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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6233

Chapter 6233 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wong K.K.Y.; Tan L.U.L.; Saddler J.N.; Yaguchi M., 1986: Purification of a third distinct xylanase from the xylanolytic system of trichoderma harzianum

Yang X.; Trumpower B.L., 1986: Purification of a three subunit ubiquinol cytochrome c oxidoreductase complex from paracoccus denitrificans

Catterall, W. A., 1976: Purification of a toxic protein from scorpion venom which activates the action potential sodium ion ionophore

Minson, A. C.; Creaser, E. H., 1969: Purification of a tri functional enzyme catalyzing 3 steps of the histidine pathway from neurospora crassa

Chien, T. F.; Mitchell, H. L., 1970: Purification of a trypsin inhibitor of alfalfa d

Carlberg I.; Jonsson L.; Bergenstrahle A.; Soderhall K., 1987: Purification of a trypsin inhibitor secreted by embryogenic carrot cells

Kudo, K.; Hanaoka, Y.; Hayashi, H., 1976: Purification of a tumor cell aggregation promoting factor associated with rat ascites hepatoma cell surface

Mainardi C.L.; Hibbs M.S.; Hasty K.A.; Seyer J.M., 1984: Purification of a type v collagen degrading metalloproteinase from rabbit alveolar macrophages

Blithe D.L.; Richert N.D.; Pastan I.H., 1982: Purification of a tyrosine specific protein kinase from rous sarcoma virus induced rat tumor

Drake, H. L.; Akagi, J. M., 1976: Purification of a unique bi sulfite reducing enzyme from desulfovibrio vulgaris

Azzar G.; Persat F.; Degiuli A.; Got R., 1984: Purification of a utp d glucose 1 phosphate uridylyltransferase from golgi apparatus of cat liver by affinity chromatography on utp agarose

Mukharji I.; Silverman R.B., 1985: Purification of a vitamin k epoxide reductase that catalyzes conversion of vitamin k 2 3 epoxide to 3 hydroxy 2 methyl 3 phytyl 2 3 dihydronaphthoquinone

White M.D.; Ralston G.B., 1980: Purification of a water soluble magnesium atpase from human erythrocyte membranes

Sternbach H.; Kuentzel H., 1987: Purification of a yeast protein kinase sharing properties with type i and ii casein kinases

Diffley J.F.X.; Stillman B., 1988: Purification of a yeast protein that binds to origins of dna replication and a transcriptional silencer

IIda R.; Yasuda T.; Kishi K., 1987: Purification of a young age related glycoprotein ugl y from normal human urine

Schwartz, J. R.; Pace, G. W.; Solomon, B. A.; Colton, C. K.; Archer, M. C., 1978: Purification of acetate kinase ec by affinity chromatography

Rosenberry, T. L.; Chang, H. W.; Chen, Y. T., 1972: Purification of acetyl cholin esterase by affinity chromatography and determination of active site stoichiometry

Tripathi, R. K.; O'brien, R. D., 1977: Purification of acetyl cholin esterase ec from house fly brain by affinity chromatography

Reavill, C. A.; Plummer, D. T., 1978: Purification of acetyl cholin esterase ec from pig cerebral cortex by affinity chromatography

Lindstrom J.M.; Cooper J.F.; Swanson L.W., 1983: Purification of acetyl choline receptors from the muscle of electrophorus electricus

Lindstrom J.; Anholt R.; Einarson B.; Engel A.; Osame M.; Mantal M., 1980: Purification of acetyl choline receptors reconstitution into lipid vesicles and study of agonist induced cation channel regulation

Kawanami S.; Kakuno T.; Horio T., 1987: Purification of acetylcholine receptor like protein from fetal calf thymus

Vlasov G.P.; Glushenkova V.R.; Zhukovskii Yu G.; Lukashevich O.V.; Novozhilov K.V.; Fartseiger N.L.; Sycheva E.N.; Shvets E.K., 1987: Purification of acetylcholinesterase from horse red cells by affinity chromatography

Akasaka K.; Sasaki H.; Shimada H.; Shiroya T., 1986: Purification of acetylcholinesterase from sea urchin hemicentrotus pulcherrimus embryos by affinity chromatography

Verheijen F.; Brossmer R.; Galjaard H., 1982: Purification of acid beta galactosidase and acid neuraminidase from bovine testis evidence for an enzyme complex

Erickson J.S.; Paucker K., 1979: Purification of acid ethanol extracted human lymphoid interferons by blue sepharose chromatography

Chen J P.; Carlson A., 1987: Purification of acid proteases by affinity partitioning in aqueous two phase systems

Oja, S. S.; Heinamaki, A.; Jokela, H., 1978: Purification of acid proteinases from calf brain

Ohgi K.; Sanda A.; Takizawa Y.; Jrie M., 1988: Purification of acid rnases from bovine spleen

Dingman D.W.; Sonenshein A.L., 1987: Purification of aconitase from bacillus subtilis and correlation of its amino terminal amino acid sequence with the sequence of the cit b gene

Fiss E.; Buckley H.R., 1987: Purification of actin from candida albicans and comparison with the candida 48000 m r protein

Zot H.G.; Potter J.D., 1981: Purification of actin from cardiac muscle

Fields H.A.; Mccaustland K.A.; Bradley D.W.; Maynard J.E., 1982: Purification of acute phase anti hepatitis a virus immuno globulin m and development of an immuno globulin m solid phase radio immunoassay for the detection of anti hepatitis a virus

Gavino, B. C.; Deamer, D. W., 1982: Purification of acyl coenzyme a 1 acyl sn glycero 3 phosphoryl choline acyl transferase ec

Douady D.; Dubacq J P., 1987: Purification of acyl coenzyme a glycerol 3 phosphate acyltransferase from pea leaves

Burns D.D.; Galliard T.; Harwood J.L., 1979: Purification of acyl hydrolase enzymes from the leaves of phaseolus multiflorus

Hershey, H. V.; Taylor, M. W., 1978: Purification of adenine phospho ribosyl transferase ec by affinity chromatography

Poirier, G.; De-Lean, A.; Pelletier, G.; Lemay, A.; Labrie, F., 1974: Purification of adeno hypophyseal plasma membranes and properties of associated adenylate cyclase

Buel, E.; Mcquarrie, R., 1981: Purification of adenosine deaminase ec from human red blood cells

