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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6213

Chapter 6213 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jacob S.T., 1981: Protein kinase activity of rna polymerase i purified from a rat hepatoma probable function of molecular weight 42000 and 24600 poly peptides

Gorden P., 1983: Protein kinase activity of the insulin receptor in human circulating and cultured mononuclear cells

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Bacchetti S., 1985: Protein kinase and atp binding activity associated with the 72 dalton single stranded dna binding protein from early region 2a of human adenovirus type 5

Man N.T., 1980: Protein kinase and cyclic amp levels in differentiating myo blasts are altered by extracellular calcium

Kadota K., 1984: Protein kinase and its endogenous substrates in coated vesicles

Lee, S. G.; Miceli, M. V.; Jungmann, R. A.; Hung, P. P., 1975: Protein kinase and its regulatory effect on reverse transcriptase activity of rous sarcoma virus

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Imblum, R. L.; Wagner, R. R., 1974: Protein kinase and phospho proteins of vesicular stomatitis virus

Kustu S., 1988: Protein kinase and phosphoprotein phosphatase activities of nitrogen regulatory proteins ntrb and ntrc of enteric bacteria roles of the conserved amino terminal domain of ntrc

Darai G., 1982: Protein kinase and specific phosphate acceptor proteins associated with tupaia herpesvirus

Paoletti, E.; Moss, B., 1972: Protein kinase and specific phosphate acceptor proteins associated with vaccinia virus cores

Fujita Yamaguchi Y., 1987: Protein kinase assay by paper trichloroacetic acid method high performance using phosphocellulose paper and washing an ensemble of samples on flat sheets

Sugita M., 1982: Protein kinase associated with chromatin and changes in substrate specificity during germination of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar mukakomugi seeds

Jeanteur P. , 1979: Protein kinase associated with heterogenous nuclear ribo nucleo protein from hela cell nuclei partial purification and properties

Nagai Y., 1984: Protein kinase associated with newcastle disease virus

Roux, L.; Kolakofsky, D., 1974: Protein kinase associated with sendai virions

Sandoval, I. V.; Cuatrecasas, P., 1976: Protein kinase associated with tubulin affinity chromatography and properties

Pecht I., 1984: Protein kinase c a coupling element between stimulus and secretion of basophils

Muallem S., 1987: Protein kinase c activated calcium channel in the osteoblast like clonal osteosarcoma cell line umr 106

Shenolikar S., 1986: Protein kinase c activates the renal apical membrane sodium hydrogen exchanger

Altman A., 1987: Protein kinase c activating phorbol esters augment expression of t cell receptor genes

Honegger P., 1986: Protein kinase c activating tumor promoters enhance the differentiation of astrocytes in aggregating fetal brain cell cultures

Hosoda S., 1988: Protein kinase c activation aggravates hypoxic myocardial injury by stimulating sodium proton exchange

Jackisch R., 1987: Protein kinase c activation and alpha 2 autoreceptor modulated release of noradrenaline

Paul W.E., 1987: Protein kinase c activation blocks anti igm mediated signaling in bal17 b lymphoma cells

Routtenberg A., 1986: Protein kinase c activation by cis fatty acid in the absence of calcium and phospholipids

Collins M., 1987: Protein kinase c activation enhances cyclic amp accumulation in swiss 3t3 cells inhibition by pertussis toxin

Bell R.M., 1986: Protein kinase c activation in mixed micelles mechanistic implications of phospholipid diacylglycerol and calcium interdependencies

Lindgren E., 1988: Protein kinase c activation increases noradrenaline release from the rat hippocampus and modifies the inhibitory effect of alpha 2 adrenoceptor and adenosine a 1 receptor agonists

Giraldez F., 1988: Protein kinase c activation is required during the early development of the inner ear in culture

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Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212035

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212036

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212037

Kobayashi H., 1988: Protein kinase c activators mimic the m 2 muscarinic receptor mediated effects on the action potential in isolated sympathetic neurons of rabbits

Loor F., 1988: Protein kinase c activators of the teleocidin family decreases the ige binding capacity of rat basophilic leukemia cells

