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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6202

Chapter 6202 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Crout L., 1986: Promptness of antibiotic therapy in acute bacterial meningitis

Rieger R., 1988: Promutagen activation by vicia faba an assay based on the induction of sister chromatid exchanges in chinese hamster ovary cells

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201002

Wade P., 1987: Promyelocyte morphology differentiation of acute promyelocytic leukemia from benign myeloid proliferations

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201004

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201005

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201006

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201007

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201008

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201009

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201010

Oplustil S., 1986: Promygale janae new species of anthracomartid arachnida from the upper carboniferous of central bohemia czechoslovakia

Harvey R.G., 1980: Pronamide phyto toxicity in 10 wisconsin usa soils

Goldman, L., 1975: Pronase and models for the sodium conductance

Hough D., 1985: Pronase and proteinase k digestion of human immunoglobulin m

Davankov V.A., 1986: Pronase catalyzed hydrolysis of amino acid amides

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201017

Kyozuka K., 1988: Pronase p induces the resumption of meiosis in oyster oocytes

Denk, H.; Radaszkiewicz, T.; Weirich, E., 1977: Pronase pre treatment of tissue sections enhances sensitivity of the unlabeled antibody enzyme technique

Swift J.G., 1983: Pronase reduces intra membranous particle density in uterine epithelial cells in vivo

Endo, T.; Nakamura, K.; Takahashi, H., 1976: Pronase susceptible floc forming bacteria relationship between flocculation and calcium ion

Petcovici M., 1980: Pronase treated erythrocytes in passive hem agglutination

Kern M., 1985: Pronase treatment of lymphocytes reduces the time required for onset of s phase in response to anti immunoglobulin

Laurin S., 1983: Pronation injuries of the ankle in children retrospective study of radiographical classification and treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201025

Masterson, J; Zucker, C; Schulze, K., 1987: Prone and supine positioning effects on energy expenditure and behavior of low birth weight neonates

Bartram C.I., 1985: Prone compression with the pneumatic paddle during barium studies

Pathak I.C., 1983: Prone cross table lateral view an alternative to the invertogram in imperforate anus

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201029

Dresner S., 1987: Prone flexible cystoscopy an adjunct to percutaneous stone removal

Szanto Feder A., 1981: Prone position of the new born

Murray T.F., 1987: Prone positioning for testing shoulder internal and external rotation on the cybex ii isokinetic dynamometer

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201033

Berwick S.H., 1983: Pronghorn antilocapra americana foraging economy and predator avoidance in a desert ecosystem implications for the conservation of large mammalian herbivores

Beale D.M., 1983: Pronghorn antilocapra americana reactions to winter sheep grazing plant communities and topography in the great basin usa

Reynolds T.D., 1983: Pronghorn antilocapra americana responses to hunting coyotes canis latrans

Schwartz, C. C.; Nagy, J. G.; Rice, R. W., 1977: Pronghorn dietary quality relative to forage availability and other ruminants in colorado usa

Schwartz, C. C.; Nagy, J. G., 1976: Pronghorn diets relative to forage availability in northeastern colorado usa

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201039

Brooks, D. R.; Palmieri, J. R., 1978: Pronocephalid trematodes from a malaysian turtle including renigonius cuorensis new species

Bernard G.I., 1981: Pronophiline butterflies satyridae of the cordillera de merida venezuela

Bernard G.I., 1979: Pronophiline butterflies satyridae of the serrania de valledupar colombia venezuela border

Adams, M. J.; Bernard, G. I., 1977: Pronophiline butterflies satyridae of the sierra nevada de santa marta colombia

Adams M.J., 1986: Pronophiline butterflies satyridae of the three andean cordilleras of colombia

Chang F.R., 1983: Pronoun dis ambiguation accessing potential antecedents

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201046

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201047

Brandt, L.; Emanuelsson, H.; Mitelman, F.; Stenstam, M.; Soderstrom, N., 1977: Pronounced deficiency in thymus derived cells and lymphocyte chromosomal aberrations in a patient with sarcoidosis myelo fibrosis and acute leukemia following thorotrast angiography

