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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6209

Chapter 6209 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Tomlinson D.L.; Hirsch I.A.; Kodali S.V.; Slogoff S., 1987: Protecting the brachial plexus during median sternotomy

Ogunmekan, D. A., 1977: Protecting the nigerian child against the common communicable diseases

Cline L.D.; Press J.W.; Flaherty B.R., 1986: Protecting uninfested packages from attack by cadra cautella lepidoptera pyralidae with the parasitic wasp venturia canescens hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Costello R.J.; King M.V., 1982: Protecting workers who cleanup hazardous waste sites

Caramori P.H.; Chaves J.C.D., 1984: Protecting young coffee trees coffea arabica cultivar catuai amarelo against frost damage

Potapov, M. I.; Kolokolova, G. P., 1977: Protectins and blood groups fish egg protectins literature review

Miura T.; Yellon D.M.; Kingma J.; Downey J.M., 1988: Protection afforded by allopurinol in the first 24 hours of coronary occlusion is diminished after 48 hours

Chaicumpa W.; Samrejrongroj P.; Atthasishtha N., 1980: Protection afforded by anti hemo lysin against vibrio cholerae eltor infection in experimental cholera

Gupta, H. P.; Shukla, O. P.; Mathur, I. S.; Gupta, S. K., 1978: Protection afforded by streptococcus faecalis rna fraction in experimental candidiasis of mice

Schreck C.E.; Kline D.; Smith N., 1979: Protection afforded by the insect repellent jacket against 4 species of biting midge diptera culicoides

Bick Y.A.E.; Brown J.K., 1979: Protection after x irradiation by 1 4 di thio threitol of 2 mammalian cell types in vitro

Sershen H.; Reith M.E.A.; Hashim A.; Lagtha A., 1985: Protection against 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 3 6 tetrahydropyridine neurotoxicity by the antioxidant ascorbic acid

Schlesinger J.J.; Brandriss M.W.; Walsh E.E., 1985: Protection against 17 d yellow fever encephalitis in mice by passive transfer of monoclonal antibodies to the nonstructural glycoprotein gp 48 and by active immunization with gp 48

Van Pel A.; Vessiere F.; Boon T., 1983: Protection against 2 spontaneous mouse leukemias conferred by immunogenic variants obtained by mutagenesis

Mukhtar H.; Das M.; Del Tito B.J.Jr; Bickers D.R., 1984: Protection against 3 methyl cholanthrene induced skin tumorigenesis in balb c mice by ellagic acid

Weislow, O. S.; Allen, P. T.; Shepherd, R. E.; Twardzik, D. R.; Fowler, A. K.; Hellman, A., 1978: Protection against 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene induced rat mammary carcinoma by infection with mouse xenotropic type c virus

Van Pel A.; Boon T., 1982: Protection against a nonimmunogenic mouse leukemia by an immunogenic variant obtained by mutagenesis

Samoilovich S.R.; Carballal G.; Weissenbacher M.C., 1983: Protection against a pathogenic strain of junin virus by mucosal infection with an attenuated strain

Ginsberg G.L.; Placke M.E.; Wyand D.S.; Cohen S.D., 1982: Protection against acetaminophen induced hepato toxicity by prior treatment with fenitrothion

Kaijser B.; Larsson P.; Olling S.; Schneerson R., 1983: Protection against acute ascending pyelo nephritis caused by escherichia coli in rats using isolated capsular antigen conjugated to bovine serum albumin

Le Poncin Lafitte M.; Duterte D.; Lageron A.; Rapin J R., 1986: Protection against acute cerebral ischemia by cdp choline

Floersheim G.L., 1985: Protection against acute ethanol toxicity in mice by zinc aspartate glycols levulose and pyritinol

Wilkes B.M.; Hollenberg N.K., 1987: Protection against acute renal failure by prior acute renal failure differences between myohemoglobinuric and ischemic models

Yates J.C.; Taam G.M.L.; Singal P.K.; Beamish R.E.; Dhalla N.S., 1980: Protection against adrenochrome induced myo cardial damage by various pharmacological interventions

