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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6235

Chapter 6235 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Campos Neto A.; Lima F.W.M.; Andrade A.F.B., 1985: Purification of tissue forms amastigotes of trypanosoma cruzi by immunoaffinity chromatography

Jia F.; Et Al, 1988: Purification of tnf and observation on its biological characteristics

Albrechtova L., 1984: Purification of tobacco necrosis virus and preparation of antiserum suitable for virus determination by elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay method

Ikeda M.; Gutkowska J.; Thibault G.; Boucher R.; Genest J., 1981: Purification of tonin by affinity chromatography

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Rawson J.R.Y.; Thomas K.; Clegg M.T., 1982: Purification of total cellular dna from a single plant

Katsaras K.; Hartwigk H., 1979: Purification of toxins of clostridium perfringens type a with deae ion exchange and gel filtration

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Petersen C.S.; Pedersen N.S.; Axelsen N.H., 1982: Purification of tr b a reiter treponeme protein antigen precipitating with antibodies in human syphilitic sera

Baxter R.C.; Brown A.S., 1982: Purification of tracer for somatomedin c radio immunoassay by hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Waldschmidt R.; Jahn D.; Seifart K.H., 1988: Purification of transcription factor iiib from hela cells

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Ogiso M.; Shinohara Y.; Hanaoka K.; Takahashi S.Y., 1982: Purification of trehalases from the male accessory glands of the american cockroach periplaneta americana

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Banwell, J. G.; Hanke, D. W.; Diedrich, D., 1978: Purification of tritium labeled cholera toxin

Safarik I., 1987: Purification of trypsin and bacterial proteinases by column chromatography on coffee grain particles

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Hanspal M.; Ralston G.B., 1981: Purification of trypsin insensitive fragment of spectrin from human erythrocyte membranes

Bartholmes P.; Boeker H.; Teuscher B., 1979: Purification of tryptophan synthase ec from saccharomyces cerevisiae and partial activity of its nicked subunits

Waters, L. C.; Yang, W. K.; Mullin, B. C.; Nichols, J. L., 1975: Purification of tryptophan transfer rna from chick cells and its identity with spot 1 rna of rous sarcoma virus

Fournier, M.; Dorizzi, M.; Sarger, C.; Labouesse, J., 1976: Purification of tryptophan transfer rna valine transfer rna and partial purification of iso leucine transfer rna and formylatable transfer rna from beef liver

Akamizu T.; Mori T.; Ishii H.; Yotota T.; Nakamura H.; Imura H., 1988: Purification of tsh receptor from porcine thyroid membrane and effect of various protease inhibitors on receptor stability

Launay J.F.; Vanier M.T.; Gendry P., 1983: Purification of tubulin from rat pancreas

Derks A.F.L.M.; Vink Van Den Abeele J.L.; Van Schadewijk A.R., 1982: Purification of tulip breaking virus and production of anti sera for use in enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Ristow, S. S.; Cleveland, P. H.; Pier, T. R.; Mckhann, C. F., 1975: Purification of tumor associated antigens from a methyl cholanthrene induced murine sarcoma as monitored by humoral cyto toxicity

Saito M.; Tanino T.; Egawa K., 1980: Purification of tumor associated embryonic substance from mouse ascites tumor cells its cross reactivity with human carcino embryonic antigen

Burke W.H.; Papkoff H., 1980: Purification of turkey prolactin and the development of a homologous radio immunoassay for its measurement

Murao, S.; Sakamoto, R.; Arai, M., 1985: Purification of two avicelases from aspergillus aculeatus no. f 50

Burgess A.W.; Metcalf D.; Kozka I.J.; Simpson R.J.; Vairo G.; Hamilton J.A.; Nice E.C., 1985: Purification of two forms of colony stimulating factor from mouse l cell conditioned medium

Hough R.; Pratt G.; Rechsteiner M., 1987: Purification of two high molecular weight proteases from rabbit reticulocyte lysate

V Eichel Streiber C.; Harperath U.; Bosse D.; Hadding U., 1987: Purification of two high molecular weight toxins of clostridium difficile which are antigenically related

