ec by a strain of aspergillus niger

Segal D.M., 1984: Production of target specific effector cells using hetero cross linked aggregates containing anti target cell and anti fc gamma receptor antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193261

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193262

Pillai, P. K.; Wilcoxson, R. D.; Raychaudhuri, S. P., 1978: Production of telio spores by some races of puccinia graminis f sp tritici in detached wheat and barley leaves

Werzer A., 1986: Production of tempeh with indigenous beans vicia faba

Belanov, E. F.; Vasil'eva, N. N.; Chernos, V. I., 1978: Production of temperature sensitive mutants of vaccinia virus using nitrosomethyl urea and their preliminary characterization

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193267

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193268

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193269

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193270

Pospelov V.F., 1985: Production of tetanolysin preparations and the description of their properties

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193272

Tompkins R., 1979: Production of tetra ploid and homo zygous di ploid amphibians by suppression of 1st cleavage

Finkel' V.V., 1979: Production of tetrodo toxin and holothurin from soviet raw material

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193275

Ollig H., 1979: Production of thallium 201 and lead 203 via proton induced nuclear reactions on natural thallium

Clay, D., 1984: Production of the african catfish clarias gariepinus 1. growth mortality and yield south of the zambezi southern africa

Clay, D., 1984: Production of the african catfish clarias gariepinus 2. population production as estimated from surplus production models for lake mcilwaine zimbabwe

Ishiguro Y., 1987: Production of the alpha subunit of guanine nucleotide binding protein g o by neuroendocrine tumors

Momot W.T., 1983: Production of the amphipod hyalella azteca in a northern ontario canada lake

Gauze, G. F.; Brazhnikova, M. G.; Borisova, V. N.; Maksimova, T. S.; Ol'khovatova, O. L.; Sveshnikova, M. A.; Fedorova, G. B., 1978: Production of the anthracycline antibiotics beromycin and nogalamycin by an actinomycete streptomyces glomeratus new species

Korobkova T.P., 1979: Production of the antibiotic 2562 by streptomyces griseovariabilis

Cueto J., 1981: Production of the blister of cockaynes disease produced by different injuries ultrastructural immuno histochemical and optical microscopy

Paterson C.G., 1986: Production of the chironomid procladius bellus in an annual drawdown reservoir

Rudolph, K.; Rasche, E.; Zeller, W., 1978: Production of the chlorosis inducing toxin in liquid cultures of pseudomonas phaseolicola

Czarnecki, A., 1978: Production of the collembola populations in the tilio carpinetum typicum in the piwnicki forest reserve poland 1. dynamics of the collembola population

Ferluga, J.; Schorlemmer, H. U.; Baptista, L. C.; Allison, A. C., 1978: Production of the complement cleavage product complement c 3a by activated macrophages and its tumorolytic effects

Kendall T.F., 1982: Production of the copepod eurytemora affinis in the bristol channel england uk

Lejeune F., 1984: Production of the effector molecule thymidine by human lung alveolar macrophages

Hostacka A., 1987: Production of the enterotoxic component of pseudomonas aeruginosa in different liquid cultivating media

Berkes, F., 1977: Production of the euphausiid crustacean thysanoessa raschii in the gulf of st lawrence

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193292

Saito H., 1982: Production of the extracellular hemolytic toxin by an isolated strain of aeromonas salmonicida

Brondz B.D., 1987: Production of the factor inducing ia protein expression on the macrophage membrane in a primary mixed lymphocyte culture in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193295

Cohen, D.; Ra'anan, Z.; Barnes, A., 1983: Production of the fresh water prawn macrobrachium rosenbergii in israel 1. integration into fish poly culture systems

Ra'anan, Z.; Cohen, D., 1983: Production of the fresh water prawn macrobrachium rosenbergii in israel 2. selective stocking of size sub populations

Bell R.A., 1982: Production of the gypsy moth lymantria dispar nuclear polyhedrosis virus using carrageenans as dietary gelling agents

Ishii, K.; Ueno, Y., 1973: Production of the hepato toxic chlorine containing peptide by penicillium islandicum

Ichikawa Y., 1988: Production of the human immunoglobulin gamma 1 chain constant region polypeptides in escherichia coli

