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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6225

Chapter 6225 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ishii H., 1986: Pulmonary tuberculosis and recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis

Cappelli S., 1987: Pulmonary tuberculosis differential diagnosis between active and previous nonactive roentgenographic lesions

Engbaek, H. C.; Vergmann, B.; Bunch-Christensen, K., 1977: Pulmonary tuberculosis due to bcg in a technician employed in a bcg laboratory

Roberts C., 1986: Pulmonary tuberculosis due to mycobacterium bovis

Zvetina, J. R.; Nathan, N.; Facen, H., 1976: Pulmonary tuberculosis following successful treatment of pulmonary infection with mycobacterium kansasii

Al'khimovich V.A., 1984: Pulmonary tuberculosis in a rural population

Aderele W.I., 1979: Pulmonary tuberculosis in childhood an analysis of 263 cases seen at ibadan nigeria

Wolfe W.G., 1980: Pulmonary tuberculosis in children

King L.M., 1987: Pulmonary tuberculosis in corticosteroid treated asthmatics

Berk S.L., 1987: Pulmonary tuberculosis in elderly men

Leitch A.G., 1988: Pulmonary tuberculosis in health service staff is it still a problem

Zhang F., 1982: Pulmonary tuberculosis in old age

Heffernan, J. F.; Nunn, A. J.; Peto, J.; Fox, W., 1975: Pulmonary tuberculosis in scotland a national sample survey and follow up 1968 1970 part 1 the characteristics of the cases notified in 1968

Puchetti, V.; Orcalli, F., 1978: Pulmonary tuberculosis in thoracic surgery part 1 primary infection and chemo prophylaxis

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224015

Werner E., 1985: Pulmonary tuberculosis of a veterinarian and by atypical mycobacteria recognition as occupational disease

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224017

Padilla Manzuco J.M., 1986: Pulmonary tuberculosis with atypical localization a study of 16 cases with different involvement of the apical posterior segment

Et Al, 1982: Pulmonary tuberculosis with diabetes in the elderly

Goldin A., 1988: Pulmonary tumor colony formation following iv inoculation of six human colorectal carcinoma xenografts in young gnotobiotic athymic mice

Gonzalez-Vitale, J.; Garcia-Bunuel, R., 1976: Pulmonary tumor emboli and cor pulmonale in primary carcinoma of the lung

Gerst P.H., 1988: Pulmonary tumor embolization after peritoneovenous shunting for malignant ascites

Reznik-Schueller, H.; Mohr, U., 1977: Pulmonary tumorigenesis in syrian golden hamsters after intra tracheal instillations with automobile exhaust condensate

Bjorklund N E., 1985: Pulmonary tumorigenicity of arsenic trisulfide and calcium arsenate in hamsters

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224025

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224026

Kleinerman J., 1982: Pulmonary tumorlets in cases of tuberculoma of the lung with malignant cells in brush biopsy

Smith D.M., 1981: Pulmonary tumors in syrian hamsters following inhalation of plutonium 239 labeled plutonium oxide

Du Z., 1987: Pulmonary tumors induced by diethylnitrosamine in mice

Suzuki, Y., 1978: Pulmonary tumors induced in mice by vinyl chloride monomer

Terracio L., 1984: Pulmonary type ii cell lamellar body ultrastructure preserved by rapid freezing and freeze drying

Chomette, G.; Auriol, M., 1977: Pulmonary ultrastructural changes following experimental fat embolism in the rabbit

Dos-Santos, M. L.; Bogossian, M.; Pontes-Pacheco, I.; Da-Silva-Sasso, W.; Ratto, O. R., 1978: Pulmonary ultrastructural changes in dogs following experimental hemorrhagic shock

Scott, K. W. M.; Barer, G. R.; Leach, E.; Mungall, I. P. F., 1978: Pulmonary ultrastructural changes in hypoxic rats

Sykes, B. I.; Purchase, I. F. H.; Smith, L. L., 1977: Pulmonary ultrastructure after oral and intra venous dosage of paraquat to rats

Dearden, L. C.; Fairshter, R. D.; Mcrae, D. M.; Smith, W. R.; Glauser, F. L.; Wilson, A. F., 1978: Pulmonary ultrastructure of the late aspects of human paraquat poisoning

