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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6240

Chapter 6240 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Statham, B. N.; Rowell, N. R., 1986: Quantification of the nail fold capillary abnormalities in systemic sclerosis and raynaud's syndrome

Capo C.; Mege J.L.; Benoliel A.M.; Mishal Z.; Bongrand P., 1987: Quantification of the nonspecific intercellular transfer of fluorescent molecules between labeled and unlabeled rat thymocytes

Kan, J. S.; Liebman, J.; Lee, M. H.; Whitney, A., 1977: Quantification of the normal frank and mcfee parungao orthogonal electro cardiogram at ages 2 to 10 years

Sellari Franceschini S.; Bruschini P.; Pardini L.; Berrettini S., 1986: Quantification of the parameters of the acoustic reflex in normal ears

Stiff P.J.; Murgo A.J.; Wittes R.E.; Derisi M.F.; Clarkson B.D., 1983: Quantification of the peripheral blood colony forming unit culture rise following chemo therapy could leukocytapheresis replace bone marrow for autologous transplantation

Wilson J.F.; Anderson S.; Snook G.; Llewellyn K.D., 1984: Quantification of the permeability of the blood cerebrospinal fluid barrier to alpha msh in the rat

Miller, D.; Johnson, R., 1977: Quantification of the pinhole effect

Teisner B.; Folkersen J.; Hindersson P.; Jensenius J.C.; Westergaard J.G., 1979: Quantification of the pregnancy specific beta 1 glyco protein sp 1 by immuno precipitation techniques the influence of a cross reacting high molecular weight alpha 2 protein

Katsura Y.; Kina T.; Takaoki Y.; Nishikawa S I., 1988: Quantification of the progenitors for thymic t cells in various organs

Ehling U.H., 1987: Quantification of the radiation induced genetic risk

Jung F.; Kiesewetter H.; Roggenkamp H.G.; Nuettgens H.P.; Ringelsein E.B.; Gerhards M.; Kotitschke G.; Wenzel E.; Zeller H., 1986: Quantification of the reference ranges for rheologic parameters

Campbell P.J.; Mandarino L.J.; Gerich J.E., 1988: Quantification of the relative impairment in actions of insulin on hepatic glucose production and peripheral glucose uptake in non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Akanabe H.; Oshima M.; Sakuma S.; Yamamoto S.; Kawai N.; Sotobata I., 1985: Quantification of the right ventricular wall using stress myocardial emission computed tomography with thallium 201 in normal subjects

Jayant, K.; Balakrishnan, V.; Sanghvi, L. D.; Jussawalla, D. J., 1977: Quantification of the role of smoking and chewing tobacco in oral pharyngeal and esophageal cancers

Kirveskari P.; Alvesalo L., 1979: Quantification of the shovel shape of incisor teeth

Cook T.H.; Craft T.J.; Brunelle R.L.; Norris F.; Griffin W.A., 1982: Quantification of the skins topography by skin profilometry

Somers S.D.; Whisnant C.C.; Adams D.O., 1986: Quantification of the strength of cell cell adhesion the capture of tumor cells by activated murine macrophages proceeds through two distinct stages

Gidley M.J., 1985: Quantification of the structural features of starch polysaccharides by nmr spectroscopy

Mollnes T.E.; Lea T.; Froland S.S.; Harboe M., 1985: Quantification of the terminal complement complex in human plasma by an elisa based on monoclonal antibodies against a neoantigen of the complex

Mcpherson, D. L.; Thompson, D., 1977: Quantification of the threshold and latency parameters of the acoustic reflex in humans

West J.D.; Leask R.; Green J.F., 1986: Quantification of the transition from oocyte coded to embryo coded glucose phosphate isomerase in mouse embryos

Norgaard A.; Kjeldsen K.; Hansen O.; Clausen T.; Larsen C.G.; Larsen F.G., 1986: Quantification of the tritiated ouabain binding site concentration in human myocardium a postmortem study

Garner D.L.; Gledhill B.L.; Pinkel D.; Lake S.; Stephenson D.; Van Dilla M.A.; Johnson L.A., 1983: Quantification of the x chromosome and y chromosome bearing spermatozoa of domestic animals by flow cytometry

