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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6247

Chapter 6247 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hayashi S., 1986: Quantitative study on growth and aging changes in human atrioventricular node volume study of atrioventricular node using color image analyzer

Lauzanne, L., 1978: Quantitative study on nutrition of sarotherodon galilaeus pisces cichlidae in lake chad

Rudolph W., 1980: Quantitative study on serum immuno globulin levels in suckled calves and their relationship to post natal diarrhea in chile

Doi, M., 1978: Quantitative study on subjective symptoms by means of the nihon university medical index in neuro psychiatric patients

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246005

Hosaka, S.; Khato, J.; Goto, M.; Suzuki, M.; Sato, H., 1977: Quantitative study on the dispersiveness of cultured tumor cells with reference to the invasiveness of cancer

Nawar N.N.Y., 1979: Quantitative study on the fetal cervical dorsal root ganglion and observations on its relationship with the spinal nerve complex in the albino mouse

Peng L., 1985: Quantitative study on the mutagenicity of antimycotoxin hd treated aflatoxin b 1 by sister chromatid exchange assay

Van-Furth, R.; Diesselhoff-Den-Dulk, M. M. C.; Mattie, H., 1973: Quantitative study on the production and kinetics of mononuclear phagocytes during an acute inflammatory reaction

Tognato G., 1983: Quantitative study on the reproduction of 2 strains of agamic planarians dugesia gonocephala and dugesia tigrina

Kalbfleisch, H.; Hort, W., 1977: Quantitative study on the size of coronary artery supplying areas post mortem

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246012

Cheung W.Y., 1988: Quantitative subcellular localization of calmodulin dependent phosphatase in chick forebrain

Bronfman M., 1987: Quantitative subcellular study of apical pole membranes from chicken oxyntic cells in resting and hydrochloric acid secretory state

Poulton, E. C., 1977: Quantitative subjective assessments are almost always biased sometimes completely misleading

Rozenberg, G. S.; Gareeva, L. M., 1978: Quantitative substantiation of permissible limits for reduction of species numbers in classification using floristic criteria

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246017

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246018

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246019

Lippold, H. J., 1982: Quantitative succinic dehydrogenases ec histochemistry a comparison of different tetrazolium salts

Dyck P.J., 1983: Quantitative sudo motor axon reflex test in normal and neuropathic subjects

Imachi K., 1986: Quantitative surface analysis of cardiothane 51 by fourier transform attenuated total reflection ir spectroscopy

Paloheimo M., 1986: Quantitative surface electromyography in anesthesia and critical care

Fink, D. J.; Gendreau, R. M., 1984: Quantitative surface studies of protein adsorption by ir spectroscopy 1. correction for bulk concentrations

Fink, D. J.; Hutson, T. B.; Chittur, K. K.; Gendreau, R. M., 1987: Quantitative surface studies of protein adsorption by ir spectroscopy ii. quantification of adsorbed and bulk proteins

Callaghan A.A., 1987: Quantitative survey of conidiobolus and basidiobolus in soils and litter

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246027

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246028

Ikram M., 1982: Quantitative survey of rutin containing plants 1

Fior T., 1983: Quantitative surveys on the population of herring gulls larus cachinnans on the isle of giannutri tuscan archipelago italy

Jorgensen J.H., 1981: Quantitative susceptibility test methods in major usa medical centers

Reijnders H.F.R., 1980: Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of disinfectants for swimming pool water experiences with sodium hypo chlorite and sodium di chloro iso cyanurate

Roedger H J., 1986: Quantitative suspension test of hand decontamination preparations in a ring test

Le Quesne P.M., 1986: Quantitative sweat test in diabetics with neuropathic foot lesions

Yamano, T.; Shimada, M.; Fujizeki, Y.; Kawasaki, H.; Onaga, A., 1986: Quantitative synaptic changes on purkinje cell dendritic spines of rats born from streptozotocin induced diabetic mothers