Enfors S O., 1987: Production of the hybrid protein staphylococcal protein a escherichia coli beta galactosidase with escherichia coli

Ershov F.I., 1984: Production of the hyporeactivity factor by mouse cells

Clark A.G., 1982: Production of the kanagawa hemo lysin by vibrio parahaemolyticus in a synthetic medium

Colley D.G., 1985: Production of the lymphokine soluble immune response suppressor during chronic experimental schistosomiasis mansoni

Bhuwapathanapun S., 1980: Production of the macrolide antibiotic tylosin in batch and chemostat cultures

Vu Trong K., 1987: Production of the macrolide antibiotic tylosin in cyclic fed batch culture

Gray P.P., 1981: Production of the macrolide antibiotic tylosin in fed batch culture

Babakova L.A., 1984: Production of the macrophage migration inhibitory factor during normal pregnancy and the regulation of this process by trophoblastic beta 1 glycoprotein

Shushkina E.A., 1985: Production of the main ecological groups of plankton of the epipelagic oceanic areas

Cittadini, G.; Imperato, S.; Manca, F.; Pistoia, V., 1975: Production of the migration inhibitory factor by thymus derived lymphocytes nonspecifically stimulated after in vitro irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193311

Hall, M. J.; Hassall, C. H., 1970: Production of the monamycins novel depsi peptide antibiotics

Dodman R.L., 1988: Production of the mycotoxins zearalenone 4 deoxynivalenol and nivalenol by isolates of fusarium graminearum groups 1 and 2 from cereals in queensland australia

Yaegashi, H.; Nishihara, N., 1976: Production of the perfect stage in pyricularia from cereals and grasses

Strobel G.A., 1982: Production of the phyto toxins radicinin and radicinol by alternaria chrysanthemi

Bowen T.W., 1983: Production of the predaceous midge tribes sphaeromiini and palpomyiini diptera ceratopogonoidae in lake norman north carolina usa

Hizukuri S., 1988: Production of the raw starch digesting amylase of aspergillus sp k 27

Basset, M.; Koenig, H., 1976: Production of the red pigment of trichophyton rubrum on a rice agar tween medium

Okon Y., 1985: Production of the reserve material poly beta hydroxybutyrate and its function in azospirillum brasilense cd

Knowles C.J., 1982: Production of the secondary metabolite cyanide by extracts of chromobacterium violaceum

Srobarova A., 1987: Production of the secondary metabolite zearalenone by some fusarium sp

Kalmanson, G. M.; Kubota, M. Y.; Guze, L. B., 1968: Production of the shwartzman reaction with microbial l forms rabbit proteus mirabilis escherichia coli endo toxin

Marchuk A.I., 1986: Production of the signal atp by plasma membranes of polymorphonuclear leukocytes activated by formylmethionylleucylphenylalanine

Yu H S., 1987: Production of the spore crystal complex by bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis with some natural media

Dulmage, H. T., 1970: Production of the spore delta endo toxin complex by variants of bacillus thuringiensis in 2 fermentation media

Segal A.W., 1985: Production of the superoxide adduct of myeloperoxidase compound iii by stimulated human neutrophils and its reactivity with hydrogen peroxide and chloride

O'hara, K.; Penczak, T., 1987: Production of the three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus l. in the river weaver england uk

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193329

Allan E.J., 1986: Production of the triterpenoid quassin in callus and cell suspension cultures of picrasma quassioides

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193331

Ohmori S., 1985: Production of the tubercles which produce full grown yam dioscorea opposita

Viktorovskaya T.I., 1986: Production of the viable spat of the japanese scallop mizuhopecten yessoensis in a laboratory

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193334

Villarreal L., 1987: Production of the wild edible mushrooms in the forests of mexico part 4

Guzman G., 1986: Production of the wild edible mushrooms in the forests of mexico part iii

Mizusawa, K.; Ichishima, E.; Yoshida, F., 1969: Production of thermo stable alkaline enz proteases by thermophilic streptomyces streptomyces rectus var proteolyticus enz alkaline proteinase enz carboxy peptidase

