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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6203

Chapter 6203 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Korosteleva, V. S.; Kosyakova, N. P.; Pavlyuchenkova, R. P.; Posevaya, T. A.; Zhdanov, V. M., 1975: Properties of a new and virus antigens of continuous human malignant cell cultures

Penido E.G.C., 1982: Properties of a new bacillus megaterium bacterio phage with elongated head

Galzigna L., 1984: Properties of a new calcium ion antagonist on cellular uptake and mitochondrial efflux of calcium ions

Vallana F., 1986: Properties of a new carbon film for biomedical applications

Bodor N., 1982: Properties of a new chloramine disinfectant and de toxicant

Harada Y., 1982: Properties of a new complement dependent bactericidal factor specific for ra chemotype salmonella in sera of conventional and germ free mice

Habash J., 1987: Properties of a new crystal form of the complex of concanavalin a with methyl alpha d glucopyranoside

Peel J.L., 1980: Properties of a new group of alkalophilic bacteria

Zhdanov V.M., 1979: Properties of a new oncornavirus d associated antigen

Mitsuhashi S., 1982: Properties of a new penicillinase type produced by bacteroides fragilis

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202010

Milicic D., 1987: Properties of a new strain of tobacco streak virus from clematis vitalba ranunculaceae

Tokarev Yu N., 1983: Properties of a new variant of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase variant regar glucose metabolism in erythrocytes containing an abnormal enzyme

Peterson, B. W.; Maunz, R. A.; Fukushima, K., 1978: Properties of a new vestibulo spinal projection the caudal vestibulo spinal tract

Roche T.E., 1986: Properties of a newly characterized protein of the bovine kidney pyruvate dehydrogenase complex

Furukawa, K.; Yokoi, T.; Kodama, T.; Mochizuki, Y., 1987: Properties of a newly established adult rat liver epithelial cell strain and its application to transformation assay to detect epigenetic carcinogens

Chettle N.J., 1979: Properties of a newly isolated serologically distinct avian paramyxovirus

Delaunay, J.; Fischer, S.; Piau, J. P.; Tortolero, M.; Schapira, G., 1978: Properties of a nonspecific nucleotidase in the membrane of rabbit red cells

Nelson N., 1982: Properties of a novel atpase enzyme in chromaffin granules

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202019

Jarrett P., 1986: Properties of a novel dna virus from the tsetse fly glossina pallidipes

Wang, P.; Toyoshima, S.; Osawa, T., 1988: Properties of a novel gtp binding protein which is associated with soluble phosphoinositide specific phospholipase c

Wilson S.H., 1984: Properties of a novel oligo nucleotide releasing bi directional dna exo nuclease from mouse myeloma

Chatterjee, A. N.; Mirelman, D.; Singer, H. J.; Park, J. T., 1969: Properties of a novel pleiotropic phage resistant mutant of staphylococcus aureus h

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202024

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202025

Quinlan, T. J.; Kinniburgh, A. J.; Martin, T. E., 1977: Properties of a nuclear poly adenylate protein complex from mouse ascites cells

Briggs R.C., 1986: Properties of a nuclear protein marker of human myeloid cell differentiation

Yoshinaka, Y.; Luftig, R. B., 1977: Properties of a p 70 proteolytic factor of murine leukemia viruses

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202029

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202030

Kolodny, E. H.; Kanfer, J.; Quirk, J. M.; Brady, R. O., 1971: Properties of a particle bound enzyme from rat intestine that cleaves sialic acid from tay sachs ganglioside

Mcmurrough, I.; Bartnicki-Garcia, S., 1971: Properties of a particulate chitin synthetase from mucor rouxii

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202033

Gander, J. E.; Fang, F., 1977: Properties of a penicillium charlesii gdp mannose glyco peptide mannosyl transferase solubilized with triton x 100

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202035

Crill W.E., 1980: Properties of a persistent inward current in normal and tetra ethyl ammonium chloride injected moto neurons

Putzrath, R. M.; Maniloff, J., 1978: Properties of a persistent viral infection possible lysogeny by an enveloped nonlytic mycoplasmavirus mvl 2

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202038

Saier, M. H. Jr ; Newman, M. J.; Rephaeli, A. W., 1977: Properties of a phosphoenol pyruvate mannitol phospho transferase system in spirochaeta aurantia

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202040

Goedheer J.C., 1984: Properties of a pigment system consisting of carotenoids and reaction center pigments in chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum