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246037

Hendrych R., 1985: Quantitative synopsis of recent cormobionta

Krueger, L. J.; Krauss, M. R.; Caryk, T. M.; Anderson, W. F., 1978: Quantitative synthesis of full length globin genes dependence on template

Smith D.V., 1984: Quantitative taste bud distribution in the hamster mesocricetus auratus

Shaw J., 1984: Quantitative taxonomic study of morphology in epipterygium

Racovita G., 1985: Quantitative taxonomy of the bathysciinae coleoptera catopidae of the valea iadului basin muntii apuseni romania

Norn M., 1988: Quantitative tear ferning methodologic and experimental investigations

Farooqi B., 1980: Quantitative tear lysozyme assay a new technique for transporting specimens

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246045

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246046

Arocha Oriol C., 1985: Quantitative techniques for determination of vibrio parahaemolyticus in food

Pfannenstiel P., 1985: Quantitative techniques for ultrasound diagnosis

Shen, Y. P.; Lin, S. Z.; Zheng, Z. H.; Cai, S. C., 1986: Quantitative template quick kato's smear for helminthic egg count

Every D., 1983: Quantitative test for bacteroides nodosus pilus protein by an agglutination absorption test

Mingot F., 1981: Quantitative test of records theory for proton induced lowering of dna melting temperature

Griggs R.C., 1983: Quantitative testing of hand grip strength myotonia and fatigue in myotonic dystrophy

Ansley, J. D.; Isaacs, J. W.; Rikkers, L. F.; Kutner, M. H.; Nordlinger, B. M.; Rudman, D., 1978: Quantitative tests of nitrogen metabolism in cirrhosis relation to other manifestations of liver disease

Kerber R.E., 1983: Quantitative texture analysis in 2 dimensional echo cardiography application to the diagnosis of experimental myo cardial contusion

Beller G.A., 1981: Quantitative thallium 201 exercise scintigraphy for detection of coronary artery disease

Helfant R.H., 1984: Quantitative thallium 201 imaging limitations in detecting pathophysiologically significant obstructive coronary artery disease

Treves S., 1981: Quantitative thallium 201 myo cardial imaging in assessing right ventricular pressure in patients with congenital heart defects

Yipintsoi T., 1981: Quantitative thallium 201 re distribution with a fixed coronary stenosis in dogs

Emrich D., 1980: Quantitative thallium 201 scintigraphy in diagnosis of severity and location of coronary artery disease comparison of a thallium score to invasive and noninvasive parameters

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246060

Boucher C.A., 1986: Quantitative thallium imaging findings in patients with normal coronary angiographic findings and clinically normal subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246062

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246063

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246064

Sabatier R., 1985: Quantitative thin layer and high performance liquid chromatographic determination of lorapride in biological fluids and a pharmacokinetic study in humans

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246066

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246067

Groleau, D.; Yaphe, W., 1977: Quantitative thin layer chromatographic assay for the beta neo agaro tetraose hydrolase of pseudomonas atlantica/

Van Haver W., 1979: Quantitative thin layer chromatographic determination of bromide residues in crops after soil treatment by methyl bromide

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246070

Hermsdorf D., 1982: Quantitative thin layer chromatographic determination of di hydro ergot alkaloids

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246072

Lubs H., 1980: Quantitative thin layer chromatographic determination of homo gentisic acid in urine

Fricke, H.; Muehlig, P.; Kuehne, C., 1978: Quantitative thin layer chromatographic determination of macrolide antibiotic turimycin h and some of its degradation products by densitometric in situ measurement with the image analyzer quantimet 720

Amin M., 1987: Quantitative thin layer chromatographic determination of some prostaglandin derivatives of the subgroups e 2 a 2 and b 2

Ocker H D., 1986: Quantitative thin layer chromatographic determination of the plant growth regulator chlorocholine chloride in grain and grain products

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246077

Salmona M., 1979: Quantitative thin layer chromatographic measurement of n trifluoroacetyl adriamycin 14 valerate and tri fluoroacetyl adriamycin in blood and tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246079

Marks H., 1983: Quantitative thin layer chromatographic multi sulfonamide screening procedure collaborative study

