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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6216

Chapter 6216 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ito, A.; Sato, R., 1968:
Proteolytic micro dissection of smooth surfaced vesicles of liver microsomes rabbit bacillus subtilis enz protease enz trypsin enz chymotrypsin inst sucrose density gradient

Ewings K.N.; O'connor R.E.; Mitchell G.E., 1984:
Proteolytic microflora of refrigerated raw milk in southeast queensland australia

Takahashi, T.; Tsuchida, Y.; Iwama, M.; Ohtsuki, R.; Irie, M., 1983:
Proteolytic modification of a gluco amylase ec from a rhizopus sp

Retegui, L.A.; Scaramal, L.O.; Paladini, A.C., 1987:
Proteolytic modification of growth hormone by a rat kidney lysosomal protease

Tolefsbol, T.O.; Gracy, R.W., 1980:
Proteolytic modification of human phospho glycerate kinase ec from lympho blasts

Bergstrom, G.; Ekman, P.; Humble, E.; Engstrom, L., 1978:
Proteolytic modification of pig and rat liver pyruvate kinase type l ec including phosphorylatable site

Kominami, E.; Hashida, S.; Katunuma, N., 1981:
Proteolytic modification of rat liver fructose 1 6 bis phosphate aldolase ec by administration of leupeptin in vivo

Nakane, A.; Iida, H., 1977:
Proteolytic mutants obtained from Clostridium botulinum type E

Schwerdtfeger, E., 1978:
Proteolytic processes in short term storage of some leafy vegetable

Mogil'nitskaya, L.V.; Shugalei, V.S., 1978:
Proteolytic processes in the rat brain and liver during cold adaptation

Berry, R.W., 1981:
Proteolytic processing in the biogenesis of the neuro secretory egg laying hormone in aplysia californica 1. precursors intermediates and products

Michener, M.L.; Gierse, J.K.; Seetharam, R.; Fok, K.F.; Olins, P.O.; Mai, M.S.; Needleman, P., 1986:
Proteolytic processing of atriopeptin prohormone

Hutton, J.C.; Davidson, H.W.; Peshavaria, M., 1987:
Proteolytic processing of chromogranin a in purified insulin granules formation of a 20 kda amino terminal fragment betagranin by the concerted action of a calcium dependent endopeptidase and carboxypeptidase h ec

Yamashita I.; Suzuki K.; Fukui S., 1986:
Proteolytic processing of glucoamylase in the yeast saccharomyces diastaticus

Allis C.D.; Bowen J.K.; Abraham G.N.; Glover C.V.C.; Gorovsky M.A., 1980:
Proteolytic processing of histone h 3 in chromatin a physiologically regulated event in tetrahymena thermophila

Harris, A.S.; Morrow, J.S., 1988:
Proteolytic processing of human brain alpha spectrin (fodrin): identification of a hypersensitive site

Gordon J.I.; Sims H.F.; Lentz S.R.; Edelstein C.; Scanu A.M.; Strauss A.W., 1983:
Proteolytic processing of human pre pro apo lipo protein a i a proposed defect in the conversion of pro apo lipo protein a i to apo lipo protein a i in tangiers disease

Tsui, L.C.; Hendrix, R.W., 1983:
Proteolytic processing of phage lambda tail protein gpH: timing of the cleavage

Teo I.A., 1987:
Proteolytic processing of the ada protein that repairs dna o 6 methylguanine residues in escherichia coli

Gordon J.I.; Smith D.P.; Alpers D.H.; Strauss A.W., 1982:
Proteolytic processing of the primary translation product of rat intestinal apo lipo protein a iv messenger rna comparison with pre pro apo lipo protein a i processing

Peng, X.X.; Shih, D.S., 1984:
Proteolytic processing of the proteins translated from the bottom component RNA of cowpea mosaic virus. The primary and secondary cleavage reactions

Izvekova G.I., 1985:
Proteolytic properties of fungi isolated from reservoirs

Akuzawa R.; Ito O.; Yokoyama K., 1982:
Proteolytic properties of intra cellular extracts of dairy lactic acid bacteria

Kohno, T.; Yourno, J., 1971:
Proteolytic release of a histidinol dehydrogenase fragment from the double enzyme histidinol dehydrogenase ec imidazolylacetol phosphate l glutamate amino transferase ec

Burke R.L.; Alberts B.M.; Hosoda J., 1980:
Proteolytic removal of the carboxyl terminus of the phage t 4 gene 32 helix destabilizing protein alters the t 4 in vitro replication complex

Loten E.G.; Francis S.H.; Corbin J.D., 1980:
Proteolytic solubilization and modification of hormone sensitive cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterase

Stengel, D.; Guenet, L.; Hanoune, J., 1982:
Proteolytic solubilization of adenylate cyclase from membranes deficient in regulatory component. Properties of the solubilized enzyme