May, J. T.; Gilliland, J. M.; Symons, R. H., 1970: Properties of a plant virus induced rna polymerase in particulate fractions of cucumbers d infected with cucumber mosaic virus

Sloane B.F., 1987: Properties of a plasma membrane associated cathepsin b like cysteine proteinase in metastatic b16 melanoma variants

Humphreys T., 1979: Properties of a plasmalemma atpase of the maize scutellum

Kimura S., 1987: Properties of a plasmid pry 82 mediating lactose utilization isolated from a salmonella litchfield strain

Costa C.L., 1979: Properties of a possible carlavirus isolated from a cerrado native plant cassia sylvestris

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202047

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202048

Gildberg, A.; Raa, J., 1977: Properties of a propionic acid formic acid preserved silage of cod viscera

Wenger D.A., 1982: Properties of a protein activator of glyco sphingo lipid hydrolysis isolated from the liver of a patient with g m 1 gangliosidosis type 1

Muto, S.; Miyachi, S., 1977: Properties of a protein activator of nad kinase from plants

Endresen C., 1988: Properties of a protein from staphylococcus capitis that binds human serum high density lipoprotein

Lyapina, L. A.; Kudryashov, B. A.; Baratova, L. A., 1987: Properties of a protein isolated from the blood albumin fraction under normal conditions and in diabetes

Kochman K., 1981: Properties of a protein kinase associated with neuro secretory granules in rabbit hypothalamus

Zaneveld, L. J. D.; Polakoski, K. L.; Williams, W. L., 1972: Properties of a proteolytic enzyme from rabbit sperm acrosomes

Pelmont J., 1979: Properties of a proteus mirabilis mutant resistant to hydrogen per oxide

Meezan, E.; Brendel, K.; Ulreich, J.; Carlson, E. C., 1973: Properties of a pure metabolically active glomerular preparation from rat kidneys part 1 isolation

Brendel, K.; Meezan, E., 1973: Properties of a pure metabolically active glomerular preparation from rat kidneys part 2 metabolism

Ross W.E., 1983: Properties of a purified nuclear topo isomerase from l 1210 cells

Tatar T.F., 1980: Properties of a purified nucleolar rnase from ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells

Cohn Z.A., 1986: Properties of a purified pore forming protein perforin 1 isolated from h 2 restricted cytotoxic t cell granules

Angelo, A. J. S.; Ory, R. L.; Hansen, H. J., 1970: Properties of a purified proteinase from hemp d seed

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202065

Zerner B., 1986: Properties of a purple phosphatase from red kidney bean phaseolus vulgaris a zinc iron metalloenzyme

Dudai Y., 1979: Properties of a putative muscarinic cholinergic receptor from drosophila melanogaster

Bergman, A.; Dallner, G., 1976: Properties of a rat liver smooth microsomal subfraction not aggregated by magnesium ii ion

Knowles, A. F.; Racker, E., 1975: Properties of a reconstituted calcium pump

Pedersen J.I., 1980: Properties of a reconstituted vitamin d 3 25 hydroxylase from rat liver mitochondria

Peart W.S., 1981: Properties of a renin inhibitor isolated from the pig kidney cortex

Rossi A., 1984: Properties of a repressible alkaline phosphatase secreted by the wild type strain 74a of neurospora crassa

Fribourg C.E., 1980: Properties of a resistance breaking strain of potato virus x

Davis, N. L.; Rueckert, R. R., 1972: Properties of a ribo nucleo protein particle isolated from nonidet p 40 treated rous sarcoma virus

Fallon A.M., 1987: Properties of a rnase from aedes aegypti larvae

Rownd R.H., 1982: Properties of a saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondrial dna segment conferring high frequency yeast transformation

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202077

Todaro G.J., 1981: Properties of a sarcoma growth factor like peptide from cells transformed by a temperature sensitive sarcoma virus

Unkeless J.C., 1987: Properties of a second epitope of the murine fc receptor for aggregated igg

Spudich J.L., 1986: Properties of a second sensory receptor protein in halobacterium halobium phototaxis

Schirch V., 1986: Properties of a serine hydroxymethyltransferase in which an active site histidine has been changed to an asparagine by site directed mutagenesis

Nakamura H., 1980: Properties of a slow moving band of alkaline phosphatase in a patient with liver cirrhosis