Din M.S.E., 1981: Quantitative thin layer chromatography analysis of valepotriates

Sharefi K.A., 1981: Quantitative thin layer chromatography determination of aristolochic acid in aristolochia maurorum

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246083

Ebel, S.; Herold, G.; Scheck, M.; Schultze, K., 1975: Quantitative thin layer chromatography evaluation of in situ fluorometric analyses by 2 point regression

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246085

Weissmann A., 1979: Quantitative thin layer chromatography for the analysis of skin surface lipids a time saving method using a new thin layer chromatography plate

Treiber L.R., 1986: Quantitative thin layer chromatography in accelerated stability studies for prediction of inherent sensitivity of drugs toward oxygen

Haldorsen, K. M., 1978: Quantitative thin layer chromatography of carbohydrates using pentavalent vanadium in sulfuric acid determination of mixtures of d fructose d glucose and sucrose/

Arko K., 1980: Quantitative thin layer chromatography of cerebro spinal fluid phospho lipids

Szekely G., 1982: Quantitative thin layer chromatography practical experience with the in situ spectrophotometric evaluation

Wong C.D., 1979: Quantitative thin layer chromatography thin film fluorescence scanning analysis of adriamycin and metabolites in tissue

Kano M., 1979: Quantitative thin layer chromatography with a flame ionization detector for serum lipid measurements in the routine clinical laboratory

Randell S.H., 1986: Quantitative three dimensional reconstruction and carbohydrate cytochemistry of rat nonciliated bronchiolar clara cells

Bell, S. M.; Smith, D. D., 1976: Quantitative throat swab culture in the diagnosis of streptococcal pharyngitis in children

Machin M., 1987: Quantitative tissue characterization in pancreatic disease using magnetic resonance imaging

Hotta Y., 1987: Quantitative tissue isolation from drosophila freeze dried in acetone

Yamada M O., 1987: Quantitative topochemistry of rat liver enzymes during postnatal development in relation to activity rest cycle

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246098

Shpirt, M. B., 1977: Quantitative toxicological evaluation of poisons in human cell cultures

Buhl, S. N.; Kowalski, P.; Vanderlinde, R. E., 1978: Quantitative toxicology inter laboratory and inter method evaluation in new york state

Sachs U., 1981: Quantitative trabeculectomy

Barlett, J. G.; Faling, L. J.; Willey, S., 1978: Quantitative tracheal bacteriologic and cytologic studies in patients with long term tracheostomies

Polk, H. C. Jr, 1975: Quantitative tracheal cultures in surgical patients requiring mechanical ventilatory assistance

Ritman, E. L., 1977: Quantitative trans axial imaging of the heart

Bartlett J., 1981: Quantitative trans cervical uterine cultures with a new device

Bernstein E.F., 1979: Quantitative trans cutaneous arterial velocity measurements with doppler flowmeters

Steele J., 1986: Quantitative transcervical uterine cultures in asymptomatic women using an intrauterine contraceptive device

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246108

Mira Y., 1986: Quantitative transferrin total iron binding capacity ratio in patients with heterozygotic a 2 and f thalassemia

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246110

Bhattacharya P., 1988: Quantitative treatment of a bioreactor employing a recombinant cell system a theoretical analysis

Peticolas W.L., 1987: Quantitative treatment of photochemical effects on the uv resonance raman spectroscopic intensities application to enzymatic cofactors containing dihydronicotinamide and their photochemically induced transients

Likhacheva, N. E.; Levich, A. P.; Kol'tsova, T. I., 1979: Quantitative treatment of phyto plankton samples 2. range distribution of phyto plankton numbers in the vilkitski strait russian sfsr ussr

Malik, W. U.; Goyal, R. N.; Jain, R., 1978: Quantitative treatment of substituent effects in the polarographic investigations of some potential anti neoplastic 2 amino 4 aryl 5 phenyl azo thiazoles

Thomas G.P., 1986: Quantitative triple fluorochrome labeling study of lathyritic rat mandible

