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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6249

Chapter 6249 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chan, K.F.J.; Graves, D.J., 1982:
Rabbit skeletal muscle phosphorylase kinase ec catalytic and regulatory properties of the active alpha gamma sigma and gamma sigma complexes

Depaoli-Roach, A.A.; Roach, P.J.; Larner, J., 1979:
Rabbit skeletal muscle phosphorylase kinase ec comparison of glycogen synthase ec and phosphorylase ec as substrates

Chan, K.F.; Graves, D.J., 1982:
Rabbit skeletal muscle phosphorylase kinase. Interactions between subunits and influence of calmodulin on different complexes

Vandenheede J.R.; Yang S D.; Merlevede W., 1981:
Rabbit skeletal muscle protein phosphatases identity of phosphorylase and synthase phosphatase and inter conversion to the atp magnesium dependent enzyme form

Young R.J., 1979:
Rabbit sperm chromatin is de condensed by a thiol induced proteolytic activity not endogenous to its nucleus

Eng, L.A.; Oliphant, G., 1978:
Rabbit sperm reversible decapacitation by membrane stabilization with a highly purified glyco protein from seminal plasma

Lenz R.W.; Bellin M.E.; A.R.L., 1983:
Rabbit spermatozoa undergo an acrosome reaction in the presence of glycosamino glycans

Cavaillon J M.; Udupa T.N.S.; Chou C T.; Cinader B.; Dubiski S., 1982:
Rabbit spleen b lymphocytes as helper cells in lymphocyte activation by concanavalin a and phyto hem agglutinin

Ciosek, C.P.; Goldlust, M.B., 1981:
Rabbit synovial tissue in culture: influence of the inflammatory state in vivo on the secretion of collagenase

Rothenberg, R.J.; Cheung, H., 1988:
Rabbit synoviocyte inositol phospholipid metabolism is stimulated by hydroxyapatite crystals

Giavini E.; Prati M.; Vismara C., 1982:
Rabbit teratology study with 2 3 7 8 tetra chloro di benzo p dioxin

Udupa T.N.S.; Cavaillon J M.; Cinader B.; Chou C T.; Dubiski S., 1980:
Rabbit thymus derived cells with and without fc receptors

Iwamori M.; Iwamoto M.; Hayashi K.; Kiguchi K.; Nagai Y., 1985:
Rabbit thymus gangliosides species specific and organ specific distribution age dependence and their cell biological significance

Cicilini, M.A.; Caldo, H.; Berti, J.D.; Camargo, A.C.M., 1977:
Rabbit tissue peptidases that hydrolyze the peptide hormone brady kinin differences in enzymes properties and concentration in rabbit tissues

Wynn, R.L.; Ford, R.D.; Mccourt, P.J.; Ramkumar, V.; Bergman, S.A.; Rudo, F.G., 1986:
Rabbit tooth pulp compared to 55 celsius mouse hot plate assay for detection of antinociceptive activity of opiate and nonopiate central analgesics

Ruff, M.R.; Gifford, G.E., 1981:
Rabbit tumor necrosis factor: mechanism of action

Riemer, R.K.; Goldfien, A.C.; Goldfien, A.; Roberts, J.M., 1986:
Rabbit uterine oxytocin receptors and in vitro contractile response: abrupt changes at term and the role of eicosanoids

Huser, H.; Braun, D.G., 1978:
Rabbit variable k light chain regions subgroups contain poly peptides encoded by multiple genes

Matsubara M.; Kishimoto S.; Yasuno H.; Sotomatsu S.; Yoshioka A.; Tanaka A.; Ueda K.; Ohashi M., 1987:
Rabbit zosteriform eruption induced by intra arterial inoculation of herpes simplex virus type 1

Yates T.L.; Genoways H.H.; Jones J.K.Jr, 1979:
Rabbits genus sylvilagus of nicaragua

Portanova J.P.; Abeyounis C.J.; Milgrom F., 1985:
Rabbits immunized with mixtures of staphylococcal protein a and autologous immunoglobulin g produce anti human immunoglobulin g antibodies

Beall G.N.; Rapoport B.; Chopra I.J.; Kruger S.R., 1985:
Rabbits immunized with tsh produce autoantiidiotypic thyroid stimulating antibodies

Brossard M., 1982:
Rabbits infested with adult ixodes ricinus effects of mepyramine on acquired resistance