Burrell, R.; Mccullough, M. J., 1977: Production of thermophilic actinomycete hay aerosols for use in experimental hyper sensitivity pneumonitis

Ohta T., 1983: Production of thermophilic extracellular proteases aqua lysin i and aqua lysin ii by thermus aquaticus yt 1 and extreme thermophile

Gottschalk G., 1987: Production of thermostable alpha amylase pullulanase and alpha glucosidase in continuous culture by a new clostridium isolate

Kobrina Yu P., 1979: Production of thermostable bakers yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae by induced mutagenesis

Saddler J.N., 1987: Production of thermostable xylanase by a thermophilic fungus thermoascus aurantiacus

Taveras J.M., 1980: Production of thin computerized tomographic sections and coronal and sagittal images by spatial filtering

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193344

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193345

Dick W.A., 1985: Production of thiocysteine sulfide in cysteine amended soils

Baum H., 1980: Production of thiol groups and retention of calcium ions by cardiac mitochondria

Spratt B.G., 1985: Production of thiol penicillin binding protein 3 of escherichia coli using a 2 primer method of site directed mutagenesis

Mackie L.A., 1987: Production of three dimensional representations of soil macropores with a microcomputer

Lerner, R. G.; Goldstein, R.; Nelson, J. C., 1977: Production of thromboplastin tissue factor and thrombi by polymorphonuclear neutrophilic leukocytes adhering to vein walls

Morrison A.R., 1980: Production of thromboxane a 2 by the kidney in glycerol induced acute renal failure in the rabbit

Mitchell, M. D.; Hicks, B. R.; Thorburn, G. D.; Robinson, J. S., 1978: Production of thromboxane b 2 by intra uterine tissues from late pregnant rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta in vitro

Mitchell, M. D.; Flint, A. P. F.; Kingston, E. J.; Thorburn, G. D.; Robinson, J. S., 1978: Production of thromboxane b 2 by intra uterine tissues from pregnant goats in vitro

Scholz, K. L.; Sodd, V. J.; Blue, J. W., 1976: Production of thulium 167 for medical use by irradiation of lutetium hafnium tantalum and tungsten with 590 mev protons

Shisa, H.; Daculsi, R.; Duplan, J. F., 1977: Production of thymic cells by mouse spleen and bone marrow

Miller M.W., 1984: Production of thymine base damage in ultrasound exposed emt 6 mouse mammary sarcoma cells

Leadon S.A., 1986: Production of thymine glycols in dna by n hydroxy 2 naphthylamine as detected by a monoclonal antibody

Nakamura H., 1987: Production of thymocyte stimulating activity by cultured human thyroid epithelial cells

Di-Sabato, G.; Chen, D. M.; Altin, M., 1978: Production of thymocyte stimulating factor by murine spleen lymphocytes cellular and biochemical mechanisms

Shikata T., 1981: Production of thyroxine and tri iodo thyronine in nontoxic thyroid tumors an immuno histochemical study

Wolff D., 1980: Production of timed pregnant mice by utilization of the whitten effect and a simple cage system

Dalton H., 1987: Production of toluene cis glycol by pseudomonas putida in glucose fed batch culture

Mazur W., 1985: Production of tomato puree from tomato peels and seed cores

Reuter H., 1986: Production of total hydroxymethylfurfural during the ultra high temperature treatment of whole milk

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193366

Penner S.S. , 1988: Production of toxic equivalents to 2 3 7 8 tcdd in municipal waste incinerators mwis

Hightower A.W., 1984: Production of toxic shock associated proteins in staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from 1956 1982

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193369

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193370

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193371

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193372

Bastos, C. N.; Balmer, E., 1975: Production of toxin by fusarium moniliforme

Pedersen K.B., 1986: Production of toxin in strains previously classified as pasteurella multocida

Munoz Hernandez O., 1985: Production of toxins a and b by clostridium difficile strains isolated from infants and adults

Dix N.J., 1980: Production of toxins and wall degrading enzymes by gliocladium roseum

Gonzalez, M.; Pedroso, M.; Perez, H., 1981: Production of toxins by clostridium haemolyticum 1. optimal time of its production

Vyas K.M., 1986: Production of toxins by xanthomonas campestris pathovar betlicola causing leaf spot diseases of piper betle l

