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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6239

Chapter 6239 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Cross W.G.; Ing H., 1984: Quality factors for mono energetic neutrons

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Vangdal E., 1982: Quality factors of pears plums and sweet cherries for free consumption a consumer survey

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Martin A.C., 1986: Quality for human consumption of the waters of la vega de granada spain

Ke, P. J.; Smith-Lall, B.; Dewar, A. B., 1981: Quality improvement investigations for atlantic queen crab chionoecetes opilio a. observations on handling and holding operation b. post mortem deterioration dis coloration and time temperature effects c. objective methods for quality grading d. review and summary of various technical information

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Slade A., 1987: Quality of attachment and early symbolic play

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Kamler E.; Malczewski B., 1982: Quality of carp eggs obtained by induced breeding

Morris, G. K.; Heck, J., 1978: Quality of cary blair transport medium after aging 19 months

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Fuss H.J.; Johnson C., 1982: Quality of chum salmon oncorhynchus keta fry improved by incubation over artificial substrates

Adsule P.G.; Ismail M.A.; Fellers P.J., 1984: Quality of citrus fruit following cold treatment as a method of disinfestation against the caribbean fruit fly anastrepha suspensa

Vasavada P.C.; White C.H., 1979: Quality of commercial butter milk

Varma P.R.G.; Iver T.S.G.; Mathen C., 1988: Quality of commercial frozen boiled clam meat

Shulman G., 1980: Quality of commercially available controls in laser immuno nephelometry

Evins G.M.; Gheesling L.L.; Tauxe R.V., 1988: Quality of commercially produced shigella serogrouping and serotyping antisera

Wyatt T.A., 1986: Quality of consciousness the human experience

Ahmed E.M.; West R.L., 1981: Quality of cooked ground beef extended with defatted peanut meal

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Sandler, D. P.; Shore, D. L., 1986: Quality of data on parents' smoking and drinking provided by adult offspring

Topping G., 1986: Quality of data with special reference to the measurement of trace metals in marine samples

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Amer M.F.; Helmy S.A.; Mady M.S.; Gado M.S., 1981: Quality of egg from normal experimental hypo thyroid and hyper thyroid japanese quail

Schilling E.; Sacher B.; Smidt D., 1980: Quality of eggs and embryos from super ovulated cows

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Aparicio Cuesta M.P.; Garcia Moreno C., 1988: Quality of frozen cauliflower during storage

Vacek S., 1981: Quality of fructification of autochthonous mountain spruce forest in the krkonose mountains the giant mountains czechoslovakia

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Ilstedt B.; Eriksson G., 1986: Quality of intraprovenance and interprovenance families of picea abies

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Darling, D. F.; Butcher, D. W., 1976: Quantification of poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis for analysis of whey proteins

Das S., 1987: Quantification of polyethylene glycol precipitable circulating immune complex from carcinoma of cervix patients

Diener H.C.; Dichgans J.; Bacher M.; Gompf B., 1984: Quantification of postural sway in normals and patients with cerebellar diseases

Boersma W.; Eliason J.F., 1982: Quantification of pro thymocytes in long term bone marrow cultures

Svanborg K.; Bygdeman M.; Eneroth P.; Bendvold E., 1982: Quantification of prostaglandins in human seminal fluid

Mandal S.; Roy S.; Chaudhuri D.K., 1981: Quantification of protease amylase and lipase in the gut of schizodactylus monstrosus during the post embryonic developmental stage effect of starvation stress and topical application of juvenile hormone analog

Goodwin, J. F.; Choi, S. Y., 1970: Quantification of protein solutions with tri nitro benzenesulfonic acid

Schauenstein, E.; Nohammer, G.; Bajardi, F.; Unger-Ullman, C., 1977: Quantification of protein thiols in morphologically intact cells of the cervical epithelium part 2 effects of cell differentiation

Bajardi, F.; Schauenstein, E.; Noehammer, G.; Unger-Ullmann, C., 1978: Quantification of protein thiols in morphologically normal basal cells and pathological squamous cells of the cervix uteri

