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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6201

Chapter 6201 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200000

Hassan M.O., 1987: Prolonged exposure to micropolyspora faeni in strain ii guinea pigs pulmonary interstitial inflammation

Finck A.D., 1982: Prolonged exposure to nitrous oxide decreases opiate receptor density in rat brain stem

Slotnick B.M., 1984: Prolonged exposure to odors in the rat effects on odor detection and on mitral cells

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200004

Kobel W., 1984: Prolonged exposure to tri methyl phosphate induces sensory motor neuropathy in the dog

Ohbayashi M., 1985: Prolonged expulsion of adult trichinella spiralis and eosinophil infiltration in mast cell deficient w w v mice

Taguchi, K.; Matsumura, H.; Nakagaki, M.; Kado, S.; Takamura, K.; Mochizuki, T.; Muto, H.; Miyoshi, N.; Maruyama, T.; Et-Al, 1976: Prolonged extracorporeal cardio pulmonary support with a membrane oxygenator pump system

Oppermann, W.; Iwatsuka, H.; Reddi, A. S.; Camerini-Davalos, R. A., 1975: Prolonged fasting in mice a more sensitive approach to genetic diabetes

Schreiber, S. S.; Evans, C. D.; Reff, F.; Rothschild, M. A.; Oratz, M., 1982: Prolonged feeding of ethanol to the young growing guinea pig 1. the effect on protein synthesis in the afterloaded right ventricle measured in vitro

Schreiber, S. S.; Evans, C. D.; Reff, F.; Oratz, M.; Rothschild, M. A., 1984: Prolonged feeding of ethanol to the young growing guinea pig 2. a model to study the effects of severe ischemia on cardiac protein synthesis

Ersoz, C. J.; Hedden, M.; Lain, L., 1970: Prolonged femoral arterial catheterization for intensive care

Delecour M., 1983: Prolonged fetal monitoring with telemetric control using ultrasound methodology and its applications

Agmon M., 1979: Prolonged fever and anemia as the sole manifestations of a false aneurysm in a transplant patient

Mongin M., 1981: Prolonged fever and latent tuberculosis

Rozin R.R., 1988: Prolonged fever as a presenting symptom in adrenal tumors

Sherwin A., 1985: Prolonged focal cerebral edema associated with partial status epilepticus

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200019

Robinson S., 1985: Prolonged follow up in obsessive psychosis

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200021

Takahashi K., 1979: Prolonged food deprivation abolishes the circadian adreno cortical rhythm but not the endogenous rhythm in rats

Oei T.P., 1983: Prolonged foot shock induced analgesia gluco corticoids and nonpituitary opioids are involved

Roberts D.W.A., 1988: Prolonged freezing of dark hardened seedlings for rating and selection of winter wheats for winter survival ability

Hazelwood R.L., 1987: Prolonged fructose feeding and aldose reductase inhibition effect on the polyol pathway in kidneys of normal rats

Du Cailar J., 1982: Prolonged functional disturbance of prolactin secretion following surgery under neurolept anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200027

Koehler, R. E.; Stanley, R. J.; Dicroce, J., 1978: Prolonged gallbladder opacification after oral cholecystography

Eastcott H.H.G., 1984: Prolonged gastroduodenal ileus complicating aortic aneurysm surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200030

Holinka, C. F.; Tseng, Y. C.; Finch, C. E., 1978: Prolonged gestation elevated pre parturitional plasma progesterone and reproductive aging in c 57bl 6j mice

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200032

Cassileth P.A., 1984: Prolonged granulocytopenia the major risk factor for invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in patients with acute leukemia

Willer S., 1985: Prolonged gravidity of cattle

Leanderson T., 1987: Prolonged growth of activated b lymphocyte requires interaction with helper t cells

Raabe R., 1985: Prolonged half life following diuretic radionuclide urography as evidence of ureteral obstruction

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200037

Dexter T.M., 1979: Prolonged hematopoiesis in a primate tupaia glis bone marrow culture system characteristics of stem cell production and the hematopoietic micro environment

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200039

Bobba P., 1981: Prolonged hemodynamic effects of nitro glycerin ointment in acute myo cardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200041

Merigan T.C., 1979: Prolonged herpes zoster infection associated with immuno suppressive therapy

Kufe D., 1988: Prolonged high dose ara c infusions in acute leukemia

Vera, Z.; Mason, D. T.; Fletcher, R. D.; Awan, N. A.; Massumi, R. A., 1976: Prolonged his q interval in chronic bi fascicular block relation to impending complete heart block

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200045

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200046

Hall E., 1982: Prolonged hospital stay for whooping cough the need for prevention

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200048

Perlman, M.; Schenker, J.; Glassman, M.; Ben-David, M., 1978: Prolonged hyper prolactinemia in preterm infants

Friesen H.G., 1980: Prolonged hyper prolactinemia influences beta endorphin and methionine enkephalin in the brain

Umemoto M., 1981: Prolonged hyper reactivity of septal rats with intra ventricular pre treatment of 6 hydroxy dopamine

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200052

Stonestreet B.S., 1987: Prolonged hypercarbia in the awake newborn piglet effect on brain blood flow and cardiac output

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200054

Laubie B., 1987: Prolonged hyperthyroidism and recurrent atrio ventricular block

Lillehei R.C., 1981: Prolonged hypo cholesterolemic effect of porta caval transposition in dogs an experimental study

Kupriyanov, V. V.; Petrukhin, V. G.; Novikov, N. I.; Gaidamakin, N. A.; Krasnykh, I. G.; Solov'ev, V. I.; Vlasov, V. B.; Petrukhin, S. V., 1975: Prolonged hypo kinesia and its effect on tissues and vessels of the extremities in experiments

Evans, O. B.; Stacpoole, P. W., 1982: Prolonged hypo lactatemia and increased total pyruvate dehydrogenase ec activity by di chloro acetate

