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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6248

Chapter 6248 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Akimoto K.; Ito F., 1979:
Questionnaire on consumer fruit buying behavior especially towards kaki diospyros kaki

Yoshida M., 1981:
Questionnaire on peelability of shell taste of egg yolk and albumin and yolk color of hard cooked eggs

Li, F.P.; Jamison, D.S.; Meadows, A.T., 1986:
Questionnaire study of cancer etiology in 503 children

Koyanagi, T., 1985:
Questionnaire survey in obihiro japan for the earthquake of jan. 23 1981

Gilgen A.R.; Cho J.H., 1979:
Questionnaire to measure eastern and western thought

Pincus, T.; Callahan, L.F.; Vaughn, W.K., 1987:
Questionnaire, walking time and button test measures of functional capacity as predictive markers for mortality in rheumatoid arthritis

Persson Blennow I.; Mcneil T.F., 1980:
Questionnaires for measurement of temperament in 1 year old and 2 year old children development and standardization

Lefebvre Pinard M., 1982:
Questions about the relationship between social cognition and social behavior the search for the missing link

Loeliger E.A.; Poller L.; Samama M.; Thomson J.M.; Van Den Besselaar A.M.H.P.; Vermylen J.; Verstraete M., 1985:
Questions and answers on prothrombin time standardization in oral anticoagulant control

Andreoli, T.E.; Berliner, R.W.; Kokko, J.P.; Marsh, D.J., 1978:
Questions and replies: renal mechanisms for urinary concentrating and diluting processes

Saifutdinov, M.M., 1977:
Questions concerning methodology of sanitary evaluation of projects of interregional diversion of river flow

Mueller, W.; Haase, E., 1975:
Questions concerning the effect of diazepam faustan on the electro oculogram

Ungar, G., 1977:
Questions dealing with the molecular code for memory

Schulz W.; Schmidt M., 1986:
Questions from the clinician to the radiologist regarding the diagnosis of metabolic bone diseases

Kelner P.; Klose E.; Ritter E P.; Schumann E., 1982:
Questions of accuracy when using non therapy specific computer systems for irradiation planning

Doyle J.; Healey J.E., 1981:
Questions of efficacy in identification audiometry

Ryvkin, I.A.; Ignatova, L.N.; Maslova, K.K., 1968:
Questions of etiology diagnosis and therapy of hypertension in the light of clinical genetic investigations human

Bernabe, J., 1976:
Questions of method in anthropological psychiatry

Kodlova, E.; Nohodil, V.; Krahulec, B.; Masopust, J., 1977:
Questions of parenteral nutrition after abdominal operations

Newton M.E., 1984:
Questions of procedure in moss cytotaxonomy new data for some british uk species

Morris, I.; Glover, H.E., 1974:
Questions on the mechanism of temperature adaptation in marine phyto plankton

Daniel W., 1985:
Questions on the migratory behavior of the threespine stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus

Froehner, S., 1977:
Questions on the taxonomic rank of dactylorhiza fuchsii

Droese, W.; Pape, E.; Stolley, H., 1976:
Questions to the supply of young infants with fat and fatty acids part 2 fat content and fatty acid pattern in milk formula for healthy infants in the 1st 6 months of life

Chruściel, T.L., 1978:
Questions we recognize but cannot formulate

Berger M.; Wilson T.D.; Saunders L.D., 1982:
Queueing and patient flow at a soweto south africa polyclinic

Akimoto H.; Nomura H.; Yoshida M.; Shindo Okada N.; Hoshi A.; Nishimura S., 1986:
Queuine analogs their synthesis and inhibition of growth of mouse l 5178y cells in vitro

Christie N.T.; Owenby R.K.; Jacobson K.B.; Hiatt V.S.; Farkas W.R., 1982:
Queuine containing iso acceptor of tyrosine transfer rna in drosophila melanogaster alteration of levels by divalent cations

Schachner E.; Kersten H., 1984:
Queuine deficiency and restoration in dictyostelium discoideum and related early developmental changes

Elliott M.S.; Trewyn R.W., 1982:
Queuine hypo modification of transfer rna induced by 7 methyl guanine

Beier H.; Zech U.; Zubrod E.; Kersten H., 1987:
Queuine in plants and plant transfer rnas differences between embryonic tissue and mature leaves

Schwagmeyer P.L.; Parker G.A., 1987:
Queuing for mates in thirteen lined ground squirrels

Landin R.M.; Petrissant G., 1982:
Queuosine deficient transfer rna and transfer rna aspartic acid from the spleens of young mice erythro leukemic tumoral spleens and cultured friend cells

Janel G.; Michelsen U.; Nishimura S.; Kersten H., 1984:
Queuosine modification in transfer rna and expression of the nitrate reductase in escherichia coli

Meier F.; Suter B.; Grosjean H.; Keith G.; Kubli E., 1985:
Queuosine modification of the wobble base in histidine transfer rna influences in vivo decoding properties

Laskaris G.C.; Nicolis G.D., 1981:
Queyrat erythroplakia of the oral mucosa 2 cases

Asaj A.; Cuckovic S., 1987:
Quick acting biochemical test to exclude negative specimens of calves from selection before fattening

Hoak, B.A.; Chapman, J.; Tiley, E.; Boland, J.P., 1986:
Quick and easy management of superior vena caval syndrome

Lichtenberger M.J., 1983:
Quick and reversible staining methods for g bands and q bands of chromosomes

Van Marle G.W.; Vijfvinkel G.; Bakker R.; Baars N., 1979:
Quick and simple measurement of electrical responses

Kamath P.; Badakere S.S., 1987:
Quick and simple passive hemagglutination technique to detect anti tetanus antibodies

Gwiazda, J.; Wolfe, J.M.; Brill, S.; Mohindra, I.; Held, R., 1980:
Quick assessment of preferential looking acuity in infants

Bresser J.; Doering J.; Gillespie D., 1983:
Quick blot selective messenger rna or dna immobilization from whole cells

Nachtigall W., 1979:
Quick changes in beating and twisting movements of oscillating fly wings and their possible role in generation of unstable aerodynamic forces

Iyer, V.; Salunkhe, D.K.; Sathe, S.K.; Rockland, L.B., 1980:
Quick cooking beans phaseolus vulgaris 1. investigations on quality

Iyer, V.; Salunkhe, D.K.; Sathe, S.K.; Rockland, L.B., 1980:
Quick cooking beans phaseolus vulgaris 2. phytates oligo saccharides and anti enzymes

Winter, F.H.; York, G.K.; el-Nakhal, H., 1971:
Quick counting method for estimating the number of viable microbes on food and food processing equipment

Saito N.; Natsui T.; Ohtani T., 1988 :
Quick detection of apple topworking disease by malus scheideckeri

Kroll E.; Seher A., 1986:
Quick determination of monomeric unoxidized fatty acids

Cheng, K.; Ke, C., 1975:
Quick determination of the viability of citrus seeds

Tiller F.W., 1980:
Quick diagnosis of haemophilus meningitis by latex particle agglutination co agglutination and countercurrent electrophoresis

Bansal R.P.; Uttal P.K.; Oberoi M.S.; Joshi R.C., 1981:
Quick diagnosis of rinderpest by detection of antigen by counter immuno electrophoresis

Shifley S.; Lentz E., 1985:
Quick estimation of the three parameter weibull to describe tree size distributions

Marangoni A.G.; Stanley D.W., 1988:
Quick freeze differential scanning calorimetry and saturation transfer esr novel techniques for assessing phase transitions in biological membranes

Kogawa H.; Koyama K.; Goto E., 1987:
Quick gas chromatographic method for measuring the water content of foods