Lange R.T.; Graham C.R., 1983:
Rabbits oryctolagus cuniculus and the failure of regeneration in australian arid zone acacia

Bell, C.; Wigzell, H., 1977:
Rabbits possess conventional thymus derived lymphocytes

Selkirk P.M.; Costin A.B.; Scott J.J.; Seppelt R.D., 1982:
Rabbits vegetation and erosion on macquarie island australia

Agata I.; Hatano T.; Nishibe S.; Okuda T., 1988:
Rabdosiin a new rosmarinic acid dimer with a lignan skeleton from rabdosia japonica

Alfredsen, S.A., 1977:
Rabies a threat to the norwegian wildlife

Pybus, M.J., 1988:
Rabies and rabies control in striped skunks (Mephitis mephitis) in three prairie regions of western North America

Atanasiu, P.; Tsiang, H.; Perrin, P.; Favre, S., 1975:
Rabies anti glyco protein immuno globulin g conjugated with peroxidase and fluorescein iso thio cyanate

Gough, P.M.; Jorgenson, R.D., 1976:
Rabies antibodies in sera of wild birds

Tsiang, H., 1977:
Rabies antigens in Purkinje cells and granular cells separated from infected cerebellum

van Straaten, B.J., 1981:
Rabies. Case reports

Pybus M.J., 1988:
Rabies control by skunk depopulation in southern alberta canada 1983 to 1986

Nawathe D.R., 1980:
Rabies control in nigeria

Chapman, R.C., 1978:
Rabies decimation of a wolf pack in arctic alaska usa

Vidor, T.; Bauer, A.G., 1977:
Rabies diagnosis using immuno fluorescence with brain material preserved in glycerin

Chadli A.; Arrouji A.; Hannachi A., 1987:
Rabies evolution in tunisia from 1982 to 1986

Bjorvatn, B.; Gundersen, S.G., 1980:
Rabies exposure among Norwegian missionaries working abroad

Spence, M.R.; Davidson, D.E.; Dill, G.S.; Boonthai, P.; Sagartz, J.W., 1975:
Rabies exposure during pregnancy

Perrin, P.; Atanasiu, P., 1981:
Rabies glyco protein affinity for lipids 1. structural study of different types of spontaneous and induced associations

Atanasiu, P.; Perrin, P.; Gerfaux, G.; Sureau, P., 1981:
Rabies glyco protein affinity for lipids 2. analysis of immunogenic and protective properties of spontaneous and induced associations

Oboegbulem, S.I., 1978:
Rabies: human exposure potential in Africa

Winkler, W.G.; Baer, G.M., 1976:
Rabies immunization of red foxes (Vulpes fulva) with vaccine in sausage baits

Perrin P.; Thibodeau L.; Sureau P., 1985:
Rabies immunosome subunit vaccine structure and immunogenicity pre exposure and post exposure protection studies

Osiyemi, T.I.O.; Onunkwo, O.; Momoh, M.A., 1978:
Rabies in a pig in nigeria

Wempe, M., 1976:
Rabies in a pronghorn antelope, Antilocapra americana

Losieczka K.; Wachnik Z., 1980:
Rabies in animals in lower silesia poland

Schulz W., 1986:
Rabies in cattle incidence and laboratory diagnosis

Botros, B.A.M.; Moch, R.W., 1976:
Rabies in egypt a report of 4 cases showing some deviation from classical rabies

Botros, B.A.M.; Moch, R.W., 1976:
Rabies in egypt biological and antigenic properties of 4 viruses recovered from nonclassical rabies cases

Fekadu, M., 1982:
Rabies in Ethiopia

Okoh, A.E., 1981:
Rabies in farm livestock in Nigeria

Alonge, D.O.; Abu, S.A., 1984:
Rabies in Ghana, West Africa

Ercegovac D.T., 1984:
Rabies in human beings confirmation of existence of fast intra axonal circulation in peripheral nerves

Pybus, M.J., 1986:
Rabies in insectivorous bats of western Canada, 1979 to 1983

Krumbiegel, I., 1976:
Rabies in nondomesticated mammals

Fishbein D.B.; Belotto A.J.; Pacer R.E.; Smith J.S.; Winkler W.G.; Jenkins S.R.; Porter K.M., 1986:
Rabies in rodents and lagomorphs in the usa 1971 1984 increased cases in the woodchuck marmota monax in mid atlantic states

