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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6239

Chapter 6239 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Toleikis A., 1980: Quality control using reference material for cholesterol and glucose assays in blood plasma

Koch J., 1980: Quality control whole blood applications on the hemac laser cell counter

Schumann E., 1982: Quality control with camera computer in bone scintigraphy

Kramer R., 1982: Quality criteria of phlebography examination methods technically conditioned possibilities of error prediction

Henriksen J.B., 1985: Quality defects of ware potatoes and effects of processing and preheating on degree of damage

Ajayi F.O., 1985: Quality deterioration in tilapia nilotica during storage in refrigerated brine

Smittle, D. A.; Kays, S. J., 1976: Quality deterioration of southern peas in commercial operations

Chiba H., 1983: Quality deterioration of winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus during storage

Mast M.G., 1980: Quality differences in simulated kosher and conventionally processed chicken

Kohler G.O., 1980: Quality effects of controlled chamber alfalfa wilting

Taylor P.A., 1982: Quality effects of heat treatment of 2 wheat cultivars

Komaroff, A. L.; Flatley, M.; Browne, C.; Sherman, H.; Fineberg, S. E.; Knopp, R. H., 1976: Quality efficiency and cost of a physician assistant protocol system for management of diabetes and hypertension

Mcgrath D., 1986: Quality enhancement and yield suppression of italian and perennial ryegrasses with mefluidide

Don M., 1984: Quality estimation of averaged auditory brainstem responses

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238014

Nawa, Y.; Hosoda, H.; Shiina, T.; Ito, H.; Kurogi, M., 1987: Quality evaluation and preservation of shredded vegetables 2. changes in total phenol content and polyphenol oxidase activity in different cultivars of cabbage during storage after shredding

Zama K., 1987: Quality evaluation as food of chum salmon captured during spawning migration

Goddard, M. S.; Heath, J. L., 1978: Quality evaluation of 4 methods of producing frozen poultry parts

Danno, A.; Miyazato, M.; Ishiguro, E., 1980: Quality evaluation of agricultural products by ir imaging method 3. maturity evaluation of fruits and vegetables

Sorgeloos P., 1984: Quality evaluation of brine shrimp artemia cysts produced in asian salt ponds

Kamada A., 1984: Quality evaluation of commercially available sulpyrin suppositories

Mcguire, C. F., 1986: Quality evaluation of distillers' dried grain by near ir analysis

Gormley, T. R.; O'riordain, F., 1976: Quality evaluation of fresh and processed oyster mushrooms pleurotus ostreatus

Gibson, T. A.; Worthington, R. E.; Heaton, E. K.; Beuchat, L. R., 1977: Quality evaluation of frozen stored channel catfish grown by tank culture effects of dietary fat freezing method and storage temperature

O'kennedy N.D., 1980: Quality evaluation of fruit of a range of apple cultivars clones grown in ireland

Sharp R.N., 1986: Quality evaluation of milled aromatic rice from india thailand and the usa

Silveira N.V.V., 1981: Quality evaluation of olive oil

Gould, W. A., 1978: Quality evaluation of processed tomato juice

Arai S., 1986: Quality evaluation of protein fortified breads prepared with enzymatically modified gelatin as a conditioner

Jop K., 1979: Quality evaluation of roe deer antlers from an industrial region in southern poland

El-Wakeil, F. A.; Morsi, M. K. S.; Sallam, Y. I.; Abdel-Kader, Z. M., 1982: Quality evaluation of some vegetables and vegetable juices canned in egypt 1. canned tomato concentrate

Sallam, Y. I.; El-Wakeil, F. A.; Morsi, M. K. S.; Abdel-Kader, Z. M. A., 1982: Quality evaluation of some vegetables and vegetable juices canned in egypt 3. canned peas

Mathai C.K., 1985: Quality evaluation of the agmark grades of cardamom elettaria cardamomum

Drawill, A. E. M. E.; El-Gharbawi, M. I., 1975: Quality evaluation of the tomato paste produced in libya

Khalid M., 1987: Quality evaluation of wheat flour consumed in rawalpindi and islamabad pakistan

El Deep S.H., 1984: Quality evaluation studies of egyptian sausage

Canger R., 1985: Quality extinction test and lateralized electroencephalogram focality preliminary observations in a group of epileptic patients

Stinchcomb T.G., 1979: Quality factor calculations for neutron spectra below 4 mev

Ing H., 1984: Quality factors for mono energetic neutrons

Hultin H.O., 1982: Quality factors in cooked north atlantic squid

Vangdal E., 1982: Quality factors of pears plums and sweet cherries for free consumption a consumer survey

Sherkat, F.; Luh, B. S., 1976: Quality factors of tomato pastes made at several break temperatures

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238043

Ke, P. J.; Smith-Lall, B.; Dewar, A. B., 1981: Quality improvement investigations for atlantic queen crab chionoecetes opilio a. observations on handling and holding operation b. post mortem deterioration dis coloration and time temperature effects c. objective methods for quality grading d. review and summary of various technical information

Chang J.S., 1983: Quality improvement of canned mung bean vigna radiata sprouts

Tanaka Y., 1986: Quality improvement of composite rice wheat flour bread with the increase of rice replacement level bread making properties of rice flour part 4