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246116

Stubblefield, E.; Gay, M., 1970: Quantitative tritium auto radiography of mammalian chromosomes part 2 the kinetics of dna synthesis in individual chromosomes of chinese hamster fibroblasts

Norred W.P., 1988: Quantitative tritium exchange of tritiated aflatoxin b 1 during penetration through isolated human skin

Bayer S.A., 1980: Quantitative tritium labeled thymidine radiographic analyses of neurogenesis in the rat amygdala

Caspersson T.O., 1979: Quantitative tumor cytochemistry g h a clowes memorial lecture

Feigenbaum H., 1986: Quantitative two dimensional echocardiographic assessment of patients undergoing left ventricular aneurysmectomy

Bourdarias J P., 1987: Quantitative two dimensional echocardiography in massive pulmonary embolism emphasis on ventricular interdependence and leftward septal displacement

Heine W., 1986: Quantitative ultramorphological evaluation of swim up spermatozoa used in human in vitro fertilization and transcervical intrauterine insemination

Logerfo, F. W.; Corson, J. D., 1976: Quantitative ultrasonic blood flow measurement in dacron grafts

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246126

Perez J.E., 1987: Quantitative ultrasonic tissue characterization with real time integrated backscatter imaging in normal human subjects and in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy

Fronek, A.; Coel, M.; Bernstein, E. F., 1976: Quantitative ultrasonographic studies of lower extremity flow velocities in health and disease

Barwick K.W., 1986: Quantitative ultrasound attenuation in normal liver and in patients with diffuse liver disease importance of fat

Francis M.J.O., 1984: Quantitative ultrastructural analyses of rabbit osteoclasts the effect of in vivo treatment with sodium salicylate

Page, E., 1978: Quantitative ultrastructural analysis in cardiac membrane physiology

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246132

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246133

Saxod R., 1984: Quantitative ultrastructural analysis of cutaneous nerve development in the hypo thyroid chick

Vodvarka, P.; Krajci, D., 1978: Quantitative ultrastructural analysis of cytoplasmic bodies in the spinal ganglionic neurons during their development

Quay W.B., 1985: Quantitative ultrastructural analysis of differences in exocytosis number in adrenomedullary adrenaline cells of golden hamsters related to time of day pinealectomy and intracellular region

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246137

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246138

Vodvarka, P.; Krajci, D., 1978: Quantitative ultrastructural analysis of multi vesicular and dark bodies in neurons of spinal ganglia 1. comparative study in vertebrates

Krajci, D.; Vodvarka, P., 1978: Quantitative ultrastructural analysis of multi vesicular and dark bodies in neurons of spinal ganglia 2. development of spinal ganglia in man and cat

Garlov, P. E.; Belen'kii, M. A.; Polenov, A. L., 1978: Quantitative ultrastructural analysis of neuro secretory elements of neuro hypophysis in the female sturgeon acipenser guldenstadti in relation to the spawning process

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246142

Jarett L., 1983: Quantitative ultrastructural analysis of receptor mediated insulin uptake into adipocytes

Stick J.A., 1982: Quantitative ultrastructural anatomy of esophagus in different regions in the horse effects of alternate methods of tissue processing

Dorn G., 1979: Quantitative ultrastructural and radio immunologic assessment of parathyroid gland activity in primary hyper parathyroidism

Gonatas, N. K.; Gonatas, J. O.; Stieber, A.; Antoine, J. C.; Avrameas, S., 1976: Quantitative ultrastructural auto radiographic studies of iodinated plasma membranes of lymphocytes during segregation and internalization of surface immuno globulins

Gonatas N.K., 1987: Quantitative ultrastructural autoradiographic evidence for the magnitude and early involvement of the golgi apparatus complex in the endocytosis of wheat germ agglutinin by cultured neuroblastoma

Carmo Fonseca M., 1986: Quantitative ultrastructural autoradiographic study of rna transport in rat ventral prostate