Keightley A.I.; Struthers J.K.; Johnson S.; Barnard B.J.H., 1987:
Rabies in south africa 1980 1984

Summa M.E.L.; Carrieri M.L.; Favoretto S.R.; Chamelet E.L.B., 1987:
Rabies in the state of sao paulo brazil the rodent question

Lis H., 1985:
Rabies in the world and poland in 1981 1983

Chadli A., 1988:
Rabies in tunisia a comparative study of the results during the last 36 years

Montano, J.A.; Polack, G.W.; Mora, E.F., 1987:
Rabies in vaccinated cattle ii. epidemiological situation in the state of parana brazil 1984

Jackson H.C.; Schneider L.G., 1984:
Rabies in west germany 1950 1981 the influence of landscape

Adamovich V.L., 1985:
Rabies in wolves canis lupus in the central part of the russian valley

Jorgenson, R.D.; Boggess, E.K.; Christian-Franson, J.; Gough, P.M., 1977:
Rabies infections in iowa usa coyotes

Wunner W.H.; Curtis P.J.; Wiktor T.J., 1980:
Rabies messenger rna translation in xenopus laevis oocytes

Nicholson K.G.; Harrison P.; Turner G.S., 1979:
Rabies neutralizing antibody determination by the interference inhibition test and the mouse neutralization test

Murphy, F.A., 1977:
Rabies pathogenesis brief review

de Wet, J.S., 1980:
Rabies presenting as an acute psychiatric emergency

Public-Health-Serv-Advis-Comm-Immunization-Pract, 1977:
Rabies: risk, management, prophylaxis, and immunization

Thraenhart O.; Kuwert E.K., 1979:
Rabies specific immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g antibody response in persons immunized with human di di ploid cell strain vaccine according to the essen west germany post exposure vaccination schedule

Charlton, K.M., 1984:
Rabies: spongiform lesions in the brain

Benmansour A., 1985:
Rabies subunit vaccine preparation and protective activity of protein complexes containing glycoprotein g and membrane protein m 2

Toma B.; Koutchoukali M.A.; Blancou J.; Eloit M.; Ganiere J P.; Chantal J., 1985:
Rabies vaccination in the dog comparative serological response one year after 1st booster injection with or without adjuvant

Blancou J., 1985:
Rabies vaccination of household animals

Bektemirova, M.S.; Pille, E.R.; Matevosyan, K.S.; Nagieva, F.G., 1983:
Rabies vaccine prepared from the virus grown in Japanese quail embryo cell cultures

Seif, I.; Coulon, P.; Rollin, P.E.; Flamand, A., 1985:
Rabies virulence: effect on pathogenicity and sequence characterization of rabies virus mutations affecting antigenic site III of the glycoprotein

Cox, J.H.; Dietzschold, B.; Schneider, L.G., 1977:
Rabies virus glyco protein part 2 biological and serological characterization

Nilsson M.R.; Sant'anna O.A.; Siqueira M.; Nilsson T.T.; Gennari M., 1979:
Rabies virus immunity in genetically selected high responder and low responder lines of mice

Larghi, O.P.; Nebel, A.E., 1980:
Rabies virus inactivation by binary ethylenimine: new method for inactivated vaccine production

Benmansour A., 1982:
Rabies virus purification by continuous flow isopycnic banding on the jcf z rotor

Seroka D.; Labunska E., 1981:
Rabies virus sero neutralization in vitro in leighton tubes as evaluated by immuno fluorescence inhibition

Dietzschold B.; Cox J.H.; Schneider L.G., 1979:
Rabies virus strains a comparison study by poly peptide analysis of vaccine strains with different pathogenic patterns

Salaun, J.J., 1978:
Rabies virus study by the plaque forming system. A simplified technique

Howard, D.R., 1981:
Rabies virus titer from tissues of naturally infected skunks (Mephitis mephitis)

Van Vondel B.J., 1982:
Rabocerus gabrieli new record for netherlands fauna coleoptera salpingidae

Clarke, N.; Dawson, R.M.C., 1978:
Rac glycerol 1 2 cyclic phosphate 2 phospho di esterase ec a new soluble phospho di esterase of mammalian tissues

Diaz R.; Kaiser K., 1981:
Rac minus escherichia coli k 12 strains carry a preferential attachment site for phage lambda rev

