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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6207

Chapter 6207 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Van Der Linden J.C.; Baak J.P.A.; Lindeman J.; Hermans J.; Meyer C.J.L.M., 1987: Prospective evaluation of prognostic value of morphometry in patients with primary breast cancer

Hecht S.; Jamara R.J., 1982: Prospective evaluation of radial keratotomy using the fyodorov formula preliminary report

Austin E.H.; Cobb F.R.; Coleman R.E.; Jones R.H., 1982: Prospective evaluation of radio nuclide angio cardiography for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease

Mcconnell J.D.; Sagalowsky A.I.; Lewis S.E.; Gailiunas P.; Helderman J.H.; Dawidson I.; Peters P.C., 1984: Prospective evaluation of renal allo graft dys function with technetium 99m labeled di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid renal scans

Mitchell H.; Drake M.; Medley G., 1986: Prospective evaluation of risk of cervical cancer after cytological evidence of human papillomavirus infection

Tormey D.; Gelman R.; Falkson G., 1983: Prospective evaluation of rotating chemo therapy in advanced breast cancer an eastern cooperative oncology group trial

Hermansen M.C.; Blodgett F.M., 1981: Prospective evaluation of routine admission urinalyses

Esdaile J.M.; Rosenthall L.; Terkeltaub R.; Kloiber R., 1980: Prospective evaluation of sacro iliac scintigraphy in chronic inflammatory back pain

Robbs J.V., 1980: Prospective evaluation of selection for operation for duodenal ulcer based on acid secretory studies interim report after 1 5 year follow up

Mackie C.R.; Moossa A.R.; Go V.L.W.; Noble G.; Sizemore G.; Cooper M.J.; Wood R.A.B.; Waldman T.; Hall A.W.; Et Al, 1980: Prospective evaluation of some candidate tumor markers in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

Martin G.J.; Adams S.L.; Martin H.G.; Mathews J.; Zull D.; Scanlon P.J., 1984: Prospective evaluation of syncope

Ralls P.W.; Colleti P.M.; Halls J.M.; Siemsen J.K., 1982: Prospective evaluation of technetium 99m labeled imino di acetic acid chole scintigraphy and gray scale ultrasound in the diagnosis of acute cholecystitis

Zbornikova V.; Lassvik C.; Johansson I., 1985: Prospective evaluation of the accuracy of duplex scanning with spectral analysis in carotid artery disease

Clemmer T.P.; Orme J.F.Jr; Thomas F.; Brooks K.A., 1985: Prospective evaluation of the circulation respiration abdomen motor speech scale for triaging major trauma

Debongnie J.C.; Pauls C.; Fievez M.; Wibin E., 1981: Prospective evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy of liver ultrasonography

Andriulli A.; Gindro T.; Piantino P.; Farini R.; Cavallini G.; Piazzi L.; Naccarato R.; Dobrilla G.; Verme G.; Scuro L.A., 1986: Prospective evaluation of the diagnostic efficacy of ca 19 9 assay as a marker for gastrointestinal cancers

Ryan T.; Armstrong W.F.; Feigenbaum H., 1986: Prospective evaluation of the left main coronary artery using digital two dimensional echocardiography

Fritze D.; Fedra G.; Kaufmann M., 1982: Prospective evaluation of the leukocyte adherence inhibition test in breast cancer using a panel of extracts from known and unknown primary tumors

Dimagno, E. P.; Malagelada, J. R.; Moertel, C. G.; Go, V. L. W., 1977: Prospective evaluation of the pancreatic secretion of immuno reactive carcino embryonic antigen enzyme and bi carbonate in patients suspected of having pancreatic cancer

Chastre J.; Viau F.; Brun P.; Pierre J.; Dauge M C.; Bouchama A.; Akesbi A.; Gibert C., 1984: Prospective evaluation of the protected specimen brush for the diagnosis of pulmonary infections in ventilated patients

Schuster D.P.; Rowley H.; Feinstein S.; Mcgue M.K.; Zuckerman G.R., 1984: Prospective evaluation of the risk of upper gastro intestinal bleeding after admission to a medical intensive care unit