Vanecek R., 1981: Prolonged hypo thermic perfusion of the small intestine of the dog

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200060

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200061

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200062

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200063

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200064

Norris, J. L.; Cleasby, G. W., 1978: Prolonged hypotony following cataract extraction

Gastaut H., 1987: Prolonged ictal paralysis electroencephalographic confirmation of its epileptic nature

Tuft, L.; Friedman, H., 1977: Prolonged immuno therapy with alum precipitated pyridine ragweed extracts a clinical and immunological study

Ferguson, A. C., 1978: Prolonged impairment of cellular immunity in children with intra uterine growth retardation

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200069

Battelli A.F. , 1981: Prolonged in utero retention and mummification of a macaca mulatta fetus

Delinassios J.G., 1983: Prolonged in vitro maintenance of human di ploid fibroblasts in a new tissue culture medium prc 1

Wire W., 1985: Prolonged in vivo antagonism of central mu and delta opioid receptor activity by beta funaltrexamine

Thyer B.A., 1981: Prolonged in vivo exposure therapy with a 70 year old woman

Coleridge, H. M.; Coleridge, J. C. G.; Rosenthal, F., 1976: Prolonged inactivation of cortical pyramidal tract neurons in cats by distension of the carotid sinus

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200075

Lindblad A., 1979: Prolonged increase of sister chromatid exchanges in lymphocytes of melanoma patients after 1 2 chloroethyl 1 3 cyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200077

Lapp L., 1986: Prolonged increases in both paradoxical sleep and number of rapid eye movements following a shuttle avoidance task

Laughlin L.W., 1984: Prolonged incubation improves the micro scale in vitro test for drug sensitivity of plasmodium falciparum

Ehrlich S.D., 1979: Prolonged incubation in calcium chloride improves the competence of escherichia coli cells

Lernmark A., 1987: Prolonged incubation in the two color immunofluorescence test increases the prevalence and titers of islet cell antibodies in type 1 insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200082

Brandtzaeg P., 1981: Prolonged incubation time in immuno histochemistry effects on fluorescence staining of immuno globulins and epithelial components in ethanol fixed and formaldehyde fixed paraffin embedded tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200084

Gustafsson, B. E.; Gustafsson, J. A.; Carlstedt-Duke, B., 1977: Prolonged induction of germ free bile acid pattern in conventional rats by antibiotics

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200086

Russell D.H., 1979: Prolonged induction of hepatic ornithine decarboxylase and its relation to cyclic amp dependent protein kinase activation after a single administration of di ethyl nitrosamine

Aaskov J.G., 1987: Prolonged infection of human synovial cells with ross river virus

Ramseur, J. M.; Friedman, R. M., 1977: Prolonged infection of interferon treated cells by vesicular stomatitis virus possible role of temperature sensitive mutants and interferon

Ramseur, J. M.; Friedman, R. M., 1978: Prolonged infection of l cells with vesicular stomatitis virus defective interfering forms and temperature sensitive mutants as factors in the infection

Milbauer, K., 1977: Prolonged infusion cholangiography in icteric patients

Jostell K G., 1980: Prolonged infusion of chlormethiazole in intensive care

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200093

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200094

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200095

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200096

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200097

Bevan D.R., 1986: Prolonged infusion of suxamethonium in infants and children

Oelkers, W.; Schoeneshoefer, M.; Schultze, G.; Wenzler, M.; Bauer, B.; L'age, M.; Fehm, H. L., 1978: Prolonged infusions of iso leucine 5 angiotensin ii in sodium replete and deplete man effects on aldo sterone acth cortisol blood pressure and electrolyte balance

Wilson, W. A.; Wachtel, H., 1978: Prolonged inhibition in burst firing neurons synaptic inactivation of the slow regenerative inward current

Ibaraki A., 1980: Prolonged inhibition of brood production in dendroctonus rufipennis coleoptera scolytidae by dimilin

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200102

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200103

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200104

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200105

Casper R., 1984: Prolonged inhibition of human myometrial contractility by intermittent isoproterenol

Mayeri E., 1979: Prolonged inhibition of neurons by neuro endocrine cells in aplysia

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200108

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200109

Brinckerhoff, C. E.; Lubin, M., 1977: Prolonged inhibition of protein and glyco protein synthesis in tumor cells treated with muconomycin a

Waldrop T.G., 1984: Prolonged inhibition of respiration following acute hypoxia in glomectomized cats

Runice C., 1985: Prolonged inhibition of striatal dopamine receptor sites by isofloxythepin

Pagano J.S., 1984: Prolonged inhibitory effect of 9 1 3 di hydroxy 2 propoxymethyl guanine against replication of epstein barr virus

Shimada K., 1986: Prolonged inhibitory effect of progesterone on ovulation in the domestic hen gallus domesticus

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200115

Devita V.T.Jr, 1984: Prolonged initial remission in patients with nodular mixed lymphoma

Russell W.J., 1979: Prolonged injection angiography for diagnosing intra cranial cavernous hem angiomas

Matsuura K., 1980: Prolonged injection angiography for diagnosing intra cranial neoplasms

Blackard W.G., 1987: Prolonged insulin resistance following insulin induced hypoglycemia

Hertel L., 1981: Prolonged intake of vitamin a and cirrhosis of the liver

Keehn R.J., 1982: Prolonged intermittent adjuvant chemo therapy with 1 2 chloroethyl 3 cyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea and hydroxy urea after resection of carcinoma of the lung

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200122

Bucci G., 1981: Prolonged intermittent positive pressure ventilation by nasal prongs in intractable apnea of prematurity

Barr, S. E., 1976: Prolonged interval immuno therapy of hymenoptera sting allergy