Andreson J.F.; Magnarelli L.A.; Sulzer A.J., 1981:
Raccoon babesiasis in connecticut usa babesia lotori new species

Christiansen J.L.; Gallaway B.J., 1984:
Raccoon removal nesting success and hatchling emergence in iowa usa turtles with special reference to kinosternon flavescens kinosternidae

Seidensticker J.; Johnsingh A.J.T.; Ross R.; Sanders G.; Webb M.B., 1988:
Raccoons and rabies in appalachian mountain hollows usa

Morse E.V.; Midla D.A.; Kazacos K.R., 1983:
Raccoons procyon lotor as carriers of salmonella

Nayar, S.K.; Goel, L.B.; Singh, S.; Sharma, S.K.; Chatterjee, S.C., 1974:
Race 104 a new virulence of leaf rust attacking dwarf wheats and its sources of resistance

Hussain, T.; Brinkerhoff, L.A., 1978:
Race 18 of the cotton bacterial blight pathogen xanthomonas malvacearum identified in pakistan in 1977

Holz, G., 1976:
Race 2 of fusarium oxysporum f lycopersici in south africa

Mcintyre, J.L.; Taylor, G.S., 1978:
Race 3 of phytophthora parasitica var nicotianae

Rowe A.R., 1983:
Race age and conformity in prison

Murphy, J.K.; Alpert, B.S.; Moes, D.M.; Somes, G.W., 1986:
Race and cardiovascular reactivity. A neglected relationship

Murphy, J.K.; Alpert, B.S.; Walker, S.S.; Willey, E.S., 1988:
Race and cardiovascular reactivity. A replication

Sagar H.A.; Schofield J.W.; Snyder H.N., 1983:
Race and gender barriers preadolescent peer behavior in academic classrooms

Greendorfer S.L.; Ewing M.E., 1981:
Race and gender differences in socialization into sport by children

Kutner, N.G.; Kutner, M.H., 1979:
Race and sex as variables affecting reactions to disability

Jackson, A.M.; Farley, G.K.; Zimet, S.G.; Waterman, J.M., 1978:
Race and sex as variables for children involved in treatment

Lasker N.; Hopp L.; Grossman S.; Bamforth R.; Aviv A., 1985:
Race and sex differences in erythrocyte sodium potassium and sodium potassium atpase

Farmer, M.E.; White, L.R.; Brody, J.A.; Bailey, K.R., 1984:
Race and sex differences in hip fracture incidence

Daniels, S.R.; Heiss, G.; Davis, C.E.; Hames, C.G.; Tyroler, H.A., 1988:
Race and sex differences in the correlates of blood pressure change

Kurtz, J.P.; Zuckerman, M., 1978:
Race and sex differences on the sensation seeking scales

Stock W.A.; Okun M.A.; Haring M.J.; Witter R.A., 1985:
Race and subjective well being in adulthood a black white research synthesis

Wilson, R.; Richardson, T.M.; Hertzmark, E.; Grant, W.M., 1985:
Race as a risk factor for progressive glaucomatous damage

Menezes J.R.; Dianese J.C., 1988:
Race characterization of brazilian isolates of colletotrichum lindemuthianum and detection of resistance to anthracnose in phaseolus vulgaris

Bartkaite O.A., 1979:
Race composition of cladosporium fulvum in the lithuanian ssr ussr

Barsukova O.N., 1985:
Race composition of venturia inaequalis in the caucasus ussr

Brown C.; Reed M.D., 1982:
Race cost and car status interacting variables using the lost letter technique

Bonhoff A.; Loyal R.; Ebel J.; Grisebach H., 1986:
Race cultivar specific induction of enzymes related to phytoalexin biosynthesis in soybean glycine max cultivar harosoy 63 roots following infection with phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea

Thomas, C.A.; Blount, V.L., 1976:
Race d of phytophthora phaseoli

Iscan M.Y., 1981:
Race determination from the pelvis

Lockwood, J.L.; Cohen, S.D., 1978:
Race determination of phytophthora megasperma var sojae using differential soybean varieties inoculated with zoo spores or incubated on flooded soil samples

Ceoloni C., 1980:
Race differentiation and search for sources of resistance to rhynchosporium secalis in barley hordeum vulgare in italy

