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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6217

Chapter 6217 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216000

Giuliani A.M., 1985: Proton nmr study of erythrocytes of essential hypertensives

Yonezawa T., 1980: Proton nmr study of hemo proteins ionization and orientation of iron bound imidazole in met hemo globin and met myo globin

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216003

Arata Y., 1985: Proton nmr study of human immunoglobulins g 1 and their proteolytic fragments structure of the hinge region and effects of a hinge region deletion on internal flexibility

Ikai A., 1986: Proton nmr study of human plasma alpha 2 macroglobulin

Miller D.M., 1981: Proton nmr study of interaction of glycine with water and ions

Linthicum D.S., 1985: Proton nmr study of interaction of myelin protein with a monoclonal antibody

Kuncz A., 1986: Proton nmr study of intervertebral discs a preliminary report

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216009

La Mar G.N., 1985: Proton nmr study of labile proton exchange in the heme cavity as a probe for the potential ligand entry channel in myoglobin

Lukina E.A., 1985: Proton nmr study of lymphocyte membranes in human lymphoproliferative diseases

Morishima I., 1979: Proton nmr study of met hemo globin and its isolated chains effect of the subunit association on the structure of the subunits

Sunamoto J., 1984: Proton nmr study of metal coordination to biotin derivatives

Sunko D.E., 1988: Proton nmr study of mixed and inverse micelles solvent effects on chemical shifts of aromatic and heterocyclic protons in some n methylnicotinyl and n methylisonicotinyl esters

Yeadon M.E., 1986: Proton nmr study of mobility and conformational constraints within the proline rich amino terminal of the lc 1 alkali light chain of skeletal myosin correlation with similar segments in other protein systems

Budd D.L., 1979: Proton nmr study of model substrate binding in hemo proteins intercalation of mercuric tri iodide in sperm whale met aquo myo globin

Bystrov V.F., 1983: Proton nmr study of neuro toxin ii naja naja oxiana and its spin labeled derivatives conformation of short neuro toxins

Dabrowski J., 1983: Proton nmr study of per acetylated derivatives of 10 oligo saccharides isolated from human milk

Goodman M. , 1980: Proton nmr study of protected methionine homo oligo peptides in helix supporting environment

H Kovacs Z., 1985: Proton nmr study of restricted rotation in dithiophosphoromethylacetanilides

Levine R.A., 1986: Proton nmr study of self association and restricted internal rotation of carbon 8 substituted deoxy gmp adduct of the carcinogen 2 acetylaminofluorene

Gray H.B., 1984: Proton nmr study of structural perturbation in sperm whale myoglobin due to pentaammineruthenium iii groups appended to surface histidyl imidazoles

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216023

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216024

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216025

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216026

Bloomfield V.A., 1988: Proton nmr study of the base pairing reactions of d ggaattcc salt and polyamine effects of the imino proton exchange

Assa-Munt, N.; Denny, W. A.; Leupin, W.; Kearns, D. R., 1985: Proton nmr study of the binding of bisacridines to deoxy at 5 deoxy at 5 1. mode of binding

Assa-Munt, N.; Leupin, W.; Denny, W. A.; Kearns, D. R., 1985: Proton nmr study of the binding of bisacridines to deoxy at 5 deoxy at 5 2. dynamic aspects

Kaplan N.O., 1979: Proton nmr study of the conformation and configuration of the cyclized pyridine nucleotide adducts

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216031

Fermandjian S., 1979: Proton nmr study of the conformation of brady kinin ph titration

Arseniev, A. S.; Balashova, T. A.; Utkin, Y. N.; Tsetlin, V. I.; Bystrov, V. F.; Ivanov, V. T.; Ovchinnikov, Y. A., 1976: Proton nmr study of the conformation of neuro toxin ii from middle asian cobra naja naja oxiana venom

Cozzone P.J., 1979: Proton nmr study of the conformational dynamics of porcine pancreatic colipase titration of aromatic residues

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216035

Nalbandyan R.M., 1983: Proton nmr study of the copper surrounding in planta cyanin

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216037

Tollin G., 1985: Proton nmr study of the cytochrome c flavodoxin electron transfer complex

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216039

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216040

Jameson, R. F.; Hunter, G.; Kiss, T., 1978: Proton nmr study of the deprotonation of the catecholamines in solution the micro constants for the dedeuteration of l dopa in deuterium oxide

