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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6218

Chapter 6218 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ravid, M.; Robson, M., 1976: Proximal myopathy caused by iatrogenic phosphate depletion

Verret J L., 1980: Proximal nail fold biopsy in connective tissue diseases 26 cases studied under light microscopy electron microscopy and direct immuno fluorescence

Holden, A. L., 1972: Proximal negative response in the pigeon retina

Chokroverty S., 1982: Proximal nerve dys function in diabetic proximal amyotrophy electro physiology and electron microscopy

Choudhury, A. R., 1976: Proximal occlusion of the dominant anterior cerebral artery for anterior communicating aneurysm

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217005

Patel M.R., 1984: Proximal perforating metatarsal artery in the buffalo bubalus bubalis

Toledo-Pereyra, L. H.; Kyriakides, G. K.; Ma, K. W.; Miller, J., 1977: Proximal radial artery cephalic vein fistula hemo dialysis

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217008

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217009

Fessler J.F., 1981: Proximal radius fracture in a horse angle blade plate repair

Rector F.C.Jr, 1982: Proximal re absorption during metabolic acidosis in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217012

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217013

Farfel, Z.; Iaina, A.; Levi, J.; Gafni, J., 1978: Proximal renal tubular acidosis association with familial norm aldo steronemic hyper potassemia and hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217015

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217016

Maclennan I.C.M., 1984: Proximal renal tubular function in myelomatosis observations in the 4th medical research council trial

Taylor C.R., 1986: Proximal renal tubular surface membrane antigens identified in primary and metastatic renal cell carcinomas

Inglis, A. E.; Jones, E. C., 1977: Proximal row carpectomy for diseases of the proximal row

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217020

Saperia B.S., 1987: Proximal row carpectomy in arthrogrypotic wrist deformity

Lucas J.H., 1987: Proximal segment retraction increases the probability of nerve cell survival after dendrite transection

Balint A., 1987: Proximal selective vagotomy for the management of the complications bleeding perforation stenosis of duodenal ulcer

De Portugal Alvarez J., 1987: Proximal sensory conduction in diabetic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217025

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217026

Soloway M.S., 1979: Proximal stent displacement as complication of pigtail ureteral stent

Morishima I., 1981: Proximal strain and visible absorption changes in the model complexes of imidazole met hemo globin

Oh, I.; Harris, W. H., 1978: Proximal strain distribution in the loaded femur an in vitro comparison of the distributions in the intact femur and after insertion of different hip replacement femoral components

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217030

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217031

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217032

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217033

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217034

Tosney K.W., 1987: Proximal tissues and patterned neurite outgrowth at the lumbosacral level of the chick embryo deletion of the dermamyotome

Tosney K.W., 1988: Proximal tissues and patterned neurite outgrowth at the lumbosacral level of the chick embryo partial and complete deletion of the somite

Gregoire M.J., 1981: Proximal trisomy 13 a family with balanced reciprocal translocation t 8 13 in 7 members and robertsonian translocation t 13 14 in 3 members

Breda D.J., 1983: Proximal trisomy 14q a case and a review of the literature

Corvilain J., 1987: Proximal tubular acidosis in adult vitamin d deficient osteomalacia

Klein, M. J.; Valensi, Q. J., 1976: Proximal tubular adenomas of kidney with so called oncocytic features a clinico pathologic study of 13 cases of a rarely reported neoplasm

Malnic G., 1984: Proximal tubular bi carbonate ion hydrogen ion and fluid transport during maleate induced acidification defect

Gennari F.J., 1983: Proximal tubular bi carbonate re absorption and carbon di oxide tension in chronic metabolic alkalosis in the rat

Agus Z.S., 1982: Proximal tubular defects in idiopathic hyper calciuria resistance to phosphate administration

Goldsweig, H. G.; Brisson-De-Champlain, M. L.; Davidman, M., 1978: Proximal tubular dys function associated with burkitts lymphoma

Marra G., 1988: Proximal tubular function and hyperfiltration during amino acid infusion in man