Folkman J., 1987: Protein kinase c activators suppress stimulation of capillary endothelial cell growth by angiogenic endothelial mitogens

Huberman E., 1988: Protein kinase c activities with different characteristics including substrate specificity from two human hl 60 leukemia cell variants

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212042

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212043

Zimmerman G.A., 1987: Protein kinase c activity appears to be required for the synthesis of platelet activating factor and leukotriene b 4 by human neutrophils

Castagna M., 1987: Protein kinase c activity during planarian regeneration

Castagna M., 1987: Protein kinase c activity in a freshwater planarian dugesia gonocephala

Esmann V., 1988: Protein kinase c activity in activated human t lymphocytes stimulated by interleukin 2

Schrier R.W., 1988: Protein kinase c activity in compensatory kidney growth

Pavlovic Hournac M., 1985: Protein kinase c activity in experimentally developed and regressed rat thyroid goiters

Malaisse W.J., 1985: Protein kinase c activity in pancreatic islets effects of calcium calmodulin and retinoic acid

Takeda T., 1986: Protein kinase c activity in platelets from spontaneously hypertensive rats and normotensive wistar kyoto rats wky

Rasmussen H., 1985: Protein kinase c activity in renal microvillus membranes

Rumsby M.G., 1988: Protein kinase c activity in soluble fractions from glial cells in primary culture and subcultures

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212054

Raizada M.K., 1987: Protein kinase c agonists increase the expression of angiotensin ii receptors in neuronal cultures

Cooper R.H., 1986: Protein kinase c and an endogenous substrate associated with adenohypophyseal secretory granules

Colburn N.H., 1988: Protein kinase c and its substrates in tumor promoter sensitive and resistant cells

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212059

Dufresne L., 1987: Protein kinase c and meiotic maturation of surf clam oocytes

Ladda R.L., 1986: Protein kinase c and non functional epidermal growth factor receptor in k ras transformed cells

Sewing K F., 1987: Protein kinase c and parietal cell function

De Laat S.W., 1986: Protein kinase c and phorbol ester receptor expression related to growth and differentiation of nullipotent and pluripotent embryonal carcinoma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212064

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212065

Menkes H., 1987: Protein kinase c and tracheal contraction at low temperature

Guroff G., 1986: Protein kinase c as a component of a nerve growth factor sensitive phosphorylation system in pc 12 cells

Goetz F.W., 1987: Protein kinase c as a possible mediator of goldfish carassius auratus ovulation

Koshland D.E.Jr, 1987: Protein kinase c autophosphorylates by an intrapeptide reaction

Sahyoun J., 1987: Protein kinase c binding to isolated nuclei and its activation by a calcium phospholipid independent mechanism

Mato J.M., 1987: Protein kinase c catalyses the phosphorylation and activation of rat liver phospholipid methyltransferase

Sakai H., 1988: Protein kinase c catalyzed phosphorylation of the microtubule binding domain of microtubule associated protein 2 inhibits its ability to induce tubulin polymerization

Kemp B.E., 1987: Protein kinase c contains a pseudosubstrate prototype in its regulatory domain

Spach D.H., 1987: Protein kinase c dependent and independent pathways of proto oncogene induction in human astrocytoma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212075

Eppenberger U., 1986: Protein kinase c desensitization by phorbol esters and its impact on growth of human breast cancer cells

Baum B.J., 1988: Protein kinase c differentially inhibits muscarinic receptor operated calcium release and entry in human salivary cells

Koshland D.E.Jr, 1986: Protein kinase c directly phosphorylates the insulin receptor in vitro and reduces its protein tyrosine kinase activity

Johnstone R.M., 1987: Protein kinase c does not phosphorylate the externalized form of the transferrin receptor

Akkerman J.W.N., 1988: Protein kinase c enhances calcium mobilization in human platelets by activating sodium proton exchange

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212081

Pfeilschifter J., 1988: Protein kinase c from rat renal mesangial cells its role in homologous desensitization of angiotensin ii induced polyphosphoinositide hydrolysis