Hagihara S.; Komori Y.; T.A.T., 1985:
Proteolytic specificity of hemorrhagic toxin beta from crotalus atrox western diamondback rattlesnake venom

Shepotinovskaya I.V., 1982:
Proteolytic splitting of proteins from the cortex and nuclear lens zones

Matsumura, S.; Kumon, A.; Chiba, T., 1985:
Proteolytic substructure of brain myosin

Das, M.K.; Vithayathil, P.J., 1978:
Proteolytic susceptibility and methionine modification of mono deamidated rnase a

Margossian, S.S.; Chantler, P.D.; Sellers, J.R.; Malhotra, A.; Stafford, W.F.; Slayter, H.S., 1984:
Proteolytic susceptibility of both isolated and bound light chains from various myosins to myopathic hamster protease

Ayukawa S.; Fisher J.M.; Rabinovitz M., 1981:
Proteolytic susceptibility of hemo globin synthesized in the presence of amino acid analogs

Gripon, J.C., 1977:
Proteolytic system of penicillium roqueforti part 4 properties of an acid carboxy peptidase

Bhakdi S.; Bhakdi Lehnen B.; Tranum Jensen J., 1979:
Proteolytic transformation of antigenic site with bound complement c 5b through c 9 into an amphiphilic macro molecule resembling the complement c 5b through c 9 membrane attack complex of complement

Chemeris N.K., 1980:
Proteolytic treatment of de nervated muscle with papain enhances its sensitivity to tetrodo toxin

Furie, M.B.; Rifkin, D.B., 1980:
Proteolytically derived fragments of human plasma fibronectin and their localization within the intact molecule

Hill D.R.A.; Wetherbee R., 1986:
Proteomonas sulcata new genus new species cryptophyceae a cryptomonad with two morphologically distinct and alternating forms

Parker, F.D., 1976:
Proteriades shoshone new species reared from trap stems its biology and nest associates hymenoptera megachilidae

Parker, F.D., 1977:
Proteriades zuni new species from new mexico usa with biological notes hymenoptera megachilidae

Joseph, J.; Vajravelu, E., 1974:
Proteroceras holttumii new genus new species orchidaceae a new find belonging to a new genus from vellingiri hills south india

Barberena M.C., 1982:
Proterochampsa nodosa new species of the triassic of brazil

Huey R., 1985:
Proterogynotaenia texanum new species cestoidea progynotaeniidae from the black bellied plover pluvialis squatarola

Uglem G.L.; Aliff J.V., 1984:
Proterometra edneyi new species digenea azygiidae behavior and distribution of acetylcholinesterase in cercariae

Saratchandra B.; Narasimhamurti C.C., 1980:
Proteromonas grassei new species from the gut of hemidactylus prashadi

Muir M.D., 1983:
Proterozoic micro fossils from the mara dolomite member emmerugga dolomite mcarthur group from the northern territory australia

Peat, C.J.; Muir, M.D.; Plumb, K.A.; Mckirdy, D.M.; Norvick, M.S., 1978:
Proterozoic micro fossils from the roper group northern territory australia

Mendelson C.V.; Schopf J.W., 1982:
Proterozoic micro fossils from the sukhaya tunguska shorikha and yudoma formations of the siberian platform ussr

Hofmann H.J.; Jackson G.D., 1987:
Proterozoic ministromatolites with radial fibrous fabric

Yun Z., 1981:
Proterozoic stromatolite micro floras of the gaoyuzhuang formation early sinian riphean hebei china

Schopf J.W.; Wei Qing Z.; Zhao Liang X.; Jen H., 1984:
Proterozoic stromatolitic microbiotas of the 1400 1500 millions of years before the present old gaoyuzhuang formation near jixian northern china

Kendrick C.; Dunn J., 1982:
Protest or pleasure? the response of 1st born children to interactions between their mothers and infant siblings

Pascarella, S.; Bossa, F., 1987:
PROTEUS: a suite of programs for prediction of structural features of proteins using an Apple IIe

Sharma S.; Rao R.S.; Ravi V., 1984:
Proteus infections with reference to proteocin typing

Maar, D.; Dobrota, S.; Zahradníková, I.; Tichá, M.; Kopác, C., 1981:
Proteus mirabilis as the causative agent of septic condition

van Dijken, M.C.; Coetzee, W.F., 1984:
Proteus mirabilis chromosome mobilization by plasmid D: a physical characterization

Pretorius, G.H.; Coetzee, W.F., 1979:
Proteus mirabilis phage 5006M: a physical characterization

Pretorius G.H.J.; Coetzee W.F., 1980:
Proteus mirabilis phage 5006m phage 5006m hft k and phage 5006m hft ak physical comparison of genome characteristics