Auld, R. B.; Alexander, E. A.; Levinsky, N. G., 1971: Proximal tubular function in dogs with thoracic caval constriction

Lindstedt G., 1981: Proximal tubular function in human hydro nephrotic kidneys

Bulger R.E., 1982: Proximal tubular necrosis associated with maleic acid administration to the rat

Heller, J.; Novakova, A., 1969: Proximal tubular re absorption during renal vaso dilation and increased arterial blood pressure in saline loaded rats

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217050

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217051

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217052

Cardinal J., 1980: Proximal tubular response to variations in extracellular sodium concentration

Conger J.D., 1980: Proximal tubular secretion in external phosphate homeostasis

Szyjewicz J., 1984: Proximal tubular sodium chloride and bi carbonate re absorption and renal oxygen consumption

Oden D.E., 1981: Proximal tubule brush border alterations during the course of chromate nephropathy

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217058

Richet G., 1985: Proximal tubule dopamine histofluorescence in renal slices incubated with l dopa

Noble B., 1985: Proximal tubule function in chronic serum sickness glomerulonephritis of rats

Knight, T. F.; Senekjian, H. O.; Sansom, S. C.; Weinman, E. J., 1980: Proximal tubule glucose efflux in the rat as a function of delivered load

Kleinman J.G., 1985: Proximal tubule hydrogen ion transport processes in diuretic induced metabolic alkalosis

Cioffe C., 1982: Proximal tubule like epithelium in bowmans capsule in spontaneously hypertensive rats changes with age

Tanner G.A., 1986: Proximal tubule morphology after single nephron obstruction in the rat kidney

Kokko, J. P., 1973: Proximal tubule potential difference dependence on glucose bi carbonate and amino acids

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217066

Knox F.G., 1984: Proximal tubule site of inhibition of phosphate re absorption by calcitonin

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217068

Bulger, R. E.; Siegel, F. L.; Pendergrass, R., 1976: Proximal tubule tendrils fact or artifact

Katirji, M. B.; Katirji, P. M., 1988: Proximal ulnar mononeuropathy caused by conduction block at erb's point

Holmberg D.L., 1987: Proximal urethral reconstruction using a distally based ventral bladder tube flap an experimental study

Nazir C.A., 1986: Proximal vaginal flap and needle suspension procedure in management of large urethral fistulas in females

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217073

Wokke J.H.J., 1987: Proximal weakness of the extremities as main feature of amyloid myopathy

Hamm D., 1982: Proximate analyses selected vitamins and minerals and cholesterol content of mechanically de boned and hand de boned broiler parts

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217076

Baldwin, R. E.; Korschgen, B. M.; Russell, M. S.; Mabesa, L., 1976: Proximate analysis free amino acid vitamin and mineral content of microwave cooked meat

Vlieg P., 1985: Proximate analysis of commercial new zealand fish species 3

Vlieg P., 1985: Proximate analysis of commercial new zealand fish species 4

Talabi S.O., 1985: Proximate analysis of the flesh and anatomical weight composition of skipjack tuna katsuwonus pelamis

Del-Valle, F. R.; Bourges, H.; Haas, R.; Gaona, H., 1976: Proximate analysis protein quality and microbial counts of quick salted freshly made and stored fish cakes

Hayashi J., 1985: Proximate and dietary fiber analysis of edible wild plants

Vlieg P., 1982: Proximate and fatty acid composition of the flesh of new zealand red cod pseudophycis bachus hoki macruronus novaezelandiae and jack mackerel trachurus declivis and trachurus novaezelandiae

Kamel B., 1982: Proximate and macro element and micro element analysis of arabian gulf fish

Fox P.F., 1981: Proximate and mineral composition of irish dried soups

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217091

Shukla P.C., 1980: Proximate and trace elements content of the forest tree leaves of dangs gujarat india collected during summer season

Bellrose C.A., 1986: Proximate and ultimate causation of egg size and the third chick disadvantage in the western gull larus occidentalis

