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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6198

Chapter 6198 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Desmedt J.E., 1978: Progress in clinical neuro physiology vol 5 physiological tremor pathological tremors and clonus

Gericke, D., 1977: Progress in clostridial oncolysis and diagnosis

Markesich D.C.; Graham D.Y.; Yoshimura H.H., 1988: Progress in culture and subculture of spheroplasts in fastidious acid fast bacilli isolated from intestinal tissues

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Bridges J.W.; Chasseaud L.F., 1977: Progress in drug metabolism vol 2

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Tivol W.F.; Barnard D.; Guha T., 1985: Progress in element analysis on a high voltage electron microscope

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Heimbecker, R. O., 1977: Progress in extracorporeal circulation

Weisgerber, H., 1976: Progress in forest plant breeding with special reference to the improvement of the quality of the wood

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Rao N.G.P.; Rao V.J.M.; Reddy B.B., 1986: Progress in genetic improvement of rabi sorghums in india

Bernard, J., 1976: Progress in geographic hematology

Margen S.; Ogar R.A., 1978: Progress in human nutrition vol 2 the biological and cultural sources of variability in human nutrition

Largiader F.; Baumgartner D.; Kolb E.; Uhlschmid G., 1981: Progress in human pancreas transplantation

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Gitsch E.; Philipp K., 1981: Progress in lymph adenectomy potential in radio isotope surgery of cervical carcinoma

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Lepeschkin, E., 1976: Progress in magneto cardiography

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Melnick J.L., 1978: Progress in medical virology vol 24

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Shiokawa Y., 1985: Progress in new immunomodulator research

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Cohn W.E., 1977: Progress in nucleic acid research and molecular biology vol 20

Cohn W.E., 1978: Progress in nucleic acid research and molecular biology vol 21

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Kaufmann H.J., 1978: Progress in pediatric radiology vol 6 skull spine and contents part 2 clinical aspects

Kaufman B.H., 1986: Progress in pediatric solid tumors

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Reinhold L.; Harborne J.B.; Swain T., 1977: Progress in phytochemistry vol 4

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Gitsch E.; Philipp K., 1981: Progress in radio isotope surgery for cervical carcinoma

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Funovics J.M.; Zoch G.; Wenzl E.; Schulz F., 1987: Progress in reconstruction after resection of the head of the pancreas

Dreikorn K., 1985: Progress in renal transplantation

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Birren J.A., 1980: Progress in research on aging in the behavioral and social sciences

Adamson J.E.; Toksu A.E., 1981: Progress in rhytidectomy by platysma superficial musculo aponeurotic system rotation and elevation

Baker L.H.; Chin T.D.Y.; Wagner K.V., 1985: Progress in screening for early breast cancer

Gilchrist D.G.; Teuber L.R.; Martensen A.N.; Cowling W.A., 1982: Progress in selecting for resistance to stemphylium botryosum cool temperature biotype in alfalfa medicago sativa

Newkirk G.F.; Haley L.E., 1982: Progress in selection for growth rate in the european oyster ostrea edulis

Wilhelm E.; Kempf E., 1981: Progress in separation and stabilization of potato protein

Ebner D.; Heider G., 1986: Progress in serological diagnosis of virus infections

Schramm G P., 1981: Progress in short term preservation of turkey sperm

Batty, I., 1976: Progress in standardization part 4 immunological reagents

Ramamurthi, B., 1975: Progress in stereotaxic surgery in madras a tribute to spiegel on his 80th birthday

Wang Z., 1982: Progress in studies of karyotypes of order chiroptera

Zonn S.V., 1987: Progress in studies of subtropical and tropical soils of the world

Grabow, W. O. K., 1976: Progress in studies on the type a infectious hepatitis virus in water

Cadenhead D.A.; Danielli J.F., 1976: Progress in surface and membrane science vol 11

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Allgoewer M.; Et Al, 1977: Progress in surgery vol 15