Smellie C.G., 1982: Properties of a solubilized and reconstituted preparation of acyl coenzyme a cholesterol acyl transferase from rat liver

Cross, J. W.; Briggs, W. R., 1978: Properties of a solubilized microsomal auxin binding protein from coleoptiles and primary leaves of zea mays

Wardrop, A. J.; Polya, G. M., 1977: Properties of a soluble auxin binding protein from dwarf bean seedlings

Duesberg, P.; Helm, K. V. D.; Canaani, E., 1971: Properties of a soluble dna polymerase isolated from rous sarcoma virus

Oppenheim, J.; Fisher, R. J.; Wilson, P. W.; Marcus, L., 1970: Properties of a soluble nitrogenase in azotobacter

Carlo P.L., 1980: Properties of a soluble poly prenyl phosphate udp d n acetyl glucosamine n acetyl glucosamine 1 phosphate transferase

Carlo P.L., 1979: Properties of a soluble polyprenyl phosphate udp d glucose glucosyl transferase

Cammack R., 1985: Properties of a soluble rotenone insensitive nadh dehydrogenase released from arum maculatum mitochondrial membranes by sonication

Thompson T.E., 1985: Properties of a specific glycolipid transfer protein from bovine brain

Oppenheim J.J., 1986: Properties of a specific interleukin 1 receptor on human epstein barr virus transformed b lymphocytes identity of the receptor for interleukin 1 alpha and interleukin 1 beta

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202094

El-Negamy, E.; Sedgwick, E. M., 1978: Properties of a spinal somato sensory evoked potential recorded in man

Callard I.P., 1980: Properties of a steroid binding protein in the plasma of an ovo viviparous dogfish squalus acanthias at different stages of the life cycle

Prati S., 1984: Properties of a strain of arabis mosaic virus isolated from grapevines in italy

Tolin S.A., 1986: Properties of a strain of tobacco mosaic virus isolated from soybean in yugoslavia

Thomas T.D., 1984: Properties of a streptococcus lactis strain that ferments lactose slowly

Schlegel, R.; Slade, H. D., 1973: Properties of a streptococcus sanguis group h bacteriocin and its separation from the competence factor of transformation

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202101

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202102

Plaut, M.; Lichtenstein, L. M.; Henney, C. S., 1975: Properties of a sub population of thymus derived cells bearing histamine receptors

Ugolev A.M., 1987: Properties of a subcellular model system used to study the regulation of the secretion of hydrochloric acid

Parker C.W., 1982: Properties of a surface antigen expressed on activated human t lymphocytes

Feunteun J., 1987: Properties of a sv 40 mutant deleted in the carboxyl terminus domain of large t antigen and defective for small t antigen production

Berry, M. S.; Pentreath, V. W., 1976: Properties of a symmetric pair of serotonin containing neurons in the cerebral ganglia of planorbis

Polosa C., 1985: Properties of a sympatho inhibitory and vasodilator reflex evoked by superior laryngeal nerve afferents in the cat

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202109

Thomas, C. M.; Dyke, K. G. H., 1978: Properties of a temperature sensitive mutant of staphylococcus aureus defective in dna replication and cell division and replication of plasmids in the mutant

De-Graaff, J.; Stouthamer, A. H., 1972: Properties of a temperature sensitive plasmid in citrobacter freundii

Pauling, C.; Hamm, L., 1968: Properties of a temperature sensitive radiation sensitive mutant of escherichia coli enz dna ligase

Brodniewicz-Proba, T.; Buchowicz, J., 1980: Properties of a terminal deoxy ribo nucleotidyl transferase ec isolated from wheat germ

Hitchins, A. D.; Sadoff, H. L., 1974: Properties of a thermo sensitive asporogenous filamentous mutant of bacillus megaterium

Griffiths, M. W.; Muir, D. D., 1978: Properties of a thermostable beta galactosidase ec from a thermophilic bacillus comparison of the enzyme activity of whole cells purified enzyme and immobilized whole cells

Iurlano D., 1983: Properties of a thioredoxin purified from rabbit bone marrow which fails to serve as a hydrogen donor for the homologous ribo nucleotide reductase

Saier M.H.Jr, 1988: Properties of a tn 5 insertion mutant defective in the structural gene fru a of the fructose specific phosphotransferase system of rhodobacter capsulatus and cloning of the fru regulon

Lin M.T., 1982: Properties of a tobacco necrosis virus isolate from pogostemum patchuli in brazil