Lazinsky D., 1986: Quantitative ultrastructural changes associated with lead coupled luxury phosphate uptake and polyphosphate utilization

Jones D.G., 1982: Quantitative ultrastructural changes in rat cortical synapses during early adulthood mid adulthood and late adulthood

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246151

Thomas J.F., 1987: Quantitative ultrastructural changes in tunica and corpus cells of the shoot apex of nicotiana tabacum during the transition to flowering

Gagliardino J.J., 1986: Quantitative ultrastructural changes induced by glucose in pancreatic beta cells

Villar J.M., 1986: Quantitative ultrastructural changes of the endodermal cells in the early chick embryo analyzed by stereological methods

Lekoev G.Z., 1981: Quantitative ultrastructural characteristics of rat cardio myocyte mitochondria in hypo kinesia

Meyer G.T., 1985: Quantitative ultrastructural characteristics relating to transport between luteal cell cytoplasm and blood in the corpus luteum of the pregnant rat

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246157

Popov Yu V., 1987: Quantitative ultrastructural criteria of the myocardial damage during postischemic reperfusion

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246159

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246160

Batten, T. F. C.; Ball, J. N., 1977: Quantitative ultrastructural evidence of alterations in prolactin secretion related to external salinity in a teleost fish poecilia latipinna

Schwarz, F.; Schaper, J.; Kittstein, D.; Kuebler, W., 1981: Quantitative ultrastructural findings of the myo cardium in the failing heart 1. aortic valve insufficiency

Uerlings I., 1979: Quantitative ultrastructural findings on lipid and glycogen content during the post natal development of rat liver

Brun, R.; Krassner, S. M., 1976: Quantitative ultrastructural investigations of mitochondrial development in leishmania donovani during transformation

Bevan J.A., 1987: Quantitative ultrastructural measurement of innervation density neurotransmitter vesicles and neuromuscular cleft width in the rabbit central ear artery and its main side branch

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246166

Sumner, B. E. H., 1976: Quantitative ultrastructural observations on the inhibited recovery of the hypoglossal nucleus from the axotomy response when regeneration of the hypoglossal nerve is prevented

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246168

Frye B.E., 1979: Quantitative ultrastructural studies of hepatocytes from fed and starved frogs

Ballard, T.; Blakeman, N.; Pallot, D. J.; Al-Neamy, K. A. W., 1982: Quantitative ultrastructural studies of the cat carotid body 1. general stereology of tissue components

Pallot, D. J.; Blakeman, N., 1982: Quantitative ultrastructural studies of the cat carotid body 2. the type i cell nerve endings

Barber P., 1981: Quantitative ultrastructural studies on arteriolar innervation in the rat ureter

Helander H.F., 1981: Quantitative ultrastructural studies on parietal cell regeneration in experimental ulcers in rat gastric mucosa

Helander H.F., 1979: Quantitative ultrastructural study of a parotid onco cytoma

Westman J., 1987: Quantitative ultrastructural study of boutons of ascending afferents to the feline lateral cervical nucleus

Bryon, P. A.; Lagarde, M.; Dechavanne, M., 1978: Quantitative ultrastructural study of in vitro thrombin induced platelet de granulation and contraction

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246177

Dardick A.M., 1986: Quantitative ultrastructural study of nuclei from exfoliated benign and malignant mesothelial cells and metastatic adenocarcinoma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246179

Gomez Dumm C.L.A., 1981: Quantitative ultrastructural study of prolactin cells from lactating mice during a 24 hour period

Dressino V., 1987: Quantitative ultrastructural study of somatotropic cells in malnourished weanling rats

Orzalesi N., 1982: Quantitative ultrastructural study of the anterior chamber angle of the rabbit with cortico steroid induced ocular hypertension stereology of the rabbit angle

Goncalves, R. P.; Bechelli, L. M.; Trad, E. S.; Zanin, L. C., 1978: Quantitative ultrastructural study of the epidermis basal layer in vitiligo patches and in marginal hyper chromic and normal skin

