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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6204

Chapter 6204 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

West C.A., 1981: Properties of kaurene synthetase from marah macrocarpus endosperm evidence for the participation of separate but interacting enzymes

Aslam, M.; Pass, G.; Phillips, G. O., 1978: Properties of khaya grandifoliola gum

Costanzo R.M., 1981: Properties of kinesthetic neurons in somato sensory cortex of awake monkeys

Ogura Y., 1984: Properties of kininase in rat dental pulp

Wu, J. Y.; Wong, E.; Saito, K.; Roberts, E.; Schousboe, A., 1976: Properties of l glutamate decarboxylase ec from brains of adult and new born mice

Tanaka, H.; Esaki, N.; Soda, K., 1977: Properties of l methionine gamma lyase ec from pseudomonas ovalis

Fourcroy, P., 1980: Properties of l phenyl alanine ammonia lyase ec and turnover rate in etiolated and far red illuminated seedlings of radish raphanus sativus

Blobel H., 1987: Properties of l streptococci in comparison with those of a streptococci

Madhubala R., 1988: Properties of l1210 cells resistant to alpha difluoromethylornithine

Hagrass A.E.A., 1988: Properties of labneh like product manufactured using enterococcus starter cultures as novel dairy fermentation bacteria

Reznikoff W.S., 1985: Properties of lac p 2 in vivo and in vitro an overlapping rna polymerase binding site within the lactose promoter

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203011

Radogna V.M., 1984: Properties of laccase in humus enzyme complexes

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203013

Bayne, S.; Ottesen, M., 1977: Properties of lactate dehydrogenase crystals reacted with di imido esters

Lakshmipathi, V.; Swami, K. S.; Ramana-Rao, K. V., 1980: Properties of lactate dehydrogenase ec isozymes in rana hexadactyla rana tigrina and rana cyanophlyctis

Shimizu Kadota M., 1987: Properties of lactose plasmid ply 101 in lactobacillus casei

Teslyuk M.I., 1980: Properties of lamb rumen micro flora depending on urea content and physical form of feedstuff

Dempsey, W. B.; Mcintire, S. A.; Willetts, N.; Schottel, J.; Kinscherf, T. G.; Silver, S.; Shannon, W. A. Jr, 1978: Properties of lambda transducing bacterio phages carrying r 100 plasmid dna mercury resistance genes

Terra W.R., 1986: Properties of larval and imaginal membrane bound digestive enzymes from trichosia pubescens

Dotan, I.; Shechter, I., 1983: Properties of latent and thiol activated rat hepatic 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec and regulation of enzyme activity

Ikeda, H.; Wright, M. J., 1976: Properties of lateral geniculate nucleus cells in kittens reared with convergent squint a neuro physiological demonstration of amblyopia

Edwards G.E., 1985: Properties of leaf nad malic enzyme from the inducible crassulacean acid metabolism species mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Dudai, Y., 1977: Properties of learning and memory in drosophila melanogaster

Krajewska Rychlik I., 1986: Properties of lecithin dodecaprenol macrovesicular bilayer membranes

Abramenko Yu M., 1981: Properties of lectin from the cells of charophyta

Schneider H.A.W., 1985: Properties of lectins from snails of the genus helix probed by monoclonal antibodies

Strijdom B.W., 1984: Properties of lectins in the root and seed of lotononis bainesii

Naghshineh, S.; Ruddock, K. H., 1978: Properties of length selective and non length selective adaptation mechanisms in human vision

Hamza M.A., 1979: Properties of lentinus edodes amylases and amino acid content of the mycelium

Greenbaum L.M., 1979: Properties of leuko kininogen isolated from human neoplastic ascites

Powell W.S., 1984: Properties of leukotriene b 4 20 hydroxylase from polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Takeguchi N., 1988: Properties of light and heavy vesicles simultaneously prepared from hog gastric mucosae

Satoh K., 1979: Properties of light harvesting chlorophyll a b protein and photosystem i chlorophyll a protein purified from digitonin extracts of spinach chloroplasts by iso electro focusing

Torikai, K.; Ito, M.; Jordan, L. E.; Mayor, H. D., 1970: Properties of light particles produced during growth of type 4 adeno associated satellite virus

Bandyopadhyay, A. K.; Roy, D. K., 1978: Properties of limit dextrinase of aspergillus oryzae