Lazo P.S., 1986: Protein kinase c from small intestine epithelial cells

Hall P.F., 1985: Protein kinase c in adrenal cells possible role in regulation of steroid synthesis

Cruz E.G., 1986: Protein kinase c in astrocytes a determinant of cell morphology

Blackshear P.J., 1987: Protein kinase c in fibroblasts characteristics of its intracellular location during growth and after exposure to phorbol esters and other mitogens

Dobkins K.R., 1986: Protein kinase c in human brain and its inhibition by calmodulin

Tenenhouse H.S., 1988: Protein kinase c in mouse kidney subcellular distribution and endogenous substrates

Rousset B., 1987: Protein kinase c in pig thyroid cells activation translocation and endogenous substrate phosphorylating activity in response to phorbol esters

Norenberg M.D., 1988: Protein kinase c in primary astrocyte cultures cytoplasmic localization and translocation by a phorbol ester

Noguchi, A.; Deguire, J.; Zanaboni, P., 1988: Protein kinase c in the developing rat liver heart and brain

Palfrey, H. C.; Waseem, A., 1985: Protein kinase c in the human erythrocyte translocation to the plasma membrane and phosphorylation of bands 4.1 and 4.9 and other membrane proteins

Breer H., 1987: Protein kinase c in the nervous system of insects effects of phorbol esters on cholinergic synapses

Nakano H., 1988: Protein kinase c in the regenerating rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212095

Lambeth J.D., 1987: Protein kinase c inhibition by sphingoid long chain bases effects on secretion in human neutrophils

Radzioch, D.; Varesio, L., 1988: Protein kinase c inhibitors block the activation of macrophages by ifn beta but not by ifn gamma

Routtenberg A., 1987: Protein kinase c inhibitors eliminate hippocampal long term potentiation

Cronin M.J., 1987: Protein kinase c inhibits trh stimulated phosphoinositide hydrolysis in gh 3 cells

Tellez Inon M.T., 1988: Protein kinase c is differentially regulated by thrombin insulin and epidermal growth factor in human mammary tumor cells

Klein D.C., 1987: Protein kinase c is involved in adrenergic stimulation of pineal cyclic gmp accumulation

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212102

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212103

Meldolesi J., 1987: Protein kinase c mediated feed back inhibition of the calcium response at the egf receptor

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212105

Corps A.N., 1987: Protein kinase c mediated negative feedback inhibition of unstimulated and bombesin stimulated polyphosphoinositide hydrolysis in swiss mouse 3t3 cells

Miller R.J., 1986: Protein kinase c mediated regulation of calcium channels in pc 12 pheochromocytoma cells

Burch R.M., 1987: Protein kinase c mediates endotoxin and zymosan induced prostaglandin synthesis

Traniello S., 1987: Protein kinase c mediates human neutrophil cytotoxicity

Cooper J.A., 1988: Protein kinase c mediates platelet growth factor induced tyrosine phosphorylation of p42

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212111

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212112

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212113

Faquin, W. C.; Chahwala, S. B.; Cantley, L. C.; Branton, D., 1986: Protein kinase c of human erythrocytes phosphorylates bands 4.1 and 4.9

Wakade A.R., 1988: Protein kinase c of sympathetic neuronal membrane is activated by phorbol ester correlation between transmitter release calcium 45 uptake and the enzyme activity

Tateishi, H., 1988: Protein kinase c of the skin i. the effects of protein kinase c activators

Bennett V., 1986: Protein kinase c phosphorylates a recently identified membrane skeleton associated calmodulin binding protein in human erythrocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212118

Chuang R.Y., 1987: Protein kinase c phosphorylates leukemia rna polymerase ii

Hunter T., 1985: Protein kinase c phosphorylates pp 60 src at a novel site

Jakobs K.H., 1985: Protein kinase c phosphorylates the inhibitory guanine nucleotide binding regulatory component and apparently suppresses its function in hormonal inhibition of adenylate cyclase

Weinstein I.B., 1984: Protein kinase c phosphorylates the synthetic peptide arginylarginyllysylalanylserylglycylprolylprolylvaline in the presence of phospholipid plus either calcium or a phorbol ester tumor promoter