Lekven, J.; Chatterjee, K.; Tyberg, J. V.; Stowe, D. F.; Mathey, D. G.; Parmley, W. W., 1978: Pronounced dependence of ventricular endo cardial qrs potentials on ventricular volume

Jones J.G., 1985: Pronounced episodic oxygen desaturation in the postoperative period its association with ventilatory pattern and analgesic regimen

Rosengren E., 1981: Pronounced formation of 5 hydroxy dopa at enzymatic oxidation of dopa in the presence of ascorbic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201052

Jensen F.B., 1986: Pronounced influence of hemoglobin oxygen saturation on red cell ph in tench tinca tinca blood in vivo and in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201054

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201055

Ishikawa, M.; Yamada, K., 1977: Pronounced mitochondrial response to carbon di oxide in the epithelial cells lining the esophagus fore gut connection of the pig ascaris ascaris suum

Grunewald, G. L.; Reitz, T. J.; Hallett, A.; Rutledge, C. O.; Vollmer, S.; Archuleta, J. M-Iii ; Ruth, J. A., 1980: Pronounced pharmacological differences arising from minor structural changes in conformationally defined amphetamine analogs comparative evaluation of endo 2 and exo 2 amino and endo 2 and exo 2 methylamino benzo bi cyclo 2.2.1 heptene and exo 2 methylamino benzo bi cyclo 2.2.2 octene analogs conformationally defined adrenergic agents 4

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201058

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201059

Van Den Bercken J., 1986: Pronounced repetitive activity induced by the pyrethroid insecticide fenfluthrin in the slowly adapting stretch receptor neuron of the crayfish

Gray M.W., 1984: Pronounced structural similarities between the small subunit ribosomal rna genes of wheat mitochondria and escherichia coli

Andersson R.G.G., 1988: Pronounced supersensitivity of postjunctional alpha adrenoceptors after denervation of fish melanophores

Desai N., 1987: Pronuc a software package for the analysis of protein and nucleic acid sequences

Witkowska A., 1981: Pronuclear development and the 1st cleavage division in poly spermic mouse eggs

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201065

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201066

Gelas M., 1985: Pronuclei cytogenetic analysis after interspecific man hamster fertilization

Espanol F., 1980: Pronus and other genera of the anobiidae coleoptera of the australian fauna 95

Klostermeyer H., 1986: Proof and identification of a new maillard compound in heated milk

Schindlbeck W., 1981: Proof and physiological aspects of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase inhibitors in seed material from norway spruce picea abies during germination

Towne, W. D.; Patel, R.; Cruz, J. B.; Mirrer, B.; Kramer, N. E., 1978: Proof by catheterization of mitral valvular origin of a systolic click

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201072

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201073

Wright J.L.C., 1980: Proof for the biosynthetic conversion of nitrogen 15 labeled l tryptophan to nitrogen 15 labeled anthramycin using carbon 13 nitrogen 15 labeling in conjunction with carbon 13 nmr and mass spectral analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201075

Shaykh, M.; Soliday, C.; Kolattukudy, P. E., 1977: Proof for the production of cutinase by fusarium solani f pisi during penetration into its host pisum sativum

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201077

Anderer P., 1987: Proof of antihypoxidotic properties of tenilsetam in man by eeg and psychometric analyses under an experimental hypoxic hypoxidosis

Lehmann J., 1979: Proof of atp and atpase in sieve tubes of cucurbita pepo

Berg D., 1981: Proof of beta 2 adrenergic activity of etilefrin effortil via aimed recording of its tocolytic action

Lichnovsky V., 1982: Proof of calcium in rat testicles after single and repeated ischemia

Reinert, W. R.; Giles, N. H., 1977: Proof of de novo synthesis of the qa enzymes of neurospora crassa during induction

Ordonez V.C., 1980: Proof of descent of breeding bulls of the frisian breed analysis of some present day determinants

Rupprecht, R., 1977: Proof of drumming signals in a european species of the stone fly family leuctridae plecoptera

Wozniak K D., 1980: Proof of epidermal resistance to alkaline substances according to the methods of burckhardt wacek and burckhardt locher a comparison in eczema patients

