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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6234

Chapter 6234 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ando Yamamoto M.; Hayashi H.; Sugiyama T.; Fukui H.; Watanabe T.; Wada H., 1987: Purification of l dopa decarboxylase from rat liver and production of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies against it

Yamaguchi, T.; Matsumura, Y., 1977: Purification of l glutamate decarboxylase ec by affinity chromatography

Brandon C., 1986: Purification of l glutamate decarboxylase from rabbit brain and preparation of a monospecific antiserum

Antranikian, G.; Klinner, C.; Kuemmel, A.; Schwanitz, D.; Zimmermann, T.; Mayer, F.; Gottschalk, G., 1982: Purification of l glutamate dependent citrate lyase ec from clostridium sphenoides and electron microscopic analysis of citrate lyase isolated from rhodopseudomonas gelatinosa streptococcus diacetilactis and clostridium sphenoides

Su Y.Y.T.; Wu J Y.; Lam D.M.K., 1979: Purification of l glutamic acid decarboxylase from catfish ictalurus punctatus brain

Nishimoto Y.; Takeuchi F.; Shibata Y., 1979: Purification of l kynurenine 3 hydroxylase by affinity chromatography

Marie, J.; Kahn, A., 1977: Purification of l type pyruvate kinase ec from human liver by affinity chromatography on blue dextran sepharose column

Parkinson A.J.; Scott E.N.; Muchmore H.G., 1981: Purification of labeled antibody by mini column gel centrifugation

Le D.T., 1986: Purification of labeled cyanogen bromide peptides of the alpha polypeptide from sodium ion and potassium ion activated atpase modified with n tritiated ethylmaleimide

Mckenzie, R. M.; Mcgregor, M. L.; Nelson, E. C., 1978: Purification of labeled retinoic acid and characterization of a major impurity

Pettit, S. M.; Nealon, D. A.; Henderson, A. R., 1981: Purification of lactate dehydrogenase ec iso enzyme 5 from human liver

Pridgar, E. M.; Moses, G. C.; Henderson, A. R., 1984: Purification of lactate dehydrogenase ec isoenzymes 1 2 and 3 from human erythrocytes

Cavalieri R.L.; Woodling S., 1984: Purification of lamellar bodies from human amniotic fluid

Suzuki M.; Horii T.; Kikuchi R.; Ohnishi T., 1987: Purification of laminarinase from antarctic krill euphausia superba

Syrewicz, J. J.; Naso, R. B.; Wang, C. S.; Arlinghaus, R. B., 1972: Purification of large amounts of murine rna tumor viruses produced in roller bottle cultures

Canonico, P. G.; Van-Zwieten, M. J.; Christmas, W. A., 1972: Purification of large quantities of coxiella burnetii rickettsia by density gradient zonal centrifugation

Narasu M.L.; Gopinathan K.P., 1986: Purification of larvicidal protein from bacillus sphaericus 1593

Trybala E., 1983: Purification of lasota strain of newcastle disease virus with the use of glutarate treated erythrocytes

Franzen G., 1982: Purification of leachate from waste deposits

Ghosh B.N.; Dasgupta B.; Sircar P.K., 1981: Purification of lectin from a tropical plant momordica dioica

Komano H.; Natori S.; Mizuno D., 1980: Purification of lectin induced in the hemolymph of sarcophaga peregrina larvae on injury

Vretblad, P., 1976: Purification of lectins by biospecific affinity chromatography

Hunter J.B.; Suresh M.R.; Keshvarz E.; Wenman W.M.; Micetich R.G., 1986: Purification of lectins from artocarpus altilis and ficus deltoidea by gel filtration fast protein liquid chromatography

Genaud L.; Guillot J.; Betail G.; Coulet M., 1982: Purification of lectins from ricinus communis by combination of affinity and ion exchange chromatography and characterization of the isolated proteins

Cho M.J.; Yang M.S.; Yun H.D.; Choi Y.L.; Lee K.S., 1985: Purification of leghemoglobin messenger rna from alfalfa medicago sativa root nodules and in vitro translation

Gabay J.E.; Blake M.; Niles W.D.; Horwitz M.A., 1985: Purification of legionella pneumophila major outer membrane protein and demonstration that it is a porin

Lester B.R.; Cherry J.H., 1979: Purification of leucine transfer rna iso accepting species from soybean cotyledons part 1 benzoylated di ethylamino cellulose fractionation n hydroxy succinimide modification and characterization of product

Lester B.R.; Morris R.O.; Cherry J.H., 1979: Purification of leucine transfer rna iso accepting species from soybean cotyledons part 2 rpc 2 purification ribosome binding and cyto kinin content

Hayashi, H.; Knowles, J. R.; Katze, J. R.; Lapointe, J.; Soll, D., 1970: Purification of leucyl transfer rna synthetase from escherichia coli

Shinoda M.; Nakajin S.; Oikawa T.; Shimizu M.; Kamogawa A., 1979: Purification of leukocytosis promoting substance from bovine parotid gland extract

Wolkoff A.W.; Bhargava M.M.; Chung C.; Gatmaitan Z., 1979: Purification of ligandin by affinity chromatography on sulfobromophthalein agarose gel

Collins, J. W.; Webb, A. A.; Wiley, A. J., 1975: Purification of ligno sulfonates by dynamic membrane ultra filtration

Bandopadhyay, A. K.; Roy, D. K., 1977: Purification of limit dextrinase of aspergillus oryzae

Horiuti, Y.; Imamura, S., 1977: Purification of lipase ec from chromobacterium viscosum by chromatography on palmitoyl cellulose

Lestrovaya N.N.; Lebedeva Zh D.; Volkova I.M.; Aren A.K.; Bukvarde V.U.; Gruzin' I.V.; Ruban E.L., 1983: Purification of lipase of microbial origin by silochrome chromatography

Silvestri, L. J.; Craig, R. A.; Ingram, L. O.; Hoffmann, E. M.; Bleiweis, A. S., 1978: Purification of lipo teichoic acids by using phosphatidyl choline vesicles

Komuniecki, R.; Saz, H. J., 1979: Purification of lipoamide dehydrogenase ec from ascaris lumbricoides muscle mitochondria and its relationship to nadh nad transhydrogenase activity

Josephson S.L.; Stinson M.W.; Millar S.J.; Cohen R.E., 1986: Purification of lipoteichoic acid by chromatography in water organic solvent systems

Roncari D.A.K.; Mack E.Y.W., 1981: Purification of liver cytosolic proteins that stimulate tri acyl glycerol synthesis

Mode A.; Norstedt G.; Eneroth P.; Gustafsson J A., 1983: Purification of liver feminizing factor from rat pituitaries and demonstration of its identity with growth hormone

Igarashi, T.; Tamagawa, K.; Hirota, T.; Satoh, T.; Kitagawa, H., 1981: Purification of liver gamma glutamyl trans peptidase ec from the rat

Graham, L. D.; Griffin, T. O.; Beatty, R. E.; Mccarthy, A. D.; Tipton, K. F., 1985: Purification of liver glutamate dehydrogenase ec by affinity precipitation and studies on its denaturation

Nakamura H.; Fujishita S., 1983: Purification of liver glycogen and spectrophotometric analysis of the glycogen with skatole