Van Bel A.J.E., 1984: Quantification of the xylem to phloem transfer of amino acids by use of inulin carbon 14 labeled carboxylic acid as xylem transport marker

Attia M.; Engel P.; Hildebrandt G., 1980: Quantification of thermal comfort parameters using a behavioral indicator

Krayer S.; Rehder K.; Beck K.C.; Cameron P.D.; Didier E.P.; Hoffman E.A., 1987: Quantification of thoracic volumes by three dimensional imaging

Tomar, S. S.; Tripati, V. N., 1985: Quantification of threshold characters in murrah buffaloes 1. disease resistance

Berge Lefranc J L.; Cartouzou G.; De Micco C.; Fragu P.; Lissitzky S., 1985: Quantification of thyroglobulin messenger rna by in situ hybridization in differentiated thyroid cancers difference between well differentiated and moderately differentiated histologic types

Klecker R.W.Jr; Collins J.M., 1984: Quantification of tiazofurin in plasma by high performance liquid chromatography

Stout D.G.; Brooke B., 1985: Quantification of tiller pull up during grazing of pinegrass calamagrostis rubescens

Bray B.A., 1985: Quantification of tissue fibronectin from terminal villi of placenta

Silverman D.G.; Larossa D.D.; Barlow C.H.; Bering T.G.; Popky L.M.; Smith T.C., 1980: Quantification of tissue fluorescein delivery and prediction of flap viability with the fiber optic dermo fluorometer

Van Zonneveld A J.; Chang G.T.G.; Van Den Berg J.; Kooistra T.; Verheijen J.H.; Pannekoek H.; Kluft C., 1986: Quantification of tissue type plasminogen activator messenger rna in human endothelial cell cultures by hybridization with a tissue type plasminogen activator complementary dna probe

Toyoda H.; Ooishi Y.; Hirai T., 1983: Quantification of tobacco mosaic virus by quantitative immuno electrophoresis using fluorescein iso thio cyanate conjugated antibody

Yilmaz M.T.; Sener A.; Hatemi H.; Biyal F.; Malaisse J.W., 1987: Quantification of total glucose in erythrocytes

Yonekura Y.; Kosaka T.; Morita R.; Torizuka K.; Saito M.; Hiramori K., 1980: Quantification of total myo globin depletion after acute myo cardial infarction

Fukuda C.; Teles F.F.F.; Romeiro R.D.S., 1983: Quantification of total phenols in cassava cultivars with different degrees of resistance to xanthomonas campestris pathovar manihotis

Ruegsegger P.; Anliker M.; Dambacher M., 1981: Quantification of trabecular bone with low dose computed tomography

Stritzke P.; Denkhaus H.; Montz R.; Klapdor R., 1983: Quantification of tracer kinetics in intra hepatic and extrahepatic bile ducts and of gallbladder filling rates in hepato biliary dynamic scintigraphy using technetium 99m labeled imino di acetic acid derivates

Schalen L., 1980: Quantification of tracking eye movements in normal subjects

Schalen L.; Henriksson N.G.; Pyykko I., 1982: Quantification of tracking eye movements in patients with neurological disorders

Gibson F.M.; Mirakhur R.K.; Clarke R.S.J.; Brady M.M., 1987: Quantification of train of four responses during recovery of block from non depolarizing muscle relaxants

Teien D.; Eriksson P., 1985: Quantification of transvalvular pressure differences in aortic stenosis by doppler ultrasound

Gothoni P.; Lehtinen M.; Silen L., 1981: Quantification of tremor in rats induced by physostigmine

Moore P.B.; Lemanski L.F., 1982: Quantification of tropo myosin by radio immunoassay in developing hearts of cardiac mutant axolotls ambystoma mexicanum

Larson A.A.; Dalo N.L., 1986: Quantification of tryptamine in brain using high performance liquid chromatography

Hall J.E.; Dahm K.H.; Seed J.R., 1981: Quantification of tryptophan catabolites from trypanosoma brucei gambiense in vitro

Agarwal R.; Kumar S.; Shukla Y.; Antony M.; Mehrotra N.K., 1985: Quantification of tumor initiating effect of jute batching oil and its distillates over mouse skin