Thompson B.D., 1979: Prolonged intra venous infusion of labeled iodo compounds in the rat iodine 125 labeled iodide metabolism and effects of moderate dietary iodine deficiency

Thompson B.D., 1979: Prolonged intra venous infusion of labeled iodo compounds in the rat iodine 125 labeled thyroxine and iodine 125 labeled tri iodo thyronine metabolism and extrathyroidal conversion of thyroxine to tri iodo thyronine

Tyulyandin S.A., 1983: Prolonged intra venous infusions of cis di ammine di chloro platinum ii in treatment of cancer patients

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200128

Smetnev A.S., 1987: Prolonged intracardiac electrophysiological studies in patients with paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia a promising method for the selection and assessment of the efficiency of antiarrhythmic treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200130

Barbara L., 1987: Prolonged intragastric ph measurements 24 hour profile and regional distribution of gastric acidity

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200132

Ferslew K.E., 1988: Prolonged intravenous paraquat infusion in the rat ii paraquat induced alterations in lung polyamine metabolism

Mcclead R.E., 1987: Prolonged intubation of neonates

Santen R.J., 1984: Prolonged iodine clearance with a depletion regimen for thyroid carcinoma

Stephens N.L., 1987: Prolonged isobaric relaxation time in small mesenteric arteries of the spontaneously hypertensive rat

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200137

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200138

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200139

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200140

Latinovic D., 1980: Prolonged lactation in cows and its influence of milk production and fertility

Gordon T.P., 1988: Prolonged lactational infertility in adolescent rhesus monkeys

Cory Slechta D.A., 1986: Prolonged lead exposure and fixed ratio performance

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200144

White, C. W.; Zimmerman, T. J., 1975: Prolonged left ventricular ejection time in the post premature beat a sensitive sign of idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200146

Schnitzer B., 1982: Prolonged life spans in female nzb nzw mice treated with the experimental immuno regulatory drug frentizole

Yoshida, M.; Ohno, K.; Takeuchi, Y.; Kagawa, Y., 1977: Prolonged lifetime of the 410 nanometer intermediate of bacterio rhod opsin in the presence of guanidine hydro chloride

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200149

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200150

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200151

Saidel, D. R.; Babineau, R., 1976: Prolonged lsd flashbacks as conversion reactions

Schneider, M.; Amthor, M., 1976: Prolonged lung atel ectasis after experimental aspiration of blood

Peterson, B. A.; Bloomfield, C. D., 1977: Prolonged maintained remissions of adult acute nonlymphocytic leukemia

Lichtenstein L.M., 1981: Prolonged maintenance interval in hymenoptera venom immuno therapy

Bensinger, T. A.; Chillar, R. K.; Beutler, E., 1977: Prolonged maintenance of 2 3 di phospho glycerate in liquid blood storage use of an internal carbon di oxide trap to stabilize ph

Guillouzo A., 1984: Prolonged maintenance of active cytochrome p 450 in adult rat hepatocytes co cultured with another liver cell type

Thalmann R., 1984: Prolonged maintenance of endo cochlear potential by vascular perfusion with media devoid of oxygen carriers

Mattioli F., 1979: Prolonged manometric study of the gastro duodenal junction in man

Ploughman L., 1987: Prolonged mechanical ventilation and intracranial hemorrhage impact on developmental progress through 18 months in infants weighing 1200 grams or less at birth

Mjaaland M., 1986: Prolonged mechanical ventilation in cancer patients a cost benefit analysis

Malt S., 1980: Prolonged mechanically assisted ventilation an analysis of outcome and charges

Keene, J. J., 1976: Prolonged medial fore brain bundle unit responses to rewarding and aversive intra cranial stimuli

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200166

Elleder, M., 1976: Prolonged methanol fixation of soluble muco substances in muco poly saccharidoses

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200168

Lebovitz R.M., 1981: Prolonged microwave irradiation of rats effects on concurrent operant behavior

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200170

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200171

Engle, R. L.; Rink, R. D., 1976: Prolonged moderate hypo thermia and experimental endo toxin shock

Winlow W., 1985: Prolonged modification of action potential shape by synaptic inputs in molluscan lymnaea stagnalis neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200174

Pillot J., 1982: Prolonged mono layer culture from healthy adult human liver immunological characterization of the hepatocyte nature of cultivated cells

Bliddal, J.; Kaliszan, S., 1977: Prolonged mono symptomatic fever due to yersinia enterocolitica

El Fakahany E.E., 1988: Prolonged morphine treatment increases rat brain dihydropyridine binding sites possible involvement in development of morphine dependence

Duggan D., 1985: Prolonged multipurpose venous access in burned patients 3 years experience with hickman right atrial catheters

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200179

Shanazarova, A. S.; Dubinina, L. G.; Chernikova, O. P., 1976: Prolonged mutagenesis radiation and stages of the cell cycle

Holmes E.W., 1982: Prolonged myo cardial nucleotide depletion after brief ischemia in the open chest dog

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200182

Deane, R. S.; Mills, E. L., 1970: Prolonged naso tracheal intubation in adults a successor and adjunct to tracheostomy

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200184

White G.C.II, 1987: Prolonged neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenic purpura associated with anti baka two cases in siblings

Wernig A., 1988: Prolonged nerve stimulation causes changes in transmitter release at the frog neuromuscular junction

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200187

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200188

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200189

Potter E.K., 1985: Prolonged non adrenergic inhibition of cardiac vagal action following sympathetic stimulation neuromodulation by neuropeptide y

Kim B.K., 1982: Prolonged normotension following cessation of therapy in uncomplicated essential hypertension

Cervero, F.; Handwerker, H. O.; Laird, J. M. A., 1988: Prolonged noxious mechanical stimulation of the rat's tail responses and encoding properties of dorsal horn neurons

Laing D.G., 1987: Prolonged odor exposure causes severe cell shrinkage in the adult rat olfactory bulb