Koop D.R.; Coon M.J., 1984: Purification of liver microsomal cytochrome p 450 isozymes 3a and 6 from imidazole treated rabbits evidence for the identity of isozyme 3a with the form obtained by ethanol treatment

Sanjanwala M.; Sun G.Y.; Macquarrie R.A., 1987: Purification of long chain acyl coenzyme a hydrolase from bovine heart microsomes and regulation of activity by lysophospholipids

Kraus J.P.; Rosenberg L.E., 1982: Purification of low abundance messenger rna from rat liver by polysome immuno adsorption

Gherardi E.; Brugni N.; Bowyer D.E., 1988: Purification of low density lipoprotein receptor from liver and its quantification by anti receptor monoclonal antibodies

Horowitz B.; Lippin A.; Woods K.R., 1979: Purification of low molecular weight factor viii by affinity chromatography using factor viii sepharose

Zelazowski A.J.; Szymanska J.A.; Witas H.W., 1980: Purification of low molecular weight metal binding proteins by preparative poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis properties of electrophoretically purified rat liver cadmium zinc metallo thioneins

O'kane D.J.; Karle V.A.; Lee J., 1985: Purification of lumazine proteins from photobacterium leiognathi and photobacterium phosphoreum bioluminescence properties

Braselton J.P.; Bennett M.D., 1980: Purification of lumi colchicine for use in studies of plant development

Metsikko K.; Rajaniemi H., 1980: Purification of luteinizing hormone receptor and its subunit structure

Robin J.; Berthiaume L., 1981: Purification of lymphocystis disease virus grown in tissue culture evidence for the presence of 2 types of viral particles

Meshulam D.H.; Blair H.E.; Wong B.L.; Charm S.; Minowada J.; Rocklin R.E., 1982: Purification of lymphoid cell line product with leukocyte inhibitory factor activity

Misaki, H.; Matsumoto, M., 1978: Purification of lyso phospho lipase ec of vibrio parahaemolyticus and its properties

Aarsman, A. J.; Hille, J. D. R.; Van-Den-Bosch, H., 1977: Purification of lyso phospho lipases ec application of a continuous spectrophotometric assay using thio ester substrate analogs

Klemets, R.; Lundberg, B., 1984: Purification of lysosomal cholesteryl ester hydrolase ec from rat liver by preparative isoelectric focusing

Hostetler K.Y.; Yazaki P.J.; Van Den Bosch H., 1982: Purification of lysosomal phospho lipase a evidence for multiple iso enzymes in rat liver

Hostetler K.Y.; Gardner M.F.; Giordano J.R., 1986: Purification of lysosomal phospholipase a and demonstration of proteins that inhibit phospholipase a in a lysosomal fraction from rat kidney cortex

Watanabe H.; Sato T., 1981: Purification of lytic enzymes for radio resistant bacteria produced by achromobacter lunatus

Pourrat H.; Regerat F.; Lamaison J L.; Pourrat A., 1979: Purification of main saponin from tuber of ficaire ficaria ranunculoides by a strain of aspergillus niger

Kelley, J.; Freeling, M., 1980: Purification of maize alcohol dehydrogenase 1 ec allozymes and comparison of their tryptic peptides

Mansson P E.; Silverberg A.B.; Gipson S.H.; Harris S.E., 1980: Purification of major abundance class of poly adenylated rna from rat ventral prostate

Alin, P.; Jensson, H.; Guthenberg, C.; Danielson, U. H.; Tahir, M. K.; Mannervik, B., 1985: Purification of major basic glutathione transferase ec isoenzymes from rat liver by use of affinity chromatography and fast protein liquid chromatofocusing

Ogawa K.; Kuroiwa T., 1985: Purification of major isozymes of nuclease c and production of active fragments by trypsin

Gelpi J.L.; Domenech C.; Mazo A.; Cortes A.; Bozal J., 1988: Purification of malate dehydrogenase from chicken liver mitochondria existence of a small quantity of cytosolic isoenzyme

Allen B.L.; Harris B.G., 1981: Purification of malic enzyme from ascaris suum using nad agarose

Caldes T.; Fatania H.R.; Dalsiel K., 1979: Purification of malic enzyme from bovine heart mitochondria by affinity chromatography

Yeung, K. K.; Carrico, R. J., 1976: Purification of malic enzymes by affinity chromatography on immobilized n 6 6 aminohexyl adenosine 2 5 bis phosphate

Pretlow, T. P.; Glover, G. L.; Pretlow, T. G. Ii, 1977: Purification of malignant cells and lymphocytes from a rat transplantable mucinous adeno carcinoma of the colon by iso kinetic sedimentation in gradients of ficoll

Waheed A.; Van Etten R.L., 1985: Purification of mammalian arylsulfatase a enzymes by subunit affinity chromatography

Wallach, D.; Davies, P. J. A.; Pastan, I., 1978: Purification of mammalian filamin similarity to high molecular weight actin binding protein in macrophages platelets fibroblasts and other tissues

Fahoum S.K.; Yang D.C.H., 1987: Purification of mammalian histidyl transfer rna synthetase and its interaction with myositis specific anti jo 1 antibodies

Kandefer Szerszen M.; Kaczor J.; Dawidowicz A., 1986: Purification of mammalian interferons on controlled pore glass cpg with modified surface

Lohka M.J.; Hayes M.K.; Maller J.L., 1988: Purification of maturation promoting factor an intracellular regulator of early mitotic events

Sato R.; Watanabe H., 1980: Purification of mature microsporidian nosema bombycis spores by iso density equilibrium centrifugation

Stallcup K.C.; Wechsler S.L.; Fields B.N., 1979: Purification of measles virus and characterization of sub viral components

Casali P.; Sissons J.G.P.; Fujinami R.S.; Oldstone M.B.A., 1981: Purification of measles virus glyco proteins and their integration into artificial lipid membranes

Christie M.; Endresen C.; Haukenes G., 1981: Purification of measles virus hem agglutinin poly peptide and fusion poly peptide

Bellini W.J.; Trudgett A.; Mcfarlin D.E., 1979: Purification of measles virus with preservation of infectivity and antigenicity

Maro B.; Houliston E.; Paintrand M., 1988: Purification of meiotic spindles and cytoplasmic asters from mouse oocytes

Khosravi M.J.; Liao S K., 1984: Purification of melanoma associated oncofetal antigen gp 87 from spent medium and cell homogenate of cultured human melanoma cells

Richmond A.; Thomas H.G.; Roy R.G.B.; Engel C., 1986: Purification of melanoma growth stimulatory activity

Smith, J. B.; Sternweis, P. C., 1977: Purification of membrane attachment and inhibitory subunits of the proton translocating atpase from escherichia coli

Slater, E. P.; Zaremba, S.; Hogue-Angeletti, R. A., 1981: Purification of membrane bound dopamine beta mono oxygenase ec from chromaffin granules relation to soluble dopamine beta mono oxygenase

Matthijs H.C.P.; Moore D.; Coughlan S.J.; Hind G., 1987: Purification of membrane bound ferredoxin nadp oxidoreductase and of plastocyanin from a detergent extract of washed thylakoids

Fraser, I. H.; Mookerjea, S., 1977: Purification of membrane bound galactosyl transferase ec from rat liver microsomal fractions

Hashimoto T.; Kuwabara T.; Usuda N.; Nagata T., 1986: Purification of membrane polypeptides of rat liver peroxisomes