Goudswaard, J.; Noordzij, A.; Van-Dam, R. H.; Van-Der-Donk, J. A., 1978: Quantification of turkey immuno globulin a immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g in serum and secretions

Koren E.; Puchois P.; Alaupovic P.; Fesmire J.; Kandoussi A.; Fruchart J C., 1987: Quantification of two different types of apolipoprotein a i containing lipoprotein particles in plasma by enzyme linked differential antibody immunosorbent assay

Pruzansky J.J.; Ts'ao C.; Krajewski D.V.; Zeiss C.R.; Patterson R., 1982: Quantification of ultrastructural variations in enriched blood basophils correlation of morphological changes and antigen induced histamine release

Ostlund C.; Pero R.W.; Johnson D.B., 1985: Quantification of unscheduled dna synthesis in mononuclear leukocytes of the horse

Stevenson M.; Baillie A.J.; Richards R.M.E., 1984: Quantification of uptake of liposomal carboxyfluorescein by professional phagocytes in vitro a flow microfluorometric study on the j 774 murine macrophage cell line

Kujansuu E.; Wirta P.; Yla Outinen A., 1985: Quantification of urethral closure function by stress urinary incontinence threshold after pubococcygeal sling operation

Romanoff, L. P.; Brodie, H. J., 1976: Quantification of urinary 3 alpha 21 di hydroxy 5 beta pregnan 20 one and 5 pregnene 3 beta 20 alpha diol by mass fragmentography

Richmond D.H.; Sutherst J.R.; Brown M.C., 1987: Quantification of urine loss by weighing perineal pads observation on the exercise regimen

Ryley J.F.; Mcgregor S., 1986: Quantification of vaginal candida albicans infections in rodents

Brower, R. W.; Meester, G. T.; Hugenholtz, P. G., 1975: Quantification of ventricular performance a computer based system for the analysis of angiographic data

Delgado I.F.; Sarabia E.O.; Martinez Rios M.A., 1979: Quantification of ventricular volume comparative study of 2 angio cardiographic methods

Wada K.; Miki H.; Okuda F.; Kusukawa R., 1981: Quantification of very low density lipo protein apo c and apo e peptides by iso electric focusing in type iv hyper lipidemia familial chylomicronemia and xanthelasma palpebrae without hyper lipidemia

Holm I.E.; Andreasen A.; Danscher G.; Perez Clausell J.; Nielsen H., 1988: Quantification of vesicular zinc in the rat brain

Stefanelli, M.; Mira, E.; Schmid, R.; Lombardi, R., 1978: Quantification of vestibular compensation in unilateral menieres disease

Henriksson, N. G.; Pahlm, O.; Borjesson, P. O.; Dahlen, A. I., 1976: Quantification of vestibular dys rhythmia

Buizza, A.; Schmid, R.; Zanibelli, A.; Mira, E.; Semplici, P., 1978: Quantification of vestibular nystagmus by an interactive computer program

Marra G.; Pruneri L., 1988: Quantification of visual field defects

Trost D.C.; Woolson R.F.; Hayreh S.S., 1979: Quantification of visual fields for statistical analysis

Idler D.R.; Hwang S.J.; Crim L.W., 1979: Quantification of vitellogenin in atlantic salmon salmo salar plasma by radio immunoassay

Elzen G.W.; Williams H.J.; Bell A.A.; Stipanovic R.D.; Vinson S.B., 1985: Quantification of volatile terpenes of glanded and glandless gossypium hirsutum cultivars and lines by gas chromatography

Nakajima K.; Bunko H.; Tada A.; Kojima K.; Taki J.; Nambu I.; Shiire Y.; Tonami N.; Hisada K., 1985: Quantification of wall motion and phase of contraction in tomographic gated blood pool studies using length based fourier analysis

Serup J.; Staberg B., 1985: Quantification of weal reactions with laser doppler flowmetry

Wallace J.B.; Benke A.C., 1984: Quantification of wood habitat in subtropical coastal plain streams

Hall T.A.; Gupta B.L., 1982: Quantification of x ray micro analysis of cryo sections