Wickner, R. B.; Tabor, C. W.; Tabor, H., 1970: Purification of adenosyl methionine decarboxylase from escherichia coli w evidence for covalently bound pyruvate

Hierholzer J.C.; Tannock G.A., 1979: Purification of adenovirus 4 type specific hem agglutinins for use in diagnostic counter electrophoresis tests

Siegel S.A.; Hutchins J.E.; Witt D.J., 1987: Purification of adenovirus hexon by high performance liquid chromatography

Mak, S.; Oberg, B.; Johansson, K.; Philipson, L., 1976: Purification of adenovirus messenger rna by an aqueous polymer 2 phase system

Biron, K. K.; Raska, K. Jr, 1977: Purification of adenovirus type 12 tumor antigen from transformed hamster cells

Shukurov-Sh, A.; Fedenko, E. P.; Doman, N. G., 1983: Purification of adenylate cyclase ec from the phototrophic bacterium rhodospirillum rubrum

Muirhead, K. M.; Bishop, S. H., 1974: Purification of adenylo succinate synthetase ec from rabbit skeletal muscle

Casey P.J.; Lowenstein J., 1987: Purification of adenylosuccinate lyase from rat skeletal muscle by a novel affinity column stabilization of the enzyme and effects of anions and fluoro analogues of the substrate

Okayama, H.; Ueda, K.; Hayaishi, O., 1978: Purification of adp ribosylated nuclear proteins by covalent chromatography on di hydroxyboryl poly acrylamide beads and their characterization

Wilson S.P., 1987: Purification of adrenal chromaffin cells on renografin gradients

Role L.W.; Perlman R.L., 1980: Purification of adrenal medullary chromaffin cells by density gradient centrifugation

Montelius, J.; Carlsson, S.; Lindstedt, J.; Galaris, D.; Hojeberg, B.; Rydstrom, J., 1979: Purification of adrenodoxin reductase ec from bovine adrenal cortex mitochondria by affinity chromatography properties of steroid hydroxylase systems reconstituted from adrenodoxin reductase adrenodoxin and membranous cytochrome p 450 11 beta

Manthorpe M.; Skaper S.D.; Williams L.R.; Varon S., 1986: Purification of adult rat sciatic nerve ciliary neuronotrophic factor

Schloer G.M.; Breese S.S.Jr, 1982: Purification of african malignant catarrhal fever virus using a 2 phase aqueous polymer system

Lonsdale Eccles J.D.; Grab D.J., 1987: Purification of african trypanosomes can cause biochemical changes in the parasites

Korpela, T. K., 1977: Purification of alanine amino transferase from human serum on a cyclo serine derivatized agarose

Hofer E.; Alonso A.; Krieg L.; Schaetzle U.; Sekeris C.E., 1979: Purification of albumin messenger rna from rat liver content of albumin specific sequences in cytoplasmic and nuclear rna

Brown A.J.L.; Lee C Y., 1979: Purification of alcohol dehydrogenase from drosophila by general ligand affinity chromatography

Nicolas, M.; Crouzet, J., 1980: Purification of alcohol dehydrogenase from tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum by affinity chromatography

Texier, O.; Barthomeuf, C.; Regerat, F.; Pourrat, H., 1987: Purification of alcoholic extract of glycyrrhiza glycyrrhiza glabra l. by a strain of aspergillus niger

Ichihara K.; Noda Y.; Tanaka C.; Kusunose M., 1986: Purification of aldehyde dehydrogenase reconstitutively active in fatty alcohol oxidation from rabbit intestinal microsomes

Hatzfeld, A.; Elion, J.; Mennecier, F.; Schapira, F., 1977: Purification of aldolase c from rat brain and hepatoma

Vander Jagt D.L.; Stangebye L.A.; Hunsaker L.A.; Eaton R.P.; Sibbitt W.L.Jr, 1988: Purification of aldose reductase from human placenta and stabilization of the inhibitor binding site

Slater C.S.; Huggins T.G.Jr; Brooks C.A.IIi; Hollein H.C., 1986: Purification of alkaline phosphatase by ultrafiltration in a stirred batch cell

Kahn, S. E.; Jafri, A. M.; Lewis, N. J.; Arsenis, C., 1978: Purification of alkaline phosphatase ec from extracellular vesicles of fracture callus cartilage

Naqvi, S. N. H., 1981: Purification of alkaline phosphatase ec from the alimentary canal of schistocerca gregaria

Adler, L., 1976: Purification of alkaline phosphatase ec of the halo tolerant yeast debaryomyces hansenii

Rosenblum, D.; Himmelhoch, S. R.; Peterson, E. A.; Evans, W. H.; Mage, M. G., 1970: Purification of alkaline phosphatase from guinea pig bone marrow

Suzuki, K.; Uyeda, M.; Sugiyama, M.; Shibata, M., 1980: Purification of alkaline protease inhibitor api 2 degrading protease from streptomyces griseoincarnatus strain no. kto 250 an api 2 producer

Hara K.; Arano H.; Ishihara T., 1984: Purification of alkaline protease of the rotifer brachionus plicatilis

Motina L.I.; Nesterenko E.A.; Oreshchenko L.I.; Nakhapetyan L.A., 1987: Purification of alkaline proteinase from bacillus subtilis 72 using ion exchange chromatography

Nesterenko E.A.; Oreshchenko L.I.; Kazanskaya N.F., 1980: Purification of alkaline proteinase of bacillus subtilis

S-Gravenmade, E. J.; Vogels, G. D., 1969: Purification of allantoicase from pseudomonas aeruginosa

Yoshima H.; Takasaki S.; Ito Mega S.; Kobata A., 1979: Purification of almond emulsin alpha l fucosidase i by affinity chromatography

Twomey, S. L.; Sweet, R. V., 1976: Purification of alpha 1 feto protein

Vincent C.; Marceau M.; Blangarin P.; Bouic P.; Madjar J J.; Revillard J P., 1987: Purification of alpha 1 microglobulin produced by human hepatoma cell lines biochemical characterization and comparison with alpha 1 microglobulin synthesized by human hepatocytes

Sticher U.; Gross H.J.; Brossmer R., 1988: Purification of alpha 2 6 sialyltransferase from rat liver by dye chromatography