Dymowska, Z.; Zielinska, E., 1975: Production of toxoplasma antigens for passive hem agglutination test

Schlesinger M., 1982: Production of trans cobalamin ii by various murine and human cells in culture

Rachmilewitz, B.; Rachmilewitz, M.; Chaouat, M.; Schlesinger, M., 1978: Production of trans cobalamin vitamin b 12 transport protein by mouse mononuclear phagocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193382

Korc M., 1987: Production of transforming growth factor alpha in human pancreatic cancer cells evidence for a superagonist autocrine cycle

Ansari A.A., 1988: Production of transforming growth factor beta activity by ki 1 positive lymphoma cells and analysis of its role in the regulation of ki 1 positive lymphoma growth

Fauci A.S., 1986: Production of transforming growth factor beta by human t lymphocytes and its potential role in the regulation of t cell growth

Moses H.L., 1986: Production of transforming growth factors by human colon cancer lines

De Laat S.W., 1987: Production of transforming growth factors in simian sarcoma virus transformed cells

Okada T.S., 1986: Production of transgenic fish introduction and expression of chicken delta crystallin gene in medaka oryzias latipes embryos

Mercer W.E., 1987: Production of transgenic mice following dna microinjection and embryo freezing

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193390

Armstrong K.C., 1980: Production of tri generic barley x wheat x rye hybrids

Miura Fraboni J., 1983: Production of tri methyl amine from structurally related tri methyl ammonium compounds by resting cell suspensions of gamma butyrobetaine grown and d l carnitine grown acinetobacter calcoaceticus and pseudomonas putida

Kawahara, H., 1978: Production of tri ploid and gynogenetic di ploid xenopus laevis by cold treatment

Bidani M., 1980: Production of tri ploid plants from the immature and mature endosperm cultures of rice oryza sativa

Ueno, Y.; Sawano, M.; Ishii, K., 1975: Production of trichothecene myco toxins by fusarium spp in shake culture

Watanabe A., 1980: Production of trichothecene myco toxins of fusarium species in wheat and barley harvested in saitama prefecture japan

Bean G., 1986: Production of trichothecene mycotoxins on cereal grains by myrothecium spp

Manka M., 1984: Production of trichothecenes and zearalenone by fusarium species isolated from wheat

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193399

Blanco, A.; Simeone, R.; Tanzarella, O. A.; Giorgi, B., 1978: Production of trisomics in triticum durum by the conversion technique

Price R.L., 1979: Production of tritiated patulin of high specific activity

Ohkawa H., 1986: Production of tropane alkaloids by hairy root cultures of scopolia japonica

Muldoon D.K., 1986: Production of tropical and subtropical grasses and legumes with and without irrigation in central western new south wales australia

Whaley H.A., 1980: Production of tropolone by a pseudomonas

Mortensen E., 1982: Production of trout salmo trutta in a danish stream

Tsuchiya, K.; Kimura, T., 1978: Production of trypsin inhibitor by a cephalosporium sp

Nagafuchi S., 1979: Production of tubular structures in vero cells infected with herpes simplex virus type 2 effects of uv light irradiation and anti metabolites

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193408

Mochizuki M., 1986: Production of tumor associated antigen ta 4 by the caski cervical carcinoma cell line

Mizuno S., 1987: Production of tumor growth inhibiting protein by the neonatal mouse brain dependence on intracellular glutamine metabolism

Heinemann, B.; Howard, A. J., 1969: Production of tumor inhibitory l asparaginase by submerged growth of serratia marcescens

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193412

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193413

Havell E.A., 1987: Production of tumor necrosis factor during murine listeriosis

Lee C.Y., 1985: Production of tumor necrosis factor in listeria monocytogenes infected animals

Chedid L., 1988: Production of tumor necrosis factor in nude mice by muramyl peptides associated with bacterial vaccines

Gifford G.E., 1986: Production of tumor necrosis factor in unprimed mice mechanism of endotoxin mediated tumor necrosis

Pollack, S. B.; Nelson, K., 1976: Production of tumor specific inducer of cellular cyto toxicity by lethally irradiated mice