Kelly T.; Molony L.; Burridge K., 1987: Purification of two smooth muscle glycoproteins related to integrin distribution in cultured chicken embryo fibroblasts

Tanimori H.; Yoshida K.; Motomura H.; Kitada K.; Yagisawa S.; Kitagawa T., 1987: Purification of two specific antibodies against drug and carrier protein molecules

Schmidt J.J.; Siegel L.S., 1986: Purification of type e botulinum neurotoxin by high performance ion exchange chromatography

Adler, V. V.; Mechitov, V. I., 1978: Purification of tyrosine amino transferase messenger rna using poly ribosome immuno sorbent on sepharose 4b

Lloyd, T.; Walega, M. A., 1981: Purification of tyrosine hydroxylase ec by high pressure liquid chromatography

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Thomson, K. S., 1983: Purification of udp galactose sn glycerol 3 phosphate alpha d galactosyl transferase ec from poterioochromonas malhamensis

Geren, C. R.; Olomon, C. M.; Primrose, D. C.; Ebner, K. E., 1977: Purification of udp glucose dehydrogenase by hydrophobic and affinity chromatography

Anwar, R. A.; Vlaovic, M., 1979: Purification of udp n acetylenolpyruvoyl glucosamine reductase ec from escherichia coli by affinity chromatography its subunit structure and the absence of flavine as the prosthetic group

Oosthuizen M.M.J.; Nel L.; Myburgh J.A.; Crookes R.L., 1985: Purification of undegraded ceruloplasmin from outdated human plasma

Stemke G.W.; Robertson J.A.; Nhan M., 1987: Purification of urease from ureaplasma urealyticum

Batista-Viera, F.; Axen, R.; Carlsson, J., 1977: Purification of uricase by bio specific adsorption desorption

Conley T.G.; Priest D.G., 1979: Purification of uricase from mammalian tissue

Astedt B.; Holmberg L.; Wagner G.; Richter P.; Ploug J., 1979: Purification of uro kinase by a beta naphthamidine affinity column

Su Y C.; Duh J J.; Chiang H.Y., 1980: Purification of uro kinase by affinity column chromatography

Herion, P.; Bollen, A., 1983: Purification of uro kinase ec by mono clonal antibody affinity chromatography

Vetterlein, D.; Calton, G. J., 1983: Purification of uro kinase ec from complex mixtures using immobilized mono clonal antibody against uro kinase light chain

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Elder, G. H.; Tovey, J. A.; Sheppard, D. M., 1983: Purification of uro porphyrinogen decarboxylase ec from human erythrocytes immunochemical evidence for a single protein with decarboxylase activity in human erythrocytes and liver

Takahashi, R., 1988: Purification of urokinase i. preparation and characterization of affinity chromatographic solid supports

Madalinski, W.; Bankovski, A.; Korbecki, M., 1977: Purification of vaccinia virus by zonal centrifugation and analysis of viral protein composition

Kit, S.; Jorgensen, G. N.; Liav, A.; Zaslavsky, V., 1977: Purification of vaccinia virus induced thymidine kinase activity from sulfur 35 methionine labeled cells

Miyamoto T.; Michibata H., 1986: Purification of vanadium binding substance from the blood cells of the tunicate ascidia sydneiensis samea

Carvalho J.F.; Carvalho M.D.G.D.C.; Merrick W.C., 1984: Purification of various forms of elongation factor 1 from rabbit reticulocytes

Haunerland N.H.; Ryan R.O.; Law J.H.; Bowers W.S., 1987: Purification of very high density lipoproteins by differential density gradient ultracentrifugation

Manthorpe, C. M.; Wilkin, G. P.; Wilson, J. E., 1977: Purification of viable ciliated cuboidal ependymal cells from rat brain

Chaicumpa W.; Atthasishtha N., 1979: Purification of vibrio cholerae eltor hemo lysin

Svennerholm A M.; Stromberg G.J.; Holmgren J., 1983: Purification of vibrio cholerae soluble hem agglutinin and development of enzyme linked immuno sorbent assays elisa for antigen and antibody quantitations

Liu M C.; Bakel B.W.; Liu M Y.; Dao T.N., 1988: Purification of vibrio fischeri nitrite reductase and its characterization as a hexaheme c type cytochrome