Thomas H., 1986: Properties of linolenic acid dependent chlorophyll oxidation activity in thylakoid membranes

Koh J S., 1986: Properties of lipases and palm oil assimilating patterns in palm oil fermentation

Rakhimov M.M., 1983: Properties of lipases from oospora lactis

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203039

Swaney J.B. , 1980: Properties of lipid apo lipo protein association products complexes of human apo lipo protein a i and binary phospho lipid mixtures

Janko, K.; Benz, R., 1977: Properties of lipid bi layer membranes made from lipids containing phytanic acid

Ohki, S., 1970: Properties of lipid bi layer membranes membrane thickness

Mac-Donald, R. C.; Thompson, T. E., 1972: Properties of lipid bi layer membranes separating 2 aqueous phases the effects of ferric ion on electrical properties

Havel R.J., 1982: Properties of lipo proteins in blood plasma and liver perfusates of rats with cholestasis

Romano M., 1985: Properties of lipoprotein complexes isolated by affinity chromatography from human aorta

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203046

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203047

Lebed' O.I., 1986: Properties of liposomes adsorbed by montmorillonite

Firedman A.M., 1983: Properties of liposomes containing lead 212

Mangel, M., 1976: Properties of liposomes that contain chloroplast pigments photo sensitivity and efficiency of energy conversion

Whikehart, D. R.; Hess, H. H., 1977: Properties of liposomes with a phospho lipid ratio similar to that of retinal rod outer segment membranes interaction with opsin and other proteins

Scott, R. B.; Still, W. J. S., 1970: Properties of liver glycogen isolated in density gradients of sodium iothalamate

Jerina D.M., 1985: Properties of liver microsomal cholesterol 5 6 oxide hydrolase

Olson J.A., 1986: Properties of liver retinyl ester hydrolase in young pigs

Bogoslovskii, M. M.; Krasil'nikov, V. G.; Tseshke, G.; Al'bertin, S. V., 1977: Properties of local temperature of isolated cortex during waking and during alternation of sleep stages

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203056

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203057

Cantwell F.F., 1985: Properties of low capacity macroporous anion exchangers and their use with high ph eluents for the determination of weak acids in urine

Avila, E. M.; Lopez, F.; Camejo, G., 1978: Properties of low density lipo protein related to its interaction with arterial wall components in vitro and in vivo studies

Gwynne J.T., 1985: Properties of low density lipoprotein binding by cultured swine granulosa cells

Galka, M.; Dziembor-Gryszkiewicz, E.; Kos, S.; Ostrowski, W., 1980: Properties of low molecular weight acid phosphatases ec isolated from cytosol and chromatin of rat liver

Howland, R. D.; Burkhalter, A.; Trevor, A. J.; Hegeman, S.; Shirachi, D. Y., 1971: Properties of lubrol extracted udp glucuronyl transferase

Jones A.T., 1979: Properties of lucerne transient streak virus and evidence of its affinity to southern bean mosaic virus

Cova Z., 1987: Properties of luminal and contraluminal vesicles isolated from rat kidney cortex by percoll gradients

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203065

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203066

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203067

Conklyn, M. J.; Silber, R., 1982: Properties of lymphocyte 5' nucleotidase ec in normal subjects and patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Lehmann Grube F., 1983: Properties of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus interfering particles

Sato, M., 1978: Properties of lysogenic strains in pseudomonas mori and their temperate phages

Kalaidzhieva L.V., 1979: Properties of lysosomal beta galactosidase and molecular genetics of gm 1 gangliosidosis

Nozawa Y., 1986: Properties of lysosomal beta hexosaminidase accumulated in niemann pick mouse liver

Welman, E.; Peters, T. J., 1976: Properties of lysosomes in guinea pig heart sub cellular distribution and in vitro stability

Hashimoto K., 1979: Properties of mackerel and sardine myo globins

Vetvicka, V.; Fornusek, L.; Rihova, B.; Kopecek, J., 1985: Properties of macrophages from low and high responder strains of mice 1. effect of antigenic stimulation

Lin, F. H.; Thormar, H., 1972: Properties of maedi nucleic acid and the presence of rna dependent and dna dependent dna polymerase in the virions