Tremblay, G.; Biron, P.; Proulx, A., 1975: Quantification pitfalls in comparative studies of anti anginal therapies

Abeles M., 1982: Quantification smoothing and confidence limits for single unit histograms

Petrofsky J.S., 1981: Quantification through the surface electro myogram of muscle fatigue and recovery during successive isometric contractions

Bredehorst R.; Wielckens K.; Kupper E W.; Schnabel W.; Hilz H., 1983: Quantification without purification of blood and tissue adenosine by radio immunoassay

Ritsema G.H., 1982: Quantifications and sensitivity in bone scanning in the detection of bone metastases

Gomez P.; Luna G.; Beltran M.E.; Rosas Peralta V.H., 1987: Quantifications of estrogenic receptors in meningiomas

Smith L.H.Jr, 1981: Quantified aspects of pallial fluid and its affect on the duration of loco motor activity in the terrestrial gastropod triodopsis albolabris

Bo P.; Cosi V.; Introzzi G.; Scelsi R.; Taccola A.; Romani A.; Patrucco M.; Rozza A.; Savoldi F., 1987: Quantified eeg somatosensory evoked potentials and cerebral blood flow in monitoring experimental brain ischemia

Sebban C.; Tesolin B.; Guez D., 1987: Quantified electroencephalogram its usefulness for evaluating treatments of cerebral aging

Lombroso C.T., 1979: Quantified electrographic scales on 10 preterm healthy new borns followed up to 40 43 weeks of conceptional age by serial polygraphic recordings

Ericson M.O.; Nisell R.; Ekholm J., 1986: Quantified electromyography of lower limb muscles during level walking

Arends J.; Van Der Veen H.; Van Groeningen G.; Schuthof J., 1985: Quantified marginal leakage of composites in vitro

Audet M.A.; Doucet G.; Oleskevich S.; Descarries L., 1988: Quantified regional and laminar distribution of the noradrenaline innervation in the anterior half of the adult rat cerebral cortex

Whitworth N.S.; Morrison J.C.; Whitton A.C.; Bowers K.K., 1983: Quantified scoring of the amniotic fluid surfactant foam test and assessment of factors contributing to false negative test results

Smith C.L., 1980: Quantifiers and question answering in young children

Keddy P.A., 1984: Quantifying a within lake gradient of wave energy in gillfillan lake nova scotia canada

Shugart L., 1986: Quantifying adductive modification of hemoglobin from mice exposed to benzo a pyrene

Schwedt G.; Schweizer A.; Hendrich G., 1988: Quantifying analysis of calcium species in wine from the point of view of calcium stability

Courtney K.R., 1983: Quantifying anti arrhythmic drug blocking during action potentials in guinea pig papillary muscle

Hanson P.J.; Sucoff E.I.; Markhart A.H.IIi, 1985: Quantifying apoplastic flux through red pine pinus resinosa root systems using trisodium 3 hydroxy 5 8 10 pyrenetrisulfonate

Bockus W.W.; Sim T.Iv, 1982: Quantifying cephalosporium stripe disease severity on winter wheat triticum aestivum

Noakes D., 1986: Quantifying changes in british columbia canada dungeness crab cancer magister landings using intervention analysis

Tyler L.K.; Wessels J., 1983: Quantifying contextual contributions to word recognition processes

Turkheimer E.; Cullum C.M.; Hubler D.W.; Paver S.W.; Yeo R.A.; Bigler E.D., 1984: Quantifying cortical atrophy

Jackson B.S.; Arkin G.F., 1986: Quantifying cultivar differences in cotton gossypium hirsutum

Gonyon, D. S.; Allaire, F. R.; Harvey, W. R., 1986: Quantifying dairy breeding goals 1. a technique to elicit decisions and define equations for goals

Gonyon, D. S.; Allaire, F. R.; Harvey, W. R., 1986: Quantifying dairy breeding goals 2. perceived relative contributions of type traits to total merit

Abdel-Malek, A.; Markham, C. H.; Marmarelis, P. Z.; Marmarelis, V. Z., 1988: Quantifying deficiencies associated with parkinson's disease by use of time series analysis