Shinozawa S.; Gomita Y.; Araki Y., 1987: Protection against adriamycin doxorubicin induced toxicity in mice by several clinically used drugs

Svingen B.A.; Powis G.; Appel P.L.; Scott M., 1981: Protection against adriamycin induced skin necrosis in the rat by di methyl sulfoxide and alpha tocopherol

Willenborg D.O., 1987: Protection against allergic encephalomyelitis by recruitment of myelin basic protein reactive lymphocytes into a single lymph node

Tibaldi J.; Benjamin J.; Cabbat F.S.; Heikkila R.E., 1979: Protection against alloxan induced diabetes by various urea derivatives relationship between protective effects and reactivity with the hydroxyl radical

Nakadate T.; Nakaki T.; Yamamoto S.; Kato R., 1983: Protection against alloxan induced diabetes in mice by stimulation of alpha 2 adrenergic receptors

Ishibashi, F.; Hamasaki, A.; Shibata, Y.; Naitoh, Y.; Kawate, R., 1976: Protection against alloxan inhibition of insulin release by glucose cytochalasin b and di phenyl hydantoin

Ghadirian E.; Meerovitch E.; Hartmann D P., 1980: Protection against amoebic liver abscess in hamsters by means of immunization with amoebic antigen and some of its fractions

Lubawy W.C.; Dallam R.A.; Hurley L.H., 1980: Protection against anthramycin induced toxicity in mice by coenzyme q

Kaijser, B.; Larsson, P.; Olling, S., 1978: Protection against ascending escherichia coli pyelo nephritis in rats and significance of local immunity

Cohen M.M.; Mccready D.R.; Clark L.; Sevelius H., 1985: Protection against aspirin induced antral and duodenal damage with enprostil a double blind endoscopic study

Faruqui F.I.; Otten M.D.; Polmeni P.I., 1987: Protection against atherogenesis with the polymer drag reducing agent separan ap 30

Harris L.W.; Mcdonough J.H.Jr; Stitcher D.L.; Lennox W.J., 1984: Protection against both lethal and behavioral effects of soman

Montaraz J.A.; Winter A.J.; Hunter D.M.; Sowa B.A.; Wu A.M.; Adams L.G., 1986: Protection against brucella abortus in mice with o polysaccharide specific monoclonal antibodies

Layton W.M.Jr; Ferm V.H., 1980: Protection against cadmium induced limb malformations by pre treatment with cadmium or mercury

Kudo N.; Yamashina S.; Waku K., 1986: Protection against cadmium toxicity by zinc decrease in the cadmium high molecular weight protein fraction in rat liver and kidney on zinc pretreatment

Ueki Y.; Umeda A.; Fujimoto S.; Mitsuyama M.; Amako K., 1987: Protection against campylobacter jejuni infection in suckling mice by anti flagellar antibody

Schelp F P.; Pongpaew P., 1988: Protection against cancer through nutritionally induced increase of endogenous proteinase inhibitors a hypothesis

Shertzer H.G.; Niemi M.P.; Reitman F.A.; Berger M.L.; Myers B.L.; Tabor M.W., 1987: Protection against carbon tetrachloride hepatotoxicity by pretreatment with indole 3 carbinol

Towart R.; Schlossmann K.; Kazda S., 1981: Protection against cardiac anoxia role and limitations of increased glycogen reserves in the isolated rat right ventricular strip

Szarfman, A.; Schmunis, G. A.; Vattuone, N. H.; Yanovsky, J. F.; Cossio, P. M.; Arana, R. M., 1977: Protection against challenge of mice experimentally infected with trypanosoma cruzi

Issell, B. F.; Valdivieso, M.; Zaren, H. A.; Dudrick, S. J.; Freireich, E. J.; Copeland, E. W.; Bodey, G. P., 1978: Protection against chemo therapy toxicity by intra venous hyper alimentation

Lycke N.; Eriksen L.; Holmgren J., 1987: Protection against cholera toxin after oral immunization is thymus dependent and associated with intestinal production of neutralizing iga antitoxin