Bocek K., 1980: Pulmonary uptake and amounts of solvents metabolized at different physical loads

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224038

Rola Pleszczynski M., 1983: Pulmonary uptake of gallium 67 in asbestos exposed humans and sheep

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224040

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224041

Leon D., 1983: Pulmonary uptake of mannitol as an index of changes in lung epithelial permeability

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224043

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224044

Sapru H.N., 1982: Pulmonary vagal afferent stimulants in the conscious rat opioids and phenyl di guanide

Raskoff, W. J.; Wagner, S.; Hill, J. D., 1976: Pulmonary valve cyst in an adult case report

Karmarkar S.G., 1980: Pulmonary valve echo cardiography

Glasser, S. P.; Baucum, R. W-Jr, 1977: Pulmonary valve fluttering in subpulmonic ventricular septal defect

Danielson G.K., 1988: Pulmonary valve insertion during reoperation for tetralogy of fallot

Ebert P.A., 1983: Pulmonary valve replacement for regurgitation after repair of tetralogy of fallot

Akins, C. W.; Buckley, M. J.; Scannell, J. G.; Austen, W. G., 1976: Pulmonary valve replacement report of an operation performed for calcific pulmonic stenosis associated with total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage and atrial septal defect

Guerin F., 1988: Pulmonary valve stenosis and degenerative myocardial lesions a case report

Eldor A., 1986: Pulmonary valve stenosis and hemophilia a report of three cases and discussion of a possible genetic linkage

Berman W.Jr, 1981: Pulmonary valvotomy an alternative method

Freed M.D., 1985: Pulmonary valvotomy under normothermic caval inflow occlusion

Ducloux G., 1986: Pulmonary valvular endocarditis focus based on a case with associated aortic valvular involvement place in the surgical management of isolated pulmonary valve resection without prosthetic replacement

Bahnson H.T., 1982: Pulmonary valvulotomy alone for pulmonary stenosis results in children with and without muscular infundibular hypertrophy

Morimoto M., 1982: Pulmonary varices associated with mitral valve disease a case and a survey of the literature

Romanoff, H.; Manny, J.; Aviad, I., 1976: Pulmonary varices report of 2 cases and review of the literature

Troup B.R., 1981: Pulmonary varix computed tomographic findings

Chilton, S. J.; Campbell, J. B., 1978: Pulmonary varix in early infancy case report with 8 year follow up

Moro, C.; Marin, E.; Sanchez, A.; Solozabal, J., 1978: Pulmonary varix report of a case with additional anomalies of the vascular pulmonary tree

Tucker A., 1980: Pulmonary vascular actions of the anti histamine oxatomide during hypoxia

Haworth S.G., 1982: Pulmonary vascular and alveolar development in tetralogy of fallot a recommendation for early correction

Haworth S.G., 1986: Pulmonary vascular bed in children with complete atrioventricular septal defect relation between structural and hemodynamic abnormalities

Barson A.J., 1987: Pulmonary vascular candidiasis and use of central venous catheters in neonates

Crandall E.D., 1983: Pulmonary vascular carbonic anhydrase activity

Langston C., 1987: Pulmonary vascular changes associated with prolonged prostaglandin e 1 treatment

Yoshida, M.; Rotman, H. H.; Kimbel, P.; Alkalay, I., 1978: Pulmonary vascular changes following air embolism in the dog

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224070

Greenlees K.J., 1984: Pulmonary vascular changes in young and aging rats exposed to 5486 meters altitude

Bronikowski T.A., 1986: Pulmonary vascular compliance and viscoelasticity

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224073

Vandevater S.H., 1985: Pulmonary vascular disease and hypertension after valve surgery for mitral stenosis

Hofschire, P. J.; Rosenquist, G. C.; Ruckerman, R. N.; Moller, J. H.; Edwards, J. E., 1977: Pulmonary vascular disease complicating the blalock taussig anastomosis

Edwards W.D., 1983: Pulmonary vascular disease in 57 necropsy cases of total anomalous pulmonary venous connection

Grigioni W.F., 1981: Pulmonary vascular disease in a new born with complete transposition of the great arteries and intact ventricular septum a case