Johansson, K. E.; Blomqvist, I.; Hjerten, S., 1975: Purification of membrane proteins from acholeplasma laidlawii by agarose suspension electrophoresis in tween 20 and poly acrylamide and dextran gel electrophoresis in detergent free media

Hjerten S.; Sparrman M.; Liao J L., 1988: Purification of membrane proteins in sds and subsequent renaturation

Kumar B.V.; Maresca B., 1988: Purification of membranes and identification of phase specific proteins of the dimorphic pathogenic fungus histoplasma capsulatum

Gschwender, H. H.; Traub, P., 1978: Purification of mengo virus by freon extraction and chromatography on protein coated controlled pore glass

Asashima, M.; Nakano, H.; Matsunaga, T.; Sugimoto, M.; Takano, H., 1987: Purification of mesodermal inducing substances from carp swim bladders i. extraction and isoelectric focusing

Rittschof D.; Traugh J.A., 1981: Purification of messenger ribo nucleo protein particles from rabbit reticulocytes by zonal centrifugation in metrizamide

Tsutsumi K I.; Ishikawa K., 1981: Purification of messenger rna coding for rat liver aldolase b subunit

El Dorry H.A., 1986: Purification of messenger rna coding for rat liver fructose 1 6 bisphosphatase by polysome immunoabsorption

Nicole L.M.; Valet J.P.; Laberge C.; Tanguay R.M., 1986: Purification of messenger rna coding for the enzyme deficient in hereditary tyrosinemia fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase

Umeda P.K.; Zak R.; Rabinowitz M., 1980: Purification of messenger rna for fast and slow myosin heavy chains by indirect immuno precipitation of polysomes from embryonic chick skeletal muscle

Deyev S.M.; Mukhamedov R.S.; Sakharova N.K.; Polyanovsky O.L.; Viklicky V.; Franek F.; Hradec J., 1984: Purification of messenger rna for immunoglobulin kappa chains from myeloma and hybridoma cells using hybridization to immobilized complementary dna

Martin, S. A.; Paoletti, E.; Moss, B., 1975: Purification of messenger rna guanylyl transferase and messenger rna guanine 7 methyl transferase from vaccinia virions

Nishikawa Y.; Chambon P., 1982: Purification of messenger rna guanylyl transferase from calf thymus

Monroy, G.; Spencer, E.; Hurwitz, J., 1978: Purification of messenger rna guanylyl transferase from vaccinia virions

Al-Shaibani, K. A.; Price, R. J.; Brown, W. D., 1977: Purification of met myo globin reductase from bluefin tuna

Takeda H.; Shimizu C., 1982: Purification of metallo thionein from the liver of skipjack katsuwonus pelamis and its properties

Gulewicz K.; Twardowski T., 1980: Purification of methionyl transfer rna from yellow lupine seeds and characterization by high pressure liquid chromatography

Dutt, M. K., 1978: Purification of methyl green pyronine and its use in cytochemical detection of dna and rna

Mahoney C.W.; Yount R.G., 1984: Purification of micro molar quantities of nucleotide analogs by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography using a volatile buffer at neutral ph

Murphy D.B.; Hiebsch R.R., 1979: Purification of micro tubule protein from beef brain and comparison of the assembly requirements for neuronal micro tubules isolated from beef and hog

Bretscher, A.; Weber, K., 1978: Purification of micro villi and an analysis of the protein components of the micro filament core bundle

Carlsen J.; Christiansen K.; Bro B., 1982: Purification of micro villus membrane vesicles from pig small intestine by immuno adsorbent chromatography

Isobe, M.; Sugiura, M., 1977: Purification of microbial lipases by glass beads coated with hydrophobic materials

Moody D.E.; Hammock B.D., 1987: Purification of microsomal epoxide hydrolase from liver of rhesus monkey partial separation of cis and trans stilbene oxide hydrolase

Evans E.A.; Gilmore R.; Blobel G., 1986: Purification of microsomal signal peptidase as a complex

Mesrob, B. K.; Stoeva, S. P.; Vassileva, R. A., 1978: Purification of milk clotting protease from bacillus mesentericus strain 76/

Hongo F.; Kawashima Y.; Shiroma S.; Fukazawa T., 1983: Purification of mimosine from leucaena leucocephala and its physiological activity for mice

Andersson T.; Abrahamsson H., 1983: Purification of mitochondria and secretory granules isolated from pancreatic beta cells using percoll and sephacryl s 1000 superfine

Hall, N.; Addis, P.; Deluca, M., 1977: Purification of mitochondrial creatine kinase 2 interconvertible forms of the active enzyme

Roberts, R.; Grace, A. M., 1980: Purification of mitochondrial creatine kinase ec biochemical and immunological characterization

Hermans, L., 1979: Purification of mitochondrial nadh dehydrogenase ec from drosophila hydei and comparison with the heat shock poly peptides

Levens D.; Lustig A.; Rabinowitz M., 1981: Purification of mitochondrial rna polymerase from saccharomyces cerevisiae

Allen, L. W.; Svenson, R. H.; Yachnin, S., 1969: Purification of mitogenic proteins derived from phaseolus vulgaris d isolation of potent and weak phyto hem agglutinins possessing mitogenic activity

Mcpherson A.; Hoover S., 1979: Purification of mitogenic proteins from hura crepitans and robinia pseudoaccacia

Kimura T.; Kodama M.; Nagata C., 1983: Purification of mixed function amine oxidase from rat liver microsomes

Yazawa, M.; Yagi, K., 1978: Purification of modulator deficient myosin light chain kinase by modulator protein sepharose affinity chromatography

Bethea C.L.; Papkoff H., 1986: Purification of monkey prolactin from culture medium biochemical and immunological characterization

Levy J.A.; Lee H.M.; Kawahata R.T.; Spitler L.E., 1984: Purification of mono clonal antibodies from mouse ascites eliminates contaminating infectious mouse type c viruses and nucleic acids

Croteau R.; El Hindawi S.; El Bialy H., 1984: Purification of mono terpenyl glycosides by gel permeation chromatography and hydrophobic interaction chromatography on poly acrylamide bio gel p 2

Matveev V.V.; Margulis B.A., 1987: Purification of monoclonal antibodies by fast protein liquid chromatography

Ross A.H.; Herlyn D.; Koprowski H., 1987: Purification of monoclonal antibodies from ascites using ab x liquid chromatography column

Duffy S.A.; Moellering B.J.; Prior C.; Scott R.W., 1987: Purification of monoclonal antibodies from large scale mammalian cell culture perfusion systems

Vockley, J.; Bednarz, K.; Harris, H., 1984: Purification of monoclonal antibodies to human alkaline phosphatases ec by antigen immunoaffinity chromatography comparisons of their molar binding values

Xu S.; Et Al, 1987: Purification of monoclonal antibody gl 013 and characterization of its physical and chemical property

Yamashita S.; Yasuda K., 1985: Purification of monospecific antibodies from heterogenous antisera by using protein blotting and their application to immunohistochemistry

Mitchell R.D.; Palade P.; Fleischer S., 1983: Purification of morphologically intact triad structures from skeletal muscle

Page, M.; Belles-Isles, M., 1978: Purification of mouse alpha feto protein by ampholyte displacement chromatography

Laitinen P.H.; Hietala O.A.; Pulkka A.E.; Pajunen A.E.I., 1986: Purification of mouse brain ornithine decarboxylase reveals its presence as an inactive complex with antizyme