Bille J.; Glauser M.P., 1982: Protection against chronic pyelo nephritis in rats by suppression of acute suppuration effect of colchicine and neutropenia

Nagy B.; Dale P.J.; Grdina D.J., 1986: Protection against cis diamminedichloroplatinum cytotoxicity and mutagenicity in v 79 cells by 2 aminopropylaminoethanethiol

Miyakawa T., 1987: Protection against citrus tristeza seedling yellows infection in citrus by pre inoculation with stem pitting isolates

Fuerer E.; Cryz S.J.Jr; Dorner F.; Nicolet J.; Wanner M.; Germanier R., 1982: Protection against colibacillosis in neo natal piglets by immunization on dams with procholeragenoid

Micklem K.J.; Alder G.M.; Buckley C.D.; Murphy J.; Pasternak C.A., 1988: Protection against complement mediated cell damage by calcium and zinc

Sprince H.; Smith G.G.; Parker C.M.; Rinehimer D.A., 1982: Protection against cyanide lethality in rats by l ascorbic acid and dehydro ascorbic acid

Rooth, P.; Davidson, I.; Diller, K.; Tajedal, I. B., 1988: Protection against cyclosporine induced impairment of renal microcirculation by verapamil in mice

Fisher J.M.; Rabionvitz M., 1982: Protection against cyto toxicity of endogenous copper in the requirement for mercapto ethanol by a lymphoma in primary culture

Harris L.; Stitcher D., 1984: Protection against dfp intoxication by pyridostigmine and physostigmine in combination with atropine and mecamylamine

Manyak M.J.; Smith P.D.; Harrington F.S.; Steinberg S.M.; Glatstein E.; Russo A., 1988: Protection against dihematoporphyrin ether photosensitivity

Emerson T.E.Jr; Fournel M.A.; Leach W.J.; Redens T.B., 1987: Protection against disseminated intravascular coagulation and death by antithrombin iii in the escherichia coli endotoxemic rat

Gailis L., 1986: Protection against doxorubicin toxicity in mice by chlorpromazine hypothermia

Lanier, L. P.; Petit, T. L.; Isaacson, R. L., 1974: Protection against effects of brain damage by catecholamine depletion is test dependent

Snyder, S. L.; Walker, R. I.; Moniot, J. V., 1977: Protection against endo toxin induced mortality in mice treated with transition metal salts

Filkins, J. P.; Buchanan, B. J., 1977: Protection against endo toxin shock and impaired glucose homeostasis with atp

Hulka B.S.; Chambless L.E.; Kaufman D.G.; Fowler W.C.Jr; Greenberg B.G., 1982: Protection against endometrial carcinoma by combination product oral contraceptives

Moon H.W., 1981: Protection against enteric colibacillosis in pigs suckling orally vaccinated dams evidence for pili as protective antigens

Cossarini Dunier M., 1986: Protection against enteric redmouth disease in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri after vaccination with yersinia ruckeri bacterin

Abraham S.N.; Babu J.P.; Giampapa C.S.; Hasty D.L.; Simpson W.A.; Beachey E.H., 1985: Protection against escherichia coli induced urinary tract infections with hybridoma antibodies directed against type 1 fimbriae or complementary d mannose receptors

Bortolussi R.; Ferrieri P., 1980: Protection against escherichia coli k 1 infection in new born rats by antibody to k 1 capsular poly saccharide antigen

Klein R.J.; Kaley L.A.; Friedman Kien A.E., 1984: Protection against establishment of latent infections in mice immunized with a non pathogenic herpes simplex virus mutant and reinfected with the pathogenic parental strain

Scherrer M.; Kyd K., 1981: Protection against exercise induced asthma by salbutamol in powder form administered by rotahaler

Nagasawa, K.; Mori, R., 1977: Protection against experimental allergic encephalo myelitis in guinea pigs by bacterial lipo poly saccharide

Driscoll, B. F.; Kies, M. W.; Alvord, E. C. Jr, 1976: Protection against experimental allergic encephalo myelitis with peptides derived from myelin basic protein presence of intact encephalitogenic site is essential