Bajardi, F.; Schauenstein, E.; Noehammer, G.; Unger-Ullmann, C., 1977: Quantification of protein thiols in normal and pathological cells of the epithelium of the portio uteri

Hunter J.B.; Hunter S.M., 1987: Quantification of proteins in the low nanogram range by staining with the colloidal gold stain aurodye

Vesterberg O., 1980: Quantification of proteins with a new sensitive method zone immuno electrophoresis assay

Baumelou A.; Colin B.; Thiolieres J.M.; Percheron F.; Legrain M., 1987: Quantification of proteinuria by measurement of the protein creatinine ratio

Brown K.A.; Boucher C.A.; Okada R.D.; Strauss H.W.; Pohost G.M., 1984: Quantification of pulmonary thallium 201 activity after upright exercise in normal persons importance of peak heart rate and propranolol usage in defining normal values

Chappell T.R.; Cassidy S.S.; Schwiep F.; Ramanthan M.; Johnson R.L.Jr, 1988: Quantification of pulmonary vascular occlusion in dogs by use of the diffusing capacity

Mueller E.; Deimling M.; Reinhardt E.R., 1986: Quantification of pulsatile flow in mri by an analysis of t 2 changes in ecg gated multiecho experiments

Ciomei M.; Sutherland B.M.; Ciarrocchi G., 1984: Quantification of pyrimidine dimers and apurinic sites in dna species of uniform length

Rudolph J.R.; Regoeczi E.; Southward S., 1988: Quantification of rat hepatocyte transferrin receptors with polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and protein a

Kjeldsen K.; Norgaard A., 1987: Quantification of rat sciatic nerve sodium potassium atpase by measurements of tritiated ouabain binding in intact nerve samples

Gunn K.P., 1983: Quantification of rats behavior during reinforcement periods

Ratino D.A.; Repperger D.W.; Goodyear C.; Potor G.; Rodriguez L.E., 1988: Quantification of reaction time and time perception during space shuttle operations

Diekman M.A.; Anderson L.L., 1982: Quantification of receptors for estradiol 17 beta and progesterone in the pituitary and hypothalamus of gilts during pre pubertal development

Diekman M.A.; Anderson L.L., 1983: Quantification of receptors for estradiol 17 beta and progesterone in the pituitary and hypothalamus of gilts during the estrous cycle and early pregnancy

Diekman M.A.; Anderson L.L., 1982: Quantification of receptors for estradiol 17 beta and progesterone in the pituitary and hypothalamus of pre pubertal gilts induced to ovulate with pregnant mares serum and human chorionic gonadotropin

Browning J.L.; Harrington C.A.; Davis C.M., 1985: Quantification of reduced haloperidol and haloperidol by radioimmunoassay

Bortone S.A.; Hastings R.W.; Oglesby J.L., 1986: Quantification of reef fish assemblages a comparison of several in situ methods

Weidman K.A.; Simonet W.T.; Wood M.B.; Cooney W.P.IIi; Ilstrup D.M., 1984: Quantification of regional blood flow to canine flexor tendons

Meyer G J.; Schober O.; Bossaller C.; Sturm J.; Hundeshagen H., 1984: Quantification of regional extravascular lung water in dogs with positron emission tomography using constant infusion of oxygen 15 labeled water

Bergmann S.R.; Fox K.A.A.; Rand A.L.; Mcelvany K.D.; Welch M.J.; Markham J.; Sobel B.E., 1984: Quantification of regional myocardial blood flow in vivo with oxygen 15 labeled water

Glower D.D.; Spratt J.A.; Kabas J.S.; Davis J.W.; Rankin J.S., 1988: Quantification of regional myocardial dysfunction after acute ischemic injury

Pflugfelder P.W.; Sechtem U.P.; White R.D.; Higgins C.B., 1988: Quantification of regional myocardial function by rapid cine mr imaging

Dewanjee M.K.; Solis E.; Mackey S.T.; Lenker J.; Edwards W.D.; Didisheim P.; Chesebro J.H.; Zollman P.E.; Kaye M.P., 1986: Quantification of regional platelet and calcium deposition on pericardial tissue valve prostheses in calves and effect of hydroxyethylenediphosphonate

Valind S.O.; Rhodes C.G.; Jonson B., 1987: Quantification of regional ventilation in humans using a short lived radiotracer theoretical evaluation of the steady state model

Fischnaller M.; Opgenoorth E.; Schuster P., 1985: Quantification of regressive thinking by use of the rorschach test leading symptom of the borderline syndrome?