Rhorer A.R., 1984: Quality improvement of hard cooked eggs

Lin, Y. H.; Huang, T. C.; Huang, C., 1988: Quality improvement of sweet potato ipomoea batatas l. lam. roots as feed by ensilage

Murphey C.E., 1980: Quality indicating characteristics of beef as affected by electrical stimulation and post mortem chilling time

Hashem, H. A.; Shaheen, A.; El-Damaty, E. M.; El-Dushlouty, M. S.; Ameen, A. M., 1978: Quality indices and bacteriological changes occurring in sausage as prepared with meat substitutes of plant origin

Hepperly, P. R.; Sinclair, J. B., 1978: Quality losses in phomopsis sojae infected soybean seeds

Paquot M., 1986: Quality management and technology

Clear R.M., 1986: Quality morphology and storability of canola and rapeseed harvested after overwintering in northern alberta canada

Berman P.A., 1986: Quality of 1980 census data for american indians

Nofal M.A., 1982: Quality of 5 rice oryza sativa varieties grown in egypt

Gay, G.; Kerhoas, C.; Dumas, C., 1987: Quality of a stress sensitive cucurbita pepo l. pollen

Koegel R.G., 1981: Quality of alfalfa protein concentrate with changes in processing conditions during coagulation

Toerien D.F., 1988: Quality of algal material produced on a fertilizer tap water medium in outdoor plastic enclosed systems

Logerfo J.P., 1984: Quality of ambulatory care of the elderly an analysis of 5 conditions

Colley D.P., 1982: Quality of ante natal care and pregnancy outcome

Cebra J.J., 1988: Quality of antibodies secreted by clones in microcultures from b cells enriched on haptenated gelatin isotypes and avidities

Westwood M.N., 1985: Quality of apple malus domestica cultivar starkspur golden delicious fruit from a high density orchard as influenced by rootstocks fertilizers maturity and storage

Slade A., 1987: Quality of attachment and early symbolic play

De-Carvalho, H. A.; Chitarra, M. I. F.; Chitarra, A. B.; De-Carvalho, V. D.; De-Carvalho, H. S., 1988: Quality of banana prata previously stored in polyethylene bags and ripened in a room with high relative humidity ii. carbohydrates

El Shatanovi G.A., 1984: Quality of biscuit supplemented with low fat soy flour

Potsaid, M. S.; Guiberteau, M. J.; Mckusick, K. A., 1977: Quality of bone scans compared with time between dose and scan

Scialpi L., 1980: Quality of bread fortified with 10 micro nutrients

Tognoni G., 1982: Quality of breast cancer care in italian general hospitals

Nagel G., 1982: Quality of breast milk its control and preservation

Hudspeth J.P., 1982: Quality of broiler thigh meat patties as affected by the addition of giblets

Wesson J.B., 1980: Quality of canned celery apium graveolens produced from sliced celery stored under modified atmospheres

Von-Elbe, J. H.; Artz, W. E.; Johnson, C. E., 1977: Quality of canned potatoes carrots and beets after long term fresh product storage

Yamaguchi, M.; Hughes, D. L.; Yabumoto, K.; Jennings, W. G., 1977: Quality of cantaloupe muskmelons variability and attributes

Grebnyak N.P., 1983: Quality of cardiac rhythm regulation and adaptive possibilities of the body during physical work

Zetterstrom R., 1979: Quality of care a tracer diagnosis study of acute otitis media comparing a district pediatric service with pediatric and oto laryngology emergency departments

Rubenstein, L.; Mates, S.; Sidel, V. W., 1977: Quality of care assessment by process and outcome scoring use of weighted algorithmic assessment criteria for evaluation of emergency room care of women with symptoms of urinary tract infection

Ettinger M.G., 1979: Quality of care for completed stroke without rehabilitation evaluation by assessing patient outcomes

Brook R.H., 1980: Quality of care in episodes of respiratory illness among medicaid patients in new mexico usa

Spasoff, R. A.; Lane, P.; Steele, R., 1977: Quality of care in hospital emergency departments and family physicians offices

Tognoni G., 1982: Quality of care of epilepsy in italy a multi hospital survey of diagnosis and treatment of 1104 epileptic patients

Malczewski B., 1982: Quality of carp eggs obtained by induced breeding

Morris, G. K.; Heck, J., 1978: Quality of cary blair transport medium after aging 19 months

Nair T.S.U., 1986: Quality of certain ready to eat fish products of the domestic trade

Johnson C., 1982: Quality of chum salmon oncorhynchus keta fry improved by incubation over artificial substrates

Fellers P.J., 1984: Quality of citrus fruit following cold treatment as a method of disinfestation against the caribbean fruit fly anastrepha suspensa

White C.H., 1979: Quality of commercial butter milk

Mathen C., 1988: Quality of commercial frozen boiled clam meat

Shulman G., 1980: Quality of commercially available controls in laser immuno nephelometry

Tauxe R.V., 1988: Quality of commercially produced shigella serogrouping and serotyping antisera

Wyatt T.A., 1986: Quality of consciousness the human experience

West R.L., 1981: Quality of cooked ground beef extended with defatted peanut meal

Heagle A.S., 1983: Quality of corn grain from plants exposed to chronic levels of ozone

Drepper K., 1986: Quality of crude protein in bone meals

Nair T.S.U., 1986: Quality of cured fish from tamil nadu coast india

Kalaimani N., 1988: Quality of cured fish from the maharashtra coast india

Gomez, I. V., 1977: Quality of danish type cheese made from carabao milk seeded with 2 types of mixed cultures