Maisuryan A.N., 1985: Production of tungsten tolerant callus lines of tobacco

Imamori M., 1986: Production of two brood pears from on dung ball in an african ball roller scarabaeus aegyptiorum coleoptera scarabaeidae

Leroux Roels G.G., 1985: Production of two distinct and independent hepatic immunoregulatory molecules by the perfused rat liver

Owens T., 1988: Production of two hemopoietic growth factors is differentially regulated in single t lymphocytes activated with an anti t cell receptor antibody

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193423

Bugrova, V. I.; Nikolaeva, I. S., 1974: Production of type a anti entero toxin serum for diagnosing staphylococcal food poisoning

Trabulsi L.R., 1986: Production of type ii heat labile enterotoxin by escherichia coli isolated from food and human feces

Voigt, M. N.; Eitenmiller, R. R., 1977: Production of tyrosine and histidine decarboxylase by dairy related bacteria

Polley, M. J.; Mueller-Eberhard, H. J.; Feldman, J. D., 1971: Production of ultrastructural membrane lesions by the 5th component of complement

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193429

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193430

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193431

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193432

Yeung S.B., 1980: Production of uric acid in the adult lung worm metastrongylus apri nematoda metastrongyloidea from pigs

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193434

Croft W.A., 1987: Production of urinary tract tumors by co administration of uracil and n 4 5 nitro 2 furyl 2 thiazolyl formamide in f344 rats

Chan W. , 1980: Production of urine free dopamine from dopa a micro puncture study

Imaida K., 1987: Production of urothelial tumors in the heterotopic bladder of rats by instillation of n glucuronosyl or n acetyl derivatives of n hydroxy 2 aminofluorene

Molinari R., 1987: Production of uv light absorbing substances by aspergillus ochraceus in relation to media composition

Lewis A.J., 1979: Production of uv light induced skin erythema in the hairless rat a comparison with the haired rat in screening for anti inflammatory drugs

Moawad F.G., 1980: Production of vanillin and cellulose from cotton stalks

Beychok S., 1980: Production of variable region and constant region fragments from human bence jones kappa chains

Sakamoto T., 1980: Production of various cerebral infarction models in the dog by means of occlusion of intra cranial trunk arteries

Suzuki, J.; Yoshimoto, T.; Tnanka, S.; Sakamoto, T., 1980: Production of various models of cerebral infarction in the dog by occlusion of intra cranial trunk arteries

Johnson, A. D.; Eddy, G. A.; Gangemi, J. D.; Ramsburg, H. H.; Metzger, J. F., 1978: Production of venezuelan equine encephalitis virus in cells grown on artificial capillaries

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193445

Shaw B.I., 1980: Production of verruculogen by penicillium estinogenum in stirred fermenters

Schjeide S.M., 1986: Production of very low density lipoprotein and vitellogenins in estrogen challenged hypothyroid chickens

Tang C.S., 1988: Production of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal sporocarps glomus aggregatum on fiberglass screens

Friedman R.M., 1979: Production of vesicular stomatitis virus with low infectivity by interferon treated cells

Chau P.Y., 1987: Production of vi monoclonal antibodies and their application as diagnostic reagents

Cox D.R., 1982: Production of viable adult trisomy 17 di ploid mouse chimeras

Erlandsen S.L., 1988: Production of viable giardia cysts in vitro determination by fluorogenic dye staining excystation and animal infectivity in the mouse and mongolian gerbil

Duncan E.J., 1982: Production of viable seed in gibberellic acid treated tannia xanthosoma sagittifolium plants

Siebeling R.J., 1984: Production of vibrio cholerae o 1 and non o 1 typing sera in rabbits immunized with poly saccharide protein carrier conjugates

Meuzelaar H.L.C., 1986: Production of vinylidene chloride from the thermal decomposition of methyl chloroform

Wall, R.; Weber, J.; Gage, Z.; Darnell, J. E., 1973: Production of viral messenger rna in adenovirus transformed cells by the post transcriptional processing of heterogeneous nuclear rna containing viral and cell sequences

Ochiai, K.; Sato, A.; Furuya, A., 1976: Production of virazole by fermentative process