Jackson, L.F.; Webster, R.K., 1976:
Race differentiation distribution and frequency of rhynchosporium secalis in california

Fuehrer, E., 1978:
Race differentiation in pityogenes chalcographus coleoptera scolytidae part 1 morphological characteristics

Smirnova L.A.; Anpilogova L.K.; Kuznetsova E.V., 1981:
Race differentiation of stem and yellow rusts on wheat

Tsikaridze O.N.; Purtseladze Z.S.; Lezhava I.L.; Mikaberidze M.S., 1983:
Race differentiation of venturia inaequalis the causative agent of the apple scab in the georgian ssr ussr

Hypertens-Detect-Follow-Up-Program-Coop-Group, 1977:
Race, education and prevalence of hypertension

Solignac M.; Monnerot M., 1986:
Race formation speciation and introgression within drosophila simulans drosophila mauritiana and drosophila sechellia inferred from mitochondrial dna analysis

Barbosa, C.A.; Morton, N.E.; Wette, R.; Rao, D.C.; Krieger, H., 1983:
Race, height, and blood pressure in Northeastern Brazil

Abo-El-Dahab, M.K.; El-Goorani, M.A.; Wagih, E.E., 1978:
Race identification of pseudomonas solanacearum in egypt

Mel'kumova E.A.; Ishchenko L.A.; Potapenko A.A., 1987:
Race interaction in artificial infection of currant seedlings with septoriose

Shaik M., 1985:
Race nonspecific resistance in bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivars to races of uromyces appendiculatus var appendiculatus and its correlation with leaf epidermal characteristics

Carver, T.L.W.; Carr, A.J.H., 1977:
Race nonspecific resistance of oats to primary infection by mildew

Kinloch B.B.; Comstock M., 1981:
Race of cronartium ribicola virulent in sugar pine pinus lambertiana with major gene resistance

Turner M.T.; Johnson E.R., 1980:
Race of helminthosporium turcicum not controlled by ht genetic resistance in corn zea mays in the american corn belt

Zweigenhaft R.L., 1985:
Race sex and nuclear war

Legeay A.J.; Schellenberg J.A., 1979:
Race shared belief and acceptance of returned prisoners an old issue reopened

Jensen A.R.; Reynolds C.R., 1982:
Race social class and ability patterns on the wechsler intelligence scale for children revised

Svanum S.; Bringle R.G., 1982:
Race social class and predictive bias an evaluation using the wechsler intelligence scale for children the wide range achievement test and teacher ratings

Centerwall B.S., 1984:
Race socio economic status and domestic homicide atlanta georgia 1971 1972

Dayal, H.H.; Polissar, L.; Dahlberg, S., 1985:
Race, socioeconomic status, and other prognostic factors for survival from prostate cancer

Cronk C.E.; Roche A.F., 1982:
Race specific and sex specific reference data for triceps and subscapular skin folds and weight stature

Parlevliet J.E.; Van Ommeren A., 1985:
Race specific effects in major genic and polygenic resistance of barley hordeum vulgare to barley leaf rust in the field identification and distinction

Sebesta J., 1983:
Race specific expression of oat crown rust resistance conditioned by major and minor genes

Lebeda A., 1984:
Race specific factors of resistance to bremia lactucae in the world assortment of lettuce

Wade M.; Albersheim P., 1979:
Race specific molecules that protect soybeans glycine max from phytophthora megasperma var sojae

Parlevliet J.E., 1983:
Race specific resistance and cultivar specific virulence in the barley leaf rust pathosystem and their consequences for the breeding of leaf rust puccinia hordei resistant barley hordeum vulgare

Plotnikova L.Ya; Reiter B.G.; Yudkin L.Yu; Meshkova L.V., 1985:
Race specific resistance and ectophytic developmental stage of brown rust

Harry I.B.; Clarke D.D., 1986:
Race specific resistance in groundsel senecio vulgaris to the powdery mildew erysiphe fischeri

Norwood, J.M.; Crute, I.R., 1985 :
Race specific resistance to lettuce downy mildew bremia lactucae in the lettuce cultivar bourguignonne grosse blonde d'hiver

Simons A.J.; Skidmore D.I., 1988:
Race specific resistance to light leaf spot in brassica oleracea

Rushton J.P.; Bogaert A.F., 1988:
Race versus social class differences in sexual behavior a follow up test of the r k dimension