Weinman E.J., 1980: Prolonged oliguria in a post transplant patient

Neumann G., 1981: Prolonged opacification of the gallbladder after oral cholecystography a reevaluation of its clinical significance

Springer A.D., 1982: Prolonged optic tract degeneration modifies optic nerve regeneration

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200197

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200199

Russell D.H., 1980: Prolonged ornithine decarboxylase induction in regenerating carcinogen treated liver

Maisels M.J., 1980: Prolonged oro tracheal intubation in the new born

Albinowska Florczykowska B., 1981: Prolonged orthodontic treatment through analysis of cards in a selected group of patients

Solassol C., 1981: Prolonged out patient parenteral nutrition in cancer patients

Marrie, T. J.; Major, H.; Gurwith, M.; Ronald, A. R.; Harding, G. K.; Forrest, G.; Forsythe, W., 1978: Prolonged outbreak of nosocomial urinary tract infection with a single strain of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Ait-Ouyahia, B.; Laliam, B.; Asselah, F.; Hamdi, S., 1977: Prolonged ovarian pregnancy associated with an intra uterine pregnancy a case report

Piantadosi, C. A.; Clinton, R. L.; Thalmann, E. D., 1979: Prolonged oxygen exposures in immersed exercising divers at 25 feet sea water 1.76 atmospheres absolute

O'grady J., 1979: Prolonged paradoxical effect of aspirin on platelet behavior and bleeding time in man

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200208

Ani H.R.A., 1983: Prolonged partial cardio pulmonary bypass in rats

Engel, J. Jr ; Ludwig, B. I.; Fetell, M., 1978: Prolonged partial complex status epilepticus electro encephalogram and behavioral observations

Petrova N.N., 1985: Prolonged peridural analgesia with morphine in acute myocardial infarction

Shchepatov V.V., 1985: Prolonged peridural anesthesia in obstetric and gynecological practice

Shuntov, V. P.; Vasil'kov, V. P., 1982: Prolonged periodic fluctuations in number of north pacific sardines 2. epochs of atmospheric circulation and number cyclicity of far eastern and california usa sardines

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200214

Asole F., 1985: Prolonged ph monitoring technique of the distal esophagus

Kamibayashi A., 1982: Prolonged photo hydrogen production by rhodospirillum rubrum

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200217

Ageeva T.S., 1981: Prolonged pneumonias and their etiology

Wilkinson A.R., 1986: Prolonged positive airway pressure for severe neonatal tracheobronchomalacia

Chirletti P., 1983: Prolonged post operative endoscopic control for cancer of colon and rectum

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200221

Hackman J.C., 1983: Prolonged post tetanic de polarization of frog rana pipiens dorsal root fibers

Sharonova, I. N.; Voronin, L. L.; Skrebitskii, V. G., 1976: Prolonged post tetanic potentiation of hippocampal evoked responses to stimulation of schaffers collaterals

Feriotti G., 1980: Prolonged post traumatic unconsciousness therapeutic assets and liabilities

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200225

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200226

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200227

Benzing, G. Iii, 1976: Prolonged pr index in rheumatic fever

Hertzeanu H., 1988: Prolonged pr interval associated with an abnormal frontal plane qrs axis as an electrocardiographic criterion of left ventricular function

Peters, M., 1976: Prolonged practice of a simple motor task by preferred and nonpreferred hands

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200231

Leveno, K. J.; Quirk, J. G. Jr ; Cunningham, F. G.; Nelson, S. D.; Santos-Ramos, R.; Toofanian, A.; Depalma, R. T., 1984: Prolonged pregnancy 1. observations concerning the causes of fetal distress

Matadial L., 1986: Prolonged pregnancy a rational approach to management

Ratten G.J., 1981: Prolonged pregnancy after oral contraceptive therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200235

Collin, D.; Spira, N.; Rumeau-Rouquette, C.; Grelier, M.; Sandrock, R.; Dreyfus, J., 1977: Prolonged pregnancy and peri natal distress

Teran Urbanetz G.L., 1986: Prolonged pregnancy critical analysis of complementary examinations

Cooper D.J., 1982: Prolonged pregnancy is induction of labor indicated? a prospective study

Pearce J.M., 1986: Prolonged pregnancy the management debate

Bezryadina E.M., 1980: Prolonged presence of barium residue in disintegrating gastric carcinomas

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200241

Kioka Y., 1986: Prolonged preservation of canine hearts followed by orthotopic heart transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200243

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200244

Wren M.W.D., 1980: Prolonged primary incubation in the isolation of anaerobic bacteria from clinical specimens

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200246

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200247

Hoenig E.M., 1988: Prolonged progressive dementia with spongiform encephalopathy a variant of creutzfeldt jakob disease

Kaufmann J.C.E., 1987: Prolonged progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy without immunosuppression

Lev M., 1981: Prolonged prostaglandin e 1 infusion histologic effects on the patent ductus arteriosus

Lewis, A. B.; Lurie, P. R., 1978: Prolonged prostaglandin e 1 infusion in an infant with cyanotic congenital heart disease

Chlapowski, F. J.; Ray, K. R.; Butcher, R. W., 1978: Prolonged prostaglandin e 1 stimulation of cyclic amp production in transformed and normal wi 38 fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200253

Sandford J.C., 1984: Prolonged pruritus and bullous pemphigoid

Miwa U., 1979: Prolonged pseudoaldosteronism induced by glycyrrhizin

Geier, S., 1978: Prolonged psychic epileptic seizures a study of the absence status

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200257

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200258

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200259

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200260

Nakamura, I.; Ae, S. A., 1977: Prolonged pupal diapause of papilio alexanor arid zone adaptation directed by larval host plant

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200262

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200263

Beller G.A., 1981: Prolonged qt interval at onset of acute myo cardial infarction in predicting early phase ventricular tachy cardia

Fedele D., 1988: Prolonged qt period in diabetic autonomic neuropathy a possible role in sudden cardiac death?