West S.C.; Little J.W., 1984:
Proteus mirabilis rec a protein catalyzes cleavage of escherichia coli lex a protein and the lambda repressor in vitro

Senior, B.W.; Albrechtsen, M.; Kerr, M.A., 1987:
Proteus mirabilis strains of diverse type have IgA protease activity

Jones, B.D.; Mobley, H.L., 1988:
Proteus mirabilis urease: genetic organization, regulation, and expression of structural genes

Breitenbach, J.M.; Hausinger, R.P., 1988:
Proteus mirabilis urease. Partial purification and inhibition by boric acid and boronic acids

Mueller, H.E., 1986:
Proteus penneri showing a green color reaction with kovacs' indole reagent

Arroyo, J.C.; Sonnenwirth, A.C.; Liebhaber, H., 1977:
Proteus rettgeri infections: a review

Viljoen, D.L.; Nelson, M.M.; de Jong, G.; Beighton, P., 1987:
Proteus syndrome in southern Africa: natural history and clinical manifestations in six individuals

Wang, A.; Turner, M.W.; Soothill, J.F.; Warner, J.O.; Norman, A.P., 1980:
Proteus vulgaris agglutination by cystic fibrosis sera

Borovikova T.M.; Dudkovskii N.A.; Ivanova G.Ya; Sereda E.V.; Sergeev V.A., 1980:
Proteus vulgaris test for diagnosis of muco viscidosis trait

Fahselt, D., 1976:
Prothallial lichen substances in 2 species of crustose lichens fuscidea cyathoides and rhizocarpon geographicum

Kaur, S.; Devi, S., 1976:
Prothallus morphology in some tectarioid ferns

Perrault G.H., 1987:
Protherinus of the society islands french polynesia

Barritt, L.C.; Birt, L.M., 1970:
Prothoracic gland hormone in the sheep blow fly lucilia cuprina

Dorn, A.; Gilbert, L.I.; Bollenbacher, W.E., 1987:
Prothoracicotropic hormone activity in the embryonic brain of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta

Ishizaki H.; Suzuki A.; Moriya I.; Mizoguchi A.; Fujishita K.; O'oka H.; Kataoka H.; Isogai A.; Nagasawa H.; Suzuki A., 1983:
Prothoracicotropic hormone bioassay pupal adult bombyx mori assay

Gibbs, D.; Riddiford, L.M., 1977:
Prothoracicotropic hormone in Manduca sexta: localization by a larval assay

O'brien M.A.; Granger N.A.; Agui N.; Gilbert L.I.; Bollenbacher W.E., 1986:
Prothoracicotropic hormone in the developing brain of the tobacco hornworm manduca sexta relative amounts of two molecular forms

Speijer, H.; Govers-Riemslag, J.W.; Zwaal, R.F.; Rosing, J., 1986:
Prothrombin activation by an activator from the venom of Oxyuranus scutellatus (Taipan snake)

Strukova, S.M., 1976:
Prothrombin activation by immobilized thrombin

Corrigan, J.J.; Jeter, M.; Earnest, D.L., 1982:
Prothrombin antigen and coagulant activity in patients with liver disease

Girolami, A.; Saggin, L.; Ruffato, G.; Sticchi, A.; Capellato, G., 1982:
Prothrombin antigen evaluation by means of laser nephelometry in health and disease

Baskova I.P.; Tiero A.; Krizhevskaya Y.V.; Yarovaya G.A.; Mirkamalova E.G., 1983:
Prothrombin as substrate of blood plasma kallikrein and factor xiia

Mayer L.D.; Nelsestuen G.L.; Brockman H.L., 1983:
Prothrombin association with phospho lipid mono layers

Huisse M G.; Dreyfus M.; Guillin M C., 1986:
Prothrombin clamart prothrombin variant with defective arginine 320 iie cleavage by factor xa

De-Witt, R.T.; Feinstein, D.I., 1977:
Prothrombin complex concentrate use in a hemophiliac with a factor viii inhibitor

White, G.C.; Roberts, H.R.; Kingdon, H.S.; Lundblad, R.L., 1977:
Prothrombin complex concentrates: potentially thrombogenic materials and clues to the mechanism of thrombosis in vivo

Yolken, R.H.; Hilgartner, M.W., 1978:
Prothrombin complex concentrates. Use in treatment of hemophiliacs with factor VIII inhibitors

Ratnoff, O.D., 1974:
Prothrombin complex preparations: a cautionary note

Miale, J.B.; Kent, J.W., 1975:
Prothrombin complex proteins as cofactors in platelet aggregation part 1 inhibition of aggregation by anti serum

Axelsson, G.; Korsan-Bengtsen, K.; Waldenström, J., 1976:
Prothrombin determination by means of a chromogenic peptide substrate

Ostermann H.; Kirchhof B.; Pott G., 1982:
Prothrombin determination in plasma and liver biopsies in chronic liver diseases