Folger G.M.Jr, 1983: Pulmonary vascular disease in children with congenital cardio vascular malformations etiologic considerations

Haworth S.G., 1984: Pulmonary vascular disease in children with truncus arteriosus

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224080

Haworth S.G., 1984: Pulmonary vascular disease in different types of congenital heart disease implications for interpretation of lung biopsy findings in early childhood

Reid L.M., 1984: Pulmonary vascular disease in fatal meconium aspiration

Mazzucco A., 1987: Pulmonary vascular disease in infants with complete atrioventricular septal defect

Haworth S.G., 1983: Pulmonary vascular disease in secundum atrial septal defect in childhood

Takahashi T., 1986: Pulmonary vascular disease in secundum atrial septal defect with pulmonary hypertension

Reisch J.S., 1980: Pulmonary vascular disease in total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage

Idriss F.S., 1979: Pulmonary vascular disease in transposition of the great vessels and intact ventricular septum

Haworth S.G., 1987: Pulmonary vascular disease in ventricular septal defect structural and functional correlations in lung biopsies from 85 patients with outcome of intracardiac repair

Cordasco E.M., 1983: Pulmonary vascular disease overview

Heymann M.A., 1981: Pulmonary vascular disease with congenital heart lesions pathologic features and causes

Kyogoku M., 1986: Pulmonary vascular disease with pulmonary hypertension in collagen disease

Palacios I.F., 1988: Pulmonary vascular dynamics after percutaneous mitral valvotomy

Olley P.M., 1980: Pulmonary vascular effects of 3 prostaglandin i 2 analogs in conscious new born lambs

Lock J.E., 1985: Pulmonary vascular effects of 5 leucine enkephalin in conscious newborn lambs

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224095

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224096

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224097

Lock J.E., 1983: Pulmonary vascular effects of bombesin and gastrin releasing peptide in conscious new born lambs

Mlczoch, J.; Weir, E. K.; Grover, R. F.; Reeves, J. T., 1978: Pulmonary vascular effects of endo toxin in leukopenic dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224100

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224101

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224102

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224103

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224104

Milstein J.M., 1980: Pulmonary vascular histamine receptors in new born and young lambs

Anderson R.W., 1979: Pulmonary vascular impedance analysis of adaptation to chronically elevated blood flow in the awake dog

Voelkel N.F., 1987: Pulmonary vascular injury by polycations in perfused rat lungs

Luzi P., 1985: Pulmonary vascular injury in pancreatitis evidence for a major role played by pancreatic elastase

Haworth S.G., 1985: Pulmonary vascular input impedance in the newborn and infant pig

Ishii T., 1981: Pulmonary vascular lesions in systemic lupus erythematosus associated with pulmonary hypertension especially the deposition of acid muco poly saccharides in the pulmonary arterial wall

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224111

Behrendt D., 1982: Pulmonary vascular morphology in shunted and nonshunted patients with tetralogy of fallot

Sauvegrain J., 1982: Pulmonary vascular nodules new sign of left lower lobe collapse in children

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224115

Zapol W., 1987: Pulmonary vascular obstruction in severe ards angiographic alterations after iv fibrinolytic therapy

Allen, J. R.; Carstens, L. A., 1970: Pulmonary vascular occlusions initiated by endothelial lysis in mono crotaline intoxicated rats

Guazzi M.D., 1985: Pulmonary vascular overreactivity in systemic hypertension a pathophysiological link between the greater and the lesser circulation

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224119

Shale D.J., 1987: Pulmonary vascular permeability to transferrin in the pulmonary edema of renal failure

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224121

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224122

Berryhill, R. E.; Benumof, J. L.; Rauscher, L. A., 1978: Pulmonary vascular pressure reading at the end of exhalation

Porcelli R.J., 1983: Pulmonary vascular reactivity after repetitive exposure to selected biogenic amines

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224125

Reeves J.T., 1979: Pulmonary vascular reactivity in the spontaneously hypertensive rat

Rounds S., 1982: Pulmonary vascular reactivity is blunted in pregnant rats

Cutaia M.V., 1988: Pulmonary vascular reactivity to biogenic amines during acute hypoxia

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224129

Guntheroth, W. G.; Kawabori, I.; Stevenson, J. G.; Cholvin, N. R., 1978: Pulmonary vascular resistance and right ventricular function in canine endo toxin shock