Nichols A.B.; Gabrieli C.F.O.; Fenoglio J.J.Jr; Esser P.D., 1984: Quantification of relative coronary arterial stenosis by cine video densitometric analysis of coronary arteriograms

Chin T.Y.; Cacini W.; Zmuda M.J.; Quebbemann A.J., 1980: Quantification of renal uric acid synthesis in the rat

Azevedo L.A.S.D.; Kushalappa A.C., 1986: Quantification of resistance of bean cultivars to uromyces phaseoli var typica

Hendry R.M.; Godfrey E.; Anderson L.J.; Fernie B.F.; Mcintosh K., 1985: Quantification of respiratory syncytial virus polypeptides in nasal secretions by monoclonal antibodies

Pereguda L.V.; Plyuta P.G., 1985: Quantification of retaining liquid precipitation by forest stands of varying composition

Schrankel K.R.; Schwalm F.E., 1981: Quantification of ribo nucleotides and uridine metabolism in ovaries of the kelp fly coelopa frigida diptera during final stages of oogenesis

Lopez-Anaya, A.; Mayersohn, M., 1987: Quantification of riboflavin riboflavin 5' phosphate and flavin adenine dinucleotide in plasma and urine by high performance liquid chromatography

Delgado Rodriguez M.; Cueto Espinar A.; Rodriguez Contreras R.; Galvez Vargas R., 1988: Quantification of risk factors in hospital infection at a surgical service

Garcia E.V.; Van Train K.; Maddahi J.; Prigent F.; Friedman J.; Areeda J.; Waxman A.; Berman D.S., 1985: Quantification of rotational thallium 201 myocardial tomography

You, K. S.; Bittikofer, J. A., 1984: Quantification of salicylate in serum by use of salicylate hydroxylase ec

Gibbons R.D.; Fiedler Weiss V.C.; West D.P.; Lapin G., 1986: Quantification of scalp hair a computer aided methodology

Georgi J.R.; Dean D.A.; Chandiwanna S.K., 1982: Quantification of schistosoma mansoni in mouse lungs by radioassay and auto radiography of selenium 75 labeled schistosomula

Senra Valera A.; Millan Nunez Cortes J., 1985: Quantification of serum alpha 1 antitrypsin as a biological marker for cancer

Dvorak P.; Dvorakova D.; Tlaskalova Hogenova H.; Simeckova J.; Hruban V.; Stanek R., 1988: Quantification of serum igm in pigs by monoclonal antibody elisa dot immunobinding assay and radial immunodiffusion

Gleich G.J.; Dunnette S.L.; Volenec F.J.; Mani M.M., 1979: Quantification of serum immuno globulin e in patients with burns

Olesen N.J.; Vestergard Jorgensen P.E., 1986: Quantification of serum immunoglobulin in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri under various environmental conditions

Masukawa J.; Ban T., 1988: Quantification of serum levels and immunochemical analysis of adenocarcinoma associated antigen antigen yh206 detected by a monoclonal antibody

Waters, J. A., 1977: Quantification of shape by use of fourier analysis the mississippian blastoid genus pentremites

Lewis R.V.; Jackson P.R.; Ramsay L.E., 1984: Quantification of side effects of beta adrenoceptor blockers using visual analog scales

Terytze K.; Mentscher E., 1987: Quantification of simultaneous effects of several factors on the productivity of grain moths sitotroga cerealella olivier lepidoptera gelechiidae for multiplication of trichogramma hymenoptera trichogrammatidae

Villani G.; Pierre A.; Salles B., 1984: Quantification of single stranded dna binding protein in escherichia coli and its variation during rec a protein induction