Castell D.O., 1983: Prolonged radio nuclide transit in nutcracker esophagus

Barnes, J. H.; Fatome, M.; Esslemont, G. F.; Andrieu, L., 1977: Prolonged radioprotective action of water soluble polymers with labile sulfur containing side chains

Rasweiler J.J.Iv, 1987: Prolonged receptivity to the male and the fate of spermatozoa in the female black mastiff bat molossus ater

Koman, A.; Kolb, V. M.; Terenius, L., 1986: Prolonged receptor blockade by opioid receptor probes

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200270

Askenase P.W., 1982: Prolonged reduction in basophil counts at cutaneous basophil hyper sensitivity reaction sites challenged with antigen

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200272

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200273

Agarwal M.K., 1985: Prolonged refractoriness to the diabetogenic action of streptozotocin in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200275

Williams N.E., 1985: Prolonged release extradural morphine

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200277

Wang P.Y., 1987: Prolonged release of insulin by cholesterol matrix implant

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200279

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200280

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200281

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200282

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200283

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200284

Bellucci, S.; Kedra, A. W.; Courmelle, J. M.; Maclouf, J.; Boizard, B.; Dosquet-Bernard, C.; Tobelem, G.; Caen, J. P., 1986: Prolonged remission in raynaud's phenomenon after prostacyclin infusion

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200286

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200287

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200288

Hazani, A.; Tatarsky, I.; Barzilai, D., 1977: Prolonged remission of leukemia associated with polycythemia vera

Olberding E.B., 1984: Prolonged remission of metastatic malignant fibrous histio cytoma induced by combination chemo therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200291

Van Scott E.J., 1981: Prolonged remission of tumor stage mycosis fungoides by topical immuno therapy

Hersh E.M., 1981: Prolonged remissions in adults with acute leukemia following late intensification chemo therapy and immuno therapy

Makhanova, L. A.; Mayakova-Begunenko, S. A.; Smirnov, V. V.; Kalashnikova, G. V., 1976: Prolonged remissions of acute leukemia in children treated according to different schemes

Arnaud Battandier J., 1979: Prolonged remissions of cystic and conglobate acne with 13 cis retinoic acid

Kesselheim H., 1983: Prolonged remissions of metastatic breast cancer achieved with a 6 drug regimen of relatively low toxicity

Bansal, V. K.; Bennett, D.; Molnar, Z., 1977: Prolonged renal failure after rifampin

Gubler M C., 1981: Prolonged renal survival and stunting with protein deficient diets in experimental uremia reversal of these effects by addition of essential amino acids

Stoltz J.P., 1986: Prolonged repositivation of t wave in coronary artery disease

Hudson L.D., 1979: Prolonged respiratory paralysis in wound botulism

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200301

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200302

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200303

Mandell, G. A.; Rosenberg, H. K.; Schnaufer, L., 1977: Prolonged retention of foreign bodies in the stomach

Entwistle, P. F.; Adams, P. H. W., 1977: Prolonged retention of infectivity in the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of gilpinia hercyniae hymenoptera diprionidae on foliage of spruce species

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200306

Fishman G.A., 1984: Prolonged rod dark adaptation in retinitis pigmentosa

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200308

Kobets I.S., 1986: Prolonged sacral morphine anesthesia in proctology

Follette, D.; Fey, K.; Mulder, D.; Maloney, J. V-Jr ; Buckberg, G. D., 1977: Prolonged safe aortic clamping by combining membrane stabilization multi dose cardioplegia and appropriate ph re perfusion

Claudon, D. G.; Thompson, D. I.; Christenson, E. H.; Lawton, G. W.; Dick, E. C., 1971: Prolonged salmonella contamination of a recreational lake by runoff waters

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200312

Mcdougall, R. M.; Walker, K.; Thurston, O. G., 1975: Prolonged secretion of lithogenic bile after cholecystectomy

Clarke I.J., 1986: Prolonged secretion of prolactin in response to trh after hypothalamo pituitary disconnection in the ewe

Section 7, Chapter 6201 , Accession 006200315

Bloemer H., 1986: Prolonged selective coronary artery perfusion via angioplasty catheter following acute coronary occlusion

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200728

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200730

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200731

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200732

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200735

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200736

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200737

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200738

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200744

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200754

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200765

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200770

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200771

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200772

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200776

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200784

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200787

Ito N., 1984: Promotion of 2 ethylnitrosamino ethanol induced renal carcinogenesis in rats by nephro toxic compounds positive responses with folic acid basic lead acetate and n 3 5 di chlorophenyl succinimide but not with 2 3 di bromo 1 propanol phosphate

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200789

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Mcleod K.W., 1988: Promotion of aerenchyma formation in pinus serotina seedlings by ethylene

Merlini L., 1987: Promotion of ambulation of patients with spinal muscular atrophy by early fitting of knee ankle foot orthoses

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200797

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Hensen J.L., 1980: Promotion of benign hyperplastic lesions in hamster cheek pouch by membrane labilizing agents and calcium ion evidence that intra cellular calcium induced release from growth control is an obligatory preliminary stage of tumor promotion

Naito, R.; Kawashima, T., 1980: Promotion of berry set in grapes by growth retardants 4. comparison of succinic acid 2 2 di methyl hydrazide cluster dipping shoot pinching and flower thinning with regards to their effects on berry set in grape vitis labrusca x vitis vinifera cultivar kyoho

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200801

Poovaiah B.W., 1988: Promotion of beta glucan synthase activity in corn microsomal membranes by calcium and protein phosphorylation

Tipton P.W., 1984: Promotion of bladder tumors by endoscopic procedures in an animal model