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Dannenberg A.L.; Drizd T.; Horan M.J.; Haynes S.G.; Leaverton P.E., 1987: Progress in the battle against hypertension changes in blood pressure levels in the usa from 1960 to 1980

Cassab Hasfura G.; Barroso E.; Santiago Payan H.; Rendon J., 1986: Progress in the cancer registry in the instituto mexicano del seguro social

Herz W.; Grisebach H.; Kirby G.W., 1976: Progress in the chemistry of organic natural products vol 33

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Coryell W.; Zimmerman M., 1987: Progress in the classification of functional psychoses

Straub J., 1976: Progress in the culturing of plant cells a new method for cell propagation

Cabre-Fiol, V.; Vilardell, F., 1978: Progress in the cytological diagnosis of gastric lymphoma a report of 32 cases

Cooke J.P.; Safford R.E., 1986: Progress in the diagnosis and management of aortic dissection

Claussen C.; Singer R., 1979: Progress in the diagnosis of cranio facial injuries and tumors by computer tomography

Dronov A.F.; Mainugin V.V.; Blinnikov O.I., 1984: Progress in the field of objective diagnosis of acute appendicitis in children

Rook G.A.W., 1987: Progress in the immunology of the mycobacterioses

Keep E.; Knight V.H.; Parker J.H., 1982: Progress in the integration of characters in gall mite cecidophyopsis ribis resistant black currants ribes nigrum

Bankl H., 1981: Progress in the interpretation of pathology of cardio myopathies

Vyden, J. K.; Takano, T.; Ogawa, T.; Rose, H. B., 1977: Progress in the management of acute myo cardial infarction

Heinz R.; Hanak H.; Stacher A., 1985: Progress in the management of high risk non hodgkins lymphomas 10 years of experience of the 3rd medical department of hanusch hospital vienna austria

Doi A.; Doi K., 1982: Progress in the mitotic cycle of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae spheroplasts in liquid culture

Massoud J.; Arfaa F.; Farahmandian I.; Ardalan A.; Mansoorian A., 1982: Progress in the national schistosomiasis control program of iran

Who, 1978: Progress in the rapid diagnosis of viral infections a memorandum

Wilson R.F.; Burton J.W.; Brim C.A., 1981: Progress in the selection for altered fatty acid composition in soybean glycine max

Komarova, A. A., 1981: Progress in the study of occupational diseases at the moscow f. f. erisman research institute of occupational hygiene russian sfsr ussr

Kent, D. H., 1974: Progress in the study of the british flora 1961 1971

Seaward M.R.D., 1988: Progress in the study of the lichen flora of the british isles

Jalas, J., 1975: Progress in the study of vascular plants in finland 1962 1971

Lawrie G.M.; Wyndham C.R.C.; Kratchek J.; Luck J.C.; Roberts R.; Debakey M.E., 1985: Progress in the surgical treatment of cardiac arrhythmias initial experience of 90 patients

Xu S X.; Et Al, 1984: Progress in the surgical treatment of tuberculosis of cervical spine

Becherer, A., 1976: Progress in the taxonomy and floristics of the swiss flora vascular plants in the years 1974 and 1975

Buligescu L.; Spanache S., 1986: Progress in the treatment of active chronic liver disease

Steinhorn S.C.; Myers M.H., 1981: Progress in the treatment of childhood acute leukemia a review

Mathews A., 1983: Progress in the treatment of female sexual dys function

Chandler, P. A., 1977: Progress in the treatment of glaucoma in my lifetime

Perry H.; Luria H.; Servadio C., 1985: Progress in the treatment of testicular tumors

Dubuisson, J. B.; Barbot, J.; Henrion, R., 1978: Progress in the treatment of tubal sterility micro surgery

Andrassy, R. J.; Woolley, M. M., 1978: Progress in the use of elemental diets in infants and children

Sealy R.; Buret E.; Cleminshaw H.; Stannard C.; Hering E.; Shackleton D.; Korrubel J.; Le Roux P.L.M.; Sevel D.; Et Al, 1980: Progress in the use of iodine therapy for tumors of the eye