Leite C.Q.F.; Lacava P.D.M.; Yokoya F., 1986:
Quick identification and enumeration of salmonella typhimurium in egg white and liquid egg through the use of membrane filter technique

Thivolet J.; Faure M.; Gaucherand M.; Reano A., 1986:
Quick in vitro production of large cultured epidermal autografts

Chakraborty, S.; Roy, S.C., 1987:
Quick in vitro production of multiple plantlets in cabbage brassica oleracea l. for commercial purpose

Koyama, T.; Nakajima, S.; Kakiuchi, Y., 1977:
Quick increase of pulmonary blood flow in response to an acute alveolar hypoxia in human subjects

Trinh-Trang-Tan, M.M.; Bouby, N.; Coutaud, C.; Bankir, L., 1986:
Quick isolation of rat medullary thick ascending limbs. Enzymatic and metabolic characterization

Eldon G.A.; Smith G.B., 1986:
Quick laboratory identification of juvenile flounders rhombosolea plebeia and rhombosolea leporina note

Fontanals-Ferrer, N.; Serrat-Serrat, J.; Sorribas-Vivas, A.; Gonzalez-Garcia, C.; Gonzalez-Sastre, F.; Gomez-Gerique, J., 1988:
Quick method of determining lipoproteins, including those of intermediate density, in serum

Ceretti E., 1983:
Quick method to know the conditions of stability of slope for a sliding surface in loose or cohesive terrain/

Pyarnik T.R.; Keerberg O.F.; Yurisma E.Ya, 1987:
Quick operating exposition chamber for studying photosynthesis with carbon 14 dioxide

Thayer C.W., 1985:
Quick release cages and repetitive censusing of sessile epifauna

Nakashima, T.; Oryoji, Y.; Nakayama, H.; Ikenoue, H.; Sato, K.; Shiro-oz, A.; Okamura, K.; Hayakawa, T.; Takeya, Y., 1984:
Quick response of fat tissue to treatment of thyroid disorders and to dieting in obesity

Horst W.J., 1985:
Quick screening of cowpea vigna unguiculata genotypes for aluminum tolerance in an aluminum treated acid soil

Horst W.J., 1982:
Quick screening of cowpea vigna unguiculata genotypes for manganese tolerance during vegetative and reproductive growth

Kim W.S.; Carter J.W.II.; Kupel R.E., 1981:
Quick screening test for asbestos

Tsutakawa, R.K.; Hewett, J.E., 1977:
Quick test for comparing 2 populations with bi variate data

Sinnett E.R.; Holen M.C.; Davie M.J., 1988:
Quick test scores among persons over sixty

Pasha M.K.; Das R.K., 1982:
Quick viability test of soybean glycine max by using tetrazolium chloride

Sugihara I.; Furukawa T., 1986:
Quickly flickering inwardly rectifying potassium channels in goldfish hair cell membrane

Swartz C.M.; Stenberg D., 1980:
Quickly made cannula for repeated cerebro spinal fluid sampling in rats

Nagy, A.; Baker, R.F., 1987:
Quiescence and increased adhesion after mammalian DNA transfection of human fibrosarcoma cells

White, M.W., 1978:
Quiescence and or pathogenicity of the ascomycete microorganism as 1 of 3 separate entities in a living animal or human host

Allakhverdiev A.M.; Sopurnov F.F., 1988:
Quiescence possible for plasmodium falciparum in the cycle of erythrocytic schizogony during cultivation in vitro

Kristensen, S.R.; Petersen, P.H., 1988:
Quiescent fibroblasts in a cellular model system

Tate, K.G.; Corbin, J.B., 1978:
Quiescent fruit infections of peach apricot and plum in new zealand caused by the brown rot fungus sclerotinia fructicola

Lev, B.I.; Shachar, A.; Segev, S.; Weiss, P.; Rubinstein, E., 1988:
Quiescent Q fever endocarditis exacerbated by cardiac surgery and corticosteroid therapy

Ivanova, I.V., 1976:
Quillwort isoetes lacustris new record a new record for the flora of moscow oblast

Korc, M.; Schöni, M.H., 1988:
Quin 2 and manganese define multiple alterations in cellular calcium homeostasis in diabetic rat pancreas

Reiss H D.; Nobiling R., 1986:
Quin 2 fluorescence in lily lilium longiflorum pollen tubes distribution of free cytoplasmic calcium

Bryant D.T.W., 1985:
Quin 2 the dissociation constants of its calcium and magnesium complexes and its use in a fluorometric method for determining the dissociation of calcium protein complexes

Nakagome, Y.; Oka, S.; Higurashi, M., 1978:
Quinacrine and acridine reverse banding without a fluorescence microscope/

Costa J.L.; Fay D.D.; Kirk K.L., 1984:
Quinacrine and other basic amines in human platelets sub cellular compartmentation and effects on serotonin

Fredholm, B.B.; Jonzon, B., 1981:
Quinacrine and release of purines from the rat hypothalamus

Churchill P.C.; Churchill M.C.; Mcdonald F.D., 1985:
Quinacrine antagonizes the effects of sodium potassium atpase inhibitors on renal prostaglandin e 2 release but not their effects on renin secretion

Bogart, M.H.; Benirschke, K., 1977:
Quinacrine band polymorphism in a family of pygmy chimpanzees pan paniscus

Wray, W.; Stefos, K., 1976:
Quinacrine bands in isolated chromosomes

Ellison, J.R.; Barr, H.J., 1972:
Quinacrine fluorescence of specific chromosome regions late replication and high adenine thymine content in samoaia leonensis

Filion W.G.; Vosa C.G., 1980:
Quinacrine fluorescence studies in paris polyphylla

Belcheva R.; Michailova P., 1980:
Quinacrine fluorescent patterns of the chromosomes of chironomus valkanovi diptera chironomidae

Guzman Serani R.; Bernales A.; Cole L.P., 1984:
Quinacrine hydro chloride pellets 3 year follow up on a nonsurgical method of female sterilization

Bates S.A.; Cattell V., 1980:
Quinacrine mustard a fluorescent platelet label in vitro studies and in vivo localization in habu venom glomerulo nephritis in rats

Crowe R.; Burnstock G., 1984:
Quinacrine positive neurons in some regions of the guinea pig brain

Blasiola, G.C.Jr, 1977:
Quinaldine sulfate a new anesthetic formulation for tropical marine fishes

Minamikawa, T., 1977:
Quinate nad oxido reductase ec of germinating phaseolus mungo seeds partial purification and some properties

Legrand L.; Baronnet R.; Maugard J., 1979:
Quinazoline 4 thione or quinazoline 4 one carboxylic acid derivatives

Scanlon, K.J.; Moroson, B.A.; Bertino, J.R., 1979:
Quinazoline analogs of folic acid as inhibitors of thymidylate synthetase ec from bacterial and mammalian sources

Sikora E.; Grzelakowska Sztabert B., 1984:
Quinazoline cb 3717 n p n 2 amino 4 hydroxy 6 quinazolinylmethylmethylaminobenzoyl l glutamic acid and cb 3703 inhibition of folate retention and metabolism in ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells and some organs of the host mouse

Suesse, M.; Johne, S., 1986:
Quinazolinecarboxylic acids 5. synthesis of 1 4 dihydroquinazoline 4 on 1 ylacetic acids and esters

Suesse M.; Johne S., 1985:
Quinazolinecarboxylic acids an easy route to 4 oxo 3 4 dihydroquinazolin 3 ylalkanoic acids 4 oxo 3 4 dihydro 1 2 3 benzotriazin 3 ylalkanoic acids and their esters