Sandler, D. P.; Shore, D. L., 1986: Quality of data on parents' smoking and drinking provided by adult offspring

Topping G., 1986: Quality of data with special reference to the measurement of trace metals in marine samples

Lubow R.M., 1987: Quality of dental and preventive care in a military setting

Et Al, 1980: Quality of diabetic care in a london england uk health district

Marcetic L., 1985: Quality of diabetologic protection results of implicit evaluation

Drougge E., 1984: Quality of diagnoses and cost of managing anemia in 4 countries

Uddin R., 1986: Quality of drinking water in the aligarh muslim university campus aligarh uttar pradesh india with respect to heavy metals

Nicastro F., 1986: Quality of dry cured hams produced from pre frozen hams as affected by mechanical tenderization and vacuum packaging

Taha, S. A.; Sagi, F., 1987: Quality of durum wheat triticum durum desf. grouping of varieties according to their gluten strength cooking behavior and gliadin composition

Gado M.S., 1981: Quality of egg from normal experimental hypo thyroid and hyper thyroid japanese quail

Smidt D., 1980: Quality of eggs and embryos from super ovulated cows

Zuromska H., 1979: Quality of eggs and production of coregonus albula in 3 masurian lakes poland

Martin F.G., 1986: Quality of enzymatically treated 72 celsius brix orange juice stored at refrigerated temperatures

Nesbitt W.B., 1984: Quality of euvitis hybrid bunch grapes after low temperature storage with sulfur dioxide generators

Vasu N.M., 1986: Quality of fish in retail markets of bombay india

Vasu N.M., 1986: Quality of fish preparations served in catering establishments of bombay india

Mittal P., 1986: Quality of florida usa packed retail grapefruit juices as determined by consumer sensory panels and chemical and physical analyses

Marcy J.E., 1987: Quality of freeze concentrated orange juice

Iritani W.M., 1986: Quality of french fried potatoes as affected by surface freezing and specific gravity of raw potatoes cultivar russett burbank

Garcia Moreno C., 1988: Quality of frozen cauliflower during storage

Vacek S., 1981: Quality of fructification of autochthonous mountain spruce forest in the krkonose mountains the giant mountains czechoslovakia

Moy J.H., 1985: Quality of gamma irradiated california usa valencia oranges

Mcdonnell P.F., 1981: Quality of golden delicious apples grown in 7 different orchard locations

Imshenetskii, E. I.; Semenyuk, V. F.; Sysoev, A. F., 1977: Quality of grain proteins in low protein and high protein forms of corn

Kuroda S., 1981: Quality of green soybeans packaged in perforated plastic film

Korschgen, B. M.; Baldwin, R. E.; Vandepopuliere, J. M.; Russell, W. D., 1978: Quality of ground turkey patties

Marina, M. A., 1977: Quality of hay and content of nitrogenous substances in red clover

Menges E.S., 1986: Quality of historical data on midwestern usa old growth forests

Janjic M., 1985: Quality of hospital work evaluated by routine mortality rate data

Griffith B.C., 1987: Quality of indexing in online data bases

Et Al, 1981: Quality of institutional participation in multicenter clinical trials

Modestin J., 1987: Quality of interpersonal relationships the most characteristic dsm iii bpd criterion

Cowley G.C., 1982: Quality of intra oral radiographs from 9 11 year old norwegian children

Eriksson G., 1986: Quality of intraprovenance and interprovenance families of picea abies

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238136

Babaev, M. P.; Mamedova, T. A., 1977: Quality of irrigation water and irrigation drifts in the milsko karabakhskiy oasis ussr

Miller, W. W.; Guitjens, J. C.; Mahannah, C. N., 1977: Quality of irrigation water and surface return flows from selected agricultural lands in nevada usa during the 1974 irrigation season

Misra S.G., 1979: Quality of irrigation waters in some saline alkali and normal soil tracts in uttar pradesh india

Matsukura, U.; Kato, I.; Taira, H.; Imai, T., 1984: Quality of japanese wheat 1. quality variations of wheat and flour and correlations of these qualities

Hanna J.G., 1980: Quality of juice drinks

Hinberg I., 1988: Quality of laboratory test results obtained by non technical personnel in a decentralized setting

Myllymaa U., 1986: Quality of lake water and sediments and factors affecting these in the kuusamo uplands northeast finland

Rumbaugh D.M., 1981: Quality of learning of severely retarded adolescents

Welvaart K., 1985: Quality of life after breast cancer surgery

Baur H.R., 1985: Quality of life after cardiac valve replacement

Bryant B., 1987: Quality of life after coronary artery surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238148

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238149

Christie D., 1979: Quality of life after stroke a 3 year follow up

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238151

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238152

Levin D., 1984: Quality of life and its predictors in patients with mild hypoxemia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Wagner H.E., 1988: Quality of life and patterns of recurrence following transhiatal esophagectomy for cancer results of a prospective follow up in 50 patients

De Palo G., 1986: Quality of life and psychological state after radical vulvectomy

Uhlmann R.F., 1986: Quality of life and resuscitation decisions in elderly patients

Normand J.C., 1987: Quality of life and social reinsertion after heart transplantation

Ahlbom A., 1983: Quality of life and state of health for patients with cancer in the head and neck