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217094

Morris D.W., 1986: Proximate and ultimate controls on life history variation the evolution of litter size in white footed mice peromyscus leucopus

Ploger B.J., 1987: Proximate and ultimate roles of food amount in regulating egret sibling aggression

Bitterlich G., 1984: Proximate biochemical composition and caloric content calculated from elemental carbon hydrogen nitrogen analysis a stoichiometric concept

Potter I.C., 1981: Proximate body composition of the larval metamorphosing and downstream migrant stages in the life cycle of the southern hemisphere lamprey geotria australis

Smith J.N.M., 1986: Proximate causes of losses in a snowshoe hare population

Branscomb, E. S., 1976: Proximate causes of mortality determining the distribution and abundance of the barnacle balanus improvisus in chesapeake bay maryland usa

Moreno Rivera M.A., 1979: Proximate characteristics and composition of sapodilla fruits manilkara achras grown in mexico

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217102

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217103

Matthews R., 1984: Proximate components in selected variety breads commercially produced in major usa cities

Akimoto I., 1986: Proximate composition and amylose content of starch of japanese barnyard millet grains

Dhindsa K.S., 1988: Proximate composition and antinutritional factors in rice bean vigna umbellata

Tucker R.M., 1982: Proximate composition and caloric content of 8 lake michigan north america fishes

Ferguson R.L., 1985: Proximate composition and distribution of radioactive label in laboratory cultured spartina alterniflora

Tomar A.K., 1985: Proximate composition and grain characteristics of some varieties of ragi eleusine coracana

Khare I., 1981: Proximate composition and mineral nutrient content of university meals

Pankar, D. S.; Magar, N. G., 1978: Proximate composition and minerals in some selected varieties of red chilies capsicum annuum

Bakhshi A.K., 1984: Proximate composition and nutritive value of some improved varieties of maize of punjab india

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217113

Pasteur R., 1981: Proximate composition and preliminary data on freshness determination of silver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrix

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217115

Medeiros D.M., 1986: Proximate composition and sensory evaluation of a sausage snack ball made from catfish and from pork

Tanimura W., 1981: Proximate composition and the composition of amino acids in winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus

Potter I.C., 1983: Proximate composition at various stages of adult life in the southern hemisphere lamprey geotria australis

Wiggin K., 1984: Proximate composition cholesterol and calcium content in mechanically separated fish flesh from 3 species of the gadidae family

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217121

Medeiros D.M., 1985: Proximate composition mineral content and fatty acids of catfish ictalurus punctatus for different seasons and cooking methods

Hanna R.G.M., 1986: Proximate composition of certain red sea fishes

Zama K., 1983: Proximate composition of fall chum salmon oncorhynchus keta

Linko R.R., 1979: Proximate composition of fish roe in relation to maturity

Tan, Y. T., 1971: Proximate composition of fresh water fish grass carp puntius gonionotus and tilapia

Toma, R. B.; Augustin, J.; Shaw, R. L.; True, R. H.; Hogan, J. M., 1978: Proximate composition of freshly harvested and stored potatoes solanum tuberosum

Pore M.S., 1979: Proximate composition of horse gram dolichos biflorus varieties

Bhattacharya L., 1980: Proximate composition of seeds of improved varieties of bengal gram cicer arietinum

Clement G.I.T., 1983: Proximate composition of skipjack tuna katsuwonus pelamis from new zealand and new caledonian waters

Thomas E., 1979: Proximate composition of the adult anadromous sea lamprey petromyzon marinus in relation to feeding migration and reproduction

Mikkonen A.V., 1984: Proximate composition of the river lamprey lampetra fluviatilis during the spawning run

Wassef E.A., 1986: Proximate composition of wild and reared gilthead bream chrysophrys auratus forster

Tomasko D., 1987: Proximate composition photosynthetic and respiratory responses of the seagrass halophila engelmannii from florida usa

Davis K.R., 1981: Proximate composition phytic acid and total phosphorus of selected breakfast cereals