Armarego, W.L.F.; Tucker, P.G., 1979:
Quinazolines 24. the synthesis of 2 4 di aza tetra cyclo 7 3 1 1 7 11 0 1 6 tetra decanes adamantano 1 2 d pyrimidines

Earley, J.V.; Fryer, R.I.; Ning, R.Y., 1979:
Quinazolines and 1 4 benzodiazepines 89. haptens useful in benzodiazepine immunoassay development

Walser, A.; Zenchoff, G.; Ian-Fryer, R., 1976:
Quinazolines and 1 4 benzodiazepines part 75 7 hydroxyamino benzodiazepines and derivatives

Walser, A.; Zenchoff, G., 1977:
Quinazolines and 1 4 benzodiazepines part 81 s triazolo 4 3 a 1 4 benzodiazepines by oxidative cyclization of hydrazones

Archer, G.A.; Kalish, R.I.; Ning, R.Y.; Sluboski, B.C.; Stempel, A.; Steppe, T.V.; Sternbach, L.H., 1977:
Quinazolines and 1 4 benzodiazepines part 82 5 pyrimidyl benzodiazepines and 5 pyrazinyl benzodiazepines

Hynes, J.B.; Eason, D.E.; Garrett, C.M.; Colvin, P.L.J. ; Shores, K.E.; Freisheim, J.H., 1977:
Quinazolines as inhibitors of di hydro folate reductase part 4 classical analogs of folic acid and iso folic acid

Armarego, W.L.F.; Tucker, P.G., 1978:
Quinazolines part 23 the synthesis of 3 5 di aza tetra cyclo 7 3 1 1 7 11 o 1 6 tetra decanes adamantano 2 1 d pyrimidines

Schoenowsky H.; Sachse B., 1982:
Quinazolines their preparation and biological activity

El-Sherif, H.A.H.; Abdel-Slrrm, A.M.; Abdel-Kader, M.A.; Abdel-Ghaffar, A.F.; El-Koussi, A.A., 1980:
Quinazolinone derivatives of biological interest 1. synthesis and biological activity of some 2 3 di substituted 4 3h quinazolinone derivatives

Bueyuektimkin, S.; Elz, S.; Draeger, M.; Schunack, W., 1984:
Quinazolinones 1. preparation crystal structure and activity of 2 methyl 3 4 oxophenylthiazolidin 2 ylidenamino 4 3h quinazolinone

Domanig, R., 1981:
Quinazolinones 2. syntheses and some reactions of 2 azidomethyl 3 aryl 4 quinazolinones

Buyuktimkin, S., 1985:
Quinazolinones iii. syntheses pharmacology and structure activity relationships of 2 methyl 3 4 oxo 3 phenylthiazolidin 2 ylidenamino 4 3h quinazolinone derivatives

Bueyuektimkin, S., 1986:
Quinazolinones v. syntheses of 3 chloroacylamino 2 methyl 4 3h quinazolinone derivatives with anticonvulsant and hypnotic activities

Buyuktimkin, S., 1985:
Quinazolinones vi. structure activity analysis of some quinazolinones with anticonvulsant and hypnotic action

Buyuktimkin, S., 1985:
Quinazolinones vii. structural analysis of some quinazolinones with anticonvulsant activity

Buyuktimkin, S., 1985:
Quinazolinones viii. synthesis of some quaternary derivatives of quinazolinones as possible anticonvulsants

Buyuktimkin, S.; Buyuktimkin, N., 1985:
Quinazolinones xi. contributions to the modified niementowski reaction of several aromatic amines

Singh S.; Sharma M.; Nath C.; Bhargava K.P.; Shanker K., 1983:
Quinazolones and their psycho pharmacological activity

Gupta, R.C.; Saxena, A.K.; Shanker, K.; Kishor, K., 1977:
Quinazolones as mono amine oxidase inhibitors

Sinha, S.K.P.; Kumar, P., 1985:
Quinazolones part xi. effect of substituents on claisen rearrangement of allyloxyquinazolones

Maier C.T., 1980:
Quince curculio conotrachelus crataegi coleoptera curculionidae developing in apple a new host in southern new england usa

Dall'orto F.A.C.; Ojima M.; Ferraz E.S.D.B.; Igue T.; Maeda J.A.; Martins F.P., 1985:
Quince cydonia oblonga seed viability and storage conditions

Coulombe L.J.; Ganger R.L.; Freve A.; Genereux H., 1981:
Quince rust on apple trees in la pacatiere quebec canada

Burri C.; Wuethrich B., 1985:
Quincke edema with urticaria after treatment of tooth roots with a dental antisepticum containing paraformaldehyde by delayed type sensitization against paraformaldehyde

Soustek, Z.; Dyrhonova, V., 1978:
Quinckes edema of the gallbladder a special form of cholecystitis

Kaplan, H.R.;, S.A., 1972:
Quindonium bromide: cardiac rate and rhythm disturbances in barbiturate. Anesthetized dogs

Mourgue, M.; Lanet, J.; Blanc, A.; Steinmetz, M.D., 1975:
Quinic acid and iso chlorogenic acid in sunflower seeds helianthus annuus

Boudet A.M., 1980:
Quinic acid biosynthesis in quercus pedunculata seedlings

Moeller B.; Herrmann K., 1983:
Quinic acid esters of hydroxy cinnamic acids in stone and pome fruit

Normand J.P.; Maspoli J.J.; Jarreau C.; Schwob J.; Collignon I., 1981:
Quinidine arabo galactan sulfate efficiency duration estimate using holter monitor recording

Lehmann, C.R.; Boran, K.J.; Pierson, W.P.; Melikian, A.P.; Wright, G.J., 1986:
Quinidine assays enzyme immunoassay vs. high performance liquid chromatography

Schipke, J.; Schulz, R.; Tölle, T.; Heusch, G.; Thämer, V., 1987:
Quinidine attenuates sympathetically induced poststenotic myocardial ischemia

Revenko S.V.; Khodorov B.I.; Shapovalova L.M., 1982:
Quinidine blockade of sodium and potassium channels in myelinated nerve fiber

Achilli A.; Giacci M.; Capezzuto A.; F.; Guerra R.; Serra N., 1981:
Quinidine digoxin and amiodarone digoxin interactions effects on serum digoxin levels

Matera M.G.; D.S.ntis D.; Vacca C.; Fici F.; Romano A.R.; Marrazzo R.; Marmo E., 1986:
Quinidine diltiazem pharmacokinetic interaction in humans

Burckart, G.J.; Marin-Garcia, J., 1986:
Quinidine dosage in children using population estimates

Lorenzen M.; Frindt G.; Taylor A.; Windhager E.E., 1987:
Quinidine effect on hydroosmotic response of collecting tubules to vasopressin and cyclic amp

White N.J.; Warrell D.A.; Bunnag D.; Looareesuwan S.; Chongsuphajaisiddhi T.; Harinasuta T., 1981:
Quinidine in plasmodium falciparum malaria

Rotmensch H.H.; Rubinstein A.; Livini E.; Liron M.; Ilie B., 1980:
Quinidine induced subclinical hepatitis

Kurachi Y.; Nakajima T.; Sugimoto T., 1987:
Quinidine inhibition of the muscarine receptor activated potassium ion channel current in atrial cells of guinea pig

Wong B.S., 1981:
Quinidine interactions with myxicola infundibulum giant axons

Motulsky H.J.; Maisel A.S.; Snavely M.D.; Insel P.A., 1984:
Quinidine is a competitive antagonist at alpha 1 adrenergic and alpha 2 adrenergic receptors