Gallitelli D., 1982: Properties of a tomato isolate of pelargonium zonate spot virus

Yang, S. S.; Malech, H. L.; Wu, R. S.; Woronow, D. I., 1978: Properties of a transforming virus rat helper virus pseudotype kirsten murine sarcoma virus isolated from a co culture of rat htc h 1 cells with k nrk cells

Sato G., 1980: Properties of a transmissible plasmid conferring citrate utilizing ability in escherichia coli of human origin

Low H., 1984: Properties of a transplasma membrane electron transport system in hela cells

Lapp, D.; Patterson, B. W.; Elbein, A. D., 1971: Properties of a trehalose phosphate synthetase from mycobacterium smegmatis activation of the enzyme by poly nucleotides and other poly anions

Ohtsubo, K. I.; Yanagi, S. O.; Yanase, H., 1985: Properties of a trypsin inhibitor from job's tears coix lacryma jobi var ma yuen

Geahlen R.L., 1985: Properties of a tyrosine protein kinase from calf thymus response to ionic strength and divalent cations

Gruft, H.; Ruck, R.; Traynor, J., 1978: Properties of a unique catalase isolated from aspergillus niger

Janda, W. M.; Kuramitsu, H. K., 1977: Properties of a variant of streptococcus mutans altered in its ability to interact with glucans

Igwegbe E.C.K., 1983: Properties of a virus causing severe mosaic of cucumeropsis edulis in nigeria

Dwivedi S.D., 1984: Properties of a virus inhibiting agent isolated from plants which have been treated with leaf extracts from bougainvillea spectabilis

Tollin G., 1987: Properties of a water soluble yellow protein isolated from a halophilic phototrophic bacterium that has photochemical activity analogous to sensory rhodopsin

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202133

Jenkin C.R., 1982: Properties of ablastin a factor in the serum of rats infected with trypanosoma lewisi which inhibits the parasites division

Goldberg A.L., 1981: Properties of abnormal proteins degraded rapidly in reticulocytes intra cellular aggregation of the globin molecules prior to hydrolysis

Szendrei G., 1980: Properties of accumulation of calcium sulfate in gypsiferous soils from iraq

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202137

Canale Parola E., 1982: Properties of acetate kinase isozymes and a branched chain fatty acid kinase from a spirochete

Kuwahara M., 1982: Properties of acetyl cholin esterase and nonspecific esterases of the kanzawa spider mite tetranychus kanzawai acarina tetranychidae

Marquis, J. K., 1983: Properties of acetyl cholin esterase ec in lobster homarus americanus axonal membrane

Kasturi, R.; Vasantharajan, V. N., 1976: Properties of acetyl cholin esterase from pisum sativum

Srivastava A.S., 1981: Properties of acetyl cholin esterase of melon fruit fly dacus cucurbitae

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202143

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202144

Fletcher T., 1982: Properties of acid and neutral cholesterol ester hydrolases in rat and pigeon aortas

Miller, A. L.; Levitt, P.; Ingraham, H.; Converse, J.; Lewis, L., 1979: Properties of acid beta d galactosidase ec isolated from i cell disease brain and spleen

Svensson B.S., 1983: Properties of acid brown water streams in south sweden

Kimura M., 1988: Properties of acid dye for silk reeled by the sitting system and multi end method of dyeing

Rasskazov V.A., 1986: Properties of acid endoribonuclease from wall eyed pollock liver

Adunts G.T., 1982: Properties of acid phosphatases of different sub cellular fractions of rat brain

Nojima S., 1986: Properties of acid phospholipases in lysosome and extracellular medium of tetrahymena pyriformis

Benndorf K., 1986: Properties of aconitine modified sodium channels in single cells of mouse ventricular myocardium

Hahn, E. C.; Hahn, P. S., 1987: Properties of acrylamide gels cross linked with low concentrations of n n' diallyltartardiamide

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202156

Kleinhaus A.L., 1985: Properties of action potentials carried by divalent cations in identified leech neurons

Williams, S. E.; Pickard, B. G., 1972: Properties of action potentials in drosera d tentacles

Zelenin A.V., 1980: Properties of activated rat liver chromatin at early stages after partial hepatectomy

Watanabe T., 1982: Properties of active substance bcf which synergistically enhances the anti microbial activity of hexa meta phosphate