Hofmann, D. K., 1972: Proof of epitoky as mode of reproduction of the polychaete eunice siciliensis polychaeta annelida

Wollensak J., 1979: Proof of glycosamino glycans in the corneal endothelium

Ber, R.; Wiener, F.; Fenyo, E. M., 1978: Proof of in vivo fusion of murine tumor cells with host cells by universal fusers brief communication

Rohloff, H.; Weidemann, H. L., 1976: Proof of interactions between infections with lettuce mosaic virus and cucumber mosaic virus in fields of lettuce plants

Potapov, M. I., 1976: Proof of le c plus human blood group existence by goat immune serum

Schwerd, W., 1978: Proof of mn differentiation from blood samples

Cherek H., 1981: Proof of nanosecond time scale relaxation in apo myo globin by phase fluorometry

Sugihara H., 1987: Proof of proteolytic activity of hemorrhagic toxins hr 2a and hr 2b from trimeresurus flavoviridis venom

Hoffmann G.M., 1987: Proof of quantitative resistance of wheat genotypes to septoria nodorum by determining the postinfectional ethylene production

Doerfler W., 1983: Proof of recombination between viral and cellular genomes in human kb cells productively infected by adenovirus type 12 structure of the junction site in a symmetric recombinant syrec 1

Montag A., 1985: Proof of sesame oil

Cattell R.B., 1984: Proof of situational sensitivity of mood states and dynamic traits ergs and sentiments to disturbing stimuli

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201098

Otto, G.; Winkler, H., 1976: Proof of soil sickness in growing apple plantations

Schultze Werninghaus G., 1985: Proof of specific immunoglobulin e against low molecular substances platinum salts

Zarembo J.E., 1981: Proof of structure for 24 beta methyl cholesterol in the alga coccomyxa elongata by proton nmr and carbon 13 nmr and mass spectroscopy

Siegel G., 1984: Proof of t lymphocyte differentiation in the tonsil by surface marker determinations with monoclonal antibodies and rosette techniques

Ohloff G., 1981: Proof of the absolute configuration of levo s 2 hydroxy beta ionone by correlation with ursolic acid and with levo trans verbenol

Noirfalise, A.; Lambert, J., 1978: Proof of the consumption of cannabis

Smirnov V.N., 1986: Proof of the existence of receptor dependent calcium channels in platelets

Malyshenko S.I., 1980: Proof of the fragmented state of the red clover mottle virus genome

Nueesch, E., 1973: Proof of the general validity of dosts law of corresponding areas

Reichel F., 1980: Proof of the improvement of the operative technique in the inter trochanteric osteotomy

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201109

Justus H., 1981: Proof of the linearity of the pharmaco kinetics of alinidine in man

Moore, G. W., 1977: Proof of the populous path algorithm for missing mutations in parsimony trees

Kuima A.U., 1979: Proof of the possibility of wad medani virus transphasic transmission in hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum ticks infected from experimentally infected farm animals

Alberti, G. K. B.; Dahlke, R.; Weber, M., 1985: Proof of the richter's conglomerate in the devonian of the graefenthal horst of upper franconia west germany

Pelletier, S. W.; De-Camp, W. H.; Djarmati, Z., 1976: Proof of the structure of the di terpene alkaloid chasmanine the crystal and molecular structure of chasmanine 14 alpha benzoate hydro chloride

Rodriguez Garcia M.I., 1979: Proof of the subapical differential growth of the flanks in the chara rhizoid during response to gravity

Levy B.A., 1983: Proof reading familiar text constraints on visual processing

Yamashita, H.; Sears, M., 1978: Proof that the ciliary epithelium can regenerate

Pratt W.B., 1985: Proof that the endogenous heat stable glucocorticoid receptor activating factor is thioredoxin

Price P.A., 1979: Proof that the gamma carboxy glutamic acid containing bone protein is synthesized in calf bone comparative synthesis rate and effect of coumadin on synthesis

Rantanen M., 1988: Proof that the interchromosomal effect on crossing over in drosophila melanogaster acts on the preconditions of exchange