Mcentire, J. E., 1978: Purification of alpha 2 macro globulin by immuno adsorbent chromatography

Bieth, J.; Klumpp, T., 1976: Purification of alpha 2 macro globulin with trypsin like activity from pleural fluids

Blumenstock, F. A.; Saba, T. M.; Weber, P., 1978: Purification of alpha 2 opsonic protein from human serum and its measurement by immunoassay

Rasmussen, A. M.; Gibson, R. M.; Godtfredsen, S. E.; Ottesen, M., 1985: Purification of alpha acetolactate decarboxylase ec from lactobacillus casei dsm 2547

Kato K.; Kawahara K.; Takahashi T.; Kakinuma A., 1980: Purification of alpha amino acid ester hydrolase from xanthomonas citri

Okamoto, K.; Akazawa, T., 1978: Purification of alpha amylase and beta amylase ec from endosperm tissues of germinating rice seeds

Lajolo F.M.; Finardi Filho F., 1984: Purification of alpha amylase inhibitor of black bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar rico 23

Hokse H., 1983: Purification of alpha d glucose 1 phosphate

Mizejewski G.J.; Simon R.; Vonnegut M., 1979: Purification of alpha feto protein from mouse amniotic fluid by gel entrapped antibody filtration

Lamar, C. Jr ; Cantey, J. R., 1977: Purification of alpha feto protein from rat amniotic fluid by gel filtration

Balasubramaniam K.; Mathew C.D., 1986: Purification of alpha galactosidase from coconut cocos nucifera

Gonzalez Carrero M.I.; Zabala J.C.; De La Cruz F.; Ortiz J.M., 1985: Purification of alpha hemolysin from an overproducing escherichia coli strain

Kinoshita S.; Nishimura A.; Kadota K.; Sawada H.; Taguchi H., 1983: Purification of alpha hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase from lactobacillus xylosus

Jain, R. S.; Binder, R. L.; Levy-Benshimol, A.; Buck, C. A.; Warren, L., 1977: Purification of alpha l fucosidase from various sources by affinity chromatography

Sakano Y.; Kashiyama E.; Kobayashi T., 1983: Purification of alpha malto tetraose forming exo amylase of pseudomonas stutzeri 2 forms of the amylase and their enzymatic properties

Chu, C. Y. T.; Turner, M. D., 1974: Purification of alpha mannosidase ec from jack bean meal suitable for use as reagent

Lind I.; Ahnert Hilger G.; Fuchs G.; Gratzl M., 1987: Purification of alpha toxin from staphylococcus aureus and application to cell permeabilization

Kirchner K.; Faulstich H., 1986: Purification of amatoxin specific antibodies from rabbit sera by affinity chromatography their characterization and use in toxicological studies

Galasinski, W.; Moldave, K., 1969: Purification of aminoacyl transferase ii translocation factor from rat liver

Mahajan, P. B.; Kolhekar, S. R.; Borkar, P. S., 1983: Purification of amylo glucosidase ec

Takahashi Y.; Muro H.; Goto M.; Shirasawa H., 1981: Purification of amyloid fibrils and protein aa from mouse amyloid deposits induced by caseinate and mycobacterium butyricum

Ashino N.; Sobue K.; Seino Y.; Yabuuchi H., 1987: Purification of an 80 kda calcium dependent actin modulating protein which severs actin filaments from bovine adrenal medulla

Bretscher A., 1983: Purification of an 80000 dalton protein that is a component of the isolated micro villus cytoskeleton and its localization in nonmuscle cells

Yaneva M.; Ochs R.; Mcrorie D.K.; Zweig S.; Busch H., 1985: Purification of an 86 to 70 kilodalton nuclear dna associated protein complex

Boulter, J.; Patrick, J., 1977: Purification of an acetyl choline receptor from a nonfusing muscle cell line

Diaz S.; Ruiz Herrera J., 1987: Purification of an acid protease from mucor rouxii that inactivates chitin synthetase

Tanaka, N.; Takeuchi, M.; Ichishima, E., 1977: Purification of an acid proteinase ec from aspergillus saitoi and determination of peptide bond specificity

Ichishima, E.; Arai, M.; Shigematsu, Y.; Sumida-Tanaka, R.; Kumagai, H., 1981: Purification of an acidic alpha d mannosidase ec from aspergillus saitoi and specific cleavage of 1 2 alpha d mannosidic linkage in yeast mannan

Akizuki, M.; Boehm-Truitt, M. J.; Kassan, S. S.; Steinberg, A. D.; Chused, T. M., 1977: Purification of an acidic nuclear protein antigen and demonstration of its antibodies in subsets of patients with sicca syndrome

Chandrarajan, J.; Klein, L., 1975: Purification of an acidic structural protein from rat skin using triton x 100

Levine A.E.; Walsh K.A., 1980: Purification of an acrosin like enzyme from sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus sperm

Luthra, M. G.; Au, K. S.; Hanahan, D. J., 1977: Purification of an activator of human erythrocyte membrane calcium plus magnesium atpase

Yarden Y.; Harari I.; Schlessinger J., 1985: Purification of an active epidermal growth factor receptor kinase with monoclonal antireceptor antibodies

Gioannini T.L.; Howard A.D.; Hiller J.M.; Simon E.J., 1985: Purification of an active opioid binding protein from bovine striatum

Wagner O.F.; Binder B.R., 1986: Purification of an active plasminogen activator inhibitor immunologically related to the endothelial type plasminogen activator inhibitor from the conditioned media of a human melanoma cell line

Bennett, V., 1978: Purification of an active proteolytic fragment of the membrane attachment site for human erythrocyte spectrin

Schrader, W. P.; Woodward, F. J.; Pollara, B., 1979: Purification of an adenosine deaminase ec complexing protein from human plasma

Stillman B.W.; Tamanoi F.; Matthews M.B., 1982: Purification of an adenovirus coded dna polymerase that is required for initiation of dna replication

Zingales B.; Carniol C.; Abrahamsohn P.A.; Colli W., 1979: Purification of an adenylate cyclase containing plasma membrane fraction from trypanosoma cruzi

Badet B.; Walsh C., 1985: Purification of an alanine racemase from streptococcus faecalis and analysis of its inactivation by 1 aminoethylphosphonic acid enantiomers

Waterborg J.H.; Kuyper C.M.A., 1979: Purification of an alkaline nuclease from physarum polycephalum