Jovin T.M., 1986: Proton nmr study of the dynamic properties of the b and z forms of poly d a br 5c d g t

La Mars G.N., 1983: Proton nmr study of the dynamic stability of the heme pocket of soybean leg hemo globin a exchange rates for the labile proton of the proximal histidyl imidazole

Steinmetz-Kayne, M.; Benigno, R.; Kallenbach, N. R., 1977: Proton nmr study of the effect of ph on transfer rna structure

Isab A.A., 1983: Proton nmr study of the effectiveness of various thiols for removal of methyl mercury from hemolyzed erythrocytes

La Mar G.N., 1987: Proton nmr study of the electronic and molecular structure of the heme cavity in horseradish peroxidase complete heme resonance assignments based on saturation transfer and nuclear overhauser effects

Langry K.C., 1980: Proton nmr study of the electronic and molecular structure of the heme crevice in horseradish peroxidase

Schattenkerk C., 1987: Proton nmr study of the folding of rnase 12 beta 3 pyridyl l ala s peptide 1 14

Gronenborn A.M., 1982: Proton nmr study of the histidine residues of the escherichia coli cyclic amp receptor protein ph titration behavior deuterium exchange and partial assignments

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216050

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216051

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216052

Ueda, J. I.; Hanaki, A.; Yoshida, N.; Nakajima, T., 1985: Proton nmr study of the interaction of zinc ii ion with a histidine containing peptide l histidylglycylglycine

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216054

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216055

Canters G.W., 1988: Proton nmr study of the protonation behavior of the histidine residues and the electron self exchange reaction of azurin from alcaligenes denitrificans

Kong S.B., 1981: Proton nmr study of the relaxation behavior and kinetic lability of exchangeable protons in the heme pocket of cyano met myo globin

Guy R.D., 1986: Proton nmr study of the removal of methylmercury from intact erythrocytes by sulfhydryl compounds

La-Mar, G. N.; Viscio, D. B.; Gersonde, K.; Sick, H., 1978: Proton nmr study of the rotational position and oscillatory mobility of vinyl groups in allo steric monomeric insect hemo globins

Krishna N.R., 1988: Proton nmr study of the solution structure of the self complementary dodecanucleotide deoxy tgca 3

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216061

Mcgrath, T. M.; La-Mar, G. N., 1978: Proton nmr study of the thermodynamics and kinetics of the acid base transitions in reconstituted met myo globins

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216063

Tanokura M., 1983: Proton nmr study on imidazole imidazole interaction in l histidyl l histidine and d histidyl l histidine analysis including microscopic dissociation series

Miyazawa T., 1981: Proton nmr study on molecular conformations of long neuro toxins alpha bungaro toxin from bungarus multicinctus and toxin b from naja naja

Arata Y., 1985: Proton nmr study on the dynamics of the conformation of the hinge segment of human g 1 immunoglobulin

Viti V., 1979: Proton nmr study on the interaction of cupric ion with rnase a

Oida T., 1986: Proton nmr study on the interactions of human serum albumin with free fatty acid

Oida T., 1986: Proton nmr study on the multimode interactions of human serum albumin with drug molecules

Van-Ramesdonk, H. J.; Verhoeven, J. W.; De-Boer, T. J., 1977: Proton nmr study on the preferred conformations of chiral pyridine di nucleotide models

Kaziro Y., 1980: Proton nmr study on the roles of histidine residues in the binding of poly peptide chain elongation factor tu from thermus thermophilus with aminoacyl transfer rna and guanine nucleotides

Akasaka K., 1987: Proton nmr study on the solution conformation of human epidermal growth factor

Tanokura, M., 1983: Proton nmr study on the tautomerism of the imidazole ring of histidine residues 1. microscopic pk values and molar ratios of tautomers in histidine containing peptides

Tanokura, M., 1983: Proton nmr study on the tautomerism of the imidazole ring of histidine residues 2. micro environments of histidine 12 and histidine 119 of bovine pancreatic rnase a ec

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216075

Bacic G., 1987: Proton nmr techniques in studies of transport of paramagnetic ions in multicellular systems

Tanokura, M., 1983: Proton nmr titration curves and micro environments of aromatic residues in bovine pancreatic rnase a ec

Griffey R.H., 1983: Proton nuclear magnetic relaxation of nitrogen 15 labeled nucleic acids via di polar coupling and chemical shift anisotropy