Merli G.A., 1984: Quality of life assessment in survivors of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage

Gianola F.J., 1982: Quality of life assessment of patients in extremity sarcoma clinical trials

Mehrabian, A.; Ross, M., 1977: Quality of life change and individual differences in stimulus screening in relation to incidence of illness

Roy R.G., 1981: Quality of life events and their relationship to strain

Gerst M., 1981: Quality of life events in relation to psychiatric symptoms

Hong G., 1988: Quality of life following intensive care

Vera M.I., 1981: Quality of life following pelvic exenteration

Poznanski, E. O.; Miller, E.; Salguero, C.; Kelsh, R. C., 1978: Quality of life for long term survivors of end stage renal disease

Butler J.P., 1987: Quality of life for new long stay psychiatric inpatients the effects of moving to a hostel

Subban J.V., 1987: Quality of life for patients in an end stage renal disease program

Schut L., 1987: Quality of life in children with primitive neuroectodermal tumors medulloblastoma of the posterior fossa

Pearlman, R. A.; Uhlmann, R. F., 1988: Quality of life in chronic diseases perceptions of elderly patients

Averna S., 1986: Quality of life in patients treated for gynecological cancer

Bech P., 1987: Quality of life in psychosomatic research a psychometric model

Davis B.E., 1986: Quality of life in small island nations in the indian ocean

Stell P.M., 1984: Quality of life in treated head and neck cancer patients a preliminary report

Papageorgiou, J. C., 1976: Quality of life indicators

Yu M Y., 1985: Quality of life intellectual development and behavioral characteristics of single children in china evidence from a 1980 survey in changsha hunan province

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238177

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238178

Digiannantonio A.F., 1988: Quality of life of cancer patients

Queisser W., 1986: Quality of life of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Liege Lung Group, 1987: Quality of life of inoperable non small cell lung carcinoma a randomized phase ii clinical study comparing radiotherapy alone and combined radio chemotherapy

Pill R., 1981: Quality of life of mentally retarded adults transferred from large institutions to new small units

Bearman J.E., 1984: Quality of life of patients on chronic dialysis

Jeejeebhoy K.N., 1986: Quality of life of patients on long term total parenteral nutrition at home

Bulpitt C., 1988: Quality of life on angina therapy a randomized controlled trial of transdermal glyceryl trinitrate against placebo

Richardson J., 1987: Quality of life survey of urinary diversion patients comparison of ileal conduits versus continent kock ileal reservoirs

Couillard D., 1982: Quality of life the importance of man environment relations and a tentative conceptual model

Fazio V.W., 1984: Quality of life with the continent ileostomy

Philogene B.J.R., 1979: Quality of light effects on immature stages and adults of pieris rapae lepidoptera pieridae

Ahn, B. Y.; Kim, J. W.; Lee, Y. B., 1981: Quality of locally produced eggs during marketing and distribution 1. seasonal variation in the quality of market eggs

Ahn, B. Y.; Kim, J. W.; Lee, Y. B., 1981: Quality of locally produced eggs during marketing and distribution 2. comparison of quality in eggs marketed through different channels

Ahn, B. Y.; Kim, J. W.; Lee, Y. B., 1981: Quality of locally produced eggs during marketing and distribution 3. effects of washing treatment and storage temperature on egg quality

Bell J.J., 1981: Quality of long term survival following irradiation for intra cranial tumors in children under the age of 2

Lorenz K., 1986: Quality of malting barleys grown at different locations in the usa and canada

Salvatierra Mateu V., 1986: Quality of maternal lactation socio biological variables

Gupta M.P., 1982: Quality of mawa burfi sold in agra city india

Leussing D.L.Jr, 1985: Quality of measurement of carnation dianthus caryophyllus cultivar improved white sim treatment solutions in relation to flower silver distribution and longevity

Smith G.S., 1982: Quality of meat from cattle fed sewage solids

Avery, A. D., 1976: Quality of medical care assessment using outcome measures part 1 an overview of the method part 2 8 disease specific applications part 3 executive summary

Hesse G., 1986: Quality of medical information admission to a nursing home

Ryabokon' N.V., 1983: Quality of milk and milk products with the application of low vacuum milking machine

Shewfelt R.L., 1987: Quality of minimally processed fruits and vegetables

Heckl W., 1987: Quality of modern suture materials in infected urine

Nesbitt W.B., 1982: Quality of muscadine grapes vitis rotundifolia after storage with sulfur di oxide generators

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238205

Ivanek, V., 1977: Quality of natural lowland meadows and effect of fertilizing

Clayton D.G., 1983: Quality of obstetric care provided for asian immigrants in leicestershire england uk

List, G. R.; Evans, C. D.; Warner, K.; Beal, R. E.; Kwolek, W. F.; Black, L. T.; Moulton, K. J., 1977: Quality of oil from damaged soybeans

Hendrix K.S., 1985: Quality of orchardgrass dactylis glomerata hay ammoniated at different rates moisture concentrations and treatment durations

Kasahara, Y.; Hikino, H., 1984: Quality of oriental medicines 3. pinelliae tuber

Neef B., 1983: Quality of pancreatic preparations enzyme content prospective bio availability bile acid pattern and contamination with purines

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238212

Lyon, C. E.; Lyon, B. G.; Townsend, W. E., 1978: Quality of patties containing mechanically de boned broiler meat hand de boned fowl meat and 2 levels of structured protein fiber