Okuyama H., 1984: Properties of acyl coenzyme a 1 acylglycerophosphate acyltransferase and lipases in porcine erythrocyte membranes

Brecher P., 1980: Properties of acyl coenzyme a cholesterol acyl transferase in rat liver microsomes topological localization and effects of detergents albumin and polar steroids

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202163

Harwood J.L., 1980: Properties of acyl hydrolase enzymes from phaseolus multiflorus leaves

Rekosh D., 1985: Properties of adenoviral dna bound to the nuclear matrix

Warren, R. J., 1969: Properties of adenovirus messenger rna synthesized in vitro

Kumar, S., 1976: Properties of adenyl cyclase and cyclic amp receptor protein deficient mutants of escherichia coli

Chen, L. C.; Rohde, J. E.; Sharp, G. W. G., 1972: Properties of adenyl cyclase from human jejunal mucosa during naturally acquired cholera and convalescence

Amy, C. M.; Rebhun, L. I., 1977: Properties of adenylate cyclase activity during early sea urchin development

Nemecek G.M., 1980: Properties of adenylate cyclase and cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase in hamster isolated capillary preparations

Makman, M. H., 1971: Properties of adenylate cyclase of lymphoid cells

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202172

Mahaffee, D. D.; Ontjes, D. A., 1977: Properties of adenylate cyclase solubilized from rat adrenal membranes effects of acth and other stimulators on solubilization/

Berghaeuser, J.; Schirmer, R. H., 1978: Properties of adenylate kinase ec after modification of arginine 97 by phenyl glyoxal

Keller M., 1988: Properties of aditoprim a new antibacterial dihydrofolate reductase inhibitor

Szopa J., 1982: Properties of adp ribosylation in isolated nuclei from nicotiana tabacum cell cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202177

IIzuka M., 1983: Properties of afferent impulses in sensory units innervating the sublingual and the submandibular ducts of cats

Grossman, S.; Trop, M.; Budowski, P.; Perl, M.; Pinsky, A., 1972: Properties of agarose bound soybean lip oxygenase

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202180

Holloway, C. J.; Harstick, K.; Brunner, G.; Neumann, E., 1981: Properties of agarose encapsulated adsorbents 2. elimination of endogenous and exogenous phenolic compounds from human serum

Brockmeier D., 1982: Properties of agonist binding at the beta adrenoceptor of the rat reticulocyte

Crow V.L., 1987: Properties of alanine dehydrogenase and aspartase from propionibacterium freudenreichii ssp shermanii

Cunningham, F. E., 1977: Properties of albumin from eggs having mottled yolks

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202185

Beck, R. W.; Schawel, K. W., 1971: Properties of aldolase ec from francisella tularensis

Hahn, E. C.; Ramos, L.; Kenyon, A. J., 1977: Properties of aleutian disease virus assayed with feline kidney cells

Doubet, R. S.; Quatrano, R. S., 1984: Properties of alginate lyases ec from marine bacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202189

Vanneuville, F. J.; Leroy, J. G., 1980: Properties of alkaline phosphatase ec in crude homogenates of human di ploid fibroblasts

Adler, L., 1978: Properties of alkaline phosphatase ec of the halo tolerant yeast debaryomyces hansenii

Yamaya, T.; Matsumoto, H., 1981: Properties of alkaline phosphatase in cucumber cucumis sativus cultivar seiriki no. 2 roots induced by calcium starvation

Crofton P.M., 1987: Properties of alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes in plasma of preterm and term neonates

Martynova G.I., 1980: Properties of alkaline phosphatase of the olfactory mucosa

Granstrom G., 1982: Properties of alkaline phosphatases from cellular cementum of rat molars

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202196

Nagel C.W., 1983: Properties of alkyl hydroxy cinnamates and effects on pseudomonas fluorescens

Hoffmann R.J., 1985: Properties of allelic variants of phosphoglucomutase from the sea anemone metridium senile

Zuber H., 1979: Properties of allo phycocyanin ii and its alpha subunit and beta subunit from the thermophilic blue green alga mastigocladus laminosus

Imai T., 1987: Properties of allosteric nicotinamide glycohydrolase from azotobacter vinelandii activation and inhibition

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202201

Ahmed, S. A.; Esaki, N.; Tanaka, H.; Soda, K., 1983: Properties of alpha amino epsilon caprolactam racemase ec 5.1.1. from achromobacter obae