Weintraub W.S.; Schneider R.M.; Seelaus P.A.; Wiener D.H.; Agarwal J.B.; Helfant R.H., 1986: Prospective evaluation of the severity of coronary artery disease with exercise radionuclide angiography and electrocardiography

Zakutskii V.P.; Kuropatkin A.P.; Gargopa Yu M., 1988: Prospective evaluation of the size of the population and biomass of the jellyfish in the sea of azov ussr on the basis of the level of its salinity

Ralls P.W.; Halls J.; Lapin S.A.; Quinn M.F.; Morris U.L.; Boswell W., 1982: Prospective evaluation of the sonographic murphy sign in suspected acute cholecystitis

Bedikian A.Y.; Patt Y.Z.; Murphy W.K.; Umsawasadi T.; Carr D.T.; Hersh E.M.; Bodey G.P.; Valdivieso M., 1984: Prospective evaluation of thymosin fraction v immunotherapy in patients with non small cell lung cancer receiving vindesine doxorubicin and cisplatin chemotherapy

Kahl L.E.; Medsger T.A.Jr; Klein I., 1986: Prospective evaluation of thyroid function in patients with systemic sclerosis scleroderma

Bateman T.M.; Gray R.J.; Whiting J.S.; Sethna D.H.; Berman D.S.; Matloff J.M.; Swan H.J.C.; Forrester J.S., 1987: Prospective evaluation of ultrafast cardiac computed tomography for determination of coronary bypass graft patency

Lopez G.; Rodriguiz A.; Rengifo J., 1984: Prospective experience with a levonorgestrel implant norplant

Littlefield C.L.; Bryant P.J., 1979: Prospective fates and regulative capacities of fragments of the female genital disc of drosophila melanogaster

Fast I., 1987: Prospective fatherhood a focus for primary prevention

Menczer J.; Modan M.; Serr D.M., 1980: Prospective follow up of patients with hydatidiform mole

Model P.G., 1982: Prospective fore brain mid brain from axolotl ambystoma mexicanum neurulae can be re programmed to differentiate as mauthner cell containing medulla

Bamezai R., 1983: Prospective genetic counseling in mothers at risk to produce premature low birth weight babies prone to respiratory distress syndrome or neurological disorders

Lucas B.A.; Jennings C.D.; Thompson J.S.; Flanigan R.C.; Mcroberts J.W.; Holland N.H., 1985: Prospective hla dr matching for 1st cadaver donor renal allografts and retransplantation

Mendez R.Y.I.; Mendez R.; Bogaard T.; Self B., 1983: Prospective hla dr matching in cadaveric renal transplants a single center study

Nicolosi G.L.; Pavan D.; Lestuzzi C.; Burelli C.; Zardo F.; Zanuttini D., 1984: Prospective identification of patients with amyloid heart disease by 2 dimensional echocardiography

Bierman F.Z.; Fellows K.; Williams R.G., 1980: Prospective identification of ventricular septal defects in infancy using subxiphoid 2 dimensional echo cardiography

Tingle A.J.; Yang T.; Allen M.; Kettyls G.D.; Larke R.P.B.; Schulzer M., 1983: Prospective immunological assessment of arthritis induced by rubella vaccine

Duffner P.K.; Cohen M.E.; Parker M.S., 1988: Prospective intellectual testing in children with brain tumors

Lundstedt C.; Hederstrom E.; Brismar J.; Holmin T.; Strand S E., 1986: Prospective investigation of radiologic methods in the diagnosis of intra abdominal abscesses

Smith M.A.; Stratton W.C.; Roi L., 1988: Prospective labor risk assessment in a rural community hospital

Willen R.; Trope C.; Langstrom E.; Ranstam J.; Killander D.; Clase L., 1987: Prospective malignancy grading and flow cytometry dna distribution in biopsy specimens from invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Mclaughlin J.F.; Marks W.M.; Jones G., 1984: Prospective management of exstrophy of the cloaca and myelocystocele following prenatal ultrasound recognition of neural tube defects in identical twins

Benjamin S.B.; Richter J.E.; Cordova C.M.; Knuff T.E.; Castell D.O., 1983: Prospective manometric evaluation with pharmacologic provocation of patients with suspected esophageal motility dys function