Freudenberg D., 1983: Quality of pelargonium graveolens cuttings as affected by the rooting medium

Larson W.E., 1984: Quality of percolate water after treatment of a municipal waste water effluent by a crop irrigation system

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238216

Hunter W.M., 1988: Quality of performance of assays for maternal serum alpha fetoprotein in the uk evidence from the uk external quality assessment scheme 1980 1987

Lechat M.F., 1987: Quality of perinatal death registration a study in hainaut belgium

Nasiro S., 1985: Quality of pineapple fruit and processed juice from different growing season in okinawa japan

Varaksin, G. S.; Isaeva, L. I., 1987: Quality of pinus sylvestris l. wood in plantations of krasnoyarsk krai russian sfsr ussr

Skoglund E.J., 1987: Quality of poststressor rest influences the ulcerative process

Hossain, S. M. A.; Rybacek, V., 1978: Quality of potato in 2nd crop

Meyer J.A., 1986: Quality of potatoes treated with selected insecticides and potato haulm killers

Jensen J.F., 1982: Quality of poultry meat an issue of growing importance

Jaspar G.H.J., 1988: Quality of powdered substitutes for breast milk with regard to members of the family enterobacteriaceae

Kitson J.A., 1982: Quality of processed peach slices stored in flexible pouches

Golovakha V.Ya, 1987: Quality of protein concentrates as a function of methods for their isolation from alfalfa green mass

Emmons, D. B.; Lister, E. E.; Beckett, D. C.; Jenkins, K. J., 1980: Quality of protein in milk replacers for young calves 5. effect of method of dispersing fat on curd formation and whey syneresis

Emmons, D. B.; Lister, E. E., 1976: Quality of protein in milk replacers for young calves part 1 factors affecting in vitro curd formation by rennet chymosin rennin from reconstituted skim milk powder

Lister, E. E.; Emmons, D. B., 1976: Quality of protein in milk replacers for young calves part 2 effects of heat treatment of skim milk powder and fat levels on calf growth feed intake and nitrogen balance

Emmons, D. B.; Lister, E. E.; Campbell, D. L., 1976: Quality of protein in milk replacers for young calves part 3 rennet coagulation and undenatured whey protein nitrogen content of skim milk powders and commercial milk replacers

Emmons, D. B.; Lister, E. E.; Jones, J. D., 1976: Quality of protein in milk replacers for young calves part 4 rennet chymosin rennin coagulation of reconstituted skim milk powder containing added proteins fat calcium phosphate and citrate

Reddy T.V., 1987: Quality of queen elizabeth cut roses as influenced by gibberellic acid

Kolle Kh A., 1986: Quality of questionnaire derived information in an epidemiological study of cancer

Williams C.S., 1986: Quality of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri chilled stored after post catch holding

Gnedkov, P. A.; Gnedkova, A. P., 1975: Quality of raw material for obtaining the preparation biosed

Daly, M. C.; Morrissey, P. A.; Buckley, D. J., 1976: Quality of raw minced beef

Stock W.A., 1984: Quality of research on correlates of subjective well being in adulthood

Moos R.H., 1986: Quality of residential settings for elderly adults

Aubert D., 1984: Quality of response in different population groups in mail and telephone surveys

Riemann M.J., 1985: Quality of restructured steaks effects of days on feed fat level and cooking method

Poole M.J., 1986: Quality of retail florida packed frozen concentrated orange juice as determined by consumers and physical and chemical analyses

Winterson B.J., 1979: Quality of retinal image stabilization during small natural and artificial body rotations in man

Nalivko, G. V.; Smetanin, A. P.; Dzyuba, O. M.; Andrusenko, V. V.; Kuramysov, A. A.; Krupnova, K. D.; Mudryi-Yu, N.; Pulina, P. A.; Sindetskii, A. L., 1977: Quality of rice grain and natural climatic conditions of the ussr rice growing zones

Kobayashi, M., 1978: Quality of river and ground water in the ina river basin of the yodo river system japan

Tischendorf P., 1980: Quality of roentgenological visualization and tolerance of various intra venous cholegraphic contrast media

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238249

Ishida Y., 1986: Quality of seepage groundwater flowing through the lake bed in the littoral zone of lake biwa japan measurements of electric conductivity

Van Rensburg S.J., 1988: Quality of semen obtained by electroejaculation from chacma baboons papio ursinus

David M.P., 1980: Quality of semen obtained from 627 fertile men

Fedulina, N. N.; Soldatova, V. V., 1978: Quality of silage and haylage at different temperatures of plant raw material storage

Boeva T.M., 1980: Quality of silage of perennial grasses cultivated at different doses of nitrogen fertilizer

Lo Giudice M., 1985: Quality of some streams used as a municipal water supply in genoa italy

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238257

Hruby Z., 1980: Quality of soybean glycine max seeds effect of climatic factors on the content of the principal nutrients

Mikoshiba K., 1985: Quality of soybean seeds grown in japan

Taira, H., 1982: Quality of soybean seeds grown in japan 1. physical property chemical composition and suitability for food processing

Taira, H., 1983: Quality of soybean seeds grown in japan 3. correlation between physical property chemical component and suitability for food processing pairs