Ho L., 1979: Properties of magnesium calcium atpase of erythrocyte membranes prepared by different procedures influence of magnesium calcium atp and protein activator

Castelfranco P.A., 1981: Properties of magnesium chelatase in greening etioplasts metal ion specificity and effect of substrate concentrations

Dubois J M., 1987: Properties of maintained sodium current induced by a toxin from androctonus scorpion in frog node of ranvier

Gingery, R. E., 1976: Properties of maize chlorotic dwarf virus and its rna

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203081

Martin W.G., 1979: Properties of malate dehydrogenase isolated from methanospirillum hungatii

Sim R.B., 1979: Properties of mammalian nuclear envelope nucleoside tri phosphatase

Kyossev Zh N., 1988: Properties of mannosyl and n acetylglucosamine 1 phosphate transferases towards dolichol phosphate in liver microsomes from pig embryos

Kutsukawa S., 1984: Properties of manure collected from cooperative manure producing plants

Maho C., 1985: Properties of mapping induced by fornix damages learning and memorizing the radial maze task

Izawa H., 1981: Properties of mareks disease tumor associated surface antigen of msb 1 cells

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203089

Marzec C., 1983: Properties of maximal spacing on a circle related to phyllotaxis and to the golden mean

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203091

Szulczyk P., 1983: Properties of mechano receptor afferent fibers in left inferior cardiac nerve

Mayer, C. J.; Wood, J. D., 1975: Properties of mechano sensitive neurons within auerbachs plexus of the small intestine of the cat

Turnbull B.G., 1984: Properties of mechanoreceptive fibers serving skin grafts transferred to the hands of adult baboons papio anubis

Vijay, I. K.; Troy, F. A., 1975: Properties of membrane associated sialyl transferase of escherichia coli

Yoshimura, F., 1978: Properties of membrane atpase of the obligately anaerobic bacterium veillonella alcalescens

Tankelyun O.V., 1987: Properties of membrane atpases from corn coleoptile cells

Kotelevtsev Yu V., 1980: Properties of membrane bound acetyl choline receptor from the optical ganglia of the squid berryteuthis magister

Kijima, H.; Amakawa, T.; Nakashima, M.; Morita, H., 1977: Properties of membrane bound alpha glucosidases possible sugar receptor protein of the blow fly phormia regina

Chakrabartty, A.; Stinson, R. A., 1985: Properties of membrane bound and solubilized forms of alkaline phosphatase ec from human liver

Aunis, D.; Bouclier, M.; Pescheloche, M.; Mandel, P., 1977: Properties of membrane bound dopamine beta hydroxylase ec in chromaffin granules from bovine adrenal medulla

Ivashchenko A.T., 1981: Properties of membrane bound erythrocyte bi carbonate atpase

Myburgh J.A., 1988: Properties of membrane bound ferrochelatase purified from baboon liver mitochondria

Rahmann H., 1979: Properties of membrane bound neuraminidase in the developing trout brain

Khorlin A.Ya, 1979: Properties of membrane bound sialyl transferases from liver of the frog rana temporaria

Tashmukhamedov B.A. , 1983: Properties of membrane channels formed by lityphantes paykullianus venom/

Drews G., 1984: Properties of membrane fractions prepared by chromatophore liposome fusion

Yokota Y., 1987: Properties of membrane phospholipids and their fatty acyl compositions of secretory granules from rat parotid gland

Starzak, M. E., 1973: Properties of membrane stationary states part 1 the micro canonical membranes

Starzak, M. E., 1974: Properties of membrane stationary states part 2 the isobaric isothermal ensemble

Cox G.B., 1979: Properties of membranes from mutant strains of escherichia coli in which the beta subunit of the atpase is abnormal

Hall, J. L.; Flowers, T. J., 1976: Properties of membranes from the halophyte suaeda maritima part 1 cytochemical staining of membranes in relation to the validity of membrane markers

Flowers, T. J.; Hall, J. L., 1976: Properties of membranes from the halophyte suaeda maritima part 2 distribution and properties of enzymes in isolated membrane fractions

Kaetsu I., 1984: Properties of membranes obtained by radiation cast polymerization of hydroxyalkyl methacrylate monomers

Steinman R.M., 1985: Properties of memory t lymphocytes isolated from the mixed leukocyte reaction