Boklage, C.E., 1987:
Race, zygosity, and mortality among twins: interaction of myth and method

Takayanagi I.; Kizawa Y.; Iwasaki S.; Nakagoshi A., 1987:
Racemic 1 2 3 4 dimethoxyphenylethylamino 3 3 methylphenoxy 2 propanol hydrochloride bevantolol nc 1400 as a beta 1 selective adrenoceptor blocker with alpha 1 adrenoceptor blocking activity

Scribner, R.M., 1977:
Racemic 11 oxo 10 11 13 14 tetra hydro 12 aza prostaglandin a 1 methyl ester part 1

Butcher S.P.; Roberts P.J.; Collins J.F., 1987:
Racemic 2 3 4 tritiated amino 4 phosphonobutyrate binding sites in the rat hippocampus distribution and possible physiological role

Smith, G.; Kennard, C.H.L.; White, A.H., 1978:
Racemic 2 3 5 di chlorophenoxy propanoic acid

Tisdale, M.J.; Threadgill, M.D., 1984:
Racemic 2 3 dihydroxypropyldichloroacetate an inhibitor of glycerol kinase ec

Legraverend M.; Ngongo Tekam R M.N.; Bisagni E.; Zeria A., 1985:
Racemic 2 amino 3 4 dihydro 7 2 3 dihydroxy 4 hydroxymethyl 1 cyclopentyl 7h pyrrolo 2 3 d pyrimidin 4 ones new carbocyclic analogs of 7 deazaguanosine with antiviral activity

Takahashi K.; Jacobson A.E.; Mak C P.; Witkop B.; Brossi A.; Albuquerque E.X.; Warnick J.E.; Maleque M.A.; Bavoso A.; Silverton J.V., 1982:
Racemic 2 depentyl per hydro histrionico toxin a new probe for a regulatory site on the nicotinic acetyl choline receptor channel

Hildebrand U.; Budzikiewicz H., 1986:
Racemic 3 4 dihydro 5 methyl 4 n alkyl and alkenyl 2h pyrroles from pseudomonas putida 1

Mokler D.J.; Robinson S.E.; Rosecrans J.A., 1987:
Racemic 3 4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine mdma produces long term reductions in brain 5 hydroxytryptamine in rats

Ricaurte G.A.; Forno L.S.; Wilson M.A.; Delanney L.E.; Irwin I.; Molliver M.E.; Langston J.W., 1988:
Racemic 3 4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine selectively damages central serotonergic neurons in nonhuman primates

Geyer, H.M.Iii ; Martin, L.L.; Crichlow, C.A.; Dekow, F.W.; Ellis, D.B.; Kurse, H.; Setescak, L.L.; Worm, M., 1982:
Racemic 4 aryl 4 5 di hydro 3h 1 3 benzodiazepines 1. synthesis and evaluation of racemic 4 5 di hydro 2 3 di methyl 4 phenyl 3h 1 3 benzodiazepine and analogs as potential anti depressant agents

Martin, L.L.; Setescak, L.L.; Worm, M.; Crichlow, C.A.; Geyer, H.M.Iii ; Wilker, J.C., 1982:
Racemic 4 aryl 4 5 di hydro 3h 1 3 benzodiazepines 2. nuclear substituted analogs of racemic 4 5 di hydro 2 3 methyl 4 phenyl 3h 1 3 benzodiazepine and racemic 4 5 di hydro 2 ethyl 3 methyl 4 phenyl 3h 1 3 benzodiazepine as potential anti depressant agents

Guzman A.; Martinez E.; Velarde E.; Maddox M.L.; Muchowski J.M., 1987:
Racemic 4 oxo 9 deoxy 9 azaprostaglandin i 2 derivatives very stable prostacyclin analogs

Detitta G.T.; Fortier S.; Grieco P.A., 1979:
Racemic 6 epi eriolanin

Nicholson A.N.; Wright C.M., 1981:
Racemic 6 fluoro tryptophan an inhibitor of tryptophan hydroxylase sleep and wakefulness in the rat

King, H.W.S.; Osborne, M.R.; Beland, F.A.; Harvey, R.G.; Brookes, P., 1976:
Racemic 7 alpha 8 beta di hydroxy 9 beta 10 beta epoxy 7 8 9 10 tetra hydro benzo a pyrene is an intermediate in the metabolism and binding to dna of benzo a pyrene