Fraley E.E., 1984: Production of virions with retrovirus morphology by human embryonal carcinoma cells in vitro

Arregui J.M., 1988: Production of viroid free grapevines by shoot tip culture

Fry P.R., 1982: Production of virus free garlic allium sativum and field performance of micro propagated plants

Walkey, D. G. A.; Webb, M. J. W.; Bolland, C. J.; Miller, A., 1987: Production of virus free garlic allium sativum l. and shallot allium ascalonicum l. by meristem tip culture

Betti J.A., 1987: Production of virus free grapevines by thermotherapy in sao paulo brazil

Kitajima E.W., 1980: Production of virus free patchouli plants pogostemum patchuli labiatae by meristem culture

Abou Zeid A.A., 1984: Production of virus free potato seed tubers in egypt by meristem culture

Gavrilova I.E., 1982: Production of virus induced interferon by bone marrow cells of children with acute leukemia

Kondo S., 1987: Production of virus like particles by the transposable genetic element copia of drosophila melanogaster

Truskinov, E. V., 1976: Production of virus potato by meristem tissue culture method

Shilleto R.W., 1987: Production of virus specific antisera to lymphoproliferative disease virus of turkeys

Rensch, B.; Rahmann, H.; Skrzipek, K. H., 1968: Production of visual engrams in fishes shown by inst auto radiography carassius carassius lebistes reticulatus curare autonomic

Brandt, L. J.; Bernstein, L. H.; Wagle, A., 1977: Production of vitamin b 12 analogs in patients with small bowel bacterial overgrowth

Grieco, E.; Desrochers, R., 1978: Production of vitamin b 12 by a blue alga

Kobayashi T., 1988: Production of vitamin b 12 by a fermentor with a hollow fiber module

Chutima K., 1983: Production of vitamin b 12 by living bacterial cells immobilized in calcium alginate gels

Mahmoud, S. A. Z.; Mashhor, W. A.; Gamal, R. E.; Refaat, A. A.; El-Sayed, A. A., 1981: Production of vitamin b 12 by propionic acid bacteria 1. some factors affecting production

Abdel-Hafez, A. M.; Mashhoor, W. A.; Gamal, R. F.; Refaat, A. A.; El-Sayed, A. A., 1981: Production of vitamin b 12 by propionic acid bacteria 2. effect of nutritional and environmental factors on vitamin b 12 production by propionibacterium shermanii p 16

Liem, I. T. H.; Steinkraus, K. H.; Cronk, T. C., 1977: Production of vitamin b 12 in tempeh a fermented soybean food

Hata Y., 1979: Production of vitamin b 12 thiamine and biotin by fresh water phyto plankton

Yin, G. L.; Tao, Z. X.; Yu, L. H.; Wang, D. S.; Dan, J. L.; Yan, Z. Z.; Ning, W. Z.; Wang, C. H.; Wang, S. D.; Et-Al, 1980: Production of vitamin c precursor 2 keto l gulonic acid from l sorbose by fermentation 1. isolation screening and identification of the bacteria

Yan, Z.; Tao, Z.; Yu, L.; Yin, G.; Ning, W.; Wang, C.; Wang, S.; Jiang, H.; Yu, J.; Et-Al, 1981: Production of vitamin c precursor 2 keto l gulonic acid from l sorbose by fermentation 2. conditions for submerged fermentation of 2 keto l gulonic acid

Michel, M. F., 1978: Production of volatile anti microbial substances by chamaecyparis lawsoniana and pinus nigra ssp nigricans host

Bangerth F., 1988: Production of volatile aroma substances by golden delicious apple fruits after storage for various times in different carbon dioxide and oxygen concentrations

Abdel Rahman M.M., 1980: Production of volatile fatty acids and ph values in the alimentary tract of the fayoumi cock with reference to the nutritive values of the rations

Monteoliva, M.; Monteoliva-Sanchez, M., 1981: Production of volatile fatty acids by ascaris lumbricoides 2. culture in tyrode solution with anti bacterium and nutrients

Playne M.J., 1984: Production of volatile fatty acids from bagasse by rumen bacteria

Hume, I. D., 1977: Production of volatile fatty acids in 2 species of wallaby and in sheep