Rebiere, A.; Dainat, J., 1976: Quantitative ultrastructural study of the perikaryon of the purkinje cell and of its environment in the normal and hypo thyroid rat 21 days of age

Mayhew T.M., 1987: Quantitative ultrastructural study on the responses of microvilli along the small bowel to fasting

Boulpaep E.L., 1984: Quantitative ultrastructure and functional correlates in proximal tubule of ambystoma tigrinum and necturus

Sekhar, K. N. C.; Demason, D. A., 1988: Quantitative ultrastructure and protein composition of date palm phoenix dactylifera seeds a comparative study of endosperm vs. embryo

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246188

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246189

Skriver E., 1985: Quantitative ultrastructure of human proximal tubules and cortical interstitium in chronic renal disease hydronephrosis

Bruce N.W., 1984: Quantitative ultrastructure of the luteal cell of the 16 day pregnant rat and its relation to progesterone secretion

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246192

Musher, D. M.; Thorsteinsson, S. B.; Airola, V. M. Ii, 1976: Quantitative urinalysis diagnosing urinary tract infection in men

Luke R.G., 1982: Quantitative urinary protein excretion in chronic renal failure

Lorrier, J. C.; Valkenburg, H. A., 1969: Quantitative urine culture by surface drop method escherichia coli human

Roberts F.J., 1986: Quantitative urine culture in patients with urinary tract infection and bacteremia

Craig, W. A.; Kunin, C. M., 1972: Quantitative urine culture method using a plastic paddle containing dual media

Kimmich G.A., 1986: Quantitative use of weak bases for estimation of cellular ph gradients

Turnbull A.C., 1984: Quantitative uterine histology during the menstrual cycle in relation to measured menstrual blood loss

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246202

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246203

Juska J., 1987: Quantitative validation of cineangiographic axial oblique biplane left ventricular volume measurement

Kaplan D., 1987: Quantitative validation of cineangiographic biplane axial oblique right ventricular volume measurement

Diependaal R.J., 1986: Quantitative validation of cochlear models using the liouville green approximation

Sayatov, M. Kh ; Shuratov, I. Kh ; Beisembaeva, R. U.; Akhmetova, N. A.; Asanova, S. E.; Omel'chenko, E. B., 1977: Quantitative values and physicochemical properties of nonspecific inhibitors of hem agglutination of influenza a viruses in sera of animals and birds of different species

Guldager P., 1982: Quantitative variability in pisum seed globulins its assessment and significance

Wint R.M., 1984: Quantitative variability in regional wall motion during serial left ventricular cine angiography guidelines for assessing changes in segmental function with intervention studies

Lang T.J., 1983: Quantitative variability in requirements for opsonization of strains within the bacteroides fragilis groups

Khadr, F. H.; Shukry, M. W., 1972: Quantitative variability in wheat following irradiation ethyl methane sulfonate and hybridization

Harrison N.A., 1988: Quantitative variability of clavibacter xyli ssp xyli populations in sugarcane cultivars differing in resistance to ratoon stunting disease

Plytnikova T.G., 1980: Quantitative variability of sunflower oil composition the phenotypical and genotypical variability of fatty acid content in the oil of sunflower variety populations

Bietz J.A., 1988: Quantitative variation among gliadins of wheats grown in different environments

Stephan W., 1987: Quantitative variation and chromosomal location of satellite dnas

Flavell R.B., 1985: Quantitative variation in components of the maize mitochondrial genome between tissues and between plants with different male sterile cytoplasms

Ferguson Smith M.A., 1985: Quantitative variation in cystic fibrosis associated proteins in cystic fibrosis patients carriers and controls

Jolivet E., 1982: Quantitative variation in nitrogen compounds and carbohydrates in male and female asparagus asparagus officinalis roots during the 1st year of growth

Sasaki, H.; Saito, Y.; Bear, D. M.; Ervin, F. R., 1971: Quantitative variation in striate receptive fields of cats as a function of light and dark adaptation