Ueda, C.T.; Dzindzio, B.S., 1978:
Quinidine kinetics in congestive heart failure

Leroyer R.; Jarreau C.; Pays M.; Varoquaux O.; Advenier C., 1983:
Quinidine metabolite plasma levels in chronic renal disease

Leucuta S.E.; Zdrenghea D.; Porutiu D.; Stancioiu N., 1987:
Quinidine pharmacokinetics following administration of a single intravenous dose and single and repeated oral doses in the human subject

Stricker, R.B.; Shuman, M.A., 1986:
Quinidine purpura: evidence that glycoprotein V is a target platelet antigen

Narang, P.K.; Carliner, N.H.; Fisher, M.L.; Crouthamel, W.G., 1983:
Quinidine saliva concentrations: absence of correlation with serum concentrations at steady state

VanderArk, C.R.; Reynolds, E.W.; Kahn, D.R.; Tullett, G., 1976:
Quinidine syncope. A report of successful treatment with bretylium tosylate

Jenzer, H.R.; Hagemeijer, F., 1976:
Quinidine syncope: torsade de pointes with low quinidine plasma concentrations

Manyari, D.E.; Patterson, C.; Johnson, D.E.; Melendez, L.J., 1981:
Quinidine therapy and digitalis toxicity

Kholodov, L.E.; Merzlyakova, N.M.; Rudzit, E.A.; Kulikova, D.A., 1975:
Quinindines part 15 synthesis and tuberculostatic activity of some 2 3 poly methylene quinolines and pyridines

Naparstek, Y.; Weiler-Ravell, D.; Shemer, J.; Englehard, D.; Sack, J.; Adler, J.; Spira, D.T., 1981:
Quinine alone vs. quinine plus a pyrimethamine sulfadoxine combination in the treatment of plasmodium falciparum cerebral malaria

Glavinovic M.I.; Trifaro J.M., 1988:
Quinine blockade of currents through calcium activated potassium channels in bovine chromaffin cells

Isaacson, A.; Yamaji, K.; Sandow, A., 1970:
Quinine contractures and calcium 45 movements of frog sartorius muscles as affected by ph

Wondergem, R.; Castillo, L.B., 1988:
Quinine decreases hepatocyte transmembrane potential and inhibits amino acid transport

Pfueller S.L.; Hosseinzadeh P.K.; Firkin B.G., 1981:
Quinine dependent and quinidine dependent anti platelet antibodies requirement of factor viii related antigen for platelet damage and for in vitro transformation of lymphocytes from patients with drug induced thrombocytopenia

Sidki, A.M.; Al-Abdulla, I.H.; Rowell, F.J., 1987:
Quinine directly determined in serum or urine by separation fluoroimmunoassay

Rowland, N.; Flamm, C., 1977:
Quinine drinking: more regulatory puzzles

Ferguson, J.; Addo, H.A.; Johnson, B.E.; Frain-Bell, W., 1987:
Quinine induced photosensitivity: clinical and experimental studies

Nakashima R.A.; Garlid K.D., 1982:
Quinine inhibition of sodium and potassium transport provides evidence for 2 cation hydrogen ion exchangers in rat liver mitochondria

Jeanmougin M.; Sigal S.; Civatte J., 1984:
Quinine photoallergy

Phillips, S.D.; Castle, R.N., 1980:
Quino 1 2 c quinazolines 1. synthesis of quino 1 2 c quinazolinium derivatives and the related indazolo 2 3 a quinoline derivatives as analogs of the anti tumor benzo c phenanthridine alkaloids

Duine, J.A.; Frank, J., 1981:
Quino protein alcohol dehydrogenase ec from a nonmethylotroph acinetobacter calcoaceticus

Groen B.W.; Van Kleef M.A.G.; Duine J.A., 1986:
Quinohemoprotein alcohol dehydrogenase apoenzyme from pseudomonas testosteroni

Kolesnikov, M.P.; Mirchink, T.G.; Zaprometova, O.M., 1978:
Quinoid pigments in some soils of the ussr

Kol'tsova, E.A.; Denisenko, V.A.; Maksimov, O.B., 1978:
Quinoid pigments of an echinoderm part 5 pigments of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus droebachiensis

Utkina, N.K.; Maksimov, O.B., 1979:
Quinoid pigments of echinoderms 7. anthra quinones of the starfish henricia leviuscula

Kol'tsova, E.A.; Chumak, G.N.; Maksimov, O.B., 1977:
Quinoid pigments of echinoderms part 3 minor pigments of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus nudus

Fedoreev S.A.; Krivoshchekova O.E.; Denisenko V.A.; Gorovoi P.G.; Maksimov O.B., 1979:
Quinoid pigments of soviet far eastern boraginaceae specimens

Adam W.; Lupon P., 1988:
Quinol epoxides from p cresol and estrone by photooxygenation and titanium iv or vanadium v catalyzed oxygen transfer

Vezzani A.; W.H.Q.; Angelico P.; Stasi M.A.; Samanin R., 1988:
Quinolic acid induced seizures but not nerve cell death are associated with extracellular calcium decrease assessed in the hippocampus by brain dialysis

Gibson B.L.; Schwarcz R.; Reif Lehrer L., 1985:
Quinolinate a selective neurotoxin in embryonic and posthatching chicken gallus domesticus retinas

Dabas P.; Rastogi M.K.; Multani R.K., 1987:
Quinolinato and salicylaldoximato derivatives of dialkoxydichlorooxotungsten vi

Payne, J.; Rhodes, M.J.; Robins, R.J., 1987:
Quinoline Alkaloid Production by Transformed Cultures of Cinchona ledgeriana

James, K.J.; Grundon, M.F., 1979:
Quinoline alkaloids 17. mechanism of base catalyzed rearrangement of hydroxyisopropyl di hydro furo quinolones and of di hydro di methyl pyrano quinolones

Gaston, J.L.; Grundon, M.F.; James, K.J., 1980:
Quinoline alkaloids 19. synthesis of o methyl ptelefolonium iodide and racemic dubinidine

Gaston, J.L.; Grundon, M.F., 1980:
Quinoline alkaloids 20. synthesis of ptelefolone and o methyl ribaline ring closure of epoxides of 3 prenyl quinolones

Grundon, M.F.; Ramachandran, V.N.; Donnelly, M.E., 1981:
Quinoline alkaloids 22. synthesis of the mono terpenoid quinoline alkaloid bucharaine

Grundon, M.F.; Rutherford, M.J., 1985:
Quinoline alkaloids 24. dimerization of n methylflindersine

Sheriha G.M.; Abouamer K.; Elshtaiwi B.Z.; Ashour A.S.; Abed F.A.; Alhallaq H.H., 1987:
Quinoline alkaloids and cytotoxic lignans from haplophyllum tuberculatum

Kong Y.C.; Lau C.; But P.P.H.; Cheng K.F.; Cambie R.C., 1984:
Quinoline alkaloids from ruta graveolens

Jurd L.; Wong R.Y., 1983:
Quinoline alkaloids from the heart wood of balfourodendron riedelianum

Wondimu A.; Dagne E.; Waterman P.G., 1988:
Quinoline alkaloids from the leaves of teclea simplicifolia

Naoi M.; Nagatsu T., 1987:
Quinoline and quinaldine as naturally occurring inhibitors specific for type a monoamine oxidase

Hollstein, M.; Talcott, R.; Wei, E., 1978:
Quinoline: conversion to a mutagen by human and rodent liver

Hall, C.M.; Wright, J.B.; Johnson, H.G.; Taylor, A.J., 1977:
Quinoline derivatives as anti allergy agents part 2 fused ring quinaldic acids