Verbist J.F., 1988: Proton nuclear magnetic study of bistramide a a new cytotoxic drug isolated from lissoclinum bistratum sluiter

Ho C., 1985: Proton nuclear overhauser effect investigation of the heme pockets in ligated hemoglobin conformational differences between oxy and carbonmonoxy forms

Williams D.H., 1983: Proton nuclear overhauser effect study of the structure of a deoxy oligo nucleotide duplex in aqueous solution

Williams D.H., 1983: Proton nuclear overhauser effect study of the structure of an actinomycin d complex with a self complementary tetra nucleoside tri phosphate

Dobson C.M., 1981: Proton nuclear overhauser effects and protein dynamics

Bryant R.G., 1982: Proton nuclear spin relaxation and molecular dynamics in the lysozyme water system

Shulman R.G., 1985: Proton observe carbon 13 decouple spectroscopic measurements of lactate and glutamate in the rat brain in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216086

Burckhardt G., 1983: Proton pathways in rat renal brush border and basolateral membranes

Wingate, C. L.; Archambeau, J. O.; Koehler, A. M.; Bennett, G. W., 1977: Proton penetration and control in nonhomogeneous phantoms

Rupley J.A., 1986: Proton percolation on hydrated lysozyme powders

Puchkova T.V., 1981: Proton permeability and electric breakdown of phospho lipid membranes after uv irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216091

Grignon C., 1982: Proton permeability of liposomes from natural phospho lipid mixtures

Fomenko, B. S.; Pinchukova, V. A., 1977: Proton permeability of membranes of streptococcus faecalis and liver sub mitochondrial particles of rats after irradiation

Young R.C., 1980: Proton permeability of sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles

Schmalzing G., 1987: Proton permeability of the plasma membrane of rat cortical synaptosomes

Rendon, A.; Rott, R.; Avi-Dor, Y., 1980: Proton permeation adenine nucleotide translocation and respiratory control in mitochondria cross linked by di methyl suberimidate

Ho C., 1979: Proton pmr investigation of structural changes associated with cooperative oxygenation of human adult hemo globin

Zundel G., 1987: Proton polarizability and proton transfer in histidine phosphate hydrogen bonds as a function of cations present ir investigations

Leberle K., 1984: Proton polarizability of poly l tyrosine hydrogen phosphate hydrogen bonds as a function of alkali cations

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216100

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216101

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216102

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216103

Adediran S.A., 1988: Proton product time course ratios a new approach to transient state kinetic analysis

Nicholls P., 1982: Proton production by antimycin inhibited mitochondria

Fermandjian S., 1980: Proton proton and carbon 13 carbon 13 vicinal coupling constants and amino acid side chain conformation in peptides

Mccully M.E., 1988: Proton pump activity in bundle sheath tissues of broad leaved trees in relation to leaf age

Stouthamer A.H., 1981: Proton pump coupled to cytochrome c oxidase in paracoccus denitrificans

Van Dyke R.W., 1988: Proton pump generated electrochemical gradients in rat liver multivesicular bodies quantitation and effects of chloride

Modlin I.M., 1986: Proton pump inhibition the ultimate control of acid secretion

Dell'antone P., 1988: Proton pump linked magnesium atpase activity in isolated rat liver lysosomes

Spanswick R.M., 1984: Proton pumping activities of soybean glycine max root microsomes localization and sensitivity to nitrate and vanadate

Joliot A., 1986: Proton pumping and electron transfer in the cytochrome b f complex of algae chlorella sorokiniana

Yanagita, Y.; Sone, N.; Kagawa, Y., 1983: Proton pumping and oxidase activity of thermophilic cytochrome oxidase ec remain after its extensive proteolysis

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216115

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216116

Spanswick R.M., 1986: Proton pumping driven by the vanadate sensitive atpase in membrane vesicles from corn zea mays cultivar wf 9 x mo 17 roots

Brouillette J.N., 1987: Proton pumping kinetics and origin of nitrate inhibition of tonoplast type proton translocating atpase

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216119

Suit H.D., 1979: Proton radiation as boost therapy for localized prostatic carcinoma

Wheeler R.V., 1981: Proton recoil neutron dosimeter for personnel monitoring

Cottam, G. L.; Mildvan, A. S.; Hunsley, J. R.; Suelter, C. H., 1972: Proton relaxation and kinetic studies of ternary complexes of an allo steric pyruvate kinase from yeast

