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Quantitation analysis of aqueous species using raman spectrometry and equilibrium model calculations

Sorensen, J.A.; Thompson, L.C.; Glass, G.E.

Analytical Chemistry 57(6): 1087-1091


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-2700
Accession: 006239166

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An analytical approach of quantifying various chemical species, using Raman spectrometry in conjunction with equilibrium modeling, was tested on aqueous solutions containing Nd, Cu and dipicolinic acid [to monitor environmental protection]. Equilibrium modeling was used to select optimum conditions in simple solutions for the determination of concentration-Raman intensity relationships. These relationships were then used to interpret spectra from more complex solutions and to make comparisons with equilibrium modeling results from the same systems. Peak heights were determined through curve fitting of the spectra using nonlinear regression and were normalized using Cl04- as an internal standard.

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