Breckenridge W.C.; Maquire G.F., 1981: Quantification of sinking pre beta lipo protein in human plasma

Holmes, R. A., 1978: Quantification of skeletal technetium 99m labeled phosphates to detect metabolic bone disease

Wahlberg J.E.; Wahlberg E.N.G., 1987: Quantification of skin blood flow at patch test sites

Van Weeren P.R.; Van Den Bogert A.J.; Barneveld A., 1988: Quantification of skin displacement near the carpal tarsal and fetlock joints of the walking horse

Hyden D.; Larsby B.; Schwarz D.W.F.; Odkvist L.M., 1983: Quantification of slow compensatory eye movements in patients with bilateral vestibular loss a study with a broad frequency band rotatory test

Santucci V.; Glatt A.; Demieville H.; Olpe H R., 1981: Quantification of slow wave electro encephalogram induced by atropine effects of physostigmine amphetamine and haloperidol

Broyles R.H.; Pack B.M.; Berger S.; Dorn A.R., 1979: Quantification of small amounts of hemo globin in poly acrylamide gels with benzidine

Wolters G.; Van Kempen H.; Wijlhuizen G J., 1987: Quantification of small numbers of dots subitizing or pattern recognition

Maxim, P. E., 1978: Quantification of social behavior in pigtail monkeys

Bajpai K.K.; Srivastava S.C., 1980: Quantification of soil mercury minutes

Rausch H.; Luettich M.; Freytag H.E., 1985: Quantification of soil organic matter nitrogen mineralization by means of the stanford method

Oh S K.; Lapenson D.; Morgan A.C.Jr, 1985: Quantification of soluble e receptor in the serum of patients with various diseases and its accompanying in vitro immunosuppression in neoplasia

Ferreira A.; Villar M.L.; Alvarez Cermeno J.C.; Revilla Y.; Garcia Rodriguez M.C.; Fontan G.; Gonzalez Porque P., 1988: Quantification of soluble serum hla class i antigens in healthy volunteers and aids patients

Whitworth R.J.; Poston F.L.; Welch S.M.; Calvin D., 1984: Quantification of southwestern corn borer diatraea grandiosella feeding and its impact on corn yield

Ungar B.L.P.; Nash T.E., 1986: Quantification of specific antibody response to cryptosporidium antigens by laser densitometry

Hasthorpe S., 1980: Quantification of spectrin containing erythroid precursor cells in normal and perturbed erythropoiesis

Halangk W.; Bohnensack R., 1986: Quantification of sperm motility by a turbidimetric assay correlation to cellular respiration

Black F.O.; Johnson J.; Myers E.N.; Perkun O., 1981: Quantification of standards for length of stay based upon optimal patient care and standard medical practice

Robinson J.L.; Solms J., 1984: Quantification of starch lipid inclusion complexes in potato flakes

Humphrey J.D.; Vawter D.L.; Vito R.P., 1987: Quantification of strains in biaxially tested soft tissues

Spencer, R. P.; Lang, B. J., 1976: Quantification of studies of blood flow in growing and irradiated tumors in c 3h mice

Klecker R.W.Jr; Collins J.M., 1985: Quantification of suramin by reverse phase ion pairing high performance liquid chromatography

Ryan S.F.; Hashim S.A.; Cernansky G.; Barrett C.R.Jr; Bell A.L.L.Jr; Liau D.R., 1980: Quantification of surfactant phospho lipids in the dog lung

Oulton M.; Fraser M.; Dolphin M.; Yoon R.; Faulkner G., 1986: Quantification of surfactant pool sizes in rabbit lung during perinatal development

Puro D.G., 1987: Quantification of synapse turnover in cell culture

Hersch S.M.; White E.L., 1981: Quantification of synapses formed with apical dendrites of golgi impregnated pyramidal cells variability in thalamo cortical inputs but consistency in the ratios of asymmetrical to symmetrical synapses

Landfield P.W.; Wurtz C.; Lindsey J.D., 1979: Quantification of synaptic vesicles in hippocampus of aging rats and initial studies of possible relations to neuro physiology