Imura N., 1981: Properties of mercury and selenium in a high molecular weight substance in rabbit tissues formed by simultaneous administration

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203117

Kato M., 1980: Properties of mesencephalic reticulo spinal neurons in the cat

Soda K., 1980: Properties of meso alpha epsilon di amino pimelate d dehydrogenase from bacillus sphaericus

Kuma F., 1981: Properties of met hemo globin reductase and kinetic study of met hemo globin reduction

Kretovich V.L., 1982: Properties of met lego globin reductase from lupine root nodules

Rowan R.IIi, 1981: Properties of metal ion coordinated imidazoles nmr and c 2 proton exchange in cobalt iii complexes

Gastaldi D., 1986: Properties of metal reactivated forms of apoaminopeptidase m

Kawamura R., 1983: Properties of metallo thionein induced by zinc copper and cadmium in the frog xenopus laevis

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203125

Malcolm A.D.B., 1981: Properties of methyl acetimidate and its use as a protein modifying reagent

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203127

Greene, R. C.; Hunter, J. S. V.; Coch, E. H., 1973: Properties of metk mutants of escherichia coli k 12

Garcia Peregrin E., 1981: Properties of mevalonate activating enzymes in developing chick brain

Zanetti N.C., 1980: Properties of micro tubule sliding disintegration in isolated tetrahymena cilia

Droleskey R., 1986: Properties of microcytic caprine carrier red blood cells their preparation and in vivo survival

Snyder F., 1982: Properties of microsomal acyl coenzyme a reductase in mouse preputial glands

Kanoh, H.; Akesson, B., 1978: Properties of microsomal and soluble di acyl glycerol kinase ec 2.7.1 in rat liver/

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203134

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203135

Lumb, R. H.; Allen, K. F., 1976: Properties of microsomal phospho lipases in rat liver and hepatoma

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203137

Terra W.R., 1988: Properties of midgut hydrolases from nymphs and adults of the hematophagous bug rhodnius prolixus

Saleh S.A., 1988: Properties of milk clotting enzyme from aspergillus versicolor and isolation of rennin like enzyme

Chaney W.R., 1984: Properties of mine soil reclaimed for forest land use

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203141

Soria B., 1983: Properties of miniature postsynaptic currents at the torpedo marmorata nerve electroplate junction

Tauc L., 1987: Properties of miniature postsynaptic currents during depolarization induced release at a cholinergic neuroneuronal synapse

Vogt M., 1979: Properties of mink cell focus inducing virus isolated from spontaneous lymphoma lines of balb c mice carrying moloney leukemia virus as an endogenous virus

Kabasawa I., 1982: Properties of minor gamma crystallin fractions associated with carbohydrate of the cattle lens cortex and nucleus

Kabasawa I., 1982: Properties of minor glyco protein fractions associated with calf lens major gamma crystallin fractions obtained from zinc glycinate extract

Palmer J.M., 1982: Properties of mitochondria as a function of the growth stages of neurospora crassa

Zvyagil'skaya, R. A.; Korosteleva, N. L.; Kotel'nikova, A. V., 1977: Properties of mitochondria from cells of the fermentative variant of the yeast endomyces magnusii

Ou, L. C.; Tenney, S. M., 1970: Properties of mitochondria from hearts of cattle acclimatized to high altitude

Pitt D., 1988: Properties of mitochondria from penicillium cyclopium and their response to calcium and other divalent cations

Edwards, S. W.; Lloyd, D., 1978: Properties of mitochondria isolated from cyanide sensitive and cyanide stimulated cultures of acanthamoeba castellanii

Dizengremel P., 1988: Properties of mitochondria isolated from greening soybean and lupine tissues

Nougarede A., 1983: Properties of mitochondrial and microsomal atpase activities of pea pisum sativum epicotyls

Furuta, S.; Miyazawa, S.; Osumi, T.; Hashimoto, T.; Ui, N., 1980: Properties of mitochondrial and peroxisomal enoyl coenzyme a hydratases ec from rat liver

Stara, H.; Rehulka, J.; Houstek, J.; Drahota, Z., 1978: Properties of mitochondrial atpase isolated from rat liver

Ivashchenko A.T., 1986: Properties of mitochondrial f 1 atpase and chloroplast cf 1 atpase at various concentrations of the substrate magnesium atp