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202203

Wonnacott S., 1985: Properties of alpha bungarotoxin binding sites in fetal human brain

Lukasheva, E. V.; Aisina, R. B.; Kazanskaya, N. F.; Berezin, I. V., 1977: Properties of alpha chymotrypsin and cis cinnamoyl chymotrypsin in the unbound state covalently bound with a carrier and micro encapsulated states

Eremeev N.L., 1980: Properties of alpha chymotrypsin covalently incorporated into poly acrylamide micro granules

Lukasheva, E. V.; Aisina, R. B.; Gracheva, I. I.; Kazanskaya, N. F.; Berezin, I. V., 1977: Properties of alpha chymotrypsin enclosed in poly carbonate micro capsules estimation of the role of the diffusion effect

Eisenberg, M. A.; Mee, B.; Prakash, O.; Eisenberg, M. R., 1975: Properties of alpha dehydro biotin resistant mutants of escherichia coli strain k 12

Pridham J.B., 1986: Properties of alpha galactosidase ii 2 from vicia faba seeds

Akiba, T.; Horikoshi, K., 1976: Properties of alpha galactosidases of alkalophilic bacteria

Kruger, N. J.; Rees, T. A., 1983: Properties of alpha glucan phosphorylase ec from pea pisum sativum cultivar kelvedon wonder chloroplasts

Li K.B., 1981: Properties of alpha glucosidase from lactobacillus acidophilus nctc 1723

Blanco A., 1981: Properties of alpha hydroxy acid dehydrogenase isozymes from trypanosoma cruzi

Tsugawa S., 1984: Properties of alpha l iduronidase in cultured skin fibroblasts from alpha l iduronidase deficient patients

Tashmukhamedov B.A., 1981: Properties of alpha staphylo toxin induced conductivity channels in bi layer phospho lipid membranes

Djamgoz, M. B. A.; Ruddock, K. H., 1978: Properties of amacrine cell responses recorded from isolated fish retinae

Espevik S., 1980: Properties of amalgams made from lathe cut high copper amalgam alloys

Reitsma, J. C. E.; Thibault, J. F.; Pilnik, W., 1986: Properties of amidated pectins i. preparation and characterization of amidated pectins and amidated pectic acids

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202219

Hozumi T., 1981: Properties of amino acid composition of the tryptic fragments of the heavy chain of myosin subfragment 1

Schultz G.A., 1983: Properties of amino acid transport in pre implantation rabbit embryos

Scanlon K.J., 1986: Properties of amino acid transport systems in k 562 cells sensitive and resistant to cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202223

Giege R., 1988: Properties of amino terminal truncated yeast aspartyl transfer rna synthetase and structural characteristics of the cleaved domain

Wierich P., 1987: Properties of aminotrismethylenephosphonate affecting its environmental fate degradability sludge adsorption mobility in soils and bioconcentration

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202226

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202227

Koval'chuk T.A., 1979: Properties of amylase immobilized on aerosil derivatives

Kim S.D., 1985: Properties of amylase produced from higher fungi ganoderma lucidum

Baker, J. E., 1983: Properties of amylases ec from mid guts of larvae of sitophilus zeamais and sitophilus granarius

Chernobai V.T., 1980: Properties of amylolytic enzymes of the drug orase

Dintzis F.R., 1982: Properties of amylose iodine complexes prepared in the presence of excess iodine

Nilius B., 1981: Properties of an acetyl choline induced conductance in the rabbit atrial myo cardium

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202234

Glew R.H., 1985: Properties of an acid phosphatase from legionella micdadei which blocks superoxide anion production by human neutrophils

Benson B.J., 1980: Properties of an acid phosphatase in pulmonary surfactant

Vidali, G.; Boffa, L. C.; Allfrey, V. G., 1972: Properties of an acidic histone binding protein fraction from cell nuclei selective precipitation and deacetylation of histones f2a1 and f3

Brennicke, A.; Frey, H. D., 1977: Properties of an adenosine cyclic phosphates degrading enzyme in nicotiana tabacum var xanthi

Ketner G., 1983: Properties of an adenovirus type 2 mutant ad 2 dl 807 having a deletion near the right hand genome terminus failure to help adeno associated virus replication

Sato, H.; Ashida, N.; Suhara, K.; Itagaki, E.; Takemori, S.; Katagiri, M., 1978: Properties of an adrenal cytochrome p 450 p 450 11 beta for the hydroxylations of cortico steroids