Blum A., 1986: Quantitative variation in the kernel proteins among 841 accessions of triticum dicoccoides estimated by sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Perrot, M.; Begueret, J., 1977: Quantitative variation of a 60s ribosomal protein during growth of the fungus podospora anserina

Gidenne T., 1986: Quantitative variation of bacterial fermentation products in the digestive tract of growing rabbits during the 24 hour cycle relationships with the dietary lignin content

Birgersson G., 1987: Quantitative variation of different monoterpenes around galleries of ips typographus coleoptera scolytidae attacking norway spruce

Saito K., 1979: Quantitative variation of flavonoids and related compounds in cosmos bipinnatus

Vallee J C., 1981: Quantitative variation of free amino acids and amines during development of different nicotiana

Hoffmann J.J., 1987: Quantitative variation of grindelane diterpene acids in 20 species of north american grindelia

Quinn J.A., 1988: Quantitative variation of life history traits in amphicarpic peanutgrass amphicarpum purshii and its evolutionary significance

Cermak, J.; Penka, M., 1978: Quantitative variation of mono terpene hydro carbon composition in resin from abies alba seeds during their long term storage

Sharma T., 1980: Quantitative variation of mus musculus like constitutive hetero chromatin and satellite dna sequences in the genus mus

Furuta, Y., 1975: Quantitative variation of nuclear dna in genus aegilops

Antonovics J., 1985: Quantitative variation of progeny from chasmogamous and cleistogamous flowers in the grass danthonia spicata

Cullis C.A., 1979: Quantitative variation of ribosomal rna genes in flax genotrophs

Murphy S.B., 1984: Quantitative variation of the common acute lympho blastic leukemia antigen gp 100 on leukemic marrow blasts

Rodriguez E., 1982: Quantitative variation of the sesqui terpene lactones and chromenes of encelia farinosa

Forbus W.R.Jr, 1988: Quantitative variation of total phenols in fresh market tomatoes at three stages of maturity

Edwards K.J.R., 1983: Quantitative variation within and between populations of wild barley hordeum murinum

Yosida T.H., 1981: Quantitative variations cyto architectures of the retina and the striate cortex among some species of myomorpha suborder in relation to their habits

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246242

Imre Z., 1983: Quantitative variations in the cardiac glycosides of oleander nerium

Lilly F., 1981: Quantitative variations in the expression of h 2 antigens on murine leukemia virus induced tumor cells can affect the h 2 restriction patterns of tumor specific cytolytic t lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246245

Latge, J. P.; De-Bievre, C., 1977: Quantitative variations in the main cellular constituents of entomophthora virulenta during sporogenesis

Roberto, M.; Pagliarulo, E., 1975: Quantitative variations in the rate of post natal growth of the auditory ossicles of the dog

Cugudda L., 1983: Quantitative variations induced by metalaxyl on relative water content pigments proteins phenols and on poly phenol oxidase and peroxidase activities of tomato plants

Pico, J. L.; Choquet, C.; Rosenfeld, C.; Sharif, A.; Bourillon, R., 1976: Quantitative variations of 3 different lectin receptors as a function of establishment and metabolism of normal and leukemic human cell lines

Granados H., 1985: Quantitative variations of melanin during the molting of atypical fur in the volcano rabbit romerolagus diazi

Establier R., 1983: Quantitative variations of pigments of nannochloropsis gaditana eustigmatophyceae during its growth in culture

Fernandez Luna I., 1984: Quantitative variations of proteinemia and total ovarian lipids during gonadal maturation of the shrimp penaeus notialis

Echaubard, M.; Le-Bras, S., 1979: Quantitative variations of proteins in the tissues of the house fly musca domestica during imaginal life 2. after irradiation in the nymphal stage

Le-Bras, S.; Echaubard, M., 1977: Quantitative variations of proteins in tissues of the adult house fly musca domestica part 1 after hempa intoxication

Kaplan J.C., 1981: Quantitative variations of red cell cytochrome b 5 reductase nadh met hemo globin reductase in the algerian population evidence for defective alleles