Weijers, R. N. M.; Kruijswijk, H.; Baak, J. M., 1980: Purification of an alkaline phosphatase ec lipo protein x complex

Puttonen E.; Maasch H.J., 1982: Purification of an allergen extract of phleum pratense pollen by a combined gel filtration and ion exchange procedure

Imber M.J.; Glasgow L.R.; Pizzo S.V., 1982: Purification of an almond emulsin fucosidase on cibacron blue sepharose and demonstration of its activity toward fucose containing glyco proteins

Baker J.E., 1988: Purification of an alpha amylase inhibitor from wheat triticum aestivum and its interaction with amylases from the rice weevil sitophilus oryzae coleoptera curculionidae

Konno H.; Yamasaki Y.; Katoh K., 1987: Purification of an alpha l arabinofuranosidase from carrot cell cultures and its involvement in arabinose rich polymer degradation

Douglas R.H.; Ballou C.E., 1982: Purification of an alpha n acetyl glucosaminyl transferase from the yeast kluyveromyces lactis and a study of mutants defective in this enzyme activity

Parsons T.F.; Bloomfield G.A.; Pierce J.G., 1983: Purification of an alternate form of the alpha subunit of the glyco protein hormones from bovine pituitaries and identification of its o linked oligo saccharide

Yeung A.T.; Turner K.J.; Bascomb N.F.; Schmidt R.R., 1981: Purification of an ammonium inducible glutamate dehydrogenase and the use of its antigen affinity column purified antibody in specific immuno precipitation and immuno adsorption procedures

Oh Uti K.; Inoue S.; Minato S., 1980: Purification of an anemia inducing factor from human placenta and its application to diagnosis of malignant neoplasms

Elton T.S.; Dion L.D.; Bost K.L.; Oparil S.; Blalock J.E., 1988: Purification of an angiotensin ii binding protein by using antibodies to a peptide encoded by angiotensin ii complementary rna

Howse D.J.; Potter J.M.; Grove D.I., 1984: Purification of an anti coagulant from the body fluid of ascaris suum

Delmotte F.; Brillouet C.; Leclerc M.; Luquet G.; Kader J C., 1986: Purification of an antibody like protein from the sea star asterias rubens

Chard J.M.; Gray T.R.G.; Frankland J.C., 1985: Purification of an antigen characteristic for mycena galopus

Tomihara Y.; Yonaha K.; Nozaki M.; Yamakawa M.; Kawamura Y.; Kamura T.; Toyama S., 1988: Purification of an antihemorrhagic factor from the serum of the non venomous snake dinodon semicarinatus

Mercado T.I.; Strickler M.P.; Rice K.C.; Ferrans V.J., 1988: Purification of an antitrypanosomal factor from pseudomonas fluorescens by high pressure liquid chromatography

Esmon, C. T.; Grant, G. A.; Suttie, J. W., 1975: Purification of an apparent rat liver prothrombin precursor characterization and comparison to normal rat prothrombin

Kasai N.; Fukuhara K I.; Murao S., 1984: Purification of an aspergillus oryzae metallo proteinase by talopeptin aminohexyl sepharose and its properties

Woodbury, R. G.; Neurath, H., 1978: Purification of an atypical mast cell protease and its levels in developing rats

Quentmeier H.; Ingold E.; Seitz H.U., 1987: Purification of an autocatalytic protein glycosylating enzyme from cell suspensions of daucus carota l

Sakai S.; Hanagata T., 1983: Purification of an auxin binding protein from etiolated mung bean vigna radiata seedlings by affinity chromatography

Bauer, W. D.; Bateman, D. F.; Whalen, C. H., 1977: Purification of an endo beta 1 4 galactanase produced by sclerotinia sclerotiorum effects on isolated plant cell walls and potato tissue

Reif, U. M.; Winterhoff, U.; Lundholm, U.; Philipson, L.; Doerfler, W., 1977: Purification of an endo nuclease from adenovirus infected kb cells

Neeman I.; Calton G.J.; Burnett J.W., 1981: Purification of an endo nuclease present in chrysaora quinquecirrha venom

Ishiura S.; Tsuji S.; Murofushi H.; Suzuki K., 1982: Purification of an endogenous 68 kilodalton inhibitor of calcium activated neutral protease from chicken skeletal muscle

Vater C.A.; Nagase H.; Harris E.D.Jr, 1983: Purification of an endogenous activator of pro collagenase from rabbit synovial fibroblast culture medium

Cloix J F.; Miller E.D.; Pernollet M G.; Devynck M A.; Meyer P., 1983: Purification of an endogenous inhibitor of sodium potassium atpase

Toffano, G.; Guidotti, A.; Costa, E., 1978: Purification of an endogenous protein inhibitor of the high affinity binding of gamma amino butyric acid to synaptic membranes of rat brain

Maret G.E.; Fauchere J L., 1988: Purification of an endopeptidase from bovine adrenal medulla granules which cleaves in vitro at paired but not a single basic resides

Boylan, M. T.; Sussex, I. M., 1987: Purification of an endopeptidase involved with storage protein degradation in phaseolus vulgaris l. cotyledons

Allenmark S.; Sjodahl E.; Sjodahl R.; Tagesson C., 1980: Purification of an enzyme with lyso phospho lipase activity from rat intestinal mucosa by hydrophobic chromatography

Mullin, C. A.; Wilkinson, C. F., 1980: Purification of an epoxide hydrolase ec from the mid gut of the southern armyworm spodoptera eridania

Hayashi, H.; Soll, D., 1971: Purification of an escherichia coli leucine suppressor transfer rna and its amino acylation by the homologous leucyl transfer rna synthetase

Villa, T. G.; Notario, V.; Benitez, T.; Villanueva, J. R., 1976: Purification of an exo 1 3 beta glucanase ec 3.2.1. from candida utilis

Notario, V.; Villa, T. G.; Villanueva, J. R., 1976: Purification of an exo beta d glucanase from cell free extracts of candida utilis

Poulsen O.M.; Petersen L.W., 1987: Purification of an extracellular cellulose binding endoglucanase of cellulomonas sp atcc 21399 by affinity chromatography on phosphoric acid swollen cellulose

Pasanen V.J.; Leach R.; Moller G., 1987: Purification of an igm antibody response enhancing factor to the alpha 1 6 epitope of native dextran from serum and supernatants from t cell hybridomas