Cornett L.E.; Meizel S., 1980:
Racemic 9 aminoacridyl propranolol a fluorescent beta adrenergic antagonist enters the hamster sperm acrosome in a manner inconsistent with binding to beta adrenergic receptors

Brand, L.M.; Harper, A.E., 1976:
Racemic alpha hydrazinoimidazolyl propionic acid an irreversible inhibitor of hepatic histidine ammonia lyase in vivo

Shafik R.M.; Soliman R.; E.H.wash S.A.; E.D.rdiry S.A.; Sherby S., 1987:
Racemic alpha phenyl beta 3 4 dimethoxyphenethylamines and racemic alpha phenyl beta 3 4 dihydroxyphenethylamines potential probes for nicotinic acetylcholine receptor ion channel molecule from torpedo electric organ

Diez Marques M.L.; Lucio Cazana F.J.; Rodriguez Puyol M., 1987:
Racemic alpha tocopheryl acetate induces hypocoagulability and platelet hypoaggregability in rats

Wheldon G.H.; Bhatt A.; Keller P.; Hummler H., 1983:
Racemic alpha tocopheryl acetate vitamin e a long term toxicity and carcinogenicity study in rats

Fujii T.; Ohba M.; Yonezawa A.; Sakaguchi J.; Chattopadhyay S.K.; Slatkin D.J.; Schiff P.L.Jr; Ray A.B., 1986:
Racemic and chiral syntheses of the alangium alkaloid alancine

Pfaendler H.R.; Maier F.K.; Klar S.; Goeggelmann W., 1988:
Racemic and enantiomeric all trans fecapentaene 12 and 14

Zeise M.L.; Knoepfel T.; Zieglgansberger W., 1988 :
Racemic beta p chlorophenylglutamate selectively enhances the depolarizing response to l homocysteic acid in neocortical neurons of the rat evidence for a specific uptake system

Fayos, J., 1976:
Racemic byak angelicol a natural furanocoumarin

Saratikov A.S.; Rudakov G.A.; Chuvahenko L.A.; Garmashov V.I.; Slivkin L.G.; Nesterov G.V.; Chashchin A.M.; Polyakov P.P.; Bogdanov E.B., 1982:
Racemic camphor for injections

Kok P.; D.C.ercq P.J.; Vandewalle M.E., 1979:
Racemic carpesiolin total synthesis and structural determination

Leach M.J.; Marden C.M.; Canning H.M., 1986:
Racemic cis 2 3 piperidinedicarboxylic acid is a partial n methyl d aspartate agonist in the in vitro rat cerebellar cyclic gmp model

Cannon J.G.; Crockatt D.M.; Long J.P.; Maixner W., 1982:
Racemic cis 2 acetoxycyclobutyltrimethyl ammonium iodide a semi rigid analog of acetyl choline

Grieco, P.; Noguez, J.A.; Masaki, Y., 1977:
Racemic deoxy vernolepin a cyto toxic vernolepin prototype

Vander Meer R.K.; Ghatak U.R.; Alam S.K.; Chakraborti P.C., 1979:
Racemic des n morphinan a unique bridged hydro carbon attractant for the rhinoceros beetle oryctes rhinoceros and development of an olfactometer

Leclercq, J.; Cossement, E.; Boydens, R.; Rodriguez, L.A.M.; Brouwers, L.; De-Laveleye, F.; Libert, W., 1978:
Racemic di norpenicillin 2 spiro cyclo alkane

Borgman, R.J.; Erhardt, P.W.; Gorczynski, R.J.; Anderson, W.G., 1978:
Racemic e 2 3 4 di hydroxyphenyl cyclo propylamine hydro chloride asl 7003 a rigid analog of dopamine

Demuynck M.; D.C.ercq P.; Vandewalle M., 1979:
Racemic hysterin revised structure and total synthesis

Williams T.M.; Crumbie R.; Mosher H.S., 1985:
Racemic isoserine and related compounds

Karle, J.M., 1977:
Racemic n demethyl n formyl mesembrenone

Nikiforov A.; Jirovetz L.; Buchbauer G., 1986:
Racemic patchouli alcohol the dominant odor component of patchouli oil singapor

D.V.zquez A.G.; Rossi J.P., 1986:
Racemic resolution and pharmacological evolution of ethyl racemic 1 2 bis p methoxyphenylethylamine acetate