Van Heteren J.G., 1987: Proton relaxation enhancement by manganese iii tpps 4 in a model tumor system

Jung B., 1985: Proton relaxation in a multicompartmental system with exchange simulating human tissue

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216125

Vucelic, D.; Macura, S.; Neskovic, B.; Djuric, L.; Ajdaric, Z., 1978: Proton relaxation of malignant and embryonic mouse cells

Farrell H.M.Jr, 1985: Proton relaxation rates of water in dilute solutions of beta lactoglobulin determination of cross relaxation and correlation with structural changes by the use of 2 genetic variants of a self associating globular protein

Holasek A., 1981: Proton relaxation study of molecular motions in low density lipo proteins

Kluetz, M. D.; Schmidt, P. G., 1977: Proton relaxation study of the hog kidney di amine oxidase ec active center

Kormano M., 1986: Proton relaxation times in arterial wall and atheromatous lesions in man

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216131

Schmidt, K.; Hardter, U.; Breitmaier, E., 1977: Proton relaxation times of water in normal and transformed cells infected with temperature sensitive virus mutants

Asai H., 1980: Proton release and formation of photo intermediates after light induced proton uptake in bovine photo receptor disc membranes

O'brien P.J., 1988: Proton release associated with respiratory burst of polymorphonuclear leukocytes

O'brien P.J., 1985: Proton release by polymorphonuclear leukocytes during phagocytosis or activation by digitonin or fluoride

Blackwell L.F., 1982: Proton release during the pre steady state oxidation of aldehydes by aldehyde dehydrogenase evidence for a rate limiting conformational change

Massey V., 1982: Proton release during the reductive half reaction of d amino acid oxidase

Robinson G.W., 1981: Proton release from stentor coeruleus photo receptors in the excited states

Dilley R.A., 1981: Proton release in photosynthetic water oxidation evidence for proton movement in a restricted domain

Lentz, H.; Luedemann, H. D.; Zeichmann, W., 1977: Proton resonance spectra of humic acids from the solum of a podzol

Tauber A.I., 1984: Proton secretion by stimulated neutrophils significance of hexose monophosphate shunt activity as source of electrons and protons for the respiratory burst

Tauber A.I., 1986: Proton secretion by the sodium hydrogen ion antiporter in the human neutrophil

Morowitz, H. J., 1978: Proton semi conductors and energy transduction in biological systems

Yurov S.S., 1979: Proton sensitization in gamma radiation injury to bacterio phage

Sukhorukov, B. I.; Shabarchina, L. I.; Kuvichkin, V. V., 1977: Proton sensitization in radiation damage to dna

Di Virgilio F., 1979: Proton site charge site and atp site ratios at coupling site iii in mitochondrial electron transport

Azzone G.F., 1979: Proton site charge site and atp site ratios at coupling sites i and ii in mitochondrial electron transport

Borzo, M.; Detellier, C.; Laszlo, P.; Paris, A., 1980: Proton sodium 23 and phosphorus 31 nmr studies of the self assembly of the 5' gmp di anion in neutral aqueous solution in the presence of sodium cations

West, I. C.; Mitchell, P., 1974: Proton sodium ion antiport in escherichia coli

Shimamoto T., 1986: Proton solute cotransport systems in bacterial cell membrane

Van-As, H.; Van-Vliet, W. P. A.; Schaafsma, T. J., 1980: Proton spin echo nmr in plant tissue 1. the effect of manganese ii and water content in wheat leaves

Robien W., 1979: Proton spin lattice relaxation and internal movement of molecules studies on the conformation of frangulanine a cyclic peptide alkaloid

Brown, M. F.; Miljanich, G. P.; Dratz, E. A., 1977: Proton spin lattice relaxation of retinal rod outer segment membranes and liposomes of extracted phospho lipids

Tiezzi E., 1981: Proton spin lattice relaxation rates in erythrocytes adsorbed with hem agglutinating viruses

Talwalkar G.V., 1984: Proton spin lattice relaxation studies and elemental analysis of human lymph nodes afflicted with lymphoma

Gibbons W.A., 1980: Proton spin lattice relaxation studies of 2 d alanine 5 methionine

Vriend J., 1983: Proton spin lattice relaxation studies of tissue response to radio therapy in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216158