Gonzalez, R.; Verly, W. G., 1978: Purification of an inhibitor of dna synthesis in mammary cells

Taniguchi, T.; Goto, T., 1976: Purification of an inhibitor of plant virus infection occurring in the leaves of chenopodium amaranticolor

Van Mourik J.A.; Lawrence D.A.; Loskutoff D.J., 1984: Purification of an inhibitor of plasminogen activator antiactivator synthesized by endothelial cells

Yamada Y.; Serrero G., 1987: Purification of an insulin related factor secreted by a teratoma derived mesodermal cell line

Boyes S.; Loten E.G., 1988: Purification of an insulin sensitive cyclic amp phosphodiesterase from rat liver

Hodges, T. K.; Leonard, R. T.; Bracker, C. E.; Keenan, T. W., 1972: Purification of an ion stimulated atpase ec from plant roots association with plasma membranes

O'connor, B.; O'cuinn, G., 1985: Purification of an kinetic studies on a narrow specificity synaptosomal membrane pyroglutamate aminopeptidase ec from guinea pig brain

Mauchamp B., 1982: Purification of an n acetyl d glucosamine specific lectin from epidermal cell membranes of pieris brassicae

Nagai K.; Tsuruta K.; Mori N., 1987: Purification of an nad dependent 15 hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase from the human placenta

Campbell, J. M.; Small, I. S.; Wray, J. L., 1984: Purification of an nadh cytochrome c reductase ec from cell free extracts of barley hordeum vulgare cultivar golden promise

Mains, I.; Power, D. M.; Thomas, E. W.; Buswell, J. A., 1980: Purification of an nadh di chloro phenol indophenol oxido reductase ec from bacillus stearothermophilus

Czuppon A.B., 1985: Purification of an onco fetal antigen from mammary carcinoma cells

Matsuno S.; Inouye S., 1983: Purification of an outer capsid glyco protein of neo natal calf diarrhea virus and preparation of its anti sera

Delbeke R., 1979: Purification of an ultra filtration permeate with adsorbent and ion exchange resins

Reynaud, P. A., 1977: Purification of anabaena sp nitrogenase

Keuning S.; Janssen D.B.; Witholt B., 1985: Purification of and characterization of hydrolytic haloalkane dehalogenase from xanthobacter autotrophicus gj 10

Mukherjee, A.; Srere, P. A., 1976: Purification of and mechanism studies on citrate synthase use of biospecific adsorption elution techniques

Murtaugh T.J.; Gilligan D.M.; Satir B.H., 1987: Purification of and production of an antibody against a 63000 molecular weight stimulus sensitive phosphoprotein in paramecium

Anderson, W. B.; Schneider, A. B.; Emmer, M.; Perlman, R. L.; Pastan, I., 1971: Purification of and properties of the cyclic amp receptor protein which mediates cyclic amp dependent gene transcription in escherichia coli

Baldeig, Z. J. G., 1976: Purification of anephrotensin

Bull, H. G.; Thornberry, N. A.; Cordes, E. H., 1985: Purification of angiotensin converting enzyme ec from rabbit lung and human plasma by affinity chromatography

Nishimura, K.; Yoshida, N.; Hiwada, K.; Ueda, E.; Kokubu, T., 1977: Purification of angiotensin i converting enzyme ec from human lung

Pifferi P.G.; Vaccari A., 1980: Purification of antho cyanins of traces of metals by ion exchange resin

Quinn C.P.; Shone C.C.; Turnbull P.C.B.; Melling J., 1988: Purification of anthrax toxin components by high performance anion exchange gel filtration and hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Lang B.; Vincent A.; Newsom Davis J., 1982: Purification of anti acetyl choline receptor antibody from patients with myasthenia gravis

Sobiech K.A.; Slowinska R., 1981: Purification of anti amylase antibodies by affinity chromatography and their reaction with alpha amylase

Alsayed N.; Drueke T.B.; Lacour B., 1988: Purification of anti apolipoprotein ciii antibodies by exploiting their affinity for apolipoprotein ciii linked to polyacrylamide gel after isoelectric focusing

Yang, C. C.; Lin, M. F.; Chang, C. C., 1977: Purification of anti cobro toxin antibody by affinity chromatography

Taki T.; Hirabayashi Y.; Takagi K.; Kamada R.; Kojima K.; Matsumoto M., 1981: Purification of anti glyco sphingo lipid antibody and topological localization of glyco sphingo lipid on the cell surface of rat ascites hepatomas

Le Pendu J.; Lemieux R.U.; Oriol R., 1982: Purification of anti le c antibodies with specificity for beta d galactosyl 1 3 n acetyl beta d glucosamine using a synthetic immuno adsorbent

Yamana S.; Nakamura Z.; Saito Y.; Yamamoto M.; Ofuji T., 1979: Purification of anti lymphocyte antibody from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus immuno absorption and elution

Poulsen, F. M.; Johansen, J. T., 1977: Purification of anti streptococcus group a antibodies by affinity chromatography and iso electric focusing

Ichikawa M.; Kanki H.; Mimura Y.; Takeuchi Y.; Yoshioka A.; Iwagaki K.; Fukui H., 1979: Purification of anti thrombin iii from human plasma

Lin'kova, O. S.; Zhukovskaya, S. A., 1976: Purification of antibiotic solutions from finely disperse admixtures

Taylor, R. L.; Mallette, M. F., 1978: Purification of antibiotics from physarum gyrosum by high pressure liquid chromatography

Harmon F.R., 1980: Purification of antibodies against biotin on lipoic acid sepharose

Chandrasekharappa S.C.; Jacob T.M., 1986: Purification of antibodies specific to a dinucleotide using the hapten bound to deae cellulose as an affinity column

Mathews H.L.; Minden P., 1979: Purification of antibodies to bacterial antigens by an immuno adsorbent and a method to quantify their reaction with insoluble bacterial targets

Watanabe H.; Pollett M.; Mackenzie J.S., 1979: Purification of antibodies to influenza a virus structural proteins by affinity chromatography and their participation in hem agglutination inhibition neutralization and enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Chow L., 1981: Purification of antibody by affinity chromatography for identification of mosquito aedes togoi blood meals