Rabiet M.J.; Blashill A.; Furie B.; Furie B.C., 1986:
Prothrombin fragment 1 2 3 a major product of prothrombin activation in human plasma

Bajaj, S.P.; Butkowski, R.J.; Mann, K.G., 1975:
Prothrombin fragments calcium ion binding and activation kinetics

Rubio R.; Almagro D.; Cruz A.; Corral J.F., 1983:
Prothrombin havana cuba a new dys functional molecule of human prothrombin associated with a true prothrombin deficiency

Kuznik, B.I.; Sinev, A.P.; Tartakovskaia, F.Z.; Iaroslavtsev, V.L., 1976:
Prothrombin in cancerous tumors

Potron, G.; Droulle, C.; Behar, C.; Leroux, B.; Ledoyen, M.P.; Mascre, W., 1975:
Prothrombin plasminogen and fibrinogen levels in the new born

Mcduffie F.C.; Griffin C.; Niedringhaus R.; Mann K.G.; Owen C.A.Jr; Bowie E.J.W.; Peterson J.; Clark G.; Hunder G.G., 1979:
Prothrombin thrombin and prothrombin fragments in plasma of normal individuals and of patients with laboratory evidence of disseminated intra vascular coagulation

Porras A.A.; Esquivel J.M.; Trejos A.; Varilly J.C., 1985:
Prothrombin time comparison between four thromboplastins from different origins and the influence of use of glass and plastic materials

Han, Y.; Lawson, W.B.; Dodds, W.J.; Lawrence, C.E., 1985:
Prothrombin time proficiency testing: a robust grading method

Starr H.; Rhoades P.; Lam P.R.L.C.; Archer G.T., 1980:
Prothrombin times an evaluation of 4 thromboplastins and 4 machines

Inomoto, T.; Shirakami, A.; Kawauchi, S.; Shigekiyo, T.; Saito, S.; Miyoshi, K.; Morita, T.; Iwanaga, S., 1987:
Prothrombin Tokushima: characterization of dysfunctional thrombin derived from a variant of human prothrombin

Krishnaswamy, S.; Jones, K.C.; Mann, K.G., 1988:
Prothrombinase complex assembly. Kinetic mechanism of enzyme assembly on phospholipid vesicles

Frangou Lazaridis M.; Clinton M.; Goodall G.J.; Horecker B.L., 1988:
Prothymosin alpha and parathymosin amino acid sequences deduced from the cloned rat spleen complementary dna

Panneerselvam, C.; Haritos, A.A.; Caldarella, J.; Horecker, B.L., 1987:
Prothymosin alpha in human blood

Baxevanis, C.N.; Reclos, G.J.; Papamichail, M.; Tsokos, G.C., 1987:
Prothymosin alpha restores the depressed autologous and allogeneic mixed lymphocyte responses in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Csiszar K.; Lanyi B., 1981:
Proticin typing of serologically defined proteus strains

Hara S.; Tanoue E., 1985:
Protist along 150 degrees east in the southern ocean its composition stock and distribution

Ovezmukhammedov A., 1980:
Protista fauna eimeriidae haemogregarinidae of reptiles of the southwestern turkmen ssr ussr

Rae I.D.; Scheraga H.A., 1979:
Protium and carbon 13 nmr spectra of some peptides with fibrinogen like reactivity

Oswiecimska, M.; Bednarska, D.; Szarkowska, J., 1976:
Proto antho cyanidins leuko antho cyanidins in the inflorescence of tilia

Banerji, R.; Misra, G.; Nigam, S.K., 1978:
Proto bassic acid from mimusops littoralis bark

Ringdahl B.; Chan R.P.K.; Craig J.C.; Manske R.F., 1981:
Proto berberine alkaloids chiroptical properties and absolute configuration

Brochmann-Hanssen, E.; Chiang, H.C., 1977:
Proto berberine alkaloids structures of aequaline coramine discretinine and schefferine

Fujisawa, H.; Uyeda, M.; Kojima, Y.; Nozaki, M.; Hayaishi, O., 1972:
Proto catechuate 3 4 di oxygenase ec part 2 esr and spectral studies on interaction of substrates and enzyme

Fujisawa, H.; Hiromi, K.; Uyeda, M.; Okuno, S.; Nozaki, M.; Hayaishi, O., 1972:
Proto catechuate 3 4 di oxygenase ec part 3 an oxygenated form of enzyme as reaction intermediate

May, S.W.; Mueller, P.W.; Oldham, C.D.; Williamson, C.K.; Sowell, A.L., 1983:
Proto catechuate 3 4 di oxygenase ec comparative study of inhibition and active site interactions of pyridine n oxides

May, S.W.; Phillips, R.S., 1979:
Proto catechuate 3 4 di oxygenase ec implications of ionization effects on binding and dissociation of halo hydroxy benzoates and on catalytic turnover