Taira, H.; Takahashi, H.; Okano, H.; Nagashima, S., 1983: Quality of soybean seeds grown in japan 4. suitability of soybean varieties grown in ibaraki prefecture for natto production

Taira, H.; Kokubun, K., 1984: Quality of soybean seeds grown in japan 5. differences in the chemical composition of seeds of various ecotypes cultivated in upland and drained paddy fields

Taira, H., 1984: Quality of soybean seeds grown in japan 6. regional and varietal differences in the physical properties chemical composition and suitability for food processing

Taira, H.; Sunada, K.; Sasaki, K., 1984: Quality of soybean seeds grown in japan 7. chemical composition and suitability for preparation of cooked beans of black soybean varieties grown in hokkaido japan

Taira, H.; Hoshino, S., 1985: Quality of soybean seeds grown in japan 8. effect of late season culture with close planting on chemical composition and suitability for food processing

Taira, H.; Taira, H.; Tanaka, H.; Mikoshiba, K., 1985: Quality of soybean seeds grown in japan part 10. varietal differences if total carotenoid content and color of soybean seeds grown in nagano chushin agricultural experiment station

Taira, H.; Tanaka, H.; Okano, H., 1986: Quality of soybean seeds grown in japan part 12. influence of seeding time and planting density on yield weight of 100 seeds and chemical composition of soybean seeds

Taira, H.; Tanaka, H.; Hirokawa, F.; Miyagawa, T., 1987: Quality of soybean seeds grown in japan part 13. effect of seeding time on seed weight and chemical composition of cultivars of the same ecotype

Taira, H.; Suzuki, N.; Tsukamoto, C.; Kainuma, Y.; Tanaka, H.; Saito, M., 1987: Quality of soybean seeds grown in japan part 15. suitability for natto processing small seed cultivars and quality of the natto

Taira, H.; Tanaka, H.; Aoki, K., 1986: Quality of soybean seeds grown in japan part ii. effect of seeding method ridging and side dressing on chemical composition of the seeds

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238272

Yagodin, V. I., 1978: Quality of spruce foliage in relation to shoot diameter

Kostyushina, Z. S.; Kiryukhin, V. P., 1975: Quality of starch in relation to potato growing conditions

Horrocks R.D., 1987: Quality of stockpiled bigalta limpograss forage at varying fertility levels

Bongers A.J., 1983: Quality of strawberries fragaria ananassa cultivar tufts packed in different consumer units and stored under simulated air freight shipping conditions

Rana, D. S.; Singh, B., 1977: Quality of sub soil waters in the nathana block of the bhatinda district india

Karlovic D., 1980: Quality of sunflower oil bleached during de odorization

Savu M., 1979: Quality of sunflower seeds stored in various conditions

Oliva P.B., 1979: Quality of survival after out of hospital cardiac arrest predictive value of early neurologic evaluation

Thomson, A. J.; Searle, M.; Russell, G., 1977: Quality of survival after severe birth asphyxia

George S.L., 1980: Quality of survival in histiocytosis x a southwest usa oncology group study

Aberg T., 1980: Quality of survival in patients with surgically treated bronchial carcinoma

Parkinson P., 1983: Quality of survival of infants with critical fetal reserve detected by ante natal cardio tocography

Couillard, D., 1987: Quality of suspended and bottom sediments of the st. lawrence system canada

Mohmoodian A., 1979: Quality of sweat test performance in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238289

Bush L.P., 1980: Quality of tall fescue festuca arundinacea cultivar kentucky 31 forage affected by mefluidide

Na T.J., 1980: Quality of text recall as a function of childrens classroom competence

Wallage-Drees, J. M.; Deinum, B., 1986: Quality of the diet selected by wild rabbits oryctolagus cuniculus l. in autumn and winter

Matrashyla L.A., 1984: Quality of the feed from an intensively used pasture with a herbaceous grass stand

Gonzalez M.S., 1986: Quality of the irrigation waters in chile

Matar, Y., 1977: Quality of the libyan tobacco part 1 effect of nitrogen form

Hylton R., 1984: Quality of the primate macaca fascicularis photo receptor lattice and limits of spatial vision

Danichenko, A. M., 1975: Quality of the wood of betula pubescens and betula verrucosa from northern kazakh ssr

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238306

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238307

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238345

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238346

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238380

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238381

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238400

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238434

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238436

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238443

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238452

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238453

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238457

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238462

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238464

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238470

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238471

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238505

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238533

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238538

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238547

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238556

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238558

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Isaac W., 1984: Quantification of cortical arousal correlation with locomotor activity

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238579

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Renwrantz L., 1984: Quantification of cyto toxic hemocytes of mytilus edulis using a cyto toxicity assay in agar/

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238582

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Reiter R.J., 1980: Quantification of daily melatonin synthesis in the hamster pineal gland

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238586

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238587

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238612

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238613

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238614

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238675

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238676

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238706

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238707

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238737

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238743

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238747

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238748

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238749

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238773

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238774

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238779

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238782

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238783

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238789

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238790

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238805

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238816

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238818

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238824

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238825

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238832

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238833

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Bendvold E., 1982: Quantification of prostaglandins in human seminal fluid

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238842

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238850

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238855

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Rodriguez L.E., 1988: Quantification of reaction time and time perception during space shuttle operations

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238858

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238859

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238860

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238861

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238866

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238868

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238870

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238876

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Stanek R., 1988: Quantification of serum igm in pigs by monoclonal antibody elisa dot immunobinding assay and radial immunodiffusion