Ghose R.R., 1984: Prospective measurement of glomerular filtration rate and effective renal plasma flow during treatment of malignant essential hypertension

Triebwasser J., 1979: Prospective medicine opportunities in aero space medicine

Dobbs A.R.; Rule B.G., 1987: Prospective memory and self reports of memory abilities in older adults

Badan M.; Fasel Felley J.; Kolly M.; Frei P.C.; Pecoud A., 1986: Prospective monitoring of untoward allergic reactions during hyposensitization

Davis F.M.; Woolner D.F.; Frampton C.; Wilkinson A.; Grant A.; Harrison R.T.; Roberts M.T.S.; Thadaka R., 1987: Prospective multi center trial of mortality following general or spinal anesthesia for hip fracture surgery in the elderly

Suzuki, A. S.; Harada, K., 1986: Prospective neural areas and their morphogenetic movements during neural plate formation of xenopus embryos i. development of vegetal half embryos and chimera embryos

Danner R.; Lang H.; Yale C., 1984: Prospective neurometric studies during the beginning of carbamazepine and phenytoin therapy

Owens P.L.; Goldberg M.F.; Busse B.J., 1979: Prospective observation of vascular anastomoses between the retina and choroid in recurrent toxoplasmosis

Dhingra, R. C.; Denes, P.; Wu, D.; Wyndham, C. R.; Amat, Y. Leon, F.; Towne, W. D.; Rosen, K. M., 1976: Prospective observations in patients with chronic bundle branch block and marked h v prolongation

Rees, D. W., 1986: Prospective patients' reaction to alcoholism clinic referral

Heinemann A.W.; Billeter J.; Betts H.B., 1988: Prospective payment for acute care impact on rehabilitation hospitals

Tyurebaev S.S., 1981: Prospective phytophages for biological control of certain weeds of eurasian origin

Menge H.; Warrelmann M.; Loy V.; Schmidt H.; Gregor M.; Skubis R.; Hahn H.; Riecken E O., 1987: Prospective pilot study of the occurrence of campylobacter pyloridis in the human antral mucosa in west germany

Freedman J.; Hooi C.; Garvey M.B., 1984: Prospective platelet cross matching for selection of compatible random donors

Beardslee W.R.; Vaillant G.E., 1984: Prospective prediction of alcoholism and psychopathology

Suga H.; Yasumura Y.; Nozawa T.; Futaki S.; Igarashi Y.; Goto Y., 1987: Prospective prediction of oxygen consumption from pressure volume area in dog hearts

Rubenstein J.H.; Richter M.P.; Moldofsky P.J.; Solin L.J., 1988: Prospective prediction of post radiation therapy lung function using qualitative lung scans and pulmonary function testing

Gilbert F.; Mulivor R.; Calderon A.; Lalatta F.; Wilkins I.; Chitakara U.; Guttenberg M.; Dische R., 1985: Prospective prenatal diagnosis of cystic fibrosis

Brock D.J.H.; Barron L., 1988: Prospective prenatal screening for fetal abnormalities using a quantitative immunoassay for acetylcholinesterase

Donn S.M.; Thoene J.G., 1985: Prospective prevention of neonatal hyperammonemia in argininosuccinic aciduria by arginine therapy

Kawai H.; Maedo N.K.; Iguchi M.; Kamiya H.; Sakurai M., 1980: Prospective prognostication of acute lympho blastic leukemia in childhood

Pannuti F.; Martoniz A.; Di Marco A.R.; Piana E.; Saccani F.; Becchi G.; Mattioli G.; Barbanti F., 1979: Prospective randomized clinical trial of 2 different high dosages of medroxy progesterone acetate in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer

Del Favero A.; Menichetti F.; Guerciolini R.; Bucaneve G.; Baldelli F.; Aversa F.; Terenzi A.; Davis S.; Pauluzzi S., 1987: Prospective randomized clinical trial of teicoplanin for empiric combined antibiotic therapy in febrile granulocytopenic acute leukemia patients