Que, L.J. ; Lipscomb, J.D.; Muenck, E.; Wood, J.M., 1977:
Proto catechuate 3 4 di oxygenase ec inhibitor studies and mechanistic implications

Keyes, W.E.; Loehr, T.M.; Taylor, M.L.; Loehr, J.S., 1979:
Proto catechuate 3 4 di oxygenase ec resonance raman studies of the oxygenated intermediate

Poras M., 1983:
Proto cerebral innervation of corpora allata in locusta migratoria orthoptera

Jamault Navarro C., 1981:
Proto cerebral neuro secretory cells and axonal pathways in lithobius forficatus myriapoda chilopoda

Rebeiz, C.A.; Yaghi, M.; Abou-Haidar, M.; Castelfranco, P.A., 1970:
Proto chlorophyll biosynthesis in cucumber d cucumis sativus d cotyledons

Gross J.; Ayadi A.; Marme D., 1979:
Proto chlorophyllide 630 proto chlorophyll 630 photo sensitizes active calcium accumulation in microsomal and mitochondrial fractions isolated from plants

Wong, K.K., 1978:
Proto chlorophyllide excretion by a purple sulfur bacterium

Hendry, G.A.F.; Stobart, A.K., 1977:
Proto chlorophyllide p 650 turnover in dark grown barley leaves

Mueller M.; Nisius A., 1982:
Proto chlorophyllide photo conversion initiates the transformation of re aggregated pro lamellar body tubules in vitro

Ford C.; Mitchell S.; Wang W Y., 1981:
Proto chlorophyllide photo conversion mutants of chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Walter, G.; Averina, N.G.; Meister, A., 1977:
Proto chlorophyllide re synthesis under the influence of kinetin spectrophotometric investigations on wheat seedlings triticum aestivum in vivo

Blumenkrantz N.; Asboe Hansen G., 1980:
Proto collagen proline hydroxylase in skin and muscle of some vertebrate species

Davis C.; Gull K., 1983:
Proto filament number in micro tubules in cells of 2 parasitic nematodes

Franke W.W.; Schiller D.L.; Grund C., 1983:
Proto filamentous and annular structures as intermediates during reconstitution of cyto keratin filaments in vitro

Hauteville M.; Chopin J.; Geiger H.; Schuller L., 1981:
Proto genkwanin a new flavonoid from equisetum arvense

Labbe-Bois, R.; Volland, C., 1977:
Protoheme synthesis system in the cytoplastic "petite" mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Farmer V.C.; Fraser A.R.; Robertson L.; Sleeman J.R., 1984:
Proto imogolite allophane in podzol concretions in australia possible relationship to aluminous ferrallitic lateritic cementation

Buurman P.; Van Reeuwijk L.P., 1984:
Proto imogolite and the process of podzol formation a critical note

Reed J.C.; Alpers J.D.; Scherle P.A.; Hoover R.G.; Nowell P.C.; Prystowsky M.B., 1987:
Proto oncogene expression and cloned t lymphocytes mitogens and growth factors induce different patterns of expression

Kruijer W.; Skelly H.; Botteri F.; Van Der Putten H.; Barber J.R.; Verma I.M.; Leffert H.L., 1986:
Proto oncogene expression in regenerating liver is stimulated in cultures of primary adult rat hepatocytes

Dudkin, M.S.; Parfent'eva, M.A.; Shkantova, N.G., 1977:
Proto pectin of leaves and petioles of the cow parsnip heracleum sosnowskyi and sea kale crambe cordifolia

Latham P.S.; Bloomer J.R., 1983:
Proto porphyrin induced photo damage studies using cultured skin fibroblasts

Brun A.; Hovding G.; Romslo I., 1981:
Proto porphyrin induced photo hemolysis differences related to the sub cellular distribution of proto porphyrin in erythropoietic proto porphyria and when added to normal red cells

Lacombe, M.L.; Eberentz-Lhomme, C., 1983:
Proto porphyrin ix activates the magnesium dependent guanylate cyclase ec from rat liver plasma membranes

Girotti A.W., 1979:
Proto porphyrin sensitized photo damage in isolated membranes of human erythrocytes

Dubbelman, T.M.A.R.; De-Goeij, A.F.P.M.; Van-Steveninck, J., 1978:
Proto porphyrin sensitized photodynamic modification of proteins in isolated human red blood cell membranes

Viljoen, D.J.; Cummins, R.; Alexopoulos, J.; Kramer, S., 1983:
Proto porphyrinogen oxidase ec and ferro chelatase ec in porphyria variegata

Jacobs J.M.; Jacobs N.J.; D.M.ggio A.E., 1982:
Protoporphyrinogen oxidation in chloroplasts and plant mitochondria, a step in heme and chlorophyll synthesis