Swanson, B. G.; Montoure, J. E.; Mccurdy, A. R.; Peterson, S. G.; O'bannon, S. L., 1977: Proximate composition respiration rate and fungi growth of dry beans

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217141

Schuler S., 1986: Proximate determinants of fertility in the kathmandu valley nepal an anthropological case study

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217144

Baur A., 1986: Proximate factors influencing egg cannibalism in the land snail arianta arbustorum pulmonata helicidae

Amaya Farfan J., 1983: Proximate fatty acid and amino acid composition of the brazilian fresh water fish prochilodus scrofa

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217147

Harrold, R. L.; Nalewaja, J. D., 1977: Proximate mineral and amino acid composition of 15 weed seeds

Ullrey D.E., 1983: Proximate mineral and gross energy composition of white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus borealis

De-La-Cruz, A. A., 1975: Proximate nutritive value changes during decomposition of salt marsh plants

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217151

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217152

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217153

Tartabini A., 1985: Proximity between the infant and its mother and the development of independence in rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217155

Brutlad D., 1986: Proximity dependent enhancement of sgs 4 gene expression in drosophila melanogaster

Gaertner E.J., 1982: Proximity effects in young spruce provenance stands

Kassab R., 1981: Proximity of alkali light chains to 27 kilodalton domain of the heavy chain in myosin subfragment 1

Karush F., 1980: Proximity of antibody binding sites studied by fluorescence energy transfer

Nakashima, K.; Darzynkiewicz, E.; Shatkin, A. J., 1980: Proximity of messenger rna 5' region and 18s ribosomal rna in eukaryotic initiation complexes

Martin R.B., 1980: Proximity of metal ions and hydro carbon side chains of chelated alpha amino acids and peptides

Kubinski Z.O., 1984: Proximity of polyriboguanylic acid reactive sites in mammalian dna to portions of dna preferentially hybridizing with cellular rna

Gennis R.B., 1982: Proximity of reactive cysteine residue and flavin in escherichia coli pyruvate oxidase as estimated by fluorescence energy transfer

Masaki T., 1984: Proximity of reactive lysyl residue to the antigenic site in rabbit skeletal myosin against the mono clonal antibody mf 18 generated to chicken skeletal myosin

Szent Gyorgyi A.G., 1985: Proximity of regulatory light chains in scallop myosin

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217167

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217168

David C.S., 1985: Proximity of the mep 1 gene to h 2d on chromosome 17 in mice

Vickery L.E., 1982: Proximity of the substrate binding site and the heme iron catalytic site in cytochrome p 450scc

Cunningham L.W., 1988: Proximity of thiol esters and bait region in human alpha 2 macroglobulin paramagnetic mapping

Santus R., 1986: Proximity relations between tyrosine and tryptophan residues in fd phage determined by luminescence measurements

Cheung H.C., 1986: Proximity relationship in the binary complex formed between troponin i and troponin c

Changchien, L. M.; Craven, G. R., 1977: Proximity relationships among the 30s ribosomal proteins during assembly in vitro

Wu, C. W.; Stryer, L., 1972: Proximity relationships in rhod opsin

Shaklai, N.; Gafni, A.; Daniel, E., 1978: Proximity relationships of tryptophanyl residues and oxygen binding site in levantina hierosolima hemo cyanin a fluorometric study

Karush F., 1981: Proximity relationships within the fc segment of rabbit immuno globulin g analyzed by resonance energy transfer

Lamb, M. E., 1976: Proximity seeking attachment behaviors a critical review of the literature

Greenberg I.M., 1987: Proximity storage of surgical instruments in the operative field

Patterson S.A., 1979: Proximity to a burn wound as a new factor in considerations of post burn insulin resistance

Bosse R., 1985: Proximity to retirement and anticipatory involvement findings from the normative aging study

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217182

Kieny, M.; Pautou, M. P., 1977: Proximo distal pattern regulation in deficient avian limb buds

