Section 7
Chapter 6,246

Quantitative studies of ion-exchange and affinity elution chromatography of enzymes

Scopes, R.K.

Analytical Biochemistry 114(1): 8-18


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-2697
PMID: 6269466
DOI: 10.1016/0003-2697(81)90443-7
Accession: 006245603

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Quantitative studies on the binding of a variety of enzymes to CM-cellulose were carried out, and the magnitude of the affinity elution effect in the presence of substrates of the enzymes was determined. In most cases the weakening of binding in the presence of substrate corresponded closely to the amount expected as a result of the overall charge change, but in a few examples the effect was greater. Some calculations were made demonstrating the range of strengths of interactions between enzyme and adsorbent, and the energy involved per charge on the protein molecule.

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