Rosen R.; Snell F.M., 1976: Progress in theoretical biology vol 4

Rosen R.; Snell F.M., 1978: Progress in theoretical biology vol 5

Asper R., 1981: Progress in uro lithiasis research report and comments on the uro lithiasis symposium 1981 bonn west germany

Takeuchi E.; Hotta A.; Isaji F.; Watanabe T.; Yano Y.; Shioi K.; Mizukawa Y.; Hayase S.; Sugiyama N.; Et Al, 1983: Progress in valve surgery with glucose insulin potassium cardioplegia

Ide T.; Tsuji Y.; Nakashima T.; Ishibashi S., 1984: Progress of aging in human di ploid cells transformed with a tsa mutant of sv 40

Christoffersen J.; Arends J., 1982: Progress of artificial carious lesions in enamel

O'connor C.M.; O"brien A.; Sweeney E.C.; Fitzgerald M.X., 1986: Progress of bleomycin induced lung fibrosis in rabbits

Sidorenko B.A.; Lupanov V.P.; Savchenko A.P.; Mazaev V.P.; Borisova G.A., 1985: Progress of coronary atherosclerosis according to the repeated coronarography data and the clinical course of ischemic heart disease

Calvez B., 1981: Progress of developmental program during the last larval instar of bombyx mori relationships with food intake ecdysteroids and juvenile hormone

Laws F.A.; Walmsley Woodward D.J.; Whittington W.J., 1982: Progress of infection by erysiphe graminis on fungicide treated and untreated barley

Korovkin B.F., 1983: Progress of modern enzymology in the management of internal diseases

Ahrens E., 1985: Progress of nitrogen mineralization in the soil dependent of temperature and time

Lear A.L.; Perkins H.R., 1987: Progress of o acetylation and cross linking of peptidoglycan in neisseria gonorrhoeae grown in the presence of penicillin

Rejmanek M.; Haagerova R.; Haager J., 1982: Progress of plant succession on the paricutin volcano mexico 25 years after activity ceased

Kondo K.; Yamamoto Y.; Matsumoto S.; Ohashi Y.; Kamei Y.; Morioka M.; Fujita Y., 1984: Progress of pyuria in patients undergoing prostatectomy

Taniguchi M., 1983: Progress of streptococcicosis of yellowtail in per oral inoculation

Kawai K.; Azuma T., 1988: Progress of the research in gastrin

Yoon, M. G., 1976: Progress of topographic regulation of the visual projection in the halved optic tectum of adult goldfish

Grunicke H.; Doppler W.; Helliger W.; Hermann B.J.; Hofmann J.; Lindner H.; Puschendorf B., 1986: Progress of tumor chemotherapy based on advances in tumor biochemistry

Morgan, R. G. H.; Wormsley, K. G., 1977: Progress report cancer of the pancreas

Sauvaget J.; Gamet L.; Capron F.; Hecquet I.; Csech J., 1985: Progress report concerning kartagener syndrome one case

Sahi, T., 1978: Progress report dietary lactose and the etiology of human small intestinal hypo lactasia

Cotton, P. B., 1977: Progress report endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatography

Zucchelli G.C.; Pilo A.; Chiesa M.R.; Piro M.A., 1984: Progress report on a national quality control survey of tri iodo thyronine and thyroxine assay

Golomb H.M., 1981: Progress report on chlorambucil therapy in post splenectomy patients with progressive hairy cell leukemia

Ziegler, W.; Lindstroem, M., 1975: Progress report on conodonts

Mukawa A.; Kamitsuma Y.; Jisaki F.; Tanaka N.; Ikeda H.; Ueno T.; Tsunekawa S., 1983: Progress report on experimental use of cybest model 2 for practical gynecologic mass screening alterations of the specimen rejection threshold and specimen preparation

Duquesnoy R.J.; Marrari M.; Walker R.H., 1987: Progress report on the ashi cap histocompatibility survey program 1981 1986