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203157

Chatelain, P.; Defrise-Quertain, F.; Ruysschaert, J. M., 1979: Properties of mixed mono layers of lecithin and spin probe 1. study of the interactions at the air water interface

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203159

Lundberg, B., 1977: Properties of mixed vesicles of lecithin cholesterol up to a 1 to 2 molar ratio

Spear S.R., 1983: Properties of mm 13902 and other carbapenem antibiotics in vitro and in vivo

Brunori, M.; Wilson, M. T.; Antonini, E., 1972: Properties of modified cytochromes part 1 equilibrium and kinetics of the ph dependent transition in carboxy methylated horse heart cytochrome c

Wilson, M. T.; Brunori, M.; Rotilio, G. C.; Antonini, E., 1973: Properties of modified cytochromes part 2 ligand binding to reduced carboxymethyl cytochrome c

Ariel M., 1980: Properties of mon ocular and directional deprivation

Costa, M. R. C.; Edelstein, S. B.; Castiglione, C. M.; Chao, H.; Breakefield, X. O., 1980: Properties of mono amine oxidase ec in control and lesch nyhan fibroblasts

Bond, P. A.; Cundall, R. L., 1977: Properties of mono amine oxidase ec in human blood platelets plasma lymphocytes and granulocytes

Donnelly, C. H.; Richelson, E.; Murphy, D. L., 1976: Properties of mono amine oxidase ec in mouse neuro blastoma n 1 e 115 cells

Schlesinger M.J., 1982: Properties of mono clonal antibodies directed against the glyco proteins of sindbis virus

Minna J., 1980: Properties of mono clonal antibodies specific for determinants of a protein antigen myo globin

Et Al, 1981: Properties of mono clonal antibodies to human immuno globulin kappa and lambda chains

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203171

Severson D.L., 1987: Properties of monoacylglycerol lipase in rabbit aorta

Katayama, M.; Kobayashi, S.; Oguchi, K.; Yasuhara, H., 1984: Properties of monoamine oxidase ec in monkey heart

Zuboc S.V., 1986: Properties of monoclonal antibodies interacting with hepatitis b surface antigen determinants

Harrison B.D., 1987: Properties of monoclonal antibodies to potato leafroll luteovirus and their use to distinguish virus isolates differing in aphid transmissibility

Evans R.T., 1985: Properties of monoclonal antibodies to the genus specific antigen of chlamydia and their use for antigen detection by reverse passive hemagglutination

Kitaoka S., 1987: Properties of monodehydroascorbate reductase and dehydroascorbate reductase and their participation in the regeneration of ascorbate in euglena gracilis

Bhat, R. K.; Smith, T.; Greer, L.; Steiner, R. F., 1978: Properties of monomeric phosphorylase b formed by the action of propyl urea

Yamamoto K., 1986: Properties of monospecific antibodies to the glycoprotein of western equine encephalitis virus

Tarasova L.Yu, 1985: Properties of monosynaptic connections between callosal system neurons and specific thalamic nuclei

Memon A.R., 1987: Properties of moringa oleifera seed lipase

Fisher, P. B.; Goldstein, N. I.; Bryson, V., 1978: Properties of morphologically variant ha ploid frog cells formed by combined treatment with mengo virus and the polyene antibiotic mediocidin

Dorfman L.J., 1988: Properties of motor unit action potentials recorded with concentric and monopolar needle electrodes ademg analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203184

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203185

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203186

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203187

Lusis, A. J.; Paigen, K., 1976: Properties of mouse alpha galactosidase

Rapp F., 1980: Properties of mouse embryo fibroblasts transformed in vitro by infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus

Lehrer, S. B.; Vaughan, J. H., 1976: Properties of mouse homo cytotropic and hetero cytotropic antibodies

Quinn P., 1980: Properties of mouse inner cell masses isolated by immuno surgery exposure to the calcium ionophore a 23187 or low osmolarity

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Schwarz, H.; Ihle, J. N.; Wecker, E.; Fischinger, P. J.; Thiel, H. J.; Bolognesi, D. P.; Schaefer, W., 1981: Properties of mouse leukemia viruses 17. factors required for successful treatment of spontaneous akr leukemia by antibodies against gp 71