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201122

Kornberg A., 1987: Proofreading by dna polymerase iii of escherichia coli depends on cooperative interaction of the polymerase and exonuclease subunits

Begin J., 1984: Proofreading familiar text allocating resources to perceptual and conceptual processes

Honda A., 1986: Proofreading function associated with the rna dependent rna polymerase from influenza virus

Koessel, H.; Roychoudhury, R., 1974: Proofreading function of dna polymerase i from escherichia coli nature of excision of ribo nucleotides from the 3 prime termini of oligo deoxy nucleotide primers

Hayatsu H., 1987: Proofreading of a mutagenic nucleotide n 4 aminodeoxycytidylic acid by escherichia coli dna polymerase i

Thompson, R. C.; Stone, P. J., 1977: Proofreading of the codon anti codon interaction on ribosomes

Savageau M.A., 1980: Proofreading systems of multiple stages for improved accuracy of biological discrimination

Ormrod J.E., 1985: Proofreading the cat in the hat evidence for different reading styles of good and poor spellers

Safronova E.E., 1981: Proofs of the presence of active phenyl alanine hydroxylase in human leukocytes

Landing, E., 1977: Prooneotodus tenuis apparatuses from the taconic allochthon eastern new york usa construction taphonomy and the protoconodont super tooth model

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201133

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201134

Watson S.J., 1984: Proopiomelanocortin peptide immunocytochemistry in rhesus monkey macaca mulatta brain

Genazzani A.R., 1987: Proopiomelanocortin related peptides and methionine enkephalin in human follicular fluid changes during the menstrual cycle

Genazzani A.R., 1987: Proopiomelanocortin related peptides in feto placental structures throughout pregnancy

Schaich K.M., 1986: Prooxidant action of desferrioxamine fenton like production of hydroxyl radicals by reduced ferrioxamine

Jordan J.E., 1985: Prooxidant and antioxidant effects of ascorbate on photosensitized peroxidation of lipids in erythrocyte membranes

Berdichevskii B.A., 1986: Prooxidant and antioxidant processes in children with chronic pyelonephritis

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201141

Feil V.J., 1979: Propachlor de toxication in the small intestine cysteine conjugation

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201143

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201144

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201145

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201146

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201147

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201148

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201149

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201150

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201151

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201152

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201153

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201154

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201155

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201156

Schuphan, W., 1978: Propaganda for plant food with controversial concepts

Franks N.R., 1986: Propaganda substances in the cuckoo ant leptothorax kutteri and the slave maker harpagoxenus sublaevis

Hejnowicz, Z., 1970: Propagated disturbances of transverse potential gradient in intracellular fibrils as the source of motive forces for longitudinal transport in cells

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201160

Sung, R. J.; Mallon, S. M.; Castellanos, A. Jr ; Myerburg, R. J., 1976: Propagated responses produced by pacemaker stimuli falling within the qrs complex

Mackie, G. O., 1976: Propagated spikes and secretion in a coelenterate glandular epithelium

Duling, B. R.; Berne, R. M., 1970: Propagated vaso dilation in the micro circulation of the hamster cheek pouch

Wohlfarth Bottermann K.E., 1980: Propagated waves induced by gradients of physiological factors within plasmodia of physarum polycephalum

Sinor M., 1980: Propagating bacillus subtilis spores in a liquid medium for the guthrie bioassay

Horn, R., 1978: Propagating calcium spikes in an axon of aplysia

Kuo, C. G.; Tsay, J. S., 1977: Propagating chinese cabbage by axillary bud culture

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201168

Van Der Wildt G.J., 1982: Propagating inhibition as a function of flash diameter and duration

Tisserat B., 1985: Propagating palms in vitro with special emphasis on the date palm phoenix dactylifera

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201171

Rokba A.M., 1982: Propagation and agrobiological characteristics of some pineapple ananas comosus cultivars

Kronauer G., 1984: Propagation and assay of hepatitis a virus in vitro

Buelow, V. V.; Weiland, F., 1977: Propagation and assay of virulent and attenuated jmv mareks disease associated tumor cells

Moon S.B., 1981: Propagation and attenuation of japanese encephalitis virus in tissue culture cells