Cancalon P., 1983: Proximodistal degeneration of c fibers detached from their perikarya

Brown D.B., 1979: Proxy measures in accident countermeasure evaluation a study of emergency medical services

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217188

Linder, E.; Miettinen, A., 1976: Prozone effects in indirect immuno fluorescence

Herr S., 1982: Prozones and delayed reactions in the rose bengal test for bovine brucellosis

Trick G.L., 1986: Prrp abnormalities in glaucoma and ocular hypertension

Von Deimling O., 1981: Prt 4 and prt 5 new constituents of a gene cluster on chromosome 7 coding for ester proteases in the submandibular gland of the house mouse mus musculus

Uchiyama H., 1987: Prt r enhances the messenger rna level of the bacillus subtilis extracellular proteases

Mckusick B.C., 1981: Prudent practices for handling hazardous chemicals in laboratories

Wilson, D. S., 1978: Prudent predation a field study involving 3 species of tiger beetles

Shin S I., 1983: Prunasin biosynthesis by cell free extracts from black cherry prunus serotina fruits and leaves

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217197

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217198

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217199

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217200

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217201

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217202

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217203

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217204

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217205

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217206

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217207

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217208

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217209

Mircetich S.M., 1984: Prune brownline disease susceptibility of prune prunus domestica rootstocks and tomato ringspot virus detection

Soper R.G., 1979: Prune perineum

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217212

Jarolimek I., 1980: Prunello plantaginetum majoris in the southwestern part of the little carpathians czechoslovakia

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217214

Marmo C.A., 1985: Pruning and deblossoming effects on shoot growth and leaf area of cultivar mcintosh apple trees malus domestica

Van Vuuren N.J.J., 1987: Pruning and resin infiltration of pinus caribaea var caribaea in zululand south africa

Gachanja, S. P.; Gurnah, A. M., 1980: Pruning and trellising purple passion fruit passiflora edulis f edulis 1. yields and seasonal trends

Obaid E., 1986: Pruning for the purpose of optimizing the quantity and quality of pear yield

Slack J.R., 1982: Pruning of axonal trees results in increased efficacy of surviving nerve terminals

Vang Petersen O., 1988: Pruning of black currant

Gergov I., 1987: Pruning of plum trees with different extent of shortening

Brien C.J., 1982: Pruning of sultana vitis vinifera cultivar vines to long spurs

Fenton, R., 1977: Pruning results from 2.44 4.27 and 5.49 meter pruned 19 year old radiata pine

Van Laar A., 1986: Pruning studies in pinus radiata

May, P.; Clingeleffer, P. R.; Brien, C. J., 1978: Pruning sultana vines by the arched cane system

Dakin A.J., 1982: Pruning trial with sugi cryptomeria japonica

Neuhauslova Novotna Z., 1979: Pruno fraxinetum in the czech socialist republic czechoslovakia

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217231

Jordano P., 1981: Prunus mahaleb and birds the high efficiency seed dispersal system of temperate fruiting tree

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217233

Malhi C.S., 1987: Prunus persica batsch damage by birds and fruit fly pests in ludhiana punjab india

Yeo, P. F., 1976: Prunus pseudocerasus the yingtao cherry rosaceae

Mircetich, S. M.; Moller, W. J.; Nyland, G., 1977: Prunus stem pitting in sweet cherry and other stone fruit trees in california

Marty P., 1980: Pruriginous dermatitis due to pyemotes zwoelferi several cases in the alpes maritimes france

De Moragas J.M., 1987: Prurigo gravidarum

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217240

Imamura S., 1980: Prurigo nodularis a possible relationship to atopy

Winkelmann R.K., 1979: Prurigo nodularis a reappraisal of the clinical and histologic features