Bernhard, S., 1977: Production of volatile fatty acids in the anaerobic carbohydrate catabolism of arenicola marina

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193489

Jeon, I. J.; Thomas, E. L.; Reineccius, G. A., 1978: Production of volatile flavor compounds in ultra high temperature processed milk during aseptic storage

Tappel A.L., 1981: Production of volatile hydro carbons by isolated hepatocytes an in vitro model for lipid per oxidation studies

Robinson P.M., 1988: Production of volatile inhibitors of germination and hyphal extension by geotrichum candidum

Pritchard M.K., 1985: Production of volatile metabolites in potatoes solanum tuberosum cultivar russet burbank infected by erwinia carotovora var carotovora and erwinia carotovora var atroseptica

Fenton, J. J.; Harsch, H. H.; Klein, D., 1973: Production of volatile nitrogenous compounds from the degradation of streptomycin by pseudomonas maltophilia

Zinder, S. H.; Doemel, W. N.; Brock, T. D., 1977: Production of volatile sulfur compounds during the decomposition of algal mats

Selvendran, R. R.; Reynolds, J.; Galliard, T. , 1978: Production of volatiles by degradation of lipids during manufacture of black tea

Lewis, J. A., 1976: Production of volatiles from decomposing plant tissues and effect of these volatiles on rhizoctonia solani in culture

Demarini D.J., 1982: Production of vomi toxin on corn by fusarium graminearum nrrl 5883 and fusarium roseum nrrl 6101

Kleber H P., 1987: Production of water soluble surface active exolipids by torulopsis apicola

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193500

Zarate, Jr; Zaritzky, Ne, 1985: Production of weep in packaged refrigerated beef

Stark N., 1982: Production of western larch larix occidentalis and sub soil percolation rates on poor andic soils

Kolev, D., 1969: Production of wheat m rye m amphi di ploids triticale m 2n equals 56 in bulgaria triticum aestivum m secale cereale m

Chi, F. Y., 1978: Production of white crappie in lake nasworthy texas usa

Yokotsuka K., 1987: Production of white table wine from koshu grape using immobilized yeast

Warren, R. M.; Bashford, J. A., 1978: Production of white tone from white noise and voiced speech from whisper

Flick, W. A.; Webster, D. A., 1976: Production of wild domestic and interstrain hybrids of brook trout salvelinus fontinalis in natural ponds

Obisanya, M. O.; Aina, J. O.; Oguntimein, G. B., 1987: Production of wine from mango mangifera indica l. using saccharomyces and schizosaccharomyces species isolated from palm wine

Matsudo T., 1986: Production of wines from unripe koshu and cabernet sauvignon grapes and wild grapes by carbonic maceration

Thiebaud C.H., 1984: Production of ww super females by di ploid gynogenesis in xenopus laevis

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193511

Robbers, J. E.; Hong, S.; Tuite, J.; Carlton, W. W., 1978: Production of xanthomegnin and viomellein by aspergillus spp correlated with myco toxicosis produced in mice

Stack, M. E.; Mislivec, P. B., 1978: Production of xanthomegnin and viomellein by isolates of aspergillus ochraceus penicillium cyclopium and penicillium viridicatum

Natali P.G., 1979: Production of xeno anti serum to a chemically induced murine tumor analysis of tumor specificity in different immune tests

Bron, C.; Anckers, C.; Sauser, D., 1976: Production of xenogeneic and allogeneic anti sera specific for mouse thymus derived lymphocytes

Nagai S., 1984: Production of xylan degrading enzymes by thermophilic fungi aspergillus fumigatus and humicola lanuginosa

Margaritis A., 1988: Production of xylanase by the thermophilic fungus thielavia terrestris

Ishaque M., 1986: Production of xylanases by chaetomium cellulolyticum during growth on lignocelluloses

Kluepfel D., 1981: Production of xylanolytic enzymes by streptomyces flavogriseus

Rao M., 1985: Production of xylanolytic enzymes in association with the cellulolytic activities of penicillium funiculosum

Tuzaki K., 1988: Production of xylitol from d xylulose by mycobacterium smegmatis

Flannigan, B.; Sellars, P. N., 1978: Production of xylolytic enzymes by aspergillus fumigatus