Sandhu, H. S.; Friedmann, G. B., 1978: Proton spin lattice relaxation time study in tissues of the adult newt taricha granulosa amphibia urodele

Nakano, A.; Inagaki, F.; Tasumi, M.; Miyazawa, T., 1976: Proton spin lattice relaxation times of imidazole and l histidine treated with a metal chelating resin

Shakhvorost A.M., 1985: Proton spin relaxation in the system cytochrome c water

Berendsen H.J.C., 1984: Proton spin relaxation studies of fatty tissue and cerebral white matter

Friedmann G.B., 1981: Proton spin spin relaxation in human blood

Clay L.P., 1987: Proton stimulated chloride carbonate antiport by basolateral membrane vesicles of lobster hepatopancreas

Meusel M., 1979: Proton stimulated opening of stomata in relation to chloride uptake by guard cells

Rabadjija L., 1987: Proton stimulation of cell mediated bone resorption in tissue culture

Weiss S.J., 1984: Proton stoichiometry associated with human neutrophil respiratory burst reactions

Williams C.H.Jr, 1983: Proton stoichiometry in the reduction of the fad and di sulfide of escherichia coli thioredoxin reductase evidence for a base at the active site

Lee T M., 1982: Proton stoichiometry of atp synthesis in rat liver mitochondria studied by phosphorus 31 nmr

Lehninger A.L., 1988: Proton stoichiometry of electron transport in rodent tumor mitoplasts

Lehninger A.L., 1984: Proton stoichiometry of sites 1 and 2 of the respiratory chain of normal and tumor mitochondria

Conroy, C. W.; Erman, J. E., 1978: Proton stoichiometry of the cytochrome c peroxidase ec mechanism as a function of ph

Scarpa A., 1981: Proton substrate stoichiometries during active transport of biogenic amines in chromaffin ghosts

Clark D.P., 1984: Proton suicide general method for direct selection of sugar transport defective and fermentation defective mutants

Gunn R.B., 1982: Proton sulfate co transport mechanism of hydrogen ion and sulfate addition to the chloride transporter of human red blood cells

Gunn R.B., 1984: Proton sulfate cotransport external proton activation of sulfate influx into human red blood cells

Mccredie J.A., 1979: Proton t 1 study of coverage parameter changes in tissues from tumor bearing mice

Irjala K., 1987: Proton t1 relaxation time of normal and abnormal urine

Kirpatovskaya L.E., 1980: Proton therapy a new type of radiation treatment of hypothalamic hypophyseal diseases

Krymskii V.A., 1983: Proton therapy of hypophyseal adenomas

Giannini, I.; Grasselli, P.; Sodini, G.; Bittoni, A., 1978: Proton transfer and fast conformational changes in carbonic anhydrase ec sulfonamide complexes

Zundel G., 1982: Proton transfer and polarizability of hydrogen bonds formed between cysteine and lysine residues

Lindemann, R.; Zundel, G., 1977: Proton transfer and polarizability of hydrogen bonds in proteins coupled with conformational changes part 1 ir investigation of poly glutamic acid with various nitrogen bases

Silverman, D. N.; Tu, C.; Wynns, G. C., 1978: Proton transfer between hemo globin and the carbonic anhydrase active site

Moulik S.P., 1987: Proton transfer complexation equilibrium in presence of bile salts and their mixtures with other detergents

Gilbert H.F., 1981: Proton transfer from acetyl coenzyme a catalyzed by thiolase i from porcine heart

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216187

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216188

Simonnin M P., 1981: Proton transfer in histidine hydro chloride induced by a di polar aprotic solvent

Leadlay, P. F.; Fuller, J. Q., 1983: Proton transfer in methyl malonyl coenzyme a epimerase ec from propionibacterium shermanii studies with specifically tritiated 2 r methyl malonyl coenzyme a as substrate

Fuller, J. Q.; Leadlay, P. F., 1983: Proton transfer in methyl malonyl coenzyme a epimerase ec from propionibacterium shermanii the reaction of 2 r methyl malonyl coenzyme a in tritiated water

Kosman D.J., 1987: Proton transfer in the copper ii tetrapyridine catalyzed oxidation of acetol monohydroxyacetone

Kakitani H., 1981: Proton transfer in the primary process of vision

Schuster, P.; Tortschanoff, K.; Winkler, H., 1976: Proton transfer reactions of di basic acids in aqueous solution 3 hydroxy pyridine