Ward J.P., 1986:
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Races of xanthomonas malvacearum loss in their virulence and the protective effect of avirulent strains heat killed cells and phylloplane bacteria

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Racial and genetic characterization of puccinia graminis tritici in bulgaria for 1976 1978 and effectiveness of some sr genes

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Racial and genetic differentiation of puccinia recondita f sp tritici as found in bulgaria during the period 1982 to 1984

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Racial geographic differences in the psycho pathology of schizophrenia

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Racial patterns of childhood brain cancer by histologic type

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Racial study on asagi carp from the matsushiro japan

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Racial variations in vision

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Racing thoughts in primary depression

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Racket sports. An ocular hazard

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RAD1, an excision repair gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is also involved in recombination

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Raddle markings and presence of spermatozoa in vaginal smears as predictors of ewes lambing to matings at the synchronized estrus

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Radfordia daltoni new species acarina prostigmata myobiidae from praomys daltoni mammalia rodentia muridae

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Radfordia gliruli new species acarina myobiidae parasitic on glirulus japonicus rodentia muscarinidae

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Radial and longitudinal distensibility of arterial micro vessels in the mesentery and their dependence on extravascular structures

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Radial and tangential diameter variation of wood cells within trees of acer pseudoplatanus

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Radial aplasia and amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia (TAR syndrome) among Nigerian children

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Radial artery pressures compared with subclavian artery pressure during coronary artery surgery

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Radial club hand a continuing study of 68 patients with 117 club hands

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Radial compression neuropathy in advanced Parkinson's disease

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Radial connections of the central gray matter and escape response induced by stimulating it

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Radial diffusion as a simple and rapid method for screening superoxide dismutase activity

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Radial distributions of water water distances in protein crystals

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Radial dose linear energy transfer and average energy to produce anion pair for oxygen 16 ions in nitrogen and tissue equivalent gases

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Radial elongation of the epidermal cells of scutellum during caryopsis germination of wild oats avena fatua

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Radial episcleral buckling

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Radial forces within muscle fibers in rigor

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Radial glial cells in the post natal olfactory tubercle of hamsters

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Radial growth in beaucarnea recurvata

Stevenson D.W., 1980:
Radial growth in the cycadales

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Radial growth losses in some species of pinus due to two forest defoliators 1. case of the pine processionary moth in the mediterranean area

Laurent-Hervouet, N., 1986:
Radial growth losses in some species of pinus due to two forest defoliators ii. case of the pine sawfly in the bassin parisien france

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Radial growth of grand fir and douglas fir 10 years after defoliation by the douglas fir tussock moth in the blue mountains oregon washington usa outbreak

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Radial growth patterns of a pioneer tree zanthoxylum ailanthoides rutales rutaceae related to the population dynamics of a swallowtail butterfly papilio xuthus lepidoptera papilionidae

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Radial growth rate of fungal colonies with respect to their ecology

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Radial growth responses to temperature by 58 chaetomium spp and some taxonomic relationships

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Radial hemolysis for the detection of rubella antibody in acute post natal rubella

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Radial hemolysis in gel a comparative study with chikungunya japanese encephalitis and rubella viruses representatives of 3 genera of togaviridae family

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Radiation effects on submandibular gland of the rat. Stereological and ultrastructural study

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Radiation effects on testes part 15 role of nad and nadp linked dehydrogenases in radiation induced atrophy

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Radiation effects on the 1 locus gametophytic system of self incompatibility in higher plants a review

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Radiation effects on the lymphocyte plasma protein and cholesterol level and its modification by 2 mercaptopropionylglycine in mice

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Radiation effects on the parotid gland of mammals 4. biochemical and morphological changes after local irradiation

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Radiation effects on the phospho gluco mutase activities in the mouse mus musculus

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Radiation effects on the pupae of the jute hairy caterpillar diacrisia obliqua lepidoptera arctiidae

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Radiation effects on the species specific cell sorting out of the cellular slime molds

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Radiation elicited changes in bursa of Fabricius and thymus during the ontogeny of chickens

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Radiation enhanced cyto toxicity of misonidazole

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Radiation enteritis after pelvic irradiation for rectal carcinoma prevention by omentoplasty and abdomen pelvis partitioning with a polyglactin 910 mesh

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Radiation entropy and its role in photosynthesis

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