Harding G.K.M.; Buckwold F.J.; Ronald A.R.; Marrie T.J.; Brunton S.; Koss J.C.; Gurwith M.J.; Albritton W.L., 1980: Prospective randomized comparative study of clindamycin chloramphenicol and ticarcillin each in combination with gentamicin in therapy for intra abdominal and female genital tract sepsis

Ambrose N.S.; Hares M.M.; Alexander Williams J.; Keighley M.R.B., 1983: Prospective randomized comparison of photo coagulation and rubber band ligation in treatment of hemorrhoids

Gwinup, G., 1978: Prospective randomized comparison of propyl thio uracil

Kahalley S.; Chandler J.; Hawkins J.; Norris G.; Waugespack R.; Snow R.M., 1985: Prospective randomized comparison of the efficacy and safety of netilmicin clindamycin and tobramycin clindamycin in the treatment of serious systemic infections

Nicolle L.E.; Mayhew W.J.; Bryan L., 1987: Prospective randomized comparison of therapy and no therapy for asymptomatic bacteriuria in institutionalized elderly women

Klastersky J.; Glauser M.P.; Schimpff S.C.; Zinner S.H.; Gaya H.; Eur Organ Res Treat Cancer Antimicrob Ther Proj Group, 1986: Prospective randomized comparison of three antibiotic regimens for empirical therapy of suspected bacteremic infection in febrile granulocytopenic patients

Rossi M.R.; Banfi P.; Cappuccilli M.; Conter V.; De Poli D.; Piacentini G.; Zurlo M.G.; Masera G., 1987: Prospective randomized comparison of two prophylactic regimens with trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole in leukemic children a two year study

Waltke, E. A.; Adams, M. B.; Kauffman, H. M-Jr ; Sampson, D.; Hodgson, N. B.; Lawson, R. K., 1982: Prospective randomized comparison of urologic complications in end to side vs. politano leadbetter uretero neo cystostomy in 131 human cadaver renal transplants

Lode H.; Wiley R.; Hoeffken G.; Wagner J.; Borner K., 1987: Prospective randomized controlled study of ciprofloxacin versus imipenem cilastatin in severe clinical infections

Cainzos M.; Potel J.; Puente J.L., 1985: Prospective randomized controlled study of prophylaxis with cefamandole in high risk patients undergoing operations on the biliary tract

Neidhardt M.K.; Bailey C.C., 1987: Prospective randomized cooperative medulloblastoma trial med 84 of the international society of pediatric oncology siop and of the german society of pediatric oncology gpo

Smith J.A.; Skidmore A.G.; Forward A.D.; Clarke A.M.; Sutherland E., 1980: Prospective randomized double blind comparison of metronidazole and tobramycin with clindamycin and tobramycin in the treatment of intra abdominal sepsis

Abbruzzese J.L.; Rocco L.E.; Laskin O.L.; Skubitz K.M.; Mcgaughey M.D.; Lipsky J.J., 1983: Prospective randomized double blind comparison of moxalactam and tobramycin in treatment of urinary tract infections

Gjorup T.; Kelbaek H.; Vestergaard B.; Munck O.; Godtfredsen J., 1986: Prospective randomized double blind study of radionuclide determination of left ventricular ejection fraction in acute myocardial infarction

Ilves R.; Cooper J.D.; Todd T.R.J.; Pearson F.G., 1981: Prospective randomized double blind study using prophylactic cephalothin for major elective general thoracic operations

Pomeroy, M.; Fennelly, J. J.; Towers, M., 1986: Prospective randomized double blind trial of nabilone vs. domperidone in the treatment of cytotoxic induced emesis

Rosenberg S.A.; Tepper J.; Glatstein E.; Costa J.; Young R.; Baker A.; Brennan M.F.; Demoss E.V.; Seipp C.; Et Al, 1983: Prospective randomized evaluation of adjuvant chemo therapy in adults with soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities

Rosenberg, S. A.; Kent, H.; Costa, J.; Webber, B. L.; Young, R.; Chabner, B.; Baker, A. R.; Brennan, M. F.; Chretien, P. B.; Et-Al, 1978: Prospective randomized evaluation of the role of limb sparing surgery radiation therapy and adjuvant chemo immuno therapy in the treatment of adult soft tissue sarcomas