Tamminen T., 1980: Promotion of breast feeding effect on neo nates of change of feeding routine at a maternity unit

Marin B.V., 1988: Promotion of breast feeding through educational action directed toward pregnant women

Esterman A., 1985: Promotion of breast self examination in south australia a short term evaluation

Neyzi O., 1985: Promotion of breastfeeding in the postpartum mother

Boreiko C.J., 1987: Promotion of c3h 10t1 2 morphological transformation by polychlorinated dibenzo p dioxin isomers

Altman, A.; Goren, R., 1971: Promotion of callus formation by abscisic acid in citrus sinensis d bud cultures

Yanagimachi R., 1982: Promotion of capacitation of guinea pig spermatozoa by the membrane mobility agent 2 2 methoxyethoxyethyl 8 cis 2 n octylcyclopropyl octanoate and inhibition by the di sulfide reducing agent di thio threitol

Yanagimachi R., 1982: Promotion of capacitation of guinea pig spermatozoa by the membrane mobility agent a 2c and inhibition by the di sulfide reducing agent di thio threitol

Stopher D.A., 1981: Promotion of carbohydrate oxidation in the heart by some phenyl glyoxylic acids

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200813

Evans, L. S.; Romeo, D. P., 1977: Promotion of cell arrest in g 2 during cell maturation in roots of pisum sativum by exogenously applied cyclic amp

Kurihara K., 1986: Promotion of cell substratum adhesion of clonal rat pheochromocytoma cells pc 12 by factors contained in glioma conditioned medium separation of two active factors contained in glioma conditioned

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200817

Lofberg J., 1986: Promotion of chromatophore differentiation in isolated premigratory neural crest cells by extracellular material explanted on microcarriers

Jidoi J., 1984: Promotion of coagulase release by serum albumin in staphylococcus aureus derived from furuncle

Fujimoto D., 1984: Promotion of collagen production by human fibroblasts with gastric cancer cells in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200821

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200822

Lippincott, J. A.; Lippincott, B. B.; Chang, C. C., 1972: Promotion of crown gall tumor growth by lysopine octopine nopaline and carnosine

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200825

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200826

Cox D.J., 1987: Promotion of diabetes onset by stress in the bb rat

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200828

Awazu S., 1986: Promotion of drug rectal absorption related to water absorption

Naito, R.; Ueda, H.; Yamamura, H., 1981: Promotion of early fruiting in japanese persimmon cultivar saijo 1. effects of girdling bark inversion and succinic acid 2 2 di methyl hydroxide spray on vegetative growth flowering and yield

Nagmani R., 1987: Promotion of embryogenesis in cultured megagametophytes of larix decidua

Carbonell F., 1982: Promotion of erythropoietic bursts in culture of human bone marrow by blood derived mononuclear cells

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200834

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200835

Bassel A.R., 1983: Promotion of fern rhizoid elongation by metal ions and the function of the spore coat as an ion reservoir

Osanai, K., 1977: Promotion of fertilization membrane formation with per iodate in the eggs of the sea urchin hemicentrotus pulcherrimus

Currie G.A., 1981: Promotion of fibro sarcoma cell growth by products of syngeneic host macrophages

Buttrose, M. S.; Alexander, D. M., 1978: Promotion of floral initiation in fuerte avocado by low temperature and short day length

Tanabe K., 1986: Promotion of flower bud formation and increase of pollen yield by ethephon and 6 benzyladenine in chojuro pear pyrus serotina

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200841

Hamada M., 1988: Promotion of flowering by dna base analogues and changes in acid phosphatase and peroxidase isozyme composition in dark grown arabidopsis thaliana

Halevy A.H., 1981: Promotion of flowering by photo periodic lighting in winter grown gladiolus gladiolus grandiflorus cultivar charm planted at high densities

Tabaru M., 1986: Promotion of flowering by the treatment of seed corms and young plants with gibberellic acid in taros colocasia esculenta

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200845

Bernier G., 1984: Promotion of flowering in brassica campestris cultivar ceres by sucrose

Maheshwari S.C., 1983: Promotion of flowering in lemna paucicostata 6746 a short day duckweed by cyto kinins

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200849

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200850

Mcdavid, C. R.; Alanu, S., 1976: Promotion of flowering in tania xanthosoma sagittifolium by gibberellic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200852

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200853

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200854

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200855

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200856

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200857

Lehnert, T.; Deschner, E. E.; Ivankovic, S.; Decosse, J. J., 1988: Promotion of gastric tumorigenesis by duodenal contents in rats induced with n methyl n' nitro n nitrosoguanidine mnng

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200859

Baskin C.C., 1979: Promotion of germination of stellaria media seeds by light from a green safe lamp

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200861

Marceau N., 1988: Promotion of growth and differentiation of rat ductular oval cells in primary culture

Evans M.L., 1982: Promotion of growth and hydrogen ion efflux by auxin in roots of maize zea mays cultivar hydrid wf 9 x 38 pre treated with ethylene biosynthesis inhibitors

Evans M.L., 1982: Promotion of growth and shift in the auxin dose response relationship in maize zea mays roots treated with the ethylene biosynthesis inhibitors aminoethoxyvinyl glycine and cobalt

Katz D.H., 1980: Promotion of hematopoietic stem cell differentiation in vitro by a soluble mediator allogeneic effect factor

Yanagi, S.; Sakamoto, M.; Takahashi, S.; Tsutsumi, M.; Konishi, Y.; Shibata, K.; Kamiya, T., 1987: Promotion of hepatocarcinogenesis by suxibuzone in rats initiated with 3' methyl 4 dimethylaminoazobenzene

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200867

Lipsky P.E., 1986: Promotion of human t lymphocyte activation and proliferation by fatty acids in low density and high density lipoproteins