Weber, F.; Hempel, K., 1987: Protection against experimental allergic encephalomyelitis with complete freund's adjuvant is unaffected by ionizing irradiation

Tansey F.A.; Brosnan C.F., 1982: Protection against experimental allergic neuritis with silica quartz dust

Sekiya K.; Kawahira M.; Nakase Y., 1983: Protection against experimental bordetella bronchiseptica infection in mice by active immunization with killed vaccine

Peterson J.W., 1979: Protection against experimental cholera by oral or parenteral immunization

Lange S.; Lonnroth I.; Nygren H., 1984: Protection against experimental cholera in the rat a study on the formation of antibodies against cholera toxin and desensitization of adenylate cyclase after immunization with cholera toxin

Reuben J.M.; Tanner C.E., 1983: Protection against experimental echinococcosis by nonspecifically stimulated peritoneal cells

Zuffa A.; Branyik A.; Cernik K.; Salaj J., 1982: Protection against experimental infection of calves vaccinated intra nasally by 3 attenuated strains of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus

Mumford J.A.; Wood J.M.; Folkers C.; Schild G.C., 1988: Protection against experimental infection with influenza virus a equine miami 63 h 3n8 provided by inactivated whole virus vaccines containing homologous virus

Pitt, J.; Barlow, B.; Heird, W. C., 1977: Protection against experimental necrotizing entero colitis by maternal milk part 1 role of milk leukocytes

Larsson, P.; Kaijser, B.; Olling, S.; Akerlund, A. S., 1978: Protection against experimental proteus mirabilis pyelo nephritis in rats and significance of immunity

Pavlovskis O.R.; Edman D.C.; Leppla S.H.; Wretlind B.; Lewis L.R.; Martin K.E., 1981: Protection against experimental pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in mice by active immunization with exo toxin a toxoids

Mukkur T.K.S.; Mcdowell G.H.; Stocker B.A.D.; Lascelles A.K., 1987: Protection against experimental salmonellosis in mice and sheep by immunization with aromatic dependent salmonella typhimurium

Damonneville M.; Auriault C.; Verwaerde C.; Delanoye A.; Pierce R.; Capron A., 1986: Protection against experimental schistosoma mansoni schistosomiasis achieved by immunization with schistosomula released products antigens role of immunoglobulin e antibodies

Yoshihara S.; Nakagawa M.; Suda H., 1985: Protection against fasciola gigantica infection in rats administered metacercarial antigens

Oldham G., 1983: Protection against fasciola hepatica in rats with adult fluke antigen in freunds adjuvant influence of antigen batch antigen dose and number of sensitizing injections

Mrosovsky N.; Nash P.; Faust I.M., 1987: Protection against fat cell hyperplasia in a hibernator glis glis

Cryz S.J.Jr; Furer E.; Germanier R., 1984: Protection against fatal klebsiella pneumoniae burn wound sepsis by passive transfer of anti capsular poly saccharide

Postal J.M.; Gysin J.; Crenn Y., 1988: Protection against fatal klebsiella pneumoniae sepsis in the squirrel monkey saimiri sciureus after immunization with a capsular polysaccharide vaccine

Tanowitz, H. B.; Amole, B.; Herman, R.; Wittner, M., 1986: Protection against fatal murine chagas' disease with a leishmania braziliensis panamensis stock

Cryz S.J.Jr; Furer E.; Germanier R., 1984: Protection against fatal pseudomonas aeruginosa burn wound sepsis by immunization with lipo poly saccharide and high molecular weight poly saccharide

Bittle J.L.; Houghten R.A.; Alexander H.; Shinnick T.M.; Sutcliffe J.G.; Lerner R.A.; Rowlands D.J.; Brown F., 1982: Protection against foot and mouth disease by immunization with a chemically synthesized peptide predicted from the viral nucleotide sequence

Maguire J.J.; Kellogg E.W.IIi; Packer L., 1982: Protection against free radical formation by protein bound iron

Likhite, V. V., 1978: Protection against fulminant sepsis in splenectomized mice by implantation of autochthonous splenic tissue