Presant C.A.; Denes A.E.; Liu C.; Bartolucci A.A., 1984: Prospective randomized reappraisal of 5 fluoro uracil in metastatic colo rectal carcinoma a comparative trial with 6 thio guanine

Varnauskas E.; Olsson S.B.; Carlstrom E.; Peterson L.E.; Julian D.G.; Miller H.C.; Oliver M.F.; Lorimer A.R.; Hutton I.; Et Al, 1980: Prospective randomized study of coronary artery bypass surgery in stable angina pectoris 2nd interim report by the european coronary surgery study group

Garite T.J.; Freeman R.K.; Linzey E.M.; Braly P.S.; Dorchester W.L., 1981: Prospective randomized study of cortico steroids in the management of premature rupture of the membranes and premature gestation

Potter, D.; Pass, H. I.; Brower, S.; Macher, A.; Browne, M.; Thaler, M.; Cotton, D.; Hathorn, J.; Wesley, R.; Et-Al, 1985: Prospective randomized study of open lung biopsy vs. empirical antibiotic therapy for acute pneumonitis in nonneutropenic cancer patients

Neoptolemos J.P.; Carr Locke D.L.; Fossard D.P., 1987: Prospective randomized study of preoperative endoscopic sphincterotomy versus surgery alone for common bile duct stones

Dresdale A.R.; Barr L.H.; Bonow R.O.; Mathisen D.J.; Myers C.E.; Schwartz D.E.; D'angelo T.; Rosenberg S.A., 1982: Prospective randomized study of the role of n acetyl cysteine in reversing doxorubicin induced cardio myopathy

Parsons M.T.; Spellacy W.N., 1985: Prospective randomized study of x ray pelvimetry in the primigravida

Hernadi Z.; Juhasz B.; Poka R.; Lampe L., 1987: Prospective randomized study to compare the efficacy and side effects of cp and cap regimens on patients with advanced ovarian cancer

Fritze D.; Queisser W.; Schmid H.; Kaufmann M.; Massner B.; Westerhausen M.; Schmidt R.; Edler L.; Abel U., 1986: Prospective randomized trial concerning hyperprolactinemia and normoprolactinemia and the use of bromoergocryptine in patients with metastatic breast cancer

Bajetta, E.; Vaglini, M.; Buzzoni, R.; Nava, M.; Viviani, S.; Bonadonna, G., 1985: Prospective randomized trial in advanced malignant melanoma with cisplatinum vindesine and etoposide vs. cisplatinum vindesine and lomustine

Browman, G. P.; Archibald, S. D.; Young, J. E. M.; Hryniuk, W. M.; Russell, R.; Kiehl, K.; Levine, M. N., 1983: Prospective randomized trial of 1 hour sequential vs. simultaneous methotrexate plus 5 fluoro uracil in advanced and recurrent squamous cell head and neck cancer

Bodey G.P.; Keating M.J.; Mccredie K.B.; Elting L.; Rosenbaum B.; Freireich E.J., 1985: Prospective randomized trial of antibiotic prophylaxis in acute leukemia

Dent D.M.; Werner I.D.; Novis B.; Cheverton P.; Brice P., 1979: Prospective randomized trial of combined oncological therapy for gastric carcinoma

Rosman J.B.; Ter Wee P.M.T.; Meijer S.; Piers Becht T.P.M.; Sluiter W.J.; Donker A.J.M., 1984: Prospective randomized trial of early dietary protein restriction in chronic renal failure

Paredes J.; Hong W.K.; Felder T.B.; Dimery I.W.; Choksi A.J.; Newman R.A.; Castellanos A.M.; Robbins K.T.; Mccarthy K.; Et Al, 1988: Prospective randomized trial of high dose cisplatin and fluorouracil infusion with or without sodium diethyldithiocarbamate in recurrent and or metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck

Rogers W.J.; Mantle J.A.; Hodd W.P.Jr; Baxley W.A.; Whitlow P.L.; Reeves R.C.; Soto B., 1983: Prospective randomized trial of intra venous and intra coronary strepto kinase in acute myo cardial infarction