Rennie R.J., 1982: Quantifying di nitrogen fixation in soybeans by nitrogen 15 isotope dilution the question of the nonfixing control plant

Bucher, K.; Bucher, K. E., 1977: Quantifying drugs influence on cardio respiratory synchronism

Howard Williams J.R.; Peckar C.O.; Holman R.R.; Turner R.C.; Bron A.J., 1986: Quantifying early diabetic retinopathy

Idso S.B.; Kimball B.A.; Clawson K.L., 1984: Quantifying effects of atmospheric carbon dioxide enrichment on stomatal conductance and evapotranspiration of water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes via carbon dioxide thermometry

Lemaire, C.; Murphy, E. L.; Gourret, P.; Monod, H., 1978: Quantifying fatigue in working divers

Wilson, P. D.; Al-Samarrai, M. T.; Brown, A. D. G., 1980: Quantifying female incontinence with particular reference to the urilos system

Been A., 1985: Quantifying ground damages caused by off road vehicles

Coakley S.M.; Mcdaniel L.R.; Line R.F., 1988: Quantifying how climatic factors affect variation in plant disease severity a general method using a new way to analyze meteorological data

Milner Brown H.S.; Mellenthin M.; Miller R.G., 1986: Quantifying human muscle strength endurance and fatigue

Eadie J.M.; Nudds T.D.; Ankney C.D., 1979: Quantifying interspecific variation in foraging behavior of syntopic anas anatidae

Gleser, G. C.; Green, B. L.; Winget, C. N., 1978: Quantifying interview data on psychic impairment of disaster survivors

Senalik D.; Simon P.W., 1987: Quantifying intra plant variation of volatile terpenoids in carrot

Thompson W.D.; Weissman M.M., 1981: Quantifying lifetime risk of psychiatric disorder

Kuhl D.E.; Barrio J.R.; Huang S C.; Selin C.; Ackermann R.F.; Lear J.L.; Wu J.L.; Lin T.H.; Phelps M.E., 1982: Quantifying local cerebral blood flow by iodine 123 labeled n iso propyl p iodo amphetamine tomography

Kalu B.A.; Fick G.W., 1981: Quantifying morphological development of alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar iroquois for studies of herbage quality

Brueggemann, E.; Niess, E., 1984: Quantifying nitrogen metabolism in growing rats 1. methods for measuring nitrogen gained

Brueggemann, E.; Niess, E.; Pfeffer, E., 1984: Quantifying nitrogen metabolism in growing rats 2. effects of energy and protein supply on synthesis and breakdown of body protein

Brueggemann, E.; Niess, E.; Pfeffer, E., 1985: Quantifying nitrogen metabolism in growing rats 3. effects of compensatory growth on synthesis and breakdown of body protein and on composition of gain

Schoorl D.; Holt J.E., 1985: Quantifying package protection for horticultural produce

Orive, L. M. C., 1976: Quantifying pattern a stereological approach

Densert B.; Kinberger B.; Arlinger S.; Densert O., 1987: Quantifying psychoacoustic tuning curves for clinical use

Whyte, A. G. D.; Mead, D. J., 1977: Quantifying responses to fertilizer in the growth of radiata pine

Koukkari, W. L.; Halberg, F.; Gordon, S. A., 1973: Quantifying rhythmic movements of albizia julibrissin pinnules

Scott S.J.; Jones R.A., 1985: Quantifying seed germination responses to low temperatures variation among lycopersicon spp

Lewis R.V., 1987: Quantifying side effects of beta blockers the role of visual analogue scales

Aller R.C., 1980: Quantifying solute distributions in the bioturbated zone of marine sediments by defining an average micro environment

Vakamudi A.K.; Hongo T.; Kaku K.; Akutsu T.; Elchuri V.; Hwang N.H.C., 1979: Quantifying stroke volume and cardiac output in total artificial hearts

Karlsson M.G.; Heins R.D.; Erwin J.E., 1988: Quantifying temperature controlled leaf unfolding rates in nellie white easter lily

Kaldor J.M.; Day N.E.; Hemminki K., 1988: Quantifying the carcinogenicity of antineoplastic drugs

