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Quaternary ammonium salts of the 2 chloro benzoic acid di methylaminoalkyl esters and 2 4 di chloro benzoic acid di methylaminoalkyl esters and their interaction with choline esterases

Vitenberg, I.G.; Travushkina, L.F.; Vinyar, T.N.; Rozengart, E.V.

Khimiko-Farmatsevticheskii Zhurnal 17(8): 925-928


Accession: 006246651

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Ethers of dimethylaminoalcohols and 2-chloro- and 2,4-dichlorobenzoic acids and their quaternary ammonium salts [QAS] were synthesized to study their anticholinesterase activity with respect to some types of cholinesterases [CE]. Their structure was confirmed by an element analysis, IR spectroscopy and TLC. QAS reactions with acetyl CE of human erythrocytes, butyryl CE of equine serum, frog brain CE and CE of the visual ganglion of the Pacific squid were studied. The inhibition of frog and squid CE by these esters was weaker by a factor of 10-20 than their inhibition of mammalian CE. The amino esters proved to be inhibitors but not the substrates of the CE. C12H16Cl2INO2 and C13H18Cl2INO2 are specific inhibitors of acetyl CE and butyryl CE, respectively.

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