Fischinger, P. J.; Dunlop, N. M.; Schwarz, H.; Ihle, J. N.; Weinhold, K.; Bolognesi, D. P.; Schafer, W., 1982: Properties of mouse leukemia viruses 18. effective treatment of akr leukemia with antibody to glyco protein gp 71 eliminates the neo natal burst of ecotropic akr virus producing cells

Hunsmann, G.; Claviez, M.; Moennig, V.; Schwarz, H.; Schaefer, W., 1976: Properties of mouse leukemia viruses part 10 occurrence of viral structural antigens on the cell surface as revealed by a cyto toxicity test

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Seifert, E.; Claviez, M.; Frank, H.; Hunsmann, G.; Schwarz, H.; Schaefer, W., 1975: Properties of mouse leukemia viruses part 12 production of substantial amounts of friend leukemia virus by a suspension tissue culture line eveline suspension cells

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Schaefer, W.; Schwarz, H.; Thiel, H. J.; Fischinger, P. J.; Bolognesi, D. P., 1977: Properties of mouse leukemia viruses part 14 prevention of spontaneous akr leukemia by treatment with group specific antibody against the major virus gp 71 glyco protein

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203200

Schaeffer W., 1979: Properties of mouse leukemia viruses part 16 suppression of spontaneous fatal leukemias in akr mice by treatment with broadly reacting antibody against the viral glyco protein gp 71

Schwarz, H.; Thiel, H. J.; Weinhold, K.; Fischinger, P.; Bolognesi, D.; Schaefer, W., 1986: Properties of mouse leukemia viruses xx. variation of akr substrains in response to antibody therapy

Ullrich R.L., 1986: Properties of mouse mammary epithelial cell lines characterized by in vivo transplantation and in vitro immunocytochemical methods

Nikolaev L.G., 1983: Properties of mouse spleen condensed residual chromatin associated with the nuclear matrix

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203205

Craven, P. A.; Neidig, M.; Derubertis, F. R., 1983: Properties of multiple kinetic forms of soluble cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase ec activity of rat colonic mucosa

Salvayre, R.; Maret, A.; Negre, A.; Douste-Blazy, L., 1979: Properties of multiple molecular forms of alpha galactosidase ec and alpha n acetyl galactosaminidase ec from normal and fabry leukocytes

Malech, H. L.; Wivel, N. A., 1976: Properties of murine intra cisternal a particles electron microscopic appearance after critical point drying and platinum shadowing

Cerny J., 1979: Properties of murine leukemia associated suppressor cells part 1 preferential suppression of thymus dependent antibody responses and the requirement for syngeneity in the k region of the h 2 complex

Galper, J. B.; Smith, T. W., 1978: Properties of muscarinic acetyl choline receptors in heart cell cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203211

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203212

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203213

Delisle A.L., 1986: Properties of mutacin b an antibacterial substance produced by streptococcus mutans strain bht

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203216

Juni E., 1979: Properties of mutants of escherichia coli lacking malic dehydrogenase and their revertants

Greenleaf A.L., 1982: Properties of mutationally altered rna polymerases ii of drosophila melanogaster

Bose S.K., 1982: Properties of mycobacillin in a mixed mono layer with phospho lipids or fatty acids

Matveeva, N. M.; Lestrovaya, N. N., 1977: Properties of mycobacterium album 726 esterases

Tsukamura, M., 1976: Properties of mycobacterium smegmatis freshly isolated from soil

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203222

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203223

Harms E., 1981: Properties of n acetyl beta d hexosaminidase from isolated normal and i cell lysosomes

Hayashi, K.; Kasumi, T.; Kubo, N.; Tsumura, N., 1984: Properties of n acetyl muramidase ec from streptomyces rutgersensis h 46

Miller A.L., 1987: Properties of n acetylglucosamine 1 phosphotransferase from human lymphoblasts

Kalinke T.H., 1985: Properties of n acetylhistamine deacetylase in mammalian brain

Hashimoto T., 1986: Properties of n alpha n c a di tert butyloxycarbonyl omega carbamoyl alpha amino acids and direct synthesis of protected homoglutamic acid derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203229

Denton R.M., 1982: Properties of n maleoyl methionine sulfone a novel impermeant maleimide and its use in the selective labeling of the erythrocyte glucose transport system

Woenckhaus C., 1980: Properties of nad analogs with modified nonfunctional adenosine