Cuatrecasas P., 1986: Protein kinase c phosphorylates topoisomerase ii topoisomerase activation and its possible role in phorbol ester induced differentiation of hl 60 cells

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212124

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212125

Lindquist R.R., 1988: Protein kinase c pkc inhibitors inhibit primary 1 0 but not secondary 1 1 or cloned cytotoxic t lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212127

Thomopoulos P., 1987: Protein kinase c potentiates isoproterenol mediated cyclic amp production without modifying the homologous desensitization process in j774 cells

Whitfield J.F., 1986: Protein kinase c promotes the phosphorylation of immunoprecipitated middle t antigen from polyoma transformed cells

Cuatrecasas P., 1984: Protein kinase c rapid enzyme purification and substrate dependence of the diacylglycerol effect

Alger B.E., 1985: Protein kinase c regulates ionic conductance in hippocampal pyramidal neurons electrophysiological effects of phorbol esters

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212132

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212133

Friedman E., 1987: Protein kinase c regulation of serotonin release from rat brain cortical slices

Herrmann S.H., 1987: Protein kinase c required for cytotoxic t lymphocyte triggering

Witters L.A., 1986: Protein kinase c stimulated phosphorylation in vitro of a 80000 molecular weight protein phosphorylated in response to phorbol esters and growth factors in intact fibroblasts distinction from protein kinase c and prominence in brain

Raptis, L.; Whitfield, J. F., 1986: Protein kinase c stimulation increases the transforming ability of the polyoma virus middle t antigen

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212138

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212139

Guidotti, A.; Kurosawa, A.; Chuang, D. M.; Costa, E., 1975: Protein kinase ec activation as an early event in the trans synaptic induction of tyrosine 3 mono oxygenase ec in adrenal medulla

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Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212148

Schwartz, J. P.; Costa, E., 1980: Protein kinase ec translocation following beta adrenergic receptor activation in c 6 glioma cells

Passeron S., 1983: Protein kinase from mucor rouxii unshielding of a new cyclic amp binding sites upon dissociation of the ternary complex holo enzyme cyclic amp

Sachar R.C., 1987: Protein kinase in cicer embryonic axes

Montagnier L., 1981: Protein kinase in human plasma analogous to that present in control and interferon treated hela cells

Nejman C., 1986: Protein kinase in nondiabetogenic coxsackievirus b 4

Robert N., 1981: Protein kinase in plasma and tissues of mice with high levels of circulating interferon

Bingham E.W., 1987: Protein kinase in the lactating mammary gland

Oscai L.B., 1987: Protein kinase inhibitor blocks the activation of a myocardial triacylglycerol lipase

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212157

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212158

Naghshineh, S.; Treadwell, C. R.; Gallo, L. L.; Vahouny, G. V., 1978: Protein kinase mediated phosphorylation of a purified sterol ester hydrolase ec from bovine adrenal cortex

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212160

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212161

Stetler, D. A.; Rose, K. M., 1983: Protein kinase n ii interaction with rna polymerase ii and contribution to immunological cross reactivity of rna polymerases i and ii ec

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Knight, B. L., 1976: Protein kinases and their substrates in brown adipose tissue from new born rats

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212176

Girard M., 1981: Protein kinases associated with the adenovirus single stranded dna binding protein

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Skala, J. P.; Knight, B. L., 1978: Protein kinases in brown adipose tissue of developing rats substrate specificities separation and changes in activity during development

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Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212215

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Hadjipanayiotou M., 1982: Protein levels for early weaned damascus kids given high concentrate diets

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Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212235

Matevosyan R.O., 1983: Protein lipid interaction between super oxide dis mutase and lecithin in liquid crystalline phase in the presence of per chlorates of monovalent metals

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Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212242

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212243

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Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212257

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212258

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212259

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212260

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Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212266

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Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212276

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212277

Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212278

Wainwright M., 1986: Protein losing enteropathy associated with nippostrongylus brasiliensis infestation and its impact on albumin homeostasis in rats fed two levels of dietary protein

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Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212285

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Section 7, Chapter 6213, Accession 006212289

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