Kats M.G., 1982: Pulmonary vascular resistance as a factor limiting the time of cardio pulmonary preparation effect

Mazzone R.W., 1985: Pulmonary vascular resistance during unilateral pulmonary arterial occlusion in ducks

Denison D.M., 1984: Pulmonary vascular resistance in children with congenital heart disease

Shaffer T.H., 1986: Pulmonary vascular resistance in the fluorocarbon filled lung

Hedvall G., 1984: Pulmonary vascular resistance in ventricular septal defects the long term prognosis as evaluated by the thermodilution method

Rawlings C.A., 1980: Pulmonary vascular response during phases of canine heartworm disease scanning electron microscopic study

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224137

Kearns G.L., 1988: Pulmonary vascular response to aerosolized cromolyn sodium and repeated epochs of isocapneic alveolar hypoxia in lambs

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224139

Traber D.L., 1979: Pulmonary vascular response to endo toxin in normal and lymphocyte depleted sheep

Elkins, R. C.; Lane, M.; Greenfield, L. J., 1978: Pulmonary vascular response to experimental embolism and reversal by embolectomy

Malik, A. B., 1977: Pulmonary vascular response to increase in intra cranial pressure role of sympathetic mechanisms

Malik A.B., 1986: Pulmonary vascular response to leukotriene d 4 in unanesthetized sheep role of thromboxane

Haglund U., 1987: Pulmonary vascular response to live escherichia coli influences of different antiplatelet substances

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224145

Wiggins J.W.Jr, 1985: Pulmonary vascular response to oxygen in infants with severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Malik A.B., 1986: Pulmonary vascular response to platelet activating factor in awake sheep and the role of cyclooxygenase metabolites

Kusama S., 1988: Pulmonary vascular response to platelet activating factor in conscious sheep

Sundell H., 1979: Pulmonary vascular response to prostacyclin in fetal lambs

Malik A.B., 1984: Pulmonary vascular response to thrombin effects of thromboxane synthetase inhibition with oky 046 and oky 1581

Viswanathan, R.; Lodi, S. T. K.; Subramanian, S.; Radha, T. G., 1976: Pulmonary vascular response to ventilation hypercapnia in man

Huxtable R.J., 1987: Pulmonary vascular responses induced by the pyrrolizidine alkaloid monocrotaline in rats

Leffler, C.; Tyler, T.; Cassin, S., 1977: Pulmonary vascular responses of new born goats to aerosolized prostaglandin e 1

Hyman, A. L.; Woolverton, W. C.; Pennington, D. G.; Jaques, W. E., 1971: Pulmonary vascular responses to adp

Hyman, A. L.; Pennington, D. G.; Jaques, W. E., 1972: Pulmonary vascular responses to alloxan

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224156

Kadowitz P.J., 1988: Pulmonary vascular responses to forebrain stimulation in the cat

Hyman A.L., 1983: Pulmonary vascular responses to histamine in sheep

Simbirtsev S.A., 1980: Pulmonary vascular responses to inhalation anesthesia in isolated dog lungs

Heinonen J., 1986: Pulmonary vascular responses to moderate changes in arterial carbon dioxide partial pressure after cardiopulmonary bypass

Goetzman B.W., 1986: Pulmonary vascular responses to nitrous oxide in newborn lambs

Tarnow J., 1982: Pulmonary vascular responses to nitrous oxide in patients with normal and high pulmonary vascular resistance

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224163

Vader C.R., 1985: Pulmonary vascular responsiveness in cold exposed calves

Speir W.A.Jr, 1980: Pulmonary vascular responsiveness to histamine exquisite sensitivity of small intra pulmonary arteries

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224166

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224167

Hogg J.C., 1988: Pulmonary vascular structure and function in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Haworth S.G., 1984: Pulmonary vascular structure in patients dying after a fontan procedure the lung as a risk factor

Tamborini G., 1986: Pulmonary vascular supersensitivity to catecholamines in systemic high blood pressure

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224171

Bower J.S., 1981: Pulmonary vascular tone improves ventilation perfusion relationships matching in obliterative pulmonary hypertension