Gavin J.J., 1979: Propagation and characterization of a rat myeloma cell line producing immuno globulin e in vitro

Henderson W.R., 1988: Propagation and characterization of human blood basophils

Petrowicz M., 1982: Propagation and cultivation of chamaecytisus species in poland

Rayner A.D.M., 1981: Propagation and development of fruitbodies of coriolus versicolor

Gamerro J.C., 1986: Propagation and dispersion of tripogandra diuretica commelinaceae in the parana delta river plate region argentina

Park J.J., 1981: Propagation and distribution of hantaan virus the etiologic agent of korean hemorrhagic fever in natural reservoir apodemus agrarius coreae

Nelson B., 1979: Propagation and entrainment of slow waves in cat small intestine

Alaniz M.A., 1979: Propagation and establishment of 2 rare and endangered native plants from southern texas usa

Honma, S.; Bouwkamp, J. C., 1968: Propagation and flowering of cauliflower d

Mason, R. A., 1970: Propagation and growth cycle of rickettsia quintana in a new liquid medium

Cummins, C. J.; Glover, R. A., 1978: Propagation and histological characterization of a homotypic population of astrocytes derived from neo natal rat brain

Garon C.F., 1981: Propagation and in vitro studies of previously noncultivable enteral adenoviruses in 293 cells

Yuasa N., 1983: Propagation and infectivity titration of the gifu 1 strain of chicken anemia agent in a cell line mdcc msb 1 derived from mareks disease lymphoma

Schmidt, N. J.; Ho, H. H.; Lennette, E. H., 1975: Propagation and isolation of group a coxsackieviruses in human rhabdo myo sarcoma rd cells

Lau D., 1987: Propagation and mating behaviour of the annan phasmid baculum extradentatum brunner von wattenwyl

Maciag T., 1986: Propagation and morphologic phenotypes of human umbilical cord artery endothelial cells

Han H.D., 1981: Propagation and persistent infection of akabane virus in cultured mosquito cells

Chambers, R. W.; Rose, J. A.; Rabson, A. S.; Bond, H. E.; Hall, W. T., 1971: Propagation and purification of high titer human cytomegalovirus

Nelson S.H., 1980: Propagation and transplanting of saskatoon amelanchier alnifolia softwood cuttings

Poglayen-Neuwall, I., 1976: Propagation birth and rearing of makis lemurs bassaricyon and other observations

Rodriguez A.J., 1986: Propagation by cutting of a hybrid of almond prunus amygdalus batsch and peach prunus persica l

Kaimal M.R., 1981: Propagation characteristics in distensible tubes containing a visco elastic fluid

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201199

Macfarlane D.W., 1980: Propagation failure of antidromic action potentials in crab motor neurons

Chang, R. S.; Golden, H. D.; Harrold, B., 1970: Propagation in human cells of a filterable agent from the st feline sarcoma

Bonnemain J L., 1985: Propagation in vicia faba cultivar aguadulce stem of a potential variation induced by wounding

Hopgood M.E., 1979: Propagation in vitro of 5 apple scion cultivars

Jones, O. P.; Hopgood, M. E.; O'farrell, D., 1977: Propagation in vitro of m 26 apple rootstocks

Mullins M.G., 1984: Propagation in vitro of pear pyrus communis cultivars williams bon chretien packhams triumph and beurre bosc

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201208

Frenzel, P., 1977: Propagation isolates of paracyclops fimbriatus sensu lato crustacea copepoda

Neskovic M., 1984: Propagation of 3 blackberry rubus caesius cultivars from small apical buds in vitro

Douglas G.C., 1984: Propagation of 8 cultivars of rhododendron in vitro using agar solidified and liquid media and direct rooting of shoots in vivo

Yoshikura, H.; Catala, F., 1977: Propagation of a b tropic murine leukemia virus in n type cells in the presence of different murine sarcoma viruses

Scanlon P.F., 1981: Propagation of a laboratory ringed turtle dove streptopelia risoria colony

Simonsson B.G., 1983: Propagation of a poorly differentiated human pulmonary adeno carcinoma in nude athymic rats