Greenwood R., 1981: Prurigo pigmentosa

Cox N.H., 1987: Prurigo pigmentosa

Saurat J H., 1986: Prurigo pigmentosa 3rd non japanese case

Niwa Y., 1986: Prurigo pigmentosa a possible mechanism of action of sulfonamides

Nishikawa T., 1984: Prurigo pigmentosa affecting the forehead

Nagashima, M., 1978: Prurigo pigmentosa clinical observations of 14 cases

Morishima T., 1986: Prurigo pigmentosa when fasting to lose weight

Hanifin J.M., 1983: Pruritic dermatitis in asthmatic basenji greyhound dogs a model for human atopic dermatitis

Farmer E.R., 1981: Pruritic folliculitis of pregnancy

Rahbari, H., 1978: Pruritic papules of pregnancy

Roscelli J.D., 1988: Pruritic rash associated with cat scratch disease

Edwards, A. E.; Shellow, W. V. R.; Wright, E. T.; Dignam, T. F., 1976: Pruritic skin disease psychological stress and the itch sensation a reliable method for the induction of experimental pruritus

O'brien T., 1982: Pruritic specific cutaneous infiltrates in leukemia and lymphoma

Kaplan R., 1981: Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy

Katz S.I., 1979: Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy

Moragas J.M., 1983: Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy

Sandbank M., 1987: Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy a review of 21 cases

Uhlin S.R., 1981: Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy involvement in mother and infant

Parks G., 1985: Pruritic vulvar squamous papillomatosis evidence for human papillomavirus etiology

Hagermark, O.; Strandberg, K., 1977: Pruritogenic activity of prostaglandin e 2

Staubli M., 1981: Pruritus a little known iron deficiency symptom

Lewiecki, E. M.; Rahman, F., 1976: Pruritus a manifestation of iron deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217267

Korting G.W., 1981: Pruritus and bile acids determination of sulfa litho glyco cholate and glyco cholate in suction blister fluid and in serum

Evans, J.; Beer, W.; Davies, R., 1978: Pruritus and dermographism due to intra hepatic cholestasis of infancy

Horie A., 1985: Pruritus and mast cell proliferation of the skin in end stage renal failure

Wiley J.S., 1982: Pruritus and severe iron deficiency in polycythemia vera

Kristiansen J., 1980: Pruritus and xerosis in patients with chronic renal failure

Doucet P., 1988: Pruritus ani

Verbov J., 1984: Pruritus ani and its management a study and reappraisal

Donati A., 1986: Pruritus ani epidemiology diagnosis therapy

Kallner A., 1985: Pruritus during standardized mental stress relationship to psychoneuroendocrine and metabolic parameters

Ferguson D.R., 1981: Pruritus in cholestasis no direct causative role for bile acid retention

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217278

Hagermark O., 1979: Pruritus in polycythemia vera treatment with aspirin and possibility of platelet involvement

Voorhees J.J., 1988: Pruritus in psoriasis a prospective study of some psychiatric and dermatologic correlates

Smith J., 1981: Pruritus of cholestasis treated with plasma perfusion

Michely D., 1981: Prussic acid content of cereals in temperate climate regions

Braude, R.; Hosking, Z. D.; Mitchell, K. G.; Plonka, S.; Sambrook, I. E., 1977: Pruteen a new source of protein for growing pigs part 1 metabolic experiment utilization of nitrogen

Braude, R.; Rhodes, D. N., 1977: Pruteen a new source of protein for growing pigs part 2 feeding trial growth rate feed utilization and carcass and meat quality

Heath M.E., 1981: Pruteen in the diet of breeding pigs reproductive performance

Ryan K.G., 1985: Prymnesium calathiferum new species prymnesiophyceae isolated from northland new zealand

Heynig, H., 1978: Prymnesium saltans new record chrysophyceae from inland waters in the halle district east germany

Billard C., 1983: Prymnesium zebrinum new species and prymnesium annuliferum new species 2 new species related to prymnesium parvum prymnesiophyceae

He L., 1982: Przewalskia tangutica a tropane alkaloid containing plant

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217290

Okamura, K.; Hirata, S.; Okumura, Y.; Fukagawa, Y.; Shimauchi, Y.; Kouno, K.; Ishikura, T.; Lein, J., 1978: Ps 5 a new beta lactam antibiotic from streptomyces

