Section 7
Chapter 6,242

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of needle antigens of pinus sylvestris pinus mugo pinus uliginosa and pinus nigra and some individuals from a hybrid swarm population

Prus Glowacki, W.; Sadowski, J.; Szweykowski, J.; Wiatroszak, I.

Genetica Polonica 22(4): 447-454


Accession: 006241218

A quantitative and qualitative immunochemical analysis of the needle protein of 4 pine species and some individuals from a hybrid swarm population showed that the main role in the species specificity is played by quantitative ratios of antigens common for the species. Individuals from the hybrid swarm population display a high degree of antigenic differentiation, differing from the antigenic patterns of putative parent species by the quantity and number of antigens and by the presence of antigens specific to them.

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