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Chapter 6,206

Proprioception by chordotonal and myo chordotonal organs in the walking legs of the rock lobster palinurus vulgaris

Clarac, F.; Vedel, J.P.

Marine Behaviour and Physiology 3(3): 157-165


ISSN/ISBN: 0091-181X
Accession: 006205685

In the rock lobster P. vulgaris the activity of 2 mechanoreceptors is compared; 1 is a chordotonal structure, MC1, the other is myochordotonal, MCO1; they are functionally associated with the same joint (merus-carpopodite) of walking legs. The afferent activity of MC1 and MCO1 were compared during joint movements and during isometric contractions of the flexor muscles induced by the stimulation of their motor nerve in order to determine their respective sensitivities to different kinds of mechanical stimuli. MC1 records both movement and position of the M-C joint; the possibility that it records muscular tension is discussed but this appears very restricted. MCO1 activity is increased by movement of the joint and by the contraction of the proximal part of the accessory flexor muscle. The findings confirm that the term myochordotonal is appropriate and is conferred by its very original properties.

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