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Quantification of nitrogen fixation by the peanut and rhizobium symbiotic system in a virgin sandy soil

Moawad, H.; Badh, E.D.n S.M.S.; Khalafallah, M.

Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenernaehrung und Bodenkunde 149(6): 668-673


Accession: 006238800

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Nitrogen balance studies were conducted to quantify the nitrogen fixed by peanut/Rhizobium symbiotic system under field conditions in a sandy soil. Large scale inoculation with three NifTAL strains of coepwa rhizobia, 1000, 169, 1371 was done using two inoculation techniques: peat-based inoculant or injection of inoculant with irrigation water through an injection tank attached to the central pivot system. The results show nitrogen fixation amounting up to 186 kg N ha-1 in peat-based inoculant and 171 kg N ha-1 in liquid inoculant injected through the irrigation system. However, no significant differences in yield response were recorded between both inoculation techniques.

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