Mani M.M., 1979: Quantification of serum immuno globulin e in patients with burns

Vestergard Jorgensen P.E., 1986: Quantification of serum immunoglobulin in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri under various environmental conditions

Ban T., 1988: Quantification of serum levels and immunochemical analysis of adenocarcinoma associated antigen antigen yh206 detected by a monoclonal antibody

Waters, J. A., 1977: Quantification of shape by use of fourier analysis the mississippian blastoid genus pentremites

Ramsay L.E., 1984: Quantification of side effects of beta adrenoceptor blockers using visual analog scales

Mentscher E., 1987: Quantification of simultaneous effects of several factors on the productivity of grain moths sitotroga cerealella olivier lepidoptera gelechiidae for multiplication of trichogramma hymenoptera trichogrammatidae

Salles B., 1984: Quantification of single stranded dna binding protein in escherichia coli and its variation during rec a protein induction

Maquire G.F., 1981: Quantification of sinking pre beta lipo protein in human plasma

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238893

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Barneveld A., 1988: Quantification of skin displacement near the carpal tarsal and fetlock joints of the walking horse

Odkvist L.M., 1983: Quantification of slow compensatory eye movements in patients with bilateral vestibular loss a study with a broad frequency band rotatory test

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238897

Dorn A.R., 1979: Quantification of small amounts of hemo globin in poly acrylamide gels with benzidine

Wijlhuizen G J., 1987: Quantification of small numbers of dots subitizing or pattern recognition

Maxim, P. E., 1978: Quantification of social behavior in pigtail monkeys

Srivastava S.C., 1980: Quantification of soil mercury minutes

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238903

Morgan A.C.Jr, 1985: Quantification of soluble e receptor in the serum of patients with various diseases and its accompanying in vitro immunosuppression in neoplasia

Gonzalez Porque P., 1988: Quantification of soluble serum hla class i antigens in healthy volunteers and aids patients

Calvin D., 1984: Quantification of southwestern corn borer diatraea grandiosella feeding and its impact on corn yield

Nash T.E., 1986: Quantification of specific antibody response to cryptosporidium antigens by laser densitometry

Hasthorpe S., 1980: Quantification of spectrin containing erythroid precursor cells in normal and perturbed erythropoiesis

Bohnensack R., 1986: Quantification of sperm motility by a turbidimetric assay correlation to cellular respiration

Perkun O., 1981: Quantification of standards for length of stay based upon optimal patient care and standard medical practice

Solms J., 1984: Quantification of starch lipid inclusion complexes in potato flakes

Vito R.P., 1987: Quantification of strains in biaxially tested soft tissues

Spencer, R. P.; Lang, B. J., 1976: Quantification of studies of blood flow in growing and irradiated tumors in c 3h mice

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238914

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Faulkner G., 1986: Quantification of surfactant pool sizes in rabbit lung during perinatal development

Puro D.G., 1987: Quantification of synapse turnover in cell culture

White E.L., 1981: Quantification of synapses formed with apical dendrites of golgi impregnated pyramidal cells variability in thalamo cortical inputs but consistency in the ratios of asymmetrical to symmetrical synapses

Lindsey J.D., 1979: Quantification of synaptic vesicles in hippocampus of aging rats and initial studies of possible relations to neuro physiology

Marsala J., 1985: Quantification of synaptic vesicles in nucleus gracilis of dog

Gisi U., 1987: Quantification of synergistic interactions of fungicides against plasmopara and phytophthora

Roonwal M.L., 1980: Quantification of tail loop characters for clinal variations in the langur presbytis entellus in peninsular india and ceylon sri lanka primates

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238923

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238924

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Christiansen G., 1981: Quantification of tetanus anti toxin by toxin neutralization test in mice a comparison between lethal and paralytic techniques

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Winsnes, R.; Christiansen, G., 1979: Quantification of tetanus anti toxin in human sera 2. comparison of counter immuno electrophoresis and passive hem agglutination with toxin neutralization in mice

Benshalom, G.; White, E. L., 1986: Quantification of thalamocortical synapses with spiny stellate neurons in layer iv of mouse somatosensory cortex

Torizuka K., 1986: Quantification of thallium 201 myocardial uptake using serial dynamic imaging at rest and during exercise

Mackay D., 1986: Quantification of the actions of agonists that simultaneously act on a particular type of receptor and have separate functional interactant properties

Born G.V.R., 1982: Quantification of the adhesion of platelets in hamster venules in vivo

O'callaghan, J. P.; Holtzman, S. G., 1975: Quantification of the analgesic activity of narcotic antagonists by a modified hot plate procedure

Wallach D., 1983: Quantification of the anti viral effect of interferon by immunoassay of vesicular stomatitis virus proteins

Court L., 1987: Quantification of the antiinflammatory effect induced by neutron irradiation in the mouse

Fauve R M., 1986: Quantification of the antiinflammatory effect of total body gamma irradiation in mice

Tagg J.R., 1987: Quantification of the bacterium bacteroides gingivalis in human dental plaque by detection of the trypsin like protease activity of colonies imprinted on membrane filters

Rahim, H., 1985: Quantification of the biologic effect of photons and electrons 2. probability of tumor destruction

Larsson K., 1980: Quantification of the carbohydrate components in urea treated whey