Sparling G.P.; Whale K.N.; Ramsay A.J., 1985: Quantifying the contribution from the soil microbial biomass to the extractable phosphorus levels of fresh and air dried soils

Macleod A.; Summerfield Q., 1987: Quantifying the contribution of vision to speech perception in noise

Zalucki M.P.; Chandica A.; Kitching R.L., 1981: Quantifying the distribution and abundance of an animals resource using aerial photography

Keram S.; Williams M.E., 1988: Quantifying the ease or difficulty older persons experience in opening medication containers

Laidlaw A.S., 1984: Quantifying the effect of nitrogen fertilizer applications in spring on white clover content in perennial ryegrass lolium perenne cultivar barlenna white clover trifolium repens swards

Sheppard, M. I.; Williams, G. D. V., 1976: Quantifying the effects of great soil groups on cereal yields in the prairie provinces canada

Sekhon S.S.; Singh B.; Singh O.S., 1985: Quantifying the effects of magnetic field on repair process and invigoration of rain soaked wheat

Herzog W.; Nigg B.M.; Read L.J., 1988: Quantifying the effects of spinal manipulations on gait using patients with low back pain

Herzog W.; Nigg B.M.; Robinson R.O.; Read L.J., 1987: Quantifying the effects of spinal manipulations on gait using patients with low back pain a pilot study

Fryberger, J. S.; Bellis, W. H., 1977: Quantifying the natural flushout of alluvial aquifers

Somani S.M.; Schaeffer D.J.; Mack J.O., 1981: Quantifying the toxic and mutagenic activity of complex mixtures with salmonella typhimurium

Ford E.W.; Steffe J.F., 1986: Quantifying thixotropy in starch thickened strained apricots using mixer viscometry techniques

Warndorff M.; Dovrat A.; Kipnis T., 1985: Quantifying tiller regrowth of hybrid pennisetum pennisetum americanum x pennisetum purpureum canopies

Carothers A.D., 1979: Quantifying unequal catchability and its effect on survival estimates in an actual population

Hochman Z., 1987: Quantifying vernalization and temperature promotion effects on time of flowering of three cultivars of medicago truncatula gaertn

Biermann B.; Linderman R.G., 1981: Quantifying vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae a proposed method toward standardization

Toth R.; Toth D., 1982: Quantifying vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae using a morphometric technique

Guthauser U.; Flammer J., 1988: Quantifying visual field damage caused by cataract

Keddy P.A., 1982: Quantifying within lake gradients of wave energy interrelationships of wave energy substrate particle size and shoreline plants in axe lake ontario canada

Thomsen J.; Saxtrup O.; Tos M., 1982: Quantitated determination of proteins in perilymph in patients with acoustic neuromas

Nurminen M.; Mutanen P.; Tolonen M.; Hernberg S., 1982: Quantitated effects of carbon di sulfide exposure elevated blood pressure and aging on coronary mortality

Shimizu S I.; Imai Y.; Iguchi T.; Kobayakawa Y.; Kogakura H., 1981: Quantitated measurement of the photographed ocular fundus by ray tracing

Simel D.L.; Halvorsen R.A.Jr; Feussner J.R., 1988: Quantitating bedside diagnosis clinical evaluation of ascites

Shugart L., 1985: Quantitating exposure to chemical carcinogens in vivo alkylation of hemoglobin by benzo a pyrene

Wong M.; Ramirez M.L.; Alejos R., 1987: Quantitating flow from two dimensional doppler color imaging of jets feasibility and limitations from an in vitro study

Meikle A.W.; Stringham J.D.; Bishop D.T.; West D.W., 1988: Quantitating genetic and nongenetic factors influencing androgen production and clearance rates in men

Meikle A.W.; Bishop D.T.; Stringham J.D.; West D.W., 1986: Quantitating genetic and nongenetic factors that determine plasma sex steroid variation in normal male twins

Perry W.L.IIi; Sirotkin K., 1987: Quantitating small volumes of dilute dna samples containing sds

Tomb, T. F.; Treaftis, H. N.; Beckert, A. J-Ii, 1976: Quantitating the efficiency of the coal mine personal respirable dust sampler for sampling oxide fumes