Ruddat M., 1986: Promotion of hyphal growth in ustilago violacea by host factors from silene alba

Tarmann K.M., 1982: Promotion of hypocotyl elongation in loblolly pine pinus taeda by iaa

Loy J.B., 1980: Promotion of hypocotyl elongation in watermelon citrullus lanatus seedlings by 6 benzyl adenine

Lee, T. T., 1971: Promotion of iaa oxidase iso enzymes in tobacco d callus cultures by iaa

Bhaskar, M. S.; Namboodiri, A. N., 1978: Promotion of in vitro germination of pollen of chlorophytum malabaricum by pollen extract of chlorophytum heyneanum

Lotzova, E.; Richie, E. R., 1977: Promotion of incidence of adenovirus type 12 transplantable tumors by carrageenan a specific anti macrophage agent

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200875

Abe M., 1980: Promotion of infection thread formation by substances from rhizobium trifolii

Yamagata H., 1980: Promotion of iris pseudacorus seed germination

Burr I.M., 1988: Promotion of iron induced rat liver microsomal lipid peroxidation by copper

Huget, R. P.; Flad, H. D.; Opitz, H. G., 1978: Promotion of l 1210 tumor growth by macrophages

Herrera, E.; Cardenas, M.; Gustafson, K., 1987: Promotion of lateral growth of pecans carya illinoensis wangenh. k. koch with plant regulator sprays

Durkin D.J., 1980: Promotion of leaf abscission in intact ficus benjamina by exposure to water stress

Handman, E.; Greenblatt, C. L., 1977: Promotion of leishmanial infections in nonpermissive host macrophages by conditioned medium

Hewlett E.L., 1983: Promotion of lipolysis in rat adipocytes by pertussis toxin reversal of endogenous inhibition

Farber E., 1983: Promotion of liver cancer development by brief exposure to dietary 2 acetylamino fluorene plus partial hepatectomy or carbon tetra chloride

Iwakawa, A.; Gasic, T. B.; Viner, E. D.; Gasic, G. J., 1986: Promotion of lung tumor colonization in mice by the synthetic thrombin inhibitor no. 805 and its reversal by leech salivary gland extracts

Kitamura H., 1980: Promotion of mesocotyl growth in etiolated rice oryza sativa seedlings by 4 ethoxy 1 p tolyl s triazine 2 6 1h 3h dione

George W.D., 1988: Promotion of metastasis by a specific complex of coagulation factors may be independent of fibrin formation

Van Schalkwyk D.J., 1980: Promotion of methylbenzyl nitrosamine induced esophageal cancer in rats by subclinical zinc deficiency

Shelanski M.L., 1984: Promotion of microtubule assembly by neurofilament associated microtubule associated proteins

Wiche G., 1985: Promotion of microtubule associated protein 1 microtubule associated protein 2 interaction by taxol

Stolzmann W.M., 1985: Promotion of mitosis in cultured leukemic blood and bone marrow samples by cell culture supernatants from mononuclear cells of human cord blood preliminary report

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200892

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200893

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200894

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200895

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Turner J.E., 1985: Promotion of neurite outgrowth and cell survival in dissociated fetal rat retinal cultures by a fraction derived from a brain extract

Tettamanti G., 1984: Promotion of neuritogenesis in mouse neuro blastoma cells by exogenous gangliosides relationship between the effect and the cell association of ganglioside gm 1

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200899

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200900

Marti B., 1981: Promotion of occupational safety

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200903

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200904

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200907

Lee, T. T., 1977: Promotion of plant growth and inhibition of enzymic degradation of iaa by metabolites of carbofuran a carbamate insecticide

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200909

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200910

Lippincott J.A., 1981: Promotion of pylaisiella selwynii growth and gametophore formation by octopine and cyto kinin

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200913

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200916

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Varakina N.N., 1985: Promotion of respiration by auxin in the induction of cell division in suspension culture

Lilien J.E., 1981: Promotion of retinal neurite outgrowth by substratum bound fibronectin

Arber W., 1985: Promotion of rna transcription on the insertion element is 30 of escherichia coli k 12

Coleman, W. K.; Greyson, R. I., 1977: Promotion of root initiation by gibberellic acid in leaf discs of tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultured in vitro

Fujii T., 1985: Promotion of rooting in azukia cuttings by possible glycoproteins extracted from lentinus edodes culture

Lee, C. I.; Paul, J. L.; Hackett, W. P., 1977: Promotion of rooting in stem cuttings of several ornamental plants by pre treatment with acid or base

Schweitzer I.S., 1984: Promotion of rooting of basal and apical cuttings of tabebuia cassinoides treated with iaa

Ng T.J., 1982: Promotion of seed germination in table beet beta vulgaris by an aqueous seaweed extract

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200928

Gourley C.O., 1979: Promotion of senescence in brassica oleracea var capitata by alternaria brassicicola and by botrytis cinerea

Adler H.I., 1985: Promotion of septation in irradiated escherichia coli by a cytoplasmic membrane preparation

Chin C K., 1982: Promotion of shoot and root formation in asparagus asparagus officinalis in vitro by ancymidol

Halevy A.H., 1980: Promotion of sink activity of developing rose rosa hybrida cultivar marimba shoots by light

Tomatis L., 1987: Promotion of skin tumors by tpa in the progeny of mice exposed prenatally to dmba

Boone C.W., 1981: Promotion of smooth surface tumorigenicity by phorbol myristate acetate in balb 3t3 cells and balb 3t3 t pro adipocytes

Janes, H. W.; Frenkel, C., 1978: Promotion of softening processes in pear by acetaldehyde independent of ethylene action

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Tsuboi, M.; Yanagishima, N., 1976: Promotion of sporulation by caffeine pre treatment in saccharomyces cerevisiae part 2 changes in rnase activity during sporulation