Jacobs N.J.; Jacobs J.M., 1981:
Proto porphyrinogen oxidation in rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides a step in heme and bacterio chlorophyll synthesis

Weclewicz K., 1983:
Proto synapses in the human embryonic and fetal spinal cord

Kardong K.V., 1979:
Proto vipers and the evolution of snake fangs

Uomori A.; Seo S.; Tori K.; Tomita Y., 1983:
Proto yonogenin and proto neo yonogenin from the aerial parts and tissue cultures of dioscorea tokoro

Tirrell, P.B., 1978:
Protocalliphora avium diptera myiasis in great horned owls bubo virginianus red tailed hawks buteo jamaicensis and swainsons hawks buteo swainsoni in north dakota usa

Kurane R.; Ara K.; Nakamura I.; Suzuki T.; Fukuoka S., 1984:
Protocatechuate 3 4 dioxygenase from nocardia erythropolis

Doten, R.C.; Ornston, L.N., 1987:
Protocatechuate is not metabolized via catechol in Enterobacter aerogenes

Waegele J W., 1983:
Protocerberus new genus and afrocerberus new genus new limnetic microcerberidae from africa crustacea isopoda

Senger, H.; Brinkmann, G., 1986:
Protochlorophyllide accumulation and degradation in the dark and photoconversion to chlorophyll in the light in pigment mutant c 2a' of scenedesmus obliquus

Dujardin E., 1984:
Protochlorophyllide photoreduction in plants some comments on recent data

Scofield V.L.; Schlumpberger J.M.; West L.A.; Weissman I.L., 1982:
Protochordate allo recognition is controlled by a major histo compatibility complex like gene system

Wright, R.K.; Cooper, E.L., 1984:
Protochordate immunity 2. diverse hemolymph lectins in the solitary tunicate styela clava

Wolff D.; Essig A., 1980:
Protocol dependence of equivalent circuit parameters of toad bufo marinus urinary bladder

Hall T.C.; Schotz W.; Shnider B.I.; Taylor S.IIi, 1979:
Protocol est 1668 effect of high dose glucose on therapy with 5 fluoro uracil

Miller A.B.; Howe G.R.; Wall C., 1981:
Protocol for a canadian randomized controlled trial of screening for breast cancer in women

Eur-Organ-Res-Treat-Cancer-Int-Antimicrob-Ther-Proj-Group, 1977:
Protocol for a cooperative trial of empirical antibiotic treatment and early granulocyte transfusions in febrile neutropenic patients

Shalen, P.R.; Hayman, L.A.; Wallace, S.; Handel, S.F., 1981:
Protocol for delayed contrast enhancement in computed tomography of cerebral neoplasia

Prescott, C.A., 1988:
Protocol for management of the interposition cartilage graft laryngotracheoplasty

Novelli, G.; Mannello, F.; Pierotti, C.; Antonelli, M.; Dallapiccola, B., 1988:
Protocol for prenatal diagnosis of cystic fibrosis based on studies of alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes

Meregalli G.; Agostoni C.; Isa L.; Pirola L.; Semeraro V.; Strepparola G., 1987:
Protocol for the antibiotic treatment of lower respiratory infection

Baer, D.M.; Jones, R.N.; Mullooly, J.P.; Horner, W., 1983:
Protocol for the study of drug interferences in laboratory tests: cefotaxime interference in 24 clinical tests

Chioma V.; Spada C.; Gardi I.; Bonavita E., 1986:
Protocol for the study of factors influencing sexuality in elderly subjects

Shishkova T.V.; Danilova N.B.; Nadezhina N.M.; Petrosyan L.N.; Selidovkin G.D.; Nesterova V.I.; Khrushchev V.G.; Grammatikati V.S.; Dorofeeva E.M., 1982:
Protocol on the use of total gamma irradiation for bone marrow transplantation to patients with hemo blastoses

Ortiz H.; Marcial V.A.; Hanley J.A.; Ramirez C.; Pacheco J.C., 1985:
Protocol variations and their influence on the final outcome critical review of the split course base of tongue study of the radiation therapy and oncology group

Lerski R.A.; Mcrobbie D.W.; D.C.rtaines J.D., 1988:
Protocols and test objects for the assessment of mri equipment

Green, S.; Zeiger, E.; Palmer, K.A.; Springer, J.A.; Legator, M.S., 1976:
Protocols for the dominant lethal test host mediated assay and in vivo cyto genetic test used in the food and drug administrations review of substances in the generally recognized as safe list

Bratcher, T., 1978:
Protoconch of ovoviviparous volutes of west africa

Thiriot Quievreux C., 1980:
Protoconchs and larval shells of mediterranean rissoid mollusca

Doi, Y., 1977:
Protocreopsis new genus of the hypocreales

Kinn D.N., 1984:
Protocylindrocorpus dendrophilus new species nematoda cylindrocarpidae associated with pine pinus elliottii var elliottii wood borings