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201215

Donato, R. J., 1976: Propagation of a spherical wave near a plane boundary with a complex impedance

Roy, S. K.; Kumar-Pal, P.; Kumar-Das, A., 1987: Propagation of a timber tree terminalia bellerica roxb. by tissue culture

Hinesley L.E., 1986: Propagation of abies fraseri by cuttings orthotropic shoot production from hedged stock plants

Hinesley L.E., 1985: Propagation of abies fraseri by semidormant hardwood stem cuttings

Hinesley L.E., 1985: Propagation of abies fraseri by softwood stem cuttings

Sibaoka T., 1982: Propagation of action potential over the trap lobes of aldrovanda vesiculosa

Moore J.W., 1979: Propagation of action potentials in squid giant axons repetitive firing at regions of membrane inhomogeneities

Kater, S. B.; Rued, J. R.; Murphy, A. D., 1978: Propagation of action potentials through electrotonic junctions in the salivary glands of the pulmonate mollusk helisoma trivolvis

Ryynanen M., 1986: Propagation of adult curly birch succeeds with tissue culture

Roth S., 1983: Propagation of aleutian disease parvovirus in cell line ccc clone 81

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201226

Inokuma C., 1987: Propagation of almond by shoot tip culture

Lupotto E., 1983: Propagation of an embryogenic culture of medicago sativa

Chiller J.M., 1979: Propagation of antigen specific thymus derived cell helper function in vitro

Sen S., 1985: Propagation of asparagus racemosus through tissue culture

Au, W. W. L.; Floyd, R. W.; Haun, J. E., 1978: Propagation of atlantic bottle nosed dolphin echo location signals

Hink, W. F.; Strauss, E. M.; Ramoska, W. A., 1977: Propagation of autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus in cell culture methods for infecting cells

Zur Hausen H., 1981: Propagation of b lymphotropic papovavirus in human b lymphoma cells and characterization of its dna

Turl C.W., 1987: Propagation of beluga echolocation signals

Mitchell M.J., 1986: Propagation of black raspberry necrosis virus in mixed culture with solanum nodiflorum mottle virus and the production and use of black raspberry necrosis virus antiserum

Austin M.E., 1982: Propagation of blueberry vaccinium ashei by softwood terminal cuttings in pine bark and peat media

Kohda H., 1987: Propagation of bupleurum falcatum by shoot tip culture

Olwagen K., 1984: Propagation of captive red necked falcons falco chicquera

Dommergues Y., 1986: Propagation of casuarina equisetifolia through axillary buds of immature female inflorescences cultured in vitro

Honma, S.; Vriesenga, J. D.; Bouwkamp, J. C., 1970: Propagation of celery d apium graveolens d cv dulce

Witt M., 1986: Propagation of chicken anemia agent caa in chicken embryos

Yuri S.J.A., 1987: Propagation of chilean wine palm jubaea chilensis by means of in vitro embryo culture

Andersson E., 1985: Propagation of chrysanthemum hortorum and philodendron scandens by tissue culture

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201247

Mee, G. W. P., 1978: Propagation of cordyline terminalis from callus culture

Frankel J., 1980: Propagation of cortical differences in tetrahymena

Sawai T., 1980: Propagation of cortical factor and cytoplasmic factor participating in cleavage furrow formation of the newts cynops pyrrhogaster egg

Tisserat B., 1979: Propagation of date palm phoenix dactylifera in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201252

Meyer, M. M-Jr, 1976: Propagation of day lilies by tissue culture

Halstead S.B., 1981: Propagation of dengue viruses in murine cell cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201255

Siddiqui K.M., 1987: Propagation of differentiating normal human tracheobronchial epithelial cells in serum free medium

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201257

Chailakhyan L.M., 1982: Propagation of electrical potential changes in a filamentous cyanobacteria

Bueno, L.; Praddaude, F.; Ruckebusch, Y., 1979: Propagation of electrical spiking activity along the small intestine intrinsic vs. extrinsic neural influences

Weng J Q., 1986: Propagation of epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus in meriones unguiculatus

Manolescu N., 1981: Propagation of equine infectious anemia virus in horse cell cultures