Siegel G.J.; Holm C.; Schreiber J.H.; Desmond T.; Ernst S.A., 1984: Purification of mouse brain sodium potassium atpase catalytic unit characterization of antiserum and immunocytochemical localization in cerebellum choroid plexus and kidney

Fukuoka Y.; Seino J.; Okuda T.; Tachibana T., 1984: Purification of mouse complement c 4 complement c 2 and complement c 5

Dugan C.B.; De Macario E.C.; Macario A.J.L., 1981: Purification of mouse erythroid cells

Marsden C.H.; Simmonds R.G., 1988: Purification of mouse haptoglobin by antibody affinity chromatography and development of an elisa to measure serum haptoglobin levels

Auffray C.; Rougeon F., 1980: Purification of mouse immuno globulin heavy chain messenger rna from total myeloma tumor rna

Sipe, J. D.; De-Maeyer-Guignard, J.; Fauconnier, B.; De-Maeyer, E., 1973: Purification of mouse interferon by affinity chromatography on a solid phase immuno adsorbent

De-Maeyer-Guignard, J.; Tovey, M. G.; Gresser, I.; De-Maeyer, E., 1978: Purification of mouse interferon by sequential affinity chromatography on poly uridylic acid and antibody agarose columns

Braude I.A.; De Clercq E., 1979: Purification of mouse interferon by sequential chromatography

Hajnicka, V.; Fuchsberger, N.; Borecky, L., 1977: Purification of mouse interferon on specifically purified immuno adsorbent

Iwakura, Y.; Yonehara, S.; Kawade, Y., 1978: Purification of mouse l cell interferon essentially pure preparations with associated cell growth inhibitory activity

Gill, S. S., 1983: Purification of mouse liver cytosolic epoxide hydrolase ec

Priest, D. G.; Doig, M. T.; Hynes, J. B., 1981: Purification of mouse liver thymidylate synthetase ec by affinity chromatography using 10 methyl 5 8 dideaza folate as the affinant

Burchell B., 1979: Purification of mouse liver udp glucuronosyl transferase

Kim H J.; Kim G.W.; Cha S.H.; Kim W.B.; Byun S.M., 1987: Purification of mouse monoclonal anti hcg igg 1 from ascites fluid by hydroxylapatite chromatography

Reidl L.S.; Campagnoni A.T., 1983: Purification of mouse myelin basic proteins by immuno affinity chromatography

Manthorpe M.; Skaper S.; Varon S., 1980: Purification of mouse schwann cells using neurite induced proliferation in serum free mono layer culture

Brown, C. R., 1983: Purification of mouse sperm acrosin ec its activation from pro acrosin and effect on homologous egg investments

Moffett R.B., 1987: Purification of multiple forms of plasma angiotensinogen molecular weight and charge heterogeneity

Hasnain, S.; Williamson, D. G., 1975: Purification of multiple forms of the soluble 17 alpha hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase of rabbit liver

Ashton A.R.; Anderson L.E., 1981: Purification of multiple pea pisum sativum cultivar little marvel ferredoxins by chromatography at high ionic strength on unsubstituted sepharose 4b

Van Den Heuvel J.C.; Zoetemeyer R.J.; Boelhouwer C., 1981: Purification of municipal waste water by subsequent reverse osmosis and anaerobic digestion

Schneider J.; Falk H.; Hunsmann G., 1981: Purification of murine and feline type c virus envelope poly peptides as micellar protein complexes

Williams D.E.; Straneva J.E.; Shen R N.; Broxmeyer H.E., 1987: Purification of murine bone marrow derived granulocyte macrophage colony forming cells

Qian R L.; Chin K.; Kim J K.; Chin H M.; Cone J.; Hankins W.D., 1986: Purification of murine erythropoietin produced in serum free cultures of erythroleukemia cells

Garcia Gonzalez M.; Bettinger S.; Ott S.; Olivier P.; Kadouche J.; Pouletty P., 1988: Purification of murine igg3 and igm monoclonal antibodies by euglobulin precipitation

Klostergaard J.; Reidarson T.H.; Granger G.A., 1984: Purification of murine macrophage cyto toxin

Marcus S.L.; Smith S.W.; Racevskis J.; Sarkar N.H., 1979: Purification of murine oncornaviral phospho proteins using alkyl agarose derivatives

Granelli Piperno A.; Vassalli J D.; Reich E., 1981: Purification of murine t cell growth factor a lymphocyte mitogen with helper activity

Altin M.; Di Sabato G., 1980: Purification of murine thymocyte stimulating factor from supernatants of mixed lymphocyte cultures

Andre C.; De Backer J.P.; Guillet J.C.; Vanderheyden P.; Vauquelin G.; Strosberg A.D., 1983: Purification of muscarinic acetyl choline receptors by affinity chromatography

Farnir, J. L.; Chapelle, S.; Dandrifosse, G., 1982: Purification of muscle acyl coenzyme a dehydrogenases ec extracted from astacus fluviatilis pallipes

Ocampos D.; Rosa C.D.; Rodrigues E.; Rosa R., 1986: Purification of muscle pyruvate kinase and lactic acid dehydrogenase and stability of pyruvate kinase from fish mugil lisa and chaetodipterus faber

Bergamini, C.; Signorini, M.; Dallocchio, F.; Ferrari, C., 1984: Purification of muscle udp glucose pyrophosphorylase ec by hydrophobic chromatography

Hill, E. B.; Wayne, L. G.; Gross, W. M., 1972: Purification of mycobacterial dna

Jiang Y.P.; Chen T.A., 1987: Purification of mycoplasma like organisms from lettuce with aster yellows disease

Sapirstein, V. S.; Lees, M. B., 1978: Purification of myelin carbonic anhydrase ec

Funkhouser, E. A.; Loewus, F. A., 1975: Purification of myo inositol 1 phosphate synthase ec from rice cell culture by affinity chromatography

Nishita, K., 1977: Purification of myosin from striated adductor muscle of scallop using deae sephadex a 50

Wolf H.; Hofmann F., 1980: Purification of myosin light chain kinase from bovine cardiac muscle

Sellers J.R.; Harvey E.V., 1984: Purification of myosin light chain kinase from limulus muscle

Yang H.H.; Boxer L.A., 1981: Purification of myosin light chain kinase from rabbit polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Rushbrook J.I., 1985: Purification of myosin light chains by high performance liquid chromatography

Uyeda T.Q.P.; Hatano S.; Kohama K.; Furuya M., 1988: Purification of myxamoebal fragmin and switching of myxamoebal fragmin to plasmodial fragmin during differentiation of physarum polycephalum

Sonoda, T.; Tatibana, M., 1983: Purification of n acetyl l glutamate synthetase ec from rat liver mitochondria and substrate and activator specificity of the enzyme

Chan, L.; Glaser, L., 1972: Purification of n acetyl muramic acid l alanine amidase from bacillus megaterium

Strongin G.M.; Kulikova M.N.; Finkel'shtein Kh A., 1984: Purification of n carbomethoxy sulfanil chloride

Cidon S.; Nelson N., 1986: Purification of n ethylmaleimide sensitive atpase from chromaffin granule membranes

Kitamura S.; Tatsumi K., 1985: Purification of n hydroxy 2 acetylaminofluorene reductase from rabbit liver cytosol