Sengupta, P.K.; Ranjan-Ray, M.; Chakravorti, S.S., 1978:
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Quinolizidine alkaloids as systematic markers of the genisteae

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Quinolizidine alkaloids as systematic markers of the papilionoideae

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Quinolizidine derivatives with antibacterial activity

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Quinolizidine derivatives with antimicrobial activity

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Quinolizidine indolizidine alkaloids from the seed of camoensia brevicalyx

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Quinolizidines 6. absolute stereochemistry of ankorine synthetic incorporation of ethyl cincholoiponate into levo ankorine

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Quinolizidines 7. structure of o methyl psychotrine the endo cyclic vs. the exo cyclic double bond structure in the di hydro iso quinoline moiety

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Quinolizidines xix. synthesis of levo 9 demethyltubulosine

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Quinolizidines xv. a racemic synthesis of 10 demethyltubulosine an alkaloid from alangium lamarckii

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Quinolizidines xxi. syntheses of racemic and levo alancines

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Quinolizidines xxii. an extension of the 3 acetylpyridine route to the syntheses of 9 hydroxy 10 methoxybenzo a quinolizidine and 10 hydroxy 9 methoxybenzo a quinolizidine type alangium alkaloids

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Quinolizidines xxiii. an alternative synthetic route to benzo a quinolizidine type alangium alkaloids from ethyl cincholoiponate

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Quinolizidines xxiv. synthesis of ankorine congeners in different oxidation states

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Quinolone antibiotics inhibit eukaryotic dna polymerase ec alpha and beta terminal deoxy nucleotidyl transferase ec but not dna ligase ec

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Quinolone derivative flumequine as short term treatment for gonorrhea

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Quinolone penetration into canine vaginal and urethral secretions

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Quinolones affect thymidine incorporation into the DNA of human lymphocytes

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Quinolylhydrazones with potential antimicrobial and antiparasitic activity

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Quinomycin x a new member of the quinoxaline group of antibiotics

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Quinone inhibition of sex pheromone activity in the ticks dermacentor andersoni and dermacentor variabilis

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Quinone reductases ec of higher plants

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Quinone systems and cellular fatty acid composition in species of rhodospirillaceae genera

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R 58735 a novel antihypoxic drug improves memory in rats

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R factor drug resistance plasmid

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R mandelonitrile and prunasin the sources of hydrogen cyanide in all stages of paropsis atomaria coleoptera chrysomelidae

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R plasmid selection in the presence of sub bacteriostatic tetracycline concentrations

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R plasmid transfer in non sterile agricultural soil

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R plasmids in escherichia coli isolated from treated and untreated patients with diarrhea

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R plasmids in Staphylococcus aureus

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R plasmids that maintain and express self transfer and chromosome mobilization functions in rhizobium leguminosarum

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R positive bacteria in estuarine sediments

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R pulse wave timing a technique for continuous cardio vascular monitoring in obstetrics

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R r variations in guillain barre syndrome a test of autonomic dys function

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R s 5 hydroxy 4 methyl 3 heptanone male produced aggregation pheromone of sitophilus oryzae and sitophilus zeamais

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R score j pooled rating method data a computer program for analyzing pooled receiving operator characteristic curves

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R selection and k selection in a completely chaotic population model

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R selection and k selection in a deep sea gastropod alvania pelagica

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R strategies and k strategies in some larval and pupal parasitoids of the gypsy moth

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R tactics and k tactics in the evolution of protist developmental systems cell and genome size phenotype diversifying selection and cell cycle patterns

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R warfarin and s warfarin inhibition of vitamin k reductase and vitamin k 2 3 epoxide reductase activities in the rat

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R wave amplitude and left ventricular volume changes with nitro glycerin and atrial pacing

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R wave amplitude during stress testing a comparison between patients with dilatory cardiomyopathy and coronary artery disease

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R wave detection for demand pacing the superiority of intra myo cardial over endo cardial electrodes

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R wave synchronized blood pool imaging a comparison of the accuracy and reproducibility of fixed and computer automated varying regions of interest for determining the left ventricular ejection fraction

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R. l. dugdale and the jukes family a historical injustice corrected

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R.i.a. testing of lh fsh prl tsh acth in the pre ovulatory phase in basal conditions and after administration of prostaglandin analogues

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Ra 642 2 2 4 8 bis di ethylamino pyrimido 5 4 d pyrimidine 2 6 di yldi 2 methoxyethylimino di ethanol a pyrimidopyrimidine derivative with vaso dilating and hypertensive potency

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Rabbit alpha macro globulins during inflammatory reaction

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Rabbit alpha macro globulins metabolism half life study

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Rabbit alveolar macrophages after inhalation of hexavalent and trivalent chromium

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Rabbit alveolar macrophages as indicator cells in migration inhibitory factor assays

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Rabbit alveolar macrophages contain a calcium sensitive 41000 dalton protein which reversibly blocks the barbed ends of actin filaments but does not sever them

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Rabbit and human antibodies to a repeated amino acid sequence of a Plasmodium falciparum antigen, Pf 155, react with the native protein and inhibit merozoite invasion

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Rabbit and rat c reactive proteins and apo lipo protein b containing lipo proteins

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Rabbit anti carbohydrate antibody elicited by the lymphocyte mitogenic glyco protein from wisteria floribunda seeds

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Rabbit anti human cerebro spinal fluid immuno globulin g 1. characterization of anti idiotype antibodies produced against multiple sclerosis cerebro spinal fluid and detection of cross reactive idiotypes in several multiple sclerosis cerebro spinal fluids

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Rabbit anti idiotypic antibodies raised against monoclonal anti morphine immunoglobulin g block m and delta opiate receptor sites

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Rabbit anti mouse brain serum lack of specific inhibition of late committed erythroid stem cells in culture

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Rabbit anti mouse thymocyte antibody as an adjuvant in the preparation of further anti thymocyte sera

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Rabbit anti sera to cell lines rc 2a and u 937 antigens expressed on human leukemic cells of myeloid monocyte and t lymphocyte lineage

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Rabbit anti sera to human bone marrow derived cell allo antigens effects on the mixed lymphocyte response

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Rabbit anti serum against a non thymus derived non bone marrow derived leukemia cell line that carries the philadelphia chromosome nalm 1 antibody specific to a non thymus derived non bone marrow derived acute lympho blastic leukemia antigen

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Rabbit anti serum to human bone marrow derived cell allo antigens part 2 mechanisms of inhibition of stimulation in the mixed lymphocyte response

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Rabbit anti serum to human thymocyte membranes specificity for normal thymus derived and malignant thymus derived lymphocytes

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Rabbit anti serum to rat deciduoma

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Rabbit anti steroid anti sera a study of titers and specificities over a 22 week period

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Rabbit antibodies against the folate binding protein from cow's milk production characterization and use for development of an elisa

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Rabbit antibodies against the human milk sialyloligosaccharide alditol of ls tetrasaccharide a

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Rabbit antibodies against the low molecular weight folate binding protein from human milk use for immunological characterization of human folate binding proteins in elisa

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Rabbit antibodies against the major internal protein of a retrovirus like particle bind to epidermal cells in psoriatic skin

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Rabbit antibodies against the pro coagulant activity of human factor viii some theoretical and practical considerations on the human factor viii molecule using heterologous antibodies

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Rabbit antibodies to degraded and intact glycosaminoglycans which are naturally occurring and present in arthritic rabbits

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Rabbit antibodies to histone fractions as specific reagents for preparative and comparative studies

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Rabbit antibodies to streptococcal carbohydrates. Influence of primary and secondary immunization and of possible genetic factors on the antibody response