Gavelova M.; Badonic T.; Marsala J., 1985: Quantification of synaptic vesicles in nucleus gracilis of dog

Grabski C.; Gisi U., 1987: Quantification of synergistic interactions of fungicides against plasmopara and phytophthora

Roonwal M.L., 1980: Quantification of tail loop characters for clinal variations in the langur presbytis entellus in peninsular india and ceylon sri lanka primates

Nieder M.; Jaeger H., 1987: Quantification of tamoxifen and n demethyltamoxifen in human plasma by high performance liquid chromatography photochemical reaction and fluorescence detection and its application to biopharmaceutic investigations

Fernandez Mejia J.C.; Rosiles Martinez R.; Gonzalez Perez A., 1985: Quantification of tannin in samples of sorghum sorghum vulgare from five states of mexico

Hardison, W. G. M.; Wood, C. A.; Proffitt, J. H., 1977: Quantification of taurine synthesis in the intact rat and cat liver

Lawson B.L.; Powell C.R.; Pinkerton T.C., 1985: Quantification of technetium 99 by liquid scintillation counting an evaluation of chemical quenching by liquid chromatographic eluents

Sadras V.O.; Hall A.J., 1988: Quantification of temperature photoperiod and population effects on plant leaf area in sunflower crops

Christiansen G., 1981: Quantification of tetanus anti toxin by toxin neutralization test in mice a comparison between lethal and paralytic techniques

Winsnes, R., 1979: Quantification of tetanus anti toxin in human sera 1. counter immuno electrophoresis

Winsnes, R.; Christiansen, G., 1979: Quantification of tetanus anti toxin in human sera 2. comparison of counter immuno electrophoresis and passive hem agglutination with toxin neutralization in mice

Benshalom, G.; White, E. L., 1986: Quantification of thalamocortical synapses with spiny stellate neurons in layer iv of mouse somatosensory cortex

Yonekura Y.; Ishii Y.; Kadota K.; Kambara H.; Kawai C.; Torizuka K., 1986: Quantification of thallium 201 myocardial uptake using serial dynamic imaging at rest and during exercise

Goodall J.; Hughes I.E.; Mackay D., 1986: Quantification of the actions of agonists that simultaneously act on a particular type of receptor and have separate functional interactant properties

Kortenhaus H.; Schroer H.; Born G.V.R., 1982: Quantification of the adhesion of platelets in hamster venules in vivo

O'callaghan, J. P.; Holtzman, S. G., 1975: Quantification of the analgesic activity of narcotic antagonists by a modified hot plate procedure

Wallach D., 1983: Quantification of the anti viral effect of interferon by immunoassay of vesicular stomatitis virus proteins

Herodin F.; Court L., 1987: Quantification of the antiinflammatory effect induced by neutron irradiation in the mouse

Herodin F.; Fauve R M., 1986: Quantification of the antiinflammatory effect of total body gamma irradiation in mice

Tippet B.; Frisken K.W.; Tagg J.R., 1987: Quantification of the bacterium bacteroides gingivalis in human dental plaque by detection of the trypsin like protease activity of colonies imprinted on membrane filters

Rahim, H., 1985: Quantification of the biologic effect of photons and electrons 2. probability of tumor destruction

Gouda I.; Larm O.; Larsson K., 1980: Quantification of the carbohydrate components in urea treated whey

Grimmer G.; Dettbarn G.; Brune H.; Deutsch Wenzel R.; Misfeld J., 1982: Quantification of the carcinogenic effect of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in used engine oil by topical application onto the skin of mice

Hughes I.E.; Mackay D., 1985: Quantification of the characteristics of antagonists exhibiting both competitive antagonism and functional interaction

Ferreira S.V.; Silva I.M.D.; Martelli H.L., 1987: Quantification of the coenzyme f 420 in anaerobic sludges from sugar cane stillage biodegradation

Ramentol Massana M.; Grau G.; Beaumariage M L.; Salmon J., 1982: Quantification of the complement c 3 breakdown product complement c 3d by rocket immuno electrophoresis