Teasley, D. G.; Gerding, D. N.; Olson, M. M.; Peterson, L. R.; Gebhard, R. L.; Schwartz, M. J.; Lee, J. T-Jr, 1983: Prospective randomized trial of metronidazole vs. vancomycin for clostridium difficile associated diarrhea and colitis

Sarr M.G.; Sanfey H.; Cameron J.L., 1986: Prospective randomized trial of nasogastric suction in patients with acute pancreatitis

Barza M.; Lauermann M.W.; Tally F.P.; Gorbach S.L., 1980: Prospective randomized trial of netilmicin and amikacin with emphasis on 8th nerve toxicity

Gribble, M. J.; Chow, A. W.; Naiman, S. C.; Smith, J. A.; Bowie, W. R.; Sacks, S. L.; Grossman, L.; Buskard, N.; Growe, G. H.; Plenderleith, L. H., 1983: Prospective randomized trial of piperacillin mono therapy vs. carboxy penicillin amino glycoside combination regimens in the empirical treatment of serious bacterial infections

Price P.; Hoskin P.J.; Easton D.; Austin D.; Palmer S.G.; Yarnold J.R., 1986: Prospective randomized trial of single and multifraction radiotherapy schedules in the treatment of painful bony metastases

Gazet J C.; Ford H.T.; Bland J.M.; Markopoulos C.; Coombes R.C.; Dixon R.C., 1988: Prospective randomized trial of tamoxifen versus surgery in elderly patients with breast cancer

Buelau P.; Froescher W.; Schuchardt V.; Kreiten K., 1986: Prospective randomized trial of the effectiveness of clonazepam and diazepam in petit mal status

Morse P.H., 1985: Prospective rationale for and results of argon laser treatment of patients with branch retinal vein occlusion

Saksena S.; Greenberg E.; Ferguson D., 1985: Prospective reimbursement for state of the art medical practice the case for invasive electrophysiologic evaluation

Sondel P.M.; Sparks E.M.; Glass N.R.; Sollinger H.W.; Belzer F.O., 1982: Prospective renal allo graft matching by pool primed lymphocyte typing no correlation because of poor responses of prospective recipients

Santi, A.; Roberts, W. A., 1985: Prospective representation the effects of varied mapping of sample stimuli to comparison stimuli and differential trial outcomes on pigeons' working memory

Stamps J.A.; Tollestrup K., 1984: Prospective resource defense in a territorial species

Daniel A.; Boue A.; Gallano P., 1986: Prospective risk in reciprocal translocation heterozygotes at amniocentesis as determined by potential chromosome imbalance sizes data of the european collaborative prenatal diagnosis centres

Childs J.E.; Glass G.E.; Korch G.W.; Leduc J.W., 1987: Prospective seroepidemiology of hantaviruses and population dynamics of small mammal communities of baltimore maryland usa

Al Nakib W.; Deverajan L.V.; Thorburn H.; Ibrahim M.E.A.; Moussa M.A.A.; Hathout H.; Yousof A.M.; Soufi S., 1985: Prospective serological and clinical studies on infants born in kuwait with an elevated immunoglobulin m in cord blood

Schneider A.B.; Shore Freedman E.; Ryo U.Y.; Bekerman C.; Pinsky S.M., 1985: Prospective serum thyroglobulin measurements in assessing the risk of developing thyroid nodules in patients exposed to childhood neck irradiation

Bunn P.; Huberman M.S.; Whang Peng J.; Schechter G.P.; Guccion J.G.; Matthews M.J.; Gazdar A.F.; Fischmann A.B.; Dunnick N.R.; Et Al, 1980: Prospective staging evaluation of patients with cutaneous t cell lymphomas demonstration of a high frequency of extracutaneous dissemination

Hejgaard N.; Sandberg H.; Hede A.; Skive L.; Jacobsen K., 1982: Prospective stress radiographic study of knee ligament injuries in 62 patients treated by acute repair

Hejgaard N.; Sandberg H.; Hede A.; Jacobsen K., 1983: Prospective stress radiography in 38 old injuries of the ligaments of the knee joint