Morel F.M.M., 1985: Propagation of error in fulvic acid titration data a comparison of 3 analytical methods

Volokh A.M., 1984: Propagation of european beaver castor fiber in the middle dnieper russian sfsr ussr

Ventriglia, F., 1978: Propagation of excitation in a model of neural system

Plonsey R., 1984: Propagation of excitation in idealized anisotropic 2 dimensional tissue

Mizhorkova, Z.; Papasova, M., 1978: Propagation of excitatory and inhibitory processes through the ileo cecal sphincter in vitro experiments

Zdyb H., 1986: Propagation of filberts by green cuttings

Ward A.A.Jr, 1979: Propagation of focal cortical epileptiform discharge to the basal ganglia

Neafsey E.J., 1983: Propagation of focal cortical epileptiform discharge to the entopeduncular nucleus effect of caudate lesions

Blazich F.A., 1982: Propagation of fraser fir abies fraseri by stem cuttings effects of type of cutting length of cutting and genotype

Edelstein L., 1982: Propagation of fungal colonies a model for tissue growth

Trikoz G.A., 1982: Propagation of fungi of the genus alternaria by muridae

Bayley, A. D.; Van-Staden, J., 1987: Propagation of gasteria croucheri bak. from shoot producing callus

Weintraub H., 1982: Propagation of globin dnase i hyper sensitive sites in absence of factors required for induction a possible mechanism for determination

Weiler T.C., 1980: Propagation of gypsophila paniculata cultivar bristol fairy from cuttings

Stellmach G., 1980: Propagation of healthy plants from green shoot tips produced on vines infected with nepo viruses

Andersen A.S., 1980: Propagation of hedera helix cultivar pittsburgh influence of irradiance to stock plants length of internode and topophysis of cutting

Pensaert M., 1980: Propagation of hem agglutinating encephalomyelitis virus in porcine cell cultures

Ding Z., 1984: Propagation of hepatitis a virus in a stable cell line mern in vitro

Gia D.X., 1986: Propagation of hepatitis a virus in human diploid fibroblast cells

Deinhardt F., 1981: Propagation of hepatitis a virus in human embryo fibroblasts

Purcell R.H., 1981: Propagation of human hepatitis a virus in african green monkey kidney cell culture primary isolation and serial passage

Hilleman M.R., 1979: Propagation of human hepatitis a virus in cell culture in vitro

Hamada C., 1981: Propagation of human hepatitis a virus in conventional cell lines

Moncousin, C., 1975: Propagation of hyacinthus orientalis by means of in vitro culture

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201287

Yakhno, V. G., 1978: Propagation of in pulses through smooth heterogeneity of an excitable medium

Minocha H., 1986: Propagation of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis bovine herpes virus type i in murine primary cell cultures

Vrolijk P.C., 1981: Propagation of inhibition

Fedak G., 1985: Propagation of intergeneric hybrids of triticeae through callus culture of immature inflorescence

Katano, M., 1987: Propagation of japanese cherry prunus jamasakura sieb. ex koidz. by shoot tip culture

Lawes G.S., 1981: Propagation of kiwi fruit actinidia chinensis from stem cuttings

Lee H W., 1981: Propagation of korean hemorrhagic fever virus in laboratory rats

Bjare U., 1984: Propagation of large quantities of poliovirus in human lymphoblastoid cells grown in a serum free medium

Hamza M.A., 1980: Propagation of lentinus edodes on modified malt sprouts medium for amylase production

Carter P.J., 1987: Propagation of lettuce lactuca sativa breeding material by tissue culture

Simmonds, J. A.; Cumming, B. G., 1976: Propagation of lilium hybrids part 1 dependence of bulblet production on time of scale removal and growth substances

Simmonds, J. A.; Cumming, B. G., 1976: Propagation of lilium hybrids part 2 production of plantlets from bulb scale callus cultures for increased propagation rates

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Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201869

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201870

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Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201894

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201895

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Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201944

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201945

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Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201975

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201976

Section 7, Chapter 6202, Accession 006201977

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Bandy B.P., 1988: Properties of a mycovirus from rhizoctonia solani and its virion associated rna polymerase

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