Summers, M. C.; Rose, I. A., 1977: Proton transfer reactions of methyl glyoxal synthase ec

Kasha M., 1984: Proton transfer spectroscopy of 3 hydroxy flavone in an isolated site crystal matrix

Giannini, I.; Grasselli, P., 1976: Proton transfer to a charged dye bound to the alpha chymotrypsin ec active site studied by laser photolysis

Scheiner, S.; Harding, L. B., 1981: Proton transfers in hydrogen bonded systems 2. electron correlation effects in ammonia ammonium ion system

Scheiner S., 1981: Proton transfers in hydrogen bonded systems cationic oligomers of water

Schneider J.A., 1983: Proton translocating atpase and lysosomal cystine transport

Kagawa, Y.; Sone, N.; Yoshida, M.; Hirata, H.; Okamoto, H., 1976: Proton translocating atpase ec of a thermophilic bacterium morphology subunits and chemical composition

Caldwell J., 1988: Proton translocating atpase from bovine kidney medulla partial purification and reconstitution

Ovchinnikov Yu A., 1982: Proton translocating atpase from streptococcus faecalis structure of the di cyclohexyl carbodiimide binding subunit

Kormer S.S., 1986: Proton translocating atpase functional system

Ohkuma S., 1984: Proton translocating atpase in lysosomal membrane ghosts evidence that alkaline magnesium atpase acts as a proton pump

Al Awqati Q., 1984: Proton translocating atpase in rough and smooth microsomes from rat liver

Apps D.K., 1986: Proton translocating atpase of chromaffin granule membranes the active site is in the largest 70 kilodalton subunit

Scarpa A., 1982: Proton translocating atpase of chromaffin granules kinetics regulation and stoichiometry

Fillingames R.H., 1985: Proton translocating atpase of escherichia coli an unc e mutation impairing coupling between f 1 and f o but not f o mediated proton translocation

Peters L.K., 1983: Proton translocating atpase of escherichia coli unc b 402 mutation leads to loss of chi subunit of f 0 sector

Krab, K.; Wikstrom, M., 1978: Proton translocating cytochrome c oxidase ec in artificial phospho lipid vesicles

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216212

Peshavaria M., 1982: Proton translocating magnesium dependent atpase activity in insulin secretory granules

Ben-Hayyim, G.; Neumann, J., 1977: Proton translocation and atp formation coupled to electron transport from water to the primary acceptor of photosystem ii

Hollocher T.C., 1982: Proton translocation and proline uptake associated with reduction of nitric oxide by de nitrifying paracoccus denitrificans

Garland, P. B.; Downie, J. A.; Haddock, B. A., 1975: Proton translocation and the respiratory nitrate reductase ec of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216217

Satoh T., 1983: Proton translocation associated with denitrification in a photo denitrifier rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides f sp denitrificans

Peck H.D.Jr, 1981: Proton translocation associated with nitrite respiration in desulfovibrio desulfuricans

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216220

Keszthelyi L., 1987: Proton translocation by chemically modified bacteriorhodopsin

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216222

Orii Y., 1986: Proton translocation by cytochrome oxidase vesicles catalyzing the peroxidatic oxidation of ferrocytochrome c

Phillips, J. H.; Allison, Y. P., 1978: Proton translocation by the bovine chromaffin granule membrane

Price, B. D.; Brand, M. D., 1982: Proton translocation by the mitochondrial cytochrome b cytochrome c 1 complex is inhibited by n n' di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide

Papa S., 1987: Proton translocation by the proton atpase of mitochondria effect of modification by monofunctional reagents of thiol residues in f 0 polypeptides

Scarborough, G. A., 1980: Proton translocation catalyzed by the electrogenic atpase ec in the plasma membrane of neurospora crassa

Kotel'nikova A.V., 1981: Proton translocation coefficient for hydrogen atpase of rat liver mitochondria

Weiner J.H., 1985: Proton translocation coupled to dimethyl sulfoxide reduction in anaerobically grown escherichia coli hb 101

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216230

Ishimoto M., 1985: Proton translocation coupled to nitrite reduction in anaerobically grown escherichia coli

Lawford, H. G.; Garland, P. B., 1973: Proton translocation coupled to quinol oxidation in ox heart mitochondria

Lawford, H. G.; Garland, P. B., 1972: Proton translocation coupled to quinone reduction by nadh in rat liver and ox heart mitochondria