Frans A., 1983: Pulmonary vascular tone is a determinant of basal lung perfusion in normal seated subjects

From A.H.L., 1986: Pulmonary vascular tone is increased by a voltage dependent calcium channel potentiator

Blake, L. H.; Staub, N. C., 1976: Pulmonary vascular transport in sheep a mathematical model

Taylor W.F., 1979: Pulmonary vasculitis complicating childhood ulcerative colitis

Soulard C.D., 1984: Pulmonary vaso constrictor response to acute decrease in blood oxygen partial pressure at 50 percent hemo globin saturation

Kadowitz P.J., 1981: Pulmonary vaso constrictor responses to graded decreases in precapillary blood oxygen tension in intact chest cat

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224179

Kadowitz P.J., 1979: Pulmonary vaso dilator activity of prostacyclin in the cat

Barer, G. R.; Shaw, J. W., 1971: Pulmonary vaso dilator and vaso constrictor actions of carbon di oxide

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224182

Kadowitz P.J., 1981: Pulmonary vaso dilator responses to catecholamines and sympathetic nerve stimulation in the cat evidence that vascular beta 2 adreno receptors are innervated

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224184

Kadowitz P.J., 1983: Pulmonary vaso dilator responses to vagal stimulation and acetyl choline in the cat

Grimm, D. J.; Dawson, C. A.; Hakim, T. S.; Linehan, J. H., 1978: Pulmonary vaso motion and the distribution of vascular resistance in a dog lung lobe

Daly, I. D. B.; Ramsey, D. J.; Waaler, B. A., 1975: Pulmonary vaso motor nerve responses in isolated perfused lungs of macaca mulatta and papio sp

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224188

Bowdy B.D., 1984: Pulmonary vasoactivity of lung endocrine cell related peptides

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224190

Roka L., 1988: Pulmonary vasoconstrictor response to soluble fibrin in isolated lungs possible role of thromboxane generation

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224192

Giudice J.C., 1987: Pulmonary vasodilatory therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cor pulmonale

Guazzi M.D., 1988: Pulmonary vasomotor responses to neural activation in man

Fitzsimons J.T., 1982: Pulmonary vein atrial junction stretch receptors and the inhibition of drinking

Hirakawa S., 1986: Pulmonary vein blood flow velocity waveform with special reference to pulmonary systolic runoff in patients with atrial septal defect

Steinke T.A., 1987: Pulmonary vein clamping during cardiopulmonary bypass enhancement of operative field visualization and myocardial hypothermia

Tolppanen E M., 1986: Pulmonary vein diameter in normal children

Rowe R.D., 1983: Pulmonary vein wedge angiography indications results and surgical correlates in 25 patients

Wagenvoort N., 1982: Pulmonary veins in high altitude residents a morphometric study

Dawson C.A., 1980: Pulmonary veno constriction caused by elevated cerebro spinal fluid pressure in the dog

Patte F., 1987: Pulmonary veno occlusive disease

Thadani, U.; Burrow, C.; Whitaker, W.; Heath, D., 1975: Pulmonary veno occlusive disease

Thompson G.S., 1986: Pulmonary veno occlusive disease a report of four cases

Cairns J.A., 1979: Pulmonary veno occlusive disease ante mortem diagnosis from roentgenographic and hemodynamic findings

Kerwin D.M., 1984: Pulmonary veno occlusive disease associated with microangiopathic hemolytic anemia chemotherapy of gastric adenocarcinoma

Winokur S., 1987: Pulmonary veno occlusive disease following therapy for malignant neoplasms

Ikeda M., 1984: Pulmonary veno occlusive disease in an elderly man a case and review of the literature

Reid L., 1982: Pulmonary veno occlusive disease in siblings case reports and morphometric study

Gaensler E.A., 1985: Pulmonary veno occlusive disease in the middle aged

Takahashi T., 1985: Pulmonary veno occlusive disease involvement of pulmonary arteries and review of the literature

Hutchins G.M., 1981: Pulmonary veno occlusive disease morphological changes suggesting a viral cause

Huhta J.C., 1987: Pulmonary venous and systemic ventricular inflow obstruction in patients with congenital heart disease detection by combined two dimensional and doppler echocardiography

