Section 7
Chapter 6,240

Quantitating uterine contractility in clinical context

Seitchik, J.

Obstetrics and Gynecology 57(4): 453-457


ISSN/ISBN: 0029-7844
PMID: 7243093
Accession: 006239164

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Objective quantitative on-line analysis of the intrauterine pressure of patients in active labor can be made by using a small bedside computer. A retrospective study has been performed comparing the uterine contractility of patients in normal active labor with that of patients in arrest of labor. Examination of the data suggests that averaging each 3 successive contractions and combining the values for amplitude, period, and Montevideo units into a 3-contraction score provide an efficient and rapid means for differentiating the contractility of normal and hypocontractile labor. Further, the method appears to have the potential for selecting the appropriate minimal effective dose of oxytocin and avoiding hypercontractility.

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