Jefferies R.P.S.; Lewis M.; Donovan S.K., 1987:
Protocystites menevensis a stem group chordate cornuta from the middle cambrian of south wales uk

Kosyreva, T.A., 1977:
Protodurhamina strelzovkensis new genus new species carboniferous genus of rugose corals and its role in phylogeny of durhaminids

Waegele J W.; Brandt A., 1988:
Protognathia bathypelagica new genus new combination schultz 1977 rediscovered in the weddell sea antarctica a missing link between the gnathiidae and the cirolanidae crustacea isopoda

Fricke R., 1985:
Protogrammus new genus of callionymid fishes with a redescription of protogrammus sousai new combination from the eastern atlantic

Robertson D.R.; Justines G., 1982:
Protogynous hermaphroditism and gonochorism in 4 caribbean reef gobies

Garratt P.A., 1986:
Protogynous hermaphroditism in the slinger chrysoblemphus puniceus teleostei sparidae

Bentivegna, F.; Rasotto, M.B., 1987:
Protogynous hermaphroditism in xyrichthys novacula l. 1758

Mikkola K., 1987:
Protogyny during an outbreak in diaphora mendica lepidoptera arctiidae

Cole K.S.; Robertson D.R., 1988:
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Proton atpase of yeast vacuoles consists of several subunits and does not form a phosphorylated intermediate

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Proton nmr detection of the specific change to the uncoupled state of the mitochondrial membrane

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Proton nmr investigation of the interaction between cytochrome c and cytochrome b 5

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Proton nmr investigation of the spin state equilibrium of the alpha and beta subunits in intact azidomethemoglobin

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Proton nmr studies of the electronic and molecular structure of ferric low spin horseradish peroxidase ec complexes

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Proton nmr studies of the fc region of human immuno globulin g 1 and immuno globulin g 3 assignment of histidine resonances in the c h 3 domain and identification of immuno globulin g 3 protein carrying g 3mst allotypes

Schlichting I.; Wittinghofer A.; Rosch P., 1988:
Proton nmr studies of the gdp magnesium complex of the ha ras oncogene product p21

Moore G.R., 1985:
Proton nmr studies of the heme and coordinated methionine of class i and class ii cytochromes c

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Proton nmr studies of the heme iron coordination in cytochrome c 552 from euglena gracilis

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Proton nmr studies of the interaction of metallo porphyrins with pi acceptors and donors part 1 effect of pi complex formation on the electronic structure of low spin cobalt ii

Fulton, G.P.; La-Mar, G.N., 1976:
Proton nmr studies of the interaction of metallo porphyrins with pi acceptors and donors part 2 solution structure of the 1 1 adduct of 1 3 5 tri nitro benzene with tetra p tolyl porphinato cobalt ii

Shelling J.G.; Hofmann T.; Sykes B.D., 1985:
Proton nmr studies of the interaction of the lanthanide ions ytterbium and lutetium with apo saturated and calcium saturated porcine intestinal calcium binding protein

Kumar V.V.; Raghunathan P., 1986:
Proton nmr studies of the interaction of water with lecithin in non polar organic media

Jackson, J.T.; La-Mar, G.N.; Bartsch, R.G., 1983:
Proton nmr studies of the ligation states of the monomeric ferri cytochrome c' from rhodopseudomonas palustris modulation of axial histidine bonding via variable proton donation

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Proton nmr studies of the molecular conformation of monomeric glucagon in aqueous solution

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Proton nmr studies of the porcine pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor at 270 megahertz

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Proton nmr studies of the structure and stability of the bovine pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor

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Proton nmr studies of the structure of ristocetin a and of its complexes with bacterial cell wall analogs in aqueous solution

Steinmetz W.E.; Bougis P.E.; Rochat H.; Redwine O.D.; Braun W.; Wuthrich K., 1988:
Proton nmr studies of the three dimensional structure of the cardiotoxin ctxiib from naja mossambica mossambica in aqueous solution and comparison with the crystal structures of homologous toxins

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Proton nmr studies of the zinc ii bleomycin a 2 poly deoxy adenylate deoxy thymidylate ternary complex

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Proton nmr studies of transfer rna the methyl and methylene resonances of bakers yeast phenyl alanine transfer rna and its fragments

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Proton nmr studies of urine during fasting excretion of ketone bodies and acetylcarnitine

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Proton nmr studies of ytterbium substituted porcine intestinal calcium binding protein

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Proton nmr studies on bovine lutropin its subunits and on the alpha subunit of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin assignment of histidine resonances in the alpha subunit

Woodson S.A.; Crothers D.M., 1987:
Proton nmr studies on bulge containing dna oligonucleotides from a mutational hot spot sequence