Frater R.W.M., 1982: Pulmonary venous bronchial fistula following left atrial pressure line insertion iatrogenic cause of air embolism following cardiac surgery

Wagenvoort, C. A.; Wagenvoort, N., 1976: Pulmonary venous changes in chronic hypoxia

Laniado S., 1985: Pulmonary venous flow pattern its relationship to cardiac dynamics a pulsed doppler echocardiographic study

Krongrad E., 1987: Pulmonary venous obstruction and atrioventricular canal anomalies role of cor triatriatum and double outlet right atrium

Javaheri S., 1982: Pulmonary ventilation and blood gas values in emphysematous hamsters mesocricetus auratus

Riedesel M.L., 1982: Pulmonary ventilation and cardiac activity in hibernating and arousing golden mantled ground squirrels spermophilus lateralis

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224220

Ivanov L.A., 1984: Pulmonary ventilation and gas exchange in elderly and senile age

Otsuka N., 1984: Pulmonary ventilation and perfusion studies in lung cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224223

Ratto O.R., 1982: Pulmonary ventilation during hemo dialysis

Amatuni G.V., 1984: Pulmonary ventilation function during short adaptation to high altitude conditions in the armenian ssr ussr

Giry P., 1987: Pulmonary ventilation in deep diving dissociation of mechanical and chemical effects

Johansen S., 1985: Pulmonary ventilation in long term beta adrenergic blockade after myocardial infarction

Gibon J., 1986: Pulmonary ventilation in oarsmen during simulated activity

Petrova I.E., 1981: Pulmonary ventilation in tuberculosis and chronic nonspecific pulmonary diseases in patients over 50 years of age

Spencer R.P., 1985: Pulmonary ventilation perfusion and reverse mismatches in an infant

Burggren, W. W.; Glass, M. L.; Johansen, K., 1977: Pulmonary ventilation perfusion relationships in terrestrial and aquatic chelonian reptiles

Moris S.G., 1981: Pulmonary volume and cardio pulmonary function in acute myo cardial infarction

Pistelli, G.; Paci, A.; Dalle-Luche, A.; Giuntini, C., 1978: Pulmonary volumes in children part 2 normal values in female children 6 15 years old

Franciosa, J. A.; Baker, B. J.; Seth, L., 1985: Pulmonary vs. systemic hemodynamics in determining exercise capacity of patients with chronic left ventricular failure

Oyama K., 1984: Pulmonary wedge angiography for the evaluation of the pulmonary vascular bed in congenital heart disease

Roy, R.; Powers, S. R. Jr ; Feustel, P. J.; Dutton, R. E., 1977: Pulmonary wedge catheterization during positive end expiratory pressure ventilation in the dog

Pinet F., 1980: Pulmonary xantho granulomas

Cho, S. Y.; Sastre, M., 1976: Pulmonary yellow hyaline membrane disease new variant in premature infants with intra hepatic cholestasis

Macdonald H., 1980: Pulmonary yellow hyaline membranes in neo nates

Mee R.B.B., 1986: Pulmonic regurgitation and reconstruction of right ventricular outflow tract with patch an experimental study

Myer C.W., 1986: Pulmonic stenosis in the dog 29 cases 1975 1984

Rapaport E., 1987: Pulmonic valve endocarditis a serial two dimensional doppler echocardiographic study

Meltzer V.N., 1985: Pulmonic valve insufficiency a common cause of transient diastolic murmurs in renal failure

Cheng T.O., 1984: Pulmonic valvular stenosis clinical hemodynamic correlation and surgical results

Kanaev, S. V.; Kholin, A. V.; Malinin, A. P., 1986: Pulmonitis and lung fibrosis following radiation therapy for hodgkin's disease

Sheppard S.V., 1987: Pulmonologist a computer based diagnosis system for pulmonary diseases

Vlasova M.M., 1985: Pulmonoscintigraphy in sarcoidosis and certain forms of pulmonary tuberculosis

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224248

Kelso, J. R. M.; Minns, C. K.; Brouzes, R. J. P., 1977: Pulp and paper mill effluent in a fresh water environment

Moo Young M., 1979: Pulp and paper mill solid wastes as substrates for single cell protein production

Wang M.H., 1979: Pulp and paper mill waste water part 1 management and planning aspects