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246256

Rubinstein P., 1986: Quantitative variations of the complement c 3b c 4b receptor ccr 1 in human erythrocytes are controlled by genes within the regulator of complement activation ca gene cluster

Morat P.G., 1982: Quantitative variations of the nuclear dna content during vegetative reproduction in the ciliate ophryoglena catenula

Grienenberger, J. M.; Quetier, F.; Vedel, F., 1976: Quantitative variations of the total free and membrane bound ribosomal material during the culture cycle of healthy and tumorous parthenocissus tricuspidata cell suspensions

Sale R.D., 1986: Quantitative vascular casting of the post ischemic hydronephrotic kidney

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246261

Coates G., 1984: Quantitative ventilation perfusion lung scans in infants and children utility of submicronic radiolabeled aerosol to assess ventilation

Jedziniak, J. A.; Nicoli, D. F.; Baram, H.; Benedek, G. B., 1978: Quantitative verification of the existence of high molecular weight protein aggregates in the intact normal human lens by light scattering spectroscopy

Raivio S., 1987: Quantitative versus qualitative distribution patterns of birds in the western palearctic taiga

Halonen P., 1986: Quantitative vibration perception thresholds in healthy subjects of working age

Lang H., 1986: Quantitative vibratory perception thresholds of healthy and epileptic children

Chance B., 1982: Quantitative visible spectroscopy at low temperatures a systematic examination

Hart, W. M. Jr ; Yablonski, M.; Kass, M. A.; Becker, B., 1978: Quantitative visual field and optic disc correlates early in glaucoma

Chan-Palay, V., 1978: Quantitative visualization of gamma amino butyric acid receptors in hippocampus and area dentata demonstrated by tritiated muscimol auto radiography

Waltman, S. R.; Oestrich, C.; Krupin, T.; Hanish, S.; Ratzan, S.; Santiago, J.; Kilo, C., 1978: Quantitative vitreous fluoro photometry a sensitive technique for measuring early breakdown of the blood retinal barrier in young diabetic patients

Larsen J., 1985: Quantitative vitreous fluorophotometry applying a mathematical model of the eye

Leinfelder K.F., 1986: Quantitative wear assessments for composite restorations in primary molars

Graupe D., 1985: Quantitative weightbearing and gait evaluation of paraplegics using functional electrical stimulation

Hanna N., 1986: Quantitative western blot assay for measurement of the murine acute phase reactant serum amyloid p component

Krause B.R., 1988: Quantitative whole body autoradiographic analysis of the tissue distribution of orally administered carbon 14 labeled cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic rats

Goldenberg D.M., 1986: Quantitative whole body autoradiography of radiolabeled antibody distribution in a xenografted human cancer model

Curtsinger J.W., 1986: Quantitative wing variation in inbred and outbred lines of drosophila melanogaster

Washington J.A.II, 1982: Quantitative wound cultures in upper extremity trauma

Kohyama, N., 1980: Quantitative x ray diffraction analysis for airborne asbestos dust in the industrial environment 1. application of the x ray absorption correction method

Rodgers A.L., 1988: Quantitative x ray diffraction analysis of urinary calculi by use of the internal standard method and reference intensity ratios

Altree-Williams, S.; Lee, J.; Mezin, N. V., 1977: Quantitative x ray diffractometry on respirable dust collected on nuclepore filters

Section 7, Chapter 6247, Accession 006246282

Marshall A.T., 1980: Quantitative x ray micro analysis of frozen hydrated bulk biological specimens

Roomans G.M., 1979: Quantitative x ray micro analysis of halogen elements in biological specimens

Maximillian L., 1981: Quantitative x ray micro analysis of mitochondrial calcification in damaged by myo cardium

Roomans G.M., 1983: Quantitative x ray micro analysis of semi thick cryo sections

Wroblewski R., 1982: Quantitative x ray micro analysis of spleen lysosomes after acid phosphatase reaction

Fromme H.G., 1982: Quantitative x ray micro analysis of the element concentrations in fresh blanched boiled and re hydrated vegetables carrots and green beans

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