Lu Z X., 1988: Properties of nad glycohydrolase purified from five pace snake agkistrodon acutus venom

Chang K Y., 1980: Properties of nad incorporation products of crude chromatin isolated from germinating seedlings of phaseolus radiatus

Karnovsky M.L., 1983: Properties of nadh cytochrome b 5 reductase from human neutrophils

Ostrovskii D.N., 1979: Properties of nadh dehydrogenase from micrococcus lysodeikticus membranes using specific antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203236

Tamura S., 1980: Properties of nadh met hemo globin reductase from bovine erythrocytes and the enzymatic levels in various animals

Head, E. J. H.; Gabbott, P. A., 1980: Properties of nadp dependent iso citrate dehydrogenase ec from the mussel mytilus edulis

Singh R., 1986: Properties of nadp malic enzyme from pod walls of chick pea cicer arietinum

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203240

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203241

Bier M., 1983: Properties of narrow range ampholytes isolated from wide range ampholyte preparations

Sprinzl M., 1981: Properties of native and nicked elongation factor tu from thermus thermophilus hb 8

Koos W.M., 1981: Properties of natraqualfs in the upper coastal plain of mississippi usa

Zwarthoff E.C., 1986: Properties of natural and hybrid murine alpha interferons

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203247

Gordon Weeks P.R., 1981: Properties of nerve endings with small granular vesicles in the distal colon and rectum of the guinea pig

Francon J., 1986: Properties of neurofilament protein kinase

Nandy, K., 1971: Properties of neuronal lipofuscin pigment in mice

Sefton A.J., 1979: Properties of neurons in cats dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus a comparison between medial inter laminar and laminated parts of the nucleus

Melkumyan A.V., 1983: Properties of neurons sensitive to moving black stimuli in lateral suprasylvian cortical area of cat

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203253

Horikoshi K., 1988: Properties of new alkaline maltohexose forming amylases

Terada O., 1980: Properties of new enzyme glycerol oxidase from aspergillus japonicus at 008

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203256

Okuyama, H.; Miyake, M.; Terazawa, M. , 1975: Properties of nitric acid pulp from juvenile japanese larch

Hucklesby, D. P.; James, D. M.; Banwell, M. J.; Hewitt, E. J., 1976: Properties of nitrite reductase from cucurbita pepo

Zhiznevskaya G.Ya, 1979: Properties of nitrogen fixing systems in root nodules of various legume plant species

Ye, I. K.; Nesterenko, O. O., 1977: Properties of nocardia asteroides isolated from soils of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Yamada I., 1985: Properties of nonallophanic andosols from japan

Reinhardt G., 1982: Properties of nondifferentiating derivatives of streptomyces hygroscopicus

Kawade Y., 1981: Properties of nonglycosylated and glycosidase treated mouse l cell interferon species

Kim, I. C.; Bragg, P. D., 1971: Properties of nonheme iron in a cell envelope fraction from escherichia coli

Gazdar, A. F.; Russell, E.; Sarma, P. S.; Sarin, P. S.; Hall, W.; Chopra, H. C., 1973: Properties of noninfectious and transforming viruses released by murine sarcoma virus induced hamster tumor cells

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203267

Lomniczi, B., 1976: Properties of nonneurovirulent plaque forming mutants of newcastle disease virus

Ueno, H.; Tawada, Y.; Ooi, T., 1976: Properties of nonpolymerizable tropo myosin obtained by carboxy peptidase a ec digestion

Funkhouser J.D., 1983: Properties of nonspecific phospho lipid transfer protein purified from rat lung

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203271

Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203272

Herzig J.W., 1987: Properties of normal and non inactivating single cardiac sodium channels

Fuwa H., 1981: Properties of normal and waxy type starches of amaranthus hypochondriacus

Mitsuhashi S., 1983: Properties of novel beta lactamase produced by bacteroides fragilis

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Daurova, F. K., 1978: Properties of nuclear and scattered elements in the cortical end of the auditory analyzer according to total evoked potentials to sound

Aronson, A. I.; Wilt, F. H., 1969: Properties of nuclear rna in sea urchin embryos strongylocentrotus purpuratus inst pulse labelling

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Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203943

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Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203961

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Section 7, Chapter 6204, Accession 006203978

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