Kracht R.; Tesch F W., 1981: Progress report on the eel expedition of research vessel anton dohrn and research vessel friedrich heincke to the sargasso sea 1979

Krishna J.; Westermann G.E.G., 1985: Progress report on the middle jurassic ammonite zones of kachchh west india

Lehner, T., 1977: Progress report oral ulceration and behcets syndrome

Tovey F., 1979: Progress report peptic ulcer in india and bangladesh

Cornell L.H.; Asper E.D.; Antrim J.E.; Searles S.S.; Young W.G.; Goff T., 1987: Progress report results of a long range captive breeding program for the bottlenose dolphin tursiops truncatus and tursiops truncatus gilli

Hattersley, P. G., 1976: Progress report the activated coagulation time of whole blood

Vicary, F. R., 1977: Progress report ultrasound and gastro enterology technical considerations

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Ronning O.W.; Lindmo T., 1983: Progress through g 1 and s in relation to net protein accumulation in human nhik 3025 cells

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Surgenor, D. M., 1976: Progress toward a national blood system the american blood commission

Kreevoy M.M.; Nitsche C.I., 1982: Progress toward a solution to the nitrate problem

Hull L.A., 1981: Progress toward a unified theory of the mechanisms of carcinogenesis role of cell cycle restriction points

Kaufman M.; Heimendinger J.; Foerster S.; Carroll M.A., 1987: Progress toward meeting the 1990 nutrition objectives for the nation nutrition services and data collection in state territorial health agencies

Kidd K.K.; Kidd J.R.; Castiglione C.M.; Pakstis A.J.; Sparkes R.S., 1986: Progress toward resolving the possible linkage of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2a to haptoglobin and group specific loci use of restriction fragment length polymorphisms extends exclusion region

Gleichmann H.; Bottazzo G.F., 1987: Progress toward standardization of cytoplasmic islet cell antibody assay

Parr, W. J.; Gould, H. J.; Jessop, N. H.; Ludlam, F. A. B., 1976: Progress towards a biological control program for glasshouse whitefly trialeurodes vaporariorum on tomatoes

Hull, L. A., 1982: Progress towards a unified theory of the mechanisms of carcinogenesis 3. circumvention of proliferation controls

Sahota T.S.; Peet F.G.; Bartels P.H., 1984: Progress towards early detection of population quality differences in bark beetles dendroctonus pseudotsugae coleoptera scolytidae

Reimer, C. B.; Smith, S. J.; Hannon, W. H.; Ritchie, R. F.; Van-Es, L.; Becker, W.; Markowitz, H.; Gauldie, J.; Anderson, S. G., 1978: Progress towards international reference standards for human serum proteins

Van-Der-Meulen, F., 1978: Progress with vegetation studies in the sourish mixed bush veld of the western transvaal africa

Weyer, F., 1978: Progresses in ecology and epidemiology of rickettsioses a review

Ludatscher R.M.; Hashmonai M.; Monies Chass I.; Schramek A., 1981: Progressing alterations in transient ischemia of skeletal muscles an ultrastructural study

Bugiani O.; Ghetti B., 1982: Progressing encephalo myelopathy with muscular atrophy induced by aluminum powder

Collavo D.; Zanovello P.; Biasi G.; Chieco Bianchi L., 1980: Progressing moloney sarcoma virus induced tumors effect of host immuno manipulation

Weber, G., 1976: Progression and possible regression of arterio sclerotic plaques

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Barth J.D.; Jansen H.; Kromhout D.; Reiber J.H.C.; Birkenhager J.C.; Arntzenius A.C., 1987: Progression and regression of human coronary atherosclerosis the role of lipoproteins lipases and thyroid hormones in coronary lesion growth

Campbell C.L.; Pennypacker S.P.; Madden L.V., 1980: Progression dynamics of hypocotyl rot of snap bean phaseolus vulgaris