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217292

Lein J., 1979: Ps 5 a new beta lactam antibiotic part 2 anti microbial activity

Lein J., 1979: Ps 5 a new beta lactam antibiotic part 3 synergistic effects and inhibitory activity against a beta lactamase

Ishikura T., 1980: Ps 6 and ps 7 new beta lactam antibiotics in vitro and in vivo evaluation

Et Al, 1980: Ps 6 and ps 7 new beta lactam antibiotics isolation physicochemical properties and structures

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217297

Chace, F. A. Jr ; Holthuis, L. B., 1978: Psalidopus the scissor foot shrimps crustacea decapoda caridea

Long, A. G., 1976: Psalixochlaena berwickense new species a lower carboniferous fern from berwickshire england

Wagner, E., 1975: Psallus amitinus new species hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Aukema B., 1986: Psallus assimilis new record and psallus pseudoplatani new record two mirid bugs new to the fauna of the netherlands heteroptera miridae phylinae

Hoebeke E.R., 1982: Psallus variabilis and psallus albipennis new combination 2 european plant bugs established in north america with notes on taxonomic changes hemiptera heteroptera miridae

Jkinkorova J., 1985: Psallus wagneri new record in czechoslovakia heteroptera miridae

Moulds M.S., 1984: Psaltoda magnifica new species and notes on the distribution of psaltoda species homoptera cicadidae

Zullini, A., 1974: Psammic nematodes of the po river italy

Sequeira, E. M. D., 1981: Psammo soils of the miocene pliocene and pleistocene of southern portugal 5. copper

Leo P., 1980: Psammoardoinellus sardiniensis new genus new combination of opatrinae from sardinia italy coleoptera tenebrionidae

Sudzuki M., 1979: Psammobiont rhizopoda and actinopoda from marine beaches of Japan

Golemanski V.G., 1979: Psammobiontic thecamoebae from the korean supralittoral of the sea of japan and description of 2 new species rhumbleriella coreana new species and amphorellopsis conica new species rhizopoda testacea

Czapik, A.; Jordan, A., 1977: Psammobiotic ciliates of the baltic sea in the region of gdansk part 2

Golemansky V.G., 1979: Psammobiotic ciliates of the Bulgarian coast of the Black sea

Golemansky V., 1979: Psammobiotic thecamoebas of the Vietnam coast of the China sea with description of Cryptodifflugia brevicolla new species (Rhizopoda : Arcellinida)

Rakovic M., 1985: Psammodiini of sudan coleoptera scarabaeidae aphodiinae

Mann D.G., 1980: Psammodiscus nitidus new genus new combination based on coscinodiscus nitidus

Pierotti H., 1980: Psammodius belloi new species from greece coleoptera aphodiidae

Mencl L., 1982: Psammodius bulgaricus new species from bulgaria coleoptera aphodiidae

Chalumeau, F., 1976: Psammodius cameneni new species from the antilles west indies coleoptera scarabaeidae

Pittino, R., 1978: Psammodius pierottii new species of euro anatolic caucasian psammodius nocturnus group coleoptera aphodiidae

Stock J.H., 1983: Psammogammarus scopulorum new species crustacea amphipoda from the roques archipelago venezuela

D'alessandro A., 1984: Psammolestes arthuri new record hemiptera reduviidae and its parasite telenomus capito new record hymenoptera scelionidae in colombia

Doshi N., 1980: Psammoma bodies and detached ciliary tufts in a cervico vaginal smear associated with benign ovarian cyst adeno fibroma

De Graaff Guilloud J.C., 1981: Psammoma bodies and some opportunistic infections detected in cervical smears of women fitted with an intra uterine device

Masubuchi K., 1982: Psammoma bodies found in cervico vaginal and or endometrial smears

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Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217678

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Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217766

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217767

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Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217825

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Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217903

Section 7, Chapter 6218, Accession 006217904

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