Mollnes T.E., 1985: Quantification of the complement c 3d split products of human complement by a sensitive enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa

Yoshida K.; Yukiyama Y.; Miyamoto T., 1987: Quantification of the complement receptor function on polymorphonuclear leukocytes its significance in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Bauer D.; Beck J.P.; Monnais C.; Vayssie C., 1983: Quantification of the conditioning effects of hair dyes

Groen A.K.; Wanders R.J.A.; Westerhoff H.V.; Van Der Meer R.; Tager J.M., 1982: Quantification of the contribution of various steps to the control of mitochondrial respiration

Ibsen S.; Berezin V.; Norgaard Pedersen B.; Bock E., 1983: Quantification of the d 2 glyco protein in amniotic fluid and serum from pregnancies with fetal neural tube defects

Pulido Caballero J.; Torres Alcalde F.E.; Bolanos Carmona M.J.; Roda Moreno J.A., 1983: Quantification of the decrease in the encephalic weight in chick embryos subjected to chronic hypoxia

Brugmans M.; Cassiman J J.; Vanderheydt L.; Oosterlinck A.J.J.; Vlietinck R.; Van Den Berghe H., 1983: Quantification of the degree of cell spreading of human fibroblasts by semi automated analysis of the cell perimeter

Sacks, A. H.; Little, H. L.; Kirk, K. W., 1977: Quantification of the degree of red cell aggregation using a wells brookfield rheoscope

Nygard O.; Nilsson L., 1984: Quantification of the different ribosomal phases during the translational elongation cycle in rabbit reticulocyte lysates

Chanda S.; Roy S., 1986: Quantification of the digestive proteases and lipase of schizodactylus monstrosus after the treatment of an organophosphorus insecticide phosphamidon

Peters A.M.; Saverymuttu S.H.; Bell R.N.; Lavender J.P., 1985: Quantification of the distribution of the marginating granulocyte pool in man

Doucet G.; Descarries L.; Garcia S., 1986: Quantification of the dopamine innervation in adult rat neostriatum

Hughes P.R.; Wood H.A.; Burand J.P.; Granados R.R., 1984: Quantification of the dose mortality response of trichoplusia ni heliothis zea and spodoptera frugiperda to nuclear polyhedrosis viruses applicability of an exponential model

Mandach U.V.; Jost G.; Preisig R., 1985: Quantification of the drug metabolizing enzyme system in patients with liver disease comparison of antipyrine saliva clearance and aminopyrine breath test

Dijkmans B.A.C.; Mattie H.; Hermans J.; Van Furth R., 1984: Quantification of the effect of anti anaerobic drugs in experimental bacteroides fragilis infection in mice

Llabres, M.; Vila, J. L.; Martinez-Pacheco, R., 1982: Quantification of the effect of excipients on bio availability by response surfaces 1. amoxicillin in fat matrix

Llabres, M.; Vila, J. L.; Martinez-Pacheco, R., 1982: Quantification of the effect of excipients on bio availability by response surfaces 2. amoxicillin in fat silica matrix

Llabres, M.; Vila, J. L.; Martinez-Pacheco, R., 1982: Quantification of the effect of excipients on bio availability by response surfaces 3. in vivo in vitro correlations

Cormier Y.; Belanger J., 1983: Quantification of the effect of gas exchange on the slope of phase iii

Michel, D., 1976: Quantification of the effects of initial crops of rotating series as dependent on soil quality based on statistical records

Coote D.R.; Ramsey J.F., 1983: Quantification of the effects of over 35 years of intensive cultivation on 4 soils

Lehr, K. H.; Damm, P., 1988: Quantification of the enantiomers of ofloxacin in biological fluids by high performance liquid chromatography

Carryer P.W.; Brown M.L.; Malagelada J R.; Carlson G.L.; Mccall J.T., 1982: Quantification of the fate of dietary fiber in humans by a newly developed radio labeled fiber marker

Breborowicz G.; Moczko J.; Gadzinowski J., 1988: Quantification of the fetal heart rate variability by spectral analysis in growth retarded fetuses