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Rabbit antibodies to the cell wall polysaccharide of Streptococcus pneumoniae fail to protect mice from lethal challenge with encapsulated pneumococci

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Rabbit antibodies with specificity for tyrosine phosphate are not reactive with tyrosine sulfate

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Rabbit antisera against 3 bacteria which can induce reactive arthritis analysis by elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay immunoprecipitation and western blot

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Rabbit antiserum to a citric acid extract of human skeletal muscle staining thymomas from myasthenia gravis patients

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Rabbit aortic contractile responses and calcium 45 retention in tris and bi carbonate buffers

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Rabbit aortic medial thickness under relaxed and specified simulated in vivo conditions

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Rabbit apolipoprotein a i messenger rna and gene evidence that rabbit apolipoprotein a i is synthesized in the intestine but not in the liver

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Rabbit arterial endothelium and subendothelium. A change in interfacial free energy that may promote initial platelet adhesion

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Rabbit atrial myocardium in hypoxic conditions: rate dependent variation of contraction

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Rabbit autoantibodies to actin induced by immunization with modified homologous actins

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Rabbit behavioral model of marihuana psychoactivity in humans

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Rabbit beta globin messenger rna production in mouse l cells transformed with cloned rabbit beta globin chromosomal dna

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Rabbit beta glucuronidase ec purification and properties and the existence of multiple forms

Dean, R.T., 1974:
Rabbit beta glucuronidase ec sub cellular distribution and immunochemical properties

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Rabbit blastocysts accumulate tritium labeled prostaglandins in vitro

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Rabbit bone collagenase inhibitor blocks the activity of other neutral metallo proteinases

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Rabbit bone marrow after administration of saponin. An electron microscopic study

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Rabbit bone marrow derived spleen lymphocytes and thymus derived helper cells 1. responsiveness to mitogens of bone marrow derived cell sub populations of different sedimentation velocities and sub populations bearing or lacking fc gamma receptors

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Rabbit brain intestine and liver guanine amino hydrolase ec

Mosnaim A.D.; Silkaitis R.; Wolf M.E., 1980:
Rabbit brain metabolism of phenethylamine and tyramine drug effects

Lewis, A.S., 1978:
Rabbit brain purine nucleoside phosphorylase ec physical and chemical properties inhibition studies with aminopterin folic acid and structurally related compounds

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Rabbit brain tumor model

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Rabbit c reactive protein biosynthesis and characterization of complementary dna clones

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Rabbit c reactive protein production after inulin injection

Haukipuro, K.; Harju, E., 1986:
Rabbit care unit for intravenous feeding and metabolic studies

Ishikawa N.; Kallman C.H.; Sagawa K., 1984:
Rabbit carotid sinus reflex under pento barbital urethane and chloralose anesthesia

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Rabbit cationic protein enhances leukocyte adhesiveness

Tykocinski M.L.; Marche P.N.; Max E.E.; Kindt T.J., 1984:
Rabbit class i major histocompatibility complex genes complementary dna clones define full length transcripts of an expressed gene and a putative pseudogene

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Rabbit collagenase. Immunological identity of the enzymes released from cells and tissues in normal and pathological conditions

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Rabbit complement in the lymphocyto toxicity test

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Rabbit control and the conservation of native mallee vegetation on roadsides in south australia

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Rabbit cornea damage induced by alloxan an experimental study

Panjwani, N.; Baum, J., 1985:
Rabbit corneal endothelial cell surface glycoproteins

Raymond G.M.; Jumblatt M.M.; Bartels S.P.; Neufeld A.H., 1986:
Rabbit corneal endothelial cells in vitro effects of epidermal growth factor

Kay E.P., 1986:
Rabbit corneal endothelial cells modulated by polymorphonuclear leukocytes are fibroblasts

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Rabbit corneal epithelial cells grown in vitro without serum

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Rabbit corneal permeability of local anesthetics 1

Hoar P.E.; Kerrick W.G.L., 1979:
Rabbit diaphragm 2 types of fibers determined by calcium strontium activation and protein content

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Rabbit endocervical epithelium: morphometric analysis of secretory cell populations

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Rabbit endometrial rna dependent and dna dependent dna polymerase activity

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Rabbit endothelial response to ophthalmic preservatives

Ditter H.; Matthias F.R.; Voss R., 1985:
Rabbit endotoxin shock effects of prostacyclin infusion

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Rabbit enteritis and its repercussion in commercial raising centers in cuba

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Rabbit erythrocyte agglutination in the presence of excess concanavalin a

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Rabbit erythrocyte band 3: a receptor for staphylococcal alpha toxin

Savage, B.; Spencer, N., 1979:
Rabbit erythrocyte purine nucleoside phosphorylase ec differential inactivation studies

Savage, B.; Spencer, N., 1979:
Rabbit erythrocyte purine nucleoside phosphorylase ec initial velocity studies

Rick, M.E.; Wampler, D.E.; Hoyer, L.W., 1977:
Rabbit factor VIII: identification of size heterogeneity

Gomez G.F.; Bonilla E.H.; Castano Q.M., 1983:
Rabbit fattening with kikuyo grass using 3 levels of concentrate

Hunzicker-Dunn, M., 1981:
Rabbit follicular adenylate cyclase activity 1. conditions of assay and gonadotropin sensitivity in granulosa cells and follicle shells

Hunzicker-Dunn, M., 1981:
Rabbit follicular adenylate cyclase activity 2. gonadotropin induced de sensitization in granulosa cells and follicle shells

Gellin J.M.; Echard G.; Hatey F.; Dalens M., 1983:
Rabbit gene mapping utero globin lactate dehydrogenase a acid phosphatase synteny

Paddock, G.V.; Poon, R.; Heindell, H.C.; Isaacson, J.; Salser, W., 1977:
Rabbit globin messenger rna analysis of t 1 rnase digestion fragments

Bhadresa R., 1987:
Rabbit grazing studies in a grassland community using fecal analysis and exclosures

Aubert-Foucher, E.; Font, B.; Gautheron, D.C., 1984:
Rabbit heart mitochondrial hexo kinase ec solubilization and general properties

Toyooka, T.; Kamishiro, T.; Fumino, H.; Masaki, T.; Hosoda, S., 1984:
Rabbit hearts for the critical evaluation of drugs to reduce the size of experimentally produced acute myocardial infarction

Zvaifler, N.J.; Robinson, J.O., 1969:
Rabbit homo cytotropic antibody a unique rabbit immuno globulin analogous to human immuno globulin e

Gaginella, T.S.; Lewis, J.C.; Phillips, S.F., 1977:
Rabbit ileal mucosa exposed to fatty acids, bile acids, and other secretagogues. Scanning electron microscopic appearances

Pigarevskii P.V.; Nagornev V.A.; Zubzhitskii Y.N., 1980 :
Rabbit immuno competent system in experimental athero sclerosis

Van-Tol, M.J.D.; Veenhoff, E.; Seijen, H.G., 1978:
Rabbit immuno globulin its isolation in high yield by a convenient procedure using serum from trypanosome infected animals

Chersi A.; Mage R., 1981:
Rabbit immuno globulin lambda chains amino acid sequences of variable region and constant region peptides from normal and allotype suppressed rabbits

Takesue Y.; Tamura R.; Takesue S., 1986:
Rabbit intestinal brush border membrane proteins with molecular weights of 140000 and 160000

Mudgett-Hunter, M.; Yarmush, M.L.; Fraser, B.A.; Kindt, T.J., 1978:
Rabbit latent group a allotypes: characterization and relationship to nominal group a allotypic specificities

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Rabbit liver acetyl coenzyme a synthetase ec

