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Pyrotherium a large enigmatic ungulate mammalia incertae sedis from the deseadan oligocene of salla bolivia

Macfadden, B.J.; Frailey, C.D.

Palaeontology 27(4): 867-874


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-0239
Accession: 006236387

A well preserved sample of Pyrotherium is described from at least 2 stratigraphic horizons in the Salla Beds of Bolivia. This sample is essentially indistinguishable from, and therefore conspecific with, the species P. romeri from Argentina. This represents the 1st description of this large herbivorous mammal outside of the classic Pyrotherium Beds of Argentina. The presence of this biochronologically diagnostic taxon further supports previous assignments of a Deseadan (Oligocene) age for the Salla Beds of Bolivia.

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