Mehran Pour M.; Whitney A.; Liebman J.; Borkat G., 1979: Quantification of the frank and mcfee parungao orthogonal electro cardiogram in valvular pulmonic stenosis correlations with hemodynamic measurement

Tenenbaum L.; Malaveille C., 1988: Quantification of the genotoxic effects of alkylating agents in bacterial assays

Nurjhan N.; Kennedy F.; Consoli A.; Martin C.; Miles J.; Gerich J., 1988: Quantification of the glycolytic origin of plasma glycerol implications for the use of the rate of appearance of plasma glycerol as an index of lipolysis in vivo

Collmann G.L.; All J.N., 1980: Quantification of the greenhouse whitefly trialeurodes vaporariorum life cycle in a controlled environment

Johannsen R.; Moser H.; Hinz J.; Friesen H J.; Gruschkau H., 1983: Quantification of the hem agglutinin content of influenza whole virus and tween ether split vaccines

Sigurdsson G.; Noel S P.; Havel R.J., 1979: Quantification of the hepatic contribution to the catabolism of high density lipo proteins in rats

Sugino, W. M.; Chadha, K. C.; Kingsbury, D. T., 1977: Quantification of the herpes simplex virus dna present in biochemically transformed mouse cells and their revertants

Van Noorden C.J.F.; Jonges G.N., 1987: Quantification of the histochemical reaction for alkaline phosphatase activity using the indoxyl tetranitro bt method

Mulholland T.; Mclaughlin T.; Benson F., 1979: Quantification of the human orienting response to another human lesioned and psychiatric patients compared to normals

Johnson L.; Zane R.S.; Petty C.S.; Neaves W.B., 1984: Quantification of the human sertoli cell population distribution relation to germ cell numbers and age related decline

Salter M.; Knowles R.G.; Pogson C.I., 1986: Quantification of the importance of individual steps in the control of aromatic amino acid metabolism

Opmeer, F. A.; Van-Ree, J. M., 1978: Quantification of the in vitro induced tolerance to morphine of the isolated guinea pig ileum

Lundberg C.; Campbell D.; Agerup B.; Ulfendahl H., 1982: Quantification of the inflammatory reaction and collagen accumulation in an experimental model of open wounds in the rat a methodological study

Pacheco M.A.; Marks R.W.; Schoenwolf G.C.; Desmond M.E., 1986: Quantification of the initial phases of rapid brain enlargement in the chick embryo

Ferri G L.; Wright N.A.; Soimero L.; Labo G.; Polak J.M., 1984: Quantification of the intestinal peptide containing innervation length density of nerve fibers and total length of nerve supply to the single villus crypt unit

Shelton D.W.; Weber L.J., 1981: Quantification of the joint effects of mixtures of hepato toxic agents evaluation of a theoretical model in mice

Chapra S.C.; Dobson H.F.H., 1981: Quantification of the lake trophic typologies of naumann surface quality and thienemann oxygen with special reference to the great lakes canada usa

Howard T.H., 1982: Quantification of the loco motive behavior of polymorphonuclear leukocytes in clot preparations

Kelley J.L.; Schjeide O.A.; Schjeide S.; Milius R.; Alaupovic P., 1980: Quantification of the major apo lipo proteins in chicken and turkey serum during embryonic development

Clausen T.; Everts M.E.; Kjeldsen K., 1987: Quantification of the maximum capacity for active sodium potassium transport in rat skeletal muscle

Yin F.C.P.; Strumpf R.K.; Chew P.H.; Zeger S.L., 1987: Quantification of the mechanical properties of noncontracting canine myocardium under simultaneous biaxial loading

Wynn R.L.; Bergman S.A., 1987: Quantification of the morphine reversal activity of opioid agonists antagonists and naloxone by using a rabbit tooth pulp procedure

Born, G. V. R.; Dearnley, R.; Foulks, J. G.; Sharp, D. E., 1978: Quantification of the morphological reaction of platelets to aggregating agents and of its reversal by aggregation inhibitors

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