Grover, S. D.; Canellas, P. F.; Wedding, R. T., 1981: Purification of nad malic enzyme ec from potato solanum tuberosum cultivar chieftain and investigation of some physical and kinetic properties

Kono, M.; Shimizu, C.; Matsui, T.; Matsuura, F., 1978: Purification of nad pyro phosphorylase ec from the muscle of skipjack and its properties

Newton C.J.; Faynor S.M.; Northrop D.B., 1983: Purification of nadh by ion exchange and high performance liquid chromatography

Solomonson, L. P., 1975: Purification of nadh nitrate reductase ec by affinity chromatography

Nakajin S.; Kobune S I.; Shinoda M., 1984: Purification of nadp cytochrome p 450 reductase from porcine adrenal microsomes and reconstitution of 17 alpha hydroxylase carbon 17 carbon 20 lyase and 21 hydroxylase activities

Smits R.A.M.M.; Pieper F.R.; Van Der Drift C., 1984: Purification of nadp dependent glutamate dehydrogenase from pseudomonas aeruginosa and immunochemical characterization of its in vivo inactivation

Laurinavichene T.V.; Agakishiev A.G.; Gogotov I.N., 1984: Purification of nadp reductase from rhodopseudomonas capsulata b 10 using immobilized orange dyes

Ardies C.M.; Lasker J.M.; Bloswick B.P.; Lieber C.S., 1987: Purification of nadph cytochrome c cytochrome p 450 reductase from hamster liver microsomes by detergent extraction and affinity chromatography

Kuwada, M.; Ohsawa, Y.; Horie, S., 1985: Purification of nadph cytochrome c reductase ec from swine testis microsomes by chromatofocusing and characterization of the purified reductase

Inano H.; Tamaoki B I., 1986: Purification of nadph cytochrome p 450 reductase from microsomal fraction of rat testes and its chemical modification by tetranitromethane

Kikuchi, S.; Kusaka, T., 1984: Purification of nadph dependent enoyl coenzyme a reductase ec involved in the malonyl coenzyme a dependent fatty acid elongation system of mycobacterium smegmatis

Pedersen, J. I.; Godager, H. K., 1978: Purification of nadph ferredoxin reductase ec from rat liver mitochondria

Parker, K. K.; Chan, S. L.; Trevor, A. J., 1978: Purification of native forms of eel acetyl cholin esterase ec active site determination

Minta, J. O., 1976: Purification of native properdin by reversed affinity chromatography and its activation by proteolytic enzymes

Miyata K.; Yamamoto Y.; Ueda M.; Kawade Y.; Matsumoto K.; Kubota I., 1986: Purification of natural human interferon gamma by antibody affinity chromatography analysis of constituent protein species in the dimers

Chen, N. C.; Kamel, K.; Zuckerman, J.; Gaafar, H. A., 1977: Purification of neisseria gonorrhoeae surface l antigen

Stoeckel, K.; Gagnon, C.; Guroff, G.; Thoenen, H., 1976: Purification of nerve growth factor antibodies by affinity chromatography

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Lilley M.; Ruffell R.N.; Sommerville H.J., 1980: Purification of the insecticidal toxin in crystals of bacillus thuringiensis

Rosenfeld R.G.; Hodges D.; Pham H.; Lee P.D.K.; Powell D.R., 1986: Purification of the insulin like growth factor ii receptor from an insulin like growth factor ii producing cell line and generation of an antibody which both immunoprecipitates and blocks the type 2 insulin like growth factor receptor

Harrison L.C.; Itin A., 1980: Purification of the insulin receptor from human placenta by chromatography on immobilized wheat germ lectin and receptor antibody

Williams P.F.; Turtle J.R., 1979: Purification of the insulin receptor from human placental membranes

Meyer H.E.; Herbertz L.; Bubenzer H J.; Reinauer H., 1981: Purification of the insulin receptor protein from porcine liver membranes

Van Loon D.; Voorhorst M.M.; Brinkman A.O.; Mulder E., 1988: Purification of the intact monomeric 110 kda form of the androgen receptor from calf uterus to near homogeneity

Sandoval I.V.; Colaco C.A.L.S.; Lazarides E., 1983: Purification of the intermediate filament associated protein synemin from chicken smooth muscle studies on its physicochemical properties interaction with desmin and phosphorylation

Nelson W.J.; Traub P., 1982: Purification of the intermediate filament protein vimentin from ehrlich ascites tumor cells

Shalygin V.A.; Smirnova G.E.; Zel'venskii Ya D.; Zelinskii Yu G., 1985: Purification of the intermediates of hexenal acid manufacture by rectification

Cotter, R.; Rothenberg, S. P.; Weiss, J. P., 1977: Purification of the intestinal receptor for intrinsic factor by affinity chromatography

Shimomura Y.; Nishikimi M.; Ozawa T., 1986: Purification of the iron sulfur protein ubiquinone binding protein and cytochrome c 1 from a single source of mitochondrial complex iii

De Villiers E M., 1979: Purification of the js 3 isolate of herpesvirus ovis bovid herpesvirus 4 and some properties of its dna

Rudnicka M.; Kochman M., 1984: Purification of the juvenile hormone esterase from the hemolymph of the wax moth galleria mellonella lepidoptera

Wright J.K.; Overath P., 1984: Purification of the lactose hydrogen ion carrier of escherichia coli and characterization of galactoside binding and transport

Baumann P.; Unterman B.M.; Baumann L.; Broadwell A.H.; Abbene S.J.; Bowditch R.D., 1985: Purification of the larvicidal toxin of bacillus sphaericus and evidence for high molecular weight precursors

Kilpatrick, D. C.; Yeoman, M. M., 1978: Purification of the lectin from datura stramonium

Treadwell B.V.; Towle C.A.; Mankin D.P.; Mankin H.J.; Shaderm L., 1980: Purification of the link proteins from bovine articular cartilage and comparison with link proteins from nasal septum

Kol O.; Montreuil J.; Fournet B.; Zalisz R.; Smets P., 1987: Purification of the lipopolysaccharide fraction from klebsiella pneumoniae o 1 k 2 by high performance liquid chromatography

Schneider W.J.; Beisiegel U.; Goldstein J.L.; Brown M.S., 1982: Purification of the low density lipo protein receptor an acidic glyco protein of 164000 molecular weight

Van Tan H.; Fischer S.; Fagard R., 1988: Purification of the lstra tyrosine protein kinase p56l c k

Warner T.G.; Dambach L.M.; Shin J.H.; O'brien J.S., 1981: Purification of the lysosomal acid lipase from human liver and its role in lysosomal lipid hydrolysis

Hamada H.; Okochi E.; Oh Hara T.; Tsuruo T., 1988: Purification of the m r 22000 calcium binding protein sorcin associated with multidrug resistance and its detection with monoclonal antibodies

Prehu C.; Prehu M O.; Kechemir D.; Rosa R., 1986: Purification of the m type phosphoglyceromutase from rabbit muscle

Sorensen S.; Trentemoller S., 1983: Purification of the major component of the pregnancy specific beta glyco protein sp 1 by affinity chromatography and application to a highly sensitive radio immunoassay

Hayunga E.G.; Sumner M.P.; Stek M.Jr; Vannier W.E.; Chestnut R.Y., 1983: Purification of the major concanavalin a binding surface glyco protein from adult schistosoma mansoni