Drzeniek Z., 1983: Purification of antibody reacting with nonenzymatically glucosylated blood group m determinants

Scott, D. M.; Mcconnell, I.; Agomo, P.; Lachmann, P. J., 1978: Purification of antigen dependent macrophage migration inhibition factor from lymph draining a tuberculin reaction

Yamashita, T.; Sato, Y.; Otsuru, M., 1976: Purification of antigen for the indirect hem agglutination test for filariasis part 1 on the immuno diagnosis of canine filariasis

Choi W Y.; Yoo J E.; Nam H W.; Choi H R., 1986: Purification of antigenic proteins of paragonimus westermani and their applicability to experimental cat paragonimiasis

Takei, K.; Chun, S. K., 1976: Purification of antigens from clonorchis sinensis worm for complement fixation test

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Olofsson, T.; Olsson, I., 1977: Purification of human granulocyte catalase ec in chronic myeloid leukemia

Miller A.M.; Wu M C.; Files N.; Ingram M.; Yunis A.A., 1981: Purification of human granulocyte macrophage progenitor cells using indirect immuno fluorescence and cell sorting

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Moraru, I.; Bancu, A. C.; Sulica, A.; Ciuca, L., 1977: Purification of human lymphocytes by gradient centrifugation on a poly vinyl pyrrolidone odiston mixture

Csejtey J.; Boosman A., 1986: Purification of human macrophage colony stimulating factor 1 from medium conditioned by pancreatic carcinoma cells

Tomer A.; Harker L.A.; Burstein S.A., 1987: Purification of human megakaryocytes by fluorescence activated cell sorting

Marko O.; Houghton A.N.; Eisinger M., 1982: Purification of human melanocytes by mono clonal antibody combined with percoll gradients

Yurewicz E.C.; Moghissi K.S., 1981: Purification of human mid cycle cervical mucin and characterization of its oligo saccharides with respect to size composition and micro heterogeneity

Wang C S.; Johnson K., 1983: Purification of human milk bile salt activated lipase

Wang C S., 1980: Purification of human milk bile salt activated lipase by cholic acid coupled sepharose 4b affinity chromatography

Stevenson H.C.; Katz P.; Fauci A.S., 1980: Purification of human monocyte macrophages by a cell suspension culture technique

Berdel W.E.; Fink U.; Thiel E.; Stuenkel K.; Greiner E.; Schwarzkopf G.; Reichert A.; Rastetter J., 1982: Purification of human monocytes by adherence to polymeric fluoro carbon characterization of the monocyte enriched cell fraction

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Samaan G.; Caudie C.; Quincy C., 1986: Purification of human myoglobin by preparative flat bed isoelectric focusing

Christner P.; Damato D.; Reinhart M.; Abrams W., 1982: Purification of human neutrophil collagenase and production of a mono specific anti serum

Knauf, S.; Urbach, G. I., 1977: Purification of human ovarian tumor associated antigen and demonstration of circulating tumor antigen in patients with advanced ovarian malignancy

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Dempfle C.E.; Heene D.L., 1987: Purification of human plasma fibrinogen by chromatography on protamine agarose

Alexandre B.; Thiebaut F.; Allary M.; Boschetti E.; Sene C.; Saint Blancard J., 1987: Purification of human plasma fibronectin by affinity chromatography using a tandem column system

Kim S J.; Hirose S.; Mruakami K., 1986: Purification of human plasma inactive renin by immunoaffinity chromatography on profragment specific immunoglobulin g

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Holmquist L., 1987: Purification of human plasma lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase by covalent chromatography

Bastiras S.; Calvert G.D., 1986: Purification of human plasma lipid transfer protein using fast protein liquid chromatography

Becht I.; Schrecker O.; Klose G.; Greten H., 1980: Purification of human plasma lipo protein lipase

Berni R.; Ottonello S.; Monaco H.L., 1985: Purification of human plasma retinol binding protein by hydrophobic interaction chromatography

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Hwang, P.; Guyda, H.; Friesen, H., 1972: Purification of human prolactin

Paoli C.; Rinaldi F.; Tarli P.; Neri P., 1981: Purification of human prostatic acid phosphatase and preparation of a specific anti serum in the rabbit

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Tarvers R.C., 1985: Purification of human prothrombin fragment 1 using hydrophobic interaction chromatography on phenyl sepharose

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Dorer, F. E.; Lentz, K. E.; Kahn, J. R.; Levine, M.; Skeggs, L. T., 1978: Purification of human renin substrate

Bell S.C., 1986: Purification of human secretory pregnancy associated endometrial alpha 2 globulin from cytosol of first trimester pregnancy endometrium

Isojima, S.; Koyama, K.; Fujiwara, N., 1982: Purification of human seminal plasma no. 7 antigen by immuno affinity chromatography on bound mono clonal antibody

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Fenger, M., 1982: Purification of human serum hyaluronidase ec using chromato focusing

Link R.P.; Perlman K.L.; Pierce E.A.; Schnoes H.K.; Deluca H.F., 1986: Purification of human serum vitamin d binding protein by 25 hydroxyvitamin d 3 sepharose chromatography

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Mohri H.; Oshio S.; Kaneko S.; IIzuka R., 1986: Purification of human sperm by a discontinuous percoll density gradient with an inner column

Neuwelt, E. A.; Frank, J. J.; Levy, C. C. , 1976: Purification of human spleen rnase by immuno absorption similarity of the enzyme with human liver rnase

Usui T.; Ishibe T.; Kitano T.; Yasukawa A.; Nakahara M.; Nihira H.; Miyachi Y., 1982: Purification of human testosterone estradiol binding globulin a specific radio immunoassay of human testosterone estradiol binding globulin

Gutierrez C.; Bernabe R.R.; Vega J.; Kreisler M., 1979: Purification of human thymus derived cells and bone marrow derived cells by a discontinuous density gradient of percoll

Feldt-Rasmussen, U., 1978: Purification of human thyro globulin for radio immunoassay and testing by ultra centrifugal analysis and immuno electrophoresis

Collen D.; Rijken D.C.; Van Damme J.; Billiau A., 1982: Purification of human tissue type plasminogen activator in centigram quantities from human melanoma cell culture fluid and its conditioning for use in vivo

Lindemans J.; Van Kapel J.; Abels J., 1979: Purification of human trans cobalamin ii cyano cobalamin by affinity chromatography using thermolabile immobilization of cyano cobalamin