Ueno A.; Kohno M.; Ishihama A.; Toyoshima K., 1979: Purification of viral proteins from avian sarcoma virus qv 2

Blomberg, J.; Bjorck, E.; Olofsson, S.; Berg, G.; Lycke, E., 1976: Purification of virions and nucleo capsids of herpes simplex virus by means of metrizamide and sodium metrizoate gradients

Dulieu P.; Penin F.; Dulieu H.; Gautheron D.C., 1988: Purification of virus like particles from male sterile vicia faba and detection by elisa in crude leaf extracts

Parsons, J. T.; Lewis, P.; Dierks, P., 1978: Purification of virus specific rna from chicken cells infected with avian sarcoma virus identification of genome length and sub genome length viral rna

Taylor G.A.; Mazhindu H.N.; Findlay J.B.C.; Peacock M., 1986: Purification of vitamin d binding protein from human plasma using high performance liquid chromatography

Masuda S.; Okano T.; Ueno Y.; Kushima S.; Matsushita Y.; Kobayashi T., 1985: Purification of vitamin d binding proteins group specific components in human plasma using a chromatofocusing method

Maruyama K.; Ebisawa K.; Nonomura Y., 1985: Purification of vitamin d dependent 28000 molecular weight calcium binding protein from bovine cerebellum and kidney by calcium dependent elution from deae cellulose de 52 column chromatography

Wieringa, B.; Mulder, J.; Van-Der-Ende, A.; Bruggeman, A.; Ab, G.; Gruber, M., 1978: Purification of vitellogenin messenger rna and serum albumin messenger rna from avian liver by preparative gel electrophoresis

Colombini M., 1983: Purification of voltage dependent anion selective channel from rat liver mitochondria

Faingol'd, Z. L.; Karpukhin, V. F.; Emel'yanova, N. I.; Memorskaya, A. S.; Panin-Yu, A.; Kon'kov, N. G.; Buslaeva, S. P.; Upadyshev, L. P., 1978: Purification of waste water containing surface active substances using radiation as an anti foaming agent

Kereselidze R.V.; Gurgenidze Z.I., 1980: Purification of waste water released after the production of arnold base

Pospisil, O.; Glanser-Soljan, M.; Ban, S., 1975: Purification of waste waters from fermentation plants by means of a mixed bacterial culture

Tymofyeyev V.V.; Bondar V.S.; Krams'ka L.P.; Aleksyeyeva L.M., 1981: Purification of waste waters from the manufacture of drugs

Voronin, V. G.; Mitereva, V. G.; Petrova, I. D.; Mal'kova, I. S., 1977: Purification of waste waters from the production of nitroxoline

Abramov, A. V.; Karpukhin, V. F.; Generalov, S. D.; Klyueva, L. M., 1985: Purification of waste waters in a pharmaceutical plant 2. local purification of highly concentrated effluents

Fleetham J.; Mahadevan M.M., 1988: Purification of water for in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer

Espinosa, H.; Goma, G.; Tribellini, A., 1978: Purification of water loaded with hydro carbons preparation and study of properties of materials

Ruiz, F.; Marcilla, A.; Ancheta, A. M.; Caro, J. A., 1985: Purification of wet process phosphoric acid by solvent extraction with isoamyl alcohol 1. liquid liquid equilibrium of the water phosphoric acid isoamyl alcohol at 25 celsius

Pick, L.; Hurwitz, J., 1986: Purification of wheat germ rna ligase i. characterization of a ligase associated 5' hydroxypolynucleotide kinase activity

Pick, L.; Furneaux, H.; Hurwitz, J., 1986: Purification of wheat germ rna ligase ii. mechanism of action of wheat germ rna ligase

Krapivina L.I.; Vil'de I.V.; Stupnikova S.K.; Kotusov V.V., 1985: Purification of wheat lectin by affinity sorption on rabbit erythrocytes

Bays D.C.; Demski J.W.; Cunfer B.M., 1986: Purification of wheat spindle streak mosaic virus from winter wheat for antisera production