Misfeld J., 1982: Quantification of the carcinogenic effect of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in used engine oil by topical application onto the skin of mice

Mackay D., 1985: Quantification of the characteristics of antagonists exhibiting both competitive antagonism and functional interaction

Martelli H.L., 1987: Quantification of the coenzyme f 420 in anaerobic sludges from sugar cane stillage biodegradation

Salmon J., 1982: Quantification of the complement c 3 breakdown product complement c 3d by rocket immuno electrophoresis

Mollnes T.E., 1985: Quantification of the complement c 3d split products of human complement by a sensitive enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa

Miyamoto T., 1987: Quantification of the complement receptor function on polymorphonuclear leukocytes its significance in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Vayssie C., 1983: Quantification of the conditioning effects of hair dyes

Tager J.M., 1982: Quantification of the contribution of various steps to the control of mitochondrial respiration

Bock E., 1983: Quantification of the d 2 glyco protein in amniotic fluid and serum from pregnancies with fetal neural tube defects

Roda Moreno J.A., 1983: Quantification of the decrease in the encephalic weight in chick embryos subjected to chronic hypoxia

Van Den Berghe H., 1983: Quantification of the degree of cell spreading of human fibroblasts by semi automated analysis of the cell perimeter

Sacks, A. H.; Little, H. L.; Kirk, K. W., 1977: Quantification of the degree of red cell aggregation using a wells brookfield rheoscope

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Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238956

Lavender J.P., 1985: Quantification of the distribution of the marginating granulocyte pool in man

Garcia S., 1986: Quantification of the dopamine innervation in adult rat neostriatum

Granados R.R., 1984: Quantification of the dose mortality response of trichoplusia ni heliothis zea and spodoptera frugiperda to nuclear polyhedrosis viruses applicability of an exponential model

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238960

Van Furth R., 1984: Quantification of the effect of anti anaerobic drugs in experimental bacteroides fragilis infection in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238962

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238963

Llabres, M.; Vila, J. L.; Martinez-Pacheco, R., 1982: Quantification of the effect of excipients on bio availability by response surfaces 3. in vivo in vitro correlations

Belanger J., 1983: Quantification of the effect of gas exchange on the slope of phase iii

Michel, D., 1976: Quantification of the effects of initial crops of rotating series as dependent on soil quality based on statistical records

Ramsey J.F., 1983: Quantification of the effects of over 35 years of intensive cultivation on 4 soils

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238969

Mccall J.T., 1982: Quantification of the fate of dietary fiber in humans by a newly developed radio labeled fiber marker

Gadzinowski J., 1988: Quantification of the fetal heart rate variability by spectral analysis in growth retarded fetuses

Borkat G., 1979: Quantification of the frank and mcfee parungao orthogonal electro cardiogram in valvular pulmonic stenosis correlations with hemodynamic measurement

Malaveille C., 1988: Quantification of the genotoxic effects of alkylating agents in bacterial assays

Gerich J., 1988: Quantification of the glycolytic origin of plasma glycerol implications for the use of the rate of appearance of plasma glycerol as an index of lipolysis in vivo

All J.N., 1980: Quantification of the greenhouse whitefly trialeurodes vaporariorum life cycle in a controlled environment

Gruschkau H., 1983: Quantification of the hem agglutinin content of influenza whole virus and tween ether split vaccines

Havel R.J., 1979: Quantification of the hepatic contribution to the catabolism of high density lipo proteins in rats

Sugino, W. M.; Chadha, K. C.; Kingsbury, D. T., 1977: Quantification of the herpes simplex virus dna present in biochemically transformed mouse cells and their revertants

Jonges G.N., 1987: Quantification of the histochemical reaction for alkaline phosphatase activity using the indoxyl tetranitro bt method

Benson F., 1979: Quantification of the human orienting response to another human lesioned and psychiatric patients compared to normals

Neaves W.B., 1984: Quantification of the human sertoli cell population distribution relation to germ cell numbers and age related decline

Pogson C.I., 1986: Quantification of the importance of individual steps in the control of aromatic amino acid metabolism

Opmeer, F. A.; Van-Ree, J. M., 1978: Quantification of the in vitro induced tolerance to morphine of the isolated guinea pig ileum

Ulfendahl H., 1982: Quantification of the inflammatory reaction and collagen accumulation in an experimental model of open wounds in the rat a methodological study

Desmond M.E., 1986: Quantification of the initial phases of rapid brain enlargement in the chick embryo

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238989

Weber L.J., 1981: Quantification of the joint effects of mixtures of hepato toxic agents evaluation of a theoretical model in mice

Dobson H.F.H., 1981: Quantification of the lake trophic typologies of naumann surface quality and thienemann oxygen with special reference to the great lakes canada usa

Howard T.H., 1982: Quantification of the loco motive behavior of polymorphonuclear leukocytes in clot preparations

Alaupovic P., 1980: Quantification of the major apo lipo proteins in chicken and turkey serum during embryonic development

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238995

Zeger S.L., 1987: Quantification of the mechanical properties of noncontracting canine myocardium under simultaneous biaxial loading

Section 7, Chapter 6239, Accession 006238997

Born, G. V. R.; Dearnley, R.; Foulks, J. G.; Sharp, D. E., 1978: Quantification of the morphological reaction of platelets to aggregating agents and of its reversal by aggregation inhibitors

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