De Guilar J.C.R., 1979: Pulp and paper mill waste water part 2 environmental control aspects

Merlen J.F., 1985: Pulp biopsy in juvenile distal cerebral ischemia

Pech J C., 1985: Pulp browning of french prunes methods of measurement and types of reactions involved

Heys R.J., 1985: Pulp capping of dental pulp mechanically exposed to oral microflora a 1 2 year observation of wound healing in the monkey macaca mulatta

Masuda T., 1980: Pulp cavity morphology in the japanese dentition with special reference to the taurodontism

Banks, P., 1977: Pulp changes after anterior mandibular subapical osteotomy in a primate model

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Pountney S.K., 1987: Pulp response to streptococcus mutans

Hildebrand C., 1981: Pulpal axons in developing mature and aging feline permanent incisors a study by electron microscopy

Myking A.M., 1985: Pulpal blood flow in immature permanent dog teeth after replantation

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224268

Hamid J.A., 1986: Pulpal calcifications in primary teeth a light microscope study

Lia R.C.C., 1985: Pulpal capping with calcium hydroxide materials comparative histologic study in rat molars

Bokan I. , 1985: Pulpal cavity and x ray examination

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Selvig K.A., 1983: Pulpal reactions to the application of citric acid to root planed dentin in beagles

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Kakuta M., 1986: Pulpal response of baboon and human to visible light cured composite resin restoration system and effects of a pulp protection method

Fat C., 1984: Pulpal response to a bisacrylplastic protemp temporary crown and bridge material

Adrian J., 1988: Pulpal response to a dentin and enamel bonding system

Fusayama T., 1982: Pulpal response to a new adhesive restorative resin

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Takamori Y., 1986: Pulpal response to a posterior composite resin restoration with enamel etching or with enamel and dentin etching

Fujita T., 1986: Pulpal response to a spherical submicrofilled resin and effectiveness of pulp protection with an adhesive lining material to dentin

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Browne R.M., 1986: Pulpal response to an experimental adhesion promoter

Mjor I.A., 1979: Pulpal response to dental amalgams

Carvajal I.N., 1982: Pulpal response to different application times of formo cresol

Sundfeld R.H., 1984: Pulpal response to isopast restorations in etched or unetched cavities

Goto G., 1987: Pulpal response to partial pulpotomy report 1

Brazda, O.; Jiricks, Z., 1978: Pulpal response to pathological changes of the periodontium in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224294

Kolokuris I., 1988: Pulpal response to topical application of citric acid to root dentin

Cleaton Jones P.E., 1986: Pulpal responses to amalgam restorations in cavities with and without smear layer removal

Skoglund A., 1983: Pulpal survival in replanted and auto transplanted apicoectomized mature teeth of dogs with prepared nutritional canals

Simoes Filho A.P., 1980: Pulpectomy immediate root canal filling with calcium hydroxide concept and procedures

Blows W.J., 1987: Pulping and bleaching of plantation grown eucalyptus regnans and eucalyptus fastigata

Tzukert A., 1986: Pulpitis and root canal therapy is a diagnostic radiograph of value

Henderson, J. D. Jr ; Rauth, T. J.; Grussing, D. M., 1977: Pulpotomy as an alternative to canine tooth extraction in monkeys macaca mulatta

Mejare I., 1979: Pulpotomy of primary molars with coronal or total pulpitis using formo cresol technique

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224304

Brownfield M.S., 1988: Pulsatile acth secretion variation with time of day and relationship to cortisol

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224306

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224307

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224308

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224309

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224310

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224311

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224312

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224313

Soong Y K., 1987: Pulsatile administration of lhrh for inducing ovulation

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224315

Levin A.R., 1980: Pulsatile aorto pulmonary pressure flow dynamics of patent ductus arteriosus in patients with various hemodynamic states

Section 7, Chapter 6225, Accession 006224317

Tsuno K., 1982: Pulsatile assist ventilation synchronized with cardiac rhythm effects of the circulatory system

Tsuno K., 1981: Pulsatile assist ventilation synchronized with cardiac rhythm effects on pulmonary gas exchange

Padmanabhan N., 1985: Pulsatile blood flow in a stenosed artery a theoretical model

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