Stich H.F.; Rosin M.P., 1983: Quantitating the synergistic effect of smoking and alcohol consumption with the micro nucleus test on human buccal mucosa cells

Seitchik J., 1981: Quantitating uterine contractility in clinical context

Laurell A B.; Martensson U.; Sjoholm A.G., 1979: Quantitation activated complement c 1r activated complement c 1s activated complement c 1 inactivator complexes by electro immunoassay

Sorensen J.A.; Thompson L.C.; Glass G.E., 1985: Quantitation analysis of aqueous species using raman spectrometry and equilibrium model calculations

Oxford J.S.; Yetts R.; Schild G.C., 1982: Quantitation and analysis of the specificity of post immunization antibodies to influenza b viruses using single radial hemolysis

Nilsson B.; Bjelle A.; Loof L.; Nilsson U.R., 1987: Quantitation and antigenic characterization of bound c3 of circulating immune complexes in systemic lupus erythematosus rheumatoid arthritis and primary biliary cirrhosis

Stolz A.; Yamada T.; Sugiyama Y.; Belknap W.; Kaplowitz N., 1984: Quantitation and characterization of a newly described organic anion binder radioimmunoassay

Chandrasekaran K.; Mcfarland V.W.; Simmons D.T.; Dziadek M.; Gurney E.G.; Mora P.T., 1981: Quantitation and characterization of a species specific and embryo stage dependent 55 kilodalton phospho protein also present in cells transformed by sv 40

Van-De-Water, L. Iii ; Olmsted, J. B., 1978: Quantitation and characterization of antibody binding to tubulin

Gonzales, L. W.; Geel, S. E., 1978: Quantitation and characterization of brain tubulin colchicine binding activity in developing hypo thyroid rats

Strange E.D., 1987: Quantitation and characterization of drip from frozen thawed and refrigerated pork liver

Tipping P.G.; Worthington L.A.; Holdsworth S.R., 1987: Quantitation and characterization of glomerular procoagulant activity in experimental glomerulonephritis

Lee Y.C.; Allen J.M.; Uttenthal L.O.; Roberts P.M.; Gill S.S.; Bloom S.R., 1985: Quantitation and characterization of human plasma neurotensin like immunoreactivity in response to a meal

Steer M.L.; Khorana J.; Galgoci B., 1979: Quantitation and characterization of human platelet alpha adrenergic receptors using tritium labeled phentolamine

Cierniewski C.S.; Niewiarowski S.; Hershock D.; Rucinski B.; Schmaier A.H., 1987: Quantitation and characterization of human platelet glycoprotein iiia by radioimmunoassay

Raptis L.; Menard H.A., 1980: Quantitation and characterization of plasma dna in normals and patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Morrison, M. R.; Baskin, F.; Rosenberg, R. N., 1977: Quantitation and characterization of poly adenylic acid containing messenger rna from mouse neuro blastoma cells

Kohgo Y.; Niitsu Y.; Nishisato T.; Kato J.; Kondo H.; Sasaki K.; Urushizaki I., 1988: Quantitation and characterization of serum transferrin receptor in patients with anemias and polycythemias

Chia D.; Barnett E.V.; Yamagata J.; Knutson D.; Restivo C.; Furst D., 1979: Quantitation and characterization of soluble immune complexes precipitated from sera by poly ethylene glycol

De Garcini E.M.; Diez J.C.; Avila J., 1986: Quantitation and characterization of tau factor in porcine tissues

Valdivia M.M.; Avila J.; Coll J.; Colaco C.; Sandoval I.V., 1982: Quantitation and characterization of the micro tubule associated map 2 in porcine tissues and its isolation from porcine pk 15 and human hela cell lines

Resh M.D., 1982: Quantitation and characterization of the sodium potassium atpase in the rat adipocyte plasma membrane

Brown, W. E.; Seamon, K. B., 1978: Quantitation and characterization of the tri fluoro acetonyl derivative of cysteine a useful nmr probe/

Kubek M.J.; Rea M.A.; Hodes Z.I.; Aprison M.H., 1983: Quantitation and characterization of trh in vagal nuclei and other regions of the medulla oblongata of the rat