De Jong M.F., 1985: Prospective studies for the presence of atrophic rhinitis pathogen bordetella bronchiseptica and pasteurella multocida in piglets on pig breeding farms having certificates of health

Kraus J.F., 1982: Prospective studies in neuro epidemiology applications to brain and spinal cord injuries

Schott G.; Ehrig E.; Wulff V., 1980: Prospective studies into pregnancies of primiparae with record of therapeutic termination of previous pregnancies or of spontaneous abortion and assessment of fertility 1

Schott G.; Ehrig E.; Wulff V., 1980: Prospective studies into pregnancies of primiparae with record of therapeutic termination of previous pregnancies or of spontaneous abortion and assessment of fertility 2

Schott G.; Ehrig E.; Wulff V., 1981: Prospective studies into pregnancy of primigravidae with assessment of fertility following induced or spontaneous abortion

Spellacy W.N.; Buhi W.C.; Birk S.A., 1981: Prospective studies of carbohydrate metabolism in normal women using norgestrel for 18 months

Pass M.A.; Gray B.M.; Khare S.; Dillon H.C.Jr , 1979: Prospective studies of group b streptococcal infections in infants

Kasdorf G.; Kalkhoff R.K., 1988: Prospective studies of insulin sensitivity in normal women receiving oral contraceptive agents

Gianola, F. J.; Dwyer, A.; Jones, A. E.; Sugarbaker, P. H., 1984: Prospective studies of laboratory and radiologic tests in the management of colon and rectal cancer patients 1. selection of useful preoperative tests through an analysis of surgically occult metastases

Spellacy W.N.; Kalra P.S.; Birk S.A., 1979: Prospective studies of the gonadotropin responses to graded injections of gonadotropin releasing factor in women using a low estrogen type oral contraceptive for 3 months

Mcauliffe J.F.; Auxiladora De Sousa M.; Nations M.K.; Shields D.S.; Tavares I.L.; Leslie J.; Galba Araujo J.; Guerrant R.L., 1985: Prospective studies of the illness burden in a rural community of northeast brazil

Driessen A.; Mauer W.; Fricke M.; Kossmann B.; Schleinzer W., 1980: Prospective studies of the post spinal head ache

Williams C.K.O., 1985: Prospective studies on hodgkins disease in ibadan nigeria a preliminary report

Zeng Y.; Zhang L.G.; Wu Y.C.; Huang Y.S.; Huang N.Q.; Li J.Y.; Wang Y.B.; Jiang M.K.; Fang Z.; Meng N.N., 1985: Prospective studies on nasopharyngeal carcinoma in epstein barr virus immunoglobulin a viral capsid antigen antibody positive persons in wuzhou city china

Smith L.E.; Henrichs D.; Mccullah R.D., 1982: Prospective studies on the etiology and treatment of pruritus ani

Notter, G.; Turesson, I., 1976: Prospective studies with the cumulative radiation effect formula of prolonged fractionation schedules

Eckstein K L.; Mader W., 1983: Prospective study about the influence of different preparations of 1 percent mepivacaine solutions without preservatives

Askenazi J.; Koenigsberg D.I.; Ribner H.S.; Plucinski D.; Silverman I.M.; Lesch M., 1983: Prospective study comparing different echo cardiographic measurements of pulmonary capillary wedge pressure in patients with organic heart disease other than mitral stenosis

Turabian J.L.; De Lorenzo Caceres A.; Mateo S.; Moreiras J.L.; Marcos F.; Tellez A., 1987: Prospective study in 73 patients with boutonneuse fever validity of clinical epidemiological diagnosis and serology for proteus

Weir B.K.A., 1979: Prospective study of 100 lumbo sacral discectomies

Martini N.; Flehinger B.J.; Zaman M.B.; Beattie E.J.Jr, 1980: Prospective study of 445 lung carcinomas with mediastinal lymph node metastases

Li F.P.; Fraumeni J.F.Jr, 1982: Prospective study of a family cancer syndrome

Tengborn L.; Hedner U.; Nilsson I.M., 1982: Prospective study of a phenformin like substance moroxydine chloride in patients with deficient vessel wall fibrinolysis