Imanishi H., 1981: Promotion of sprouting in gladiolus cormels by alternate storage with low and high humidity and by pre soaking in hydrogen per oxide solutions

Fielding P.E., 1982: Promotion of sterol efflux and net transport by apo lipo protein e in lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase deficiency

Gruen, H. E., 1976: Promotion of stipe elongation in flammulina velutipes by a diffusate from excised lamellae supplied with nutrients

Rubinstein B., 1987: Promotion of stomatal opening by iaa and ethrel in epidermal strips of vicia faba l

Incoll L.D., 1981: Promotion of stomatal opening in detached epidermis of kalanchoe daigremontiana by natural and synthetic cyto kinins

Incoll L.D., 1980: Promotion of stomatal opening in the grass anthephora pubescens by a range of natural and synthetic cyto kinins

Tellefson L.M., 1985: Promotion of streptococcus mutans glucose transport by human whole saliva and parotid fluid

Kim, T. S.; Jin, K. C.; Chang, S. O.; Seo, J. D.; Kim, C. S., 1986: Promotion of strobilus production in the seed orchard of cryptomeria japonica d. don using gibberellic acid

Kripke M.L., 1983: Promotion of syngeneic intra ocular tumor growth in mice by anterior chamber associated immune deviation

Yokota H., 1980: Promotion of tea camellia sinensis pollen tube growth by incubated solution of rapeseed cakes

Glazer, A. N., 1969: Promotion of the autolysis of alpha chymotrypsin by evans blue

Harmsen, G. W., 1971: Promotion of the degree of reduction in soil by flooding

Oka T., 1985: Promotion of the selective lymphatic delivery of cyclosporin a by lipid surfactant mixed micelles

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Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200956

Martin R.B., 1987: Promotion of tubulin assembly by aluminum ion in vitro

Keller, R., 1976: Promotion of tumor growth in vivo by anti macrophage agents

Kaudewitz F., 1979: Promotion of uni parental inheritance of mitochondrial drug resistance by delayed division of yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe zygotes

Danon D., 1985: Promotion of wound healing by yeast glucan evaluated on single animals

Danon D., 1980: Promotion of wound repair in mice by application of glucan

Godson G.N., 1984: Promotion termination and anti termination in the rps u dna g rpo d macro molecular synthesis operon of escherichia coli k 12

Kaufman D.G., 1984: Promotional effect of di ethyl stilbestrol on human endometrial stromal cells pre treated with a direct acting carcinogen

Sanner T., 1982: Promotional effect of different phorbol esters on morphological transformation of hamster embryo cells

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200966

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200967

Rundel R.D., 1983: Promotional effects of uv radiation on human basal and squamous cell carcinoma

Munthe Kaas A.C., 1981: Promotive and inhibitory effects of macrophages on the mitogen induced blastogenesis of lymphocytes a flow cytometric study

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200970

Chaliakhyan M.Kh, 1981: Promotive effect of abscisic acid in flowering of chenopodium rubrum as the result of decreasing apical dominance

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200972

Kato J., 1981: Promotive effect of methyl jasmonate on oat avena sativa leaf senescence in the light

Maheshwari S.C., 1981: Promotive effect of poly vinyl poly pyrrolidone on pollen embryogenesis in datura inoxia

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200975

Nanda K.K., 1979: Promotive effect of purine and pyrimidine bases and their role in the mediation of auxin action through the regulation of oxidases and phosphatases in rooting cuttings of phaseolus mungo

Harada H., 1983: Promotive effects of anaerobic treatment on adventitious bud initiation in torenia stem segments

Parvin P.E., 1979: Promotive effects of auxin ethephon and daminozide on the rooting of protea neriifolia cuttings

Ito N., 1982: Promotive effects of steroids and bile acids on hepato carcinogenesis initiated by di ethyl nitrosamine

Gupta S.C., 1986: Promotory and inhibitory effects of activated charcoal on microspore embryogenesis in datura metel

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200982

Gupta S.C., 1982: Promotory effect of poly vinyl pyrrolidone and l cysteine hydro chloride on pollen plantlet production in anther cultures of datura metel

Schmidt W., 1985: Prompt and delayed fluorescence in mature tobacco nicotiana rustica leaves a spectral comparison

Amesz J., 1982: Prompt and delayed fluorescence in pigment protein complexes of a green photosynthetic bacterium prosthecochloris aestuarii

Etienne A L., 1980: Prompt and delayed fluorescence of chloroplasts upon mixing with di chlorophenyldimethyl urea

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200987

Tassani G., 1986: Prompt assistance and resuscitation methods in the face of severe cardiorespiratory and cerebral emergencies in athletics necessary update in the light of the epidemiological reality of aids

Woodward, T. E.; Pedersen, C. E-Jr ; Oster, C. N.; Bagley, L. R.; Romberger, J.; Snyder, M. J., 1976: Prompt confirmation of rocky mountain spotted fever identification of rickettsiae in skin tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200990

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200991

Penman S., 1983: Prompt heat shock proteins translationally regulated synthesis of new proteins associated with the nuclear matrix intermediate filaments as an early response to heat shock

Akabane T., 1985: Prompt reconstitution of natural killer cells after bone marrow transplantation

Nakamura M., 1987: Prompt relief of vasospastic angina by calcium antagonists

Steele, P.; Kirch, D.; Ellis, J.; Vogel, R.; Battock, D., 1977: Prompt return to normal of depressed right ventricular ejection fraction in acute inferior infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6201, Accession 006200996

Cohen, L.; Kitzes, R., 1986: Prompt termination and or prevention of cold pressor stimulus induced vasoconstriction of different vascular beds by magnesium sulfate in patients with prinzmetal's angina

Houser D., 1987: Prompted progression order in a troop of captive rhesus monkeys

Kay D.S., 1988: Prompting feedback and error correction in the design of a scenario machine

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