Markkanen P., 1986: Production of xylonic acid by pseudomonas fragi

Sharma D.K., 1984: Production of xylose furfural fermentable sugars and ethanol from agricultural residues

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193525

Abdel Aty L.M., 1981: Production of yeast biomass by continuous process using cane molasses

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193527

Hang, Y. D.; Splittstoesser, D. F.; Landschoot, R. L., 1973: Production of yeast invertase ec from sauerkraut waste

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193529

Dunnill P., 1981: Production of yeast lytic enzymes by cytophaga sp in batch culture

Lopez R., 1983: Production of yeast on molasses hydrolysate to evaluate its nutritional quality

Sealy S.G., 1982: Production of young in a dense nesting population of yellow warblers dendroica petechia in manitoba canada

Bry, C.; Souchon, Y., 1982: Production of young northern pike esox lucius families in small ponds natural spawning vs. fry stocking

Jalabert B., 1988: Production of yy rainbow trout males by self fertilization of induced hermaphrodites

Schwarz M., 1984: Production of z 9 tricosene by colonized and feral female house flies musca domestica

Haggag, H. F.; Fayed, A. E., 1988: Production of zabadi from ultrafiltered buffalo's milk

Mirocha C.J., 1985: Production of zearalenone alpha and beta zearalenol and alpha and beta zearalanol by fusarium spp in rice culture

Stebbins T.C., 1982: Production of zearalenone and deoxy nivalenol in commercial sweet corn zea mays

Hamilton P.B., 1985: Production of zearalenone t 2 toxin and deoxynivalenol by fusarium spp isolated from plant materials grown in north carolina usa

Kashman Y., 1981: Production of zinniol by alternaria dauci and its phyto toxic effect on carrot daucus carota

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193542

Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193543

Saint Jean L., 1983: Production of zoo plankton in lake chad africa

Vekhov, N. V., 1978: Production of zoo plankton in tundra lakes

Konovalov B.B., 1987: Production of zooxanthellae in planktonic foraminifera and colonial radiolaria from the tropical part of the atlantic ocean

Martillotti, F.; Malossini, F.; Tripaldi, C.; Francia, U.; Rubino, R., 1984: Production on natural pastures in the south mountains italy for various levels of nitrogen fertilization 3. estimate of digestibility and intake of forages by grazing sheep

De Villiers T.T., 1987: Production parameters for a commercial dorper flock on extensive pastures

Mcwilliam P.N., 1986: Production parasitological and carcass evaluation studies in steers exposed to trichostrongyle infection and treated with a morantel bolus or fenbendazole in two consecutive grazing seasons

Olufolaji, D. B.; Bamgboye, A. O., 1986: Production partial characterization and bioassay of toxins from physalospora tucumanensis speg. sugarcane red rot fungus

Sharma V.K., 1983: Production partial purification and characterization of salmonella weltevreden heat labile entero toxin

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Mezei S., 1986: Productivity of monogerm triploid sugar beet hybrids of the same genetic constitution using different sources of male sterility

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Ignatenkov A.S., 1987: Productivity of perennial grasses as a function of the regimen of grass stand utilization and of the level of mineral nutrition

Kulakovskaya T.V., 1985: Productivity of perennial grasses on reclaimed peaty boggy soils of the southern karelian assr russian sfsr ussr

Kobozev I.V., 1982: Productivity of perennial grasses under different irrigation and fertilization conditions in the moscow oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Bormann F.H., 1983: Productivity of perennial rye grass lolium perenne as a function of precipitation acidity

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Dotsenko R.A., 1988: Productivity of polygonum divaricatum as a function of fertilizer norms cutting regimen and seeding rates

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Maijala, K.; Osterberg, S., 1977: Productivity of pure finnsheep in finland and abroad

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Root D.A., 1986: Productivity of raccoons in southwestern wisconsin usa

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Section 7, Chapter 6194, Accession 006193994

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Mcbratney J.M., 1981: Productivity of red clover trifolium pratense grown alone and with companion grasses over a 4 year period

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Gilenko V.A., 1988: Productivity of reed canary grass in pure and mixed plantings as a function of the utilization and fertilization regime

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