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Productivity of the hybrid populus euramericana cultivars i 214 and bachelieri and the intensity of their photosynthesis as a function of soil moisture and mineral nutrition

Kolarov, D.; Broshchilova, M.

Gorskostopanska Nauka 17(5): 24-31


Accession: 006194037

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In pot experiments, 2 degrees of soil moisture (40 and 70% of complete specific retention) were studied. At 70% an experiment was performed by adding 160 mg of active ingredient N, P2O5 and K2O per kg of absolutely dry soil. During accumulation of leaf, stem and root mass, optimal moisture with good mineral nutrition had the greatest positive effect. The total biomass of 'I-214' was 117.70% and 'Bachelieri' 199.12% higher than the biomass of trees cultivated under comparatively low soil moisture (40%) without mineral nutrition. Productivity of photosynthesis was similar in different variants. Biomass accumulation mainly depended on leaf area. Photosynthetic intensity was studied using an IR gas analyzer. Photosynthetic activity was most intense in June and July and under conditions of good soil moisture. Mineral nutrition has a significant effect on gas exchange of CO2 at the time of active growth.

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