Johnson, E. F.; Muller-Eberhard, U., 1977: Purification of the major cytochrome p 450 of liver microsomes from rabbits treated with 2 3 7 8 tetra chloro di benzo p dioxin

Parry, J. B.; Stewart, J. C.; Heptinstall, J., 1983: Purification of the major endo glucanase ec from aspergillus fumigatus

Evans T.; Brown M.L.; Fraser E.D.; Northup J.K., 1986: Purification of the major gtp binding proteins from human placental membranes

Welch W.J.; Feramisco J.R., 1982: Purification of the major mammalian heat shock proteins

Tonks N.K.; Diltz C.D.; Fischer E.H., 1988: Purification of the major protein tyrosine phosphatases of human placenta

Sherblom A.P.; Buck R.L.; Carraway K.L., 1980: Purification of the major sialo glyco proteins of 13762 mat b1 and mat c1 rat ascites mammary adeno carcinoma cells by density gradient centrifugation in cesium chloride and guanidine hydro chloride

Jacobson G.R.; Lee C.A.; Saier M.H.Jr, 1979: Purification of the mannitol specific enzyme ii of the escherichia coli phosphoenol pyruvate sugar phospho transferase system

Martin, H. H.; Schilf, W.; Maskos, C., 1976: Purification of the membrane bound dd carboxy peptidase ec of the unstable spheroplast l form of proteus mirabilis by affinity chromatography noncompetitive inhibition of the enzyme by penicillins and low stability of the enzyme inhibitor complex

Adams, M. W. W.; Hall, D. O., 1979: Purification of the membrane bound hydrogenase ec 1.12. of escherichia coli

Nyren, P.; Hajnal, K.; Baltscheffsky, M., 1984: Purification of the membrane bound proton translocating inorganic pyrophosphatase ec from rhodospirillum rubrum

Nicholas, R. A., 1984: Purification of the membrane spanning tryptic peptides of the alpha poly peptide from sodium and potassium ion activated atpase labeled with 1 tritio spiro adamantane 4 3' diazirine

Wang S S.; Pirtle R.; Pirtle I.; Small M.; Inouye M., 1979: Purification of the messenger rna for the lipo protein of the escherichia coli outer membrane

Sato J.D.; Powell D.J.; Roberts D.B., 1982: Purification of the messenger rna species encoding the subunits of larval serum proteins 1 and 2 of drosophila melanogaster

Sterling K.; Campbell G.A.; Brenner M.A., 1984: Purification of the mitochondrial tri iodo thyronine receptors from rat liver

Atrache V.; Ratajczak T.; Senafi S.; Hahnel R., 1985: Purification of the molybdate stabilized 9 10s estradiol receptor from calf uterus

Hurley J.M.; Bulla L.A.Jr; Andrews R.E.Jr, 1987: Purification of the mosquitocidal and cytolytic proteins of bacillus thuringiensis ssp israelensis

Giga Y.; Ikai A., 1985: Purification of the most abundant protein in the coelomic fluid of a sea urchin anthocidaris crassispina which immunologically cross reacts with 23s glycoprotein in the sea urchin eggs

Nishimura H.; Fukunaga K.; Okamura H.; Miyamoto E., 1988: Purification of the multifunctional calmodulin dependent protein kinase from lung and liver and the comparison to the brain enzyme

Peterson G.L.; Herron G.S.; Yamaki M.; Fullerton D.S.; Schimerlik M.I., 1984: Purification of the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor from porcine atria

Haga K.; Haga T., 1985: Purification of the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor from porcine brain

Godchaux W.; Leadbetter E.R., 1983: Purification of the n acylamino sulfonates unusual lipids of gliding bacteria

Rea, P. A.; Griffith, C. J.; Sanders, D., 1987: Purification of the n n' dicyclohexylcarbodiimide binding proteolipid of a higher plant tonoplast proton translocating atpase

Jinks, D. C.; Matz, L. L., 1976: Purification of the nadh dehydrogenase from membranes of acholeplasma laidlawii

Hargrove, J. L.; Granner, D. K., 1980: Purification of the native form of tyrosine amino transferase ec from rat liver

Sussman M.R., 1984: Purification of the neurospora crassa plasma membrane proton atpase by high pressure liquid chromatography in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate

Mills A.; Demoliou Mason C.D.; Barnard E.A., 1988: Purification of the neurotensin receptor from bovine brain

Maekawa T.; Nagase T.; Imamoto F.; Ishii S., 1985: Purification of the nus b gene product of escherichia coli k 12

Hofstad, T., 1976: Purification of the o antigen of bacteroides fragilis ssp fragilis nctc 9343 from phenol water extracts by gel filtration and chromatography on deae cellulose and hydroxylapatite

Claiborne A.; Fridovich I., 1979: Purification of the o di anisidine peroxidase from escherichia coli b physicochemical characterization and analysis of its dual catalatic and per oxidatic activities

Bidlack J.M.; Abood L.G.; Osei Gyimah P.; Archer S., 1981: Purification of the opiate receptor from rat brain

Simonds W.F.; Burke T.R.Jr; Rice K.C.; Jacobson A.E.; Klee W.A., 1985: Purification of the opiate receptor of ng 108 15 neuroblastoma glioma hybrid cells

Pearson D.; Ward O.P., 1987: Purification of the parasporal crystals of bacillus thuringiensis ssp israelensis and development of a novel bioassay technique

Defize J.; Pals G.; Pronk J.C.; Frants R.R.; Rimmelzwaan G.; Westerveld B.D.; Eriksson A.W., 1985: Purification of the pepsinogen a isozymogens by means of high resolution ion exchange chromatography evidence for post translational modifications

Weiss, M.; Struck, H., 1977: Purification of the peptide hormone relaxin

Taku A.; Stuckey M.; Fan D.P., 1982: Purification of the peptido glycan trans glycosylase of bacillus megaterium

Inestrosa N.C.; Bronfman M.; Leighton F., 1980: Purification of the peroxisomal fatty acyl coenzyme a oxidase from rat liver

Sugiura M., 1980: Purification of the phage t 4 dna ligase by blue sepharose chromatography

Surin B.P.; Dixon N.E.; Rosenberg H., 1986: Purification of the pho u protein a negative regulator of the pho regulon of escherichia coli k 12

Kruep D.A.; Dunaway G.A., 1984: Purification of the phosphofructokinase regulatory factors

Nimmo G.A.; Nimmo H.G.; Hamilton I.D.; Fewson C.A.; Wilkins M.B., 1986: Purification of the phosphorylated night form and dephosphorylated day form of phosphoenolypyruvate carboxylase from bryophyllum fedtschenkoi

Horuk R.; Beckner S.; Lin M.; Wright D.E.; Chrambach A., 1984: Purification of the photo affinity labeled glucagon receptor by gel electrophoretic methods

Herriott, R. M., 1979: Purification of the photo reactivating enzyme ec from yeast

Daniel T.O.; Tremble P.M.; Frackelton A.R.Jr; Williams L.T., 1985: Purification of the platelet derived growth factor receptor by using an anti phosphotyrosine antibody

Albrechtova L.; Holubcova L.; Jokes M., 1986: Purification of the plum pox virus and preparation of antiserum suitable for virus determination by the elisa method

Holtje, J. V.; Tomasz, A. , 1976: Purification of the pneumococcal n acetyl muramyl l alanine amidase to biochemical homogeneity