Lopez-Novoa, J. M.; Casado, S.; Hernando, L., 1978: Protection against glycerol induced acute renal failure by propranolol pre treatment role of extracellular volume expansion

Hurtenbach, U.; Sachs, D. H.; Shearer, G. M., 1981: Protection against graft vs. host associated immuno suppression in f 1 mice 1. activation of f 1 regulatory cells by host specific anti major histo compatibility complex antibodies

Teng N.N.H.; Kaplan H.S.; Hebert J.M.; Moore C.; Douglas H.; Wunderlich A.; Braude A.I., 1985: Protection against gram negative bacteremia and endotoxemia with human monoclonal immunoglobulin m antibodies

Roe, E. A., 1976: Protection against gram negative infection by super active antigen

Ghosh S.K.; Gokani V.N.; Parikh J.R.; Doctor P.B.; Kashyap S.K.; Chatterjee B.B., 1987: Protection against green symptoms from tobacco in indian harvesters a preliminary intervention study

Craven D.E.; Frasch C.E., 1979: Protection against group b meningococcal disease evaluation of serotype 2 protein vaccines in a mouse bacteremia model

Frasch, C. E.; Parkes, L.; Mcnelis, R. M.; Gotschlich, E. C., 1976: Protection against group b meningococcal disease part 1 comparison of group specific and type specific protection in the chick embryo model

Frasch, C. E.; Robbins, J. D., 1978: Protection against group b meningococcal disease part 2 infection and resulting immunity in a guinea pig model

Frasch, C. E.; Robbins, J. D., 1978: Protection against group b meningococcal disease part 3 immunogenicity of serotype 2 vaccines and specificity of protection in a guinea pig model

Peppler M.S.; Frasch C.E., 1982: Protection against group b neisseria meningitidis disease effect of serogroup b poly saccharide and polymyxin b on immunogenicity of serotype protein preparations

Frasch C.E.; Peppler M.S., 1982: Protection against group b neisseria meningitidis disease preparation of soluble protein and protein poly saccharide immunogens

Eriksen, H. M., 1976: Protection against harmful effects of a restorative procedure using an acidic cavity cleanser

Henle K.J.; Cunningham M.A.; Nagel W.A.; Moss A.J., 1988: Protection against heat induced cell killing by alanine

Henle K.J.; Peck J.W.; Higashikubo R., 1983: Protection against heat induced cell killing by polyols in vitro

Smith J.L.; Benedict R.C.; Palumbo S.A., 1982: Protection against heat injury in staphylococcus aureus by solutes

Gaffin S.L.; Grinberg Z.; Abraham C.; Birkhan J.; Schechter Y., 1981: Protection against hemorrhagic shock in the cat by human plasma containing endo toxin specific antibodies

Yasuda H.; Izumi N.; Shimada O.; Maruyama Y.; Kobayakawa T., 1986: Protection against hepatic injury by a novel spiropiperidine derivative

Iwarson S.; Tabor E.; Thomas H.C.; Snoy P.; Gerety R.J., 1985: Protection against hepatitis b virus infection by immunization with hepatitis b core antigen

Nakao M.; Nakahara M.; Yamada H.; Hasegawa K.; Fukuzumi H.; So K.; Shiomi S.; Saito S.; Kuroki T.; Et Al, 1985: Protection against hepatitis b virus infection in medical personnel and hepatitis b vaccine

Kirchner, H.; Hirt, H. M.; Munk, K., 1977: Protection against herpes simplex virus infection in mice by corynebacterium parvum

Kumano Y.; Yamamoto M.; Mori R., 1987: Protection against herpes simplex virus infection in mice by recombinant murine interferon beta in combination with antibody

Metcalf J.F.; Chatterjee S.; Koga J.; Whitley R.J., 1988: Protection against herpetic ocular disease by immunotherapy with monoclonal antibodies to herpes simplex virus glycoproteins

Beckman, D. L.; Iams, S. G., 1978: Protection against high pressure oxygen seizures by aminooxy acetic acid