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Proton nmr studies on cyclic nucleotide binding to the escherichia coli cyclic amp receptor protein

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Proton nmr studies on di deoxy ribo nucleoside methyl phosphonates

Egmond M.R.; Williams R.J.P.; Welsh E.J.; Rees D.A., 1979:
Proton nmr studies on glycophorin and its carbohydrate containing tryptic peptides

Kozlowski H.; Swiatek J.; Siatecki Z., 1981:
Proton nmr studies on interactions of calcium and magnesium with aspartic acid and asparagine

Clore, G.M.; Gronenborn, A.M.; Mitchinson, C.; Green, N.M., 1982:
Proton nmr studies on nucleotide binding to the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase ec determination of the conformations of bound nucleotides by the measurement of proton proton transferred nuclear overhauser enhancements

Egmond, M.R.; Williams, R.J.P., 1978:
Proton nmr studies on soybean lip oxygenase 1 ec

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Proton nmr studies on the binding subsites of bovine pancreatic rnase a ec

Uesugi, S.; Kaneyasu, T.; Imura, J.; Ikehara, M.; Kan, S.; Ts'o, P.O.P.; Cheng, D.M., 1983:
Proton nmr studies on the di nucleoside mono phosphates containing 2' halogeno 2' deoxy purine nucleosides effects of 2' substitutes on conformation

Gima S E.; Furukawa Y.; Nakamura D., 1984:
Proton nmr studies on the dynamics of planar cations in the crystal of various guanidinium salts

Lohmann W.; Kiefer B., 1986:
Proton nmr studies on the effect of spin label on lipids E.A.M.; Konings R.N.H.; Harmsen B.J.M.; Prinse C.W.J.M.; Hilbers C.W., 1987:
Proton nmr studies on the gene 5 encoded single stranded dna binding protein of the filamentous bacteriophage ike general spectral and structural features

Sakurada J.; Takahashi S.; Hosoya T., 1987:
Proton nmr studies on the iodide binding by horseradish peroxidase

Ikura M., 1986:
Proton nmr studies on the kinetics of tryptic fragments of calmodulin upon calcium binding

Alonso J.; Paolillo L.; D'auria G.; Nogues M.V.; Cuchillo C.M., 1988:
Proton nmr studies on the specificity of the interaction between bovine pancreatic rnase a and dideoxynucleoside monophosphates

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Proton nmr studies on the structure and mechanism of the hpr protein of staphylococcus aureus

Yutani K.; Akutsu H.; Ogasahara K.; Tsujita T.; Kyogoku Y., 1987:
Proton nmr studies on the wild type and single amino acid substituted tryptophan synthase alpha subunits

Nagaoka S.; Era S.; Sogami M.; Watari H.; Shiga K.; Akasaka K., 1984:
Proton nmr studies on various conformational states of bovine mercaptoalbumin

Hruska, F.E.; Dalton, J.G.; Remin, M., 1979:
Proton nmr study of 2 2' anhydro o 2 beta d arabinosyl uracil 4 bond and 5 bond coupling constants in the sugar moiety

Novomesky, P.; Balgavy, P.; Majer, J., 1984:
Proton nmr study of 2 hydroxy 1 3 propanediamine n n n' n' tetraacetic acid and its complexes with diamagnetic metal ions

Kan L S.; Cheng D.M.; Jayaraman K.; Leutzinger E.E.; Miller P.S.; Ts'o P.O.P., 1982:
Proton nmr study of a self complementary deca deoxy ribo nucleotide ccaagcttgg

Krishna N.R.; Huang D H.; Vaughn J.B.Jr; Heavner G.A.; Goldstein G., 1981:
Proton nmr study of an active penta peptide fragment of ubiquitin

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Proton nmr study of bleomycin in aqueous solution assignment of resonances

Bertini I.; Canti G.; Luchinat C., 1982:
Proton nmr study of cobalt ii substituted carboxy peptidase a

Fung C.H.; Chang C.C.; Gupta R.K., 1979:
Proton nmr study of cobro toxin

Muto Y.; Fukumoto Y.; Arata Y., 1985:
Proton nmr study of complement c 3 solution conformation of the carboxyl terminal segment of complement c 3a fragment

Nishikawa, J.; Watanabe, F.; Shudou, M.; Terui, Y.; Narisada, M., 1987:
Proton nmr study of degradation mechanisms of oxacephem derivatives with various 3' substituents in alkaline solution

Yamamoto Y.; L.M.r G.N., 1986:
Proton nmr study of dynamics and thermodynamics of heme rotational disorders in native and reconstituted hemoglobin a

Woodworth R.C.; Butcher N.D.; Brown S.A.; Brown Mason A., 1987:
Proton nmr study of effects of synergistic anion and metal ion binding on ph titration of the histidinyl side chain residues of the half molecules of ovotransferrin

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