Makarananda K.; Sriwatanakul K.; Pothisiri P.; Eamrungroj S.; Charoonroj P.; Pongprayoon U., 1985: Prospective study of adverse drug reactions of antihypertensive drugs in thai outpatients

Yanapirut P.; Sriwatanakul K., 1987: Prospective study of adverse reactions of anticancer drugs in thai patients

Marazzini, L.; Pelosi, V.; Vezzoli, F.; Pennasi, R.; Longhini, E., 1977: Prospective study of airway obstruction in a population with small airway disease

Taylor C.L.; Kilbane P.; Passmore N.; Davies R., 1986: Prospective study of alcohol related admissions in an inner city hospital

Vaillant G.E.; Clark W.; Cyrus C.; Milofsky E.S.; Kopp J.; Wulsin V.W.; Mogielnicki N.P., 1983: Prospective study of alcoholism treatment 8 year follow up

Baumgarten A.; Robinson J., 1988: Prospective study of an inverse relationship between maternal glycosylated hemoglobin and serum alpha fetoprotein concentrations in pregnant women with diabetes

Hayashi, R. H.; Becker, R. A.; Evans, G. T.; Morris, K.; Franks, R. C., 1977: Prospective study of angiotensin ii response to positional change in pregnancy induced hypertension

Altemeier W.A.IIi; O'connor S.M.; Sherrod K.B.; Vietze P.M., 1985: Prospective study of antecedents for nonorganic failure to thrive

Vesterinen E.; Kaprio J.; Koskenvuo M., 1988: Prospective study of asthma in relation to smoking habits among 14729 adults

Chang M H.; Hwang L Y.; Hsu H C.; Lee C Y.; Beasley R.P., 1988: Prospective study of asymptomatic hbsag carrier children infected in the perinatal period clinical and liver histologic studies

Sonne Holm S.; Sorensen T.I.A., 1986: Prospective study of attainment of social class of severely obese subjects in relation to parental social class intelligence and education

Goodwin C.W.; Maguire M.S.; Mcmanus W.F.; Pruitt B.A.Jr, 1983: Prospective study of burn wound excision of the hands

Armstrong, C. W.; Mayhall, C. G.; Miller, K. B.; Newsome, H. H-Jr ; Sugerman, H. J.; Dalton, H. P.; Hall, G. O.; Gennings, C., 1986: Prospective study of catheter replacement and other risk factors for infection of hyperalimentation catheters

Vento S.; Rondanelli E.G.; Ranieri S.; O'brien C.J.; Williams R.; Eddleston A.L.W.F., 1987: Prospective study of cellular immunity to hepatitis b virus antigens from the early incubation phase of acute hepatitis b

Von Schrenck T.; Howard J.M.; Doppman J.L.; Norton J.A.; Maton P.N.; Smith F.P.; Vinayek R.; Frucht H.; Wank S.A.; Et Al, 1988: Prospective study of chemotherapy in patients with metastatic gastrinoma

Michael P.M.; Garson O.M.; Ekert H.; Tauro G.; Rennie G.C.; Pilkington G.R., 1988: Prospective study of childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia hematologic immunologic and cytogenetic correlations

Schachter J.; Grossman M.; Holt J.; Sweet R.; Goodner E.; Mills J., 1979: Prospective study of chlamydial infection in neo nates

Anciaux M.L.; Pelletier G.; Attali P.; Meduri B.; Liguory C.; Etienne J.P., 1986: Prospective study of clinical and biochemical features of symptomatic choledocholithiasis

Mcevoy M.; Porter K.; Mortimer P.; Simmons N.; Shanson D., 1987: Prospective study of clinical laboratory and ancillary staff with accidental exposures to blood or body fluids from patients infected with hiv

Cassigneul J.; Cros R.C.; Sarles H., 1983: Prospective study of clinical symptoms diet and radiological modifications of small bowel and colon in 106 patients presenting with functional intestinal disorders

Phua T.J.; Rogers T.R.; Pallett A.P., 1984: Prospective study of clostridium difficile colonization and p cresol detection in the stools of babies on a special care unit

Nomura A.; Heilbrun L.K.; Stemmermann G.N., 1986: Prospective study of coffee consumption and the risk of cancer

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