Klipstein F.A.; Engert R.F.; Clements J.D.; Houghten R.A., 1983: Protection against human and porcine entero toxigenic strains of escherichia coli in rats immunized with a cross linked toxoid vaccine

Przybyszweski W.M.; Malec J., 1982: Protection against hydroxy urea induced cyto toxic effects in l 5178y cells by free radical scavengers

Brenner H.J.; Leith J.T.; Dewyngaert J.K.; Dexter D.L.; Calabresi P.; Glicksman A.S., 1981: Protection against hyper thermic cell killing of mouse mammary adeno carcinoma cells in vitro by n n di methyl formamide

Berg, J. T.; Smith, R. M., 1988: Protection against hyperoxia by serum from endotoxin treated rats absence of superoxide dismutase induction

King G.A., 1987: Protection against hypoxia induced lethality in mice a comparison of the effects of hypothermia and drugs

Wilhelm, G.; Roemer, C., 1978: Protection against infection with bordetella pertussis by an oligo peptide from bordetella pertussis

Andrews J.S.Jr; Hewlett E.L., 1981: Protection against infection with giardia muris by milk containing antibody to giardia

Brodeur B.R.; Larose Y.; Tsang P.; Hamel J.; Ashton F.; Ryan A., 1985: Protection against infection with neisseria meningitidis group b serotype 2b by passive immunization with serotype specific monoclonal antibody

Sawada S.; Suzuki M.; Kawamura T.; Fujinaga S.; Masuho Y.; Tomibe K., 1984: Protection against infection with pseudomonas aeruginosa by passive transfer of monoclonal antibodies to lipopolysaccharides and outer membrane proteins

Floersheim G.L.; Floersheim P., 1986: Protection against ionizing radiation and synergism with thiols by zinc aspartate

Sobolski J.; Kornitzer M.; De Backer G.; Dramaix M.; Abramowicz M.; Degre S.; Denolin H., 1987: Protection against ischemic heart disease in the belgian physical fitness study physical fitness rather than physical activity

Hoke C.H.; Nisalak A.; Sangawhipa N.; Jatanasen S.; Laorakapongse T.; Innis B.L.; Kotchasenee S O.; Gingrich J.B.; Latendresse J.; Fukai K.; Burke D.S., 1988: Protection against japanese encephalitis by inactivated vaccines

Kelkar S.D., 1982: Protection against japanese encephalitis virus in infant mice by concanavalin a

Taylor J.L.; Schoenherr C.; Grossberg S.E., 1980: Protection against japanese encephalitis virus in mice and hamsters by treatment with carboxymethyl acridanone a potent interferon inducer

Adamus G.; Mulczyk M.; Witkowska D.; Romanowska E., 1980: Protection against kerato conjunctivitis shigellosa induced by immunization with outer membrane proteins of shigella spp

Berendt R.F.; Schneider M.A.; Young H.W.; Frola F.R., 1979: Protection against klebsiella pneumoniae respiratory tract infection of mice and squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus given kanamycin by aerosol and injection

Ilardi, A.; Proietti, A. M., 1974: Protection against leishmania donovani induced in the hamster with an irradiated homologous strain

Balachandran N.; Bacchetti S.; Rawls W.E., 1982: Protection against lethal challenge of balb c mice by passive transfer of mono clonal antibodies to 5 glyco proteins of herpes simplex virus type 2

Van Asbeck B.S.; Hoidal J.; Vercellotti G.M.; Schwartz B.A.; Moldow C.F.; Jacob H.S., 1985: Protection against lethal hyperoxia by tracheal insufflation of erythrocytes role of red cell glutathione

Webster R.G.; Reay P.A.; Laver W.G., 1988: Protection against lethal influenza with neuraminidase

Varsanyl T.M.; Morein B.; Love A.; Norrby E., 1987: Protection against lethal measles virus infection in mice by immune stimulating complexes containing the hemagglutinin or fusion protein

Lefrancois L., 1984: Protection against lethal viral infection by neutralizing and nonneutralizing mono clonal antibodies distinct mechanisms of action in vivo

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