Takikawa, O.; Gomi, T.; Suhara, K.; Itagaki, E.; Takemori, S.; Katagiri, M., 1978: Properties of an adrenal cytochrome p 450 p 450 scc for the side chain cleavage of cholesterol

Nakagawa, S.; White, A., 1970: Properties of an aggregate rna polymerase from rat thymus and its response to cortisol injection

Branlant G., 1982: Properties of an aldose reductase from pig lens comparative studies of an aldehyde reductase from pig lens

Kanekatsu, R., 1978: Properties of an alkaline amylase in the digestive juice of the silkworm bombyx mori

Williams, M. V.; Hook, R. R., 1984: Properties of an alkaline phosphatase ec from sinclair swine melanoma

Wynne D., 1986: Properties of an alkaline phosphatase from the dinoflagellate peridinium cinctum

Imai, K.; Kobayashi, M.; Matsuda, K., 1977: Properties of an alpha 1 3 glucanase from streptomyces sp strain ki 8

Dudai, Y., 1978: Properties of an alpha bungaro toxin binding cholinergic nicotinic receptor from drosophila melanogaster

Haber, D. A.; Beverley, S. M.; Kiely, M. L.; Schimke, R. T., 1981: Properties of an altered di hydro folate reductase ec encoded by amplified genes in cultured mouse fibroblasts

Bryant, R. E.; Adelberg, E. A.; Magee, P. T., 1977: Properties of an altered rna polymerase ii activity from an alpha amanitin resistant mouse cell line

Matheron, M. E.; Moore, T. C., 1973: Properties of an amino transferase ec 2.6.1 of pea pisum sativum

Tokunaga F., 1984: Properties of an analog pigment of bacterio rhod opsin synthesized with naphthyl retinal

Friedrich T., 1984: Properties of an anion exchanger in rat renal basolateral membrane vesicles

Zevely E.M., 1986: Properties of an anion proton cotransport system in l 1210 cells that utilizes phthalate as a nonphysiological substrate

Lindemann B., 1987: Properties of an anion selective channel from rat colonic enterocyte plasma membranes reconstituted into planar phospholipid bilayers

Brandhorst D., 1983: Properties of an anti idiotype anti serum demonstration of cross reacting mitogenic determinants on bone marrow plasma cytoma cells

Ogawa, K.; Asai, D. J.; Brokaw, C. J., 1977: Properties of an anti serum against native dynein 1 from sea urchin sperm flagella

Lotz, B.; Betz, J.; Traeger, L., 1976: Properties of an anti serum against streptomyces hydrogenans 20 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase

Koch, R. B.; Patil, T. N.; Glick, B.; Stinson, R. S.; Lewis, E. A., 1979: Properties of an antibody to kelevan isolated by affinity chromatography antibody reactivation of atpase ec activities inhibited by pesticides

Ringelberg, J.; Kersting, K., 1978: Properties of an aquatic micro ecosystem part 1 general introduction to the prototypes

Heslot H., 1987: Properties of an aspergillus nidulans propanil hydrolase

Bodnaryk R.P., 1987: Properties of an atp dependent calcium pump and calcium magnesium atpase in brain synaptosome membrane vesicles from the bertha armyworm mamestra configurata wlk

Helmle M., 1981: Properties of an atp fueled chloride dependent proton pump localized in membranes of microsomal vesicles from maize coleoptiles

Johnson R.H., 1985: Properties of an australian isolate of bovine parvovirus type 1

Nilius B., 1988: Properties of an early outward current in single cells of the mouse ventricle

Le-Hir, M.; Angielski, S.; Dubach, U. C., 1985: Properties of an ecto 5' nucleotidase of the renal brush border

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202268

Hagen U., 1980: Properties of an endo nuclease activity in micrococcus luteus acting on gamma irradiated dna and apurinic dna

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202271

Kurek E.J., 1985: Properties of an enzymatic complex active in sulfite and thiosulfate oxidation by rhodotorula sp

Konowalchuk, J.; Dickie, N.; Stavric, S.; Speirs, J. I., 1978: Properties of an escherichia coli cyto toxin

Celis, T. F. R., 1977: Properties of an escherichia coli k 12 mutant defective in the transport of arginine and ornithine

Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202275

Volini M., 1987: Properties of an escherichia coli rhodanese

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Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202461

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Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202512

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Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202536

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Section 7, Chapter 6203, Accession 006202992

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