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216234

Lawford H.G., 1979: Proton translocation coupled to ubi quinol oxidation in paracoccus denitrificans

Hollocher T.C., 1983: Proton translocation during denitrification by a nitrifying denitrifying alcaligenes sp

Nicholas D.J.D., 1985: Proton translocation during denitrification in rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides f denitrificans

Chow, W. S.; Hope, A. B., 1977: Proton translocation electron transport and photo phosphorylation in isolated chloroplasts

Wu S M., 1982: Proton translocation in chloroplasts a new approach

Fowler, C. F., 1977: Proton translocation in chloroplasts and its relationship to electron transport between the photosystems

Soll H J., 1985: Proton translocation in corn zea coleoptiles atpase or redox chain?

Rosenberg H., 1979: Proton translocation in cytochrome deficient mutants of escherichia coli

Zundel G., 1981: Proton translocation in hydrogen bonds with large proton polarizability formed between a schiff base and phenols

Jackson J.B., 1985: Proton translocation in intact cells of the photosynthetic bacterium rhodopseudomonas capsulata

Tuovinen, O. H.; Nicholas, D. J. D.; Aleem, M. I. H., 1977: Proton translocation in intact cells of thiobacillus denitrificans

Dontsov, A. E.; Yaguzhinskii, L. S., 1977: Proton translocation in membranes of sub mitochondrial particles

Papa, S., 1976: Proton translocation reactions in the respiratory chains

Reynafarje, B.; Alexandre, A.; Davies, P.; Lehninger, A. L., 1982: Proton translocation stoichiometry of cytochrome oxidase ec use of a fast responding oxygen electrode

Morland A., 1979: Proton translocations in isolated spinach chloroplasts after single turnover actinic flashes

Chay T.R., 1980: Proton transport across charged membrane and ph oscillations

Lane B., 1986: Proton transport and membrane shuttling in turtle bladder epithelium

Felle H., 1987: Proton transport and ph control in sinapis alba root hairs a study carried out with double barrelled ph micro electrodes

Levinson C., 1984: Proton transport and the regulation of intra cellular ph in ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Hwang S B., 1980: Proton transport by bacterio rhod opsin in planar membranes assembled from air water interface films

Hwang, S. B.; Korenbrot, J. I.; Stoeckenius, W., 1977: Proton transport by bacterio rhod opsin through an interface film

Hinkle P.C., 1982: Proton transport by cytochrome c oxidase from the thermophilic bacterium ps 3 reconstituted in liposomes

Chang, H.; Saccomani, G.; Rabon, E.; Shackmann, R.; Sachs, G., 1977: Proton transport by gastric membrane vesicles

Gros, G.; Moll, W.; Hoppe, H.; Gros, H., 1976: Proton transport by phosphate diffusion a mechanism of facilitated carbon di oxide transfer

Tannen R.L., 1984: Proton transport by the aldo sterone deficient rat distal nephron

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216260

Kol's O.R., 1984: Proton transport during excitation of the nerve

Wagner, G.; Hope, A. B., 1976: Proton transport in halobacterium halobium

Taiz L., 1985: Proton transport in isolated vacuoles from corn zea mays cultivar golden cross bantam coleoptiles

Tang G.M S., 1981: Proton transport in photo oxidation of water a new perspective on photosynthesis

Giannini, J. L.; Briskin, D. P., 1987: Proton transport in plasma membrane and tonoplast vesicles from red beet beta vulgaris l. storage tissue a comparative study of ion effects on delta ph and delta psi

Smith F.A., 1981: Proton transport in the evolution of photosynthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216267

Jochem, P.; Luettge, U., 1987: Proton transporting enzymes at the tonoplast of leaf cells of the cam plant kalanchoe daigremontiana i. the atpase

Marquardt, G.; Luttge, U., 1987: Proton transporting enzymes at the tonoplast of leaf cells of the cam plant kalanchoe daigremontiana ii. the pyrophosphatase

Haschke, H. P.; Groetsch, S.; Luettge, U., 1988: Proton transporting enzymes at the tonoplast of leaf cells of the cam plant kalanchoe daigremontiana iii. regulation of the atpase

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Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216865

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Astrom M., 1982: Proximal metatarsal osteotomy in hallux valgus

Section 7, Chapter 6217, Accession 006216999

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