Suleiman S.A.; Stevens J.B., 1987: Purification of xanthine dehydrogenase from rat liver a rapid procedure with high enzyme yields

Sullivan C.H.; Mather I.H.; Greenwalt D.E.; Madara P.J., 1982: Purification of xanthine oxidase from the fat globule membrane of bovine milk by electro focusing determination of iso electric points and preparation of specific antibodies to the enzyme

Risley M.S.; Gambino J.; Eckhardt R.A., 1979: Purification of xenopus laevis embryo and liver nuclei using metrizamide

Bogenhagen D.F.; Insdorf N.F., 1988: Purification of xenopus laevis mitochondrial rna polymerase and identification of a dissociable factor required for specific transcription

Shang Z.; Windsor W.T.; Liao Y D.; Wu C W., 1988: Purification of xenopus transcription factor iiia and 5s rna from 7s ribonucleoprotein particle by ammonium sulfate precipitation

Kubackova, M.; Karacsonyi, S.; Toman, R., 1976: Purification of xylanase ec from the wood rotting fungus trametes hirsuta

Bigelis, R.; Umbarger, H. E., 1975: Purification of yeast alpha iso propyl malate isomerase high ionic strength hydrophobic chromatography

Illingworth, J. A., 1972: Purification of yeast iso citrate dehydrogenase

Hammond C.I.; Holland M.J., 1983: Purification of yeast rna polymerases using heparin agarose affinity chromatography transcriptional properties of the purified enzymes on defined templates

Kopetzki E.; Entian K D., 1982: Purification of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae hexo kinase iso enzymes using affinity chromatography and chromato focusing

Kilmartin J.V., 1981: Purification of yeast tubulin by self assembly in vitro

Nielsen L.S.; Gansen J.G.; Skriver L.; Wilson E.L.; Kaltoft K.; Zeuthen J.; Dano K., 1982: Purification of zymogen to plasminogen activator from human glio blastoma cells by affinity chromatography with mono clonal antibody

Ochi Y.; Fujiyama Y.; Hosoda S.; Hamazu M.; Kajita Y.; Myazaki T.; Hachiya T.; Ishida M., 1982: Purification on carcino embryonic antigen by affinity chromatography with anti alpha 1 acid glyco protein

Howard, L.; Orenstein, N. S.; King, N. W., 1974: Purification on renografin density gradients of chlamydia trachomatis grown in the yolk sac of eggs

Smith J.C.; Yaqoob M.; Symes K., 1988: Purification partial characterization and biological effects of the xtc mesoderm inducing factor

Gelder, F. B.; Reese, C. J.; Moossa, A. R.; Hall, T.; Hunter, R., 1978: Purification partial characterization and clinical evaluation of a pancreatic onco fetal antigen

Pinto, V. B.; Gelder, F. B.; Morris, D. M., 1986: Purification partial characterization and clinical evaluation of an adenocarcinoma associated antigen

De Bruyn J.; Bosmans R.; Turneer M.; Weckx M.; Nyabenda J.; Van Vooren J P.; Falmagne P.; Wiker H.G.; Harboe M., 1987: Purification partial characterization and identification of a skin reactive protein antigen of mycobacterium bovis bcg

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Lima J.A.A.; Purcifull D.E.; Hiebert E., 1979: Purification partial characterization and serology of blackeye cowpea mosaic virus

Pau C P.; Plikaytis B.B.; Carlone G.M.; Warner I.M., 1988: Purification partial characterization and seroreactivity of a genus wide 60 kilodalton legionella protein antigen

Neumann S.; Simon H., 1986: Purification partial characterization and substrate specificity of a squalene cyclase from bacillus acidocaldarius

Fazekas S.; Nadasy G.L.; Monos E.; Kovach A.G.B.; Szekessy Hermann V., 1988: Purification phosphate content and phosphorylation of myosin from human vascular smooth muscle

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Akima K.; Arika T.; Amemiya K., 1985: Purification physicochemical characterization and antitumor activity of a cancer associated human serum protein that is increased by treatment with schizophyllan an antitumor polysaccharide

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Nakamura I., 1979: Purification physiochemical properties and establishment of immunological determination for rat ferritin

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