Section 7
Chapter 6,194

Production of single cell protein from grape marc pretreated with sulfur dioxide 2. use of exhausted or depleted grape marc from distillery

Vaccarino, C.; Lo-Curto, R.; Tripodo, M.M.; De-Gregorio, A.; Bellocco, E.; Lagana, G.; Patane, R.

Atti della Societa Peloritana di Scienze Fisiche Matematiche e Naturali 28: 15-22


Accession: 006193104

Depleted grape marc, by-product of an alcohol distillery, was dried and utilized as a substrate in a fermentation process (pre-treatment with a SO2 solution, fermentation at 47.degree. C with a non-aflatoxinogen strain of Aspergillus sp.). The results were lower than those obtained utilizing grape marc taken directly from the vat. If the above mentioned depleted marc is stored in humid state with the addition of 4 .permill. potassium metabisulfite, a protein meal of intermediate characteristics but with higher yields, is obtained. Depleted marc is less suitable for fermentation than that taken from the vat. Drying at 70.degree. C makes it worse.

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