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Zucali J.R.; Sulkowski E., 1985: Purification of human urinary erythropoietin on controlled pore glass and silicic acid

Takada Y.; Skidgel R.A.; Erdos E.G., 1985: Purification of human urinary prokallikrein identification of the site of activation by the metalloproteinase thermolysin

Dahlback B., 1983: Purification of human vitamin k dependent protein s and its limited proteolysis by thrombin

Yamada, M.; Hasegawa, E.; Kanamori, M., 1977: Purification of hyaluronidase ec from human placenta

Struck D.K.; Maratea D.; Young R., 1985: Purification of hybrid beta galactosidase proteins encoded by phi x 174 e phi lac z and escherichia coli prl a phi lac z a general method for the isolation of lac z fusion polypeptides produced in low amounts

Kovacs K.L.; Tigyi G.; Alfonz H., 1985: Purification of hydrogenase by fast protein liquid chromatography and by conventional separation techniques a comparative study

Gazaryan I.G.; Zaks A.M.; Egorov A.M.; Popov V.O., 1983: Purification of hydrogenase from hydrogen oxidizing bacteria alcaligenes eutrophus z 1 by hydrophobic chromatography

Schneider K.; Pinkwart M.; Jochim K., 1983: Purification of hydrogenases by affinity chromatography on procion red agarose

Mcdougall, J.; Hillman, J. R., 1978: Purification of iaa from shoot tissues of phaseolus vulgaris and its analysis by gas chromatography mass spectrometry/

Sundberg B.; Sandberg G.; Crozier A., 1986: Purification of iaa in plant extracts by immunoaffinity chromatography

Christensen, P.; Holm, S. E., 1976: Purification of immuno globulin g fc reactive factor from streptococcus azgazardah

Ono, M.; Kondo, T.; Kawakami, M.; Honjo, T., 1977: Purification of immuno globulin heavy chain messenger rna by immuno precipitation from the mouse myeloma tumor mopc 31c

Ono, M.; Kondo, T.; Kawakami, M., 1977: Purification of immuno globulin light chain messenger rna by immuno precipitation from mouse myeloma tumor mopc 31c

Lenfant, M.; Garcia-Giralt, E.; Thomas, M.; Di-Giusto, L., 1978: Purification of immuno suppressive factors extracted from bovine spleen lymphoid chalone

Garcia-Giralt, E.; Lenfant, M.; De-Garilhe, M. P.; Mayadoux, E.; Motta, R., 1978: Purification of immuno suppressive factors extracted from bovine spleen lymphoid chalone part 2 biological activity

Parham P., 1979: Purification of immunologically active hla a and hla b antigens by a series of mono clonal antibody columns

Knowles P.P.; Thorpe P.E., 1987: Purification of immunotoxins containing ricin a chain and abrin a chain using blue sepharose cl 6b

Lowe, C. R.; Hans, M.; Spibey, N.; Drabble, W. T., 1980: Purification of imp dehydrogenase ec from escherichia coli by affinity chromatography on immobilized procion dyes

Ikegami T.; Natsumeda Y.; Weber G., 1987: Purification of imp dehydrogenase from rat hepatoma 3924a

Rubin, C. S.; Dancis, J.; Yip, L. C.; Nowinski, R. C.; Balis, M. E., 1971: Purification of imp pyro phosphate phospho ribosyl transferases ec catalytically incompetent enzymes in lesch nyhan disease

Carlsson M.; Hedin A.; Inganas M.; Harfast B.; Blomberg F., 1985: Purification of in vitro produced mouse monoclonal antibodies a 2 step procedure utilizing cation exchange chromatography and gel filtration

Liem R.K.H.; Hutchison S.B., 1982: Purification of individual components of the neuro filament triplet filament assembly from the 70000 dalton subunit

Every D.; Green R.S., 1982: Purification of individual proteinase isozymes from bacteroides nodosus by use of poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis a fluorogenic substrate detection system and a simple electro elution apparatus

Zhu R X.; Ching W M.; Chung H.K.; Rhee S.G.; Stadtman T.C., 1987: Purification of individual transfer rna species using a monoclonal anti amp antibody affinity column

Keller P.M.; Lonergan K.; Neff B.J.; Morton D.A.; Ellis R.W., 1986: Purification of individual varicella zoster virus glycoproteins gp i gp ii and gp iii and their use in elisa for detection of varicella zoster virus glycoprotein specific antibodies

Schmer, G.; Roberts, J., 1978: Purification of indolyl 3 alkane alpha hydroxylase by affinity chromatography on indolyl agarose columns

Chernyshev A.K.; Karavaev M.M., 1979: Purification of industrial gases from nitrogen oxides

Polyak V.E.; Polubabkina N.P., 1980: Purification of industrial swine farm waste waters in city purification installations

Chang, N.; Macdonald, R. D.; Yamamoto, T., 1978: Purification of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus and comparison of poly peptide composition of different isolates

Trudel M.; Marchessault F.; Payment P., 1981: Purification of infectious rubella virus by gel filtration on sepharose 2b compared to gradient centrifugation in sucrose sodium metrizoate and metrizamide

Etkind, P. R.; Krug, R. M., 1975: Purification of influenza viral complementary rna its genetic content and activity in wheat germ cell free extracts

Phelan M.A.; Mayner R.E.; Bucher D.J.; Ennis F.A., 1980: Purification of influenza virus glyco proteins for the preparation and standardization of immunological potency testing reagents

Brady, M. I.; Furminger, I. G. S., 1976: Purification of influenza virus with arcton 113

Chari S.; Hopkinson C.R.N.; Daume E.; Sturm G., 1979: Purification of inhibin from human ovarian follicular fluid

Hammond, K. S.; Goll, D. E., 1975: Purification of insect myosin and alpha actinin

Miyai Y.; Okada S.; Ota Z., 1985: Purification of insulin binding antibody by affinity chromatography using monocomponent insulin as ligand

James D.E.; Lederman L.; Pilch P.F., 1987: Purification of insulin dependent exocytic vesicles containing the glucose transporter

Lebon T.R.; Jacobs S.; Cuatrecasas P.; Kathuria S.; Fujita Yamaguchi Y., 1986: Purification of insulin like growth factor i receptor from human placental membranes