Ito K., 1982: Purification of the precursor form of maltose binding protein a periplasmic protein of escherichia coli

Stigbrand, T.; Damber, M. G.; Von-Schoultz, B., 1978: Purification of the pregnancy zone protein by affinity chromatography

Forman, H. J.; Kennedy, J., 1977: Purification of the primary di hydro orotate dehydrogenase oxidase from rat liver mitochondria

Masuda, H.; Soejima, A.; Waide, Y., 1980: Purification of the protein agglutinating factors in boar seminal plasma

Ang, B. J.; Nickerson, K. W., 1978: Purification of the protein crystal from bacillus thuringiensis by zonal gradient centrifugation

Stengel D.; Henry D.; Tomova S.; Borsodi A.; Hanoune J., 1986: Purification of the proteolytically solubilized active catalytic subunit of adenylate cyclase from ram sperm inhibition by adenosine

Kingan T.G., 1981: Purification of the prothoracicotropic hormone from the tobacco hornworm manduca sexta

Gabellini N.; Gao Z.; Eckerskorn C.; Lottspeich F.; Oesterhelt D., 1988: Purification of the proton atpase from rhodobacter capsulatus identification of the f 1f 0 components and reconstitution of the active enzyme

Serrano R., 1984: Purification of the proton pumping atpase from plant plasma membranes

Menzel R.; Roth J., 1981: Purification of the puta gene product a bi functional membrane bound protein from salmonella typhimurium responsible for the 2 step oxidation of proline to glutamate

Scheer H.; Meldolesi J., 1985: Purification of the putative alpha latrotoxin receptor from bovine synaptosomal membranes in an active binding form

Glossmann H.; Ferry D.R.; Boschek C.B., 1983: Purification of the putative calcium channel from skeletal muscle with the aid of tritium labeled nimodipine binding

Degerman E.; Belfrage P.; Newman A.H.; Rice K.C.; Manganiello V.C., 1987: Purification of the putative hormone sensitive cyclic amp phosphodiesterase from rat adipose tissue using a derivative of cilostamide as a novel affinity ligand

Strumilo S.A.; Senkevich S.B.; Vinogradov V.V., 1980: Purification of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex from bovine adrenal cortex mitochondria

Henderson C.E.; Perham R.N., 1980: Purification of the pyruvate dehydrogenase multi enzyme complex of bacillus stearothermophilus and resolution of its 4 component poly peptides

Simpson R.U.; Hamstra A.; Kendrick N.C.; Deluca H.F., 1983: Purification of the receptor for 1 alpha 25 di hydroxy vitamin d 3 from chicken intestine

Puma P.; Buxser T.E.; Watson L.; Kelleher D.J.; Johnson G.L., 1983: Purification of the receptor for nerve growth factor from a 875 melanoma cells by affinity chromatography

Ronnstrand L.; Beckmann M.P.; Faulders B.; Ostman A.; Ek B.; Heldin C H., 1987: Purification of the receptor for platelet derived growth factor from porcine uterus

Northup, J. K.; Sternweis, P. C.; Smigel, M. D.; Schleifer, L. S.; Ross, E. M.; Gilman, A. G., 1980: Purification of the regulatory component of adenylate cyclase ec

Watanabe, S.; Staprans, I., 1966: Purification of the relaxing protein of rabbit skeletal muscle inst sephadex gel filtration

Scott, J. F.; Kornberg, A., 1978: Purification of the rep protein of escherichia coli an atpase which separates duplex dna strands in advance of replication

Baksi K.; Rushizky G.W., 1979: Purification of the restriction endo nuclease pal i

Tabary F.; Balandreau J.; Bourrillon R., 1984: Purification of the rice oryza sativa embryo lectin and its binding to nitrogen fixing bacteria from the rhizosphere of rice

Fukami Y.; Lipmann F., 1985: Purification of the rous sarcoma virus src kinase by casein agarose and tyrosine agarose affinity chromatography

Inui M.; Saito A.; Fleischer S., 1987: Purification of the ryanodine receptor and identity with feet structures of junctional terminal cisternae of sarcoplasmic reticulum from fast skeletal muscle

Fiszman, M.; Bucchini, D.; Girard, M., 1971: Purification of the sabin strain of poliovirus type i through treatment with sarkozyl

Hartshorne R.P.; Catterall W.A., 1981: Purification of the saxi toxin receptor of the sodium channel from rat brain

Gertman Ye M.; Ivakin A.A., 1979: Purification of the scrubbing water from sulfuric acid shops for arsenic and utilization of the valuable components

Lupker H.S.C.; Dekker B.M.M., 1981: Purification of the sequence specific endo nuclease sin 1 from salmonella infantis

Kanekatsu R., 1980: Purification of the silkworm digestive amylase and the distribution of the enzyme in larval tissues of the silkworm bombyx mori

Pollard K.M.; Tan E.M., 1985: Purification of the sm nuclear autoantigen detection and clinical significance of immunoglobulin m antibody

Kyte, J., 1971: Purification of the sodium dependent and potassium dependent atpase from canine renal medulla

Braughler, J. M.; Corder, C. N., 1977: Purification of the sodium potassium atpase from human renal tissue

Green T.R.; Pratt K.L., 1988: Purification of the solubilized nadph oxygen oxidoreductase of human neutrophils isolation of its catalytically inactive cytochrome b and flavoprotein redox centers

Yoshida M.; Aketa K., 1987: Purification of the sperm binding factor and identification of a sperm attack molecule from the egg of the sea urchin hemicentrotus pulcherrimus

Tsuzuki, H.; Yoshida, M.; Onitake, K.; Aketa, K., 1977: Purification of the sperm binding factor from the egg of the sea urchin hemicentrotus pulcherrimus

Meyer H.H.D.; Jungblut P.W., 1983: Purification of the steroid binding core of porcine estrogen receptor

Vorndam A.V.; Trent D.W., 1984: Purification of the structural and nonstructural proteins of st louis encephalitis virus

Berger, M.; Wood, H. G., 1975: Purification of the subunits of trans carboxylase ec by affinity chromatography on avidin sepharose

Klein P.; Knox B.; Borleis J.; Devreotes P., 1987: Purification of the surface cyclic amp receptor in dictyostelium

Rasmussen S.; Ramlau J.; Axelsen N.H.; Bock E., 1982: Purification of the synaptic membrane glyco protein d 2 from rat brain

Higgins K.M.; Lloyd R.S., 1987: Purification of the t 4 endonuclease v

Bittner M.; Burke R.L.; Alberts B.M., 1979: Purification of the t 4 gene 32 protein free from detectable dnase activities

Kniep E.M.; Kniep B.; Grote W.; Conradt H.S.; Monner D.A.; Muhlradt P.F., 1984: Purification of the t lymphocyte growth factor interleukin 2 from culture media of human peripheral blood leukocytes buffy coats

Hillen W.; Klock G.; Kaffenberger I.; Wray L.V.; Reznikoff W.S., 1982: Purification of the tet repressor and tet operator from the transposon tn 10 and characterization of their interaction

Honda T.; Yoh M.; Narita I.; Miwatani T.; Sima H.; Xiegen Y.; Xiandi L., 1986: Purification of the thermostable direct hemolysin of vibrio parahaemolyticus by immunoaffinity column chromatography