Oikawa T.; Matsuzawa A.; Iwaguchi T., 1986: Progression from hormone dependence to autonomy and angiogenesis in mouse mammary tumors

Fujiwara H.; Onodera T.; Tanaka M.; Shirane H.; Kato H.; Yoshikawa J.; Osakada G.; Sasayama S.; Kawai C., 1984: Progression from hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy to typical dilated cardiomyopathy like features in the end stage

Charlton B.; Mandel T.E., 1988: Progression from insulitis to beta cell destruction in nod mouse requires l3t4 positive t lymphocytes

Madahar C.; Parsa I., 1987: Progression in a chemically induced transplantable human pancreas carcinoma

Tatematsu M.; Lee G.; Hayes M.A.; Farber E., 1987: Progression in hepatocarcinogenesis differences in growth and behavior of transplants of early and later hepatocyte nodules in the rat spleen

Hassan I.; Bjerkreim I., 1983: Progression in idiopathic scoliosis after conservative treatment

Bjerkreim I.; Hassan I., 1982: Progression in untreated idiopathic scoliosis after end of growth

Marchok A.C.; Huang S.F.; Martin D.H.; Johnston W.W., 1986: Progression linked properties of specific lesion cell populations from 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene exposed rat tracheal implants

Ghose T.; Lee C.L.Y.; Faulkner G.; Fernandez L.A.; Lee S.H.S., 1988: Progression of a human b cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia line in nude mice

Bonati A.; Delia D.; Starcich R., 1986: Progression of a myelodysplastic syndrome to pre b acute lymphoblastic leukemia with unusual phenotype

Dymling, J. F.; Willner, S., 1978: Progression of a structural scoliosis during treatment with growth hormone a case report

Davies B.; Thorley A.; O'connor D., 1985: Progression of addiction careers in young adult solvent misusers

Robbins N.; Fahim M.A., 1985: Progression of age changes in mature mouse motor nerve terminals and its relation to locomotor activity

Kelly S.S.; Robbins N., 1983: Progression of age changes in synaptic transmission at mouse neuro muscular junctions

Tanabe T.; Mima S.; Hanew T.; Mizuo H.; Kanagawa H.; Sekiya C.; Fukuda M., 1985: Progression of alcoholic liver cirrhosis observed by serial laparoscopy and liver biopsies

Kaul P.L.; Prasad M.C., 1984: Progression of alloxan induced diabetes in goats

Eckenhoff R.G.; Dougherty J.H.Jr; Messier A.A.; Osborne S.F.; Parker J.W., 1987: Progression of and recovery from pulmonary oxygen toxicity in humans exposed to 5 ata air

Kekki M.; Sipponen P.; Siurala M., 1984: Progression of antral and body gastritis in patients with active and healed duodenal ulcer and duodenitis

Bogart D.B.; Murphy B.L.; Wong B.Y.S.; Pugh D.M.; Dunn M.I., 1979: Progression of aortic stenosis

Nitta M.; Nakamura T.; Hultgren H.N.; Bilisoly J.; Tovey D.A., 1987: Progression of aortic stenosis in adult men detection by noninvasive methods

Nitta M.; Takamoto T.; Taniguchi K., 1988: Progression of aortic stenosis in the elderly detected by noninvasive methods

Gutierrez I.Z.; Barone D.L.; Makula P., 1987: Progression of arteriosclerotic disease in the failed infrainguinal bypass

Bendick P.J.; Gover J.L.; Kuebler T.W.; Dilley R.S., 1983: Progression of athero sclerosis in diabetics

Lidbeck J.; Manson J.C., 1981: Progression of bone marrow abnormalities in malignant hemopoietic dysplasia evaluation of cytological changes with serial bone marrow samples

Takahashi S.; Lombardi B.; Shinozuka H., 1982: Progression of carcinogen induced foci of gamma glutamyl trans peptidase positive hepatocytes to hepatomas in rats fed a choline deficient diet