Hoshino, T.; Ishiguro, I.; Ohta, Y., 1985:
Rabbit liver alcohol dehydrogenase ec purification and properties

Nakashima, K.; Horecker, B.L.; Traniello, S., 1970:
Rabbit liver and rabbit kidney fructose di phosphatases catalytic properties of enzymes activated by coenzyme a and acyl carrier protein

Xu, G.J.; Datta, A.G.; Singh, V.N.; Suda, H.; Pontremoli, S.; Horecker, B.L., 1981:
Rabbit liver fructose 1 6 bis phosphatase ec labeling of the active and allo steric sites with pyridoxal 5 phosphate and sequence of a nona peptide from the active site

Xu, G.J.; Natalini, P.; Suda, H.; Tsolas, O.; Dzugaj, A.; Sun, S.C.; Pontremoli, S.; Horecker, B.L., 1982:
Rabbit liver fructose 1 6 bis phosphatase ec location of an active site lysyl residue in the carboxyl terminal fragment generated by a lysosomal proteinase

El-Dorry, H.A.; Chu, D.K.; Dzugaj, A.; Tsolas, O.; Pontremoli, S.; Horecker, B.L., 1977:
Rabbit liver fructose 1 6 bis phosphatase the sequence of the amino terminal region

Zanetti, G., 1979:
Rabbit liver glutathione reductase ec purification and properties

Camici, M.; Depaoli-Roach, A.A.; Roach, P.J., 1984:
Rabbit liver glycogen synthase ec purification and comparison of the properties of glucose 6 phosphate dependent and glucose 6 phosphate independent forms of the enzyme/

Camici, M.; Depaoli-Roach, A.A.; Roach, P.J., 1982:
Rabbit liver glycogen synthase ec susceptibility of the enzyme subunit to proteolysis

Ahmad, Z.; Depaoli-Roach, A.A.; Roach, P.J., 1982:
Rabbit liver glycogen synthase kinases characterization of a protein kinase pc 0. 7 able to phosphorylate glycogen synthase ec and phosvitin

Spencer, S.A.; Hammonds, R.G.; Henzel, W.J.; Rodriguez, H.; Waters, M.J.; Wood, W.I., 1988:
Rabbit liver growth hormone receptor and serum binding protein. Purification, characterization, and sequence

Lewis, A.S.; Glantz, M.D., 1974:
Rabbit liver guanine deaminase ec chemical physical and kinetic properties

Layne, P.P.; Najjar, V.A., 1977:
Rabbit liver membrane phospho protein phosphatase

Razzouk C.; Roberfroid M., 1983:
Rabbit liver microsomal 2 acetylamino fluorene n hydrolase and 2 amino fluorene n hydroxylase

Ruenitz, P.C., 1981:
Rabbit liver microsomal metabolism of enclomiphene

Kemp, R.G., 1971:
Rabbit liver phospho fructo kinase ec comparison of some properties with those of muscle phospho fructo kinase

Monanu, M.O.; Madsen, N.B., 1985:
Rabbit liver phosphorylase a phosphatase: regulation by glucose and caffeine

Kobayashi, M.; Graves, D.J., 1982:
Rabbit liver phosphorylase ec improvement of the purification procedure and assay of the inactive b form

Kazarinoff, M.N.; Mccormick, D.B., 1975:
Rabbit liver pyridoxamine pyridoxine 5 phosphate oxidase ec purification and properties

Abe, T.; Chung, S.I.; Diaugustin, R.P.; Folk, J.E., 1977:
Rabbit liver trans glutaminase ec physical chemical and catalytic properties

Loke, J.; Paul, E.; Virgulto, J.A.; Smith, G.J., 1984:
Rabbit lung after acute smoke inhalation. Cellular responses and scanning electron microscopy

Johansson A.; Robertson B.; Curstedt T.; Camner P., 1986:
Rabbit lung after inhalation of hexavalent and trivalent chromium

Wiernik, A.; Johansson, A.; Jarstrand, C.; Camner, P., 1983:
Rabbit lung after inhalation of soluble nickel 1. effects on alveolar macrophages

Johansson, A.; Curstedt, T.; Robertson, B.; Camner, P., 1983:
Rabbit lung after inhalation of soluble nickel 2. effects on lung tissue and phospho lipids

Williams, D.E.; Ziegler, D.M.; Nordin, D.J.; Hale, S.E.; Masters, B.S.S., 1984:
Rabbit lung flavin containing monooxygenase ec is immunochemically and catalytically distinct from the liver enzyme

Curstedt, T.; Hagman, M.; Robertson, B.; Camner, P., 1983:
Rabbit lungs after long term exposure to low nickel dust concentration 1. effects on phospho lipid concentration and surfactant activity

Johansson, A.; Camner, P.; Jarstrand, C.; Wiernik, A., 1983:
Rabbit lungs after long term exposure to low nickel dust concentration 2. effects on morphology and function

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Rabbit lymphocyte factors modulate prostaglandin biosynthesis in alveolar macrophages

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Rabbit lymphocyte sub populations part 1 separation of immuno globulin bearing and nonimmunoglobulin bearing cells and their interaction in cultures stimulated by mitogens

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Rabbit lymphocyte sub populations part 2 separation and characterization of 2 immuno globulin bearing cell sub populations

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Rabbit lymphocytes with receptors for immuno globulin 1. the development of receptors on lymphocytes following intra venous injection of antigen

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Rabbit lymphoid cells part 1 thymus derived cell mitogens cell volume and adherence properties as probes for cellular heterogeneity

Shek, P.N.; Chou, C.T.; Dubiski, S.; Cinader, B., 1976 :
Rabbit lymphoid cells part 2 anti allotype anti sera lipo poly saccharide and other bacterial and fungal mitogens as probes for the identification of bone marrow derived cell sub populations

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Rabbit M type phosphoglyceromutase: comparative effects of two thiol reagents antibody reaction and hybridization studies

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Rabbit macrophages secrete 2 biochemically and immunologically distinct endogenous pyrogens

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Rabbit major histo compatibility complex antigens occurrence of non beta 2 microglobulin associated class i molecules

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Rabbit major histocompatibility complex. I. Isolation and characterization of three subregions of class II genes

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Rabbit mammary prolactin receptors. Demonstration of a late puerperal increase in affinity

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Rabbit mitochondrial DNA: preliminary comparison between some domestic and wild animals

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Rabbit model of phlyctenulosis and catarrhal infiltrates

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Rabbit model of rotavirus infection

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Rabbit mortality survey

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Rabbit mucosal receptors for an enteropathogenic Escherichia coli strain: appearance of bacterial receptor activity at weaning

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Rabbit muscle 5 amp amino hydrolase ec characterization as a zinc metallo enzyme

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Rabbit muscle acetone powder as biocatalyst for amp biosensors

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Rabbit muscle aldolase conformation in 2 different body states

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Rabbit muscle glycogen bound phospho protein phosphatases substrate specificities and effects of inhibitor

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Rabbit muscle phospho fructo kinase ec 1. activation by affinity labeling approximately 2 cyclic amp binding sites per tetramer/

Ogilvie, J.W., 1983:
Rabbit muscle phospho fructo kinase ec 2. inactivation by the affinity label 5' p fluorosulfonylbenzoyl 1 n 6 etheno adenosine

Pettigrew, D.W.; Frieden, C., 1978:
Rabbit muscle phospho fructo kinase ec modification of molecular and regulatory kinetic properties with the affinity label 5 p fluorosulfonylbenzoyl adenosine/

Bar-Tana, J.; Cleland, W.W., 1974:
Rabbit muscle phospho fructo kinase part 1 anomeric specificity initial velocity kinetics