Kramer K.J.; Childs C.N.; Spiers R.D.; Jacobs R.M., 1982: Purification of insulin like peptides from insect hemolymph and royal jelly

Yoshimasa Y.; Okamoto M.; Yamada K.; Nishimura H.; Sakamoto Y.; Kuzuya H.; Imura H., 1986: Purification of insulin receptor from human placental membranes

Fujita Yamaguchi Y.; Choi S.; Sakamoto Y.; Itakura K., 1983: Purification of insulin receptor with full binding activity

Duckworth, W. C.; Heinemann, M. A.; Kitabchi, A. E., 1972: Purification of insulin specific protease by affinity chromatography

Suoranta K.; Londesborough J., 1984: Purification of intact and nicked forms of a zinc containing magnesium dependent low k m cyclic amp phosphodiesterase from bakers yeast

De-Pamphilis, M. L.; Adler, J., 1970: Purification of intact flagella from escherichia coli and bacillus subtilis

Kirkpatrick, J. B.; Hyams, L.; Thomas, V. L.; Howley, P. M., 1970: Purification of intact micro tubules from brain

Abramovitz, A. S.; Massey, V., 1976: Purification of intact old yellow enzyme using an affinity matrix for the sole chromatographic step

Sussman, M. R., 1988: Purification of integral plasma membrane proteins by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

Edy, V. G.; Braude, I. A.; De-Clercq, E.; Billiau, A.; De-Somer, P., 1976: Purification of interferon by adsorption chromatography on controlled pore glass

Kawakita, M.; Cabrer, B.; Taira, H.; Rebello, M.; Slattery, E.; Weidelt, H.; Lengyel, P., 1978: Purification of interferon from mouse ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Ohsawa K.; Kano A.; Hoshi T., 1979: Purification of intestinal brush border membrane vesicles by the use of controlled pore glass bead column

Tsereteli A.K.; Kulikova A.K.; Shiyan S.D.; Tikhomirova A.S., 1980: Purification of intra cellular beta galactosidase of saccharomyces fragilis

Tojo H.; Teramoto T.; Yamano T.; Okamoto M., 1984: Purification of intra cellular phospho lipase a 2 from rat spleen supernatant by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

Davranov K.D.; Alimdzhanova M.I., 1981: Purification of intra cellular tri acyl glycerol lipase from oospora lactis

Lee S P.; Kim Y M.; Lee C H., 1987: Purification of intracellular beta galactosidase from lactobacillus sporogenes in an aqueous polyethylene glycol potassium phosphate two phase system

Giovenco S.; Verheggen F.; Laane C., 1987: Purification of intracellular enzymes from whole bacterial cells using reversed micelles

Kulikova A.K.; Chichua V.G.; Tsereteli A.K.; Kvesitadze G.I., 1986: Purification of intracellular invertase from saccharomyces fragilis

Von Stetten O.; Schlett R., 1983: Purification of iodine 125 labeled compounds by high performance liquid chromatography with on line detection

Patel A.; Linden J., 1988: Purification of iodine 125 labeled succinyl cyclic nucleotide tyrosine methyl esters by high performance liquid chromatography

Paul S.; Wood K.; Said S.I., 1984: Purification of iodine 125 vasoactive intestinal peptide by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

Rosenberg, I. N., 1970: Purification of iodo tyrosine deiodinase from bovine thyroid

Imamura, T.; Hatanaka, C.; Kawamoto, H., 1975: Purification of iron iii lactose complex by gel chromatography

Wang Q S.; Wong J.T F., 1983: Purification of iso acceptor transfer rna by affinity coupling to aldehyde containing matrix

Baker, J. E., 1986: Purification of isoamylases from the rice weevil sitophilus oryzae coleoptera curculionidae by high performance liquid chromatography and their interaction with partially purified amylase inhibitors from wheat

Nishida I.; Frentzen M.; Ishizaki O.; Murata N., 1987: Purification of isomeric forms of acyl acyl carrier protein glycerol 3 phosphate acyltransferase from greening squash cotyledons

Pang C P.; Chakravarti B.; Adlington R.M.; Ting H H.; White R.L.; Jayatilake G.S.; Baldwin J.E.; Abraham E.P., 1984: Purification of isopenicillin n synthetase

Jensen S.E.; Leskiw B.K.; Vining L.C.; Aharonowitz Y.; Westlake D.W.S.; Wolfe S., 1986: Purification of isopenicillin n synthetase from streptomyces clavuligerus

Dogbo O.; Camara B., 1987: Purification of isopentenyl pyrophosphate isomerase and geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase from capsicum chromoplasts by affinity chromatography

Kang, Y. S.; Kang, S. S., 1976: Purification of j chain

Wagh, P. V., 1978: Purification of jack bean meal beta d galactosidase ec by a new affinity adsorbent/

Moriyama A.; Kageyama T.; Takahashi K.; Sasaki M., 1985: Purification of japanese monkey prostate acid protease zymogen and its identification as a pepsinogen c like zymogen

Segovia, Z. M. D. M.; Diaz, A., 1968: Purification of junin virus by an aqueous biphasic polymer system mouse

Yano O.; Kannellopoulos J.; Kieran M.; Le Bail O.; Israel A.; Kourilsky P., 1987: Purification of kbf1 a common factor binding to both h 2 and beta 2 microglobulin enhancers

Nakazawa, K.; Suzuki, S., 1975: Purification of keratan sulfate endo galactosidase and its action on keratan sulfates of different origin

Nakazawa K.; Newsome D.A.; Nilsson B.; Hascall V.C.; Hassell J.R., 1983: Purification of keratan sulfate proteo glycan from monkey cornea isolation of the keratan sulfate linkage region and the mannose containing oligo saccharides

Holley R.W.; Bohlen P.; Fava R.; Baldwin J.H.; Kleeman G.; Armour R., 1980: Purification of kidney epithelial cell growth inhibitors

Lee, C. Y.; Lazarus, L. H.; Kabakoff, D. S.; Russell, P. J. Jr ; Laver, M.; Kaplan, N. O., 1977: Purification of kinases by general ligand affinity chromatography

Diaz, A.; Henriques, O. B., 1976: Purification of kininogen ii from human plasma

Beleznai Z.; Jancsik V., 1987: Purification of l 3 glycerophosphate dehydrogenase from rat liver mitochondria

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