Kettelhut B.V.; Metcalfe D.D., 1988: Quantitation and characterization of urinary glycosaminoglycans in healthy subjects and patients with mastocytosis

Brunner K.T.; Macdonald H.R.; Cerottini J C., 1981: Quantitation and clonal isolation of cytolytic t lymphocyte precursors selectively infiltrating murine sarcoma virus induced tumors

Basseches, P. J.; Digregorio, G. J., 1980: Quantitation and comparison of pheno barbital levels in the plasma saliva and cerebro spinal fluid of the rat and the demonstration of an alteration of drug passage by ethanol

Venables P.J.W.; Charles P.J.; Buchanan R.R.C.; Yi T.; Mumford P.A.; Schrieber L.; Room G.R.W.; Maini R.N., 1983: Quantitation and detection of isotypes of anti ss b antibodies by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay and farr assay using affinity purified antigens an approach to the investigation of sjogrens syndrome and systemic lupus erythematosus

Thomas A.P.; Marks J.S.; Coll K.E.; Williamson J.R., 1983: Quantitation and early kinetics of inositol lipid changes induced by vasopressin in isolated and cultured hepatocytes

Krebs H.J.; Norrild B., 1983: Quantitation and estimation of cooperation between target binding sites in natural and antibody dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity by use of a mathematical transformation influence of interferon

Garcia C.F.; Weiss L.M.; Lowder J.; Komoroske C.; Link M.P.; Levy R.; Warnke R.A., 1987: Quantitation and estimation of lymphocyte subsets in tissue sections comparison with flow cytometry

Hancock R.E.W.; Mouat E.C.A.; Speert D.P., 1984: Quantitation and identification of antibodies to outer membrane proteins of pseudomonas aeruginosa in sera of patients with cystic fibrosis

Hanamura T.; Motoyoshi K.; Yoshida K.; Saito M.; Miura Y.; Kawashima T.; Nishida M.; Takaku F., 1988: Quantitation and identification of human monocytic colony stimulating factor in human serum by elisa

Fisher C.L.; Eisenberg R.A.; Cohen P.L., 1988: Quantitation and igg subclass distribution of antichromatin autoantibodies in sle mice

Bauer, E. A.; Gordon, J. M.; Reddick, M. E.; Eisen, A. Z., 1977: Quantitation and immuno cytochemical localization of human skin collagenase in basal cell carcinoma

Munjal, D.; Brady, P. G., 1978: Quantitation and immunochemical characterization of carcino embryonic antigen and glucose phosphate isomerase ec in blood and washings of patients with gastric and colonic disease

Riley D.A.; Bain J.L.W.; Ellis S.; Haas A.L., 1988: Quantitation and immunocytochemical localization of ubiquitin conjugates within rat red and white skeletal muscles

Ehinger B.; Steinbusch H.W.M., 1985: Quantitation and immunohistochemistry of catecholamines in the posterior segment of the eye

Allsopp G.; Parker D.; Hinrichs D.J.; Turk J.L., 1981: Quantitation and in vitro analysis of the inflammatory cells in experimental allergic encephalo myelitis in the guinea pig

Hronowski L.; Anastassiades T.P., 1979: Quantitation and interaction of glycosamino glycans with alcian blue in di methyl sulfoxide solutions

Lai B T.; Chin N.W.; Stanek A.E.; Keh W.; Lanks K.W., 1984: Quantitation and intracellular localization of the 85 kilodalton heat shock protein by using monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies

Hill J.M.; Dudley J.B.; Shimomura Y.; Kaufman H.E., 1986: Quantitation and kinetics of induced herpes simplex virus type 1 ocular shedding

Boyce B.F.; Elder H.Y.; Fell G.S.; Nicholson W.A.P.; Smith G.D.; Dempster D.W.; Gray C.C.; Boyle I.T., 1981: Quantitation and localization of aluminum in human cancellous bone in renal osteo dystrophy

Wahlberg P.; Fex G.; Biorklund A.; Trope C.; Willen R., 1988: Quantitation and localization of cellular retinol binding protein in squamous cell carcinomas of the cervix uteri and of the oral cavity

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