Bar-Tana, J.; Cleland, W.W., 1974:
Rabbit muscle phospho fructo kinase part 2 product and dead end inhibition

Joshi, J.G.; Lane, R., 1978:
Rabbit muscle phospho gluco mutase is a monomer

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Rabbit muscle phosphorylase ec derivatives with oligo saccharides covalently bound to the glycogen storage site

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Rabbit muscle phosphorylase phosphatase ec part 1 purification and chemical properties

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Rabbit muscle phosphorylase phosphatase part 2 kinetic properties and behavior in glycogen particles

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Rabbit muscle pyruvate kinase ec amino terminal and carboxyl terminal studies

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Rabbit myo cardial membrane calcium atpase activity stimulation in vitro by thyroid hormone

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Rabbit myometrial adrenergic sensitivity is increased by estrogen but is independent of changes in alpha adrenoceptor concentration

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Rabbit naso pharyngeal colonization by bordetella pertussis the effects of immunization on clearance and serum and nasal antibody levels

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Rabbit nephrotoxic nephritis: effect of a thromboxane synthetase inhibitor on evolution and prostaglandin excretion

Kalsow C.M.; Wacker W.B., 1986:
Rabbit ocular pineal autoimmune response to retina antigens

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Rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus and fox introductions in tierra del fuego chile history and assessment of the attempts at biological control of the rabbit infestation

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Rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus normal karyotype

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Rabbit ovarian follicles part 1 isolation technique and characterization at different stages of development

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Rabbit ovarian protein kinases part 1 effect of an ovulatory dose of human chorionic gonadotropin or luteinizing hormone on the sub cellular distribution of follicular and luteal protein kinases

Hunzicker-Dunn, M.; Jungmann, R.A., 1978:
Rabbit ovarian protein kinases part 2 effect of an ovulatory dose of human chorionic gonadotropin or luteinizing hormone on the multiplicity of follicular and luteal protein kinases

Hunzicker-Dunn, M.; Jungmann, R.A., 1978:
Rabbit ovarian protein kinases part 3 gonadotropin induced activation of soluble cyclic amp dependent protein kinases

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Rabbit p like factor

Pagani, E.D.; Julian, F.J., 1984:
Rabbit papillary muscle myosin isozymes and the velocity of muscle shortening

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Rabbit pepsinogens purification characterization analysis of the conversion process to pepsin ec and determination of the amino terminal amino acid sequences

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Rabbit peripheral nerves during acute ischemia of the extremities

Griffiths G.D.; Kershaw D.; Booth A.G., 1985:
Rabbit peroxidase antiperoxidase complex as a model for the uptake of immunoglobulin g by the human placenta

Nielsen, J.C.; Maude, M.B.; Hughes, H.; Anderson, R.E., 1986:
Rabbit photoreceptor outer segments contain high levels of docosapentaenoic acid

Eldridge, R.K.; Fields, P.A., 1985:
Rabbit placental relaxin: purification and immunohistochemical localization

Eldridge, R.K.; Fields, P.A., 1986:
Rabbit placental relaxin: ultrastructural localization in secretory granules of the syncytiotrophoblast using rabbit placental relaxin antiserum

Yin, E.T.; Wessler, S.; Stoll, P.J., 1971:
Rabbit plasma inhibitor of the activated species of blood coagulation factor X. Purification and some properties

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Rabbit plasma iron level after in vivo administration of lactoferrin

Varga, L.; Pálovics, A.; Fésüs, L., 1986:
Rabbit plasma pretransferrin system: evidence for three new alleles

Mostafa M.H.; Nelson D.R.; Shukla S.D.; Hanahan D.J., 1984 :
Rabbit platelet calcium atpase differs from the human erythrocyte calcium magnesium atpase in its response to 3 purified phospholipases a 2 exogenous phospholipids and calmodulin

Sveen, K., 1978:
Rabbit polymorphonuclear leukocyte chemo tactic factor generated in vivo by bacteroides fragilis lipo poly saccharide part 2 antigenic and biologic properties

Sveen, K., 1978:
Rabbit polymorphonuclear leukocyte chemo tactic factor generated in vivo by bacteroides fragilis ssp fragilis lipo poly saccharide part 1 isolation and physicochemical characterization

Tellkamp W., 1979:
Rabbit populations of 3 german north sea islands contribution to the return of a mammalian species to the wild state

Sellin, J.H.; DeSoignie, R., 1984:
Rabbit proximal colon: a distinct transport epithelium

Iwata, K.; Blacher, R.; Soffer, R.L.; Lai, C.Y., 1983:
Rabbit pulmonary angiotensin converting enzyme ec the amino terminal fragment with enzymatic activity and its formation from the native enzyme by ammonium hydroxide treatment

Bourdoiseau G.; Bassinga A., 1980:
Rabbit rearing in tropical countries results of 2 years practice

Stocchi, V.; Magnani, M.; Canestrari, F.; Dacha, M.; Fornaini, G., 1981:
Rabbit red blood cell hexo kinase ec evidence for 2 distinct forms and their purification and characterization from reticulocytes

Magnani, M.; Stocchi, V.; Dacha, M.; Fornaini, G., 1984:
Rabbit red blood cell hexo kinase ec evidences for an atp dependent decay during cell maturation

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Rabbit red blood cell hexo kinase ec purification and properties

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Rabbit red blood cell hexokinase. Decay mechanism during reticulocyte maturation

Magnani, M.; Stocchi, V.; Dacha, M.; Fornaini, G., 1984:
Rabbit red blood cell hexokinase ec intracellular distribution during reticulocytes maturation

Oliw E.H.; Oates J.A., 1981:
Rabbit renal cortical microsomes metabolize arachidonic acid tri hydroxy eicosatrienoic acids

Stringer E.A.; Chaudhuri A.; Valenzuela D.; Maitra U., 1980:
Rabbit reticulocyte initiation factor 2 contains 2 poly peptide chains of molecular weights 48000 and 38000

Vaney, D.I.; Levick, W.R.; Thibos, L.N., 1981:
Rabbit retinal ganglion cells. Receptive field classification and axonal conduction properties

Greene, D.A.; Winegrad, A.I.; Carpentier, J.L.; Brown, M.J.; Fukuma, M.; Orci, L., 1979:
Rabbit sciatic nerve fascicle and 'endoneurial' preparations for in vitro studies of peripheral nerve glucose metabolism

Hanly, W.C.; Cook, L.; Kingzette, M.; Cox, W.; Frutiger, S.; Hughes, G.J.; Jaton, J.C., 1987:
Rabbit secretory components: identification of a third allotype, t63

Nevalainen, T.J., 1978:
Rabbit serum induced injury in rat pancreas in vitro

Levina G.O.; Makevnina L.G.; Sherstyuk S.F.; Paskhina T.S., 1985:
Rabbit single chain low molecular weight kininogen purification and fragmentation by porcine pancreatic kallikrein

Mellgren R.L.; Repetti A.; Muck T.C.; Easly J., 1982:
Rabbit skeletal muscle calcium dependent protease requiring millimolar calcium purification subunit structure and calcium dependent auto proteolysis

Avissar N.; Kaminsky E.; Leibovich S.J.; Oplatka A., 1979:
Rabbit skeletal muscle f actin can be stable at low ionic strength provided trace amounts of calcium ions are absent

Roach, P.J.; Takeda, Y.; Larner, J., 1976:
Rabbit skeletal muscle glycogen synthase ec part 1 relationship between phosphorylation state and kinetic properties

Roach, P.J.; Larner, J., 1976:
Rabbit skeletal muscle glycogen synthase ec part 2 enzyme phosphorylation state and effector concentrations as interacting control parameters

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