Alouf, J. E.; Kiredjian, M.; Geoffroy, C., 1977: Purification of the thiol dependent extracellular hemo lysin from bacillus alvei

Armaleo D.; Gross S.R., 1985: Purification of the three nuclear rna polymerases from neurospora crassa

Broussard, L.; Harms, W. M.; Shive, W., 1976: Purification of the threonine sensitive asparto kinase homo serine dehydrogenase complex using chromatography on substituted sepharose columns

Barclay, A. N.; Letarte-Muirhead, M.; Williams, A. F., 1975: Purification of the thy 1 molecule from rat brain

Fennewald M.A.; Gerrard S.P.; Chou J.; Casadaban M.J.; Cozzarelli N.R., 1981: Purification of the tn 3 transposase and analysis of its binding to dna

Kim K H.; Ohba M.; Aizawa K., 1984: Purification of the toxic protein from bacillus thuringiensis serotype 10 isolate demonstrating a preferential larvicidal activity to the mosquito

Yamamoto T.; Nojima M.; Ishiura S.; Sugita H., 1986: Purification of the two forms of the high molecular weight neutral proteinase ingensin from rat liver

Maly P.; Luthi C., 1986: Purification of the type i insulin like growth factor receptor from human placenta

Bracher, M.; Schweingruber, M. E., 1977: Purification of the tyrosine inhibitable 3 deoxy d arabino heptulosonate 7 phosphate synthase ec from schizosaccharomyces pombe

Grandics P.; Miller A.; Schmidt T.J.; Mittman D.; Litwack G., 1984: Purification of the unactivated gluco corticoid receptor and its subsequent in vitro activation

Ballester J.M.; Ballester M.; Belaich J.P., 1980: Purification of the viridicin produced by aerococcus viridans

Sancar G.B.; Smith F.W.; Heelis P.F., 1987: Purification of the yeast phr1 photolyase from an escherichia coli overproducing strain and characterization of the intrinsic chromophores of the enzyme

Macheroux P.; Schmidt K.U.; Steinerstauch P.; Ghisla S.; Colepicolo P.; Buntic R.; Hastings J.W., 1987: Purification of the yellow fluorescent protein from vibrio fischeri and identity of the flavin chromophore

Lipton H.L.; Friedmann A., 1980: Purification of theilers murine encephalomyelitis virus and analysis of the structural virion poly peptides correlation of the poly peptide profile with virulence

Voskoboev A.I.; Averin V.A., 1982: Purification of thiamin binding protein in rat red cells by affinity chromatography

Zabin, I.; Fowler, A. V., 1984: Purification of thio galactoside trans acetylase ec by affinity chromatography

Herrmann, E. C.; Moore, E. C., 1973: Purification of thio redoxin from rat novikoff ascites hepatoma

Horowitz, P. M., 1978: Purification of thio sulfate sulfur transferase ec by selective immobilization on blue agarose

Schedel M.; Trueper H.G., 1979: Purification of thiobacillus denitrificans siro heme sulfite reductase and investigation of some molecular and catalytic properties

Toghrol F.; Southerland W.M., 1983: Purification of thiobacillus novellus sulfite oxidase evidence for the presence of heme and molybdenum

Okumichi T.; Nishiki M.; Takasugi S.; Yamane M.; Ezaki H., 1984: Purification of thiol protease inhibitor from human lung cancer tissue

Bjelland, S.; Foltmann, B.; Wallevik, K., 1984: Purification of thiol protein disulfide oxidoreductase ec from bovine liver

Chen, C. C.; Mccall, B. L. B.; Moore, E. C., 1977: Purification of thioredoxin reductase ec from the novikoff rat tumor

Pigiet, V. P.; Conley, R. R., 1977: Purification of thioredoxin thioredoxin reductase and glutathione reductase by affinity chromatography

Lalu K.; Lampelo S.; Vanha Perttula T., 1985: Purification of three aminopeptidases from human maternal serum

Tomihara Y.; Yonaha K.; Nozaki M.; Yamakawa M.; Kamura T.; Toyama S., 1987: Purification of three antihemorrhagic factors from the serum of a mongoose herpestes edwardsii

O'leary K.A.; Tracy J.W., 1988: Purification of three cytosolic glutathione s transferases from adult schistosoma mansoni

Khanna N.C.; Tokuda M.; Waisman D.M., 1987: Purification of three forms of lipocortin from bovine lung

Nakai T.; Kume K., 1987: Purification of three fragments of the dermonecrotic toxin from pasteurella multocida

Yeung H.W.; Wong D.M.; Ng T.B.; Li W.W., 1986: Purification of three isolectins from root tubers of trichosanthes kirikowii

Nordenman, B.; Bjork, I., 1977: Purification of thrombin by affinity chromatography on immobilized heparin

Hall E.R.; Tai H H., 1981: Purification of thromboxane synthetase and evidence of 2 distinct mechanisms for the formation of 12 l hydroxy 5 8 10 heptadecatrienoic acid by porcine lung microsomes

Letarte-Muirhead, M.; Barclay, A. N.; Williams, A. F., 1975: Purification of thy 1 molecular a major cell surface glyco protein of rat thymocytes

Cotmore, S. F.; Crowhurst, S. A.; Waterfield, M. D., 1981: Purification of thy 1 related glyco proteins from human brain and fibroblasts comparisons between these molecules and murine glyco proteins carrying thy 1.1 and thy 1.2 antigens

Madhav R.; Coetzee M.L.; Ove P., 1980: Purification of thymidine kinase by affinity chromatography with an enzyme inhibitor as the ligand

Kubilus, J.; Lee, L. D.; Baden, H. P., 1978: Purification of thymidine phosphorylase ec from human amnio chorion

Voytek, P., 1975: Purification of thymidine phosphorylase from escherichia coli and its photo inactivation in the presence of thymine thymidine and some halogenated analogs

Fridland, A.; Langenbach, R. J.; Heidelberger, C., 1971: Purification of thymidylate synthetase from ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells

Slavik, K.; Rode, W.; Slavikova, V., 1976: Purification of thymidylate synthetase from enzyme poor sources by affinity chromatography

Freire M.; Hannappel E.; Rey M.; Freire J.M.; Kido H.; Horecker B.L., 1981: Purification of thymus messenger rna coding for a 16000 dalton poly peptide containing the thymosin alpha 1 sequence

Yoshinari M.; Taurog A.; Krupp P.P., 1985: Purification of thyroid lysosomes by colloidal silica density gradient centrifugation

Nakagawa H.; Kotani T.; Ohtaki S.; Nakamura M.; Yamazaki I., 1985: Purification of thyroid peroxidase by monoclonal antibody assisted immunoaffinity chromatography

Pekonen, F.; Williams, D. M.; Weintraub, B. D., 1980: Purification of thyrotropin and other glyco protein hormones by immuno affinity chromatography

Mackenzie D.S.; Light P.; Papkoff H., 1981: Purification of thyrotropin from the pituitaries of 2 turtles the green sea turtle chelonia mydas and the snapping turtle chelydra serpentina

Wieslaw G.; Kuthan R., 1979: Purification of tick borne encephalitis virus by calcium phosphate adsorption chromatography

Krasilnikov I.V.; Elbert L.B.; Borisova V.N.; Nakhapetyan L.A., 1985: Purification of tick borne encephalitis virus in tris modified porous glasses

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