Baldwin A.; Cundy T.; Butler J.; Timmis A.D., 1985: Progression of cardiovascular disease in acromegalic patients treated by external pituitary irradiation

Willeit J.; Vogl G.; Aichner F.; Pohl P.; Gerstenbrand F.; Weimann S., 1987: Progression of carotid disease after carotid endarterectomy clinical and sonographic findings

Merzenich M.M.; Kaas J.H.; Wall J.T.; Sur M.; Nelson R.J.; Felleman D.J., 1983: Progression of change following median nerve section in the cortical representation of the hand in areas 3b and 1 in adult owl and squirrel monkeys

Mackenzie R.; Asscher A.W., 1986: Progression of chronic pyelonephritis in the rat

Oksa H.; Pasternack A.; Luomala M.; Sirvio M., 1983: Progression of chronic renal failure

Bergstrom J.; Alvestrand A.; Bucht H.; Gutierrez A., 1986: Progression of chronic renal failure in man is retarded with more frequent clinical follow ups and better blood pressure control

Saltzman M.; Barwick K.; Mccallum R.W., 1982: Progression of cimetidine treated reflux esophagitis to a barretts stricture

L'hommedieu C.; Polin R.A., 1981: Progression of clinical signs in severe infant botulism therapeutic implications

Nelson L.B.; Calhoun J.H.; Simon J.W.; Harley R.D., 1985: Progression of congenital anterior polar cataracts in childhood

Moritake S.; Yamamuro T.; Yamada J.; Watanabe H., 1983: Progression of congenital kyphosis in ishibashi rats

Hwang M.H.; Sihdu P.; Pacold I.; Johnson S.; Scanlon P.J.; Loeb H.S., 1988: Progression of coronary artery disease after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Haft J.I.; Bachik M., 1984: Progression of coronary artery disease in patients with chest pain and normal or intra luminal disease on arteriography

Frick M.H.; Valle M.; Harjola P T., 1983: Progression of coronary artery disease in randomized medical and surgical patients over a 5 year angiographic follow up

Kramer J.R.; Matsuda Y.; Mulligan J.C.; Aronow M.; Proudfit W.L., 1981: Progression of coronary athero sclerosis

Velican C.; Velican D., 1983: Progression of coronary athero sclerosis from adolescents to mature adults

Singh R.N., 1984: Progression of coronary atherosclerosis clues to pathogenesis from serial coronary arteriography

Shea S.; Sciacca R.R.; Esser P.; Han J.; Nichols A.B., 1986: Progression of coronary atherosclerotic disease assessed by cinevideodensitometry relation to clinical risk factors

Wheeler W.B.; Williams M.; Matthews W.J.Jr; Colten H.R., 1984: Progression of cystic fibrosis lung disease as a function of serum immuno globulin g levels a 5 year longitudinal study

Buesching D.P.; Glasser M.L.; Frate D.A., 1986: Progression of depression in the prenatal and postpartum periods

Jones R.H.; Hayakawa H.; Mackay J.D.; Parsons V.; Watkins P.J., 1979: Progression of diabetic nephropathy

Sugime M.; Tamura K.; Tamiya M., 1987: Progression of diabetic retinopathy after cataract extraction

Ramsay R.C.; Goetz F.C.; Sutherland D.E.R.; Mauer S.M.; Robison L.L.; Cantrill H.L.; Knobloch W.H.; Najarian J.S., 1988: Progression of diabetic retinopathy after pancreas transplantation for insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

De Weerd A.W.; Van Huffelen A.C.; Reeser H.M., 1982: Progression of endocrinological and neurological dys function in adreno leuko dystrophy endocrinological evidence of an affection of the adrenal cortex independent of the cerebral disorder

Moon N.J.; Henk W.G., 1980: Progression of epiphytic micro flora in wheat triticum aestivum and alfalfa medicago sativa silages as observed by scanning electron microscopy

Seeger B.R.; Caudrey D.J.; Little J.D., 1985: Progression of equinus deformity in duchenne muscular dystrophy

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